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Full text of "The ministerial directory of the Baptist churches in the United States of America .."

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Iinisterial Director 




- - EDITED BY - - 

Editor of the Journal and Mess^xe; 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 



iLSJWM»ry of Congress 

Jm Copi^ Received 

Afyagbt wrtry 


Jetivered te 



LJbrary of Congret% 
Qfflca of the 

'HW 85 1900 

Register of Copyright* 







Copyrighted 1899. 




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Tub Baptjst Ministerial Directory, 


This Directory can not take the place of The American Baptist Ye 
Book. It seeks to do what the Year-Book can not do. That publicatr 
:ontains the names, and the names only, of twenty-eight thousand, ft 
rundred and nine ordained Baptist ministers, with their latest kno 
postoffice addresses. But a name is no index of character or of wo 
Those who study the affairs of the denomination and wish to know son 
lung of the men who are doing the work must seek information in so, 
)ther direction. 

It is not presumed that this Directory gives all that some may des' 

;o tell; but it is believed to be a reasonably concise and complete histo 

of each of those whose names it contains, and he who studies it will fo: 

. very fair, if not always satisfactory idea of his contemporaries 

the great field into which their Master has sent them. 

Only he who has had some experience can form any conception 
he vast amount of work required for such a compilation as is here p 
seated. Twenty-eight thousand names to be considered; eighteen the 
-.and of them canvassed with regard to this book; the laggards to 
eminded of their opportunity; circular^ sent to some of them, again a 
i gain; corrections to be made in first reports sent in; questions to 
answered and suspicions to be allayed; some grumblers to be placa 
md caveats to be regarded; many men of many minds to be recognizee 
t has been a work of patience and persistence, requiring months of lab 
housands of dollars of outkry, with only the hope of compensation wl 
he work is finally completed. 

This work could not have been accomplished but for the assistai 
)f so able a man as Rev. E. S. Robinson, D. D., whose previous expe 
mce in the preparation of a similar book for the Presbyterian minis 
eminently qualified him for such a service. To him, more than to £ 
other, is the conception and the completion of the Directory due. A i 
it\has this advantage that, being himself connected with another denoi 
la'tion, Dr. Robinson could have no prejudice, great or small against a 

4 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

man whose name or record came before him for consideration and r 
duction. He has dealt with his material with the utmost fairnes; 
generosity, and the editor feels to felicitate himself in that from 
criticism on the report of any individual he can hide behind Dr. Robi 

In private conversation, Dr. Robinson has expressed his great de 
with many things coming to his knowledge, through his correspon 
and study. He is especially delighted with the evidence that mei 
have not received the advantages of the schools, whether college 01 
inary, have shown themselves so efficient and successful in the wc 
the ministry, justifying, by their lives and labors and achievements 
ordination, thus giving evidence that their call is of God. 

It is confidently believed that this Directory stands as the gr 
work of its kind in the country. It is an abbreviated history of at 
twelve thousand zealous Baptist ministers. To gather this data th 
of names in forty-nine states and territories had to be gone over 
and again. Some of the names were found in two or more lists 
having been gone two to five years from the states in which the 
reported to be located. Some of the names stood for men who hac 
dead for years, but were still retained in the roll of ministers, as rec 
in the Year-Book. More than two thousand letters were returned 
postoffices marked "Address unknown." While we congratulate 
selves on what has been accomplished, it is to be regretted that 
not possible to secure the data of every minister in the denomir 
That it has not been done is not due to any lack of effort or ex 
Some did not send in their reports, because they were on farms, or 
shop, or at the desk, and not actively engaged in the work of the i 
try; some (a very few) because they w T ere prejudiced against si 
publication and would have nothing to do with it; some becau; 
colored brethren were not to be included, and still others, because 
-could not speak of education in college or seminary. 

As to the omission of the colored brethren, it may be permit, 
say that it would have given pleasure to include them, had there 
any reason to suppose that the effort would have been success! 
must be remembered that there are some ten thousand of them, i 
minority of whom can not read and write, while some who can writ 
not frame sentences so as to make themselves intelligible, and wor 
be able to reply to the questions asked them. They have been or .; 
and enrolled, often to meet a temporary want, either on their own ' 
on the part of some church. They have no record of church wor. 
study. The best friends of their race think that they ought not to 

Thr Baptist Ministerial Directory. 5 

been ordained. Many of their own race so declare themselves. It is to 
be hoped that the time will speedily come when the colored Baptists will 
have a ministry commensurate with their needs. It is not forgotten that 
there are among them now a great many excellent men, able to compare 
favorably with their white brethren, but their number is as yet compara- 
tively small. 

That errors of transcription and proof-reading will not be found in 
this book is too much to expect. When pointed out, no one will be more 
annoyed than the editor and the publishers. But they will not be the 
result of carelessness. The proof-reading has been done by competent 
hands, and the editor has personally gone over the whole with all the 
care that a long experience in that line has suggested. 

As it is, the book is sent forth with the hope that it will be accepted 
by those interested as the best that can be done at the present time, and 
that it will meet the expectation of the brethren who have kindly con- 
tributed to its production and to the financial support of the enterprise. 


— ^(^(^^33 — 

The Baptist Ministerial Director 1 



A.— Assistant. Associate. 

A. Ed —Associate Editor. 

A gr 1 . — A gricul tural. 

A^t.— Agent. 

Am. — American. 

A. P. — Associate Pastor. 

Asso. — Association. 

Au. — Author. 

Bap. — Baptist. 

Bd.— Board. 

Ch. — Church. 

Chan. — Chancellor. 

Chap — Chaplain. 

C 3k— Clerk 

Col — Colored. 

Colp. — Colporteur. 

Com. — Committee. 

Corns. — Commissioner. 

Con. — C onference. 

C P.— Co-Pastor. 

Cong. — Congregation or Congregational. 

Conv. — Convention. 

Cor. — Correspondent. 

Cy.-City. : 

Cy. My.— City Missionary. 

Dist. My. — District Missionary. 

Ed.— Editor. 

Ev. — Evangelist or Evangelistic. 

F. My. — Foreign Missionary. 

Grad. — Graduate. 

H. My. — Home Missionary. 

Lib. — Librarian. 

Lie. — Licensed. 

Mem. — Member. 

Misc. — Miscellaneous. 

My. — Missionary. 

Nat. — National. 

Ord — Ordained. 

P.— Pastor. 

P. Em — Pastor Emeritus. 

P. G— Post Graduate. 

Pres. — President. 

Prin. — Principal. 

Prof. — Professor. 

Pub. — Publication . 

Ref. — Reformed. Reformation. 

Sec. — Secretary. 

Soc. — Society. 

S. S. M v. — Sabbath School Missionary. 

Stud. — Student or Studied.. 

Stud. P. — S'udent Pastor. 

Stud. S.— Student Supply. 

Supt. — Superintendent. 

The Dash ( — ) following a date means 

Vn. — Union. 
Wn. — Western. 

Acad — Academey. 
C— College. 
U. — University. 
Theo. Sem. or T. S.- 

-Theological Semi 
Div. Sch. — Divinity School. 
Sch. — School. 
H. Sch.— High School. 
Inst. — Institnte. 
Bay. U. Tex.— Baylor. 


Beth. C, Ky.— Bethel, Russellville. 
Beth. M. C, Ga.— Bethel Male, Cuthbert. 
Bosc. C, Tenn. — Boscobel, Nashville. 
B. U., R. I. — Brown, Providence. 
Buck. L'., Pa. — Bucknell, Levvisburg. 
Bur. C, Tex. — Burleson, Greenville. 
Calif. C— Oakland. 
C N. C, Tenn.— Carson-Newman, Mossy 

Cent. U., la.— Central, Pella. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 

Cent. Bap. C. Ark. — Central, Conway. 

Clark. Bap. C, Mo. — Clarksburg. 

Clin. C, Kv. — Clinton. 

Colby U., Me.— Waterville. 

Coifjrx C, Wash.— Colfax. 

Cg. U., N. Y.— Colgate, Hamilton (for- 
merly Madison.) 

Coin. U., D. C. — Columbian, Washington. 

Dart.C, N. H.— Dartmouth. 

Den. U., O. — Denison, Granville. 

Des. M. C, [a.— Des Moines. 

Ejwing C, 111. — Ewing. 

.Frank. C, Ind. — Franklin. 

Frank. C, O. — Franklin, New Athens. 

Fur. U., S. C. — Furman, Greenville. 

G. C, Kv. — Georgetown. 

G. Is. C, Neb.— Grand Island. 

G. R. C, Mo.— Grand River, GaliaMn. 

Han. C, Ind. — Hanover. 

Hard. C, Mo. — Hardin, Mexico. 

Harv. U., Mass. — H irvard, Cambridge. 

Hill. C, Miss.— Hillman, Clinton. 

How. C, Ala. — Howard, Eastlake. 

How. P.C., Tex. — Howard Payne, Brown- 

J. H. l\, Md.— Johns Hopkins. 

Kal. C, Mich. — Kalamazoo. 

Kea. C, La. — Keachie. 

LaG. C, Mo. — LaGrange. 

Mars H. C, N. C— Mars Hill. 

McM. C, Ore.— McMinnville. 

Mercer U., Ga.— Mercer, Macon. 

Miss. C, Miss.— Clinton. 
Mt. H. C, Ark. — Mountain Home. 
Mt. Leb. C, la. — Mt. Lebanon. 
New Eb. C, Ga.— New Ebenezer, Coch- 
N. W. Tex. Bap. C, Tex.— Decatur. 
Ob. C, O., Oberlin. 
O. V. C, Ky.— Ohio Valley, Sturgis. 
Ot. U., Kan.— Ottawa. *£ 

Oua. C, Ark.— Ouachita, Arkadelphia, 
P. R. C, Ga.— Perry Rainey, Auburn. 
P. Cy. Bap. C, Mo.— Pierce City. 
Pratt C, Kan.— Pratt. 
R.C., Va. — Richmond. 
Sel. U., Ala.— Selma. 
Shorter C, Ga. — Rome. 
Shurt. C, 111.— Shurtliff, Upper Alton. 
Sim. C, Tex. — Simmons, Abilene. 
S. W. Bap. C, Mo.— Bolivar. 
So. Wn. U., Tenn.— Jackson. 
Stet. U., Fla.— Stetson, Deland. 
Stev. C, Mo. — Stevens, Columbia. 
Stone C, Miss. — Shuqualak. 
Temple C, Pa.— Philadelphia. 
U. Chicago, III. — Chicago. 
U. Roch., N. Y.— Rochester. 
U. Seattle, Wash.— Seattle. 
W. F. C, N. C— Wake Forrest. 
Way. U., Wis. — Wayland, Beaver Dam. 
Webb Cy. C, Mo.— Webb City. 
Wm. Jewel C, Mo. Liberty. ' 
Wsl, U., Conn. Weslyan. 


A. Bap. Acid., S. C. Aiken. 
Ag. Acad., Va, Alleghenv, Roanoke. 
Broaddus Inst., W. Va. Clarksburg. 
Buck. Acad., Pa.!, Lewisburg. 
Cob. CI. Insr., Me. Coburn, Waterville. 
Colby Acad., N. H. New London. 
Cg. Acad., N. Y. Colgate, Hamilton. 
Conn. Lit. Inst., Conn. Suffield. 
Cook Acad., N. Y. Montour Falls. 
C-L. Insr., S. C. Cooper-Limestone, 

Doane Acad., O. GranvUle. 
E. Tex. Inst., Tex. Rusk. 
Gib. Inst,, Ga. Bowman, Gibson. 

Hall Inst., Pa. Sharon. 

H C. Acad., Tenn. Harrison-Chiihowee. 

Hearn Inst., Ga. Cave Springs. 

Heb. Acad., Me. Hebron. 

Hoi. Inst., Va. Hollins, Botetourte 

Ind. Acad., Ala. Industrial, Healing 

Ev. Inst., La. Everett, Spearsville. 
Kev. Acad., Pa. Kevstone, Factory ville. 
L-G. Ins^., Ga. Locust Grove. 
M C. Inst., N. Y. Marion-Collegiate. 
M S. Acad., Mo. Mavfield Smith. 
M. F. Acad., N. C. Moravian Falls. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

M. P.. Acad., III. Morgan Park. 

Or. C. Inst., S. C. Orangeburg. 

Peddie Inst., N.J. Hightstown. 

Pill. Acad., Minn. Pillsbury, Owatonna. 

Ric. CI. Inst., Me. Ricker Classical, 

"Rob. Inst., N. C. Robeson, Lumber ton. 

Sac Cy. Inst., la. Sic City. 
So. J. Inst., N. J. Bridgeton. 
So.W. Va. Inst., Tenn. Bristol. 
Vt. Acad., Vt. Saxton's River. 
Wn. Pa. CI. Inst., Pa. Mt. Pleasant. 
Wm. Inst., Ky. Williamsburg. 
Wor. Acad., Mass. Worcester. 


Cro. T. S., Pa. Crozer, Upland. 
Bap. Un. T. S., 111. Chicago. 
Div.Sch. U., 111. Chicago. 
T. S. Dept. Shurt. C, 111. Shurteff Col- 
lege, Ui per Alton. 
Div. Sch. Yale U. ' 
Ham. T. S., N. Y. Hamilton. 

Newton T. Inst., Mass. Newton Center, 

Prin, T. S., N.J. Princeton. 

Rich. T. S., Va. Richmond. 

S. B. T. S., Ky. Southern Baptist, Louis- 

Un. T„ S., N. Y. Union, New York 


American Baptist Missionary Union, organized May 18th, 1814. Headquarters, 
Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass. 

American Baptist Home Mission Society, organized April 27th, 1832. Headquar- 
ters, New York City. 

American Baptist Publication Society, organized Feb. 25th, 1S24. Headquarters, 
1420 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Southern Baptist Convention, organized May 8th, 1845. Headquarters, Foreign 
Mission Board, Atlanta, Ga. ; Sunday-school Board, Nashville, Tenn. 

American Baptist Historical Society,' organized May 5th, 1853. Headquarters, 1420 
Chestnut St., Philadelphia. Pa. 

Woman's Baptist Foreign Missianary Society, organized April 3rd, 1871. Head- 
quareirs. Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass. 

If oman 1 s Baptist Foreign Missionary Society of the West, organized May 9th, 1871. 
Headquarters, Chicago, 111. 

Tinman's Baptist Home Mission Society, organized Feb. 1st, 1877. Headquarters, 
Chicago, 111. 

Woman's American Baptist Home Mission Sooiety, organized Nov. 15th, 1877. 
Headquarters, Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass. 

Woman's Missionary Union. Auxiliary to the Southern Baptist Convention, organ- 
ized, May 14th, 1888. 

American Baptist Educational Society, organized May 16th, 1888. Headquarters; 
New York City. 

The Baptist Congress, organized in 1882. Headquarters, New York City. 

Baptist Young People's Union of America, organized July 7th, 1891. Headquarters; 
Chicago, 111. 

Baptist Commission on Systematic Beneficence, organized in 1896. 

German Baptist Conference. 

National Baptist Convention, (Colored), organized in 1880. Headquarters, Louis- 
ville, Ky. 

Th Baptists of each state are organized, into Conventions, or General Asso- 
ciations, for missionary work. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 


American Baptist Publication Society's Series: 

Advanced Quarterly..... -^ChariesMa^ Fa 

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Baptist Outlook, The Weeklv Indianapolis Ind 

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mediate Quarterly :.. .„. }S, Boykin, D. D.__. .'..Quarterly..— Nashville.. ..Tenn 

^Sa?^ ^™:™^?} 8 " boykin, D. D___ ...Quarterly.. /..Nashville. ...Tenn 
Convention, "Southern Teacher ..J. M. Frost, D. D Monthly Nashville Tenn 

10 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

name. editor. issued. where published. 

American Baptist Publication Society's Series: 

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YWawrlWefsh G.Griffith Monthly Utica N. Y 

Zion's Advocate H. S. Burrage, D. D Weeklv Portland Me 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 
















> a. 



Crozer Theo. Sem 

Divinity School Univ. of 


i S67 


Upland, Pa 

Chicago, 111... 

Hamilton, N. Y 

Newton Center, Mass... 

Richmond, Va 

Rochester, N. Y 

Louisville, Ky... _ 

H. G. Weston, d.d., ll.d... 

Eri B. Hulbert, d.d., ll.d. 

Geo E. Merrill, d.d 

N. E. Wood, d.d 

C. H. Corey, d.d. 

A. H. Strong, d.d., ll.d... 
E. Y. Mullins, D. D 

■ 7 







$ 175,00c 

Ham2lton Theo. Sem 

Newton Theo. Inst _ 


Rochester Theo. Sera 

Southern Theo. Sera 


7 Institutions. 


1 100 



Alabama Bap. University. 
Arkansas Bap. College ... 

Atlanta Bap. College 

Baptist Female College.. . 

Baylor University 

Benedict College 

Bethel College 

Bethel Male College 

Bethel Female College 

Bishop College 

Blue Mountain Fern. Col . 

Boscobel College 

Brown University 

Brownsville Female Col_. 

Bucknell University 

Burleson College 

burning Springs Bap. Col. 

California College 

Carson-Newman College . 
Central Baptist College.. . 
Central University of Iowa 
Central Female College. _. 
Clarksburg Baptist Col... 

Clinton College. 

Colb}' College 

Colfax College 

Colgate University 

Columbian Univ., The 

Denison L'niversity 

Des Moines College 

Ewing College 

Franklin College 

Furman University 

Georgetown College 

Grand Island College 

Grand River College 

Greenville Female College 

Guadaloupe College 

Hardin College 

Hartshorn Memorial Col. 

Hillman College 

Howard College 

Howard Payne College 

Indian University _. 

Jackson College. .-. 

John B. Stetson Univ 

Kalamazoo College 

Keachie College 

La Grange College 

Leland University 

Luray Col for Y'ng W'm'n 

Mars HillCollege! 

McMinnville College 

S7S Selma, Ala 

SSs Little Rock, Ark. 

S67 Atlanta, Ga . 

555 Lexington, Mo 

S45 Waco, Tex 

S70 Columbia, S. C... 

S54 Russellville, Ky 

S50 Cuthbert, Ga 

S54 Hopkinsville, Ky 

881 Marshall, Tex ... 

873 Blue Mountain, Miss. 

889 Nashville, Tenn 

764 Providence, R. I 

851 Brownsville, Tenn 

846 Lewisburg, Pa 

895 Greenville, Tex 

898 Burning Springs, Ky. 

S74JOakland, Cal 

851 Mossy Creek, Tenn... 
892 Conway. Ark 

853 Pella, Iowa.. 

S57 Tuscaloosa, Ala 

87S Clarksburg, Mo 

874lciinton, Ky 

S18 Waterville, Me 

885 Colfax, Wash 

819 Hamilton, N. Y 

S21 Washington, D. C 

831 Granville, O 

865JDes Moines, la 

867 E wing, 111 

834jFranklin, Ind 

S50 Greenville, S. C 

929JGeorgetown, Ky 

892 Grand Island, Neb 

850 Gallatin, Mo 

854 Greenville, S. C 

8S4 Seguin, Tex. 

S73 Mexico, Mo 

SS3 Richmond, Va 

.853 Clinton, Miss. 

S41 Eastlake, Ala 

890 Brownwood, Tex 

880 Bacone, Ind. Ter 

877 Jackson, Miss. 

887|Deland, V'- 

833iKalamazou, Mich 

556 Keachie. La. ... 

La Grange, Mo. . 
New Orleans, La. 

L u rav , Va 

Mars Hill, N. C_. 

J. C. Lattimore, c.e., m.s.. 
A. C. Osborn, d. d 

E S. Alderman, a.b., d.d. 

C. S. Dinkins, d. d 

Rev. Jos. A. Booker, a m. 
Rev. George Sale a. m 

Rev. Edm. Harrison, a. m 
Albert Loughridge, a.m.. 
B. G. Lowery, a. m 

W. H. P. Faunce, D d.,ll.d 

C. A. Folk, a.b 

J. H. Harris PH.D., ll.d... 

Rev. H. L. McMurray.. 
T. G. Rrownson, d.d... 
J. T. Henderson, a. m. . 

J. G. Lile, a. m 

A. B. Chaffee, a.m., d.d 

Warren I. Moore, A. M. 

Nathaniel Butler, d. d 

F. N. English, a.m., ph. d_ 

Geo. E. Merrill, d.d 

B. L. Whitman, a.m., d.d. 
D. B. Purinton, PH.D., ll.d 


J. A. Leavitt, b. a 

W. T. Stott, a.m , d. d 

A.P.Montague, ph.d.,ll.d 
A. Yeager, ph. d., Chair'n 

Geo. Sutherland, d.d 

J. H. Hatton, a.m 

Im. M. Riley, a.m., d.d 

Rev. D. Abner, a.m., ph.d. 

S58lMcMinnville, Oreg. 

L. B. Tefft, a.m., d.d 

Geo. W T harton. a.m., d.d._ 

J. H. Grove, a.m., m.s.d.. 

John H. Scott, a.b 

Rev L-. G. Barrett, a.m.. 
J. F. Forbes, a.m., ph.d.. 
A. Gaylord Slocum, ll.d. 

Jere T. Muir, a. m., ll.d. 
Edward C. Mitchell, d.d. 
M. M. Hargrove, a. m... 

R. L- Moore, a. b 

H. L. Boardman,A. m ... 






1 88 







2 3 































1 i.S 




















The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 


Mercer University.. 

Mississippi College. 

Monroe Female College _. 
Mountain Home College. 

Mt. Lebanon College 

New Ebenezer College 

N.W. Texas Baptist Col... 

Ohio Valley College 

Ottawa University 

Ouachita Coll ege 

Paris Female College 

Peiry Rainey College 

Pierce City Baptist Col.. . 

Pratt College 

Richm >nd College 

Roanoke Female College. 

Roger Williams Univ 

Shaw University 

Shepardson College 

Shorter College 

Shurtleff College 

Simmons College 

Sioux Falls Univ 

Southern Female College. 
Southern Female College. 

S. W. Baptist College 

Southwestern University. 

State University 

Stevens College 

Stone College _ ... 

Temple College, The 

University of Chicago 

University of Rochester.. 

Vassar College 

Wake Forest College 

Webb City College 

Western College 

William Jewell College. _. 
'Woman's Collesre 

1 861! 
1 832 J 
1 > . s 





Q2 Institutions. 


Macon, Ga 

Clinton, Miss 

Forsyth, Ga 

Mountain Home, Ark. 

Mt. Lebanon, La 

Cochran, Ga 

Decatur, Tex 

vSturgis, Ky_ 

Ottawa, Kan 

Arkadelphia, Ark 

Paris, Tex. 

Auburn, Ga 

Pierce City, Mo 

Pratt, Kan 

Richmond, Va 

Danville, Va 

Nashville, Tcnn .. 

Raleigh, N. C 

Granville, O 

Rome, Ga 

Upper Alton, 111 

Abilene, Tex ... 

Sioux Falls, S. D 

Lagrange, Ga 

College Park, Ga 

Bolivar, Mo 

Jackson, Terin 

Louisville, Ky 

Columbia, Mo 

Meridian, Miss 

Philadelphia, Pa 

Chicago, 111 . 

Rochester, N. Y 

Poughkeepsie, N. Y.. 

Wake Forest, N. C 

Webb City, Mo 

Macon, Mo V. 

Liberty, Mo 

Richmond, Va .. 



P. D. PollOCk. A.M., LL.D . 

J. W. Carter, a. b. 

R. P. Shacklett, a. m 

J. D. S. Riggs, A.M., PH.D. 

John W. Conger, a. m 

Rev. T. J. Simms, a. m... 

F W. Boatwright, ll.d. 
Chas. F. Meserve, a. m.. 

G. A. Nunally, D. D 

C. C. Cox, a.m., ph. D 

Rev. James Rice, a. m 

G. M. Savage, a.m., ll.d. 

Sam Frank Taylor, d.d. 

Lewis M. Stone, d. d 

Russell H.Conwell, d.d. 
W. R. Harper, d. d., ll.d. 

Rush Rees, d.d 

J. M. Taylor, d.d., ll.d.. 

J. F. Cook, PH D, LL.D... 
J. P. Greene, d.d., ll.d. 








2503 3 

1 1 1 

35. oo 










60 000 




: 565 '23601 120, 728, 760 


Aiken Baptist Academy 

Alleghany Academy 

Allendale School 

Arkadelphia Academy 

Atoka Academy 

Bardstown M. andfF. I 

Bible Normal Institute... 

Broadus Institute 

Bucknell Academy 

Buckuell Institute 

Cedar Valley Seminary.. _ 
Central Louisiana Acad.. 
Cherokee Baptist Acad ... 
Chowan Bapt. Female In. 
Coburn Classical Institute 

Colby Academy. 

Coleman Academy 

Colgate Academy 

Conn. Literary Institute . 

Cook Academy 

Cooper-Limestone Inst 

.Doane Academy . 

1 648 





i R 33 


Aiken, S. C 

Roanoke, Va 

Allendale, S. C 

Arkadelphia, Ark 

Atoka, Indian Ter... 

Bardstown, Ky 

Memphis, Tenn. 

Clarksburg, W. Va... 
Lewisburg, Pa 

Lewisbuag, Pa 

Osage, Iowa 

Alexandria, La. 

Tahlequah, Ind. Ter. 
Murfreesboro, N. C . . 

Waterville, Me 

New London, N. H .. 

Gibsland, La 

Hamilton, N. Y 

Suffield, Conn 

Montour Falls, N. Y. 

Gaffnev, S. C 

Granville, Ohio 

10, coo 


10, COO 





Tiik Baptipt Ministerial Directory. 



East Texas Baptist Institute 

Emahaka Academy ._ 

Ku fau la Academy .. 

Everett Institute 

Florida Baptist Academy 

Florida Institute 

Frances Shinier Academy 

Gibsland Academy 

Hall Institute 

Harrison-Chilhovvee Academy 

Hearn Institute .".._■ 

Hearne Academy . 

Hebron Academy 

Hepzibah High School _~_ 

Hiawassee High School 

Higgins Classical Institute 

Hightower Institute 

Hollins Institute 

Houston Baptist Academy .. 

Howe Institute 

Industrial Academj^, The 

Jeruel Academy 

Judson Institute for Young Eadies 

Keystone Acadenw 

Eocust Grove Institute 

Marion Collegiate Institute 

Mather School 

Mayfield-Smith Academy 

Missionary Training School 

Moravian Falls Academy. 

Morgan Park Academy, The 

Orangeburg Collegiate Institute... 

Peddie Insfitute 

Pillsbury Academy 

Ricker Classical Institute 

Robeson Institute 

Ry land Institute ■ 

Sac City Institute . 

Shiloh Institute 

South Jersey Institute, The 

South Side Female Institute 

Southwest Virginia Institute 

Spelman Seminar}' 

Sweetwater Sem. for Young Eadies. _ 
Training School for Christian Work 

Vermont Academy 

Virginia Seminarv 

Walker Baptist Institute 

Waters Normal Institute 

Wayland Academy 

Wayland Seminaav . 

Welsh Neck High School ... 

Western Pa. Classical & Scientific Ins 

Wichita Baptist Mission 

Williamsburg Institute 

Worcester Academy 

80 Instituiions. 

1 891 


1 886 








Rusk, Tex 

Emahaka, Ind. 

Eufaula, Ala 

Spearsville , Ea 

Jacksonville, Fla 

Live Oak, Fla 

Mt. Carroll, 111 

Gibsland, ,L,a 

Sharon , Pa . 

Trundles X Roads. Tenn. .. 

Cave Spring; Ga _. 

Hearne, Tex _•_ 

Hebron, Me .:. 

Hephzibah, Ga 

Hiawassee, Ga 

Charleston, Me 

Cu mining, Ga 

Botetourt Springs, Va 

Houston, Tex 

New Iberia, Ea 

Healing Springs, Ala 

Athens, Ga 

Marion, Ala 

Factory ville, Pa 

Eocust Grove, Ga 

Marion, N. Y 

Beaufort, S. C 

Marble Hill, Mo 

Chicago, 111 

Moaaviau Falls, N. C 

Morgan Park, 111 

Orangeburg, S. C 

Hightstown, N. J 

Owatonua, Minn. 

Houlton, Me 

Eumberton, N. C 

Berkley, Va 

Sac City, Iowa 

Warrenton, N. C _. 

Bridgeton, N. J 

Burkeville, Va.. 

Bristol, Tenn 

Atlanta, Ga . 

.Sweetwater, Tenn... 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

i^7' ; jSaxtons River, Vt 

1 sss 



Evnchburg, Va 
Augusta, Ga 

Winton, N. C 

Beaver Dam, Wis 

Washington, D. C ... 

Hartsville, S. C 

Mt. Pleasant, Pa 

Anadarko, Okla. Ter. 
Williamsburg, Ky... 
Worcester, Mass 





















= ^^®'*^^ = " 


The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 



Baptist Home for Aged Women 

Baptisi Home for Aged Women 

Baptist Home of Brooklyn . 

Baptist Home of New York ..', 

Baptist Home of Philadelphia 

Baptist Home of Washington 

Baptist Hospital, Boston 

Baptist Hospital, Chicago 

Baptist Hospital, Philadelphia 

Baptist Hospital, St. Louis 

Baptist Ministers' Aid Sociei}' . 

Baptist Ministers' Home. 

Baptist Orphanage, Md 

Baptist Orphanage, N. C 

Baptist Orphanage, Chicago 

Baptist Orphanage, Pa*. 

Baptist Orphanage, Va 

Baptist Orphans' Home, Ga 

Baptist Orphans' Home, Ky 

Baptist Orphans' Home, Mo . 

Baptist Orphans' Home, Tenn 

Baptist Sanitarium.. . 

"Baptist Widows' and Orphans' Home. 

Buckner Orphans' Home ._ 

Connie Maxwell Orphanage 

Deitz Memorial Home 

Faith Home for Aged Widows 

German Baptist Home for the Aged. . 
German Baptist Home for the Aged.. 

•German Orphans' Home 

George Nugent Home... 

Jennie Clarkson Home 

New Jersey Baptist Home 
Samaritan Hospital 



1 886 

:S 9 i 


Cambridgeport, Mass. 

Grove Ave., Richmond, Va 

Green Ave, cor. Throop Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. 

68th St., New York, N. Y 

17th and Norris Sts., Philadelphia, Pa 

324S NSt. N. W., Washington, D. C 

471 Bellevue St., Boston, Mass... 

Rhodes Ave., cor. 34th St., Chicago, 111 


Nineteenth andCarrSts., St. Louis, Mo 

Fenton , Mich 

West Farms, New York, N. Y 

ioooDanvale St., Baltimore, Md 

Thomasville, N. C 

Berwyn, 111 . 

Angora, Philadelphia, Pa 

Salem, Va 

3iWaverly Place, Atlanta, Ga 

1st and St. Catherine Sts., Louisville, Ky 

i9o6Lafayette Ave., St. Louis, Mo 

Nashville, Tenn 

Ttfylor Ave., St. Louis, Mo 

Evergreen, Ala 

Orphans' Home, Dailas Co., Texas. 

Greenwood, S. C 

Washington Square, New York, N. Y 

New Orleans, La 

Chicago, 111 

Philadelphia, Pa 

E- Broadway, Louisville, Ky 

Germantown, Philadelqhia, Pa 

New York, N. Y 

i79Fairmount Ave., Newark, N. J....... 

Philadelph ia,Pa 

v v 

1 80, 000 



10 3,000 



3, 5°° 






AARON, Obadiah B. Bliss, Ga —Born, Emanuel Co., Ga . ; Lie. 1874; Ord. 77, 
Elam Ch , Ga. ; P. Mt. Tabor, '81; Oak Grove, Ga. '84-85; Elam, Ga. 
'89; Hawhamock, Ga., '98-99; Mt. Aza, Ga., '98-99; Beulah, Ga., '98; 
Ro&emary, '9S. 

ABBOTT, F."W> Poll \rd, Ala.— Born, De Kalb, Co. Ga ; Stud. Pinson. M. 
D. Grad. Lie. '87; Ord. Ascradelphia, Ala. '87; Served as My. P. Damascus, Shady 
Grove, Beulah, Fla. 

ABBOTT, Harry Claude, Roswell, N. Mex.— Born, Cowden, 111.; Stud. Acad, 
Dept Ottawa U. Kan.; Lie. Apr. 30. '92; Hope Bap. Ch . 111'.; Ord. Apr. 29, '94. 
Garden City Bap. Ch.. Kan.; S. Garden City, Kan. '93-94; P. 1st Ch. Earned, Kan., 
'95-96: Pana, 111., '97-98; Roswell, N. Mex ,'97. 

ABBOTT, Henry W. Liberty, Me —Born, New Portland, Me.; Ord. 1891, So. 
Hope Ch., Me.; P. Hope, Me., 3 yrs.; Eiberty, Me., 4 yrs. 

ABBOTT, James P. 255 Taskon St., Oshkosh. Wis.— Born, Rhode Island; 

B. U.. R. I ; B. A.. 1S74 ; M. A , '82; Temple C, Pa., D. D., '98; Stud.' New. T. S , 
Mass.; Lie. '72; Ord. '77, Bap. Ch. ; P. 1st Ch., Medford, Mass., ''87-98; 1st Ch., 
Oshkobh, Wis., Feb., '99. 

ABBOTT, James Wiley Carter, Mart, Tex.— Born, Narine Co./Ga., Dec. 6th, 
1850; Lie. '85; Ord. Sept. 19th, '86, Enon Bap. Ch., Tex. '87; P. Reliance. Tex. '87; 
P. Bluelake, Tex. '90-92; Oklahoma, '93; Centerpoint, & Round Prairie, Tex. 
'94; Oklahoma, '95-97; Otto & Hearts Chapel, Tex. '97-98. 

ABBOTT, Levi Augustus, Upper Alton, III. — Born, Bever'v, Mass.; Stud. 
Worcester Acad., Mass.; Shurt. C, 111., D. D, 1884; Lie. Feb. '55., 2nd Ch., Beverly, 
Mass.; Ord. Aug 29th, '55; P 1st Ch., Milford. Mass., '55-58 ; 1st Ch., Weymouth, 
Mass., '58-62; Central Middleboro Ch.. Mass., '62-6S ; Rochester, Minn./ '68-72 ; 
La Crosse, Wis., '72-79; Alton, III., '79-96; Trustee Pelta U., la , '76-79 ; Shurt 

C, Upper Alton, 111., '79-99; Sec., '83-89: Treas. '84. & '96-99; Comntroller '96-Pres. 
Bd. Trustees,Pierce Acad.. Mass., '62-6S ; Mem. Mass. Legislature, '52, '54, '62, & '68. 

ABBOTT, Soliman Augustus, Cor. E. and 21st St., New Whatcom, Wash. 
— Born, Moultonboro. N. H.,Aug., 14, 1S47 ; Lie. Apr. 27, '82, ist Ch.. Eau Claire, 
Wis.; Ord. Dec. 3. '85. 1st Ch., Tharpe. Wis.; P, 1st Ch., Tharpe, Wis., 'S4-36; 
1st. New Richmond, Wis., '85-89: Dis. Mv. No. West Wis., '89-91; P. Emmanuel Ch., 
Menominee, Wis., '91-94; P. 1st' Ch., Puyallup, Wash., '94-95; Dist. My. Western 
Wash., '95-96; P. Laconner, Bethesda, Wash., '96-98; Acting S. Nov., '98. 

ABBOTT, Stephen Gano, Keene, N. H. — Born, Bridgewater. Mass., Nov. 9th. 
1S19; Stud. Hancock Lit. & Sci. Institution, N. Hamp. Acad. N. Hamp. T. Inst, 
1S4S; Bates C. M. A. '67; Lie. Bennington, Ch. N. H. Aug. 21 1848; Ord. Campton 
N. H. Feb. 7, '49; P. Campton, N. H. '43-49; Jericho. '50-52; Meridith, N. H. 
'52-55; Bradford, N. H. '55-59; Seabrook. N. H 3 Mos.; Chap. 1 N. H. Regt. Vol.; 
P. Windsor, Vt., '61-65 ; Meriden, N. H. '65-70; S.Townsend, Vt. '71; Wollaston, 
Mass. '71-73; Needham. Mass. '73-76: S. Springfield, Mass '76; S. North Adams, 
Mass. '77; S. Stamford, Vt, '82-S3; S. Joliet, III., 3 Mos. '80; P. Hinsdale, N. H. '32- 
83; West Swanzey, N. H., '83-90; Au.'Hist. 1st Regt. N. H. Vol. '90. 

16 The Baptist Ministerial Directory 

ABERNATHAY, S. W. Moark. Ark.,— Born, Doniphan, Mo. ; Lie. Bethel Ch.„ 
Mo.; Ord. Pleasant Grove, Ch., Ark.; P. Landmark, Moark, Ark., Harviell, Mo. 

ABERNATHY, Larkin Samuel, Arkadelphia, Ark.,— Born, Summerville, Ark. ; 
Stud. Oua., C, Ark.; Lie. Jan. 2, 1391, Malvern, Ark.; Ord. July 2, '93, Anchor', 
Ark.; '95. S. Anchor, and Gum Spring Ark.. Summer and fall "93; Anchor, Ark., 
'95; Stephens, Ark., '96; Vincent, Ark., 97; West Point, Ark., '98 

ABRAHAM, Wickliffe Yancey, Richmond, Va..— Born, Buckingham Co., Va.; 
Stud. R. C. Va., '69-71; S. B. T S., Kv., 78; Lie. "76, Goshen Bridge Ch., Va.; Ord. 
Mar. 30, '79; Goshen Bridge and Deerfield Ch.. Va. P. Deerfield, Va., '79-81;. 
Craigsville, Va., '80-83; Finca.tle, Va., '81-82; S. Greenville, Va.,'83. 

ABRAHAMS, St. George Tucker, Tamworth Va.— Born, Homewood.Va.; Stud. 
R C, Va., S. B. T S., Kv.; Lie. Aug. 18, 1875; Ord. Dec. '77, Muddy Creek Ch., 
Va ; P. Mt. Holly, Va., '76-79; Bovdton, Va., '78-80: Oakland, Va., '79-80 ; S. 
Clarksville, Va., '80-81, P. '81-84; S. Boydton, Va , '80-81, P. '81-82; S. Bethel, 
Va, '81-85: P. Williamsburg, Jones City, Va., '85-86; Clarks Neck, Harmony Vil- 
lage, Va., '87-S9 . 

ABRAMS, Alonzo D. Rose, N. Y.— Born. Brockton N. Y.; Rushford Acad., N. 
Y., 1863; Lie. Jan. 1, and Ord July 16, '77, 1st Ch. Granada, Kan. ; P. Granada, Kan., 
'77; S. Holton, Kan.; P. Kennekuk, '77-81; Whiting, Kan., '81-85; Council 
Grove, Kan., 85-87; Holly, N. Y. '87 96; Rose, N. Y., '96. 

ABRAMS, Delos E. Madison, N. Y.^-Born, Northville, N. Y.; Stud. Cook 
Acad.; Stud. Cg. U., N. Y.; Stud. Han. T. S., N. Y.; Lie. Ian. 11, 1892 Howard 
Ch.; Ord. July 12, '94, Galway Village Ch.; P. Tvrone, '92-93; Chemung, N. Y. 
'93-94; Galway Village Ch., Galway, N. Y., '94-97; Madison, N. Y., '97. 

ACKERMAN, Stephen W. iRound, S. C— Born, Colleton, S. C; Lie. 1867; 
Ord; ? 68, Spring Hill Ch., S. C; P. Bedons, S. C; Spring Hill S. C, 25 yrs.; 
Black Creek, S. C, 25 yrs.; St. George, S. C, 8 yrs.; Ephesus, S. C, 10 yrs.; 
Bethlehem, S. C, 6 yrs. 

AGREE, Robert Rowland, Knoxville, Tenn. — Born, King and Queen Co., Va.; 
Stud. Aberdeen Acad.: Stud. R. C. Va.; So. Wn. U.. Tenn., D. D.: Stud. S. B T. 
S,Ky. ; Lie. Oct. 4,' 1873; Ord. Aug. 6, '76, Bruington Ch.;' P. Waterford, 
North Fork; College Hill (now Lynchburg); 1st Ch. Petersburg, Va.; Cal- 
vary (Roanoke) Va.; 1st. Ch., Knoxville, Tenn. 

ACTOM, Thomas Josiah, Sulphur Springs, Ky. — Born, Fordsville, O.; Lie. 
'66; Ord. 1887; Canerun Bap. Ch., Ky.; P. Mission Ch. '87-94; Mt. Zion Ch., '94- 
96; Canerun Ch. '96-99; Huffs Creek, '95-97; Olaton Ch., '98. 

ADAMS, A„ Hanceville, Ala.,— Born, N. C, 1834; Lie. and Ord. '62, Hope- 
well, Ala.; P. Jack River, Mulberry, Cedar Hill and Bethlehem, Ala., 4 yrs.; 

ADAMS, B. M. Canon City, Colo.— Born, Scott Co., Ky.; Lie. Thompson 
Ground Ch., Ky.; Ord. West Port Ch., Mo.; P. West Port, Blue Ridge, Archie, Can- 
on City, & Durango, Colo. 

ADAMS, David Franklin, Nebo, Mo. — Born, Nebo, Mo.; Stud. Monroevilie Inst.; 
S.W.BapC, Mo, B. A., 18S9; M. A., '92; Ord. Miy, '89, Bolivar Ch., Mo.; P. 
Bonneterre, Mo., '89-91; Fairfield, 111., '91-92; Flora, 111., "91-92; Friendship, 
Mo., '94-96. Antioch, Ch., '96-98. 

ADAMS, Floyd Holden, Palmyra, N. Y.— Born, Moravia, N. Y.; Roch. U., N. 
Y„ B. A. 1893; Roch. T. S., N Y. '97; Lie. Moravia, N. Y. '89; Ord. Palmyra, N. 
Y , '97; Hamlin, N, Y. '94-97; P. Palmyra, N. Y. '97; EL Wayne Co., Bap. 

ADAMS, George Durward, 424 S. Rose St., Kalmazco, Mich. — Born, Sher- 
burne, N. Y.; Cg. (J., N.'Y., B. A., 1891, M. A., '94; Ham. T. S. N. Y .,B. D., '94; 
Lie. '89; Ord. Sept. 9, '93 Sherburne Ch., N. Y.; S. Congregational Ch. Munns 
ville, N. Y., '89-90; S. Bap. Ch., Sidney, N. Y., '90-92; 1st Ch. De Ruyter, N. 
Y.. 92-94; P. 1st Ch. Amsterdam, N. Y., "94-99: Kalamazoo, Mich., Feb., '99. 

The Batpisc. Ministerial Directory. 17 

ADAMS, George Matthew, Belleville, Kan. — Born, Worcester, Mass.; SHid. 
Iowa C; Div. Sch., U. Chicago, B. D., 1870; Lie. Aug., "97, 1st Ch., Mason Ci^ , 
la.; Ord. May 15, 63,; Hinsdale Ch.,IU.; P. Waukon, la., '71-73; White Pigeor, 
Mich., 73-74; Madisjn, Ind., '74-76; Saline, Mich., '78-79; Grand Rapids, Mich., 
'80-83; Parma, Mich., '83-85; Reading, Mich., '85-88; Centerville, Mich., '8S-92 ; 
Rochester, Mich., '92-94; Grinnell, la., '94-97; Belleville, Kan., '99. 

ADAMS, George William, Mr. Nebo, W. Va.— Born, Fayette Co., W. Va. ; 
Stud. W. Va. U.; S. B. T. S., Kv.; Lie. 1891, Ansted Ch.; Ord. '92, Pleasant View, 
W. Va.; P. Mt. Urim, W. Va., '90; Fowler's Knob, W. Va., '94-98. 

ADAMS, Henry E. 364 S. 9th St., Sam Jose, Cal.— Born, Highland, Mich. ; Stud. 
Fenton Sem., 2 yrs.; Stud. Kal. C , Mich 4 yrs.; Stud. B. Un T. S., Chicago, 2 yrs.; 
Lie. 1865, Fentonyille, Mich ; Ord '72, Tuscola, Mich.; S. Tuscola, Mich., Charlotte, 
Mich., Carpentaria, Cal ., Santa Barbara, Cal., San Luis Obispo, Cal., 
Cambria, Cal., Oak Grove, Cal., Estrella, Cal., Cholame, Cal., Selma, Cal., 
Santa Clara, Cal.; Mountain View, Cal. 

ADAMS, James, Slate, Ark. — Born, Talladega Co., Ala.; Li \ Aug. 1866, and 
Ord. Apv. 19, '68, Salt Creek Ch.; P. Bethsaida,, Ala. '67-73; Salt Creek, '69; Hopeful 
'68-69; Union, '69-70; Fairview, Ark., '73-80 ; '82-84 ; Corinth. 75; Mars Hill, '74; 
Orton, 78-79; New Hope, 79; East Union, 79-87; Land Mark, '87-88; Millennial, 
'73; Providence, '89; China Grove, '82-85; '93; Pleasant Grove, 73-78. 

ADAMS, James, 1450 St. Clair St., Cleveland, O. — Born, Connecticut; Windsor 
Acad., Conn.; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, 1875; Lie. July 5, 70, 1st Ch., Urbana, O.; 
Ord. Sep. 16, 75, Circleville, O. ; P. Circleville, O., 75-78; Bowling Green, '89-92; 
Franklin, West Barre, '82-90; Pittsburg. '82-83; Spencer, '83-90; Madison, Ch. 
(Toledo Asso.) '90-92; S. Lakewood My. (Cleveland Ass.) '95-97. 

ADAMS, James Calvin, Weatherford, 'Tex.— Born, Morgan Co., Ky. ; Lie. Jan. 
1891 ; Ord. July '94., Harmony Ch. ; P. & S. Harmony, Ch., 6 mos.; My. in Destitute 
sections 8 yrs. 

AD AMS, James Lee, Crystal, Tenn. — Born, Robertson Co., Tenn.; Stud. Red 
River High Sch.; Lie. May 28th, 1891; Ord, Dec. 27th, '91., Mt. Olive Ch.; P. Friend- 
ship, '95., Beech Grove, '95, Davids Chapel, '96-99. 

ADAMS, Jessie P. Kansas, Ky.— Born, Calloway Co., Kv.; Lie. Feb. 1849, 
Sinking Spring, Ky.; Ord. Nov. '53. Independence, Ky. ; P. New Liberty, Independ- 
ence, Ma) field Creek, Gum Spring, cYJ Bethlehem, Ky. 

ADAMS, John Quincy, Wadesboro, N. C— Born, E Igefield Co., S. C; Fur. U., 
S. C, B. P. 1879; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky.; Lie. 77, Green St., Ch., Augusta, Ga.: 
Ord. '81, Greenville Ch., S.C.; P. Ebenezer, S. C, '82-85; Mizpah, S. C, '82 ; 
Rock Hill, S. C, '86-90; Harmony, S. C, '86-bS ; Blackstock, S. C, 89-90; Asher- 
ville, N. C, '91-93; Wadesboro, N. C, '94-99. 

ADAMS, John Wesley, Dodge, Tex.— Born, Mobile, Ala.; Lie. 1873; Ord. 74, 
Pine Valley Ch., Tex.; P. Magnolia, China Grove, Union Grove, Hu±ory Grove, 
Center Hill, Mount Capers, White Rock, Bar Creek, Dodge, Mt. Gnead, Tex.; 
Pine Vaiie . , Tex. 

ADAMS, Joseph Samuel, B\p. Mission Housf, Hayang, Via Hankow, 
China.— Born, Sheffield, Eng., 1853; Stud. People's C, Sheffield, Eng. ; Stud. Har- 
ley House Inst., for Home and Foreign Missions; Harley House C, Eng., 1874; Lie. 
74, Edinburgh Castle, London, Eng.; Ord. '82, Bap. Mission Ch., Northgate, Ning- 
po; My. China Inland Mission, 75-83; My. V. Vunhwapu, Eastern China, '91; My. 
Central China, '93. 

ADAMS, Junius Jackson, Southport, N.C.— Born, Hollv Springs, N. C; Stud. 
Holly Springs Acad, and W. F. C, N.C., 2 yrs; Lie. 1887, Holly Springs Ch., N.C.; 
Ord. Jan. 28, '94, Albany Ch., Ga.; P. Leary, Ga., : 94 ; Ev. and Colp. '95-96; P. 
Southport, Antioch, Bethel, N. C, Feb. '97. 

18 The Baptist Misisterial Dirfctory. 

ADAMS, M. Addison, Lyons, n. C— Born, Wilson Co., N. C; W. F. C, N. C. 
Ifltt2. Lie. Dec, 1SS5, New Hope Ch., X. C; Ord. Oct. 27, '88; Littleton Ch., N. C. 
P. Jonesboro, Tenn., '92-93 : Manson, X. C, '93-94; ReicUville, X. C, '94-96 
French Broad Ave. Ch., Asheville, X. C, '96-97; Ev. work, '97: P. of several Chs. 

ADAMS, Mathew, Ozark, Ark.^Bo™, Cravens, Ga. ; Lie. 1879; Ord. '80- 
Rehoboth, Ch., Ark.; P. Mt. Zion, Hickorv Ridge, Ark., '90-99; Center Point, Ark., 
'93-9S; Vine Prairie, Ark., '86-91'. 

ADAMS, Robert John, Cambridge, Mass.— Born, North Granville, X T . Y.; 
Williams C, B. A., 1853; B. U., R. I., D. D., 75; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '55; Lie. 
'52, North Granville, Ch., X. Y.; Ord. Oct. "55, Wallingford Ch., Conn.; P. Wailing- 
ford Conn., 14^ yrs. ; Holvoke, Mass. 16^ yrs.; Stoughton St. Ch., Boston, 7k 2 x yrs.; 
Financial Sec. New. T. S., Ma*s. 1 yr. ; Gen. Sec. Worcester Acad., 5 yrs.; Chairman 
Executive Com. of Am. Bap. My. Un., 6 yrs.; Sec. Mass. Bap. Charitable Soc. & also, 
Oardner Colby Ministerial Relief Soc. 

ADAMS, S. M., Walton, Ky.— Born, Bigbone, Kv.: Stud. Lexington, U. Kv.; 
■S. B. T. S._, Kv.; Lie. 1886; Ord. '88, Bigbone Ch., Ky. : P. Ten Mile, Ky., '87-90; 
Paint Lick, Ky.; Beaver Lick, Ky., '88. 

ADAMS, Samuel M,, Clanton, Ala. — Born, Summerfield, Ala.; Lie. Mar. 
1879; Ord. Mar. '80, Friendship Ch. Ala.: P. Jemison, Friendship, Mt. Gilead, Mt. 
Zion, Rehoboth, Harmony, Ever Green, Big Springs, Pleasant Grove, Antioch, Enon, 
Collins Creek, Ala. '79-99, 

ADAMS, Shockley Alexander, Jackson, Ala.— Born, Pine Hill, Ala.; Stud. 
High Seh.; Lie. Sept. & Ord. Nov. 1895, Mt. Camish.Ch.; P. New Prospect, 
'86-88; Rockville, '87-S9: Evergreen, '8S-S9: Wes^ Bend, "86-89 : Grove Hill, '86-87 ; 
Jackson, '88-99; Thomasvilie, '96-99 ; Frankville, '94-9S ; Taught Seh., High Sch., 
Grove Hill, Ala., Coffeeville, & Salitpa, Ala., S yrs. 

ADAMS, Spencer Gavitt, 912 14th St., Sacramento, Cal. — Born, Prospect, O.; 
Stud. Den. U., O.; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, B. D. 1897; Lie. June, '75, Prospect Ch., 
O.; Ord. June 3, '76, Thompsonvllle, Ch., Wis.; P. Thompsonvilie, Wis., '75-76; 
Walworth, Wis., '77-82; Dell Rapids, S.. Dak., '92-97; Madison, S. Dak., '88-89; 
Gen. My. Utah and Wyo., '90-98; Calvary Ch., Sacramento, Calif., P. Nov., '98. 

ADAMS, S. R. C, Newman, Ga.— Born, Whitfield Co., Ga. ; Com. Schs.; 
Lie. Sept. 1S72, Swamp Creek; Ord. Aug. 10, '75. Pleasant Hill Ch. AJa.; P. New 
Friendship, Ala., '76-77; Hopewel 1 , Ala., '77-79; Friendship, Ala., Town Creek, 
Mt. Nebo, Mt. Zion, Blue Spring, Lebanon, Cullman, Warrior, 3 yrs., Dalemite, 3 
yrs., Pratt City, 2 yrs., Trussville, 4 yrs., Woodlawn, and Ft. Pavne, Ala., '76-92; 
Carrollton, Ga., 2 yrs.; Marietta, Ga., 1 yr. ; and Newman, Ga., '98. 

ADAMS, Thomas, Deerfield Center, N. H. — Born, Utica, N. Y.; Stud. 
Public Schools; N. Y. My. Inst. 1891; Lie. Feb. 20, and Ord. Oct 5, '82, 2nd Ch., 
Lawrence, Mass.; My. Congo, Central, Africa, '92-97; P. Deerfield, N. H.l yr. 

ADAMS, Thomas W., Fayetteville, Ark.— Born, Murfreesboro, Tenn.; Stud. 
Oua. C, Ark.; Grad. S. B. T. S., Kv.; Lie. & Ord. Mar. 1SS6., New Edinburgh Ch., 
Ark.; P. Altus, Ark.; Webber's Falls, Ind. Ter.: Hamburg, Ark.; S. Smithville, 

ADAMS, WILLIAM, Alluwe, Ind. Ter.— Born, Ind. Ter.; Lie. Feb. 15th, 
1868: Ord. Mar. 14th, '68, Wyandott Ch.; P. Del. Ch., Ind. Ter.; Lenape Ch., 
Kan., 69; Big Creek, '80-86 ; Liberty, '93-96. 

ADAMS, Willis Edson, Tama, Ia.— Born, Fond du Lac, Wis., Tune 14, 1885.; 
Stud. DesM. C, la., Un. T. S., Chicago; Lie. 1887, Livermore Ch., Ia., Ord. '89, 
Jordan's Grove Ch., Ia; P. Jordans Grove,, la., '88-91; Ute, la., '91-93; Manchester, 
la., '93-95; New Hartford, la., '95-98; Tama, la., '93. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 19 

ADAMS, W. H„ Raven's Eye, W. Va.— Born, Campbell Co., Va. ; Lie. 1868; 
Ord. '69, Pleasant View Ch., W. Va; P. Mill Brook, W. Va., '68-71; Pleasant View, 
W. Va., '68-79; Bi 2 Sewell, W. Va., '68-79; Tanette, W. Va., '68-97; Amwell, W. 
Va., '71-79; Coal Vallev, W. Va., '79-85; '88-95; Old Greenbrier, W. Va., '88; Old 
Kanawha, W. Va., '71-77; Hampton, W. Va., '79-81; Anstead, W. Va., '77-85; 
Lansing, W. Va., 1 yr. ; Fayetteville, W. Va., '96-97; Kanawha Falls, W. Va., 4 yrs. ; 
Served Home My. Soc., 3 yrs. 

ADAMS, W. R., Hattie, Ala. -Born, Bullock Co., Ala., 1870; Lie. Oct. 1895, 
and Ord. Dee. 20, '96, County Line Ch. ; P. County Line, and Pleasant Hill, '96- ; 
New Georgia, ('99—. 

ADAMS, Wylie Wilson, Forney, Tex.— Born, Talladega Co., Ala.; Lie. & Ord. 
Feb. 19th, 1888, Salt Creek Ch.; P. Salt Creek, Ala., '88; Lone Elm, '91-92; Crandall, 
"9i-9S. Ebenezer, Ala., '88-89; Union, Ala., '89. 

ADAMS, Alfred Windham, 93 Camden St., Boston, Mass.— Born, Hagerstown, 
Ind.; Stud. Stover C, W.Va.; Lie. Apr.. 1883; Ord. Sept., '85, 1st Ch., Berryville, 
Va.; P. 1st Ch., Berryville, Va., '83-86; 1st Ch., Winchester, Va., '86; Tea. 
Bible History in Storer C, and P. of Ch., '86-89; Asso. Ei. "National Baptist Mag- 
azine," Washington, D. C. 

ADAMS, Zenas, Sarcoxie, Mo.— Born, Iron Co., Mo.; Lie. & Ord. Mt. Zion 
Ch., Mo. ; P. of several Chs. 

AD AMSON, Samuel Mardis, Level Road, Ala.— Born, Henry Co., Ga, 1835; 
Lie. and Ord. Sept. 16, 1885, Liberty Ch.; P. Liberty; Mt. Calvary; High Pine; 

ADEY, Charles, Brooklandville, Md. — Born, Westburg, Wilts, Eng. ; Stud. 
C. for Christian Workers; Stud. Cro. T. S. Pa.; Lie. 1893, and Ord. July, '95, 
Broadway Ch., Providence, R. I. ; P. Saters, R. I. 

ADKINS, Benami Franklin, Cora, Ky.— Born, Hancock Co., Kv.; Lie. Mav, '7 3 
Ord. Nov. 3, '75, Friendship Ch., Kv; P. Mt. Freedom, Cornishville, Deep Creek, 
Bethel, Dry Fork, Lebanon Bruners Chapel, Bethleham, Mt. Olivet, Beech Grove, 
Gilberts Creek, Beech Fork, Goshen, Hopewell, Ky. 

ADKINS, John Leslie, Cora, Ky.— Born, Cora, Kv.; Stud. Cent. Normal, Kv.; 
G. C, Ky., at present; Lie. Nov. 1895; Ord. June, '96, Friendship Ch., Ky.; P. Mt. 
Freedom, Ky., '66-97; P. Lebanon, Ky. 

AGAR, Frederck A., 87 Walnut St., New Whatcom, Wash. — Born, London, 
Eng.; Eton C, B. A., S. B. T. S., Kv.; Ord. Walnut St. Bap. Ch., Louisville, Kv., 
June, 1898; A. P. 1st. Ch., Portland, Ore., '91-92; My. Congo, Africa '93; P. Wheat- 
land, Cal., '94-95 ; Tomah, Wis., '96-97. Ellensburg, Wash., '97-98 ; New Whatcom, 
Wash., '93— 

AGATE, Herbert, 317 Maumee Ave., Toledo, O.— Born, Pittsford, N. Y. ; U. Roch. , 
N. Y., B. A., 1888; Roch. T. S. N. Y., '91; Lie. '89, North Bap. Ch., Rochestsr, N. 
Y.; Ord. Sept. 18th, '91, Bowling Green Ch., O.; P. Bowling Green, O., '91-97; 
Oliver Place, Ch., Toledo, O. '97 

AGEE, Michael, Stanbury, Mo.— Born, Bledsaw Co., E. Tenn.; Lie. and Ord, 
1865, Whitesville Ch., Mo.; P. -J Chs. Andrew Co., Mo.; 4 Chs., Gentry Co., Mo.; 
1 Ch. Dekalb Co., Mo. ; 2 Chs. la. 

AGEE, "William Abasalom, Age e, Tex. — Born, Lawrence Co., Ala.; Lie. Aug., 
1870, Okalonia Ch., Ala.; Ord. Sept. '71, Liberty Ch., Ala.; P. Liberty, Bethany, 
Mt. Zion, Union Grove Shady Grove, Mt.. Pleasant, Pleasant Valley, Pilgrim's Rest, 
Mt. Pisgah, Zion's Rest, Duncan Creek, New Friendship, Evening Shade, No. 1, 
Evening Shade, No. 2, Mt. Zion. No. 2. Crooked Oak, Ebenezer, Valley Grove, Mt. 
Moriah, Mulberry, Cherokee, Ala., '71-76. 

20 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

AGEE, "William Jesse, Sparta, Ky. — Bcrr, Sweet Owen, K\\; Stud. State C. 
and G. C, K3.; Lie. 18S5; Ord. '86, Pleasant Ridge Ch., Ky. ; P. South Fork, Ceda- 
Hill, Caney Fork, Gratz, Greenup's Fork, Mt. Pleasant, Bethany, Pleasant Ridger 
New Columbus, Monterey, Long Lick, Lusbv, Sparta, Turners Station, Drennons 
Ridge, Ky. 

AGER Charles, Niles, Mich.— Born, Albany, N. Y.: Stud. Schoharie Acad.,. 
N. Y., Cg. U., N. Y. 1856; Lie. Oct. S, "59. 1st Bap. Ch., Niles, Mich.; Ord. Jan. 
26, 1860, 1st Bap. Ch., Goshen, Ind. ; P. Goshen, Ind., "59-63; South Bend, Ind, '63-66 : 
Aurora, Ind., '66-78; Goshen, Ind., "78-80; Mich., '82; S. Three Oaks, '81-83; S. 
Cassopolis, Mich., '82-89; Eetired in "89. 

AGENBROAD, John Philip, 2410 E. Third St., Dayton, O.— Born, New 
Carlisle, O., lt'22 ; Den , U., O., '50; New. T. S., Mass., '53; Lie. Sept. 20, '50, New 
Carlisle Ch., O.; Old. Stpt. 20, '53, Marietta, Ch., O.; P. Marietta, O, "53-55; 
Urbana, O., '55-58; H. My. Prairie du Chien, Wis., '58-59; P. Lacon, 111., '59-62; 
and"75-'77; Troy, O., "62-64; H. My., Richmond, Ind., '65-72, P. '80-82; Akron, 0. ? 
'72-73; Ottawa, 111., "74-75; Mi. Washington, O., '82-84. 

AGN.ET, Frank M., Makaxda, III. — Born, Sjmmes, O.; Medical C. Ohio, 
1862; Miami Med. C. M. D.; Lie. June. '65. Ord. Oct., '66, Stone Fort Ch.; P. and 
S. 1st Ch. Makanda, 111. ; Clk. 01 Clear Creek Asso., 35 yrs. 

AIKEN, Samuel Fletcher, Cedar Grove, Ga. — Born, Cobb Co., Ga.; Lie. June,, 
1887; Ord. Ncv.'8S, New Prospect Ch., Ga.; P. Center Point, Ga., 88-89; Rising 
Ham, Sulphur Springs, lot Ch., Benton, Chattanooga, & St. Elmo,Tenn.; My, '91-95. 

AIRHART, Daniel Patison, Rosebud, Tex.— Born, Cleveland, Tenn. ; Stud. S. 
B. T.S., Ky.; Lie. '89; Ord. '89, McDade, Ch., Tex.; P. Jewett, Marquesz, Buffalo 
& Oakwood, Tex., '95; Heidenheimer, Rogers, Trovis, Tex., '96-97; Rosebud & 
Clarkson, Tex., '97 ; Au. "The Song Gem;" "Awakening Melodies" '95; Traveled 
as Ev. '90. 

AIRHART, George B., Weston, Tex.— Born, Ala., Dec. 11, 1S68; Stud. Seven 
Point C, Bay, U., 'lex.; Lie. '92; Ord. Aug. 6, '92, Stony Point Ch., Tex.; P. 
Celtic, lex., "94-96; Princeton, Tex., '95-97 ; Stony Point, Tex., '94; Weston, Tex ., 

ATCHISON, Jr., William, 1715 Oakland Ave., Des Moines, la.— Born, Scot- 
land, ^37; Stuc. Glasgow U.; Lie. '65, Wabash Ave. Ch. Chicago, 111.; Ord. '82,. 
Cascade Ch. la.; P. Cascade, la., '67-68; '82-89; Treasurer and charge of finances, Des 
M. C, la., 91- Organizer P.; 1st Sect. Y. M. C. A. Work Chicago, 111. 

AKERS, Marion Wesley, Bloomimgtok, III.— Born, Grundy Co., Mo.; Stud. 
Cent. U., la.; Bap. Un.T. S., Chicago, 1879; Lie. 67; Ord. '68, Palestine Ch. la., P. 
Palestine, la., '67; Vernon, la., '76 ; Harrisburg, Chequest, la., '79; Bloomingdale, 111... 
'77; Mechanicsvilie, la., '79; Indian Missions, '81; Utic; , 111., "84; Marseilles, 111.,. 
'82; Burlington, Kan., '89. 

AKINS, Allen, East Carondelet, 111.— Boit, Shellmound, Miss.; Stud. 
Privaie Inst. Grenada. Miss. ; Lie. Aug., 17, 1879, Mt. Zion Ch. M. B. ; Ord. July 14 r 
'89, New Garner Ch.; P. Mt. Zion; M. B. Coti age Hill, Preston; M. B., Au. F. 
Murphy, '86. 

AKINS,J. E,, Greenville, Tex. — Born, Chattahoochee Co., Ga.; Stud. Bay. 
U., Tex., Aur.tC, Tex.; Lie. Oct., 1890, Pisgah Ch.; Ord. June 17, "94, Ray Creek; 
P. Hon well, "94-95; Orion and Floyd, Tex., '95; Cool Spring and Pleasant Giove,. 
Ga., '97. 

AKINS, William G., Dunwady, Ga.— Born, Dekalb Co., Ga.; Stud. Common 
Schs.; Lie. 1855; Ord. '66, Providence, Ga.; P. Pleasant Hill, Ga., 9 yrs.; Provi- 
dence, Ga., 3 yrs.; Rehoboth, Ga., 3 yrs.; Liberty, Ga., 2 yrs.; Bethel, Ga., 4 yrs.; 
Willis, Ga., 2 yrs. ; Clear Springs, Ga., 1 yr. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 21 

AKINS, William J., Ballard, Ala.— Born, Greene Co., Ga. ; Lie. June 19,1877; 
Ord. Mav 29, 'SI, Friendship Ch., Ala.; P.Salem, Ala., '8G-37; Shady Grove, Mt. 
Pleasant, Ala., '89-90; Gipsy Valley, Ala., '91 ; Pleasant Grove, Ala., '91-94; Har- 
mony Grove, Ala., '94-98 ; New Hope, Ala., '94-95; Friendship, Ala., '95; Union, 
Ala., '97-98; Harmony Grove, Ala., '9S ; Mt. Pleasant, Ala., '97; Friendship, Ala., 
"^ Pleasant Grove, Ala., '96-98. 

ALAGOOD, Joseph Benjamin, , Meigs, Ga.— Born, Thomas, Va. ; Stud. Meigs, 
Ga.; Stud. Ochlocknee, Ga. ; Stud. Morven, Ga. ; Stud. Thomasville, Ga. ; Lie. and 
Ord. Nov. 30, 1890, Ochlocknee Ch.; P. Little Ochlocknee, Ochlocknee; Hopewell; 
Harmony; Midway; Mt. Zion, Ga. 

ALBERT, Jacob, 749 E. Twelfth St., Los Angelas, Calif. — Born, Baden, 
Germany; Stud. Roch. T. S. N. Y.; Ord. Mav 27, 1873, Ger. Ch., Berlin, Ont.; 
P. Berlin, Ont., 73-75; Cincinnati, O., '75-78; Hastings, Minn., '78-82; Peoria, 111., 
'82-86; Minneapolis, Minn., '86-91; Denver,. Colo., '91-98; Los Angeles, Calif., '98. 

ALBERTSON, Edwin C, Halstead, Kan.— Born, Adair Co., la., 1857; Lie. Mar. 
12, and Ord. Sept., 12, '92, 1st Ch. Sedgwick, Kan.; P. Bethany, Kan., '73-95; 
Mt. Zion, Kan., '93 98; _ 

ALBRITTON, Washington Wiggins, Rusk, Tex.— Born, Snow Hill, Ala.; Lie. 
Oct. 4867 Popular Springs, Ch. ; Ord. Oct. '69; Mt. Zion Ch. Tex.; Served from 3 to 4 
country Ch., from '69-96. 

ALCORN, G. W„ Decatur, Tex.— Born, Illinois. Lie. May, 1878, Rowlette 
Creek Ch., Tex.; Ord. Oct. '84; Liberty Ch.,Tex.; P. Liberty, Pleasant Grove, White 
Oak, Old Union, Farmers Beach, Pleasant Run, Tex. 

ALDEEN, Carl A., Box 302 West Duluth, Minn.— Born, Smaland, Sweden; 
Stud. Pub. and H. Sch. Sweden ; U. Chicago, Swedish Dept., 1897; Ord.. June 25th, '97- 
lst Swedish Ch., Ludington, Mich.; P. 1st. Swedish Ch., Monmouth, 111., 5 mos., 
"96; 1st. Swed. Ch., Ludington, Mich., '97-98; 3rd. Swed. Ch., Duluth, Minn. 

ALDERMAN, Edward Sinclair , Russellville, Kv.— Born, Wilmington, N. C: 
W. F. C. N. C, B. A., 1883; Beth. C, Ky., D. D., '98; S. B. T. S., Kv., '86; Lie, 
£>ept., '83, and Ord. July 4, '86, Wilmington, N. C. ; P. Chapel Hill, N. C. ; P. Paris, 
Ky.; P. Woodlake, Ky. ; P. Russellville, Kv. 

ALDERMAN Jacob O., Cooper, N.C.— Born, Hawley's Store, N\ C; Stud. W, 
F. C, N. C; R. C, Va., 1886; Lie. Bap. Chapel, Sampson Co., N.C.; Ord. Oct. 
30, '90, Bavboro Ch., N. C; P. Bavboro, N. C, '90-91; Concord, N. C, '92-96; 
Washington, N. C, '96-97; High Point, N. C, '98-99. 

ALDRED, James Attgustin, 242 Shady Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. — Born, London, 
England; Stud. Private Acad's. ; Lie. 1871, Messiahs Conf., Hebron, Mass.; Ord. 
'77; Milesburg Ch.; P. Snovvshoe, Pa., 72-78; Clearfield, Pa., '78-80; Dimock, Pa., 
'80-83; North Wale?, Pa., '83-86; Ridley Park, Pa., '86-90; Danville, Pa., '90-92; 
Picture Rocks, Pa., '92-96; New Bethlehem, Pa., "96. 

ALDRICH, Sidney, Durhamville, N. Y.— Born, Sundown, N. Y.; Stud. Select 
Sch; Lie. Low's Corners Bap. Mar. '88. Ord. Wells Bridge, Ban. Aug. 15, '94; P. 
Wells Bridge, '94-96; S. Otselic, Mav, June, '96; De Rnyter, '96-97. Durhamville, 
N. Y., '97-98. 

ALFORD, Benjamin Yottngbiood, Louisville, Ky. — Born, Holmesville, Miss. : 
Miss.C, B. A., 1893.; Stud. S. B.T. S., Ky. Lie. 1889.; Ord. '95; Smyrna Ch., Miss. 

ALGER, Nathan "Willis, Albuquerque, N. Mex. — Born, Eaton, Que., Can.; 
Stud. Derby Acad.; Lie. Jan., 1867., Coos Ch., N. H.; Ord. June, '67: Lunenburg, 
Ch. P.Lunenburg, Vt.-, '67-75; My. Agent Vt., State Conv., '81-83; Bellamy Falls, 
Vt., '83-S9; East Santa Cruz, Calif., "90-91. 

ALEXANDER, Aaron, I., Mountaindale, Pa.,— Born, Cecil Co., Ind., May, 
11, 1861; Stud. Wilmington Acad. Del.; Lie. Ch., Oxford, Pa., '89; Ord. Chesterfield, 
N.J., Sept., 6, '93; P. Chesterfield, N. J., '92-94; Zion Ch. '95-96; Mountaindale 
and Coalport, Pa., '97. 

22 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

ALEXANDER, George W., Sutallee, Ga.— Born, Spartanburg, S. C, May, 5th. 
1836; Lie. Seat. 93.: Ord. Dec. 23rd, '93, Sweet Water Ch. ; P. Ml. Olive, Ga., 
'94-95; Sweet Water, P. & S., '94-97. 

ALEXANDER, John, Auburn, III.— Born, Brown Co., 111.; Lie. Nov. 23. 
1872; Ord. Nov. 22, 73; Cross Roads, Ch., 111.; P. Cross Roads, 111., S. Monasteer, 
Kemper, 111. ; P. Greenfield, Rockbridge, Auburn, Ashland, Wilmington, Mt. Zion, 
New Lebanon, Loami, 111. 

ALEXANDER, Michael G. t San Antonio, Tex.— Born, Simpsonville, Ky., 
1822; Transylvania U. Kv., B. A., '45; M. A., '48; Lie. '56, and Ord. "57, East Ch. v 
Louisville, Ky.; P. Jeffersonville, Ind., '56-57; Elkton, Ky., '61-62; Concord, Ky., 
'60; Trenton, Kv., '60-61; Princeton, Kv., 71; Harmony and Eddv Creek, Kv. '71; 
Woodville, Ky., 72-74; Pres. Beth. C, Ky., '65-68; Pres. Masonic C, Ky., 71. 

ALEXANDER, Moses Clarence, Harlansburg, Pa.— Born, Baltimore, Md. ; 
Stud. West Nottingham C, Md.; Lie. May, 1SS3, Oxford Ch., Pa.; Ord. Tulv, '90, 
EbenezerCh., W. Va. ; P. Ebenezer, W. Va. ; Harvey, Pa.; Oak Forest, Pa"; 1st. 
Ch., Columbus, N.J.; Harlansburg, Pa. 

ALLEN, William Nelson, No. 430 Buckeye St., Urbana, O.— Born, Raleigh* 
N. C: Stud. Ministers Western Un. Inst.; Lie. 1878, and ord., '80, Delaware, O.; 
P. Beliefontain, O., '86; P. Richwood, O., '81-87. 

ALLARD, Edward C, East Port, Md.— Born, Baltimore, Md.; Stud. Bal. Bus- 
iness C. ; Stud. Theology under the Revs. Franklin Wilson D. D. and CD. Parker; 
Lie. Shiloh Bap. Ch., Baltimore, Md., '81.; Ord. Shiloh Bap. Ch. Baltimore, Md.,. 
Nov. 29, 'S3; P. Frostburg, Md.. '83-86; Riverside, Baltimore, Md.'86-91; Long 
wood, Md., '91-94; Sunbury, Pa., '94-96; Johnstown, Pa., '96-97;East Port, Md., '97. 
ALLEE, Jonathan, Zen as, Ind. — Born, Dearborn Co., Ind. ; Ord. '47; S. Many Chs » 

ALLEE, Nicholas, Clarksburg, Mo. — Born, Moniteu Co., Mo.; Lie. 186S, and 
Ord. 72, Mt. Pleasant Ch.; P. Flag Springs, '80-81 ; '91-92; 95-96; Green Gravel, 
; 89-94: '96-97; Mt. Moriah 7yrs.; Pilot Grove, 2 vrs.; High Point, '96; Mt. Olive, 
'98-99: Centertown, '97-98; New HoDe, '93-99; Mt. Pleasant, 4 vrs., '95-99; Union, 
'93-94; S. 73-77; California, Mo. 

ALLEN, Adoniram Judson, West Park, N. Y.— Born, Albam , N. Y., 1832; 
Stud. N. Y. Central C, 1849-50; Cg. U., N. Y., B. A., '59, M. A., Ham. T. S., N. 
Y., '61 ; Lie. Oct. 4, .61 ; ist Ch. Albany, N. Y. ; Ord. Apr. 20, '64, Banksviile, N. Y. ; 
S. So. Dover, N. Y., '61; P. Mahopoc Falls, N. Y., '62; Banksviile, N. Y., '63-65; 
Ticonderog-a, N. Y., '65-73: Tohnstown,N. Y., 73-76; A. P. So. Ch. New York, N. 
Y., 76-77: West Henrietta, N. Y., 77-84; Gorham and Bethel Chs., N* 
Y., '84-86; Gilbertsville, N. Y., "86-S9 ; Brookfield, N. Y., '89-91; Ludingtonville, 
N. Y., '91 94; East Marion, N. Y., '94 96; West Park, N. Y., '97. 

ALLEN, Alfred H., 928 N. Ninth St., Terre Haute, Ind.— Born, Bridgton, 
Ind.; Stud. Ladago Sem. Ind.; Lie. Dec, 1889., Lebanon Ch., Ind.; Ord. June, '94; 
Lodi Ch.,Ind. ; P.Robinson, 111., 2 yrs. ; Zion, Ind.,4yrs.; Clayton, Ind., 1 jr. ; Mt.Zion, 
Ind., 4yrs. ; New Mavsville, Ind., 2 yrs. ; Goshen, Ind., 3 yrs. ; New Winchester, Ind., 
2 yrs. 

ALLEN, Archibald Augustus, Madisonville, Tex. — Born, Grimes Co., Tex., 
Sept. 13, 1857; Lie. July 25, 187S; Ord. July 26, 79, Mr. Zion Ch., Tex.; P. Bedias, 
Tex.,7S-83; Kickapoo, Tex., '83 87; Shiloh, Tex., '87-99; S. for a short time the 
following Chs.: Madisonville, F"nion, Mt. Pleasant, Sweet Home, Rogers Prairie, 
Sand Prairie, Harmon}-, Cottonwood, Iola, Tex. 

ALLEN, Calvin, Ewing, 111.— Born, Franklin Co., 111.: Lie. Sugar Camp Ch^ 
111.; Ord. Jan. 11, '63, Long Prairie Ch., 111.; P. Little Prairie, 111.; Long Prairie, 
111.; Mt. Vernon, Hi.; Benton, 111.; McLeansboro, 111.; Marion, 111.: Anna, 111.*, 
Auburn 111.; Bois De Ark, 111. ; Jonesboro. 111. ; Alto Pass. 111.; Salem, 111 ; Middle 
Creek, 111.; Blooming Grove. 111.; Ten Mile, 111.; Spring Garden, 111.: Arington's 
Prairie, 111.; Eldorado, 111. ; Raleigh, 111.; Creal Springs, 111.; Belle River, Ill.;Ew- 
ing, 111.; Liberty, 111.: Ham's Grove, 111.; Sugar Camp, 111.: Walnut Grove, 111.; 
Mt. Pleasant, 111.; Pleasant Grove and Los Animas. Colo.: Ed. "Baptist Banner" 
with C. T. Kellv. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 23 

ALLEN, Cyrus B.Thorntown, Ind.— Born, Morgan Co., O. ; Stud. McConnelsvilJe, 
O.; Wm. U., 111., D. D.; Ljc. Apr. 1S58 ; Ord. Oc, "59., Bridgeton Ch. Ind.;P. 
Bridgeton, New Discovery, Mill Creek, Zion, Union. Goshen, Mt. Carmel, Bethel, 
Wayne Town, Ashboro, Waveland, Dover, Lebanon, Maria Creek, Salem, Mt. Zion, 
Mt. Etna, S. ; New Maysville, S. ; Bethesda, Center, Stilesville,, Carbon, 
Terre Haute, Union, Freedom, Robinson, 111. ; Chap. 133 Regt. Ind. Vol. 

ALLEN, Jr. Cyrus Benjamin, Omaha, Neb. — Born, Bridgeton, Ind. ; U. Chicago' 
B. A. 187S, M. A. '81; B. U. T. S., Chicago B. D. "83; Lie. Zion Bap. Ch., Water- 
man, Ind.; Ord. 1st. Lebanon, Ind., Oct. 23rd, 78; P.Garden Ch., Indianapolis, 
Jnd.. 78-80; S. Highland Park, Chicago, Ills., '80-82; 1st. Ch., Richmond, Ind., 
'83-86; 1st. Ch., Helena, Mont., '86-98; Beth.-Eden Bap. Ch., Omaha, Neb. 98. 

ALLEN, Daniel A., Jamestown, Ark.— Born, Walker Co., Ga.; Stud. High 
Sch., Branchville, Ala.; Ord. 1872, Kingston, Ga. ; P. Friendship, Pleasant Valley, 
Blue Pond Flovd Springs, North Rome, Ga. ; Mt. Zion, Pleasant Hill, Union, Bible 
Grove, Stony Point, Independence, Ark. 

ALLEN, Daniel J., Howard, N. Y.— Born, Smithfield, Pa.; Stud. Smithfie'd 
Acad. Pa.; Lie. June, 1891, 1st Ch., Elmira, N.Y.; Ord. Apr. 26, '92, Portage Cn., 
Hunts, N. Y., P. Hunts, N. Y., 3yrs.; Howard, N. Y. 4 yrs. 

ALLEN, David, Heber, Ark.— Born, Cleburne Co., Ark.; Lie. 1893; Ord. "94, 
Pleasant Ridge Ch., Ark.; P. New Hope, Ark., '94-96; Banner Ch., Ark., '98; Bible 
Grove, Ark., '98-99. 

ALLEN, Elijah R„ Susquehanna, Pa.— Born, Wales; Stud. Bos. Acad., Boston, 
Mass.; Stud. Theol ; Lie. Jennyn,Pa., '89; Ord. Jennyn,Pa., March, '89; B.D. Western 
L T ni. Mar., 4, '99; P. Aldenville & Clinton Mehsopony, Pa., Eastsmithrleld, Wells- 
burg, N. Y., Susquehanna, Pa. 

ALLEN, Fred L., Lainsburg, Mich.— Born, Amenia,N. Y.; Stud. Mich., State 
Nor. Sch.; Lie. Nov. 14, 1894, 1st, Ch. Weston, Mich.; Ord. Mar. 3, "96; 1st, Ch., 
Walled Lake, Mich., P. 1st Ch., Walled Lake, Mich, '95-97; 1st, Ch., Laingsburrg 
Mich,, '97. 

ALLEN, Garrett Leroy, Rusk, Tex. — Born, Roanoke, Mo.; Stud. Salisbury 
Acad. Mo.; Wm. Jewell C. Mo., B. A., 1894; Roch. T. S., N. Y., 97; Lie. Oct. '91, 
Roanoke Ch., Mo.'; P. Bethel Ch., Gorham, N. Y., '96-97; 1st, Ch., Harlan, la., '97- 
'98; Prof. E. Tex. C. '98-99. 

ALLEN, George Klots, Perth A mboy, N. J.— Born, Red Bank, N.J.; Cg. U. 
N. Y., B. A., 1870; M. A., '72; D. D., '95; Ham. T. S. N. Y., '72; Lie. '65, 1st 
Ch., Red Bank, N.J. ; Ord. Nov. '72, 1st Ch., Skaneateles Ch., N. Y. ; P. Skaneateles, 
N. Y., '72-75; Sherman Ave., Ch., Newark, N.j.; North Ch., Jersey City, N. J., 
'75-79; S. Mt. Pleasant Ch., Newark, N. J.; P. l^t Ch., Palatka, Fla., '80-81; Acting 
P. Amity Ch., New York, N.Y. ; P. Tabernacle Ch., Jacksonville, Fla., '81-82 ; P. 1st 
Perth Am boy, N. [., Mar. 1, '93. 

ALLEN, Henry Milton, Central, S. C— Born, Cross Anchor, S. C, Aug. 21, 
1857; Srud. Patricks Military Inst., S. C; Lie. Oct. '75; Ord. Aup., '77; Abrer 
Creek Ch., S. C; P. Central Ch., '81-82; P. Rocky River, S. C, '83-85; Union, 
'84-85; Flat Rock, 'S4-86 ; Cross Roads, S. C, '86-93: P. Mountain Creek, 
'87-89; P. Horeb, S. C, "90.91; P. Mt. Tabor, S. C, '91-99; P. Six Mile, S. C, "96; 
P. Corinth, S. C, '96-69; P. Oak Dale, S. C.,' 97; P. Shiloh, S. C, "99; P. Beaver 
Dam, S. C, '99. 

ALLEN, Hiram D», Charlotte, Mich. — Born, Conesus, N. Y.; Stud. Dan- 
ville, Sem., N. Y.; Lie. 1864, Columbia Ch., Mich; Ord. '76, Claries Lake Ch., 
Mich.; P.Clarks Lake,. South Jackson, West Liberty and North Adams, Mich., '86-93; 
P. Quincy, Mich., '93-98; P. Charlotte, Mich., '98. 

ALLEN, Hogan, Portland, Ark.— Born, Anson Co., N. C, Jan. 20, 1829 ; Stud. 
Drv Creek, S. C; Lie. Oct., 1861; Ord., Nov., '62, Flat Creek Ch., S. C. ; P. Mt. 
Olive, Ark., 30 yrs.; P. Fellowship, 5 yrs. ; P. Mt. Zion, 10 yrs. ; P. Flat Creek, S. C, 
lOyrs.; My. for Bartholomew Asso., 3 yrs.; Traveling Agt. Central Inst., Aik. 

24 The Baptist Ministerial Directory 

ALLEN, James W. t Macedonia, III. — Born, Hamilton Co., 111.; Stud. Ewing 
C. 111.; Lie. Apr., 1894; Ord. Sept. 16, '94, Union Ch., 111.; P. Forest, 111., 3 vrs.; P. 
Williams Chapel, 111., 4 yrs. ; P. Tenmile, 111., 1 yr. ; P. Union, 111., 2 yrs. ; P". Horn's 
Grove, 111., 1 yr. 

ALLEN, Jesse McQueen, Wares, S. C— Born, Sumtersville, S. C; Lie. May, 
1880, and Ord. Nov. 27, '81, Head of Tiger, S. C; P. Mt. Lebanon, S. C; Washi- 
ngton, S. C; Marsh Cretk, S. C.;New Liberty, S. C; P.Washington No. 2, S. 
C; P. Cedar, S. C; P. Shoals, S. C; P. Saloam, S. C; P. Mt. Pisgah, S. C; 
P. White Plains, S. C; P. Beaver Dam, S. C; P. Whitefield, S. C; P. Mountain 
Creek, S. C; P. Laurel Creek, S. C. 

ALLEN, John Clarence, 56 Madison Ave., Jersey City, N. J. — Born, Walling - 
ford, Vt.; Stud. Black River Acad.; Cg. U., N. Y. B. A., 1874; M. A. '77; Am. 
Temperance U., D. D. '95; Lie. '75. So. Bap. Ch., Newark, N. J.; Ord. '76, Fair- 
mount, Newark, N. J., '75-80; P. 1st Ch. Elizabeth, N. J., '80 85; P. Hanson Place, 
Brooklyn, N. Y., '85-89; P. Calvary, Brooklyn, N. Y., '90-93; S. Central Ch., New 
York, N. Y., '94-95; P. Bergen Ch., Jersey City, N. J., '95; Prof. "Civics" Am. 
Temp. U., '94-95. 

ALLEN, John L„ Coal Hill, Ark. — Born, Norlonville, Kv.; Lie. Mar. 1869, 
New Salem Bap. Ch., Ky. ; Ord. Aug. Both, '86, Union Grove Bap. Ch., Ark.; P. 
Colonv Mountain, Ark., '86-87; P. Mountain Grove, Ark., '81-82; P. Enterprise, 
Ark., '82-83; P. Coal Hill, Ark., '84; S. Coal Hill, Ark., '90, 93-94-& 96; P. Union 
Giove, Ark., '97. 

ALLEN, Joseph H„ Marissa, III.— Born, Hamilton Co., 111.; Stud. Ewing C. 111.; 
Ord. May 1892, Dahlgreen Ch., 111.; P. Knob Prairie and Middle Creek, 111,, '92; P. 
Union and 2nd Ch. Benton, 111., '93; P. Union, Mt. Zion and Benton, 111., '94; P. 
Benton, Mt. Zion, Mt. Pleasant and Horse Prairie, 111., '95; P. Benton, Mt. Pleasant, 
Horse Prairie and Sttelville, 111., '96; P. Steelville, Mt. P'easant, Horse Prairie and 
Opdyke, 111., '97; P. Mt. Pleasant, and Horse Prairie, 111., '98; P. Marissa, 111., '98. 

ALLEN, J, H., Indian Creek, Ky.— Lie. Oct., 1887, Whiteoak Ch., Ky.; Ord. 
Feb., '94, Sulphur Springs Ch., Ky.; P. Sulphur Springs, Ephesus, Mossy Gap, Poplar 
Springs, Old Poplar Creek, Big Indian Creek, Greasy Creek, Ky. 

ALLEN, Joseph Tylar, Dellwood, Fla — Born, Columbia Co., Ga. ; Stud. Thom- 
son Acad., Lie. 1874, and Ord. Sept., '83, Dellwood Ch., Fla.; S. Providence: Dell- 
wood, Fla.; P. Circle Hill. 

ALLEN, Joseph Wayland, Decorah, Ia.— Born, E. Smithfield, Pa. Buck. U., Pa., 
B. A., 1873; Ord. Oct., N3, Winthrop Ch., Ia. ; P. Winthrop and Quasqueton, la., 
3 yrs.; Boone, la., '86-'92 ; Grundv Center, la., '92-93: Lake City, la., '93- 
79; Woodward and People's, la., '97-98; Decorah, la., Nov., '88. 

ALLEN, Nicholas T., Groton, Conn.— Born North Kingston, N. J.: Lie Mav 3, 
1843, Phenix Cn., R. I.; Ord. Aug. 12, '46., Merrittsville Ch., R. I.; P. Merrittsville, 
Union, WicWford, R. I., '44-47; Waterford, Conn., '46 ; Groton, Conn, '69-82; 
Poquonock Bridge, Conn, '88 — ; S. Spring Hill, Old Lyme, Conn., 1 yr. 

ALLEN, Richard C, White Plains, Ky.— Born Hopkins Co., Ky.; Lie. 1891, 
and Ord. '92, Concord Ch.; P. Concord and Oakland. 

ALLEN, Robert M., Emuckfaw, Ala. — Born, Tallapoosa Co., Ala.; Lie. 1S82 ; 
Ord. Oct. 25, '85, Mr. Calvary Ch., Ala.; P. Corinth, Mt. Calvary, Mt. Olive, New 
Hope, Union, Zion H 11, Rock Springs, Ala. 

ALLEN, T. S., Jasper, Tex.— Born, Clark Co., Ky. ; Lie. Sept., 1842, New 
Providence Ch., Mo.; Ord. May, '47, Brunswick Ch., Mo. ; P. New Gadsen, Mo., 11 
yrs.; My. in Tex. 15 yrs.; S. S. My.—. My. nearly 33 years. 

ALLEN, Joseph Young, Thomastown, Ga., — Born, Colloden, Ga.; Stud. High 
Sch., Ga.: Ex. 1875: Ord. '77; Thomaston, Ga.; '79; P. Kings Chapel, 
Ga., '77; Thonaston, Ga., '79; Valley Grove, Ga., '81-82: Russelville, Ga., 
'81-88; Thomaston, '88-89; Vallev Grove, '95-96; Shiloh, Ga., '95-99; S. 
Feb. to Jul v, '99; P. Greenville, Ga., '88-89. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 25 

ALLEN, William, Welcome, Ark.,— Born, Shreveport, La.; Lie. 18S8, Ord. '93; 
State Line Ch., Ark., P. State Line, Timothy & Shiloh, Ark. 

ALLEN, William Floyd, St. Johns, Mich.,— Born, Franklin, 111.; Stud. EvvingC. 
111., Sen., of Orator\ , Washington, D. C, Ph. D. from an Eastern U.; Stud. Theol. 
Privately. Lie. 1SS0; Mt. Vernon Ch., 111.; Ord. Dec. 14, '82; Auburn Ch., 111.; P. 
Narissa," 111. ; S. Du Quoin, 111.; P. Trinidad, Colo.; Sagache, Colo.; Grundy 
Center, la.; Collector tor Ottawa U., Kan.; St. Johns, Mich., Ed. Mexico 

ALLEN, W.J. F., Germantown, Tenn.— Born, Nashville, Term. ; Stud. Mad- 
ison C, Tenn.; Stud. Un. U., Tenn.; Lie. 1854, Rock Springs Ch.; Ord. '57, Collier- 
villeCh.; P. New Hope, Tenn.; Fisherville, Tenn.; Mt. Pisgah, Tenn.; Mt. 
Moriah, Tenn.; Egypt, Tenn.; Ebenezer, Tenn.; Gailaway, Tenn.; 

.Stanton, Tenn.; Bartlett, Tenn.; Trezevant, Tenn.; McKenzie, Tenn.; 
Gleason, Tenn.; Germantown, Tenn. 

ALLEY, B. F., South Canadian, Ind. Ter.— Born, Nashville, Tenn.; Stud. 
New Boston, Tenn.; Lie. Aug., 1885; Ord. Feb., '86; South Canadian Ch., Ind. Ter.; 
P. South Canadian, 'St: Choates Prairie, '86-88; McAlester, '89; Gaines 
Creek, '90-99; Bethel, '91. 

ALLEY, Harvey B., Banksville, N. Y.— Born, LaGrange, N. Y. ; Stud. Friends 
Acad., N. Y., Ham. T. S., N. Y.; Lie. 1858, Fiskill Plains Ch., N. Y. ; Ord. Apr., 
^64, Red Mills Ch.; P. Red Mills, N. Y., '63-69; Flushing, L. L, N. Y., '69-70; 
,S. Alexander Ave. Ch., New York, N. Y., 73; P. Banksville, N. Y., '74—; S. West 
Town, N. Y. / ■ : 

ALLISON, Elijah, Brevard, N. C— Born, Transylvania Cd., N. C; Stud. Dav- 
idson River, N. C. ; Lie. 1857 ; Ord. Apr. '62, Little River Ch., N. C; P.Bethel, 
Smyrna, Theslonica, N. C, '70; Wallace Chapel, Piney, Thomasville, Reeds X 
Roads, '72; State Ev., '74; Wavnesville and Crab Tree, N. C, 5 yrs.; Jones- 
boro and Johnson City, Tenn., '80; P. Marstown and Greenville, Tenn., '84; 
■Smith wood, Knoxville, Dandridge, Oak Grove, Tenn., '86; Little River, N. C, 
■S9; Brevard, Enon, Mt. Moriah, N. C, '92; Macedonia, Little River, Shady 
Branch, N. C, '96. 

ALLISON, Henry Thomas, Hampton, Va. Born, Fauquier Co., Va ; Stud. Bethel 
Military Acad., Va.; R. C, Va. ; B. A., 1893; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky.; Lie. '8S, Enon 
Ch., Va.; Ord. '93, 2d Ch., Richmond, V.; S. Bethlehem, Va., '90-92; P. Hopewell, 
Black Creek, and New Bethesda, Va., '93-94; Bethel, Emmons and Grafton, Va., 

ALLISON, W. P., Brantley, Ga.— Born, Terrell Co., Ga.; Lie. Aug., 1880; 
Ord. Mar. 14' 82, New Providence, Ch., Ga.; P. New Providence, Ga., '83-95; 
Tazewell, Ga., '86-93; Emmaus, Ga., '87-98; Cusseta, Ga., '90-91; Union, 
-Ga., '85-92; Colp. in Friendship Asso. 

ALLISON, William Henry, Penacook, N. H.— Born, Somerville, Mass.; Harv. 
U. Mass., B. A., 1S93; New. T. Inst., '96; Lie. Apr., '96; Ord. May 13, '96, North 
Ave. Ch., Cambridge, Mass.; S. East Brunswick, Me., '95; Sandusky St. Ch., Al- 
legheny, Pa., '98; P. Penacook, N. H., Mar. 5, '99. 

ALMQUIST, Charles John, Arthur, Ia.— Born, Sweden; Stud. Sundsvall, Swe- 
den; B..Un. T. S., Chicago, 1891; Lie. Aor., '82, Unsala Ch., Sweden; Ord. Oct. 24, 
'83, Sundsvall Ch., Sweden; P. Arthur, la., '89-92; Burlington, la., '93-97; 
Arthur, la.— All Swedish Chs. 

ALLYN, Aionzo S., Florence, N. J.— Born, Delta, Ont., Can.; Stud. Athens 
H.Sch., Ottawa Normal Sch., Croz. T. S., Pa., 1893 ;Ord. Delta Bap. Ch.,Ont., Can., 
July 20, '92; P. Florence Ch., N. J., '93 

ALLYN, Almond M., Spokane, Wash.— Born, Rome O.; Orwell Nor. Sch. 
'69; Smd. Kal. Col. Mich.; Lie. Montville, Mich., Aug., '70; Ord. Charlotte, Mich., 
Sept. 6, '71; P. Charlotte, Mich., '71-73. Saline, Mich., 73-78; Fremont Ave., Bay 
City, Mich., '78-80; Tower City, N. Dak., '80-88; Ellensburg, Wash., '88-90; D. 
hi. of East Wash, and N. Idaho, Bap. Con. '90 & Gen. My. '95. 

26 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

ASLIP, William Henry, Corbix, Ky.— Born, Whitley Co., Ky.: Lie. June, 1887: 
Ord. Jan., '88, Corinth Ch., Ky.; P. Meadow Creek^ Ky., 7 yrs.; Woodbine. 
Bark Camp, Corinth, Chapel Grove and White Oak Mission, Ky. 

ALSOP. Samuel Thomson, W i lford, Tenx.- Born, Wilson Co., Tenn.; Stud.. 
Un. U., Tenn.; Lie. 1S57; Ord. '60, Salem Ch,Tenn.: P. Fellowship, & Rutland, 
Tenn., '61-62; Republican Grove, Tenn., "74; Rock Valley, Tenn., S Lm, Tenn.. 
'70-80; Bamina, Tenn., 14 yrs.; Smith Fork, Tenn. ; Fellowship Ch,, Tenn., '92. 

ALVIS, Isaac Newton, Roby, Tex.,— Born, Winsboro, Tex.; Stnd. State U., 
Tex.; Southern Normal C, Kv., B. S., 1886; Stud. S. B. T. S., Lie. Nov., "91; Ord. 
Jan., '93; Roby Ch., Tex.; P." Highland Home, Tex., 5> 2 years; Roby and Bethel, 
Tex., 5 yrs. Sardis, Tex., 2 yrs. 

ALVORD, William Chester, Rich wood, Mo.;— Born, Morses Mill, Mo.: S^ud. 
Jefferson Co.. Sem., Mo.; Lie. Oct. 1890, and Ord. Apr. 2, '98- Bethlehem Ch., Mo.: 
P. Providence, Mo., -97; S. Old Ditch and Elm Springs, Mo., '91-97; P. Richwoods 
and Cedar Hill, Mo., '99. 

ALWARD, Ephriam, Burke, Idaho, — Born, New Canaan, N. B., Can.: Wm. 
Jew. C, Mo.; B. A., 1855; Lie. Mar. 23, '50; St. Joseph Ch., Mo.: Ord. May, 20, 
'55; Liberty Ch., Mo.; P. Rehoboth, Brunswick, Springfield, Mo., Wathen?.. 
Hiawatha, Topeka, Kan.; Red Oak, la.; Lebanon, Marion, St. Marys, Tennessee, 111. 

AMAKER, Absalom Allen,- Kxotts Mill, S. C— Born, Edgefield Co., S. C 
Lie. 1873, Bull Swamp Ch., S. C; Ord. '74, Salem Ch.,S. C; P. Mt. Tabor, S. C.-^ 
'76-77: S. Bull Swamp, S. C, May to Dec, 78; P. Calvary, S. C, '75-76: Mt. Nebo' 
S. C, '75-78; Clay Spring, S. C, now King Grove, S. C, '86-88. 

AMBRON, William J, C, 516 Broadway, Camdex, N. ].— Born. Calhoun Co.. 
Ala.: S ud. Neff C. Ala.; Stud. Doyle ,C. ; Rutherford C, D. D., 1S97: Cro. T. S. s . 
Pa.: Lie. Feb. '86, Fiintville, Tenn.'; Ord. Mar. 1, '89, 2nd. Ch. Fresno, Calif.; P. 
2nd. Ch., Fresno, Ca'if., Mar .-Sept. '89; Stud. P. 1st. Ch. New Castle, Del., '89-92: 
Calvary Ch., Philadelphia, Pa.. 92-9S ; Tabernacle, Camden, N. J., '9S. 

AMERM AN, Andrew Jackson. Xexia, III. — Born, Northumberland Co., Pa.: 
Buck. U., Pa., B. A., I860; Buck. T. S. Pa., '60: Lie. Sept. 2nd., '58, 1-t Ch. Dan- 
ville, Pa.; Ord. Apr. 10, "61, 1st. Ch., New Burlington, O.: P. New Lexington, O.,. 
Bristol and OakfLld, '60-62; Salt Creek and Duncan Falls, '62-64: Washing- 
ton, 111., '65-68 ; S. Mr. Pleasant, % time '67-72; P. Deercreek, '6S-74; Plamfield, 
la., '75-76: Nebraska, II!., '79-81; S. Clayton, and Benson, 111., ''81-83; P. Belle 
Plain, and Meridian, '83-84; S. Stonington, '84-S7; P. Xenia, 111., '92-95. 

AMES, Job Francis, Albney, Tex.— Born, Etowah Co., Ala.; Lie. Feb. 3 and 
Ord. Julv 3, 1887, New Hope Ch. ; P. Mustang 9 vrs. ; Short Creek 8 year* ; Cooper 
8 yrs ; New Hope 5 yrs. ; SanHiil lyr.; Argyle 6 y:s ; Bethel 5 yrs. ; Gribble Springs 
2 yrs. ; Good Hope lyr, 

AMES, Lucius Fuller, Defiance, O. — Born, Canton, N. Y.: S'ud. Canton Acad, 
& Cg. U-., N. Y.; Lie. Su-aeuse Bap. Ch., N. Y.: Ord. AshviUe, N. Y., P. Ashville, 
N. Y. '51-54; Boston, N. Y.'o4-53; Hinsdale, N. Y., '53-61: My. Perrvsbury, Mau- 
mee & Napoleon, O., '61-63; P. Conneaut, O., "63-'68; Peru and 01ena,"O., '70-73. 

AMIS. Frank J., Welcome, Ga.— Born, Coneta Co., Ga.; U. Ga., B. S., 1375- 
Lie. Sept. '76, Corinth B^n. Ch.; Ord. June, '82, Whitesburg Ch., Ga.; P. Yellow 
Dirt, Ga., '35-36; Elim, Enon & Providence, Ga., '86 ; Yellow Dir*, Bethel, Elim & 
Providence, Ga., '86-92; Bowden, Sdem. Franklin & Bethel, Ga., '92-94: Elim, New- 
Hope, Bethel and Franklin, Ga., '94-99; Sargents, Ga., '97-99. 

AMIS, John G., Stuart, Kax.— Born, Clay Co., Ky.: Lie. & Ord. Jan. 9, 1S58. 
Concord Ch., Kan.: P. Concord, Kan., '65-85; Big Brush Creek, Kan., 5 yrs.; Oak 
Creek, Kan., '89-98. 

AMMERMAN, Robert W, Doudtox, Ky..— Born, Pendleton Co., Kv. : Lie,. 
Dec. 1>, 1886, Ord., August. 28, '91- Gumlick, Ky.; P. Turner Bidge, Ky., '92: S 
Gumlick, Ky., 5 mos- P. Unity, Ky., '96-97: Turner Ridge, Ky. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 27 

AMMONS, John, Outlook, N. C, — Born, Yancev, (now Madison) Co., N. C; 
Stud. Mars Hill C, N. C; Lie, and Ord., Oct. 1856, East Fork Ch., N. C; P. 
Bethel, N. C; Concord, N. C; Morgan Hill, N. C; Cane River, N. C; Bunsville,. 
N. C; Marshall, N. C; Wavnesville, N. C; Big Creek, Tenn.; French Broad, 
Coke Co., Tern.; French Broad, Jefferson Co., Tenn.; Served Mars Hill C, N. C, 
'66-68; Ed., Baptist Gleaner (monthly). 

ANCELLJohn E., Darksville, Mo.,— Born, Green Co., Va., Oct. 8,1830; 
Lie, 1852, Spring Hill Ch., Va., Ord., Apr. 15, 79; Mt. Shiloh Ch., Mo.; S. Mt. 
Shiloh, Pleasant Hill, New Salem, Mo. 

ANDERECK, John, Juda, Wis.,— Born, Marion Co., 111.; Stud. Shurt, T. S.,. 
111., '88; Lie, Mar., '84; & Ord., June, '85; Bethel Bap., Ch., 111.; S. Bethel Ch.,, 
Sprmgfield, 111. ; Harmony, Ch., Kinmundy, 111. ; Smiths Grove, Ch., Greenville, 111. ; 
St. Johns Ch., Altoe Junction, 111.; Worden, 111.; P. Juda, Wis., '88. 

ANDERECK, William R., 211 Genesee St., Waukegan, III.,— Born, Marion 
Co., 111.; S'ud. U. Chicago: Shurt C. T. S., 111.; B. D., 1878; Lie, '71, Ord. '77, 
Bethel Ch., 111.; P. Bethel, 111., 9 yrs. ; Danville, 111., 9 yrs. ; Waukegan, 111., '97. 

ANDERSON, Anton A., 625 Lamborn Ave., West Superior, Wis., — Born, 
Westeroik, Sweden; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, 1897; Lie Oct., 1, '93; Alexandria; 
Minn.; Ord. Oct. 15, '97; West Superior, Ch., Wis.; P. West Superior, Wis.; '97. 

ANDERSON, Andrew C, Greenville, Tex.— Born, Smith Co., Tenn; Lie 
1890; Ord. Mir. 29, '91., Elem Creek Ch,; S. Elem Creek, '91; P. Union Hill, '92-94; 
Enon, '95-96; Union, '97-98; Prairie Hill, Tex., '99. 

ANDERSON, Andrew Freeman, 903 E. Capitol St., Washington, D. C— Born 
Neshannock, Falls, Pa.; Stud. Prospect Acad.; S:ate Normal, Pa.; Hall Inst., Pa.; 
U. Chicago; Buck. U., Pa., B. A., 1894; Lie '89, Zion, Pa.; Ord. Nov. 5, '94, Grace 
Ch., Washington, D. C; Stud. S. Zoar Ch., Pa., '88-90; P. Winfield Ch., '90-91; 
Northumberland Ch. portion '91; Jersey Shore Ch. Portion '91; Montgomery, '92-94;. 
Grace Ch., Washington, D. C. '94. 

ANDERSON, William Joseph, Sims, III.— Born, Wayne Co., 111.; S^ud. Ewing 
C, 111.; Lc. Sept., 1SS6 ; Ord., Juh , '88, Barnhill Ch., 111.; P. Sims, 111., '89-90, '94; 
Salem, 111., '93; Bethel, 111., '93; Arrington, 111., '90-92; Unitv, 111., '92; Samara, 111.,. 
'91-94, '95; Zif, HI., '98-99; Pleasant Hil", 111., '99 

ANDERSON, Bartlett, Crawford, Mo.— Born, Madison Co., Va., Nov. 6, 1812; 
Stud. Rich. T. S., Va.; Lie. 1842, Mt. Olive Ch., Howard, Mo.; Ord. '47, Chariton 
Ch., Howard, Mo.; P. Huntsviile, Mo., '47; Carrollton, Mo., '48; Paris, Mo., 49. 

ANDERSON, Carl Adoiph, Norway, Mice.— Born, Westmantand, Sweden; 
Stud. B. Un. T. S., U. Chicago; Lie '89, Iron River Ch., Mich.; Ord. Sept. 18, '92,, 
Iron Wood Ch.. Mich,; P. Iron Wood, M ch., '92-94; Daggett, Mich., '95-98; Nor- 
way, Mich., '98. 

ANDERSON, Charles James Fox, Hertford, N. C— Born, Pittsvlvahia Co., Va., 
Mav 6, 1873; Stud. Thompson Military Sch., W. F. C, N. C. & Kv. Sch. of Medi- 
cine. ; S. B. T. S., Ky., '98; Lie '92. Laurel Grove Bap. Ch., N. C; Ord. '93, Cool 
Springs Bap. Ch., N. C. ; Shtd. P. Cool Spring. Jonesboro, Sanford, N. C; P. Car- 
thage, Jonesboro, Aberdeen, Bethlehem, N. C, '93-9J; Hertford, Bethel Yeophim. N. 
C, '98. 

ANDERSON, Charles Leonidas, Browsville, Tenn.;— Born, La Fayette Co., 
Miss.; Mis*., C, B. A., 1893; Stud. S. B. T. S., Kv.; Lie, Aug. '88; and Ord. 
Aug. '91; G^od Hope Ch., Miss.; Sud. P. Friendship and Concord, Miss., 2% yrs; 
Stud. Dover and Ballardsville, Ky., 1 yr. ; P. Dover and Smithfield, Ky., 1 yrs. ; Wall 
St. Ch., Natchez, Miss., '97 ; Brownsville, Tenn., '97. 

ANDERSON, Charles William, 16 Elizabeth St., Worcester, Mass.— Born, 
Orebro San, Sweden ; Stud., U. Chicago; B. Un. T. S., Chicago; Div. Sch., U., 
Chicago, 1893; Lie Dec. 26, '89; Swed.Ch., Cadillac, Mich.; Ord. Apr. 1, '93; Lake 
View Cn., Chicago, 111.; P. L*ke ViewCh., Chicago, 111., '92-98; 1st. Swed. Ch., 
Worcester, Mass., '9S— ; S.Swed. Ch., Swede, la., Summer, '91; Swed. Ch., Sioux: 
City, la., Summer, '92; Ed. '-The Church Messenger." 

:28 The Baptist Ministerial 'Directory. 

ANDERSON, Earnest H„ Centerville, Pa.— Born, Cambridge Sorings, Pa.; 
Hall Inst., Pa., B. S., 1S94 ; Lie, Cambridge Springs Ch., Pa.; Ord. Jan. 8, '95; 
Centerville Ch., Pa.; P. Centerville, Pa., '94-98: Cherry Tree, Pa., '94-98; Hyde- 
town, Pa., '94—; Lincolnville, Pa., '94-99. 

ANDERSON, Elisha, 3630 Dodies St.. St. Louis, Mo.— Bom, Gravson Co., 
Va., 1846; U. Chicago, B. A.. 1879. Mr. A., '82; B. Un. T. S., B. D.. '80; Lie. '68, 
Grassy Creek Ch.. N. C; Ord. 71, Denmark Ch., la.; P. Denmark, la. ,",1-72; 
Richmond, 111.. '79; Genoa, WK. '79; Rockford, 111., '80-S4: Leavenworth, Kan., 
'84-89; 4th Ch., St. Louis,. Mo., '89-90; Grand Ave. Ch., St. Louis Mo., '90; Au 
"Volume Sermons*' '98. 

ANDERSON, Frederick L., 12 Harper St., Rochester, N. Y — Born, St. 
Louis, Mo.; U. Chicago, B. A., 1882; M. A., '85; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, B. 
D., 'S3; Lie. Julv, '85, 1st. Ch., Chicago, Iil.;Ord. Mar., '88, Morgan Park, 111., P. 
Morgan Park, 111. ,'87-88; Acting P., 2, d Ch., St. Louis, Mo., '88; P. 2nd Ch. Roches- 
ter, N. Y., '88. 

ANDERSON, Galusha, Morgan Park, III.— Born, Bergen, N. Y.; U. Roch., 
N. Y., B. A., 1854; M. A., '57; S. T. D., '66; Cg. U., N. Y., LL. D., '84; Roch. T. 
.S., N. Y, '56; Lie. '49, Sweden and Bergen, N. Y.; Ord. '56, 1st Ch., Janesville, Wis.; 
P. Janesville, Wis. ,''56-57; 2nd Ch., St. Louis, Mo., '58-66; Strong Place Ch., '73-76; 
:2nd Ch., Chicago, 111., '76-78; 1st Ch., Salem, Mass., '85-86; Educational work— Au. 
Articles in Christian Review, etc. ' 

ANDERSON, Gustaf Robert, Mayxard, Mixx.— Bom, Sweden: Swedish T. S., 
U. Chicago, 1893; Ord. July 2, '93, Wood River Ch., Wis.: S. S'ockholm, Wis., May, 
'91; Menominee, Mich., May, '92; P. Grantsbu'-g and Wood River, Wis., '93-94; Red 
Wing, Minn., '94-'97; Mayr.ard, Minn., Apr. '97. 

ANDERSON, James, Taxxer, Mich.— Born, Glasgow Scotland. Lie. May 1st, 
1872, Marlette Cn., Mich.; Ord. June 5, '74; Brockwav Center Ch., Mich.; S. Delwin, 
Mich., '91; S. Isabella, Mich., '92; P. Wise, Mich., '9J-96; Tanner, Mich., "97. 

ANDERSON, John Benjamin, Camillus, N. Y.— Born, Wisbeck, Eng. ; Cg. U., 
N. Y., B. A., 1896.. Ham T. S. N. Y..B. D., Ord. Oc<. 3, '9S, Camillus, N. Y. ; S. 
Burke, N. Y.,'88-89; West Oneonta, N. Y., '92; P. Durhamville, N. Y., '94; S. 1st, 
Ch. of Christ, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., '97— '9S; Watervliet, N. Y., '97-98; P. 1st. Ch., 
Camillus, N. Y.,'98. 

ANDERSON, Jefferson, Davis, Blue Mouxtaix, Miss. — Born, Dumas, Miss.; 
Stud. Miss. Col.; L. ot Mis-., B. A., '80; S. W. B. U., Tenn., M. A., '82; S.B.T. S., 
Ky. ; Lie. Academy, Miss., '69; Ord. Academv, Miss, '70; P. Germantown, Tenn., 
'82-S7; Collinsville, Tenn., '84-85; Millinston," Tenn., "90-98; Bartlett, Tenn, 7 8?-89 ; 
Central Ave., Tenn., '82-86; Macon, '85-88: also Bvhalia, Longtown, Abbeville, Cot- 
Teeville, Miss. ; New Albany, Miss., '98—; A. Ed. Tenn. Baptist "88-89. 

ANDERSON, J. H., Owextox, Ky.— Born, Logan Co., Kv.; Stud. Un. U., 
Tenn.; S. B. T. S., Ky.; Lie. '73; Ord. '74, Springfield, Tenn.; P. Springfield, Bell- 
buckle, Leeville, Rocky Yalley, Rutlands, New Bethel, Hartsville, Third Ch., Nash- 
ville, Tenn. ; Sec. State" Missions in Tenn. 6 yrs. ; P. Owenton, Ky. 

ANDERSON, John H., Cherry Log, Ga.— Born, N. C: Lie. & Ord. 1893, 
Cherry Log Ch.: S. 2 Chs. 

ANDERSON, John Mitchell, Beardex, Texx.— Born, Jackson Co., Kv. : Shad. 
Central U., Kv.; C. N. C, Tenn. ; S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. G., 1896; Lie. '89, Witts 
Foundry Ch., Tenn.: Ord. Oct. '90, Mill Springs Ch*., Tenn.; P. Leadvale, Macedonia, 
Buffalo, Smithwood, Island Home, Central of Bearden, Hot Springs, N. C; S. 3rd 
Ch., Knoxville, Tenn., 3 mo. 

ANDERSON, Joseph Turner Barnette, Eatoxtox, Ga.— Born, Barnwell Co., S. 
C; Fur. U., S. C, Pn. B. 1891; Stud. S. B. T. S., Kv.: Lie. June, '91, Elko Ch., 
S. C; Ord. Elko Ch., S. C: S. Mt. Moriah, Mt. Creek, July to Cct., '91; P. 
"Mt. Moriah, Damascus, S. C, '91-92: Abbeville, S. C, '93-94; Eatonton, Ga., Jan. 

The Baptjst Ministerial Directory. 29' 

ANDERSON, Lars Jacob, Decorah, Ia.— Born, Skien, Norwav ; Stud. My. 
Training Inst., Minn.; & Stud. Bad. Un. T. S., 111.; Ord. Apr. 2\, 1891, Scandinav- 
ian Ch., Rio, Wis.; P. Rio, Wis,, '91-92; Fargo, N. D., '92-94; Vang, N. D., Poplar 
Grove, '95-96; Edinburg, N. D., '95-96; Barta, N. D., '94-96; Ernmanuel Ch., 
Ronev, N. D., '95-96; M*. Dane* & Norwegians, la., '97; Tracts "The New Birth,. 
& Advice to New Converts." 

ANDERSON, Oliver Lacy, Greenville, Tex.— Born, Lamar Co., Tex., Nov 
13,1872; S ud. Biv. U., Tex., Bur. C, Trx., B. A., 1895; Lie. Feb. '90., Gainesville 
Ch.,Tex.; Ord. Dec. 31, '94, Greenville Ch., Tex.; S. E. Waco, Tex., '90; P. Sa- 
lem, Aberfoyle, Smi h Sulphur, '93. Caddo Mills, "95-98; Gen. Ev. '98-99. Dr. of 
Logic & Philosophy, Burleson C, Tex. '94-99; Ed. "Burleson College Journal ; Au. 
"Articles on Mental & Moral Ethics;" "Synthetical Philosophy," "Hypnotism," "Re- 
lation of Mind & Matter; "Ultra Materialism." 

ANDERSON, P. J., Opstead, Minn.,— Born, Sweden. 

ANDERSON, S. B., El Paso, Ark.,— Born, Haywood Co., Tenn.; Lie, 18S9, 
El Paso, Ark.; Ord., '92; Royal Hill, Ark. ; P. Royal Hill, Ark., '92-96; same '98— ; 
Concord, Ark. ; Bristol, "Ark. 

ANDERSON, Samuel Graham, Lowell, Mich.,— Born, Glasgow, Scotland; 
Stud. Canadian Lit. Inst., Woodstock, Ont., Canada; Lie. July 30, 1871, Sir.coe Ch., 
Ont.; Ord.Mavl7, '76; Florence Ch., Ont. ; P.Florence, Ont., '76-7S; Courtright,. 
Ont., '78-81; Park Hills, Ont., '81-83; Welland, Ont., '82-S5; Greece, N. Y., 85-86; 
Portland, Mich., '89-95; P. Ishpeming, Mich., '95-97; Lowell, Mich., '97. 

ANDERSON Samuel Joseph, Greenville, Tex., — Born, Cape Girardeau, Mo.; 
Stud. High Sjh., Bjston, Tex.; Bav. U., Tex., D. D., 1886; Lie. '60; Ord., '68; 
Concord Ch., Tex.; P. Sulrmur S >rings, Tex., '85-9-lg Washington Ave. Ch., 
Dallas, Tex., '87-S9; 1st Ch., Gainesville, Tex., '89-92; 1st Greenville, Tex., '87-97;: 
Pres. Burleson C, Tex., '96-99; Ed. Texas Baptist, '84-87; Author, "Baptism and 
the Lord's Supper" (Tract) 

ANDERSON Swan, Woodville, Wis.,— Born, Carlskrona, Sweden; Stud. 
Agricultur il Sch. ; Stud. Veterinarian Sch. ; S ud. Civil Engineering Sen. ; Calmar 
MilitarvElit Sch., Sweden, '63-66; Ord. Apr. 19, 1886, Scandinavian Ch., Woodville,, 
Wis., P. '85-90. 

ANDERSON, Thomas. 1824 N. 27th St., Omaha, Neb.,— Born, Glasgow, Scot- 
land- ; Stud. Free Ch., C, Glasgow; Div., Sch., U., Chicago., B. D>; Ord. Feb., 1883,. 
Grundv Centre, la.; P. Grundy Centre, la., '82-86; Blair, Neb. '86; Downs Grove, 
N. C, '87-90; 1st Cn., Pueblo, Colo., '90-92; Calvary Omaha, Neb., '92. 

ANDERSON, Thomas Davis, 12 Barnes, St., Providence, R. I.— Born, Rox- 
bur,, Mas>.; B. U., R. 1., B. A., 1874, D. D., '94; Stud. New. T. S., Mass., '74-77;: 
Lie. If. Bio. Ch., New York Citv , Dec., 73; Ord. Nov. 22, '77, 1st Bap. Ch., Port- 
land, M-.; P. 1st Ch., Portland, Me., 77-82; 7th Ch., Baltimore, Md., '82-87; Central 
Ch., Providence, R. 1., 87. 

ANDERSON, William, Oklahoma, City, O. T.— Born, Estill Co., Kv.; C N. 
C, B. S., 188-i ; Grad. S. B. T. S., Ky.; Lie. June, '91, and Ord. June, '92, Millsprings 
Ch., E. Tenn. ; P. Oklahoma City, O. T., May, '96. 

ANDERSON, William K., Dickey, Miss.— Born, Amite Co., Miss.; Stud. Unity 
Acad. & Ea<- Fork Collegiate Inst., M$s-<.; Ord. Nov., 1891, New Hope Ch.; P. Red 
Bluff, La., '94-95; Mt. Vernon, Miss., '95-99; Bethel, Miss., '95-96. 

ANDERSON, William Larkin, Chickasha, I. T.— Born, Henderson Co., N. 

C; Stud. Blue Ridge Acad.; Lie. 1869, and Ord. 70, Holly Springs, Ch.; P. Cedar 

Springs, Antioch, Holly Spring, Blue Ridge, Little River,"Rocky Hdl, Green River, 

Gap Creek, Middle Rivei , Lima; S Cross Roads, Griffin, South River; P. Rush 

Springs, Ninnkah, Loflin Creek, I. T. 

ANDERSON, Willie Osborn, Liberty, Mo.— Born, Henry Co., Ky.; Wm. 
Jewell C, Mo., 1899;Lic. and Ord. Mar., '90, 1st Ch. Jericho Springs, Mo.; P. 1st Ch. 
Jericho Springs, Mo., '90-92; Golden Cy., Mo., '92-93; Oak Grove, Mo., '93-94; 
Blue Springs and Six Mile, Mo., '94. 

30 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

ANDING, Isaac Ham, Summit, Miss.— Born, Copiah Co., Miss.; Miss. C, B. 

A., 1877; Stud. S. B. T. S., Kv.; Lie. Julv, 70; Ord. July, 72, Philadelphia, Ch., 
"Miss.; P. Corinth, Cheery Creek, Miss., '84; Gallman, New Zion, Miss', '88-91; 
•Cyrstal Springs,' Miss., '92-95. Utica, Hermanville, Miss., '96—97., Summit, Miss. 

'98-99.; Ed. "Miss. Collegian" 76-77. 

ANDREWS, Henry H., Deckersville, Mich.— Born, Manchester, .Mass. ; Lie. 
Nov. 24, 1877, Etna Ch., Minn.; Ord. Sept. 5, 'S2, Kenockee Ch., Mich. ; P. Kenockee, 
'81-82; Speaker, '83-S4 ; Brockway, '82 ; Grant, '85-86 ; Worth, '85-86 ; Marion, '86. 

ANDREWS. Matthew T., Marshall, Tex.— Born, Liberty, Miss., Apr. 13th, 
1865; Stud. Gillsburg Collegiate Inst. & Clin. C, Miss. ; Lie. Sept. '88.; Ord. Aug., '90, 
East Fork Ch., Miss.; P. Amite Ci^v, La., '91-94; Hammond, Li., '94-96; Clinton, 
La., '96-98; M >rshall, Tex., '98; Recording Sec. La. State Conv., '95-9S; Taught 2 
years Public Schs., Amite Co., Miss. 

ANDREWS, Neil, Jr., Shelburne Falls, Mass.— Born, Scotland; B. U., R. L, 
B. A., 1892, & New. T. S., Mass., '95; Lie. '92, Central Bap. Ch., Providence, R. I.; 
Ord. Sept. '95., 1st Ch., .Shelburne Falls, Mass.; S. Berean Ch., Harrisville, R. I., 
93-95; A. P. East Hulton, Mass, '92-'93; P. 1st Ch. Shelburne Falls, Mass. '95. 

ANDREWS, R. D., Greenfield Center, N. Y.,— Born, Merideth, N. Y., Stud. 
Delaware Acad., N. Y.; Lie. Merideth Asso. '63: Ord., Delhi Aug. 15, '65; P. 
Delhi, '65-71; Burnt Hills, N. Y., '71-73; Corinth '73-82; Kingsbury & South Glens 
IFalls '82-85; Greenfield Center, N. Y., '86. 

ANDREWS, WILLIAM D., Procter, Tex.— Born, Navarro Co., Tex.; Lie. 
Sept., 1890, Shady Grove Ch., Ark.; Ord., June, '92, Holly Grove Ch., Ark.; S. Holly 
Grove, Ark. 

ANDRUS, William Cyprus, Lake Crystal, Minn., — Born, Lucknow, Ontario* 
Canada.; Stud. S., Dak., Agrl. C. B. Un. T. S., Chicago., Th. B.,1892; Lic.Julv> 
11, '88; Brookings, S. Dak., Bap. Ch., Ord. Tune, 4, '91; Glencoe Ch.,M<nn.; P 
Le Sueur, Minn., '92-93; Carson, la., '93-94; Cumberland, la., '94-95; Lake Crystal, 
Minn., '95-99. 

ANGELL, John Jones, Boonville, N. C— Born, Yadkin Co.. N. C; Lie. 1873; 
Ord. 76, Boonville, N. C; P. Deeo Creek, Tenn. '84-90; '92-96; Shady Grove, 
^83-90; Cranburv, '84-88; Swains, '91-92; Union Grove, '91-96 ; Forbush, '91-98; 
Richmond, '96-99; Falls Creek, 1 yr., '88; Nebo, ] yr.,'92; Island Ford, '98; Or- 
ganized Shady Grove, '82; Deep Creek, '83; Mt. Nebo, N. C, '92. 

ANNABLE, Edwin W., AmBoy, III.— Born, Eaton Corner, Que.; Lie. Jan. 1, 
'93; Ord. Oct. 29, '96, Downers Grove Ch., 111.; S.Park Place, Aurora, 111., '96; 
P. Milledgeville, 111., '96-98. 

ANNES, George Nelson, Medford, Ore. — Born, Oshawa, Ont., Canada; Lie. '54, 
Burchville Ch., Mich.; Ord. Feb. 22, '62, Kenoka Ch., Mich.; P. Kenoka, Carson 
Citv, Middleville, Mich.; Broadhead Darlington, Wis.; Waseca, Kasson, Minn.; 
DeSmet, Estelline, S. Dak.; Moscow, Idaho; Spangle, Kent, Port Townsend, Wash.; 
Rosebud, Medford, Ore. 

ANSCHUTZ, Edward, 415 Courtland St., Wfst Hoboken, N. J.— Born, 
Drochtersen, Hanover, Germany ; Roch. T. S., N. Y., Ger. Dep"t., '82 ; Lie. 1st German 
Ch., New York City, Oct., 79'; Ord. 1st German Ch., W. Hoboken, N. J., Sept. 12, 
'82; P. West Hoboken, N. J., '82. 

ANSLEY, Samuel James, East Lake, Ala. — Born, Mt. Willing, Ala. ; How.C, 
Ala. B. A., '95, M. A. '97; Lie. Forest Home Bap. Ch., Sept. '90; Ord. Sheffield, 
Bap. Ch., July '95; P. Sheffield. Ch., June to Sept. '95; Prof. Greek in How.C, Ala. 95. 

ANTHONY, Eugene, Canton, N. Y.— Born, Macedon, N. Y.; Macedon Acad., 
'86; Stud. Palmyra Ch., Un. Sch., Roch. T. S., N. Y., '92; Lie. '87., Macedon Ch. ; 
Ord. Aug. 24, '92., Naples Ch. ; P. Naples, '92-97; Canton, N. Y., '99. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 31 

ANTHONY, Penn Arthur, Buena Vista, Va.— Born, Bedford Co., Va, ; S f ud. 
• SunnvMde H. Sch., Va. ; W. F. C, N. C; S. B. T. $., Ky.; Lie. Apr. 77; Ord. 
Sept., '81, Saunton, Va. ; P. Cave Springs, Mt. Pleasant, Ft. Lewis, and Laure 
Hills, 2 yrs. 5 mos. ; East Rondo, l£yrs.; Buena, Vista, Va., 3 yrs. 

ANTHONY, "William Linn, Durhamville, Tenn- Born Chatham, Va.; Stud. 
Sample BroaddusC. Miss.; S. B. T. S. '72; Lie. 1st Bap. Ch., Memphis, '69; Ord. 1st 
•Ch., Union City, Pa. '72; P. 1st Ch., Union City Pa.; 1st Ch. Pensacola, Fla. ; 
Hernando, Miss,; Durhamville, Tenn. 

ANTOSZEWSKI, Joseph, 1083 Smith St., Buffalo, N.Y.— Born, Pabianice, Po- 
land; Poland Schs.; Lie. Feb. '82, Bap. Asso. Poland; Ord. Nov. 12, '91, 1st. Ger- 
man Ch., Buffalo, N. Y.; P. in Poland; Detroit, Mich. ; 1st Polish Ch., Buffalo, 
N. Y , '91; Au. A HvmnB >ok, Piesni Wesolego, Poseltvva '87, 2nd edition '97; Pub. 
and Ed. Przewodnik (The Guide) ; Co-translator of the Hand Book for u=>e in Polish 
Baptist Churches. 

ANTROBUS, Barnabus Edward, Rockbridge, In.— Born, Greene Co., 111.; 
Stud. Shurt. Acad., Iih; Lie. '90; Ord. Sept. 2, '93, East Union Ch., Id.; P. 
Walkerville, 3 yrs.; West Union, 3 yrs.; S. Panther Creek, 8 mo.; Mt. Moruah, 
S mo. ; Athensville, 1 yr. ; Hat's Prairie", 2 yrs. ; Rockbridge, 3 yr., Bethel, III., 2 yrs. ; 
Au. Poems and Stories. 

APPEL William, 101 1st Ave., Syracuse, N. Y— Born, New Hamburg, Ont. 
Canada; Roch. T. S., N.Y.,'79; Ord. Logan, Ontario, Canada; P. Germ. Ch., Logan, 
Ont. Can.; Germ. Ch., New Haven, Conn.; Germ. Ch., Los Angeles, Calif.; Germ. 
Ch., Louisville, Ky. 

APPLEGRATH, Albert Clayton, Huntingdon, Pa.— Born, Baltimore, Md.; 
Stud. Baltimore Cy. C, Md.; J. H. U., Md., B. A., Ph. D.; U. Md., L. L.B.; Stud. 
Cro. T. S., Pa.; Lie. '94, and Ord. '95; Eutaw Place Ch., Baltimore, Md.; P. 1st. 
Ch., Huntingdon, Pa. 

APPLEGARTH, Edward Carey, 75 Georgia St., Roxbury, Mass.— Born, 
Baltimore, Mi,; Stud. J. H. U., Md.; B. A., '87; Ph. D., '90; C. Physicians & 
Sargeons, Md., M. D., '92; Cro. T. S., Pa., '98; Lie. and Ord. June 2, '98, Lee St. 
Ch., Baltimore, Mi.; P. Elm Hill, Roxbury, Mass., '98; Junior Demonstrator, J. H. 
U., Md.; Au. 'Two Physical Theses." 

APPLEGARTH, Henry C, Cleveland, O.— Born, Baltimore, Md.; Baltimore 
Cy. C, Mi., '70; Den. U., O., D. D. '89; Stud. Cro. T.S., Pa. ; Lie. Mar. '73, 1st. 
Ch., Baltimore, Mi.; Ord. May, '77, 1st Ch., Media, Pa. ; P. 1st. Ch., Media; Lower 
Merion, and Bryn Miwr, Pa., '79-83; 1st, Ch. New Brunswick, N. J., '83-90; 4th. 
Ave., Ch., Pittsburgh, Pa., '90-93; Euclid Ave. Ch., Cleveland, O., '93. 

APPLETON, John Barlow, Homer, Ala.— Born, Abbeville Dist. S. C; Lumkin 
H. Sch. and Hearn S-h., Gt.; Lie. Pumpkin Vine, Ga., '52; Ord. Collinsville, Ala., 
Feb., '55; P. Collinsville, Ala., 35 yrs. Also P. at many other Chs. 

APPLING, Charles Hsardspeth, Runge, Tex.— Born, Tuscaloosa Co., Ala.; Lie. 
June, '91, Alum Creek Cn., Ord. May, '93, Stockdale Ch., Tex. ; P. Calaveras, Tex., 
'93-95; Gates Valley, '94-96; Shiloh,'94; Alum, '97; Runge, '98-99 ; Unity, Tex. 

APSEY, John George, Eutaw, Ala.— BDrn, Wimborne, Dorsetshire, Eng. ; Stud. 
Private Sch. ; Lie. Jan. '83, Fellowship Ch., Ala. ; Ord. Oct. '83., Macedonia Ch., Ala. ; 
P. Macedonia, Clinton, Eutaw, Forkland, Beulah, Bathel, Sewarts, Gainesville and 
Epes, Ala; P. Gainesville and Epes, AU; Trustee How. C, Ala., 17 years. 

ASPEY, William S., Reading, Mass.— Born, Wimborne, Eng.; C*. U., N. Y. 
B. A., '61., D. D., '85; Lie. '58, S:anton St. C a., New York City; Ord. '61, Pres- 
ton HMlow Ch., N. Y.; P. Preston HdIIow, N. Y. '61 62; Bennington, Vt., '62-63; 
North Ave. Ch., Cambridge, Mass., '68-94; Reading, Mass., '95. 

ARCHER, Davis, D„ Dowagiac, Mich.— Born, Logan Co., O.; Lie. July 31, 
'86, Bogues Creek Ch., O.; P. Dague, 0.,'92-'96 ; Cassopolis, Mich.; S. Ch., Do- 
wagiac, Mich. 

3 2 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

ARCHIBALD, Samuel Henry, 16 Washington St., Rutland, Vt. — Born ? 
Dubuque, la.; Black Acad. New Hampton Inst, Vt.; Cg. U., N. Y., B. A., '73; M. A.. 
'75; Stud. Ham. T. S., N. Y. ; Lie. '70, Bristol, Vt. ; Ord.Nov.10, '74, West Pawlet„° 
Vt.; S.S. West Cornwall, West Haven, Shaftsburv, Vt. : P. West Pawlet, Vt., 74- 
76; Wallingford, Vt., '76-98. 

ARCHIBALD, Thomas Henry, Middlebury, Vt. — Born Killineworth, Ct. ; 
Middlebury C, Vt., M. A., '62, D. D., '95; New Hampton Inst., N. H., '44; Lie. 
'40, Bow Ch., N. H. ; Ord. Mar. 3, '47, Concord Ch., N. H. ; P. Dubuque, Davenport,. 
Ia.t East Greenwich, R. I.; Manchester, Vt. ; Exeter, N. H.; Mount Holly, 
Bristol, Cornwall, Addison, Ea*t Wallingford, Vt. 

ARDE, Holmes, Desten, Fla.,— Born. Trouro, N. S.; Lie, May, '81; Ord. 

Oct., '83, Antioch Ch.; S. Mary Esther, Destin.; East Bay, Fla. 

ARGABRIGHT, Ira Clinton, Lodiburg, Ky.— Born, Breckenridge Co., Ky.,, 
Oct. 13, 1851; Lie. Jan, '86; Ord. Jan. 10, '89, Raymond Ch., Ky.; P. Cold Springs, 
—Ky., '87-94, '98; Spring Creek, 92-94; Hit's Run, '92-94; Pisgah, '89; Raymond, 
* Ky., '91, 

ARGABRIGHT, S. V., Mt. Hope, W. Va.— Born, Floyd Co., Va.; Lie. June 
76; Ord. Oct. '78, Bethel Ch., W. Va. ; P. Paint Creek, '94; Mosey Ch., W. Va., 
'95. - , 

ARGABRITE, George Wesley, Keene, Ky.— Born, Blacksburg, Va. ; Stud. V. 
A. and M. C; S. B. T. S., Ky., '98; Lie. Feb. 4, '95; Ord. Aue . 28, '95, lstCh., 
Lvnchburg, Va. ; S. West End Ch. Atlanta, Ga., Aug. to Dec., '95; P. Madison, Ga., 
'96-97; Clover Bottom, Keene, Ky., May 1, '98. 

ARGO, Jasper Newton, McKenzie, Tenn.— Born, Trezevant, Tenn.; Lie. 73, 
and Ord. 75, Republican Grove Ch. ; P. Republican Grove; Poplar Springs; Mt. 
Pisgah; Mt. Pleasant; Goodloe ; Molsborough ; Union Academy; Friendship; Rus- 
sle Springs, Tenn. 

ARGOW, William F. C, 616 McLain St., Dayton, O —Born, Templin Prussia, 
Germany: Roch. T. S., N. Y., '68; Ord. Oct. 8, '68, Ger. Bap. Ch., Albanv, N. Y.r. 
P. Albany, N. Y., '68-75; Berlin, Ont., Canada, '75-76; Dayton, O., 76,; Co- 
worker on paper, "Der Sendbote." 

ARLANDER, Lars, Cadillac, Mich. — Born, Sweden.; Bethel Sem. Sweden, 
'80; Ord. '83, Geple Ch., Sweden; S. Kristiansted, Sweden, '80-83; P. Gene, 
Sweden, '83-84; Omaha, Neb., '84-88; Stromsburg, Neb. '88-90; Hamilton, Neb., 
'90-91; Cadillac, Mich., '91. 

ARMSTRONG, Alexander Hamilton, Briggsville, Ark. — Born, Henry Co., 
Tenn.; Lie. Aug. '68, Cane Creek Ch., Ark.; Ord. Sept. 73, Pleasant Grove Ch., 
Ark.; P. Ellsworth, 7475, Bells Sch. House, 76, Cane Creek, 78, Pleasant Grove, 
79-81, Concord, '83-87, Mt. Tabor, '85-86, Refuge, '84-87, Mt. Zion, Concord, Ark., 

ARMSTRONG Andrew, Avon by the Sea, N. J.— Born, Near Dublin, 
Ireland; Smd.Cg. U., N. Y., Ham. T. Inst. '45; Lie. Woodstown, N, J.; Ord. 
Uppe- Freehold, N. J., Oct. 16, '45; P. Lambertsville, '61; Frenchtown, till 70; 
Easton, Pa., '88; South Plains, '90; Avon '98. 

ARMSTRONG, Benjamin A. t Baden, W. Va.— Born, Rockingham Co., Va. ; 
Lie. '59, Old Kanawha, W. Va.; Ord. '61, Blue Creek, Va. ; P. Campbell's Creek, 
Zion, W. Va., '68-71. 

ARMSTRONG, James A., Holdredge, Neb. — Born, Jackson Co., O. ; Stud. 
South Mo., State Nor.; Lie. '81, Providence Baptisr Ch., Mo.; Ord Nov. 27 h, 
'81, Pleasant Veiw, Kan.; P. Pleasant Veiw,, 'SI 82; Centroplis, 'S3-84, Prairie City, 
85 86, Waverlv, Kan., '86-89; Benkleman, '89 91, Juniata '91 93, Holdredge, '93 96; 
Ragan, Neb. '96. 

ARMSTRONG, J. B., Eagle Lake, Tex.— Born, Camden, Ala.; Stud. Camden 
Inst., Ala.; Lie. Mar., 75, Mobile, Ch., Ala.; Ord. May, 75, Columbus Ch., Tex.; 
P. Columbus, Eagle Lake, Wharton, Atlanta, Palestine, Crockett, Tex. 

The Baptisi Ministerial Directory. 33 

ARMSTRONG, James Clayton, 31G North 8th St., Sr. Louis, Mo.— Born, 
Franklin Co., Mo.; Wm. Jewell C. Mo., M. A., 75; D. D., '88; Lie. '68, New Hope, 
Mo.; Ord. 75, Miami, Mo.; P. Miami, Mo.; Delmar Ave. Ch., St. Louis. Mo.; 
Mexico, Mo.; Westport, Mo.; Temporary S. 3 Chs., St. Louis, Mo.; Ed. Central 

ARMSTRONG, William, 2122 Taylor St., Springfield, Mo.— Born, Co. 
Armagh, Ireland; S:ud. Ireland ; Lie. Nov., 70, Good hope Ch., Mo.; Ord. Jan. 25, 
75, Macedonia, Ch., Mo. 

ARMSTRONG, William C, Mountain Grove, Mo.— Born, Lexington Co. 
Mo.; Southwest Bap. C, Mo., B. S. '89; Lie. Aug. 8, '85, Richland Ch., Mo; Ord. 
May 5, '89, Bolivar Ch., Mo.; P. East Ave. Ch., Soringfield, '89; Aurora, 
'90, Veron and Purdy, '91-92; Willow Springs, '93-94; Licking, '93-98; 
Mountain Grove, Mo., '98-99. 

ARNALL, Malry J*, Duggan, Mo.— Born, Mo.; Lie. Apr. '87; Clarks Creek 
Ch., Mo.; Ord. May, 30, '91, Fair View Ch. Mo.; S. Fair View; Gravel Point, Mo. 

ARNETT, Hamilton J., Sylvania, Ga — Born, Screvan Co., Ga. ; Stud. Mer. 
U.,Ga.; Lie. Mar., 73; Ord. Sep. 75, Double Head Ch., Ga.; P. Double Head, 
Sylvania, Wade.-, McDonald, Douglass Branch, Rocky Ford, Blitch, Union, Friend- 
ship, Stillmore, Bav Branch, Red Bluff, Little Ogeechee, Sylvania, Blitch, Little 
Ogeechee, Red Bluff, Ga. 

ARNETT James B.,22 S. 17st., Terre Haute, Ind.,— Born, West, Va.; Ord, 
75, New HopeCh., Ind., P. New Hope, Pleasant Valley, Pleasant View, Gjod'Hope, 
Oregan, Ind. « 

ARNETT, William Franklin, Holt Station, Fla. — Born, Pensacola, June 26th, 
'69; Lie. Dec. 21, '89, Little Escambia, Ch., Ala; Ord. Oct. 11, '90, Cedai Creek 
Ch., Ala; P. Spring Hill, Dogwood Grove, and Beaver Creek. 

ARNOLD Charles F. D., Dearborn, Mo.— Born, Harrison, Co., Mo.; Wm. jew. 
C. Mo., M. A.. '82; Lie. Apr. 78; Ord. Aug. '82. New Hope Ch.. Mo.; P. Crooked 
River, '83-86; Polo, '91; Cottage Grove, '85-86; Keytesville, Mo., '95-97; Ed. -'Mon- 
itor," Lathrop, Mo., '92-9 i ; Newspaper reporter, '92-97. 

ARNOLD, Francis Eugene, Ypsilanti, Mich. — Born, Gorham, N. Y ; Stud. 
Canandaigua Acad., N. Y. ; U. Mich., B. A., 74; Roch. T. S., N. Y., 77; Lie. 77 
and Ord. 79, Gorham Ch., N. Y.; P. Gorham, N. Y. ; Dexter, Chelsea, Tecumseh, 
Northville, Wayne, Mich.; Financial Agt. Kal. C, Mich., '92-93. 

ARNOLD, Joseph Walter, Trout, Ky.— Born, Carlisle, Ky.-, Stud. Bethel C, 
Ky.; S. B. T. S., Ky., '85: Lie. 75. Poplar Ridge Church, Ky.; Ord. July. '85. East 
Bap. Ch., Louisville, Ky. ; P. San Marcos, Tex., '85-86; Maysville. Mo., '88-90; New 
Hope, '88-89; Beaver Dam, Benton City and Rush Hill, Mo., '90-92; Bedford, '95-96; 
S. Poplar Ridge, Ky., '99. 

ARNOLD, Marquis Monroe, Elizabethville, Ky. — Born, Hampshire Co., Va., 
'27; Lie. '57 and Ord. '61, Short Creek, Ky. ; P. Willow Creek, 10 yrs. ; Grant's 
Lick, 10 >rs. ; Dry Ridge, 10 yrs. ; Short Creek, Ky., 25 yrs. 

ARNOLD, Seaborn W. t Winder, Ga.— Born, Walton Co., Ga. ; Lie. '80 and Ord, 
'84, Alcovia Mountain Ch., Ga. ; P. Alcovia Mountain, '80-87 and '89-91; Cedar 
Creek, Ga., '91-94. 

ARNOLD, William Wright, Tom Bean, Tex,— Born, Bedford Co., Term.; Lie. 
& Ord. '48, Hurricane Grove Ch., Tenn.; P. Hurricane Grove, Hebron, Plat Creek, 
Red River, Mr. Pleasant, Eayleville, Rogerville, Mt. Lebanon, Charity, Ml. Herman, 
Friendship, Fairfield, Telihoma, & Manchester, Tenn.; White Mound, Pilot Grove, 
White Wright, Enterprise, Union Point, Rose Hill, Ida, Plain View, Tex. 

ARNOLD, William Wylie, Richland, Ga.— Born, Lexington, Ga.; Mer. U., 
Ga., B. A., 73; M. A., 76; Lie: Oct. '84; Ord, Aug. '85, LaGrange Ch., Ga. ; P. 
Hamilton & Chipley ; Barnesville, Richland, Cusseta Plains, Omah?, Ga. 

34 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

ARRINGTON, Christopher Columbus, Sheltox, N. C^— Born, Patrick Co., Va.; 
jLic. '86; O-ci. '91, H >lly Spring Ch.; P. New Bethel, Indian Grove, Fish River, 
Holly Spring, Broun Mountain, Puckett Grove, N. C. 

ARRINGTON, J. T., Wcodville, I. T.— Born, Cherokee Co., Ala.; Lie. '78, lphia. A'k.; Ord. '85, Macedonia, Ark.; P.Macedonia, Oak Grove, & Beth- 
abra, Ark., '88-89; Linn, Wbodville, Willis, & Brownsville, I. T., '90-98. 

ARRINGTON, Thomas Franklin, Wayxesyille. N. C— Born. Jackson Co.. N. 
C; () :?. Sept.,. >91, Pleasant Balsam Ch., N. C; P. Catal ochee. Cove C»eek, Ocre 

Hill, N. C; S. Pleasant Balsam, N. C; P. Johns Creek; S. Balsam Grove, X. C. 

ARTHUR, Samuel John, 315 Luzerxe Ave., Pittstox, Pa. — Born, Prov. Ont. 
Can.; Saul. Barrie C 'Ueyia'p Inst., Ont., Can.; Toronto B mtist Ch., Can. ; McMaster 
U., Toronto, Car., '88; M Mister T. S., Toronto, Can., '88; Cro. T. S., Pa., B. D., 
'95; Lie. '83, Jarvis St. Ch., Toronto, Can.; Ord. '88, ParkdaleCh., Toronto, Can.; P. 
Park dale Ch. Toronto, Can., '88-90; Emanuel Ch., Schehectadv, N. Y. ; Luzerne Ave. 
C>>. Pif-t^n, Pn., '95; Au. "A Mournful Minus-Minus God." "The Exultant 
Eunuch" "Not Yours But You" "Our Eriends, the Friends," "God is not ashamed to 
be called Their God." 

ASH, Daniel, Milt ox, W. Va.-Born, Harrison Co., W. Va.; Lie. Mar. '48; 
Victor C* . ; Ord. Sept. '48; Middleburn Ch.; P. Victorv, Mt. Zion, Pine Grove, Proc- 
ters, Ten Mile, Go.d Ho;>e, Tone* Run, Green Bottom & Center Oak Hill, Good Hope 
Beulah Ann Ch. 

ARHBURN, Amaziah Jeff, Louisville. Ky. — Born, Northumderland Co., Va., 
Stud. Coin. U., D. C. Stud. S. B. T. S., Kv.; Lie. Aug. '80, l*t Ch. Washington, D. 
C; Ord. Sept. >S4, Tuscumbia Ch. Ala.; P. Tuscumbia, Ala.; Prirce'on, Ky., 
Grapevine, lex., Ccxs Creek, La Grange Ky.; S. Bedford, Cedar Creek, & New Hope, 

ASHBURN, F. J,, Salem, W. Va.— Born, Warren, Ya. : Smd. Shurt. C, 111.; 
Li^. '60, Victory Ch. W. Va. ; Ord. '61, Middleland Ch.-W. Ya. ; P. Tefferson's Gap, 
'60-S3; Liberty, '68-84: Benjamin, '61-63; Indian Fork, 3 vrs. : Victorv. 2 vrs. ; 
Mr. Moriah, 2 vrs.; Pine Fork, 7 vrs.; Pleasant, 2 yrs. ; Welcome, W. Va., '92-96; 
and S. '96-98 ;Nort Forks, W. Va.," 3 yrs. 

ASHCRAFT, William, Ea*t Lake, Ala..— Born, TacksonCo., Ga., Tune, 22, '23; 
Stud. How. C. T. S. Ala., '50-55; Lie. Mar. 9, '50, Ebenezer Ch. Ala.; Ord. June, 
'29, '56, Siloam Ch. Ala.; S. Ebenezer, Ala., '51; P. Mt. Hebron, Bethsaida, Bethel, 
M\ Pleasant, '56; Pleasant Ridge, '57, '59, '67; Libertv, AL., '58-59; Friendship, 
Mi-*?., '57-59; Providence, '57: Enon, '59-68: Liberty, '60: Providence, '60; Fel- 
lowship, '62-77; Mt. Zion, '63-71; Unitv, '68-77: Carrollton, '66. '75, '77; Provi- 
dence, Ala., '71-74; Whitesboro, Tex., '78; S. '83: P. «hiloh, '80-81; Custer City, 
'87; Callisburg, '81; Pott^ville, '81; Fellowship, ''81-82; Salem, '82; Woodbine, 
'88; Vallev View, '86-87; Collinsville, '82: Countyline, Dexter. Tex., '88; Beth- 
lehem, '90; Arbor Springs, '90-91; Kennedy, '91; Berrv Station, '91-92; Salem, 90-91, 
Brookside, '92; Green Springs, Ala, '93-94. 

ASHCROFT, Willis, Poplar Bluff, Mo.— Born, Cadis, Kv.; Lie. & Ord. Apr. 
'98, Lone Valley Ch. 

ASHE, "W* Francis E., Edwardsville. III. — Born, Baron=town, South Ireland; 
Stud. S\ Aidan's C, Birkenhead, En'.; Ord. Aug. 18. '76, Reformed-Eoiscooal Ch.; 
P. Christ Ch., Goldenhill, Eng., '76-85; Rapid City, Manitoba, Can., '86-88: Edwards- 
ville, 111., '89-91. 

ASHTON, B., Union City. Mich.— Born, London, Eng.: Ord. '92, North 
Adams, Mich.; P. North Adams, '92-93; Napoleon, '93-95; Union City, Mich., 

ASHTON, Joseph Maxwell, Collixgswood, N.J. — Born. Hopeweli, N. J.; 
Buck. U., Pa.. B. A., '89; M. A.. '92; Roch, T. S., N. Y., '92: Lie. Sept. 5. '85, 
Calvary Ch., Hopewell, N. T.; Ord. Feb, 28, '93, Adams Centre Ch., N. Y. ; P. 1st 
Ch., Adams Centre, N. Y., '92-94; 1st Ch. Cramer Hill, N. J., '94-96; 1st Ch. Chester, 
Vt., '97-99; Collingswood, N. J., May 1, '99. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 35 

ASHWORTH Robert A., Bridgkton, N. T.— Bom, Glasgow, Scotland; Col. C, 
N. Y., B. A., '92; M. A. '93; Un. T. S.. N. Y.. '97; Ord. '97, Minerva Ch., N. Y. ; 
F. Minerva, N. Y.. '97-98; Bridgeton, N. J., '98—. 

ASHMORE, William, Swatow, China,— Born, Zanesville, O., Dec. 25, 1824; 
Den. U.. O.j B. A., '45; M. A., D. D. ; Stud. Bap. Theol. Inst.. Covington, Kv.; Lie. 
1st Ch., Zanesville, O., and Ord. Hamilton Ch. ; P. Hamilton; My. to China, '50. 

ASHMORE t William, Jr., Morgan Park, III.— Born, Bangkok, Siam. Sept. 28, 
'51; Stud. U. of Leipsic and U. of Berlin; Grad. B. U., R. I.; Roch. T. S. N. Y., '79; 
Ord. June 26, '79 Pork Avp. Ch., Rochester, N. Y.; My. in Swatow, China, '79; 
Home on furlough, '87, '91, '99; Au. Version of New Testament in Swatow Colloquial. 

ASQUITH, Frank Wesley, Hamilton, N. Y.— Born, Germantown, Pa. ; So. Jer- 
sey Inst., N J., '95; -tud. B. U. R. I.; Stud. Cro. T. «.; Pa.; Ham. T. S., N. Y. ; 
Lie. Sept. 18, '96 3rd Ch,, Germantown, P >. ; Ord. Oct. 7, '97. Coal Valley Ch., Mont- 
gomery, W. Va ; P. Coal Valley Ch., Montgomery, Old Kanawha Ch., and Dego, 
W. Va ., '97-98. 

ASTON, Henry Pierce, 386 Manayunk Ave., Wissahickon, Philadelphia, 
Pa.— Born, Ph.; Mud. Millersvllle State Normal Sch. ; Stud. Cro. T. «., Pa.; Lie. anc; 
Ord. Mar. '94, Grace Ch.; P. Bangor and Wissahickon; Ed. "The Interpreter." 

ATCHLEY, P. M., MiLLican, Tenn.— Born, Sevier Co.. Tenn. ; Lie. '66, Ord. 
'68, Mass.. Alderbranch Ch., Tenn.; P. Boyd's Creek, Henderson's Chapel, Zion Hill, 
Powder Springs, Mdlican Grove, Providence and Alderbranch, Tenn. 

ATCHLEY, William Abner, Bath, Me.— Born, Cattslettsburg, Tenn.; Stud. C- 
N. C, Tenn.; New. T. S. West '91; Lie. P >wder Spring Ch., Tenn., June, '81; Ord. 
Alderbranch Ch., Ten--., Aug. 6, '86; S. Bolton, Mass., Paw Paw Hollow, Tenn.; P'. 
Chester, C >nn., '91—93; Farmington, Me., '93-95; Bath, Me., '95. 

ATCHINSON, George A., Highland, Mich.— Borr, North Parma, N. Y., Mav 
4, '46; U. Roch., N. Y., B. A., '74; Stud. Roch. T. S., N. Y., '74-77; Lie. Flint Ch., 
Mch.; O-d. June 27, '77, Ithaca, Mich; P. Ithaca, Mid., '77-79; Corunna, Mirh., 
•'79-81; Port Austin, Mich., '81-88; Romeo, Mich., '88-94; Litchfield, Mich., '94-95; 
Highland, Mich., '95. 

ATHA, George Richard, 1188 Globe St., Fall River, Mass. — Born, Yorkshire, 
Eng.; Mud. Phillips Acad., Ark.; B. U. R. I., B. A., '95; Stud. Div. s c h., U. Chicago; 
Net T. s., Mass., '98; Lie. Woodlawn, Ch., Pawtucket, R. I.; Ord. July 6, '98, 3rd 
Ch., Fall River, Mass. ; P. 3rd Ch. Fall River, Mass. ; S. Jmmanual Ch., New Bedford, 

ATHEARN, William Davis, Woodville, Mass.— Born, Vinevard Haven, Miss. ; 
Stud. Wor. Acad., Mass. and New. T. S., Mass. ; Lie. May 27, 1877, Vinevard Have i 
Bap. Ch., Mass.; Ord. May 24, '81, A^hfield Bap. Ch., Mass.; S. Wood's Hole, 
Mass., Un. Society, '79-80; P. Ashfield, Mass. ,'80-81 ; S. Georgetown, Mass., '82-83: 
P. Spencer, Mass.", '83-86; P. Waseca, Minn.; '86-88; P. Townshend, Vt., '88-91; P. 
Dighton, '91-96; P. Woodville, Mass., '96. 

ATHEY, Thomas Henry, Hammonton, N. J. — Born, Orleans, Va. ; Stud. Mid- 
land Acad., Va., and R. C, Va. ; Cro. T. S., '98; Lie. June, Ord. Sept. '95, Carter's 
Run, Va. ; S. Denbeigh, \a.; P. Seirell, Hammonton, N. J. 

ATKINS, Gienville M., 331 Euclid Ave.. Lynn Mass.— Born, Mt. Vernon. 
Me.; Lie. June 1. '66; Ord. June 13, '67, Rerean Ch.. Brunswick, Me.; P. Forest Ch. 
Brunswick," Me.; S. East Brunswick, Me. ; P. Alna, Me.; S. East Auburn, Me.; Es- 
sex St. Mission, Lynn, Mass. 

ATKINS, W. L., Tom, Tenn.— Born, Monroe Co., Tenn.; Lie. Aug. 24, '69; 
Ord. Mav 29, '72, Nctchey Creek Ch.,Tenn.; P. Macedonia, 7 y r s., Pleasant Grove. 
2 yr«., Caine Creek. 4 yrs., Cross Grove, & Gunceton, 4 yrs.; Bullet Creek, 1 yr.-; 
Notchey Creek, 3 yrs.; Mt. Ezekiel 4 yrs.; Shady Grove, 2 yrs.; Bethlehem, 4 yrs.; 
Mt. Harmony, Tenn., 18 yrs. 

ATKINSON, Lewis, Robinsdale, Minn. — Born, Ireland, '15; Stud. Ireland; 
Lie. '41, M. E. Ch.; Ord. '51, Ban. Ch., Brimfield, 111.; P. Brimfield, 111., 2 yrs.; 
ILlm Creek and Anoka 3 yrs. ; Maple Grove, Minn., 10 yrs. 

36 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

ATTERBURY, Stephen Allen, 158 62nd St. Chicago, III. — Born, Lancaster 
Mo.; Grad. La. G. C; Scud. U. Cnieago; Lie. La Grange, Mo., '91; Ord. De 
Smet, S.D., '93; S. St. Charles, Minn. '92; P. DeSrnet S. D., '93; S. Humbolt, Iowa, 
*94; Ed. "The Purity Review;" Sec. American Purity League. 

ATTERBURY, John William, Alliance, Neb.— Born, Schuyler Co., Mo. ; LaG, 
C, Mo., B. S., '90; Ord. Mar. 29, '98, 1 Ch., LaGrange, Mo.; P. Woodviile, Mo. 
'93; My. woik 3 yrs.; P. 1st Ch., Alliance, Neb., Apr. 1 '98—. 

ATWOOD, George E., Canton, Ky.— Born, Can on, Kv. ; Ord. Dec. 1896, Can- 
ton Ch. Ky. ; P. Ferguson Spring, '94-97 ; Cumberland River, '97; Mt. Pleasant,, 

ATWOOD, Thompson, Young, Clear Springs, III.— Born, Williamson Co. y 
111.; Stud. Creal Sjmn^s C, 111.; Lie. '72; Ord. '73, Cana Ch. 111.; P. Cana, 75, 
'79-85, '91; Creal Springs, '84; Fairview, '84-85; Marion, '86; Alto Pass, '90; Salem, 
111., '97. 

AUBIN, Napoleon Nathan, Woonsocket, R. I. — Bom, Shefford Vale, Que. Can. ; 
Stud. Grand Ligne, Q^ue., Pointe aux Trembles, Que., Canada, New. T. ^., Mass.: 
Ord. Apr. 8, '90, lbt Ch., Lowell, Mass.; P.French Mission, Lowel, Mass., '90-92: 
Walerville, Me., '92-94; Woonsocket, R. I., '94-99. 

AUGER, Louis, 678 13th St., Detroit, Mich.— Born, St. Pie, Prov. Quebec; 
Stud. Orande Linge, Piov. Quebec ; Lie. '49, Grande Linge, Quebec; Ord. '61, 1st Ch. 
St. Anne, 111.; Began My. work, '49; P. Me. Anne, 111., 18 vrs.; Mryker, O., 5 yrs; 
P. Ev. My. Detroit, Mich., 16 yrs. ; Au. "A Bible Panorama" and ".Scripture Chart," 


AURINGER, James Clark, Kill a wog, N. Y.— Born, Freetown, N. Y. ; Chicago 
Bible Inst., '95; Lie. 1st Bap, Ch. Riceville, la., Oct. '89; Ord. 1st Bap. Ch. Killa- 
wog, M. Y., April, '96; 8. Lime Springs Bap. Ch., la.; P. Riceville, la.; Killawog r 
Upper Lisle, Hunts Corner, N. Y. 

AUSTERMELL, Jefferson FL, Los Angeles, Calif.— Born, Philadelphia, Pa.; 
Stud. Shurt. C, 111.; Cg. U., N. Y,, '68; Stud. Ham. T. s., N. Y.; Ord. '68, North 
Bay Ch., N. Y. ; P. North Bay, N. Y., '68; S. Nantucket, Mass. ; P. Fort Covington,. 
'68-69; Etna, N. Y., '71; Hyde Park, Pa., '72; North Alton, 111., '74; My. Kansas 
City, Mo.; S. Wyandotte, Kan. ; P. Rossville, Kan.; 8. Palms, Calif.; P. Banning,, 

AUSTIN, Absalom Christfield. Redtop, Mo.— Born, Dallas Co., Mo.; Lie. Nov. 
'89, Rock Prairk- Ch. ; Ord. July, '95, Redtop Ch. ; P. Redtop, Mt. Zion, Harmony,, 
New Hope, Mo. 

AUSTIN, John Thompson, Sugar Grove, Ky.— Born, Ohio Co., Kv.; Lie. '66 ? 
Sandy Creek Ch., Ky.; Ord. '66, Richland Ch., Ky ; P. Big Muddy, '67-85 and '87, 
116; Sandy Creek, 2 yrs.; Bethel, 1 yr. ; Richland, 10 yrs. ; Oak Forest, Ky., 2 yrs. 

AUTRY, Alien Hill, Springdale, Ark.— Born, Denton, Tex., Mar. 16, '65; 
-Stud. Buckner C, Ark. and Wm. Jew. C, Mo.; Lie. Nov. '84; Ord. Apr. 4, '86, Oak 
Grove Bap. Ch., Ark.; P. Oakgrove, Magazine and Booneville, '88-93; Dardanelles 
J 93-97; Springdale, Ark., '97 — ;Au. "Plain Facts for Plain People," or "Loyalty to 
Baptist Principles,' 1 '96. 

AVANT, Augustus S*, Deepstep, Ga. — Born, Washington Co., Ga ; Stud. Cen- 
ferviile, Ga. ; Lie. Aug. '89; Ord. Nov. '89, Smyrna Ch., Ga. ; P. Beulah and Harmony? 
'90-99; Pleasant Grove, T 95; Mt. Pleasant, Balerma, Smyrna, Ga— . 

AVANT, William Canada, Rutlege, Ala.— Born, St. Stephen's Parish, S. C; 
Stud. Pine Valley ; Lie. Sept. 25, '58 and Ord. Sept. '59, Zion Ch. ; P. Zion, Spring 
Hill, Silome, Damascus and Union, 20 yrs. ; Damascus, 28 yrs. ; Sardis, 17 yrs. ; My. 
to the Armj , 1 yr. ; Domestic My. 2 Asso's. ; 41 yrs. in Ministry. 

AVERILL, James FL, Cincinnati, O. — Born, Vincennes, Ind.; Stud. H. Sch. ? 
Ld.; Lie. Oci . 10, '88; Ord. Apr. 24, '91, Madison Ave. Ch., Covington, Ky. ; S, 
Mt. Lookout, '91; P. LocklandJ O.,. '94. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 37 

AVERY, Asa, Payup, Ga.— Born, Laurence Co., S. C; Lie. '58, Newprospect 
Ch,; Ord. '69, Mountain Creek Ch.; S. Hepsida, '61 62; P. Martin, '73; Shiloh, '6t: 
Reed Creek, '81-82; Double Springs, 2 yrs.; S. Cedar Creek, 79-81; P. Bethany, 

AVERY, George Walter, Ellsworth Falls, Me.— Born, Frankport, Me.; Stud. 
Vinal Haven H. Sen,; Bangor T. S., Me., '89; Lie. '87, 2nd Bap. Ch., Bangor, Me.; 
Ord. Aug. 20, '89, 1st Bap.^Ch., Jay, Me.; P.Jay, '89-90; Topsham, '90-92; Frank- 
lin, Me., '92-94; S. New Brunswick, N. Jay, Franklin, YV\ Trenton, E. Lamoine, 
*92;— Au. "Masonic Charge," '95. 

AVERY, John W., Zuber, Ark.— Born, Lawrence Co., S. C. ; Lie, Aug. 16, '93; 
Ord. Nov. 12, '93, Bethanv Ch.; P. Bagbv Grove, '93: Eist Union, '93-95; Spring 
-Hill, '94-98; Liberty, '95-98; Kentucky", '95-97; Salem, '99; East Union, '99; Ken- 
tucky, '99. 

AVERY, William Henry Harrison, St. Albans, Vt.— Bom, Granville, O. ; Den. 
U., O, B. A,, '67, M. A. '70; Shurt. C, UK. D. D. '95; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '79: 
Lie. Aug. 31, '76, 1st Bap. Ch,, Canton, O. ; Ord. March 25, '80, South Bap. Ch., 
Rochester, N. Y.; P. Sou'h Bap. Ch., Rochester, "N. Y., '77-81; Mason Cit • , 
? 81-83; Denison, la., '83-87; Jersevville, 111., '87-95; St. Albans, Vt., '95—. 

AXTELL, Seth Jones. Kalamazoo, Mich. — Born, Worcester, Mass.; Stur!. 
Pierce Aon*., B. U., R. I.,B. A., '64; M. A., '95; New. T. S.. Mass., "67 ; Lie. '&*, 
Grafton Ch. Mas-., Ord. Jan. 31, '68; Monroe Ch. Mich.; P. Monroe. Mich., '68-70: 
West Medway, '70-78; Weymouih, Mass., '83-88; Prof, of Greek, Kalamazoo C, 


A YER, Charles, Clinton, N. Y.— Born, Charleston, Mass. ; Stud. Amherst C. 
Mass.; Cj. U. N. Y. B. A., '49; Bowdoin C, Me. M. A., '53; Stud. New. T. S., 
Mas>,; Lie. '45, Charlestown, Ch. Mass.; 0;d.'51. Turner Ch. Me.; Pres. Jackson 
C, 77-95—. 

AYER, William Oliver, 86 Chestnut St., Brockton, Mass. — Born, Sangerville 
Me.; Colby U. M-., B. A., '68; New. T. S., Mass., 71 ; L;c. '69 1st Ch. Bangor, 
Mr. ; Ord. Oct. 11, 71, Peterboro, N.FI. ; P v Pe'erboro Ch.,N. H. 71-74; Lt Skowhe- 
gan, Me., 74-84; 1st Ch., Everett, Mass., '84-90; Livermore Falls, Me., '90-93; War- 
ren Ave. C i. Brockton, Mass., Nov., '93 — . 

AYERS, Jessie L, Ebenezer, S. C— Born. Logan Co., Kv.; Stud. G. C, Ky.: 
R. C, Va.; Roch. U., N. Y. & Roch. T. S., N. Y.; Lie. & Ord. Mav, 6, '88, Mace- 
donia, Ah.; P. Clayton, '80-89; Cleffield, Ala., '89-90; Memphis Bowan and 
Central. '90-91; Gen. Mr. Tenn., '91-96; P. benezEer, S. C. '97-93; Chinese Music 
7 95 ; 'Baptist Hymnal" to be published soon. 

AYLOR, Robert Edward Lee, Front Royal. Va.— Born, Slate Mills. Va. ; Va. 
A. and M. C, B. A., '86; S. B. T. S., Kv., Th-M.. '92; Lie. Sept. 20, '88, Blacks- 
burg Ch. Va.; Ord. Dec. 1, "89, Pocahontas Ch. Va.; S. Pocahontas, Va., '88: P. 
"'89-90, Mt. Calvary, Auburn, Biacksburg, Va., Summer of '89 ; Front Royal, Riverton, 
Happy C;eek, Va.. '92—. 

AYERS, William A., Furley, Kan.— Born, Princton, 111.; Lie. Nov., '92; Ord. 
Dec. 12, '93, Pleasant ViewCh. Kan.; P. Pleasant View, '93; West SideCh., Wichita, 
Kan., Jan. '94; Author, "The Bible Hand-Book, " '98. 

AYRES* William Sullivan, Portland, Me.— Born, Russellville, Kv. ; Grad. So, 

West Bap. C, Mo. New. T. S., Ma-s., '85; Lie. '82, Boliver Bap. Ch., Mo. ; Ord. '85, 
Northern St., Ch., Lowell, Ma^s.; P. Lowell, Mass., '85-91; Portland, Me., '91—. 


38 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BAARS, Fred. D,. Arkadelphia, Ark. — Born, Hamburg, Germany; Stud. M : ss=~ 
C; Cincirinaii Conservatory, O. ; Gymnasium, Hamburg. Germany, '7%'. Stud. 
S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. Sept "80, Bavou DeGlaize Bap. Ch. ; Ord. Oct. '86 San- 
ueisviile Bap. Ch.,La.;P. Columbia and Monticello, "86-87; Ripple\ , Mis?., '84-91 r 
Gordon and Wasm:igton, Ark. ,.'92-97; Music Director, Blue Mtn. Female C, Miss., '87- 
92; Music Director Ouachita C., At k,, "92— ; Au. "The Storv of the Sea, or Romance 
and Reality of a Sailor's Life ;" 12 Compositions for Piat.o", also Orchestral and Mil- 
itary Music. 

BABB, ABRAHAM L. f Macomb, Mo.— Born, Green Co., Tenn.; Stud. Clear 
Spring Acad., Teiin. ; Ord. Shiloh Ch. ; P. Antioch, Mo., '98; S. Brushy Knob, Mo... 

BABB, DanielS., Soxora, Tex.— Born, Mo., 1840; Stud. Pub. Schs, Tex. ; Lie, 
'64, H co Ch. : Ord. '65, Kelt's Poin- Ch. ; P. Kell'a Pom;, "65-68 & '70; New Pros- 
pect, '66-69; Pleasant Valley, '69-72; Hamilton and Plum Creek; Two Mile, '95-97; 
My. Leon River Asso. and Sansabu Asso. 1 yr. 

BABB, Robert Morris, Chicago, III.— Born, MonticeHo. S. C. ; Stud. Fur. U.. 
S. C; U. Chicago, B. A., '91; Stud. Roch. T. S., X. Y., '92; S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. 
M., '89; Lie. '86, Long Run Ch., Ky. ; Ord, '88, Millersbur^ Cn., K\ . ; P. Miilersburg, 
and Hcmingsburg, Ky., '89-91; East Aurora, X. Y., '93-99; Stud. S. Highland Park: 
Ch., Chicago, Hi. 

BARB, Stansberry, Hall, W. Va- Born, MonongoHa Co., W. Ya. ; Lie. '73; 
Ord. '75. Fennile Cn., W, Va. ; P. Point Pleasant, Fallmansville, Sand Run, Valley 
Bend, Goshen. W. Ya. 

BABER, Eugenius Ferdinand,217 X. Lawrence St., Momtgomery, Ala. — Born- 
Covington, Ga. ; Lie. "72 ana Orel. Feb. 24, '73, 1st Ch. Moirgonkn , Ala. ; P. Number 
Cht. in Lowndes, Dallas, Macon and Le Cos., Ala.; M\ . State Mission Bd. 3 yrs. : 
Ed. "Greenville Advocate" (Secular), Office Ed. and Pub. "Alabama Baptist," 1 yr, 

BABCOCK, Augustus R., Allextowx, X. J.— Born, Sag Harbor, L. I., X. Y.: 
Graa. Mystic Valley insi., Conn.; Roch. T. S., X. Y.,'83; Lie. '76, Union Ch.. 
Mystic Riyer, Conn/,; Ord. '77, Allenton, Ch., R. I. ; P. AUeivon, R. 1., '77-80; East 
Marion, L. I., X. Y., '80-81; Walcott, '83-85; Moravia, '85-88; Wyoming, '88-90- 
Brewster, X. Y., *90-96. 

BABCOCK, Charles Edwin, Caxastota, X. Y.— Born, Albion, X. Y. ; Stud. Hem. 
C, X. Y., B. A., '67; M. A., '70; Syracuse, U., X. Y,, Ph. D., '88; Ord. in M. E, 
Ch.; P. Vernon, Madison, Knoxboro, Trenton, Remson, X. Y.; P. and Prin. of Serru 
Fairfield, X. Y. ; P. R'chfield Springs, Vernon, Hannibal, Auburn, X. Y. ; S. Water- 
loo, X. Y.; Ord. '93, 2nd Bap. Ch., Auburn, X. Y.; P. Bap. Ch., Canastota, X. Y.- 
Dec. '94. 

BABCOCK, Edward, Hancock, X. Y. 

BABCOCK, Thomas F., Bradley, S. Dak.— Born, Oneonta, X. Y.; Lie. '59- 
Oneoma Ch., X. Y. ; Ord. '61, Sandhill Ch., X. Y. ; P. High Forest, Hamilton, Chat- 
Seld, Minn.; Hickory Cornei>, Prarieviile, Luther, Columbus, Clark's Lake, Mich. : 
Eldora,Ia.; Woonsocket, Oldham, Bryant, Bradley, S. Dak. 

BACHELDOR, John M., 1106 West Marshall St., Richmond, Va.— Born. 
Newbury, O. ; Stud. Geauga Sem., and Twmsburg Inst., O.; William's C, B. A. P 
'49; M. A., '59; Eastman Business U., Master Accounts, "84; Lie. May 4, '62, Peters- 
burg, Ch., X. Y. ; Ord, Feb. 11, '64, Pownal Ch., Vt. ; P. Pownal, Vt. ; North Adams, 
Mass.; S. Bennington, Xortn Bennington, Vt. ; Greensboro, Summerfield, X. C.r 
York, Pa. ; P. Delta, Lancaster, Pa. ; S. Highland Springs, Va. ; P. Bethlehem, Va. ; 
Au. "Business Practice Guide." 

BATCHELOR, Samuel, Loxg Prairie, Mixx.— Born, St. George, Ont., Can.; 
Stud. Collegiate Inst., Brantford, Ark., Woodstock C, Ont. ; Ord. June 24, '90, 1st Ch. ? 
St. Charles, Mich.; P. Thamesviiie, Ont., 'SS-89: Si. Charles, Mich., '89-90; Chesan- 
ing, '90-96; Monroe, Mich., '96-98; Long Prairie and Sauk Center, Minn., Jan. l r 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 39 

BACKLUND, Lars M., Boulder, Colo.— Bom, Sweden : Stud, Dr. A.f. Gor- 
don's Mv. Training Son., Mass,, 1 vr. ; Grad. B. Un, T. S., Chicago; L : e. Aug;. '92, 
Swed. Ch., Arlington, N. J.; Ord. Dec. 19, 96, Swed. Ch., Dassel, Minn.; S. Rhine- 
lander, Wi-., 5 mos. ; P. Dassel, Minn.; S. Cokato, Minn.; Boulder, Colo. 

BACON, Bryan Allen, Bee Hive, Ga.— Born, Laurens Co.,Ga.; Lie. M<v, '65 
and Ord. Jan. 66, Blue Water Ch. ; P. New Hope and Pleasant S prin^, '65-78; Holly 
Spring, Concord, New GeorgL, Pumpkin Vine, and BetMebem, Coh., '81-86; 
Antioch and Blue Spring, '87-88 ; My. Little River Asso., '89-90; New Hop ,'93; 
Vilula, '93-98; Fair Haven, 96-. 

BACON, Emery Arthtir, New Berlin, N. Y. — Born, Levden, N. Y.; Stud. 
Brockport Normal Sch., C-. Acad. N. Y., Cg. U., N. Y., B. A, '95; Hani. T. S., 
N. Y.,'93; L'c. '84, Levden Ch,; Ord. '89, ShubhanCh.; S.LeYden, N. Y.; P. Shus- 
han ; S. Morrisville, Marcv ; P. New Berlin, N. Y. 

BACON, Francis S., 303 Pearl St., Manchester, N. H.— Born, Dee* field, 
Mass,; New.. T. Inst., Mass,' '78; Lie. State St. Bap. Ch., Springfield, Miss., '75; 
Ord. 1st Ban.Ch., Hudson, Mass., '78; S. 1st Ch., Baldwinville, Mass.; P. 1st Ch., 
Hudsor ,l>t Ch., Marblehead, Mass.; Peoples Tabernacle, Manchester, N. H. 

BACON, Joseph Niles, West Winfield, N. Y.— Born, Sandisfi-ld, Mass.; Stud, 
Westfield Acad., Roch. T. S., N. Y., '84; Lie. Mar. 11, '76. Randolph Ch.. and Sept. 
10, '81, Cherrv Creek Ch.. N. Y.; Ord. Oct. 23, '84, Madrid Ch., N. Y.; P. 
Madrid, '84-89; Belleville, '89-96; West Winfield, N. Y., '97; S. Gate Pres. Ch., 
'82; East Henrietta Ch.. '83;Cortee Pres. '84. 

BACON, Nicholas "w\ P., Oxford, Miss.— Born, Thompson, Ga. ; Stud. U. G\., 
S. B. T. S.. Kv., Th. G., '93; L<c, Oct., '89, Sandersville Ch., Ga.; OrH. fune, '92, 
McFerrin Memorial Ch., Louisville, Ky ; P. Belm-ont, Clermont, and M*. Carme , 
Kv., '92-93; Germantown, Co!lier & vil!e, Tenn., '93-95; Hernando, '95-99; Oxford, 
Miss., '99. 

BACON, Walter Valentine, 95 Hayward Ave., Rochester, N. Y— B>rn, Lev- 
den, N, Y.; Cg. U., N. Y., B. A., '93; Stud. Han. T. S. and Roch. T. S., N. Y.; 
Lie. '90, Levden Ch.; Ord. [un-, '94, Soum Glen's Fal s Ch. ; P. Loraine, N. Y., '93; 
S. Constableville and Turin, '92; P. So. Glen's Falls, '94-96; Corinth, N. Y.. '96-9S. 

BADER, Charles Theophilus, Chelsea, Ind. Ter. — Born, Ki'zmger, Bavaria, 
German v; Stud. Catholic Sem.ofSt. Francis; U. of Winzburg, Sept, '47; U. Heidel- 
berg, '54; Lie. M»v, '58; Ord. Oc^. 31, '58, Unity Bap. Ch., IIS.; P. Woodiner, 
Bethlehem, Unity, 111.; Pleasant Grove, Mo. ; Bethel, Ind. Ter. 

BAGBY, Alfred, 505 N. 28th St., Richmond, Va.- Born, Stevensville, Va. ; 
Stud. Stevensville Acad.; Coin. U., D. C, B. A., '47; D. D., '94; Stud. "Pimceton 
T. S., N. J.; Lie. and Ord. Brunington Ch., Va. ; P. Mattaponi, West P^in?, Enon, 
Exol, Va. ; Served Chester Female Inst. '90-92; Au. Sermons. 

BAGBY, George Franklin, FarnSville, Va. — Born, Stevensville, Va. ; S<ud, 
S.te\ensville C, and R. C, Va. ; Coin. C, D. C. B. A., '55; M. A., '56; D. 1)., '89; 
Lie. and Ord., Jan. '58, Brunington, Va. ; P. Maehodoc and Nomini, '58-61 ; Flem- 
-inssburg and Poplar Run, "66-70; Mi. Pis^ah, '68-70; Trenton, 71-78; Salem, '72- 
76; Union and Adairville, '78-81; Glenn's Creek, Mt. Vernon, Woodford, '81-84; 
Frankfort, Ky.. '85-90; Famsville, Va., '90. 

BAGBY, Harry Ashby, Richmond, Va. — Born, King and Queen Co., Vn. : Beth. 
C., Ky.; B. A., '84; M. A., '87; S. B. T. S., Ky., '87; Lie. '81, Glenn's Crerk Ch., 
Kv. and Ord. '87,^vav Ch., Louisville, Kv.; S. Aurora, Ind., 3 mos.; P. Cvn- 
thiana and Union, Ky.. '87-90; Suffolk, '90-93; Calvary Ch., Richmond, Va., 93. 

BAGBY, John R., Balls vilte. Va.- Born, Powhattan Co., Va.; R. C, Va. ; B. 
A., 60; D. D.,'98; Stud. S. B. T. S., Kv. ; Ord. 'm, Mt. Moiiah Ch.; P. M' . Moriah, 
32 vr.-.; Muddv Creek, 29 yrs. ; Union. 22 yrs. ; Sandy Creek, 17 yrs. ; Member Bd. 
Trustees. R. C, Va. 

BAGLEY, Leonadus A., Circle, P. O., Tex.— Born, Panola Co., Miss.; Stud. 
Panola C, Mist.; Lie. Au«-. '72, New Hone Ch., Tex.; Ord. Dec. '92, Palestine Ch., 
Tex. ; P. Pleasant Grove, 91; Mt. Hope, '92-96; Primrose, '92-96; Eben, '9-4-98; New 
Hope, Tex., '97-98. 

40 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BAGBY, William Buck, Rio Janeiro, Brazil, S. A. -Born, Coryelle Co., Tex. , 
Bay U., Tex , B. A., 75; M. A., '84; D. D., '97; Lie. 77, Eagle Springs, Tex; Ord. 
'79, Plantersville, Tex. ; P. Courtnev, Plantersville, Oakland, Corsicana, Tex.; My. 
Santa Barbara, Bahia, Rio Janeiro, Campos, Brazil, S. A. 

BAGGOTT, Hiram Lecroy, Saluda, S. C. —Born, Knott's Mill, S. C; Lie. Feb. 
78, Reeriv Grove Ch. ; Ord. Aug. 78, Mt. Hermon Ch.; P. Mt. Hermon, 78-80, '82- 
85. '88-90-98; Willow Swamp, 79-81, '86-87; Bethel, 79.82-87; Rockv Grove, '80-82; 
Mt. Tabor, 79; Two Mile Swamp, '80; Mt. Carmel, 79-80; Convent. 79; Salem, '81- 
83; MDntmorenci, '83-91-93-94-97; Darien, '89; Sardis, '85-9*3; Mt. Pleasant, '88- 
90; Warner, '88-90-92-98; Kedron, 79; Mt. Ebal, '91-94; Swansea, '93-96; Spring- 
field, '96-98; Red Bank, Pine Pleasant'and Sardis, '99—. 

BAGSHAW, David Scencer, Huntingdon, Pa.— Stud. Buch. U., Pa. ; Cro. T. S., 
Pa., 92; Lie. Mar. '86; Ord. June 16, '92, Juniata Ch., Pa.; P. Lewiston and Lock- 
port, '87-88; Everett, '88; S. " Holmesburg, Pa., '92; Blackwoodtown, N. J., '91; 
My. to India, '92-96. 

BAGWELL, Robert Werner, J arratt, Va. — Born. Onancock, Va. ; Stud. Onan- 
cock AcaH., New. T. S., Mass , '96 ; Ord. Aug. '96, Accomac C. H. Ch., Va.; P. 
Shiloh, "96; High Hills, Sappony, Va., '97. 

BAIN, Robert P., Wynne, Ark.— Born, Reed's Creek, Ark.; Lie. Nov. 25. '82 ; 
Ord. Nov. 1, '83 Mr. View Ch., Ark.; P. Mt. View, '84-95; Bold Spring, '85-96; 
Enterprise, "90-91; Sulnhur Rock, '91-96 : Union, '93-94; Centerville, '96 ; Smithville, 
'96; Wynne, Ark, '97-99. 

BAINES, Geo. W», Cleburne, Tex.— Born, Mt. Lebanon, La.; S ud. Salado C), 
Bay U.,Tex., M. A., 75; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. Oct. 71, Nolan's Valley Bap. Ch., 
La.; Ord, Nov. 29, 74, Davilla Bap. Ch.', Li. ; P.Caldwell, La., 75-77; Rockdale, 
78-80; McKinney, 81-82; El Paso, Tex. ,'82-89; Fourth and Walnut, Louisville, Ky., 
5 90; Veatherford, '91-92; Cleburne, Tex., '93—. 

BAILEY, Addison H., Tariff, W. Va.— Born, Logan Co., W. Va. ; Lie. [an. 75; 
t)rd. June, 77, Henrv Fork Ch. ; P. White Oak, 78; Flat Fork, 78; Pleasantdale, 79; 
Mt. Mo-ifih, 3 vrs.; B g Sandv, '81; Big Left Hand, 3 yr*. ; Providence, 3 yr>., again 
3 yrs. 96; Henry's Fork, '90, again '97; Blue Creek, 4 yrs.; Evans Fork, 1 yr. ; 
Brownstown, 2 yrs.; Mr. Pleasant, 1 yr. ; Mt. Olive, 1 yr. ; Road Run, 2 yrs.; John- 
son's Creek, 1 yr. ; Hollywood, 2 yr." 

BAILEY, Alfred Halsey, 312 E. State St., Marshall, Mich.— Born, Camden, 
Mich., "69.; Kal. C, Mich., Ph. B., '99; Lie. Feb. 3, '90, 1st Ch. Quincy, Mich. ; Ord. 
Sept, 6, "93, Lt Ch Parma-, Mich. ; P. 1st Chs. Amboy. Mich., and Pioneer, O.. '90-91; 
IstCh. Paw Paw, '91-93; 1st Ch. Parma, '93-94; 1st Ch. Allegan, '94-99; Marshall, 
Mich.. '99—. 

BAILEY, Bernard Bascom, Winchester, Ky. — Born, Vulton Creek, Kv.t Grad. 
McKenzie C, Ten...; S H. T. S., Kv.; Lie. June 2, '83, Bethan ,- Ch.; Ord. Mar. '84, 
Oak Grove Ch., Kv. ; P. Couhtrv Chs., 3 yrs., Clinton, 6 yrs.,. Bagdad and Burk's 
Branch, 2 yrs., Winchester, Ky., 5 yrs ; Asso. Ed. "Bap. Reaper," Marti:, Tenn. 

BAILEY, Charles Peterson, The Dalles, Ore.— Born, Piatt Co., Mo.: Stud. 
McMim. C, Ore.; Lie. 75. Bethel Ch.; Ord. 76. Mr. Olivet Ch.; P. Mt. Olivet, 9 
vrs.; Mnrshfield. 5 yrs. ; Pioneers, 8 vrs.; 1st Ch. Coquilee City; 1st Ch. Heppner, 
2 vrs. ; Liberty, ,3 yrs. ; Mawille. 2 yrs.; 1st Ch. Pineville, Ore., 3 yre. ; Dist. My. 
East Ore . 2 yrs. ; Ed. "'Baptist Sentinel." 

BAILEY, David Judson, 11 Havevs Ave.. Auburn, N. Y.— Born. Lincoln. Me. ; 
Stud. Wa'-rville Classical Inst., Me.; Colbv U.. Me., B A. '81; M. A, '84; Roch. 
T. S , N. Y., '84; Lie 77. 1st Co. Linc^n C -iter, Me.; OH. 0;t 7. '84. Bolton Ch , 
N. Y ; P Bolton. '81-85; Warrensbura; '85-87; Shelby, '87-90; Elba, 90-93; Pulaski, 
N. Y.. '93-98; A. P. 1st Ch. Auburn, N. Y., '99. 

BAILEY, George Tod, 560 Pine St.. Alton, III —Born England; Lie. Oct. 31, 
'87; Ord. Sept. 27, '8S, 1st Ch. Alton, 111.; Served Chs. in Mo., Wash , and 111. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 41 

BAILEY, Isaac W., Chalmers, Ind. — Born, Vermilion Co., 111.; Lie. Anr. '85; 
Ord. Apr. 25, '89, Muncie Ch., 111.; P. Brookston, '89-96, West Point, '89-97, Bun- 
nettsville, Ind, '96. 

BAILEY, James P. t Franklin. Ind.— Born, Bullitt Co., Ky.. '40; L'c. Feb. 75, 
and Ord. Mav 4. '77, Bethel Ch. ; P. Bethel, '85-90, '91-94; Blue River, 82-86; Scaf- 
fold Lick, Feb-Mav, '84; Mt. Pleasant. '83-S4 : Bethmv, '89-91; Uniontown, '90-91; 
Ebenezer, '85-86; Kimberlain Creek, '87-88; New Providence. '91-92 ; Amitv, '93-94; 
Morgantown, '97 9S; Moore's Aill, '97-9S ; Washington, '98; Little Blue River, '99; 
Labored in various destitute places. 

BAILEY, James William, Carthage, Tenn.— Born, Hawkins Co., Tenn. ; Stud. 
Tompkinsville Normal. Ky., and Willettte Acad , Tenn. ; Lie. Jan. 78, and Ord. Mav, 
79, Mill Creek Ch., Ky. ; P. Mill Creek and Macedonia, Ky.; Germany, Cornwell's 
Chapel, Hogan's Creek, Macedonia, Knob Springs, Plunkett's Creek, New Macedonia, 
Tenn. ; Office Ed. and Associate, '"Baptist Helper." 

BAILEY, James Davis, Cowpens, S. C. — Born, Union Co., S. C. ; Amer.1nsr.or 
Sacred Li;., Chicago, III., '98;. Lie. Sept. '82; Ord. Aug. '85. Pacolet No. 2; P. Put- 
man. Unit}'. Upper Fair, .Forest, Fairview, Pacolet No. 1, Pacolet No. 2, Abingdon 
Creek ; At present serving Cowoens, Black^burg Antioch, Grover, N. C, and Cheiokee 
Falls; Au. ''Sketch of the Life and Career of Col. James D. Williams;" "A Martyrs 
Hero of the Revolution," now in press. 

BAILEY, John T„ Steelton, Pa.— Born, Prince William Co., Va. ; Stud. Pub. 
Schs. Arlington, Va. ; Lie. Sept. 10, '86, and Ord. Sept. 12, '90, 1st Ch. Steelton, Pa.; 
P. 2nd Ch. York, Pa., 5 yrs. ; Steelton, Pa—. 

BAILEY, Lansing, Geneva, N. Y.— Born, Constantia, N. Y. ; Un. C. N. Y. '45 ; 
Lie. Sche.nectadv, 1st Ch. '45; Ord. Jordanvil'e, '47; P. Jordanville, N. Y. ; Shafts- 
bury, Vt. ; Cheviot, N. London, Monroeville, O.; Cassville, Clifton, Phelos, N. Y. 

BAILEY, Myron E., Hamilton, Mont.— Born, St. Paul. Minn.; Stud. Pi. Is. 
Acad., Minn.; Cg U., N. Y.; Cg. T. S.. N. Y. ; Lie. '91, 4th Ch., Minneapolis, 
Minn.; Ord. Dec, '95 2nd Ch., Hamilton, N. Y.; S. Chatfield. Minn,; P. Farming- 
ton, Minn ; P. 2nd Ch., Hamilton, N. Y. ; Stevensville and Hamilton, Mont. 

BAILEY, Nathan, Methuen, Mass. — Born, Lancashire, Eng., Sept. 27, '63; 
Stud. Private 3ch^. in Eng.; Lx. '86; Ord. '88 1st Ch., Marblehead, Ma^.; P. Mer 
rimacport, '87-SS ; 1st Ch., Dorcheste:, '89-91; 1st Ch., Methuen. Mass.. Jan. 1, '92— . 

BAILEY, Shelory Cecil, Midlothian, Tex.— Born, Va. ; Stud. S.B. T. S.. Ky. ; 
Lx. '79, and Ord. '87, Great House. Tex.; P. Great House, '87-92; Ferris, '92-94; 
Midlothian, Tex., '94; Ed. Monthly Pulpit, Estab. '97; Au. '-Stepping Stones to Sac- 
cess, '99." 

BAILEY, Thomas Jefferson, Jackson, Miss.— Born, Holmes Co., Miss. ; Stud. 
Miss. C. within three mo*, of grad. ; Lie. Pleasant Ridge, '73; Ord. Plea-ant Ridge, 
'75; P. Pleasant Ridge, '75 ; Goodman, Pickens, West and Ebenezer. '82-93 ; Winona, 
'94-9S; Ei. "The B.p. Lavman ;" Sec. Miss. B ip Sta. Con. '94-98; Au. 'The Mod- 
ern Dance," '89; ''Hist, of Yazoo Bap. Association." '9S. 

BAILEY, Waiter Perry, Altus, Okla. Ter.— Born, E dgar Ci., II!.; Lie. Nov. 
' ; 90; Ord. June, '91. Red River Ch., Tex. ; P. Lock, Sandy Creek, Prairie Home. Okla., 
"93; Mv. Friendship Assp., Okla., '98; P.Dunbar, Prairie Home, Mart »a, Okla. ; S. 
South Greer, Okla. 

BAILEY, William A., Fordland, Mo. — Born, Washington, Co., Ark.; Lie. and 
Ord. Dec. 24, '82. Mt. Ziou, Mo.; P. Mt. Zion, 4 yrs.; Fordland, 2 yrs.; Straiford, 
Mo.. 1 vr. ; Friendship Ch., 1 yr. 

BAIRD, Andrew Broadus, DeSoto, Ia.— Born, Lee 'Co., la.; Stud. Kirksville 
Normal; Lie. July '91.' Peakeville, Ch.. Mo. ; Ord. fine '93. 1st Ch. De Soto, Mo.; 
P. 1st Ch., Victoria, '97; Libertv, '9S-99 ; 1st Ch. Belleville, '99; P. Elect, Licking, 
Mo., '99. 

BAIRD, David Jasper, Winchester, III. — Born, Green Co.. 111.; 0<-d. Dec. 25, 
"87, Glasgow, Ch., 111. ; P. Forest O.ik, 2% yrs. ; B.irrow Station, 15 mos. ; Wilming- 
ton, 111. 3 mos. 

42 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BAIRD, Isaac N«, — Barrow, III. — Born, Greene Co.. 111.; L/c. Tune 10 and 
Ord. Oct. 17, 74, Wilmington Ch., II,.: P. Oakland, .75-80; Barrow, 111., '80; Re- 

BAIRD, Martin V., Clarkston. Mo. — Born, Lebanon, Tenn.; Stud. Bluffton 
Springs Acad.. Tenn.; Lie. '64, and Ord. 70, Oak Grove, Mo ; P. Numerous Chs. 25 
yrs. ; MalJen, Kennett, Mo. 

BAKER, A, F., Versailles, Ky.- Bom, Owen Co.. Kv. ; Stud. Private Tea. ; S. 
W. Bap.C, Mo.. D. D., '90; Lie. '61, Dallasburg, Kv.; Ord. "62. Hodgensville, Kv.; 
P. Dayton, Bardstown, Carrollton, Owenton. Versailles, Mr. Pleasant. Nicholsville, 
Providence. Tates Cre^k, Mt. Olive, East Ch., Louisville, Kv.; S. Maroon. 111.; P. 
Pleasant Hill, Pearce Cv.s Odessa, Mo.; Pres. Bardstown,' C. Ky., '63-64; Pres. 
Pearce Cv., C. Mo., '91-92; Founded WebbCy. C, Mo., '92; Ed. Prophetic, Kv., '69. 

BAKER, Charles R., Kalkaska, Mich. —Born. Oakland. Ont., Canada; Lie. 
73, and Ord. Feb. 13, 76. Freewill Bap. Ch.; P. Round Plain, Ont., 76; Rtc ived 
into Regular Bab. Ch.. M.r. 78; P. 1st Ch., Houghton, 2 yrs.; Springharber, Ont., 
'91: Governer. Road Union. Ont.. '83; P. Wallaceburg. Ont.. '84; Howard City, '85- 
86; Sebewa, '87-89; Leroy, '90; Spencer Creek. Mich., '91-92. 

BAKER, Edgar, Silverville, Ind. — Born, Washington Co., Ind. : Lie. Feb. 
'95, and Ord. Apr. IS, '96, New Hope Ch.. Ind.; S. New Hope, '95-96; Silverville, 
Ind., '95: P. New Hope, '98; Bogg's Creek, Ind., '9S— . 

BAKER, Edwin H., Rochelle, III. — Born, London, England; S f uU Spurg- 
eon\> C. Eng. ; Lie. Sept 3. '93, Mound Station Ch.. 111.; Ord. Ian. 31, '94 Lostant 
Ch.. HI.; S. KellervilSe, '92; 1st Ch„ Quincv, III.: P. Lostant. 111., '94; S. Pewaukee, 
3 mo*., '97; East Troy, 3 mos., '98; Bay View, Milwaukee, Wis. ; P. Rochelle, 111., 
'99—: P. Mission Ch"., In London, Eng ', 7 yrs. 

BAKEMAN, Francis Wales, Chelsea, Mass.— Born, Brooksville, Me: Colby 
U., Me., B. A.. '66, D. D., '85; New T. S., Mass., '69; Lie. '65, Wa'erville Co., Me.; 
Ord. Sept. 17, '69, New^bur\port Ch., Mas.-.; P. Newburvport, ; Janesville, 
Wis.: Main St. Ch., Worchester, Mass ; Auburn, Me., Chelsea, M ss.— . 

BAKER, Franklin Nelson, Maxwell, Calif.— Born. Amisville, Va.'; Stud. 
Pierce C, Calif., and S. B. T. S., K.; Lc D.c. 16, '83; Ord. June 19. '87, Willows 
Ch., Calif. : S. Willows, Calif., '86-87; P. Maxwell, 86-87, and '88; Orland, Calif., 

BAKER, George Erwin, Newcomb, Tenn — Borne, Wayne Co., Kv.; Stud. 
Cumberland AcaC., Kv.; Lie. and Ord. Dec. 19, '87, Concord Ch.. Kv. ; P. Pleasan, 
Grove, Kv., '88-90; S. Williamsburg, Kv.. '92; P. leliico, Tenn., '92-94; S. 1st Ch., 
Wichita, Kan., '95; P. Riveria, Calif., '97-99; Ev. '97. 

BAKER, Henry R., Wayxerfield, O.— Born, Freepert, 111.; Ord. Julv 9. '94., 
Tuscola Ch.. Ill ; Ev. 13 Yrs. in 111., Wis , Iowa. Neb., Mo., Dak., Ind., and O.; P. 
Lima, '98; Wayne.sfield and New Hampshire, O., '99. 

BAKER, Henry V*, East Westmoreland, N. H. — Born, Cranston, R. I ; Stud. 
River Point Classical Inst. Schofield Commercial C. R. I.; New T. S., Mass., '70; 
Lie. '68. Phoenix Ch , R. I. ; Ord. Oct. '70, Hebron Ch., Me. ; P. Hebron, Me.. '70-73; 
Charlemont. Mass., '73-77; East Dover, 77-82; Souih Windham, Vt., '82-85; S. 
Chs. R. I.. Mass.. and Vt., '85-86; P. Brookline. 'S7-89 ; East Hardwick, '89-95; 
Sharon, Vt.. '95-99; East W< stmoreland, N. H., '99—. 

BAKER, Henry W v 272 W. 39th St , New York, N. Y.— Born, Russia; Stud. 
Russia and Poland ; Received degree M. D.; Srud. Basel T. S, Switzerland; Ord. 
Lutheran, '51; Ord. '93, 69th St. German Bap. Ch., New York, N. V. 

BAKER, James P., Hattox, Ky.— Born, Madison. Co.. Kv.; Stud. Bagdad and 
G. C, Ky.; Lie. '63. Mount Carmel Ch., Ky. ; Ord. "67, Union Ch , Ky. ; P. Union, 
'76; Lebanon, ; 75; Beech Ridge, Ky., '96; S. Indian Fork — . 

BAKER, Isaac Samuel W., 72 Wharf Ave., Nashville, Tenn.— Born, Wills - 
erson. Tenn.; Stud. Beth. C. Ky : S. B. T. S. Kv. ; Lie. Aug. '90; Ord. Oct 31. '95, 
Mill Creek Ch., Tenn.; P. McMinnville. Manchester, Fairfield. 7th Ch. ; Nashville, 
Tenn.: Ed. "Odd Fellow-,' Argus," McMinnville, Tenn. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 4$ 

BAKER, Jesse, Mossy Creek, Tenn. — Born, SneedvU'e, Term.; Stud. Sneed- 
ville Acad., Tenn.; C. N. C, Tenn., B. A., '59; M. A., 70; D. D., '80; Lie. '57,. 
and Ord. '5S, Sneedville, Tenn.; P. Tazewell, Providence, Little Sycamore, Rob 
Camp, Cedar Grove, Mossy Creek, Dandridge, New Market, Island Home, Smith- 
wood, Mxith of Richland, Alpha, Beaver Creek, Fair View, Rockv Point, Buffalo, 
White Pine, Tenn.; Pres. C. N. C, 70-71. 

BAKER, J. H. Deer Creek, III.— Born, Riplev, O.; Stud. Clermont Acad.,. 
O.; Stud. National Normal, O.; Lie. '88, and Ord. '89, Clermontville, O.; P. 
Antioch, Wheelersburg, Amanda, Marion, North Fairview, Cowen's Creek, 1st Ch., 
Piqua, O.; Deer Creek, III. 

BAKER, Lewis J., Spencerville, O.— Born, Celina, O.; Lie'. Mar. 15, "92, Co- 
lumbus Ch., Neb. ; Ord. Nov. 21, '93, Cedar Rapids Ch., Neb.; P.Albion, lyr.; 
Cedar RaDids, Neb., 18 mos.; Hawesville, Ky., and Cannelton, Ind., 18 mos.; Spen- 
cerville, O., 3 yrs. 

BAKER, Libirton Hawood, Toledo, Ala. — Born, Favette Co., Ala.; Lie. May 

17, '90,; Ord. Au<r. 30, '90, Mt. Jov, Ch.; P. Mt. Zion, '91-92; Pinev Grove, '91-95;: 

Pleasant Hill, '92-9S; Union Grove, '92-96; New Hope, '98-99; Oregonia, '98; Beth- 
lehem, Ala., '99. 

BAKER t Littleberry W., Calhouv, Ark.— Born, Edgefield Co., S. C; Lie, 
Nov. "47, Ebenezer Ch., Ala.; Ord. '55, Antioch, Ch. ; P. Smyrna, 17 yrs. 

BAKER, Richard Henry, 45 Van Suklen Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.— Born, 
Hatfield, England ; Colbv U., Me,, B. A., '83; Stud. New. T. S., Mass.; Lie. 78, 
Rugel^ Sf. Ch., Boston, Mass.; Ord. Sept. '83, Cherryfield Ch. ; P. Cherryfield, N. 
Y., 'S3-86; 1st Ch., Brooklyn N. Y.— . 

BAKER, Thomas Leroy, Eldorado Spring, Mo. — Born, Fountain Co., Ind.; 
Stud. Ladoga No-mal Sch., Ind.; Lie. Apr. '88, and Ord. Jan. 12, 89, Providence Ch., 
Webb Citv, M >.; P. Orongo, '88-89; Little Flock, Mo., '90-92; Pleasant View, Kan., 
'91-95; S. Shoal Creek, Tan-May, 96; Pease, Mo., "96-97; P. New P/ovidence, Mo., 

BAKER, Volney I., Mitchell, Ind.— Born, Frerchlick, Ind.; Lie. '57, Mt, 
Horeb Ch.; Ord. '67, Mitcheil Ch.; P. Liberty, 4 yrs. 

BAKER, William, Cale, Ind.— Bom, Martin Co., Ind., '34; Lie. '62, and Ord. 
'63, Indian Creek, Ind.; P. Chs. one to eight a year, and P. from one to twenty-five 
years in each. 

BAKER, William G., Bankston, Ala.— Born, Favette Co., Ala.; Lie. '80, and? 
Ord. '81, Philadelphia Ch., Ala.; P. Philadelphia, Ala., 15 vrs.; Pleasant Hill, '81-82 ;: 
Bankston, Berrv Station, Union, New River; My. joy, Bethabara, Sardis, Shady 
Grove, Ala.; P. Philadelphia and Bethabara — ; Moderator of the New River Assoc. 

BAKER, William J, Tifton, Ga.— Born, Lawrence Co., Ga. ; Lie. '54; Ord. 
'25, Poplar Spring Cii. ; P. of Different Chs. since Ordination. 

BALCOM, Jonas Haddon, Baldwinsville, Mass. — Born, Paradise, N. S. ; New, 
T. S., Miss., '93; Lie. Sept. '91, Wilmot Ch., Paradise, N. S.; Ord. Sept. 7, '93, 
Baldwinsville Ch., Mass.; Acting P., Rehoboth, Mass.; P. Baldwinville, Mass. — . 

BALDOCK, W. H. 1832 S. Meredian St., Indianapolis, Ind.— Born, Dan- 
ville, Ind.; S. B. T. S„ Ky., Th. G., '93; Lie. Tune, "87, SMIesville Ch., Ind.; Ord, 
June, '93, Plaintield Ch., End.; P. Acton, '93; Plainfield, '93-95-96 ; Greencastle, Ind., 
'96-97; S River Ave. Ch., Indianapolis, Ind., '97-98. 

BALDWIN, Benjamin Aisap, Thayetmyo, Burma, Asia.— Born, Litchfield, 
Pa.; Sud. Susquehanna Collegiate Inst.; Buck. Acad., Pa.; Buck. U., Pa.; Div. 
Sch., Yale U., Conn.; S. B. T. S., Ky.; Lie. Litchfield Center Ch.; Ord. Sept. 28, 
'94, Calvary Ch., New Haven; S. Several Chs.; My. Thayetmyo, China, '95 — . 

BALDWIN, Charles Jacob, Granville, O.— Bom, Charleston, N. Y.; Cg. U., N. 
Y., B. A., '64; S'.ud. Roc T. S., N. Y.; Lie. '60, l<t Ch, Trov, N. Y.; Ord. '68. 
1st Ch. Chelsea. Mass.; P. 1st Ch. Chelsea, Mass., '68-74; Rochester, N. Y., '74-86:. 
Granville, O., '86; Au. "Modern Miraclas," "95. 

44 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BALDWIN, Daniel, Colorado City, Colo. — Born, New Brunswick, Can.; Stud, 
Canadian Lit. Inst., Woodstock, Ont.: Lie. Mav '63, Victoria Ch.; Ord. June '69, 
Fingal Ch.; P. Filial, 2 yrs. ; Strathrov, 71-77; 1st. Ch. Huron, 3 vrs.;* 1st Ch. 
Mason, 5 vrs.; 1st Ch. Niles, 2 vrs.; l^t Ch. Charlotte, Mich., 1 vr.; 1st Ch. Canon 
Citv, 5 yr*.; Broadway Ch. Denver, 3 yrs. ; 1st Ch. Colorado City, Colo., 2 vrs. 

BALDWIN, Franklin Pierce, New England, W. Va. — Born, Yankeeburg, O.; 
Stud. Den.U., O.; Lie. Jan. 12th, '89; Ord Aue. 16th. '92, Bond Creek Bap. Ch. W. 
Va.; S. Newark, '92-93; Volcano Junction. W. Va., '92-96; P. New England, '92-96; 
Pleasant View, '94-95; Pleasant Valley, '95-96 ; Unity, '97-98; Muskingan VaUey, 

BALDWIN, George Colfax, Troy, N. Y.— Born, Pompton, N. J.; S'ud. Cg. U., 

N. Y.; Un. C, N. Y., M. A.. '48; Grad. Ham. T. S., N. Y.; Lie. 1st Ch. Patter- 
son, N. J.; Ord. Charleston Ch. N. Y ; P. In Ch. Troy, N. Y. ; Au. "Ptepresentative 
Men ;" "Representative Women;" "The Model Prayer." 

BALDWIN, George Colfax, Springfield, Mass.— Born, Troy, N. Y.; U. Roch- 
'69; Roch.T. S., N. Y., '81; Lie. Troy, N. Y.; Ord. '81, Bennington, N. Y. : P- 
Bennington, N. Y. ; Springfield, Mass. 

BALDWIN, Isaac W., Forest Grove, Ore— Born. Bloomington, III ; Lie. Dec. 
? 69; Ord. 72. Oak Grove Ch. 111.; P Oak Grove, '73-74: Indian Creek, '75-77; S ring 
■Creek, 78; Union, '80; Newberry, 111., '82. 

BALDWIN, John A., Junction, Tex.— Born, Burnett Co., Tex.: Stud. Dripping 
Spring Acad.; Lie. 78, Cert ar Mountain Ch. Tex ; Ord '84, Burr Oak Ch. Tex.; S. 
Burr Oak, '85; Cedar Hill, '92-95; Ever Green, Tex., '95-98. 

BALDWIN, John Russel, Ithica, Mich.— Born, Co. of Essesc, Ont ; Stud. Wood- 
stock C. 3 vrs.; U>i T S., C'-icaoo, B. Th., '91; Lie. Villa Nova Ch , Ont., '83; Ord. 
Wvoming, Ont., May 12th, '91; P. Bailesboro, Ont , '89-90: Pilo^ Mound, Mantobia, 
5 88; Fuigal, '87-88: Wallaceburg, Ont., '85-86; Elkhorn, Wis., '91-96 ; Ithica, Mich., 

BALDWIN, J. R,, Independence, Ore. — Born, Cape Girardeau, Mr.; S*ud. Pres. 
Faroe ual Sen.; Ord. Sept '65, 1st Ch. Mound Citv, Kan.; P. 1st Ch. Mound Citv, 2 
yrs.; Lost Creek, Kan., 3 \ rs. ; S Ft. Scott, Kan., 1 yr. ; P. Cherryvale, 3 yrs ; 1st 
Ch. Chanute, Kan., 1 yr. ; l^t Ch. Amity, Ore., 2 yrs. 

BALDWIN, Moses, Hlntsville N. C — Born, Richmond Cc, N. C; W F. C. 
N. C . B. A , '56; Lie. S-pt. "49 Cedar Fall- ; Ord. Aug '56, Wake Fores' Ch. N. C ; 
P. Hilbboro, '57; Oxford, '58; P. number of Ch«. in Franklin Co.; Maeksville, '63- 
67; East Bend, Pitisbor^, N. C, '83-88; in educational work 10 years. 

BALDWIN, N. C, Friendship, Va.— Born, Allegheny Co , N. C; Lie. & Ord. 
'41, Pinev Creek Ch. N C. ; Organized "nd served several Chs. in Va.: type writ- 
ten "Hi-torv of Baptists in Southwest Va." 

BALDWIN, Norman Bristol, Nugent Home, Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 
— Born; Nor'hville, Conn.; Cg. U., N. Y., B. A., '46; M. A., '52; Ham. T. S., N. Y., 
'52; Lie '41, Northviiie Rap. Ch. Conn.; Ord. '46, Monticello Bap. Ch. N. Y ; P. 
.1st Ch Monticello and Bethe«da, N. Y. ; Calvarv, Philadelphia; Olivet, Philadelphia; 
North Wale-, Monteomerv, Hilltown, Pa.; 50 yrs. servxe ; retired. 

BALDWIN, Thomas, Alameda, Cal. — Born. New Brunswick, Canada; Grad. Ont. 
Inst., Ont., '56: U. Sea tie. Wa h., D.D., '97 ; Lie. '58, Brantford Ch. Ont.; Ord. '58, 
Villa Nova Ch. Ont.; P Villa Nova, '59; Viltoria, '60; In^ersoU, "62; Saint Thomas, 
On<\,'69; B^t'le Creek, Mich , '81; New Westminster, B. C, '89; North Ch. Seattle, 
^90; Market St. Ch. Seattle, Wash., '97-99; Alameda, Cal., '99—. 

BALDWIN, William, Jamesport, Mo.— Born, Preble Co., Jan. 15th, '12; Lie. Jan. 
;2l)th. '41; Ord. Aug.. '41, Mt. Gilead Ch. Ind.; too old for active ministry; retired. 

BALDWIN, William Bascom, Itaska, Tex— Born, St. Clair, Tenn.: Stud. St. 
Clair Ac d., Tazwell C. ; Ord. Oct. '92, Greenville Ch Tenn.; S Is' Ch. Greenville, 
Term., '92: P bt Ch. Cleveland, T-nn., '93-95: Ft Ch. Oak Cliff, Da! 'as "95-98; 
Itasca, Tex., '98—; Tutor and Asst. Prin, Tazewell C, '78-82; Pres. Haysville Male 
and Female C, '87-90. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 45 

BALDWIN, William Ranney, Friendship, N. Y.— Born, Middletown, Conn.; 
Stud. Conn. Lit. Inst.; Wbl. U., Conn., B. A., '62; M. A. /Go; Lie. 1st Ch. Troy 
N. Y.; Ord. Apr. 17th, 77, Emanuel Ch. Albany, N. Y. ; P. Oxford. N. Y., '77-82 
Bradford, P.i„ '82-84; Friendship. N. Y., '84-91 ;*SiXton's River, Vt., '1)1-97. 

BALEY, Levi J., Walnut Run, N. C— Born, Madison Co., N. C; Lie. '77, 
Ore. 79, Big Creek Ch. ; P. Parker Chapel, Pinney Grove, Walnut Creek, Deep Gap, 
Meadow Fork, Flats of Spring- Creek, Big Cieek, Marshall, Freneh Broad, Mason 
Seminary, Oak Grove, Laurel Seminary, Antioch, Laural Bianch, Laurel Fork, N. C 

BALL, Alonzo Calhoun, Hohenlinden, Miss. — Born, Hohenlinden, Miss.; Stud. 
Miss. C and S. B. T. S., Ky.; Lie. Aug. 29th, "85; Ord. Jul, 11th, '87, Pleasant Grove 
Ch. Miss. ; P. Buena Vista, Providenee, Hebron, New Sale n, '9l-9l; Houston, Bethel, 
Prospect, 94; Vaiden, Ma^hew, Bethel, *95 ; Vaiden, '95-97 ; Kilmichael, '97 ; Cedar 

Bluff, Miss., '98-99. 

BALL, Anthony "Wayne, Ceredo, W. Va. — Born, Wayne Co., W. Va. ; Lie. July, 
'80; Ord. Apr;, '85, Greenbrier Ch. W. Va.; P. Cbadwiek Creek, Ky. 

BALL, Jacob, Turtle Creek, W. Va.— Born, Monroe Co., W. Va. ; Lie. Sept. 
25th. '65; Ord. fane 25th, 70, Olive Branch, W. Va. ; P. Olive Branch, '84; Bethel, 
'71-72; Judson, '76-77; Toney's Branch, '70; Left Hand Fork, W.Va.,'96; 33 yrs. 

service in Ch. 

BALL, James, Taneyville, Mo.— Born, Wayne Co., W. Va. ; Li-. '60, Liberty Ch,. 
Lawrence, O. ; Ord. '66, Lowell Ch. Kan. ; P. Bethel, '67-70; Shoal Creek and Peacock,, 
'67-68; Lowell, '67; Five Mile, '67-68; Senas Prairie, 70-71; New Salem, '72; Seneca, 

BALL, James Tilmon, Andrews, Ky. — Born, Izard Co., Ark.; Lie. '82; Ord. '87, 
Pine Creek Ch.; P. Sinking, '82-95; Pine Creek, '83-87; Hawk Creek, '93-95; Buffalo, 
'93; Sugar Grove, '92-95; Macedonia, '92-95; Hawk Creek, '96-99; Shady Grove, 
Ky , '98-. 

BALL, James W., Wagersville, Ky. — Bom, Buncombe Co., N. C, [an. 18th, 
'41, Lc 74, Crooked Creek My. Ch.; Ord. '81, Bethany Ch. Ky. ; P. Blanton Flat 
Ch., '83; A. P. Mt. Calvary, Ky.; general supply work. 

BALL, Timothy Horton, Crown Point, Ind. — Born, Agawam, Mnss. ; Franklin 
C, B. A., '50, M. .A, '53; Newton T. S., Mass., '63 ; Lie. Bap. Ch. Danville, Ind., 
Feb. '51; Ord. East St. Bap. Ch. Crown Point, Ind., Dec. '55 ; P. Ebenezer, Ala,; 
Ciown Point and Lowell, Ind., '56; Amboy, 111., '57; S. Buda and Sheffield, 111., '58; 
P. East St. Crown Point, '63-70 ; North St. Ch. Ciown Point, Ind., 71; Au. "Lake 
Bounty," '84; "Lake of the Red Cedars," 73; "Clarke and its Surroundings," '80; 
"Poems and Ihrans," '82; "Notes on Luke's Gospel," '89; "The Sunday School of 
Lake," '89; "Annie .," B'91 ; "Guidance of the Holy Spirit," 93; "Essays," '96 ; "Ori- 
gin of the Nations," '97; " The Home of the Redeemed and Other Discourses," 99. 

BALL, William G., King City, Mo.— Born, Garrad Co., Ky., July 8th, '46 ; Lie, 
'71, Mr. Pleasant Ch , Mo.; Ord. Feb. 27th, 75. Frazier Ch., Mo.; P. Zions Hill, 
78-80; New Hope, '82-86.-88; New Prospect, '83-88; Bethel, '83-86, Flaggings, '87- 
91.93-94, Lenanon, .'85-86; Walnut Grove, '88; Platte Valley, '90; Whitesville, '91; 
Latayeite, '88-93; Mt. I'leasfnt, '93-95; White Cloud, '96-97; King City; '90;Bolo- 
kow, '92 ; Short Creek, Mo , '95—. 

BALL, William Tunnel, Genoa, W. Va.— Born, Wayne Co., Va. ; Lie. Feb. '56; 
Ord. Apr. '57, Greenbrier Ch.. W. Va. ; P. My. Lees Valley Asso., Greenbrier, '65-76; 
Bloomingdale, 77; Union, '89; Wayne C. H., W. Va., '92-96. 

BALLARD, Asa Howard, Pawnee City, Neb.— Born, Bloomington, 111.; 111. 
Wsl. U., B. A., '85; M. A., '88; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, '88; Div. S-h. U. Chicago, 
'98; Lie. July 4th, '80, Towanda Ch., 111.; Ord. Aug. r S8; 2nd Ch. Duluth, Minn.; P„ 
2ndCh. Duluth, Minn., '88-90; Anamosa, '90-95; East Des Moines, la., '97-98; Paw- 
nee City, Neb., '98—. 

-46 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BALLARD, Jefferson Davis, Tioga, Tex.— Born, Holly Springs, Miss.: Stud. M. & 
F. Inst., Tex.: Lie. June, '90 : Od. Dec. 24th, '90, Springtown Bap. Ch., Tex.;*P. 
.Sanger, '91-93; Pilot Point, J 94-98 : Tioga and Renner, Tex. ,'98-99. 

BALLARD, Thomas Jefferson, Eureka Springs, Ark. — Born, Henderson Co.,N. 
C; Stud. Carrollton Acad., Ark.; Lie. May, '87, Mt. Giiead. X. C.:Ord. Jan. 18th, '90; 
P. Hindsvilie, '89; Pleasant Hill and Smvrna, Ark., '91; Carrollton, ~Xew Home, 
Pleasant View. Oak Grove, Ala., *92: Pleasant View, Bethlehem and New Project, 
'93; Pleasant View, Bethlehem, Oak Grove, '94: Carrollton, Ark., '95; Mv. '96-97; 
P. Pleasant Hill and Bethlehem, "98: l^t Ch.. Berry ville, Ark. 

BALLARD, William S„ Clarktox, X. C— Born, Montgomery- Co., X. C; Stud. 
W. F. C, X. C, S. B. T. S., Kv.: Lie. Oct. '80, M\ Giiead Ch. : Ord. Mav '84, 
Wake Forest Ch., N. C; P. Hamlet, '84-S5; Franklin, '87-89; Southport, '89-91; 
Hobgood, Dawson's Road^, Crowels, TiUery, Spring Hill, '92-94: Southport, '95-96; 
Masonboro Sound, '97-99: Western Prong, Mt. Zion, Hallsboro, Lebanon, Lisbon, 
N. C. 

BALLENTINE, George, Reidsburg, Pa.— Born. Gillistown. Ireland: Buck. U., 
Pa., B. A., '71; M. A., '74; Lie. Ailentown Bap. Ch., Pa., while at C; Ord. Xor.h- 
moreland Bap. Ch., Aug. '71; P. Xorthmoreland, '71-71: Lower Providence Bap. Ch., 
'74-83; East Smithfield Ch., '84: Termown a-d Camptown, '86-S7 ; BentlvCreek 
Ch., 2 vrs.: Richardson and Gethseme Chs., '91-94; Zion Ch., Riedsburg, Pa., '94; 
Prin. Ried Inst., '99. 

BALLENTINE, John, Clarion, Pa.— Born Ballvrnena, Ire.: U.. Pa.. B. 
A., '72.; M. A., '75.; Ph. D., '92: Lie. Reeding Ch.. Pa. ; Ord. '77. Benton Ch., Pa.; 
P. Benton, '73-82: Prof. Latin and Greek. Keystone Acad., Pa., '73-82: Prof. Greek, 
Cg. U.. X. Y., '82-87: Prof. Latin State Xormal Sch.. '87.— 

BALTON, DeWitt Clinton, Marshall, Mo.— Born, Cole Co., Mo.; Stud. Wm. 
Jewell C, Mo.; Ord. 1st Ch. Lexington. Mo.: P. Fairville, '77-80; Lamar, '81: Chs. 
Carroll Co., '82-87; Mt. Leonard, '88-90: Miami, 91-96; Mt. Leonard, Mo., '96—. 

BAMBERG, Louis John, South Woodstock, Coxx. — Bom, New Haven, Conn.; 
Stud. Xew Haven Schs.; Cro. T. S., Pa., '97; Lie. '94, Grand Ave. Bap. Ch., Xew 
Haven, Conn.; Ord. Aug. 29, '97, South Woodstock Bap. Ch., Conn.; P. Westmont, 
N. J., 6 mos. ; South Woodstock, Conn.. '97 — . 

BANCROFT, De Los, Osceola, III.— Born, Avon, X. Y.: Stud. Genesee Wsl. 
Sem., Lima, X. Y.: Lie. La. Tunta.Ch., Colo.; Ord. Dec. 18, '89, Columbus City, 
la.; P. Columbus Citv, '89-90'; Comanche, '91-92 : Lamont, '93-94: Shellsburv, la., 
^95-96; Glasford, '97-98: Osceola, 111., '99—. 

BANCROFT, William Demarest, Palmyra, Xeb.— Born, Xinevah, N. Y.; 
Stud. U. Xeb., Dome C, O.; Cro. T. S., Pa.: Lie. '95, 1st Ch., Lincoln, Xeb.; 
Ord. Juiy 13, '96. 1st Ch., Talmage, Xeb.; P. Emerald Ch., '94-96; Talmage Chs., 
and Lortcn, '96-98; Palmvra, Xeb., '98—. 

BANDER, Bradford V., No. 810 West Oxoxdaga St., Syracuse, X. Y — 
Born, Fort Plain, X. Y. : Stud. Fort Sem. and Soecial Work at Syracuse U , X. Y. ; 
J.ic. Sept. 20, '87, M E. Ch/; Ord. April 18, '94', Xorth Manlius Bap, Ch., X. Y..; 
P. M. E. Ch., Bethel, 1 vr. ; Xorth Manlius, Bap. Ch., X. Y., 6 yrs. 

BANDY, G. C, X'ashville, Ark. — Born, Columbia, Tenn. : Stud. Jackson, 
Tenn.; Lie. and Ord. Oct., '84, Xew Hope Ch., Ark.: P. Hopewell, 3 yrs.; Yellow- 
Creek, 3 vrs. ; Xew Prospect, 2 yrs. 

BANDY, James M., Aurora, Mo.— Born, Catawba Co., X. C; Stud. Rogers- 
villeAcad.; Ord. Jul\ 25, '86, Washburn Prairie Bap. Ch. ; P. Washburn Prairie, 
Washburn, Rock Spring, Pleas- nt Ridge, Billings, Sarcoxie, Diamond Grove, Antioch, 
Center, Oregon, and Aurora, Mo. ; Au. "Twelve Reasons Why the Baptist Chs. are 
the Chs. of Christ," '90 ; "Twelve Reasons Why the Campbellite Ch. is not the Ch. or 
Chri-t," '90; "Campbellism Unveiled." 

BANE, Franklin Pieison, Green City, Mo.— Born, Mercer Co., Va., June 8, '53; 
Stud. Wm. Jew. C, Mo., State Nor., '79; Lie. July 31, 'SO: Ord. Feb. 4, '82, Harmo- 
ny Bap. Ch.', Mo.; P. Mr. Pleasant: Utica, Dawn", Zion, Half Rock, Harris, '83-92; 
Yellow Creek, Mo., '94-98. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 47 

BANGS, Sumner, Tenant's Harbor, Me.— Born, Readfield, Me. ; Hebro Acad., 
'93; Stud Coin. l\, D. C. New. T. S., Ma>s , '96; L c. May', '92, Hebro Bap Ch., 
Me.; Ord. Tan. U, '97, Jfcuckffeld, Bap. Ch., Me.; P. Buckfield, '96-98; East Auborn, 
'98; Tenants Harbor, Me., '98—. 

Bx\NKER, Joseph Birdsall, Adrian, Mich.— Born, New York, N. Y ; Stud. 
Frank. C, Ind.; B. U. N. T. S., Chicago ; Th. B. '84; Lie. June 18, '80, Pilgrim's 
Ch., New York, N Y.; Ord. Aug. 30, ,82, Graymont Ch , 111.; P. Benton Harbor, 
Mich., ; 84-87; Santa Ana, Calif., '87-89; Valparaiso, Ind., '89-92; Muskegon, '92-96; 
Adrain, Mich., '96—. 

BANKS, ColdoreJ., Mesa, Ariz.— Born, Fruit Hill, O.; Den. U , O., B. S., 
'83;iDiv. Sch., U. Chicago, B. .D., '87; Lie. '80, Withamsville Ch., O.; Ord. '82, 
Newtown Ch., O.; P. Newtown, '82; Lisbon, Sjuth Charleston, O., '84; Paola, 
Kan.. '87-88; S. Lincoln Park Ch., Cincinnati, O., Julv to Sept., '88; P. Ashland, 
Wis., '88-93; 2nd Ch., Toledo, O., '93 97 ; Mesa, Ariz., Aug., '9S— . 

BANKS, L. F., Coke, Tex.— Born, Tallapoosa Co., Ala.; Lie. '84, Goodhope 
Ch., Texa-;; Ord. Sept. 23 v '88, Rookhill Ch., Tex.; P. Myrtle Springs, l^_yrs.; 
Blackoak, 6 yrs. ; Rockhill, 6 yrs. ; County Line, 2 yis. ; County Line, No. 2, 5 yrs. ; 
Clover Hill, 3 yrs ; Union, 1 yr. ; Goodhope, Tex., 1 yr. 

BANKS, William Ezra, Yeldell, O. T.— Born, Benton Co., Ark.; Ord. May 
20, '94, Ninemile, Ark.; P. Corinth, Cot, Lock, and Willowvale, O. T. ; Au. "West- 
ern Songs and Poems," '93; Mod. Greer Co. Asso. 5 yrs. 

BANTA, David O., Oberlin, Kan.— Born, Metamora, 111.; Lie. '81; Ord. '82, 
1st Ch., Oberlin, Kan.; Colp. 11 yrs.; P. 1st Ch., Oberlin, Kan., 94—. 

BARB, D. C, Thorndale. Tex.— Born, W. Va. ; Lie. Dec. '75, and Ord. Dec. 
17,76, Cedar Bluff, Mo ; P. Mr. Olive, Strafford, Friendship, Findl'ey Creek, Cedar 
Gap, Mo.; My. Mo. 4 yrs.; Dist. My. Tex. '87-93; P. Willis, Tex.; S. Madisonville, 
Tex.; P. Rogers, San Gabriel, Polo, Friendship, Florence, Tex. 

BARBEE, John Ray, Girard, III.— Born Taylor Co., Ky., Dee. 26, '28; Lie. 
and Ord. Jan. 22, '60, Friendship Ch., Taylor, Ky. ; P. Mt. Carmel and Mt. Zion, Ky. ; 
Chap. 13th Ky., Vol. during rebellion ; P. Prairie Grov* Blue Mound, New Hope, 
Honey Creek, Shoal Creek, Hickory Point, East Union, Liberty, 111. 

BARBEE, Joseph N. t 1615 Ky. St., Louisiana, Mo. — Born, Stamping Ground, 
Ky., Aug. 31, '44; Lie. Nov. 5, '57, Union Ch., Ky.; Stud. G. C„ Ky. ; P. Beaver 
Creek, Ky.; In Ind. ; Minerva, Germantown, Stone Lick, Two Licks, Ky.; My. of 
B.-acken Asso. several yrs. ; P. Maysville, '74-76, Augusta, '76-79; Mt. Olive, Ky. ; 
Located in Central Kan , 10 yrs. ; Supt. ot Missions in Little Bonne Femme Asso., 
Mo ; Supt. of Missions in Salt River Asso. ; Supt. Missions Nevada Bap. Asso., '98; 
P. Higginsport and Rockville, O. 

BARBER, Charles "Warren, 373 Scribner St., GrandiRapids, Mich.— Born, 
Quincv, Mich.; Kal. C, Mich., B. A., '79, M. A., '82; Div. Sch. U. Chicago B. D., 
5 82; Lie. July, '77, Quincy Ch., Mich.; Ord. Sept., '82, Fenton Ch., Mich.; P. Fen- 
ton, '82-90; 1st Ch., Battle Creek, '90-94; Scribner St. Ch., Grand Rapids, Mich., 

BARBER, David Knight, Woburn, III.— Born, Bond Co., 111., Jan. 18, '40; 
Stud. Lincoln C; Lie. Mav 71; Ord. Feb. '72, Mt. Tabor, Ch., 111.; P. Mt. Tabor, 
Liberty, Little Flock, East Fork, Mt. Zion, Seminary, Smith's Grove, Pleasont Mound, 
Providence, Union Chapel, Hopewell and Filmore, 111., 3^ time. 

BARBER, Edgar Lafayette, Hiawatha, Kans.— Born, Joliet, 111.; Stud. Cen- 
tral Normal C, Kans.; L : c. Sept. 15, '93, Lancaster Ch., Kans.; Ord. Sept. 26, '94, 
Whiting Ch., Kans.; P. Whiting, Kan., '93-98; S. Bethel, Kans., Jan., '98. 

BARBER, Eli M., Fayetteville, N. Y.— Born, Geddes, N. Y.; Stud. Caze- 
novia Sem., N. Y. ; Lie. Dec. '63, Cazenovia Ch., N. Y. ; Ord. Oct. '68, Fenner Ch., 
N. Y.; S. North Manlius, N. Y., '64; P. Fenner, '67-82; Manlius, N. Y., 12 yrs. 

48 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BARBER, EphraimJ., Jesup, Ga.— Born, Barnwell, S. C; Stud. Mer. U., and 
S. B. T. S., Kv.; Lie. July 75; Ord. Aug. 77, Bethel Piedmont Asso. ; P. Friend- 
ship, 5 yrs. ; Consolation, 4 vrs. ; Ten Mile, 2 yrs. ; Macedonia, 3 yrs. ; Bethel. 2 yrs. ; 
Mt. Pleasant, 2 yrs. ; Writesville, 2 yrs. ; Wrens, 2 yrs. ; My. Piedmont Asso., 1 yr. ; 
P. Consolation, 2 yrs-. ■ 

BARBER, James C, Grundy, Ky.— Born, Pulaski Co., Kv.; Lie. Dec., '90: 
Ord. D.c, '92, Roddick Ch., Ky.; P. Pleasant Run, '94-95; Bethany, '96; New 
Hope, '97; Eden, Ky., '98—. 

BARBER, John Treve, Walton, N. Y.— Born, Bristol, England; Stud. Grammer 
Sch. and Park C. ; Ord. June '81; Owen Sound Ch., Ont., Canada; P. Algonquin; S. 
1st Ch., Montreal, Can.; Ogdet.sburg, N. Y.; P. Bainbridge and Madrid, N. Y.; 
Falls Church and Leesburg, Va ; Walton, N. Y. ; Au. ''The Curse of the Caliphate, ' ? 
"The Eastern Question," (in course of preparation). 

BARBER, Judson E., Greene, N. Y.— Born, Java Vilhge, N. Y.; Stud. E.Aurora 
Acad., N. Y.; Cg. U.. N. Y.. B. A., 75; M. A., '83; Ham. T. S, N, Y., 'S3; Lie. 
'82, Srrvkersville Bap. Ch., N. Y.; Ord. Dec 5th, '83, 1st Guilford Bap. Ch., Mt. Up- 
ton, N. Y.; P. 1st Ch., Gilford. Mt. Upton, '83-85 ; East Worcester, 'S5-89: 
Sherburne, '89-95; Central Bap. Ch., Greene, N. Y., '95—. 

BARBER, Welcome Earnest, Marathon, Ia.— Born, Hermon, N. Y.; Stud. High 
Sch. and Normal Sch., S-tc City, la.; Lie. Ida Grove Ch., Ia. ; Ord. Marathon Ch., 
la.; P. Marathau, Ia , Apr. 24th, '98—. 

BARBOUR, HemanH., Columbus, O.— Born, Hartford, Conn.; Stud. Hartford 
H. Sch.; Lie. and Ord. '80, Norwalk Bap. Ch., Conn.; P. North Bap. Ch., Newark, 
'SO-86; Trinitv Ch., Camden, N. J., '86-88; Belden Ave., Chicago, 111., '88-94; Lock- 
port, N. Y., '94-96; 1st Ch., Columbus, O., '96—. 

BARBOUR, John Baptiste, 348 Delaware St., Syracuse, N". Y.— Born, Hart- 
ford, Conn.; B. U., R. I., B. A., '91; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '96; Lie. Jan. 31st, 94, 
Lake Ave. Ch., Rochester, N. Y.; Orel. Sept. 29:h, '96, Geneva Ch., N. Y. ; P. Gen- 
eva, N. Y., '96-97; Asst. P. 1st Ch., Syracuse, '97-98; P. Oct. 1st, '98—. 

BARBOUR, Thomas G., Brookline, Mass — Born, Hartford, Conn.; Stud. 
Winchester Inst., Conn.; Stud. H Sch., Hartford', Conn.; B. U. R. I., B. A. 74; 
M. A., 77; D. D., '05; Roch. T. S.,N. Y. ; Lie. Feb. 73, Windsor Ave. Ch., Hart- 
ford, Conn.; Ord. May, 77, 1st Ch., Brockport, N. Y.; P. 1st Ch., Brockport, N. 
Y., 77-81; North Orange Ch., Orange, N. J., '81-83; 1st Ch., Fall River, '83-95; 
Brookline, Mass., '96—. 

BARCHWITZ, Oscar Louis, 242 Hamilton St., Trenton, N. J.— Born, Horocz, 
Austria, '54; Goerlitz C, 73; Lie. M. E. Ch., 78; My. Chili, S. A., 78; Ord. M. 
E. Ch., Santiago, Chili, 'SO; joined Bap. Ch., '91; Organized Tabernacle Bap. Ch. and 
erected church edifice in Newark, N. J., '92; P. Newark, N. ]., '92-96; A. P. 1st Ch., 
Columbus, O., '96-97; P. North Fairfield, O., '98-99; Ev*— ; Au. "Six Years in 
South America With Bishop Taylor." 

BARDEN, Henry Albert, 271 College St., Portland, Ore. — Born, East Jersey, 
N. PL; Stud. Lenox C. and Burlington C, la., Shurt. T. S., 111.; Lie. Aug. 24th, 
'67, Roger's Grove Ch., Ia. ; Ord. D.c. 18th, '67, Lancaster Ch., Mo.; S. Lancaster, 
Mo., '67; P. Washington, '68; Ames, la., '69; Fulton, 111., 70 ; S. Erie, 111., 1 yr. ; 
P. Buda, 72-75; Deer Park, 76-78; Bradford, 111., 4 yrs. ; Nandan, Dak., '84; My. 
under Home Mission Soc, N. Y., 1 yr. ; P. Russell, Kan., '86-89; Medford, Ore., '89; 
S. Sellwood Ch., Portland, '93; Emanuel Ch., Portland, Ore., '94; Chap. G. A. R. 20 
yrs. ; Dept. Chaplain of Oregon, '96. 

BARGER, Lorenzo Thomas, Braymer, Mo.— Born, Russell Co., Ky. ; Stud. Beth. 
C, and S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. Aug. 15th, 77; 0:d. Aug. 16th, 'S3, Zion Ch., Ky.; 
P. Armstrong, Breckinridge and Braymer, Mo.; Braymer, Mo., '88 — . 

BARKER, Epraim Padgett, Kimball, S. Dak. -Born, Cumberland, Co.,N. J. ; Stud. 
Acad. Hamilton; Lie. '52; Ord. Rush, Pa., Feb. 4th, '52; P. Rush and Shamokin, Pa., 
'55-56; Naperville, '57; Downer's Grove, '58-; Washington, '59-60; Stonington, '61 ; 
Ontario, 62-63; Toulon, 111., '64-65; Gloucester, N. J., '66 ; Pughtown, Bethseda and 
Rock, 111., "67. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 49 

BARKER, George, Stamford, CoNN.-Born, New York City j'Stfid, Prof. Hart's 
Pren. Sen.; C K . U, N. Y., B. A., '93; M. A , '96; Div. Scb. U. of Chicago, B D., 
'96; Lie. Gr edwood Ba P . Ch., Brooklyn, N, Y., '91 ; Bap. Chx, Mason Ci^ , 
la. ,'96; A. P. 2nd Ch , Chicago, Ills., '93-95; S-. 1st Ch., Mason Cit) , la.; 1 . 1st u. - 
Mason City, la., '95-98; Stamlord, Conn., "98 — . 

BARKER, G. W. M., Tabor, Va — Born. Washington Co., Va.; Lie. -July 2KP 
?88;«Ord. Sept. 20th, '89, Lime II 11 Bap. Ch., Va.; P. Lime Hill, Gum Hill, Barke. s 
Ch .pel, Louis Memorial, Walnut Grove, Va. 

BARKER, John Alexander, Clifton Forge, Va.— Born, Waverly Va ; R.C.' 
Va., '84, S B. T. S.,Kv., 88; Lie. Mar. 9th, 79, Newville Ch., Va.; Ord. June 21st, 
'85, Salem Ch... Va ; S." U d Slop and M . Oliver, Va., '82-84; P. S ilem and J^'iO", 
Va., '85-87; M/. Bitiia. B-azi 1 , '88-S9 ; P Aeeomae C. II., Pungoteague, 90-91; 
West End Ch., Petersburg, '91-96; Clifton Forge, Va., Jan 1st, '97—. 

BARKER, Moses, 92 37th St., Chicago, III.— Born. Richvijle, N. Y. ; S ud 
Gave.eur Wsl. S.. N. Y.; Cg. U., N. Y., B. A. ,'57; Lie. '53, Richville, N. Y ; OrcL 
'59, KnowlesviUe, N. Y.; P. Knowloville, Pittsford, Canton. Danville, Adams, Friend- 
ship, N Y.; Chamberlain, S. D. ; Fargo, N. D.; Huron, S. D. 

BARKER, William Everett, Red Wing, Minn.— Born, Morgan Co. O; Lie. 
79, New Richmond Ch., Wis.; Ord. Apr. 5th, '89, Lake City Ch., Minn.; S. Maiden 
Rock, Wi-., '81-85; P. 1st Ch.. Lake City, 85-91 ; Philadelphia!! Ch., St. Paul, '91-94;. 
IstCh.. Red Win-, Minn., '94-99. 

BARKER, William Franklin, Bud, N. C— Born. Silas Creek, N. C; Lie Dee.. 
24th, °87, Pleasant Home, N. C; O-d. Oct. 24h, '89, Lan<l Mark, N.C.; P Lot g 
Branch, '94-96; Meadow View, '94-97; Liberty, N. C, '97-98; S. Land Mark, N. C. ; 
Organized Meadow View Ch., '95. 

BARKER, "William Millard, Eldorado Springs, Mo.— Born, Washington Cr. 
Va-; Stud. Beth. C, kv.; O.d. July 4'b, '76, Wlikley Creek Ch , 111.; S. Whitley 
Creek, 111., 9 mos.; P. Watseka, 2 yrs.; Oilman, 1 yr.; Shelbwille, III , 2 vrs.; Well- 
ington, 2 yrs.; Newton, 2 yrs.; Arkansas City. Kan., 2 yr>. ; Ev.ansyille, Ind , 1 yr ; 
El Dorado Springs, Mo., 5 yrs. 

BARKER, William Walter. Phillipsburg, N. J. — Born, Worcester, En«r. ;S>ud. 
Lafayettee C. Pa,; Lie. '92 Memorial Ch., S-ilem, N. L; Ord. Oct. 1st, '92, 1st Ch., 
Phillipsburg. N. J. ; P. 1st Ch., Phillipsburg, N. J., '92—; Sec. Y. M. C. A., Trentoa 
and Salem, N. J. 

BARKMAN, Levi Thornton, 80 Institute Place, Chicago. III. — Born. Indi 
ana; Stud. Frank. C, Ind.. Bmie Inst., Chicago, 111.; Ord. Sept. Pith, '96, Bethlehem 
Ch., Ind.; P. Grand Prairie Ch., '97; Litersford, Ind., '98. 

BARNARD, John Elliott, New York Hall, Louisville, Ky.— Born, Kev, Ala. ; 
Stud. H. S^h., Bmkston, Ala.; Stud. Div's Gap Normal Inst.. Ala.; How. C, Ala , 
B A., 97; Stud. S. B. T. S., K>.; Lie. '87, Sardis Ch., Ga.; Ord. Julv 7th, '89. New 
River Ch.. Ala.; Mv. under State BJ. Ala. 3 yrs.; Dav's Gap, '89-90; Siloam, '90-92; 
Guin, '92-96; Zion, '92-93; Bethel and Carbonhill, '91-98; Da^'s Gap, '94-97 ; Ox- 
ford, Ala., '97. 

BARNARD, Tipton G., Aurora, Mo —Born, Tazewell, Tenn.; Stud. Pearl 
City, B. C, Mo.; Scanet C. Inst., Mo.; Lie. and Ord. Aug. 24th, '91, Elm Springs- 
Ch.,Mo.; Independent Ev. 

BARNES, Cornelius Alva, Palmyra, Tenn.— Born, near Claikesville, Tenn.; 
Lie. 82; Ord. Dec. '83, Mt. Zion Ch., Ky ; P. Keesee Chapel, '85-90 ; Cros< Creek, 
'8S-S9; Big Rock, '90-91; Erin, '91-92; Barnes Chapel. '92-94 ; Kirkwood, '90-91; 
Centre Point, '90; Reuben Ross, '90-95; Pleasant View, Tenn., '90. 

BARNES, George W„ Woodhull, N. Y.— Born, Balston, N. Y. ; Lie. Apr. 16. 
'59, 2nd Ch., Davenport, la ; Ord. May 27th, '58, Cumming City Ch., Neh. ; H. Mx 1 
Neb., 6 yrs.; Organizer Florence, Cumming City, Omaha and Bellview; P. Rosendal, 
Pawling, Rhinebeck. Madison, Canestola. Mexico, Black River, Richwell, WoodhulL 
N. Y. 

5o The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BARNES. Horace Franklin. 39 Bartl^tt St., Somerville, Mass. — B ^rn, 
Newark. V J. : S u •.. H. Sm., Ch .rleston, Mass.; Amherst C. Mass., B. A., '65; 
New. T. S., Mts- , '68: Lie. '59, 1st Ch. Charleston. Mass.; Ord. Apr. '69, Ninth St. 
Ch., Buffalo. \\ Y. : P. 9th St. Ch., Buffalo, N. Y.: Lebanon, N. H.; Winchester, 
Mass.; A. PJudson. N. Y. ; P. Fairmount Ch., Newark, N. J. : Fourth Ch. Providence, 
JR.. I.: A. P. Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass. 

BARNES, H. W., Bixghamtox, N. Y.— Born, Orwell, Pa.: Lie. '52, Owego 
Ch., N. Y.: OrJ. Fen. 12th, '56, Warren Ch.. Pa.-. P. Warren, Pa., '56-62: Mara- 
thon, "6-2-66 : N'iagra Falls, '66-70; Ogden*burg, 70-S2 : Spencer, N. Y.,. '82-86; Sec. 
Bap. Mission Conv., '86. 

BARNES, James Henry, Harmoxy Yillage, Va. — Born, King William Co., 
Ya. ; Win. and Mary e., Va . '55, B. A and M. A. : Lie. and Ord. Liberty Ch., New 
Kent, Va.: P. L ; b. ; ny Ch., New Kern : Emmjus Ch., New Kent: Samaria, Ya.; 
Hampden Ch., Baltimore, Md'.; Fulton, Ch., Richmond: Lower North Hampton, 
P2astvi!le and Red Bank, Williamsburg, James City, Harmon v Grove and Clark's 
Neck, Va. 

BARNES, J. E.. Teffrfy's Creek, S. C— Born, Marion Co., S. C. : Lie. Sept. 
'38; Ord. Oct ]5:h, '91, Calvary, S. C: P. Calvary, S C, '91-9S. 

BARNES. John Evan, Newberxe, Ala.— Born, Pleasant Hill, Ala.: How. C, 
Ala., B. A., '92: S. B. T S., Kv., Th. B.. '96; Lie. '86 Pieasant Hill Ch., Ala.; Ord. 
'93, 1st Cm., Selma, Ala. : P. Mission in East Selma, '93-95; Benton, '94-95 ; Hope- 
well, Xewberne and Immanuei, Ala. 

BARNES. John Thomas, H'>llixgsworth, Ga. — Borr, Towns Co., Ga. : Lie. 
Apr. 15th, '86, Cleveland, Ga. ; O d. Oct. 2nd, '36, Town Creek, Ga. ; S. Town Creek, 
6 yrs.; Macedonia, Ga., 7 yrs.; Beulah, Fla., 1 yr., '94; Briertown, N. C. 1 yr. ; 
Homer, 2 yrs-. : Level Grove, 1 yr. : Mt. Carmel, Ga., 1 yr. 

BARNES, Lemuel Call, 310 Oakland Ave., Pittsburg, Pa.— Born, Kirtland, 
O.: Kal.C., M ch. B. A., 75: Kal. C. Mich, and Buck. U., Pa., D. D.'96: New 
T. S., Mass., 78; Lie. Jan. 8,70, and Ord. June 30, 78. Kalamazoo, Mich.; S. 
Greenvillt-, N. H., 2 mos., '78 ; P. 1st Ch.. St. 'Paul, Minn., '78-82: 4th Ave. Ch., 
Pittsburg, Pa., '82 87: Same, '93-r 1st Ch., Newton, Mass., '87-93: Au. "Motives 
Instead of Enticements in Giving," '89: "Shall Islam Rule Africa?" '"90: "Two 
Millenniums," '99. 

BARNES, Lemuel M„ 102 Colfax Ave., Bextox Harbor, Mich.— Born. Shef- 
field, Pa.; Said. Den. U.. O.; Lie. '57, 1st Ch., Kirtland, O.; Ord. May, '61, Still- 
water Ch., O.; P. Stillwater, '61 : Tefferson, "62 ; Cherrv Yalley, O., '63: New Ips- 
wich, N. H., 76; Baraboo, Wis., '80; Paola, Kan., '82." 

BARNES, Samuel Burgess, Lewistox, N. C. — Born, Creeksville, N. C; Lie. 
92, Jackson Bap. Ch.; Ord. June, '96, Hillside Bap. Ch., N. C; P. Hillside, '94; 
"..ewiston, '97; Greens X Roads, '97-98 : Bethany, '97 : Roquist, N. C, '98— . 

BARNES, William Henry, St. Louis, Mo.— Born. O. : Stud. Cent. C, la., and 

Des M. C, la.; Northern 111. C, D. D., "90: Lie. 73, Richland Ch., la.; Ord. 77, 

jreenfield Ch., la. ; P. Greenfield, Monuth, la., 1 yr. : Tomah, Wis., 2 yrs; Emporia, 

3 yrs. : Salina, Kan., 2 yrs. : Helena, Ark., 3 yrs.; Macon City, 4 yrs.; Financial 

Agent S'. Louis Bap. Hospital, Mo., 4 yrs, 

BARNES, William Riley, Brashear, Mo.— Born, Adair Co., Mo.: Stud. State 
Normal Sch., Kirksville, Mo.: Lie. '94: Ord. May 15. '95. Kirk^viile Ch..Mo.: P. 
New Prospect, '95-96: Bear Creek, '95-97, '99; Hollv Hill, '98-99: Salt River, Mo., 

BARNUM, William L„ New Bostox, Mich.— Born, Milan, O.: Stud. Ob. C, 
O., U. Chicago: L=c. Mar. 9. '61, Amana Ch.. Pa.: Ord. Sept. 17, '62, Redstone Ch., 
Pa.; P. Redstone, Pa., 2 yrs.; My. Ont. Canada, '64-70: Clavton, 70-72: Rome and 

Fiat Rock. Mich., '82-84; "Richfield. O., '34-S6: Chester X R6ads, '86-89; Millbrook, 
'89-91: Streetsboro, '91-94: New Boston, Mich., '95— 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 5* 

BARNETT, Edgar "Whitehead, Columbia, Ky.— Born, Big Springy, Va. ; Stud, 
Alleghany Inst, and S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. July 25, '88, Auburn Ch., Va. ; Ord. Au»J 
16, '93, EastCn., Louisville, Ky.; P. West Big Surnigs '93-94; Pitt's Point, '93-94; 
Columbia, Zion, Gradyville, Milltown, Ky., June 1, 94 — . 

BARNETT, Frank, Pontiac, Mich.— Born, Pontiac, Mich., Apr. 4, '55; Stud. 
Agrl. C, Mich. ; Ham. T. S., N. Y. ; Lie. 76, Rochester Ch., Mich. ; Ord. July 24, 
'81, Poultney Ch., Vt.; P. Pouitney, Vt, '81-85; O^den, Utah, '85-90 ; Gen. My. for 
Utah and Idaho, '90-92 ; P. Denver, Colo., '92-94; Pontiac, Mich., '94-99. 

BARNETT, Frank Willis, Forsyth, Ga.— Born, Glenviile, Ala. '65; Stud. 
Vanderbilt U., Tenn. ; U. A. ; Sorbonne, Paris ; U.Beilin; Vienna; Law.U.N.Y.; 
S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Practiced Law Birmingham, Atlanta and N. Y.; Ord. Sept. 23, '95, 
1st Ch., Atlanta, Ga. ; P.Johnson City; A. P. 1st Ch., Nashville, Tenn., 8mos.; 
Forsyth, Ga., 18 mos. — . 

BARNETT, J. D„ Forrest City, Ark.— Born, Madison, Ark.; So. Wn. U., 
Tenn., B. A., '86; S-ud. S. B. T. S, Ky. ; Lie. Sept. 6, '80 ; Ord. July 14, '83, Forrest 
City Bap. Ch., Ark.; S.^Helena, A k., '8 ; My. Ev., and Biblical Lecturer; Pub- 
lisher ''The Helping Humanity'' Series of Tracts, and Manager of Poylglot Religious 
Tract Publishing. 

BARNETT, Joe M., Vans Valley, Ga.— Born, Cedar Springs, S. C; Stud. 
Woodruff, Acad., S. C; Ord Sept. '93, Reeves Station Ch., Ga. ; P. New Prospect, 
'93-99; Spring Creek, Ga., '96-99. 

BARNETT, J. "W., Snyder, Tex.— Born, Lamar Co., Tex.; Lie. Aug., '80; 
Ord. '81, Antioeh Bap. Ch. Tex.; P. Red Oak, '85 Pine Creek, Slate Sholes, Postoak, 
Lamar, R. R. Co., Tex.; Pisgah, Pilgrim Rest, Ark., '84; Plum Creek and Pleasant 
Ridge, Tex., '96—. 

BARNETT, Obed N., West Plains, Mo— Born, Athens, Tenn. ; Lie. '86, andr 
Ord. '88, New Hope Ch., Peace Valley, Mo.; P. Friendship and Shady Grove, '88-90; 
New Hope and Howell Valley, Mo., '"91-96; My. Un. Bap. Asso., '97—. 

BARNETT, Silas B., Clinton, Ark.— Born, White Plains, Ala.; G-ad. Clin- 
ton M. and F. Acad. '95; Lie. '93, and Ord. Aug. 29, '94 l , Valley Home Ch., Ark.; 
P. Union Hill, Ark.; S. Mt. Moriah, Ark. 

BARNEY, Benjamin H., Dean, O.— Born, Adams, N. Y. ; Stud. Dayton, Acad. ; 
Lie. Aug, 20, '73, 1st Ch., Davton, O.; Ord. Aug. 28, '73, Fairfield Ch., O. ; S. Col- 
ored Ch., Jamestown, '71-72 ; Port William, O.; P. Fairfield, '71-83: Covington, O., 

BARNEY, W. C, Hickory Flat, Miss.— Born, Union Co., '54: Lie. '85, and 
Ord. '92. 

BARNHARDT, Josephus A., Vinton, Va.— Born, Wertz, Va.; Stud. The 
Hales Gord Math, and CI. Sch. Va., and Bridgewater C, Va. ; Ord. Oct. 28, '93., 
Beaver Dam Bap. Ch.; P. Beaver Dam, '93-93; Morgans, '94-96; Diamond Hill, '94- 
96; Flint Hill, '96-99; Shadv Grove, '94-97: Bonsack, '97-98; Vinton, '96— ; Blue 
Ridge, Va., '98—. 

BARR, John, Pomona, Calif. — Born, Glasgow, Scotland; Stud. Wm. Jewell 
C.,Mo.; U. Chicago, B. A., '76; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, B. D., '78 ; Lie. Sept. '69, 
St. Joseph, Mo.; Ord. Dec. '78, Clarinda, la.; P. Villika and Clarinda, la. ; Mon- 
mouth, 111.; Reno, New; Imanuel Ch., San Jose; Red Bluff, Calif.; S. Compton, 

BARR, John W„ Jay, N. Y.— Born, Rowe, Mass.; Ord. Mar. '84, Evans Mills 
Ch., N. Y.; P. Evans Mills, '83-85; Newport, N. Y., '85-87: S. North Ga/e, Rus- 
sia, South Trenton, N. Y., 1 yr. 6 mos.;- P. McLean, '88-93; Jay, N. Y., '93-98. 

BARRAS, Harry Watson, Millville, N. J.— Born, Croton, N. L; Peddie 
Inst., N. J., '92; Cro. T. S.. Pa., '95; Lie. Sept. '89, Clinton Ch.. NT. I.: Ord. Sept. 
25th, '95, 1st Ch., Millville, N. y.; My. P. Olivet Ch., Trenton, N. J:, ''92-95; P. 1st 

Ch., Millville, '95-96: North Ch., Millville, N. J., Mar. 10th, '96—. 

5 2 The Baptist Ministerial Directory 

BARRETT, Frank Clauson, Sidney, N. Y.— Born, Napoli, N. Y.; Cg, U., NL 
Y., B. A., '88; M. A., '91; Ham. T. S., N. Y., '92; Lie. Aug. '84, Napofi Ch., N.. 
Y.; Ord. Sept. 6, '88, Durhamville Ch., N. Y.; S. Smyrna, '86-88; Durhamville, 
N. Y., '88-92; P. South New Berlin, '92-94; Franklin, '94-98; Sidney, N. Y., Tan. 

BARRETT, James Leigh Ridmond, Gainesville, Ga. — Born, Bishopville, S* 
C; Stud. S. B. T. S., S. C; Lie. '67, Buena Vista Ch.; Ord. '74, Lawrenceville 
Ch., Ga, ; P. Lawrenceville, Hebron, Lebanon, Maysville, Buford, Suwanee Town,, 
Pendergrass, White Plain?, Bellmont, Chestnut Street, Lulu, Cornelia, Clarksville,. 
Oconee, Ga., '74-98; S. 1st Ch., Gainesville, Ga., part of '93. 

BARRETT, James Riley, Fairlie, Tex.— Born, Itawamba Co., Miss; Stud. 
H. Sch., Kossuth, Miss.; Lie. Nov. 6, '86, and Ord. Nov. 6, '87, Meadow Creek„ 
Miss.; P. Antioeh, Antioeh No. 2, Union, Camie and Gaston^ Miss., '86-87; My. 
Tishomingo Asso., '89-93; P. Sonora and Coneord, Tex.; Aiv. "The Seriptural Ob- 
jection to the Modern Theory of Sanetifieation as Practiced and Taught by Some." 

BARRETT, John C, Visage, Ga.— Born, Towns Co., Ga.; Lie. '84 in N. C; 
Grd. '94, United Bap. Ch., My. 

BARRETT, John Tully, Crowley, La.; Born, Comparle City, Miss.; Miss. 
C, B. A., '86; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Th. M., '89; Lie. '80, Goodhope, Miss.; Ord. '84, 
Carthage, Miss.; P. Live Oak, Ellisville, Clayborn, Hatti burg, Miss.; Waynes- 
burg and MeKinney, Ky. ; Cor. Sec. State Board of Missions in La., '90-93. 

BARRETT, Luther Gttstavus, Jackson College, Jackson, Miss. — Born, Wa- 
tert-own, Me.; Grad. Har. C, Mass., B. A., '62; M. A., '68 New. T. S., Mass., '65; 
Lie. Watertown Ch., Mass., '60; Ord. Watertown, Mass., '65; P. Weston, '67-70; 
Winchester, Mass., '70-74; New York City, '75-77; Whitman, Mass., '78-80; Bris- 
tol, R. I., '86-87; Lowell, '87-91; Milford, Mass., '91-93 ; Pres. Jaekson College, 
Jackson, Miss., '94 — . 

BARRETT, Robert Nicholas, 211 McMillan St., Waxahachie, Tex.— Born, 
NewMiddletown,Tenn.; Beth. C.,Ky., B.A., '89 ; M. A., '92; S.B.T.^., Ky.,Th. D., 
'95; Lie. July, '87, Maeedonia Ch.,' New Middletown, Tenn. ; Ord. June" 7, '89, 1st 
Ch., Russellville, Ky. ; My. S. Lafayette and Locust Grove, Ky., and Cross Creek, 
Tenn., '89-90; P. Bethel Ch., Fairview, Ky., '90-91; My. S. New Haven, Ky., '92- 
34; S. Buffalo, Ky., June to Dee. '93; My. S. Hodgensville, '93-95 ; Big Spring, '93 
-95; Ashland, Ky., '95 96 ; P. Gallatin, Tenn., '97-98; Waxahachie, Tex., Feb. '98 
- — ; Au. "Child of the Ganges, a Tale of the Judson Mission," '90; "In the Land of 
the Sunrise," a story of Japan, '95; "Our Missionary Problem and How to Solve 
It," '97; "The Story of Christian Missions," '98; "Ethics of the Ministry." 

BARRETT, William Charles, Raleigh, N. C— Born, Carthage, N. C; W. F. 
C, N. C, B. A ., '96; Lie. July 30, '93, Bethlehem Ch., N. C. ; Ord. May 28, '96, 
Salem Ch., N. C; P. Salem, '96-98; Fayetteville, N. C, '98—. 

BARRETT, William Henry, 17 Rose Ave., Hornellsvit.le, N. Y .— Borr, 
East Randolph, N. Y.; Stud. Chamberlain Inst., Randolph, N. Y ; Lie. Apr., '95, 
Randolph Ch., N. Y. ; Ord. June 3, '96, Sandusky Ch., N. Y. ; P. 1st Ch., Sanduskv, 
'96-97; 1st Ch., Avoca, N. Y., '97-99; Ev. work. 

BARRON, Alonzo Church, 407 N. Tryon St , Charlotte, N. C— Born, 
Georgia; Siud. Methodist C, Ala.; Ala. Military Inst., '62; How. C, Ala., D. D. ; 
Ord. '65, Clayton Ch., Ala.; P. Adams St. Ch., Montgomery; 1st Ch., Tuskegee, 
Ala.; Lexington, Culpeper, Va.; Fulton Ave. Ch., Baltimore, Md.; Tryon St. Ch., 
Charlotte, N. C; Ed. "Baltimore Baptist and Evangel." 

BARRON, James Thomas, Derby, Ia.— Born. Pulaski Co., Ky. ; Lie. Sept. 24, 
'93, Cambria. Ch.; Ord. Oct. 11, '94, Eden Ch., Ia.; P. Eden Ch., Derby, '94-96 ; 
Harvard, la., Apr., '99 — . 

BARROW, James M., Unionville, Ind.— Born, Unionville, Ind.; Lie. Feb. 2, 
'66; Ord. Sept. 2, '67, Little Union Ch., Ind. ; P. 25 Chs. in Ind., '67-99; one-fourth 
time each and at different times. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 53 

BARROW, James Thomas, Elizabethtown, Kyi;— Born, Logan Co.. Ky.; Lie. 
July, '63; 0:d. June, '64, Centre Ch., Ky. ; P. Concord, 17 yr<.; Cadic, South Union 
and Princeton, Ky., l'o8 yrs.; Swee water, Tenn., '90-95 ; Walnut St. Ch., Ovvens- 
boro, 3 yrs. ; 1st Ch., Elizabethtown, Ky. — ; Ed. Assoeiation Paper. 

BARROWS, Alvin W., McDonough, N. Y.— Born, McDonough, N. Y., Sept. 
2, '36; S ud. Oxiord AcaL ; Lie. Feb., '66, M. E. Ch.; Ord. Aug, 19, '80, Bau. Ch. r 
McD .nough, \. Y.; P. McD.- nough and East Pharsalia, 6 yrs.; Meredith, 2£ yrs.; 
McDonough, 2 yrs.; East Pharsalia, 8 yrs.; S. McDonough, N. Y. 

BARROWS, Brainard W., 38 So. Portland Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.— Born, 
Attleboro, Miss.; VVoicester Ac id., '47 ; B. U. R. I., '51; New. T. S., Mass., '54; 
Lie. '51, 1st Ch., Pawtucket. R. I.; Ord. '55, 1st Ch., Dorchester, Mass.; P. 1st Ch., 
Dorchester, Miss., '55-73; 1st Ch., Middletown, Conn., '73-88; Norwool, Mass., 
'S8-90; S. Hanover, 1 yr. 

BARROWS, John Harris, Brewer, Me.— Born, Leeds, Me.; Stud. Heb. Acad., 
Me.; Colby L., Me.; B.A.,'72; New. T. S., Mas,.. '75; Lie. 1st Bap. Ch., Waltham, 
Mas^.; Ord. 1st Ban. Ch., Marblebead, Mass., '75; P. Marblehead, So. Boston and 
Marlb>ro, Mass.; Warren, Buckfield, Tenants Harbor, Yarmouth and Brewer, Me. 

BARROWS, William, Oxford, Pa.— Born, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Buck. U., Pa., B. 
S., '67; Cro. T.S., Pa, '70; Lie. Ncetown Ch., Pa.; Ord. Pughtown Ch., Pa.; P. 
Pughtovvn, '70-81; Windsor, '81 86; Oxford, Pa., '86—. 

BARROWS, William Carey, 187 School SL, Somerville, Mass.— Born, Ells- 
worth, M.\; Colby {]-., M.., '62; New. T. S., Mass., '66; Lie. Aug. 15, '64, Water- 
ville Ch., Me.; 0>d. Aug. 22, '66, Frecnrt Ch., Me.; P. Freeport, '66-6S ; North 
Berwick, M-., '68-72; Waltharr, Mas-., '72-75 ; Biddeford. '75-78; Rockland. '78-82: 
Lewiston, M ., '82-S5 ; S. '86-87; P. Rock and, '87-92; Woburn, '92-97; 1st Ch., 
Somerville, Miss., '97-98. 

BARRY, David Quincy, Saline, Mich.— Born, Thedford Co., Lambton, Can.: 
Stud. Hillsdale C, and B. Uri. T. S., U. Chicago, B. Th., '89; Lie. Tuscola Ch., 
Mich.; Ord. Apr. 11, '83, Clayton Ch., Mich. ; P. Clayton, '82-83; Allen and Al- 
gansee, '84-85; Tekonsha, '86; Saline, '89-90; Sand Beach, '91-92; Novi and Farm- 
ington, '92-95; Ganson St., Jackson and South Jackson, '95-96; Saline, Mich., '97 — . 

BARRY, James, Chambersburg, III.— Born, Ohio; Ord. June 11, '71; Fair- 
mont Ch., 111.; P. Richfield, '71-73; Union Ch., '73-80; West Union, '82-95; Coop- 
erstown, '95-97; Versailles, 7 "111., '97-98. 

BARTH, Gustav, Augusta, Kan. — Born, Trebatch, Brandenburg, Germany; 
Ord. Aug. 25, '95, 1st Ch., Wichita, Kan.; P. Wilmot, Feb. to Oct., '96; Fairview, 
'95-97; Little Walnut, '95-98; Derby, '98; Augusta, '96; Lorena and Indianola, 
Kan., '96—. 

BARTLES, Benjamin Franklin, Lexington, Tenn. — Born, Towns Co., Ga.; 
Stud. Mt. Vernon Bap. C, Ark., and So. Wn. U., Tenn.; Lie. Sept. '72, Forrest- 
ville Bap. Ch., Ga. ; Ord. Sept. 28, '73, Linn Grove Bap. Ch., Ark. ; P. Linn Grove, 

•Clarendon, Philadelphia. Ash Grove, Bethlehem, Ark., '72-79; Bethel Spring 
•Creek Lavinia, Lexington, Chattanooga, St. Elmo, Hill City, Tenn. ; Ev. Tenn. 1 
yr. ; S. S. Ev. and Colp., 3 yrs. 

BARTLETT, Edward Payson, Pes Moines, 1a.— Born, Oxford Co., Me. ; Stud. 
Heb. U-ad., Me., Colby C, Roeh. T. S., '66, and 1). S. Chicago U., '66: Lie. He- 
,bron, Me.; Ord. La Moille, 111.; S. La Moille, 111., 1 yr. ; P. La Moille, 111., 12 yrs.; 
East Des Moines, la., 6 yrs; Gen. My. for la. since '95. 

BARTLETT, Francis J., Davisville, R. I.— Born, Bernardstown, Mass., '53; 
Tuft's C, T. S., B. D., '80; Stud. New. T. S., Mass.; Lie. Apr. '81, North Ave. Ch. 
Cambridge, Mass.; Ord. Sept. 8, '81, Southwiek, Mass.: P. Southwick, '81-83: 1st 
, Ch., Grafton, '83-89; Quidnessett Ch., Davisville, Mass., '89 — . 

54 The Baptjst Ministerial Directory. 

BARTLETT, George Alexander, Canton, Ga.— Born, Sevier Co., Tenn. ; Stud. 
Oak Grove Acad., Tenn.. and Pigeon Acad., Tenn.; Lie. May 7, '81, White Oak 
Flats, Ga.; Ord. July 25 "'85, Gist's Creek, Ga.; P. New Salem, '86-88; North 
Fork, '87-90; Stone Mountain, '88-89; Cherry Springs, '89; Broad River, '91-93 : 
Cowell, '91-94; Franklin, '92-99; Coweta, '96-99; Head of Tennessee, '93-96; Clay- 
ton, Ga., '95-96; Wautaga, N. C, '96-97; Canton, Jasper and Ellijay, Ga— . 

BARTLETT, Hartndl John, Thompson, Conn. — Born, London, Eng. ; Wor. 
Acad., '87; New. T. S., Mass.; Cro. T. S., Pa., '90; Lie. '87, Arlington Ch., Mass.; 
Ord. July 2, '90 New Boston, N. H.; S. West Harrington, Me., '89; P. New Bos- 
ton, N. H., '90-96; Ashland, Mass., '96-98; Thompson, Conn., '98—. 

BARTLETT, Joseph F., Philadelphia, Pa.— Born, Augusta, Me.; Stud. 
Bates C, New. T. S., Mass., '81; Lie. '77, Free Will Ch., Augusta, Me.; Ord. 1st 
Bap. Ch., Lisbon, Me.; P. Fairville U. B. and St. Johns U. B. Chs., Winter Hill, 
Mass. ; P. Covenant Ch., Englewood, Chicago; Austin, 111. ; 10th Ch., Philadelphia, 
Pa., '99—. 

BARTLETT, Thomas Elliott, Providence, R. I.— Born, Newburvport, Mass.; 
Br. U.. R. I. B. A., 77; Lie. Bap. Ch., Newburvport, R. I.; Ord. South Ch., Prov- 
idence, R. I., Sept. 28, '80; P. South Bap. Ch., Providence, R. I., '80-; Au. 
Pamphlets, "The English Bible in American Eloquence." '96; "Was There a Sec- 
ond Isaiah?" Am. Bap. Pub. Soc, '97. 

BARTLETT, Walter Reynolds, Kenyon, R. I.— Born, Bethel, Me.; Amherst 
C, Mass., B. A., "90; Stud. New. T. S., Mass., '94; Lie. '91, 1st Ch., Holyoke, 
Mass.; Ord. Dec. 19, '94, 1st Ch., West Hartford, Conn. ; P. West Hartford, '94-97; 
West Hartford and Elmwood, Conn., '97; 2nd Ch., Richmond, R. I., June 1, '97—. 

BARTLETT, William Porter, 25 Sacramento St., Cambridge. Mass.— Born, 

Plymouth, Mass., June 14, '47; B. U., R. I., B. A.. '78; New. T. S., Mas,., '81; Lie. 
Sept. 15, '78. Oak Lawn Ch., R. I.; Ord. Tune 28, '81, Hudson Ch., N. H.; P. Hud- 
son, N. H., '81-83; Lexington, Mas*., '83-84; Camoton V'lla^e, "84-87; Mender, N. 
H., '87-89; N. Springfield, Vt., : 89 92; N. Oxford, '92-93; Manchaug and S. Sutton, 
Mass., "93-98. 

BARTLEY, Walter T,, Huckabee, Ga. — Born. Whitesville. G*. ; Stud.Antioch 
Acao., Gl; L^c. '92. Anuoch, Ga.; Ord. '95, County Line Ch.. Ga.; P. Sh tdy 
Grove, 7 95-96 ; Union, '95—; Antioch, "96— ; Bethlehtm, '96— ; M'. Olive, Ga.. '97— . 

BARTON, Arthur James, Richmond, Va. — Born, Craighead Co., Ark.; Stud. 
So. Wn. U., Tenn.; Lie. Aug. 18, '85, Enterprise Ch., Ark.; Ord. Oct., '68, 1st Ch., 
Jonesboro, Ark. ; P. Baesville, Ark., "8S-S9 ; Various country and village Chs., in 
West Tenn., '89-94; North Edgefield, Nashville, Tenn., '94-96; A Cor. Src. For. 
My. Ed., So. Bap. Conv. Aug. 20, '96—. 

BARTON, Oliver Cromwell, Gowensville, S. C — L ; c. '84, Glassy Mountain 
Ch., fc. C; Ord. '86; S. Glassy Mountain, Head of Tiger, Pleasant Hill, Oak Grove, 
Lima, Fairview, M . Locust Creek, M~. Lebanon, Columbus, Hyland, S. C. 

BARTON, William J., McRae, Ga. — Born, Canton, Ga. ; Lie. C j nton Ch.. Ga. ; 
Ord. Ju y, "85, Marietta Ch., G^.; P. Taylorsville, 3% yrs. ; Beach Springs, 2 yrs ; 
7th Ch'., Atlanta, 1^ yrs.; Hazlehunt, 3 yrs.; MeRae, Ga.. 7 yrs. 

BASCOM, Charles Edwin, Attica, N. Y — Born, Clarksaw, N. Y. ; B ockport 
Collegiate Inst., N. Y., "64; Rod). T. S., N. Y., "70; Lie. Sept., '67, Brockport Ch., 
N. Y.; Ord.Julv, 70, Potsdam Ch., N. Y.; P. Potsdam, '70-92; Lima, '92-96; 
Attica, N. Y., '96—. 

BASHAM, John Alva, Glade, Ala.— Born, Bashams, Ala.; Stud. Enfield, 111.; 
O-d. '93, Hopewell C-., Ala.; P. Hopewel , '93-96 Ebenezer, 93-97; Flint Creek, 
'94-95, '98-99; G >od Hope, '97; Sardis, '98-99; Logan, '98; Mt. Hope, '98-99; 
Liber' y, '99. 

BASKIN, Joel, Clinton, Miss.— Born, Brock, Miss.;Miss. C, M. A.. '79; Lie. 
Sept., '74, ano Ord. Oct., ? 78, New Hope Co.; P. New Hope, 79; Bethanv and B-ach 
Grov~, '80; Brownsville, "81-82 ; Mound Blurt", '82-83 ; New Hone and M'. Pleasant, 
'84-85; Emory, 78; Antioch, '98; Belzjna and Silver City, '86-90; Bear Creek, '92— . 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 55 

BASS, John H., Elmo, Va.— Born, Halifax Co., Va. ; Stud. Bethel Hill Inst., 
N. C, and S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. May 26, '88; Ord. Aug. 12, '01., M*. Zion Ch.; P. 
Arbor. '92-94; Bethel, 92-97; Ellis Creek, '92-96; Mill Stone, "93 ; Republican Grove, 
'93; Wimms Creek, '97; Shtckoe, '97. 

BASS, Samuel Roberson, Turner, S. C. — Born, near Laurens, S. C; Stud. 
Fountain Inn High Sen., S. C; Pre-byterian C, Clinton, S. C; Lie. July, '97, War- 
rior Creek Ch ; Ord. Aug., '97, Langley Ch., S. C; P. Langley, 1 yr. ; Greenpon, 
Matlock, Talatha, S. C— . 

BASSELLE, Almond, 1700 Market St., 'Harrisburg, Pa.— Born, So. Hart- 
ford, N. Y.; Cg. U., N. Y., B. A., '59; Roch. T. S. N. Y ., M. A., '63; Lie. Hart- 
ford Ch., N. Y.; Ord. '63 1st Ch., Rochester, N. Y.; P. 1st Ch., Cential Cv., Colo- 
rad >, '63; 2nd Ch., Brooklyn, E. D., N. Y., '65; 1st Ch., Meriden, Conn., '67-70; 1st 
Ch., Melrose, Montana; Mission Ch., San Mateo, Fla. 

BASSETT, James E., Strawberry Plains, Tenn. — Born, Weaverville, N. C; 
Stud. Mars Hill, N. C; Lie. and Ord. Apr. 8, '87, Greenville Ch., Ala.; P. Pleasant 
Hill, Jupiter, '92; Black Mt. Station, Cooper's Station, N. C, '93; Ev. work, '93—. 

BASSETT, Philo C, 255 Woodward Ave., Detroit, Mich.— Born, Otsego 
Co., N. Y.,'21; S'ud. Fairmount T. S.. O ; Lie. '55, Salida Ch., O.; Ord. Parshal- 
ville Ch., Mich., '57; P. Parshalville, Flushing," Ovid, Shephardsville, Nashville, and 
Woodland, Mich, 

BASSETT, Wayland G., Fulton, N. Y.— Born, Volney, N. Y ; S ud. Oswegc 
Normal, N. Y.; Lie. and Ord. Mar. 26, '93, Hanson Place Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y.; P 
Union Course, L. 1. ; 9th Ch., Syracuse, N. Y. 

BASTEN, William Frederick, Amenia, N. Y.— Born, Marbletown, N. Y.; Stud. 
Roxbury Acad., N. Y.; Cg. U., N. Y., B. A., '65; Grad. U., Roch., N. Y.; Roch. 
T. S., N. Y., '68; Lie. Ro endale Ch.; Ord. Aug. 12, '68, LeRov Ch., N. Y.; P. 
LeRov, N. Y , '68-70; Cleveland, O., '70-74; Roadstown, N. J. ,''74 84; Mamfield, 
Mass., '84-90; Troy, P^., '90-93; Adams, '93-95; Amenia, N. Y., '96— . 

BASTIAN, Alexander Stewart, Dykeman's, N. Y.— Born, Pittsburg, Pa.; Buck. 
U., Pa.,B. A., 76; Cm. T. S., P-., '79; Lie. '72, Washington St. Ch., Wdliamsport, 
Pa.; Ord. Dt-c. 30, '79, Milford Ch., Del. P. Milford, Del., '79-80; Livingston and 
Northfield, '80-93; Hamburg, '94-96; Dykeman's, N. Y., '96-99. 

BASTOW, Jonathan, Peterboro, Ont., Can.— Born, Bradford, En?., Dec. '35; 
Cg. U., B.A., '61.; .VI. A., '64; Har.T. S., N. Y.; Lie. '55, Zi m Ch., Bradford, 
Eng., and '57, Hamilton Ch., N. Y.; Ord. Nov. '67, 1st Ch , Winona, Minn.; P. 
Port Chester, Ogdensburg, N. Y. ; Natick, Mass.; Freemont Ch., New York, N. Y. ; 
Peterboro, Ont.; Supplie i Several Chs. 

BATCHELDER, Frederic Lyman, Stafford, Conn. — Bom, Andover, N. H., 
Jan. 17, '15; B. U., R. I., B. A., '39, M A., '42; New. T. S., M.i-s., '42; Lie. S-pt. 
29, '39; Ord. Aug. 26, '43, Meiwiv Ch., Mass ; P. East Longmeadow, Mass., '43-15, 
'52; Stafford, Conn., '52-59, '66-98. 

BATE, Edward, Middlefiedd, N. Y.— Born, Blisland, E ^g. ; Stud. Theol. in 
Ens.; Ord. Am . 6, '93, Marine s H rbor Ch., N. Y.; P. East Nassau, and Hoags 
Co., '93-95; Pleasant Valley, '92 98; Middlefield, Roseboom, N. Y., '98—. 

BATEMAN, J. J., Hartsville, S. C— Born, Sumter, S. C; Ord. New Provi- 
dence Ch., S. C. ; P. New Providence, Gum Branch, Bethel, Elizabeth; My. Olivet, 
P!sgah, S. C. 

BATEN, Anderson E., Brownwood, Tex. — Born, Ooffee Co., Ala.. Oct. 5, '55; 
Stud. Bay. U.,Tex.; Lie. '80; Ord. '81, Friendship Ch., Tex.; P. Lone Elm, '81- 
83; Marlin, '84-85; Brenham, '85-88; Navasota, '88-89; Broadway Ch., Ft. Worth, 
'90-93; McKinney, '93-94; Brownwood, Tex., '94; Au. Pamphlets on "Lord's Sup- 
der," "Evils of Infant Baptism," Am. Bap. Pub. Soc, "Theatre-Going," "The So- 
cial Dance," "Gambling or Gaining," "Analysis of Old and New Testaments." 

56 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BATES, George William, 205 Ixgraham St., Bay City, Mich.— Born, De- 
troit, Mich.: Stud. Alma C, Mich.; Moodv Bible Inst., Chicago; Lie. Oct. 19, '93, 
La Salle Ave, Ch., Chicago, 111.; Ord. Mar. 18, '95, Bear Lake, Mich.; A. P. and 
Mv. Bear Lake, Mich.. Jan.-Oet., '95 : P. Schoolcraft, Mich., '95-96; M v. under 
State Bd., '96-97: P. South Ch., Bay City, Mich., '97—; Ed. "The Gleaner." 

BATES, J. D., Egger, Ark.— Born, Polk Co., Ark.: Lie. '91, Brush v Creek, 
Ark.: Ord. '93, Mv. Bap.; P. Brushy Creek., '93-96; Sulphur Sqrinos, '95-99; Lib- 
erty, Ark., '98-99/ 

BATES, Miller McAfee, Dunn, Ga.— Born, Hall Co., Ga. ; Lie. Nov. 3, '83; 
Ord. Sept. 6, "85, Pleasant Valley Ch., Ga. : P. Cool , Springs, '86; Zion Hill, '87; 
Pleasant Vallev, Mt. Pisgah, Alaculsv. Libertv, '88; Pleasant Vallev, Mt. Pisgah, 
'89; Mt. Pisgah, Pleasant Vallev, Zion Hill," '90; Pleasant Vallev, Mt. Pleasant, 
Zion Hill Dewberrv, '91: Pleasant Vallev, Zion Hill, Dewberrv. "92 : Pleasant 
Vallev. Mt. Piscrah,*Mt. Hermon, "93: Dewberrv, '94-97 ; Mt. Pisgah, '98; Dewberry, 
Mt. Pisgah, Ga^, '99. 

BATES, Richard Perry, Etowah, O. T.— Born, Altus, Ark.: Stud. Hallie, 
Choctaw Nation: Lie. Aug. 15, "93, and Ord. Feb. 18, '94, Union, O. T. : P. High- 
land, '94-95: West Minster, '95-98: Blue Creek, '95-98; Harmony, O. T., '98 — . 

BATES, Robert, Bluff City, Tenx.- Born, Blontsville. Tenn.: Stud. H. Sch., 
Fall Branch, Tenn.; Lie. '69; Ord. '78, Fall Creek Ch., Tenn.; Preached in 31 Cos, 
in Tenn., Va. and N. C. 

BATES, William Elliott, 166 North St., Halifax, N. S.-Born, Thompson, 
Conn.; Conn. Lit. Inst., '70: Stud. Cg. U., X. V.: Lie. "66, East Thompson Ch., 
Conn.; Orel. Feb. '76, 3rd Ch., Norwich, Conn. ; P. 3rd Ch.. Norwich, "75-78: 1st 
Ch., Waterford, Conn., '78-83: Penaeook Ch., Concord N. H., '83-87: Portland St. 
Ch... Haverhill, Mass., '87-97; Halifax, N. S., Mar. '98—. 

BATES, Wesley E., Kirkwood, Mo.— Born, Champion, N. Y.; Stud. Vn. 
Acad., N. Y.: Cg. U., B. A., '73, XL A.. '75: Ham. T. S., N. Y.,'75: Lie. '69 
Great Bend Bap. Ch.; Ord Sept. 28, 75, Lanark Bap. Ch., 111.; P. Lanark, '75-78 
Fort Dodge, 111., '78-80; Crawfordsville, Ind., '80-84: El Dorado, Kan., 'S4-83 
Bethanv Ch., Denver, Colo., '89-90: Washington, Kan, 95-97; Kirkwood, Mo., 

BATESON, Frederick R. William, D«-xisox. Ia.— Born, New Ferrv, Cheshire, 
Eng.; Stud. Lenox C, Des Moines C, B. A., '95; Chicago U., B. D., '98, M. A., 
'98: Lie. 1st Ch., Worthington, Ga., VI ay 24, '91: Ord. 1st Ch., Denison, la., Feb. 
1, "98; S. Chs. Grand Junction and Toledo, Ia ; Custer Park, Fernwood, Chicago 
and Morris, 111. 

BATSON, Andrew J., Earnest, Ga.— Born, Jefferson Co., Ala.: Lie. Sept. 
'84; Ord. '86, Oak Grove Ch. : P. Oak Grove and Smithville Chs. 

BATTEN, Samuel Zane, 38 Early S., Morristown, X. Y.— Born, Swedes- 
boro, N. J., Aug. 10, '59: Buck. U., P;<., B. A., '85, M. A., '88; Lie. Gethesemane 
Ch., Philadelphia, Pa.; Ord. Aue. 31, '86, Tioga Ch., Tioga, P;.; Served the follow- 
ingChs.: Tioga, Brookvil'e, 1st Ch., ManayunV, Philadelphia, 1st Ch., Morristown, 
N. Y.; Amity, N. Y., '94-95; Au. "The New Citizenship."' 

BATTLE, Archibald J., Anniston, Ala.— Born, Powelton, Ga.: S^ud. Mer. 
U., Ga.; U. <U" Ala., B. A., '46, M. A., '49; Coin. U., D. C, D. D., '72; U., of Ga., 
D. D.,'73; How. C, Ala., D. D., 72; Mis*. C, LL D., '84: Lie. and Ord. '53, 
Tuskegee Ch., Ala. ; S. Enon, Ala., '53; P. Tu>cdoosa, Ala., '55-56: S. '56-57; S. 
S >arta, '7+-75: Eatonton, '78; Sandersvi le, Ga., '81-85: Tutor of A icient L-muuages, 
U. of A'a.. '50-51; Prof. Greek, '56-60; Prof. E. A. F. C, '52-55: Pres. Ala. Cen- 
tral F. C, '60-62; Pre^. E. A. F. C, '62-67; Jud>on F. Instructor, '65-72: Pres. Mer. 
U.,Ga., '71-S9: Ed. "South Western Baptist," Tuskegee, Ala., 64-95; Au. "The 
Human Will," '76. 

BATTLE, Henry Wilson, Petersburg, Va.— Born, Tuskegee, A'a. ; Sutd. 
Mer. U., Ga.;W. F.C., N.C., D. D.: Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky. O-d. '79, Tuskegee Ch., 
Ala.: P. l<t Ch., Columhu-, Miss.: l>t Ch., Petersburg, Va., 7 vr.-=; Admitted ta< 
Bar at Eufaula, Ala., at 19, 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 57 

BAUCOM, Daniel Thomas, IIighlandville, Mo. — Born, Johnston Co., Mo.; 
Lie. : 6S, Brighton Bap. Ch., Vlo. ; Ori. 71, Mr. View Bap. Ch., Mo.; P. Hopewell, 
10 yrs.: Washington Forest, 1-yr ; Capernum, 1 yr. ; Union 5 >rs.; Mr. Veiw, I vr.; 
Union Hall, 1 yr. ; Asher Creek, 6 mo*. ; East Ave., 8 mos. ; Enon and Concord, 1 jr. ; 
Brighton, 2}. 2 yrs.; Shiloh, 1 yr. ; Mt. Cdvary, 2 yrs.; Highlandsville, 4 yrs. ; Elk 
Valley, 1 yr. ; Rock Spring, 1 yr. ; Eau De Vie, 3 yrs.; Richwood, 2 yrs. ; Sparta, 6 
mos.; Mt. Sinai, 2 yrs.; E. M<\ Sinai; Smyrna, Mo. — . 

BAUCOM, Sterling Franklin, Lin flat, Tex;— Born, Millvflle, Tex.; Lie. June, 
'89, Hemnhih P.airie Ch., Tex.; Ord. July, '90, Red Land Ch., Tex.; P. Red Land, 
-4 yrs.; Eden, 4 yrs.; Reed's Mountain, 3 yrs.; C ledonia, 2 yrs.; Union, 2 yrs.; 
Glen fawn, 4 yrs. ; New Salem, 3 yrs.; C )ol Springs, 1 yr. ; Myrtle Springs, 1 yr. ; 
Cold Springs, 5 yrs.; Sulphur Springs, 2 yrs.; Trinity, Tex., 2 yrs. 

BAUCUM, John Allen, Springville, Tenn.— Born, 16th. Dist., Henry Co., 
Tenn.; Lie. June 1, '97, and Ord. Nov. G, '97, Union, Tenn. 

BAUDER, Harvey Watson, Pixley, Calif.— Born, Amesville, N. Y.; Lie. 171, 
Pleasant Grove Ch., Independence, Mo.; Ord. '86, Woodville Ch., Calif.; P. Wood- 
ville, Calif., Several yrs. 

BAUGHMAN, Lycurgus John, Versailles, Mo. — Born, Florence, Mo.; Stud. 
Ana Seh., Florence-, Mo.: Lie. '70, and OH. Nov. 1, '72, Flore ce, Vlo.; P. Pie i«ant 
Hill, '73-75; Bethlehem, 76 ; Mr. Olive, '78-81 ; Same, '83-86 ; Sime, 92; S ime, '9fc* 
Syracuse, '78-81"; Freedom, '79-80; Mr. Carmei, '84-94 ; Salem, "85-94 ; Central Gra- 
vois, '86-91; Same, '95: Ritchie, '86-9S ; Big B ffalo, '90 96; Beulah, '92-93; Olive 
Branch, '94-96; Big Buffalo, '97—; Oak Grove, '98—; Flat Creek, '83-85 ; Lamine, 
Mo., '86-88. 

BAUGHMAN, T. H., Gravois Mills, Mo.— Born, Florence, Mo., Feb. 11, '51 : 
Lie. June 24, '95, New Hope Ch., M>.; Ord. Nov. 29, '96, Union Ch., Mo.; P. 
Union, '95-96; Central Giavois, '96-99; Pleasant Grove, '96-99; Pnrver, 8 mos.; 
Purves, Mar. 9, '99; Richey, Mo., Jan. 1, '99—. 

BAUM, Henry Christ, 39 Charles St., Jersey Cy. Heights, N. J. — Born, 
Munhardt, Wurttenberg ; Wesleyan Methodist T. S., Cannsiatt, Wurttenberg, '90; 
Ord. Jan. 28, '95, G rm. Ch., jamesburg, N. j. ; P. Germ. Ch., Jamesburg, '94-96; 
Germ*. Pilgrim Ch., Jersey Cy.*, N. J., '96—. 

BAUMES, John Ross, 33 Fitzgerald Building, Indianapolis, Ind. — Born, 
Carlisle N. Y., Dec. 28, '33; Cg. U., N. Y., '57; M. A., '59; D. D., '74, Frank. C, 
Ind.; Lie. '58. South Ch.', New York, N. Y.; Ord. Dec. 28, '59, 1st Ch., Westfield, 
Mass.; P. 1st Ch., Westfield, Mass., '59-61; Chaplain 61st Vol. '61-62; P. 1st Ch., 
New London, Conn., 62-64; 1st Ch., Springfield, O., '65-69; Trinitv Ch., Spring- 
-field, O., '68-72; Ed. "Journal and Messenger," 72-76; "Baptist Quarterly," '79-84. 

BAUMGARTNER, Theophilus F., 210 Division St., Watertovvn, Wis.— 
Born, Germany; German ^em., Rochester, N. Y., "96; Lie. May, '93, Heightstown 
Bap. Ch,, N J.; Ord. Sept 3, 96, Watertown, Wis.; P. Watertown, Wis/ 

BAWDEN, Henry Heath', Granville, O.— Born, Totnes, Eng. ; Cg. U., N. Y., 
B. A., '64; M.A. *66 ; Ham. T. S., N. Y., '66; Lie. Aug." '62, Middletown, 
N. Y.; Ord. Apr. 28. '63, New Durham N.J.; P. Elyria, '66-74; Oberlin, 74-78; 
Central Ch., Dayton, O., '78-86; Champaign, 111., '86-89; District My. Ohio Bap. 
Conv., '90—. 

BAWDEN, William Henry, 239 Willet Ave.. Port Chester, N. Y.— Born, 
New York, N. Y.; Columbia C, N. Y., B. A., '93; Un. T. S., N. Y., '96; Lie. '93, 
Calvary Ch.. New York, N. Y.; Ord. '96, North Ch., Port Chester, N. Y. ; P. 
'.North Ch., Port Chester, N. Y., June, '96—. 

BAXTER, Cornelius S„ Orpheus, O. — Born, New Harrisburg, O.; Lie. '70; 
Ord. Oct. 14, 77, Hunting Bap. Ch., O.; P. Hunting, White Oak, Prospect, Ver- 
non. O., '98-99; S. Bethlehem, Fairview, O, 

58 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

. " s 

BAXTER, Jesse S., Costner, Tenn.- Born, Sevier Co., Term.; Stud. Pub. 
Sch.; Lie. Mar. 10, "88, and Ord. July 9, "93, Rocky Grove, Tenn.; S. Rocky Grove, 
Tenn.; Colp. and S. S. My. 3 yrs. 

BAY, James M., Fremont, Neb.— Born, Warren Co., 111.; Stud. Hidding C., 
111.; Lie. '77 and Ord. '78, Greenfield, la. ; P. Moville, '79; Gowrie. '82; Homer, 
'83-87; Ridgeport, la., '87-89; Herman and New England, 1 yr. ; Chappell, Mason 
City, Laclede, Cedar Rapids, Hooper, Emmanuel, Neb. — . 

BAY, John James, Simmons, Mo. — Born, Cuba, Mo.; Lie. Nov. 1. '84, Mt. Zion 
Ch;, Mo.; Ord. Aug. '88, Whiteoak Grove Ch., Mo.; P. Happy Home, '89-92; Ca- 
bool, '92-93; Chapel Hill, '93; Union,3vrs.; Zion, '93-95; Emmaus, '96 99; Spring 
Valley, '97-99; Christian Home and Pleasant Run, Mo., '96-98; Organized 2 Cs.; P. 
Simmons, Rockv Branch, Mountain View, Hoviston, Mo.; Mv, Tex. Co. Asso., 
Mo., 2% yrs. 

BAYLESS, "William Charles, Mossy Creek, Tenn.— Born, Gudger, Tenn.; C- 
N. C, Tenn., B. A., '75; S. B. T. S., Ky., B. D.; Lie. '79 and Ord. '75, Chesnut, 
Tenn.; P. Buffalo, Mansfield Gap, Meridian, Mossy Creek, Tenn. ; Colp. My. Am. 
Bap. Pub. Soc, Philadelphia, Pa.; Ed. Small paper; "A New Chapter in Baptist 
Church Disipline,'' " Receiving Members bv Relation." 

BAYNE, "William Simeon, Chillicothe, O.— Born, Glenville, W. Va. ; Stud. 
Kv. State C, and S. B. T. S., Kv. ; Lie. and Ord. Tune 9, '89, Mt. Olivet Bap. Ch., 
Ky.; P. Alexandria, Kv., '89-9i ; Westwood, '91-94; Tabernacle, Chillicothe, O., 
'94—. " *" 

BEACH. Henry Hudson, Charles City, Ia.— Born, Eaton, N. Y.; Sh. C-, B. 
A., '60; New. T. S., '69; Ord. Market S., Bap. Ch., Zanoville, O., *90 ; S. S. Mar ' 
ket S<"., Zanesville, O. ; P. Lyt amore S r ., Milwaukee, 0\ v atonna, L 'ke City, Minn. ; 
Sheboygan Falls, Appleton, Wis.; Leadville, Broadwav, Denver, Golden, Colo.: 
Charles City, la., '94—. 

BEACH, W. R«, King's Creek, N. C— Born, Caldwell C-., N T . C; Shi*. 
Hibriten Acad, and Taylorsville Colle^'ate Inst.; Lie. Dec. 24, '92; Ord. Apr. 25, 
'96, King's Creek Ch., N.C.; P. Beave Creek, Dudley Shoals, Bai.' & Fork, Little 
Rock, Mt. Carmel, N. C. 

BEADLES, J. M., Louisa, Va.— Born, Louisa, Va. ; Ord. Sep\ 20, '93, Anh'och 
Ch.; P. Antioch, 6 yrs.; New Hope, Wilder ne-s and Zion, 2 yrs; Little River, 6 yrs. 
BEAGLE, T, "Warren, Stamping Ground, Ky. — Born, Flage Springs, Ky. ; 
Stud. A*- pen Grove Sem., Ky.; Lie. '59; Ord. Nov. 24, '61, F'agg Spring Ch., Ky. ; 
P. Plea-ant Ridge, Ky. ; Grants Creek and Rising Sun, Ind.; Moores Hill and Vevay, 
Ind., 10 yrs.; M'. Pleasam, 8 yrs.; Nicholsville and East Hickman, 8 yrs.; Stamping 
Ground, Ky., 4 yrs. 

BEALE, Frank Brown, Tappahannock, Va. — Bom, Hague, Va. ; S'ud. R. C, 
Va.; G ad. S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie 71, and Ord. Nov. 16, ; 73, Machodoc Ch., Va. ; 
P. Nomini, '74-89; Menokin, "76-89 ; Mach doc, '75-89; Ephesus, "89-92; Centennial, 
'75-81, and '89; Upper King and Queen, Va., '92 — . 

BEALE, George "William, Heathsville, Va. — Born, Westmoreland Co., Va ; 
Stud. Piedmont Acad., Culm poer Military In>t. ; Washington and Lee U., Va., D. D., 
'93; S. B. T. S., Kv., '68; Lie. '65, and'Or^. Oct. IS, '68, Machodoc Ch., Va. ; P. 
Machodo- and P pe's Cretk, Va., '68-73; Gay S\ C^., Georgetown, D. C, '74-78; 
Be hca>-, Black Walntu, South B 'Ston, '79-82; Enon and Buchanan, '83-94; Coan and 
Fairfield, Va., '95 — ; Ed. Revised Edition of^emple's History of Virginia Bap'ists."' 
BEALER, Alexander "Winkler, Cartersvilt e, Ga. — Born, Darlington, S. C; 
Boys High Sch., Atlanta, Ga., '79; Lie. Oct., '96; Ord. Dec, '96, Jackson Hill Ch., 
Atlan'a, Ga.; Cnurt and Political Reporter 'or the "Atlanta Journal" 10 yrs. ; P. 5th 
Ch., Atlanta, '96-99; 1st Ch., Cartel sville, Ga., Feh. 1, '99—. 

BEALLE, John Thomas, Northport, Ala. — Born, Tuscaloosa Co., Ala. ; Stud. 
Tuscaiuo>a Mtie High S.-h.; Lie. Oct., >$$. Ord. June, '90, North Port, Ch. ; P. 
Flauvoods, '90; Carroll Creek, '90-92; Bethany, 3 yrs. ; Romulus Ala., '93-98; S. 
Broowkood, 1 yr. ; Windhamsprings, Ala., 2 yrs. ; P. Little Sand\ , '97 — ; Hopewell, 
Ala., '59—; Ei*. "We^t A abama Breeze." 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 59 

BEAM, John Alexander, Bethel Hill, N. C— Born, Cleveland Co., N. C. ; W\ 
F. C, N. C, B. A., '86; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky. : Lie. '80; Ord. May, '86, New 
Bethel Ch., N. C; P. Red Mr., Antioch, Berrvs Grove, Olive Branch', Mt. Zion y 
Bethel, Sharon, N.C.: Cross Roads and Mt. Vernon, Va. ; Pres. Bethel Hill Inst.,, 
N. C— . 

BEAMAN, James F„ Lebanon, Ind. — B«rn, Cataract, Ind.; Stud. Ladoga 
Sem., Ind.; Lie. Mar. 11, 71; Ord. Mar. 29-30, 72, Cataract Ch., Ind.; P. Number 

BEAN, James, Magnolia Springs, Tex. — Born, Magnolia Springs, Tex.; Lie, 
'92, and Ord. Dec. '93, Fellowship, Tex.; P. Union Hill, Erin and Holly Springs, '95- 
96; Fellowship, '97; Beech Grove, '98; Walnut, '94; Walnut Hill, Laurel and New- 
ton, Tex. 

BEAN, Lovelesss L., Lundy, Va. — Born, Grayson Co., Va.; Lie. '87; Ord, 
'92, Fellowship Ch., Va.; P. Fellowship, Va., '89-90. 

BEARD, Jabez Elliott, Westerville, Ia.— Born, Marion Co., la., June 18th, '62;; 
Stud. Des M. C. Ia.; Grad. Gibbons Collegiate Inst.; Lie. Jan. 5th, '84, 1st Ch. r 
Gibbon, N-b. ; Ord. Aug. 31st, '87, Liberty Ch., Minden, Neb.; P. Liberty & Over- 
ton, Neb., '87-88; Macksburg, la., '91-94; Libert , '93-94; Blockton, '95-96; Camden, 
'96-9S; Tuskeege, Lamoin, & Burrell, la., "98— . 

BEARD, William, Seymour, Ia. — Born, Henry Co., Ia. ; Lie. June 11. '65, Locust 
Grove C >., Ia. ; Ord. Dec. 3, "68, Providence Ch., Li.: P. Providence, '68-69; Hope- 
well, 74-77; Chequest Union, Beulah, Hickory Grove, 77-80; Charleston, New Hope,, 
War en, '80-83; Unitv, Peoria, la.; 1 yr. ; F lirview, New Zion, M 1- . Zion, Mo., 1 yr. ; 
Livingston, Ia, '91-94; M*. Pleasant, '93-99; Little Flock, '92-93; Charitan River,, 
6 mo. in '93; Foster, '93-94 ; Chequest Union, Udell, la., Mar. '99; Colp. "69-74. 
Much Ev. Work. 

BEARDEN, William Jefferson, Paragould, Ark.— Born, Oak Bluff, Ark.; Stud. 
Tom >son C. In-t. Paragould, Ark.; L c. 76; Ord. Jul v, '81, Blooming Grove Ch, 
Ark.; P. Havwo-xls Chapel, '81; Bioo ning Grove, '83-84, "87; Hopewell, '85-87 
Green way, '86; New Hope, '86-87; P ovidence, '88-90; Friendship, Ark., '90-98 
Rock Hill, Ark., '87-94; Fairvi w, '94-96; Bi ch Tree, '95-99 ; Philadelphia, "95-97 
Case Island, Ark., "97-99; 2nd Ch., Jonesboro, Mo., '97-99; Oak Grove, Ark., '9S-99 
Asso. Ed. " Baptist Gleaner." 

BEARDSLEE, George R., Dansville, Mich.— Born, Hunts, N. Y., Oct. 13, 
'63; Gr*d. Genrseo, Normal Sch., N. Y., '84; Biyant and Strattons Business C.,. 
Buffalo, N. Y., '85; Lie. Feb., '95, Warsaw Ch., Ind.; Ord. Dec. 4, '95, Washington 
Tp., Whitley Co., Ind.; S. Oswego, Ind , 4 mo., '95; S. Larwill, Ind., 7 mo., '95; P. 
Sebastopol," '95-96; Washington Tp. Ch., 22 mos.; West Union, 1 yr. ; Liberty 
Center, Ind., Apr. to Nov. '97; Danville, Mich., June 12, '98 — . 

BEARDSLEE, Willard Wert, Dimcndale, Mich. — Born, Caneadea, N. Y. ; 
Stud. Rushtbirl Acad.; Roch. Collegiate Inst.; Lie. Mav 10, 1858, Hume Ch., N. Y.; 
OH. Oct. 30, '66, Davisville Ch., P..,; P. Sateen, Pa/, '66 68; Clifton Park, N. Y.„ 
74; CarThaae, HI., 68-70; Cincinnati^, '75; M mterey and Hornbv, '80-82; Ran- 
dolph, N. Y., '82-84; Oved Center, Palo, Lyons md Dimondale, Mich., 'S9 ; Ed, 
"Voice of Truth;" Au. "The Sabbath and S -venth Day Aria;" Baptist Pub.S3C, 95;; 
"Gre k Words in Baptism;" Am. B. P. S >c. '9 {. 

BEATTE, lames W.— Cascade, Ia.— Born, Cascade, la.; Stud. Lenox C, and 
Cascade AraH., Ia ; Lie, '69, Ca^cad^ Ch., Da. ; Ord. 74, White Cloud Ch., M >. ; P. 
Cascade, 'S6-92 ; Worthington, la., '88-92 ; S White Cioud, Mo., 72 ; S. Worthing- 
ton, la — . 

BEASLEY, Robert, Pikesville, Ky.— Lie. 1864 and Ord. '67. 

BEASLEY, Thomas A. J., Poplar Springs, Miss.— Bor-. Elh'stown, Miss.;:. 
Poplar Springs Normal C, N. C ; B. S., 1>91 ; B. A "92; Lie. Sept. '88; Ord. May 
'91, Mt. Gilead Ch., Miss,; P. Ell^town, "91-97; Birmingham, '93-95; Zion Hill, 
'94-96; P -plar Springs, *95 ; Guntown,"93; Blue Springs, "95; Wallersville, Miss.,, 
'98; Poplar Springs, '97; Ellistown High Sch., '93-95; Blue Springs, N. C, '96. 

'50 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BEASLEY, William Henry, 1400 Main St., Columbus, O.— Born, Harris- 
burgh, Va.; S. B. T. S , Ky„ B. D., '93; Lie. '73: Orel. '85 Trenton Ch.: P. Smith- 
field, Cambridge, Wilmington, Greenfield, Jamestown, Eden Ch. and Mars St. Ch. 
Columbus, O. 

BEAUCHAMP, Harvey, Lamar, Mo—Born, Crawfordsville, Ind.: Stud. Dal- 
las G., Tex., and Wm. Jew. C, Mo.; Lie. '82,-Paris Ch., Mo.: Ord. Ian. 20 '89, 1st 
Ch., Eureka Springs, Ark.; S. Kinderhook, 111., '86-97: P. Eureka Springs, >8-90; 
Judsonia, '90-92; Van Buren, '92-94; Springdale, '94-9*> ; Eureka Springs, Ark., '95 
^-98; Lamar, Mo., '95: An. "infant Baptism Unreasonable and Unseriptural ;'* 
"Review of Noble on Infant Baptism;" 'Close Communion Made Plain." 

BEAVEN, Josheph H., Mendota, III.— Born, London, Eng. ; Stud. State U., 
Ore.; Shurt. C, 111., B. A., >4, M. A., '88; Div. Sch. Shurt. C, 111., B. D., '86; 
Lie. Upper Alton Ch., 111.; Ord. Mton Ch., 111.: S. Bunker Hill. 111., '82; P. 
Litchfild, '83-S5; Lincoln, 111., '86; P. Walla Walla, "86-92; 1st Ch., Spokane, 
^Vash., '92-96; Mendota, Ills., '96—. ♦ 

BRAVEN t Samuel William, Bukton, Washingt n.— Born, Bradford on Avon, 
England; >tud. MeMinnville C, Ore.; Lie. '75; Ord. Oet. 14, '77, Mt. Olivet, Ore.; 
P. Colfax, Wash.; Moscow, Idaho; Gen. My. East Washington and Northern 
Idaho; P. Walla Walla, Puvallup, Centralia, * Burton, Wash., Pounder and Mgr. 
My. Children's Home, Burton, Wash. 

BEAVEN, Webley J., 123 Cooper Ave., Crmiier Hill, N. J.— Born, London, 
Eng.; Stud Shurt. Acad., 111.; Shurt. C, 111., Ph. B., '94; Stud. S. B. T. S., 'Kv.; 
Cro. T S, Pa., '97; Lie. '93, Uf per Alton Ch., 111.: Ord. Tune 9, '97, 1st Ch., 
Cramer Hill, N. J.; P. Drumore, Pa., '96-97; 1st Ch., Cramer Hill, N. J., '97—. 

BEAVER, Adam Howard. Iowa Falls, Ia. — Born, Lewisburgh, Pa.; Buck., 
U. Pa., B. S., 1893; Stud. Div. Sch, T\ Chicago; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '86; 
Lie. Feb. '84; 1st Ch. Lewisbmah, Pa.; Ord. Oci. '86, East Ch. Lebanon, O. ; P. 
East Ch. L-baion, '8^-88; Is Ch. Wyoming, O., '8S-91 ; Lt Ch. Saginaw, W. S. 
Mich.; '91-95; S. 1st Ch. Ithaca, Mich/Oet.-Dec. '95: S. 1st Ch. Alma, Mich., Jan.- 
Apr. '96; P. 1st Ch. Iowa Falls, la., "99—. 

BEAVER, Charles E„ Maiden, N. C— Born, China Grove, N. C; S ud. W. F. 
C, N. C; Lie. 1890, Beaver Dam Ch., N. C; Ord. '95, Warlick Chapel, N. C; 
P. Lonelady, S. John", WinkWs Grove, and Providence, N. C: Providence, 
'Thessalonica, & Salem, Lebanon,»N. C — . 

BEAVER, S.L., Belknap, III.— Born, Kentucky; Lie. Apr.; Ord. Sept. Bel- 
knap, III.; P. Hiilman, Horncan, Minerva, Ragnown, 111. 

BEBB t Charles, Cambridge, O. — Born, Milliards, O.; Stud. Newcomerstown High 
;Sch., Oire.bein U ., and S. B. T. S., Kv., Th. G., '93: Lie. Jan. 3, '91; Ord. Ju:v 6, 

'93. Big Da • hv C^., West Canaan, O.; S. Bi^ Darbv,We^t Canaan, O , '93-95;" P. 

Big D.irbv Ch., West Canaan, '95-96; Cambridge, '96-98: Ebmezer, Bethesda, O., 
:? «98— . 

BEBOUT, Israel M., Toll, Kv.— Born, Wayne Co., O.; Lie. 71; Ord. Feb. 
15, '80, Deer Creek Ch., O. ; P. 2 vrs. ; S. 10 yrs. 

BECK, Andrew Jefferson, Lithonia, Ga. — Born, Hancock Co., Ga.: S'ud. H. 
Sch., Pmrield, Ga. ; Mer. U., Ga., B. A., '70; M. A., '73; O d. Dec. 17, '71; Hous- 
ton Factor v Ch.; S. Houston Factory, '71-73; P. Marietta, Ga., 73-74; S. 4th Ch., 
Atlanta, Ga., 75-77; P. M lied^eville, Ga.. 78-S7; Voluma.v My. Fla., 'S7-S8 ; P. 
Eaton, '88-93; Monticello, '93-96 ; Lithonia, '96— ; Served Hmstbn Female C, 72- 
73; Ed. "Rural Southerner," 70-71; An. A Series of Bible Question Books. 

BECK, lames W., PiqyA, O.— Born, Rush Co., Ind.; Stud. Pub. Sch-., Olney, 
111.; Lie. Apr. 3, '80; Ord. Mav 4, '80, Olnev Ch., Ill : P. Flora and Noble, II!.; 
Gordon, Bethel, M . Pleasant, O^trander, Fletcher, B adford, Covington and Pemjer- 
iton, O. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 6\ 

BECK, Tohn David, Cantonment, Fla.— Born, Montgomery, Ala.: Stud. St. 
John'- U., Fla. and How. C., Ala.; Lie. Mar. '54; Ord. S pt. 11, '70, Pensacola Bap. 
Ch.,Fa.; P. Pensacola, 5 yrs.; Pilgrims Rest, 6 mo<., Montgomery Hil 1 , 2 yrs.; 
Mars Hill, 10 y*.; Grove Dale, 7 yrs; Moro Hill, Grow Dale aid Penys Pass, Fla. 
23 vrs.; Au. ""West Fla. Bap. History; "A White Buzzard, or Three Dreams o 

BECK, John James, Andrrson, S. C— Born, Ruckersville, Ga, ; Stud. H. Sch., 
Elberton, Ruckersville, and Paoh, Ga.; Mer. U., Ga., 1876-80, B. A. ; M. A., '80; 
Lie. Sept. '76, Bethe], Ga.; Ord. Nov., '83, Fork ot B oad Rive-, Ga.; P. Oak Grove, 
Hendrv'-, Rovston, Carnesville, Be hel, B irker's Oeek, Neal's Creek, Antioch, Indian 
Hill, Ga; P. Walhalla, S. C; Bethel, Lebanon, S. C; S. 1st Ch., Anderson, S. C; 
Ed. "Anderson Journa'.'' 

BECK, William Willis, Bryson, Tex.— Born, Fort Payne, Ala., Apr. 29, 1848; 
Stud. Poiter-vilU-, Ala. and Andrews Inst., Ala.; Lie. Sept., 1883, Clear Creek Ch.; 
Ord. Nov., "86, Antioch Ch.; P. Sharon, Tex., '88-89, Mr. Zion, Tex., '98. 

• BECKER, August, Greenvine, Tex. — Born, Loeckwicken, Ost-Thensen, Ger- 
many; Stud. Roch. T. S., N. Y., 1896; Lie. Mav 1, '90, Germ. Ch., Denton, Tex. ;• 
Ord. Oct. 15, '96, Germ. Ch., Brenham, Tex., '96-98; P. Greenvine, Tex., '98—. 

BECKER, Fred William, 41 Javt--:s St., Allegheny City. Pa.— Born, Drei- 
h.ausen, Marburg. Germany; Roch. T. S., N. Y., 1896; Lie. Feb. '93, Peoria Ch., 
111.; Ord. Aug. 9, '96, German Ch., Allegheny Ch., P*.; S. 1 t Ger. Ch., AUentown, 
Pa., '94-95; P. 1st Ger. Ch., Allegheny City, Pa., June 1, '96—. 

BECKER, Samuel, 453 Jefferson, St., Buffalo, N. Y.— Born, Hesse Cassel,^ 
Germany; Stud. Parochial Sch. Germany; Roch. T. S., N. Y., 1873-75; Lie. Aug., 
'73, l>t Germ. Ch., BufiVo, N. Y.; Ord. June 21, '75, Tavistock Ch., Ontario, Can.; 
P.Tavistock and Sebsingvllle, Ontario, Can., '75-77; Tavis'ock, Sebringviile and 
Logan, '77-79; Hanover and Brant, '79-84 ; Logan and Zuerich, Ontario, Can., '84- 
91; Holland, N. Y., '91-93. 

BECKWITH, George Sheldon, Herkimer, N. Y.— Born, Caiskill, N. Y. ; Cg. 
U., N. Y., B. A., ,92; M. A., "95. B. D., '95; Ham. T. S., '95; Lie. Bmmanuel Bp., 
Schenectady, X. Y., 88; 0;d. Bap. Newport, N. Y., '95; P. Newport, '93-95; Her- 
kimer, N. Y., '95, 

BEDELL, B., Peru, Neb.— Born, Niagara Co., N. Y., June 18, '25; Den. U., 
O., '52; Lie. '47; Ord. '53, Cireleville Ch., O. ; P. Cireleville', 8 yrs.; Wilmington, 
9 yrs. ; Jonah's Run, 8 yrs; Xenia, O., 10 yrs.; Peru, Neb. 7 yrs. 

BEDELL, D. J., Chandler, Tex. — Born, Ridge Grove, Ala.; Stud. Auburn, 
Ala., S. B. T. S., S. C; Lie. '67, Farmville Ch., Ala.-; Ord. Apr. 2, '69, Bethel Ch., 
Ala.; P. Bethel, A'a. ; Walnut Grove, Mi s. ; College Mound, Cedar Grove, Cma, 
Ten el, Rockwall, M ; . Pleasant, Farmer^ville, Piano, Elm Creek, Big Springs, Con- 
cord, Athens, Dean, Noonday, Harris Creek, Hopewell, Benwheeler, Mt. Sylvan, 
New Harmony, Tex. 

BEEBY, William Henry, Fairmount, III.— Born, Piasa, HI.; Shurt. C., I1L, B. 
A., 8o; M. A., '89; Div. Sch., Shurt. C, 111., '82; Lie. Jan., '81, and Ord. Aug. 30, 
'82, Fidelity Ch., Ill;; P. Fidelitv, 111., '81-82; Granite Falls, 82-87; Balaton and 
Canby, Minn., '87-88; Balaton and Lake Benton, Miss., '88-89; Hoopeston, 111., '90- 
91; F. M., A. B. M. U., 92-96; P. Fairmount, 111., '98—. 

BEECHER, George Fletcher, North Middleboro, Mass. — Born, Essex, Vt.; 
Essex Inst., '92; U. Vt., B.A., '96; Stud. New T. S., Mass.; Lie. '95, 1st Bap. Ch., 
Burlington^ Vt.; Ord. Aug. 25, '97, 1st Bap. Ch., Middleboro, Mass.; P.Guilford, 
Vt., '95-97; Middleboro, Mass , '97—. 

BEECHER, Luther F., Brookline, Mass.— Born, Goshen, Conn., Feb. 25, '13; 
Stud. Conn. CI. Inst., Yale U , '41 ; Un. C, D. D., '51; Lie. '37, 1st Ch., New 
Haven, Conn.; Ord. '41, 1st Ch., Trenton, N. J.; P. Trenton, N. J., 2 vrs.; Federal 
St. Ch., Portland, Me., 7 yrs.; Pearl St. Ch., Albany, N. Y., 4 yrs."; Saratoga 
Springs, 4 yrs. ; Stone Ch., Milton, N. Y., 7 yrs. 

62 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BEEK t Asa Web., Penrose, N. C— Born, Swain Co., N.C.,Jan. 22, '35; Lie, 
Apr. 16, '65; Ord. Oct. 8, 'QQ, Enon Bap. Ch., N. C; P. twenty-four different Chs. 

BEEN, Hugh L., Greenwood, Ark.— Born, Mississippi; Lie. Julv, '89; Ord. 
Mar. '90, Oak Grove Ch,: P. Providence. '90-91; Oak Grove, '92; Oak'Vallev, 93; 
Associational My, '94; Webb City, '95-96; Washburn, '96-97 ; Planter. '98-99; 
Burnville, '98-99; Charleston, '97; Jennie Lind, '98. - 

BEEKER, Squire Joseph, Moravian Falls, N. C. — Born, Jerusalem, N. C; 
Stud. Augusta Sem., W. F. C, N. C , B. A., '97; Ord. '96, Jerusalem Mr. Bap. Ch. 
N. C; P. Fork, '96-99; Liberty, '97-98; Advance, N. C, '97-98. 

BEERS, George ; Alton, South Pultney, N. Y.— Born, Havana, N. Y.; Stud. 
Cook Acad., N. Y.; Lie. Aug. 16, '89, Watkins Ch., N. Y. ; Ord. Aug. 28, '90, Pul- 
teney Ch., N. Y.; State My., N. Y.; P. Pulteney, N. Y., '89. 

BEESLEY, Charles Albert, 2318 O. St., Sacramento, Calif.— Born, England ;^ 
Stud. Lansdowne Acad.; Ord. Jan. 1, '90, Emmanuel Ch., Sacramento, Calif.; P. 
Emmanual Ch., Sacramento, Calif., '90. 

BEESON, Isaac Richard Marion, Princeton, Mo.— Born, Chesterfield District 
S. C; G. C, Ky., B A. 1871; Lie. Oct. 20 h, ^Q, Brush Creek Ch., Mo.; Ord. Sept. 
27th, '71; Lee's Summit Ch., Mo.; P Lee's Summit, '71; Beesonia, '72; Butler 73- 
74; LaGrange, '74-75; Chilli. othe, '75-77: Trenton, '77; Union, '78; Bedford, '78; 
Mt. Pleasant, '78; Antioch, '79-80; Woodland, '80-82; Clarence, '80-82; 
Union, Term., '80-82 ; Fii^ndship. '82-83; Bucklin, '82-84; P. Milan, '83-85; Hum- 
phrey, '84-85; Lindley, '84-85; S Gait, '85; P. Newtown, Zion, Mendota, Tenn., 
'84-85 ; Caliiornia, Pisgah, Clarksburg, '86; High Creek, '87-88; Mound City, Walk- 
ups Grove, '93-94; Farmingron, Three Rivers, Bismark, '89; Fredericktown, Tenn., 
"90; Tackson, '90-91; Prof. Mathematics, Farmington C. Mo,^S-90; Eufaula Inst., 
^85; Pres. Monroe City Inst , '80-S2 ; Prin. Lee's Summit Pub'ic Schs., '72: Mv„ '78; 
P. Bethel, Mo., '79-SO; State S. S. Work, '83; St. Francois, Mo., '96: My. Chinese, 
St. Louis Mo., '96; My. Mo., "97-98. 

BEHAN, Warren Palmer, 161 S. Fast St , Grand Rapids, Mich.— Born, Sagi- 
naw, Mich.; Stud. Beloit C, Wis.:" U. Chicago, B. A., 1894; Div. Sch., U. Chicago, 
B. D., '97: Ph.D., '99; Ord. Dec. 2, *98, Wealthy Ave. Ch., Grand Rapids, Mich.; P. 
Wahpeton, N. D., Juh-Sept., '96. 

BEHRENS, J. Francis, Tully, N. Y.— Born, Newark, N. J.; Stud, under pri- 
vate Tutors 6 yrs.; Lie. Julv 2, '96, North Bap. Ch., Newark, N. J. ; Ord. Aug, 4, 
'97, 1st Ch., Tully, N. Y". ; P. 1st Ch., Tully, N. Y., '97—. 

BEHRMAN, Henry G., Alta Loma, Tex.— Born, Galveston, Tex.; Lie. Jan. 
1,'93; Ord. Aug. 13, '93, 2nd Ch., Galveston, Tex.; S. 2nd Ch., Galveston, Tex. ; 
P. Alta Loma, Tex.—. 

BEHYMER, Warren Arthur, Puxico, Mo.— Born, Backson Co., 111., Mar. 6, 
'66: Lie. Mar. 22, '90, Gravel Hill Ch., Mo.: Ord. Sept. 19, '90, Oak Ridge Ch., 
Mo.; P. New Bethel, 18 mos., '90; Mt. Zion, '92-93: Little Flock, '93; Brush 
Creek, Mo., '95-96; Ev.— . 

BELDEN, Clarendon D„ Austin, Minn.— Born, Providence, R. I.; B. U., R. 
I., B. A., '68; M. A., Cro. T. S., Pa., '74; Lie. '73; Ord. May, '74., Memorial Ch., 
Philadelphia, Pa,; P. Austin, '74-80; Brownsdale, '82-87 ;' Blooming Prairie, '87-91, 
and '92-95; Windom, '91-92; Lansing, Minn., '97—. 

BELDON, Frank Orson, Carthage, N. Y.— Born, Castile, N. Y.; Cg. U., N. 
Y. B. S., '93; Cg. T. S., N. Y., '96; Lie. 1st Bap. Castile, N. Y., Oct. 12, '89; Ord. 
1st Bap. Ch., Unadilla, N. Y., Aug. 21, '96: S. Plvmouth, '90-91: Smyrna, '91-93; 
Treadwell, N. Y., '93; P. Unadilla, '93-98; Carthage, N. Y., '98—. 

BELEW, G. W., Mou^tainview, Mo.— Born, Crawford Co., Mo.: Lie. Oct. 
'92, and Ord. Oct. 20, '94, Pilgrim Res , Mo.: P. Bethel, '97-98; S. Pilgrim Rest, 
Cold Spring, Cedar Spring, and oil er places of great destitution. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 63 

BELKNAP, Arthur Train, 13 Divinity Hall, Cambridge, Mass., or Fram- 
ington, Mass.— Born, Framingham, Mass.; B. U., R. I., B. A., '93; M. A. ,'96; 
Stud. Harv. Div. Sch., New. T. S., Mass., '96; Lie. Tune 30, '92, 1 Ch., Framing- 
ham, Mass.; Ord. Feb. 26, '97, Sanford Ch., Me.; P. Sanford, '97-98. 

BELL Charles H„ Como, Tenn.— Born, McKinzie, Tenn. ; Stud. Manida C, 
Term., Southern Normal U., Tenn. ; Lie. '90; Ord. '91, Tumbling Creek, Tenn.; P. 
New Prospeet, Spring Hill, Palmersville, Boydsville, Ky. ; Tumbling Creek, Rals- 
ton, Obion, Pleasant Hill, Thompson Creek, New Home and Republican Grove, 

BEEL, Endorus Neander, De Land, Fla.— Born, Lake Butler, Flat; Stet. Acad. 
Fla., '96; Stud. Stet. U., Fla., at present; Lie. Aug. 23, 91, and Ord Aug. 24, '93, 
Perseverenee Ch., Alachua, Fla. ; S. Citra, Arcadia, Miami, Lemon City; P. Titus- 
ville and La Grange, Fla. 

BELL, George C, Jackson's Gap, Ala.— Born, Lineville, Ala.; Smd. Line- 
ville C, Ala. ; Stud. jCarrollton Inst., Ga. ; Roanoke C, Ala. ; Lie. Aug. 25, '83, and 
Ord. Apr. 27, '89, Lebanon, Ala.; P. Lebanon, '88-97; Eagle Creek, '90-97; Jack- 
son Gap, '94—; Bozeman, '97; Beulah, Ala., '94—; Pres. Milltown C, Ala., 2 yrs. 

BELL, Harry Monfort, Lafayette, Ind. — Born, Dana, Ind.; Frank. C, Ind., 
M. A., '90, S. B. T. S., Ky., '92; Lie. '84, 1st Ch., Dana, Ind.; Ord. '92, 1st Ch., 
RiVca, Calif.; P. Rivera, Calif., '92-95; Tucson, Ariz., '96-97; Long Beach, Calif., 
'98; Lafayette, Ind., '99. 

BELL, Hugh S,, Summerville, Ky. — Born, Greensburg, Ky.; Stud. Greens- 
burg Acad., G. C, Ky.; Lie. Apr. 11, '95; Ord. Aug. 30, '97, Pleasant Ridge Ch., 
Ky. ; P. Pleasant Ridge, '97; Brush Caeek, '97; Bethlehem, Ky., '98—. 

BELL, James Austin, Gainesville, Ga. — Born, Edgefield Co., S. C; Stud. 
Plantersville Acad., Tex., 3 yrs.; Bay. U., Tex., M. A., 76; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. 
Apr., 73, Plantersville Ch., Tex. ; Ord. June 5, "<6, Independence Ch., Tex.; P. 
Hearne, '76; Palestine, '76-78; Victoria and Lost Creek, Tex., '79-83; Clark's Hill 
and McCormick, '85-86 ; Plum Branch, Rehoboth and Trenton, '86-91; Springfield 
and Tabernacle, '92-93; Wellford and West Springs, S. C, '95-96; Glendale, '96 ; 
Chestnut Ch., Gainesville, and Demorest, Ga., '98—; Prof. Latin and Natural 
Sciences in H. Sch. for Boys, San Antonio, Tex., '78-79; Pres. Piedmont Acad, for 
Young Men., Ga. 

BELL, James Edward, Alpine, Tex.— Born, Tuscaloosa Co., Ala.; Stud. U. or 
Ala.; Lie. Julv, 1867; Ord. Feb. '68, Favetteville Ch., Ala.; P. Shadv Grove, New 
Lexington, Pleasant, Lebanon, Tabor, Favetteville, Rockv Mount, Pilgrims Rest, 
Ala.; Blanco City, '79—80; Johnson City, '80—81; Dripping Spring, Rocky, '81-83; 
Willow Citv, '81; Black Creek, '88; Devine, '88; Carrizo Springs, '82; Round Rock, 
'91-96; Prairie Springs, '93-95; New Hope '92; Marble Falls, '97; Love Creek, '95-97; 
Round Mountain, '80-89; S. Pleasant Hill, '90-91; S. Pleasant Retreat, '96; Alpine, 
'98-99; Marfa, '98-99; Marathon, Tex., '98-99. 

BELL, John W., Clinton, Ky.— Born, Stewart Co., Tenn.; Lie. 1877, Crockets 
Creek Ch., Tenn.; Ord. '80, ^lm Grove Ch., Ky.; P. Olive, Kv, '83; Bethel, '84-85; 
Liberty, '84; Mt. Pleasant, '85-98; Pleasant Hill and Cumberland, '85; Shadv Grove, 
'90; Spring Creek, Ky., '90-93; Obion, '92-96>; Harris and Ralston, '96; Cy- 
press Creek, 97-99; New Hope, '95-99; New Bethel, '94 ; Prversburg, '94; Pleasant 
Valley, '94-99; Liberty Point, Tenn., '87. 

BELL, John William, Clinton, N. C— Born, Sampson. Co., N. C; Lie. 1871, 
Rowan Ch., ; Ord. '76, Brown Ch.; P. Brown, Rowan, Mary's Chapel, Mt. Elm, 
Hickory Grove, Pineygreen, Royals Chapel, Canaan, Corinth, N. C. 

BELL, Robert Emmett, 1616 South Eighth St., Waco, Tex.— Born, Blanco' 
Tex.; Blanco H. Sch. 1892; Stud. Bav U., Tex.; S. B. T. S., Ky.; Lie. March 31, 
'95; Ord. Oct. 4th, '96; Bianco Bap. Ch. Tex.; P. Athens, Tex., '96-98. 

BELL, Robert W., Paris, III. — Born, Aberarder, Ont., Can.; Stud. Woodstock, 
C, Ontario, Can.; Normal Sch., Mich.; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, B. Th. 1890; Ord. 
'85, Hamilton, Minn.; S. Chesley, Ont., 3 mos. '92; York, Mich., '83-85; P. Hamil- 
ton, Minn., '85-87; S. Millard Ave. Ch., Chicago, 111., '87-91; S. Paris, 111., '91—. 

6^ The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BELL, Theodore Percy, Atlanta, Ga. — Born, Beaufort, S. C; Stud. U. S. C. 
Fun L\, si. C, D. D., "92; S. B. T. S.. Ky,, '80; Lie. Aug, '73, 2nd Ch., Columbia, 
S. C; Ord. Aug '75, Standing Spring Ch , S. C; P. Standing Spring, -75-78; 
Rock Creek, S C, 77-78; S. Elizabeth/town, Ky., '89-90; P. Anderson, S. C, '80- 
86; Ed. "Foreign Mission Journal," '86-93; "Christian Index,"' tlanta, Ga. ; A. 
Cor. bee. F. M; Bd. So. Bap. Con , '86-93; Cor. See. S. S. Bd. S. B. C, '93-96. 

BELL, Thomas Jefferson, Burnet, Tex — Born, Warren Co., Miss.; Stud. At- 
lanta H. Sch., Kea. C , La., B. A., 91; Lie. Aug. '86; Ord. Dee 12, '86. Atlanta 
Ch., La.; P. Jerusalem and Friendship Chs., '87; Marthaville, '87-91; Proueneal, 
La., '89-92; Prin. High Seh., Meehanicsburg, Miss., '92-93 ; P. of Ch. and Tea. in 
Masonic nst., Fort. Jessup, La , '93-95; P. Carthage, '95-96; Liberty Hall and Sal- 
ado, '96-97; Burnet and Marble Falls, Tex.—. 

BELL,W. D., Warrington, Fla.— Born, Jackson Co., Fla. ; Ord. May 24, '91, 
Pleasant Grove, Fla ; P. 4 Chs. 

BELL, William H., 5 Bush St., Atlanta, Ga.— Born, Dalton, Ga. ; Lie. '73; 
Ord. Aug. 16, '96, 3rd Ch., Atlanta, Ga. ; P. North Ch., Atlanta, Ga.— . 

BELL, "William Harvey, Hebbardsyille, Ky. — Born, Daverts Co. r Kv. ; Ord. 

Mar. 4th, '88, Hawesville Ch., Ky.; P. Saudv Creek, '89—91; Union, '89-97; Pi*^h, 
'91-92; Case Spring, and Frienrifv Grove, '91-92 ; Bethlehem, '93-95; Cherry H : ll,. 
'93-95; Mt. Vernon, '94-97; Ramsev, '91-97 ; Panther Creek, '95; Red Hill, '96- 
9S; P. Cardsville, '97; Advance, "9S"; Hebbardsville, Ky., '98. 

BELL, William Mitchell, Miami, Mo— Born, Richmond Co., Va.. 1823; Stud. 
Northumberland Acad., Va.; Lie. Nov. '48. and Ord. Nov. '50, B thel, Mo.; P. 
Miami, Arrowrock, Zoar, Marshall, Fish Creek, Good Hope, Mo., 40y<-ar>; Union, 
35 \rs ; Trustee Wrn. Jewell C, Mo., 30 yr>. ; Member Bd. of Ministerial Education 
of same, 6 mo?.; Financial Agt., same. 

BELLAMY, Henry Washington, Mexdota, Va. — Bom, Kingsport, Tenn. ; Stud. 
Cedar Bluff Acad., Teun.; Hhv.tss e C, Tenn., B. A., '79, M. A., '82; Lie. '83; 
Ord. '84., Mendota Ch., Va.; P Mendota, Va., '84-97; Blountville, 'S4-86 ; Bluff 
City, Tenn., '85-86; M . Lebanon, '86-88; Valley View, Va., '89-97; 1st Ch., Mar- 
eeline, Mo., '97-98; Prin. Hamilton Inst., Va., '83-84, and 'S6-87; Prof. Latin, '79- 
84, and '86-87. 

BELLMAN, Howard, Whittemore, Ia. — Born. Lewisburg, Pa. ; Lie. Apr. 2, 
'S6. and Orel. Apr. 2, '87, St. Clere Ch., Kan. ; P. St. Clere, 2 yrs. ; Corning, 18 mos. ; 
Beattie, Kar, '94-96; Whittemore and Clear Lake, la., '96—. 

BELOATE, Henry A., Cedar Glades, Ark. — Born, Little Rock, Ark.; Lie. 
'78, and Ord. May. '80, Rock Springs, Ark. ; P. Mt. Taber, Cedar Glades, Mt. Pleas- 
am, Rork Sp'ings, New Prospect, Ark. 

BELTON, Harry Arthur, 1113 Park Ave., Indianapolis, Ind.— Born, Man- 
chester, En^. ; Stud. St. Patricks Grammar Sch., Manchester, Eng. ; S. B. T. S., 
Ky. ; Lie. and Ord. Feb., '96, 3 d Ave. Ch., Louisville, Kv. ; P. Haughville and In- 
dianapolis, '97-98; Mt. Pleasant, Ind., '98. 

BENDER, Jabez T», Dvsinger, X. Y.— Born, Mt. Joy, Pa.; Stud. Buck. U., 
Pa., do. T. S., Pa., "67; Lie. '07, Mr. Joy Ch., Pa.; Ord.Vi, Harrisburg Ch., Pa.; 
P. Lower .Providence, '67-69 Newtown,. Pa., '70-74; Easton, Conn., '75-77; Mont- 
ville. Mass., '78-82; Marahawkin, N. J., '82-83; Lakeville, '83-93; RoTalton,N. Y., 

BENDER, William A., Mexico, Ind.— Born, Mexico, Ind.; Stud. Logansport 
Normal Sch., Ind.; Northern Ind. Nor. Sch.; State Nor. Sch. Ind.; Lie. Feb. 9, 
1889, Mrxico Ch., Ind.; Ord. June 11, '90, Weasaw Ch., Ind.; P. Weasaw, Ind., '89- 
92; Chili, '91-92; Adamsboro Miami Ch., '92-97; Niconza, '92-98; Bunker Hill, '97 
Chili, Ind., '98—. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 65 

BENEDICT, James Hall, 132 Blain St., Syracuse, N. Y.— Born, Skaneateles, 
N. Y.; Cg. U., N. Y., 1881; Lie. '77, Skaneateles Ch., N. Y.; Ord. Feb. 23, '82, 
Jordan Ch., N. Y.; S. Bridgeport, N. Y., '79-81; P.Jordan, '81-85; Cassville, '85-90; 
Unadilla Forks, '93-96; Manlius, N. Y., '96-97. 

BENEDICT, Victor "W-, Croton Falls, N. Y.—Born, Danbury, Conn.; Lie. 
Jan. 16th, I86S, 2nd Ch., Danbury, Conn. ; Ord. Feb. 17th, '69, l^t Ch. Danbury, 
Conn. ; P. Croton Falls, N. Y., Nov. 1, 70—. 

BENEDICT, W. F., Prattsburg, N. Y.—Born, Walton N. Y., Cg. U., N. Y.. 
B. A.. 1861; Lie. March, '57; Franklin Ch., N. Y.; Ord. Oct. 7th, '61, Duanesburg 
Bap. Ch., N. Y. ; P. Duanesburg, Sloansville, Bath on Hudson, Broadalbin, Long 
Island City, Homer, Little Falls, Dundee, and Prattsburg, N. Y. 

BENFIELD, Absalom A,, Greenfield, III. — Born, Oxford, Eng. ; Stud. Bible 
Inst.. Ill; Shurt. C, 111., B. A.; Lie. Mar. 1st, 1895, Milwaukee, Ch., Wis.; Ord. 
June 2Lt, '96, Greenfield Ch., 111.; P. Greenfield, 111., '95-99; S.Alton, Vine) ard Ch., 
III., '91-95; S. Chs. Cornwell, Eng.; P. Auburn, 111., '96-99. 

BENIGHT, Charlie McLin Liberty, Mo.— Born, Andrew Co.. Mo., Oct. 9, '70; 
Stud. Wm. Jew. C, Mo.; Lie. Mar. 24, '94; Ord. Sept. 29, '95, High Prairie Ch.,. 
Mo; P. Union Ch., '97-98; Mt. Vernon, '97—; Lexington Junction, '98—; New 
Hope, Jan. to June, '99; P. Prairie View, Mo., '98 — . 

BENNETT, Albert Arnold, 67 Bluff, Yokohama, Japan.— Born, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.; B. U., R. I., B. A., '72., B. Un. T. S., U. Chicago, B. D., '75 ; Lie. 5th Ch., 
Philadelphia, Pa.; Ord. '75, 1st Ch., Holliston, Mass.; P. 1st Ch., Ho'liston, Mass., 
'75-79; Yokahama, Japan, '86—; An. '-Historical Sketch of Hollister Bap. Ch." 

BENNETT, Alberto A,, 5 Dodge St., Malden, Mass.— Born, Bainbridge, N. 
Y.; S ud. Bainbridge. Acad., N. Y., Cg., U., N. Y., B. A., "86, M. A., '89; Ham. T. 
S., N. Y., '89; Sch. of Expression, Boston. Mass., '93; Lie. '82, 1st Ch., Bainbridge, 
N. Y.; Ord. '89, 1st Ch., Whitehall, N. Y. ; P. 1st Ch., Whitehall, N. Y., '89-92; 
S. Marlboro and Kingston, Mass., '92; P. Maplewood Ch., Maiden, Mass., 'Sept. 12, 

BENNETT, Alfred Davies, West Creek, N. J.— Born, Chowhent, Lancashire, 
England; Stud U. Roch., Cg. U.. N. Y.; Ham. T. S., N. Y., '97; Lie. Aug. 11, 
'93, Wes- End Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Ord. Apr. 27, '98, Memorial Ch., Brooklyn. 
N. Y.; P. West Creek. N. L— . 

BENNETT, Edwin, Brooklyn, Conn.— Born, Plainville, Conn. ; Lie. '72, 
Jewett City Ch., Conn.; Ord. Feb. 8, 88, Brooklyn Ch., Conn., P. Bn.oklyn, C mn ; 
S. Brooklyn, 87 » P. Brooklyn, Conn., '88-99. 

BENNETT, Elbert R., 1122 E. 22nd St., Oakland, Calif.— Born, Lenawee 
Co., Mich.; Stud. Kal. C, Mich.; Roch. T. S., '77; Lie. Sept., '69; Ord. Dec, '71, 
Rollin Ch., Mich.; P. Rollin, Mich.. '71-74; Jonesville, '77-81; Traverse Citv, '81- 
85; Wealthy Ave. Ch., Grand Rapids, Mich., '85-89; Pomona, '89-96; American 
Ch., Los Angeles, '96-98; 22nd Ave. Ch., Oakland, Calif., Feb., '98—. 

BENNETT, Henry, Moss Point, Miss.— Born, Boston, Mass. ; Stud Summerville 
Inst.. Miss., and Green Springs Acad., Ala.; Kea C. La., D. D., '89; Lie. Apr. 19, 
'73; Ord. Nov. 2, '73, Pilgrims Rest Ch., La.; P. Pilgrims Rest, Conlee Croche, 
La. ; S. Beulah, Bayou Rouge, Fairview, Bastrop, Oak Ridge. La. ; P. Hernando, 
Canton, Pleasant Hill, Miss; S. Moss Point, Scranton, Escatawpa, Prospect, Miss. 

BENNETT, Mark A, Cooper, Summerville, G a.— Born, Guinnett Co., Ga.; 
Lie. May '85, and Ord. May '87, Summerville Ga. ; P. Mt. Union, 88-90; Poplar 
Springs, Ga., '90; Colp. 

BENNETT, James Henry, Rockwall, Tex. —Born, Mt. Moriah, Ark.; Oua. 
C, Ark., B. A.. '90; Lie. June '79, Union Ch., Nevada Co., Ark.; Ord. Oct. 12, '84, 
Ozan Ch , Bingen, Ark. ; P. Liberty, Pleasant Valley and Centre Point, Ark., '85- 
86; P. Unity and Mt. Bethal, '86-88; Malvern, Ark., '89-91; Decatur, '91-93- 
Grapevine, '94-98; Lewisville, '94-95; 1st Ch., Rockwall, Tex., '95—. 

66 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BENNETT, James L., Barry, III.— Born, Bainbridge, N. Y.: Lie. '58, Berlin 
Ch, N.Y.; Ord Jan. 15, '59, Ashland Ch., N. Y. : P. Ashland, Ten Mile River, N. Y. ; 
Salem, N J.; Rosendale, Preston, Shuborn, Grapeville, Richburg, N. Y. 

BENNETT, James M., Braswell, Mo.— Born, Oregon Co.. Mo. ; Lie. July, '90 
and Ord. Julv, "91 New Salem Ch. ; P. New Salem, Rose Hill, Shiloh, Royal Oak, 
Garfiel i. Macedonia, Bethany, Antioch, Lebanon. 

BENNETT, James R., Washington', Ixd. — Born, Monroe Co., Ind. : Grad. 
Public Schs.; Lie. '73. and Ord. May 30, '75, Newark Ch. ; P. Bethel, Springville, 
Scotland Sullivan, Number Three, Mt. Vernon, Lebanon, Worthington, Little 
Mount; S. Freedom, Concord. Providence; P. Little Shiloh ; S. Samaria, Stines- 
ville: Au. ''Urim and Thummim," '91; "Open Letter to the Baptist Brotherhood." 

BENNETT, John Alexander, Fairview, Ky.— Born. Spottsvilie, Kv.; Stud. Beth. 
C, K ., and S. B. T. S., Kv. ; Lie. Dec. 18, '80: Ord. Sept. 17, '82., Bhk Citv Ch., 
Kv.; P. Greenbrier, Ky.,' '82-92; Pleasant Grove, '91 ; Princeton, '93-94; Bethel, 
Fairview, Kv., '92.—. 

BENNETT, Joseph Alexander, 1013 South 51st., St., Philadelphia, Pa.— Born, 
Philadelphia, Pa. : Cro. T. >., Pa. 1893: Lie. '90: Ord. '93., 1st. Ch., Philadelphia, 
Pa. ; P. B iltimore Ave. Ch., Philadelphia, Pa., 91—. 

BENNETT, Noble Edgar, Wilmington, O.— Born, Greenfield, O. ; Stud. Den. 
U.O.; B p. Un. T. S., Chicago; Lie. 1879, 1st Ch., Greenfield, O.; Ord. '80, Bethel 
Ch. O.; P. Bethel, '80-S3 ; New Richmond, '83-87; Wilmington, O., Mar., '88—. 

BENNETT, Robert, HyanNis, Mass.— Born, Sutton Notts, Eng. ; Stud.Theol. 
privately; Lie. June, '64, Independent Cong. Ch., Sutton Notts, Eng.; Ord. Apr. 15, 
'68, l^t. Ch. Needham, Mass.; P. East Machias, Me.; Egremont, Mass.; Thompson, 
Conn.; Granville, Mass.; Warner, N. H. ; Ashland, Beverly Farms, Hyannis, Mass. 

BENNETT, Thomas J,, Arkadelphia, Ark.— Born, Nevada Co., Ark.; S'tud. 
Mineral Springs, A^k.; Lie. June '77; Ord. Oct. 79; Union Ark. ; P. Mt. Zion, 
'80-82; Mt. O.ive, '82-84; Ozan, '87-91; Washington, '90-92; Columbus, Ark., 
'89-93; Cottondale, Tex., '92-93; Pleasant Hill, Ark., '94-99; Curtis, Ark. ; '97-99. 

BENNETT, Thomas Jefferson, Eureka, Ixd —Born, Big Springs, Ky. ; Lie. Fall 
of '65, B '.ker Creek, Ind.; Ord. '75, Glendale, Ind. ; P. Baker's Creek, Glendale, 
Cypress, Green River, Ind. 

BENNETT, William Perry, Utica, Ky.— Born, Fredericksburg, Kv. ; West. Ky. 
C, M. A.; Beth. C, Ky., D. D. ; Lie. '58: Ord. '59, Yelvington, Ky. ; P. West Point, 
Kv., '67-77; Mt. Carmel, '63-76; Walton's Creek, '74-82; Calhoon, '90-92; S. Green 
Brier, '90; P. Buck Creek, '91-93; Oak Grove, Ky., '82-97; Au. "Pedobaptist Incon- 
sistencies, " '91; "The Sabbath," '98; "Origin, Principles and Perpetuity of Baptists," 
(in manuscript). 

BENNINGHOFF, Harry Baster, Franklin, Ixd.— Born, Titusville, Pa.; Stud. 
Normal Sch. Valpariso, Ind.; Frank. C, Ind.; Lie. '95; Ord., Mar. 19, '97, Freedom 
Ch. Waveland, Ind.; S. Shelburn, Ind.; P. Acton and Litka, Ind., '97—. 

BENOIT, Benjamin F., Webster, Mass., Box 684.— Born, St. Pierre, Quebec, 
Can.; Stud. New Center, Mass., and New. T. S., Mass.; Lie. Sep. 20, '86, Miibirry, 
Mass.; Ord. Feb. 8, '94, Webster, Mass.; French My. Worcester Co., Mass. 

BENS, Henry George, St. Boxifacius, Mixx. — Born, Grossbottwar, Germany; 
Canstatt T. S., Germany, '81; Lie. May 1, '86 1st German Ch., New York, N. Y. ; 
Ord. Mar. 14, '89, German Bap. Ch., Union, N. J. : P. Union, N. J., '88-89; Meriden, 
Conn., '89-90; Cincinnati, O., '90-92: Minonk, '92-95; Baileysville, HI., '95-98; 
Minnetrista. Minn., '98 — . 

BENSON, George Edward, Liberty, Mo.— Born, Carroll Co., Mo.; Wm. Jew. 
C, Mo., B. A., 1900; Lie. Aug. 11, '94; Ord. Aug. 8, '97; Union Ch. Mo.; P. Wal- 
nut Grove, '97-98; Forest City, Mo., '98—. 

BENSON, Ripley K., Nettleboro, Ala.— Born, Grove Hill, Ala.; Lie. Oct. 
24, '91; Ord. Aug. 31, '92; Salem Ch., Ala.; P. Round Hill, Salem, Amity, Antioch, 
Goodwill, Ala. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 67 

BENSON, Seth, North Paris, Me.— Bom, North Paris, Me. ; Stud. Hebron 
Acad. Me.; Theol. privately; Lie. Aug. 75, North Paris Ch., Me.; Ord. June, 76, 
Bryant's Pond Ch., Me.; P. Bryant's Pond Ch., 76-83; S.Bethel, Me., summer 
of '84-85; North Paris and Bryant's Pond, '86-87, '89-91; Lincoln Center, '91-93; 
Addison Point and West Harrington, '93-96; S. '97; P. North Paris and S. Bryant's 
Pond, Me — . 

BENT ALL, Jacob O., U.Chicago, III. — Born, Kristinehaum, Sweden; Stud. 
H.Seh. Litchfield, Vlinn.; Carleton, C, B A., '96; Div. Sch. U. Chicago; Lie. 
June 15, '96. Northfi.-ld Ch., Minn.; Ord. May 8, '99, St. Anne Ch., 111.; P. White 
Rock, '94; Union Ch., Lincoln, Minn., '95; Custer Park, '96; St. Anne, 111., '97—. 

BENTLEY, Charles E., Lincoln, Neb.— Born, Warners, N. Y., '41; Ord. '86, 
Bethesda Ch., Surprise, Neb.; S. Sterling, Exeter, Friend, Bellw od, David City, 
Octavia, Neb.; P. Surprise, Neb., '80 — ; Nominee for Pres. Liberty Party, '96, 

BENTLEY, Charlie Julian, Ashland, Ala.— Born, Elmore Co., Ala.; Stud. H. 
Sch. ; Grad. S. B. T. S., Kv. ; Lie. June '92, Lebanon Ch. ; O: d. Nov. 5, '9 J, Central 
Ch., Ala.; P. Bethany, '94—; Shiloh, 94-95; Rock Spriugs, '96; Ashland, '96—; 
Milltown, '99—; Cross Keys, '98—; Prdvidence, '99—; Spring Hill, Ala., '97-98: 

BENTLEY, Daniel Efford, Crayneville, Ky. — Born, Greensboro, A'a. ; Stud. 
S. B.T. S., Ky., '91; Lie. Oct., '90; Ord. Dec, '90. Merkel Ch., Tex.; P. Piney 
Creek, '98; Blackburn, Clear Spring, Jan. to Feb., '99; Buffalo Lick, Liberty Point, 
Mt. Pleasant, Ky., Jan. to Feb., '99. 

BENTLEY, H. N. G., Mt. Vernon, Tex.— Born, Forsvth Co., Ga.; Stud. 
Home Acad., and N. Ga. H. Sch.; Ord. May. '87, Martins Springs Ch., Tex. ; P. 
Pleasant Grove, '87-89; Winsboro, '89-96 ; Leesburg. 89-97 ; Pickton, '89-92; Center 
Grove, '90-95; Mt. Vernon, '94-99; Center Grove, '97; Mt. Pleasant, '98-99; Glade 
Springs, '98-99. 

BENTLEY, P, N-, Center, Tex.— Born. Athens, Ala.; Stud. Gilmer High 
Sch., Tex.; Ord. 'S8, Bermuda Ch., Tex. ; P. New Hope, Corinth, Hopewell, Cen- 
ter, Union, Tex. — ; Ed. "Evangel." 

BENTON, Bruce, 614 Lafayetfe St., Baton Rouge, La. — Born, Unionville, 
N. C; Stud. Un. Inst., N. C; Wake. F. C, N. C, M. A., '96; Lie. Mar. 3, '94, 
Hopewell Ch., N. C,; Ord. Oct. 31, '97, 1st Ch., Mansfield, La.; P. 1st Ch., Mans- 
field, '97-98; IstCh., Baton Rouge, La., Dec. 1, '98—. 

BENTON, George Darza, Phcenix City, Ala.— feorn, Stewart Co., Ga.; Stud. 
S. Bap. T. S., Ky.; Lie. Tuskegee Bap. Ch., '69; Ord. Corinth, Ala., '72; P. Pleas- 
ant Hill, '83-88; Society Hill, Ebenezer, Concord, New Georgia, Mt. Moriah, 
Qichee, Crawford, Oswichee, Shiloh, Girard, Cencrea, Friendship, Warriorstand, 
Ala,; Farmersville, Tex., '88; Good Hope, Pleasant Hill, Bethel, Antioch, Mt. 
Olive, Ga.; Ladonia, Philadelphia, Mt. Lebanon, Pleasant Grove, Crawford, Hatch- 
echubbie and Hyram, Ala., '88-99. 

BENTON, Kendrick William, Station O., Chicago, III.— Born, Sherburne, 
N. Y.; U. Roch.,N. Y., B. A., '61; M. A., '67; Roch. T S., N. Y.. '64; Lie. July. 
27, '60. 1st Ch., Somerset, N. Y. ; Ord. Aug. 24, '65,1st Ch., Morrison, 111. ; P, 
Marshall, Mich., 5 mos., '65; Morrison, '65-67; Kewanee. 111., '67-72; S. Mt. Pleas- 
ant, la., '72-73; Pontiac, 111., '73-74; P. Richmond, Ind., '74-76; With "Journal and 
Messenger," Cincinnati, O., '76-84; S. Chicago, 111., '84—; Organized and P. 1st 
Ch., Auburn Park, Chicago, 111., 3 yrs. 

BENTON, John Bryant, Smith's Grove, Ky.— Born, McLean Co., Ky. ; Beth. 
C, Ky., B. A., '96; Stud, at present S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. '91, Greenbrier Ch., 
Ky. ; Ord. '93, Friendship Ch., Ky. ; P. Friendship, Logan Co., '93-96; Friendship, 
Warren Co., '93-97; Mt. Pleasant, '93-96; Rocky Spring, Ky., '95-97; Smith's 
Grove, Ky., May, '96 — . 

68 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BENTZIEN, John, 256 Tyler St., Patteksox, N. T-— Born, Addison, N. Y. ; 
Oswego Nor. Sch., '87; Koch. U., Ph. B., '92; Roch. T. S. '95; Lie. Bap. Ch., 
Troupsburg, N. Y.,'88; Ord. Meigs St. Bap. Ch., Rochester, N. Y., '95; P. Meigs 
St. Bap. Ch., Rochester, N. Y., "93-95; A. P. 1st Bap. Ch., Patterson, N. J., '95-98; 
Au. "The Great French Preacher," '92. 

BERGE, Herman Von, 58 Dwight St., New Britain, Co\x. — Born, Hanover, 
Germany; Grad. Ger. Am. Acad., X. Y.. '94; Ger. T. S., N. Y., *97; Lie. Ger. Bap. 
Ch. Steimvay, L. I., N. Y.,'97; Ord. Ger. Bap. Ch., New Britain, Conn.,'97; P. Ger. 
Bap. Ch., New Britain, Conn., '97. 

BERGER, Emil, 55 Silver St., Meridex, Coxx. — Born, Germanv; Ger. Am. 
Acad.. N. Y., '92; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '95; Lie. Jan., '94, 2nd Ger. Bap". Ch., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. ; Ord. July 24, '95, 1st Ger. Bap. Ch., Meriden, Conn. ; P. 1st Ger. Bap. 
Ch., Meiiden, Conn., '95 — . 

BERGER, Julius Jacob, Moxtaguf, Mich. — Born, New Haven, Conn.; Stud. 
Ger. Dep. Roch. T. S., N. Y.; Cro. T. S., Pa. ; Ord. June 19, '90, RouleUe Ch., 
Pa.; P. Roulette, '90-92; Eldred, Pa., '92-93; Holland, N. Y., '94-96; Hancock, 
'96-98; Montague, Mich., '98—. 

BERGH, Johan Olsen, 61 Water St., New Havex, Coxx. — Born, Orlandet, 
Norway; Cro. T. S., Pa., "86; Lie. and O d. June, *86, 1st Ch.. New Haven, Conn.; 
P. Poultney, Yt. ; My. and Supt. of's Bethel, New Haven, Conn., '87 — . 

BERGMAN, Herman, Aitkix, Mixx.— Born, Wasa, Finland; B. Un. T. S., U. 
Chicago, "93; Swede, T. S. Nebr. ; Lie. '88, Swedish Bap. Ch., Kansas Chy Mo.; 
Ord. June '93', Swedish B;ip. Ch.. Muskegan, Mich. ; P. Muskegan, Norway," Mich., 

Brainerd, Aitkin and Deerwood, Minn. 

BERKLEY, Frank Pattison, Front Royal, Va. — Bom, Alexandria, Va., Jan. 
18, '53; Stud. H. F. Henry's Sch.. Alexandria, Va. ; Lie. Aug., '88, Columbia Falls 
Ch., Va.; Ord. Oct. '89, Remington Ch., Va. ; P. Gourdvine, '90-97; Remington, 
'89-91; Antioch, '90-92; Marshall, '91— ; Broad Run, '91—; Pleasant Vale, '92-97; 
Woodville, 90-92; Flint Hill, Va., '97—. 

BERKLEY, Hugh, Alexandria, Xeb. — Born, New Castle upon Tyn* 3 , Eng. ; 
Stud. Rural Grammar Sch., Ens;. ; Peuvance A< ad., Eng. ; Lie. '89; Ord. '90, Ohiowa 
Ch., Xeb. ; S. Ohiowa, '89-90 ; >. Ohiowa, '9S-99 ; Alexandria, '91-95; Steele City, 
'91-94, and '98—99; Carroll, '96; Creighton, Neb., '97—. 

BERNARD, Hugh Robertson, Athens, Ga. — Born, Robertson Co.,Tenn.; Mer. 
U., Ga., D. D., '97; Ord. Nov. 3, 78, Athens Ch., Ga. ; P. Mars Hill,, 
Maysville, Penfield, Watkinsvil'.e, High Shoals, Bethabara, Ga. 

BERRY, Adrain D., Ixdiaxapolis, Ixd. — Born, Indiana; Lie. Sept. 16, '88, 
Denve, Ch., Ind. ; Ord. Oct. 24, '89, Ebenezer Ch., Ind.; P. Ebenezer, Jordan, '89- 
90; Kewam a '90-91; Frankiort, '91-93; Woodruff Place, Indianapolis, Ind., '93— > 

BERRY, Charles Louis, Cambridge Cy., Ixd. — Born, Clarke Co , Ind.; Stud. 
Hanovc C, ind.; S. B. T. S.,Kv. ; Th. B., '94; Lie. Apr. '81, and Ord. Sept. 2, '8*, 
Poplar Ridye, Ky.; P. Antioch, ''88-91 : Buchland, '90-93; P'easant Grove, '91-92; 
Mt. Pleasant, '92-94; Eighteen Mile, Ky., '92-94; Garden Ch., Indianapolis and 
Can, bridge Cy., '97 — ; Elkhorn, Ind., '97 — . 

BERRY, George Ricker, Hamilton, N. Y.— Born West Sumner, Me. ; Colby 
U., Me.. B. A., '85, M. A., ,88; U. Chicago, Ph. D '95; New. T. S., Mass., '89; Lie. 
'86, West Sun ner Ch., Me.; Ord. Nov. 7, '89, Liberty Ch., Me.; P. Libertv, Me., 
'89-92; Gardner; '93-94; Marley, 111., '94-95; A. Tea. Semitic Languages U. Chicago, 
'95-96; Ins ructor Sen,it : c Languages, Cg. U.,N. Y., '98—; Au. "The Assyrian Let- 
Ur- of ;he Rm. 2 Collection,'' '96; "Interlinear Transition of Genesis and Exodus," 
'97; "Greek-English Lexicon to the New Testament," '97- 

BERRY, Henry H., Wilton Center, III.— Born, West Sunner, Me.; S^ud. 
Hebron Acad. Me. : English Dept. Div. Sch. U. Chicago, '95; Lie. Dec. 23, '92. Wen 
Sumner Bap. Ch., Me.: Ord. Mar. 2S, '95, La Marsh Bap. Ch., Mapleton, 111.; S. 
L? Marsh, 111., T4-P5; P. Hadlev C ., Marlev, "95-98; Wilton Center, 111., Nov. '98— . 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 69 

BERRY, James M., Wayville, N. Y.— Bora, Lexington, Ky. ; Cg. U., N. Y., 
'63; Lie. '62, 1st Ch.. Hamilton, N. Y.; Ord. Oet. 11, '61, Middlefield Ch., N. Y.; 
P. Middlefield, '63-65; Westville, N. Y., '65-67; Green Valley, '67-69; Metamora, 
'69-73; D.-kalb, III., '73-77; North Brookfield, '77-81; S~>. New. Berlin, '81-S3; Rich- 
mondville, '83-89; Masonville, '89-95; Mexico, '95-96; Otego, '96-98; Wayville, 'N. 
Y., '98—. 

BERRY, John Eddy, Montgomery Center, Vt. — Born, West Sumner, Me.; 
Stud. Heb. Acad., Me.; New'. T. S., Mass., '97; Lie Nov. 26, '92; Ord. Tune 30. '93, 
West Sumner Ban. Ch.; P. West Sumner, Me., '92-95; S. East Sumner, Me., '94-95; 
P. Montgomery Center, Vt., '97 — . 

BERRY, Julius Simpson, Blue Mountain, Miss. — Born, Tippah Cl, Miss.; 
S*ud. Verona High Sch. and S. B. T. S., Kv.; Lie. Sept. '74; Ord. July, '75, Ba'dwyn 
Ch., Mis.; P. Pleasant Ridg-, '75; Mt. Olive, '76; Baldwvn, 77-81 ; Sirdi s '82-83; 
Cherrv Creek, '84; Baldwyn, '84-85; Osborne Creek ,'91 ; Hinkle Creek, '92-93; Boone- 
ville, '93-95; Central Avenue. Miss., '91. 

BERRY, Larkin Merle, 116 E. Gay St., Warrensburg, Mo.— Born, Ashville, 
C, Am-. 12, '24; Grand River C, Mo., D. D ,'96; L'c. '43, Avery's Creek Ch., N. C; 
Ord. '47, New Salem Ch., N. C; P. Pleasant Vallev and Merrittsville, S. C; Lin- 
colnton, N. C; Portland Ave. Ch., Louisville, Kv.; Chillicoth*, Brenard S v . Ch., St. 
Louis, Mo.; M . Pleasant and L icon Citv, 111.; Fulton and Warrensburg, Ml; Dist. 
Sec. and Agt. Home Bd , 3 yrs. ; Missouri Mission Bd., 3yrs.; S. B. T. S., Ky., 1 yr.; 
In ministry 55 \ rs. 

BERRY, William Edwin, Blue Mountain, Miss.— Born, Tippah Co., Miss., 
'47; Stud. Verona Male Acad.; Miss. C, B A., '75; Stud. S. B T. S., S. C; Lie. 
Aug. '71, Fellowship Ch.; O d. lulv.'75, Baldwyn Ch.; P. Canaan and Beulah, '77-78; 
Bethlehem, 77-79; Pine Grove, '77-80; Ama«rah, '80-85; Pleasant Hill. '81-86; Mt. 
Moriah, '80-94; Fellowship, '81— ; Mvrtle, '96-98; Academy, '90—; Ripley, '99— ; 
Proprietor and Prof. Blue Mountain Female C, '76. 

BERRYMAN, George Carroll, Robert Lee, Tex.— Born, Plattsmouth, Neb.; 
Stud. How. P. C, T,x.; S. B. T. S., Kv., '95; Lie, '90, Hoard's Creek, Tex.; Ord. 
May 27, '92, Home Cr -ek Ch., T x. ; P. Mt. Zion, '92-93; Cedar Hill, Tex., '93-96—; 
Robert Lee, Tex., '96—; S. Goldthwaite, Tex., '91. 

BERTRAM, Alvfn, Albany, Ky.— Born, Sunnybrook, Ky.; Stud. Pub. Schs. 
of Ky.; Lie. '70; Ord. 72. Beech Bottom Ch., Ky. ; P. B ech B Mom, Seventy-Six, 
Clear F"rk; Locust Grove, Caney Branch, Charity, Cedar Grove, Ky. 

BEST, John H., Rolckow, Mo. — Born, Blaunt Co., Tenn.; L<c. and Ord. '55, 
Vernon C 1 ., Mo. ; P. Vernon, 44 yrs. ; Union Grove, 3 yrs.; Mr. Vernon, 13 yrs.; 
Flas Spr ng. 2 yrs. ; High Prairie, 3 yrs. ; Savannah, 1 yr. ; Maysville, 1 yr..-; Clair- 
mont, 1 yr. ; Whitesville, Mo., 17 yrs. 

BEST, Pierce Monr08, Carrollton, Mo.— Born, Marvville, Tenn. ; StuL Mary- 
ville C, Tenn.; Lie. '73, Mt. Zion P>np. Ch.. Tenn.; Ord. '77, C x Chapel, Tenn.; 
p. HM'h Creek, M >. ; Sidney, la.; Oak Grove, Lone Jack, Wakenda, Bo^ard, Mo.; 
My. Several yrs.: Retired. f 

BEST, Robert Marion, Judsonia, Ark.— Born, Wall Hill, M'ss.; Stud. Miss. 
C, Oua. C, Ark.; Lie. Ju y 15, '96, Liberty Ch., Ark.; Ord. Jan. 20, '98, 1st Ch., 
Judsonia, Ark.; P. Hickory Grove, '98; S. 'judsonia, Ark.. '98 

BESSEY, O. Parker, Brookfied, N. Y.— Born, Sandwich, Mass.; Stud. Doane 
Acad.; Lie. 1st Bap. Ch., MansnVld, Mass.; Ord. B p. Ch.. Brewster, Mass., Mar. 
10, 74; P. Brewster, 73-75; Rehobot:<, Ma^s., 7577; Brooklyn. Conn., 79-82; 
Sheldonville, 'S3-S5; West Dedham, Ma-s., '85-90; Cassville, '91-95; Brookfield, N. 
Y., '96—. 

BESWICK,George Philip, Huntsville, Mo.— Born, Perrvville, Ky ; Maxville C, 
B. A., '64. M. A , 't6; Lie. Union Ch., Kv. ; Ord. Jan. '65," Germantown Ch , Kv. ; 
Mv. Cnllowav C>\. Kv., 2 vr«. ; P. Two-Lick, K ., '65-66; Fish Creek, '68-69; 
Ke* t sville, 78-79; M . Horeb, 72-73; White Oak, New Libertv, Bluff Point, Bethel, 
High Hill, S lver Creek, Thomas Hill, Mo. ; EJ. "B iptist Signal." 

70 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BESTOR, Orson Porter. 177 Howell Ave., Milwaukee, Wis.— Born, Suffield, 
Conn.; Conn. Lit. Inst., '68; B. U. R. I., B. A.,72;Stud. New. T. S., Maes.; Bap. Un. 
T. S., Chicago, B. D., 77, renewed bv Div. Sch. U. Chicago, "98; Lie. Mar. '17, '68, 
2nd Ch.. Suffield, C^nn.; Ord. Aug. 28, 73, 1st Ch., Xeponset, 111.; P. Neponset, 73 
-75; Bristol, 77; Dixon, 77-82; Pullman, Ills., '82-84; Madison, '84-8S ; Beloit, 
Wis., '8S-93; Asst. Gen. My. of Wis. Bap. State Conv., May to Oct. '93; P. Evans- 
vllle and Union, '93-9S ; Bay View Ch., Milwaukee, Wis., Jan. 1, '99—. 

BETTEYS, William Henry, Hancock, Mich.— Born, Oxford, Mich.; L'c. 78, 
Oxford Ch.; Ord. May 17, '81, Alma, Mich., Ch. ; P. Alma, '80-85; Salem, '85-90; 
Vassar, '90-97; Hancock, Mich., '9S— . 

BETTS, Andrew L., Raleigh, N. C— Born, Winslow, N. C; W. F. C, N. C. 

B. L., '89.; Lie. Oct. 15, "87; Ord. Dec. 20, '88, Miles Creek Ch., N. C. ; P. Bap- 
tist Grove, X. C, '87-S8 ; Axton, Irishburg, Ridgewav, Va., '90-94; Leak<=ville, 
'90-92: Oak Ridge, '92-94; Dan Vallev, '93-95; West Raleigh, '96-99; Pilot, '98-99; 
Baptist Center, '97-99; Pleasant Grove, X. C , '99; Prin. Leaksville High Sch., '89- 
92; Madison High Sch., "92-95; Ed. "Piedmont Herald." 

BETTS, Charles Nelms, Heathsville, Va.— Born, Heathsville, Va.,; Stud. 
Northumberland Acad., Va. : Lie. Nov. 10, 77; Ord. Oct. 12, '82, Coan Ch , Va. ; P. 
Coan, '84-56: Fairfielcs, '84-86; Totu>kv, 'S8-S2; Smithland and Fairpoint, Va., 

BETTS, Charles Wesley, Hiram, Ark.— Born, Elmore Co., Ala. ; Lie. '85; Ord. 
'86, Bible Grove Ch., Ark.; P. Bible Grove, '87-88; Pleasant Plains, '89; Macedonia, 
'90-92; Pleasant Hill, Ark., '93—. 

BETTS, John Thorns, Whiteville, X. C— Born, B'ack Walnut, Va.; Stud. U. 
Va., >. B. T. S„Ky.,Th. G.,'84; Lie. Jan. 79, Black Walnut Ch.,Va. ; Ord. Julv, 79, 
Ephesu^ (>., N. C; P. Glen Allen, AshlanJ. M\ Carmel, Sharcn, Hillsboro,*' Va. ; 
Erhesus, Milton, Ashville and Whiteville,. N. C. 

BETUDOR, Richard, Rowlaxd, III.— Born, Kentuckv; Lie. '58; Ord. '60, 
Olive Branch Ch., Kv.; P. Bells Mines, '63-66; Camp Cr ek, '65-80; Mr. Oliver, 
New Pro-pect, Ky. ; Walnnt Grove, Harrisburg, Eldorado, Zion, New Ti. us, 111., 6 


BEVAN, Milton D., Estherville, Ia.— Born, Atlanta. PL; Shurt, C, 111., B. 
A., '65., M. A., '68: Cent. U., Ia., D. D., '86 ; Theol. D.-pt., Shurr. C. B. D., '68; 
Lie. Sept., '65; Ord. Sept, 'QS, At'anta Ch., 111.; P. Greenville, Xormal, 111.; 
Springfield, Mo.; Atlantic, Estherville, Ia. 

BEVERLY, William David, Hyde Park, Austin Tex.— Born, Marion, S. C. ; 
Stud. Fur. U., S. C; Ord. Gapway Ch., S. C; P. Gapway, Congaree, U» ionville, 
Anders m, S. C. ; Marshall, Crockett. Georgetown, Cleburne, San Marcos, Wichitia, 
2nd S . Ch., Hyde Park, Ausin, Tex. 

BEWICK, E. D., River Falls, Wis.— Born, Dane Co., Wis.; Smd. State U., 
Wi%; S. B. T. S., Kv.; Lie. 79, Salem, Neb.; Or'. June, '82, Beatrice, Neb.; P. 
Beatrice, '81-85; Paimvra, '85-89; Xorth Plat' e, '89-92 ; York, '92-94: Sun Prairie, 
'94-97; River Falls, Wis., '97—; Ed. "Life of.W. E. Penn, the Texas Ev.," '96. 

BEYL, John L., Fraxklix, Ixd. — Born, Memphis, Ind.; Stud. State Xormal, 
Ind.; Boden Inst.,' Ini.; U. Chicago; C, InJ., B. A., '98; M. A., '99; Div. 
Sch. U. Chi, ago, '96; Lie. '89, and Ord. '92, Borden Ch., Ind.; P. Borden, '89; B'ue 
Rher, '91-93; Mt. Ayr, '94-95; 1st Ch., Madison, '95-97; Garden Ch., In IL.napo is, 
Ind., '9?—; Instructor Bornen Inst., '89-92; Instructor Frank C, Ind., '98—. 

BEZANSON, William Byron, South Yarmouth, Mass.— Born, English Cor- 
ner, > . S. : Stud. Acaoia U. ; New. T. S., Mass., '99; Lie. '90, 1st Hammond P-tins 
Ch.; Ord. Dec. 9, '98. South Yarmouth Ch., Mass.; P. South Rairdon, '94-96; A. 
P. South Yarmouth, Mass., '97-99. 

BIBB, Martin Luther, Odessa, Mo.— Born, Hawk Mt. W. Va. ; S ud. Wm. Jew. 

C, Mo. ana S. B. T. S., Ky. : Ord. 77, Mt. Horeb Ch., W. Va.; P. Montgomery 
City, Fulton, W. rrensburg, Wellsvil'e. Laddonia, Paris, Chi!lico f he, Windsor and 
Odessa, Mo.; Au. "Around the Lord's Table." 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 71 

BIBB, "William Albert, Bowling Green, Mo.— Born, Lynchburg, Va. ; Stud. 
Painsville Acad., Mo. ; LaG. C, Mo.; H. Sch., Clarksville, Mo.; Lie. Aug., '80, 
and Ord. Apr. 29, '82, Ramsey Creek, Mo.; P. Prairieville, Sugar Creek. Grassy- 
Creek, Walnut Grove, Mt. Pisgah, Mt. Pleasant, Frankfort, Laddonia, Farber, 
Corinth, Vandalia, Center, Bethel and Cyrene, Mo. — ; Asso. Ev. 2 yrs.; S. Bowling 
Green, Mo. 

BIBB, William Newton, Oak Hill, W. Va.— Born, Oak Hill, \y. Va. ; Lie. Jan. 
15, '94 and Ord. Mar. 31, '96, Oak Hill Ch. ; P. Oak Hill, '94—; Fayetteville. '98—; 
Raleigh Ch., Beckley, '99— ; Served under State Mission Bd., '95-96; Loup Creek, 
W. Va., '96-99. 

BICKFORD, Augustus Alvan, South Chelmsford, Mass. — Born, Alton, N. 
H.; New Hampton Ins'., N. H.. '76; Stud. Colby U., Me.; Lie. 73, 1st Ch., San- 
bornton, N. H. ; Ord. May 8, 78, IstCh., Sebec, Me.; P. Sebec, Me., 78; 2nd Ch., 
Sanbornton, 79-82; 3rd Sanborn'on, '82-83;' Danbury, N. H., '83-86; 1st Ch., 
Che'msford, Mass., '87-90, and '97—. 

BIDWELL, Stillman Spaulding, North Syracuse, N. Y.— Born, North Claren- 
don, Vt. ; Cg, U., N, Y., B.A., '58; Ham. T. S.. N. Y., M. A , '60; L ; c. '52., 
Rutland Ch., Vt.; Ord. Feb., '6L, 2nd Ch., Milo, N. Y. ; S. Pe'erb >ro, N. Y., '59- 
60; P. Milo, '60-61 ; North Svracuse, '62-68; L'ma, '68-71 ; Morrisville, 71-78; Wil- 
son, 78-81; IstCh,, Adams, '81-86; Hartford, '86-92; Deposit, N. Y. ; Ci.itienango 
and North Syracuse, N. Y., '97 — ; Au. (Two books in course of preparation). 

BIGGER, John H„ Tryington, Mass.— Born, New York, N. Y, ; B real, C, 
N. Y. B, A.. '91; Lie. Nov. 3, '88. Second Ave. B p. Ch., New York. N. Y. ; Ord. 
Dec. 14. '92., Florida Bap. Ch , Mass.; Mv. Tabernacle Bap. '80-85; P. Floaida, '92- 
96; Montville Ch., Sandisfield. '96-99; Tyrinsrham. Mass., '97-99; Au. "The Coun- 
try Church;" "Bible School Work, its Past, Present and Future." 

BIGGS, James Duvall, Bowling Green, Mo. — Born, Ralls Co., Mo. ; Stud. Wat- 
son Sem., Mo.; G. C, Kv., B. A.. 69, and M. A., 72; S. B. T. <., Kv.; Lie. 
Anr. 20, '66; Ord. June 21. '69. Salem, Kv.; P. Mdlersbur^, Kv.; Loui^'an- • 1st. 
Ch. Kirkwood ; Bowling Green; Country Chs. — ; Pres. Bap C, Louisiana, Mo. '73-75. 

BIGGS, Louis Carl Huestis, Rochdal", Mass. — Born, Fredericton, N. B. Cana- 
da.; Cg. U., N Y„ B A.. '92; M. A., '95; Htm. T. S., N. Y., B. D., '95; Lie. '92, 
Ruggles St. Ch., Boston, Mass.; Ord. '98, Greenv lie, Ch., Mass. Ed. "Madisonen- 


BIGLEY, Lee Barry, Colony, Tex.— Born, Nashville, Tenn. ; U. Nashville, 
Tenn, B. A , '46; L c. Gethsemane Ch., Miss.; Ord. Ed^sfi-ld Ch , Tenn.; P. Geth- 
6emane, Tenn., 73-81 ; Black Jack. Macedonia and Un on Hill, Tex. 

BILBRO, William, Biloxi, Miss.— Born, Hinds Co., Miss. ; Stud. C, Miss.; 
MrMaster's U., Toronto, Canada ; S ud. B. Un. T. S., Chicago; S. B. T. S., Ky., 
'65; Lie. Sej t. 16, '83, M*. Pisgah, Miss.; Ord. Dec. 15. '87, 1 Ch., KeoM, Ja. ; P, 
1-tCh;, Keota; Is' Ch., Cleveland. Tenn.; Lt Ch., M-advilh-; Wvatt Park Ch., St. 
Joseph, Mo.; 1-t Ch., Tallula, 111.; Lt Ch., Hamilton; 1st Ch., Pleasant HW, Mo.; 
IstCh., Bilox ; , Miss.—. 

BILL, Ingram E. Jr., 53 N. Pleasant St., Oberlin, O. — Born, Hampton, N. 
B, Canada; Acadia. U , x . S., B. A., '93; Stud New. T. S., Mass.; Roch T. S., N. 
Y., '97; Lie. June 10, '88, West Yarmouth, N. S. ; Ord. Sept. 19, "94, West Cleve- 
land, O.; P We t Cleveland, '9.4-95; 1st Ch , Oberlin, O., '97—. 

BILLINGS, Charles Madison, Tim.vionsville, «. C. — Born, Pittsvlvania Co., Va. ; 
W. F. C, N. C, B. A., '94; Lie. Aug. 18. '88, Sharon Ch., Va. ; Ord. Jan. 6, '91, 
Leaksville Ch., N. C; S. Lt Ch., Drnvihe, Va., Summer of '90; P. Memorial Ch., 
Greenville, \. C, '95; Packsville. '96-98; Timrronsville, S. C — . 

BILLINGS, W. Adelbert, Angelica, N. Y.— Born, Broom, N. Y.; Stud. Csf. 
Acad, and Cg. U-. ; Lij. *91, 1st Bap O ., Stamford, N. Y. ; Ord. 1st Bap. Ch., Addi- 
sor, N T . Y., Feb. 1, 93; P. 1st Bap. Ch., Addison, "9 -97; 1st Bap. Ch , Angelica, N. 
Y., '97—. 

72 The Baptjst Ministerial Directory. 

BILLINGSBY, John Mitchell, Ewing, 111.— Born, Marvin Co., Ky.; Lie. July, 
'48; Ord. Nov. 18, '51, Union Ban. Ch., Ky. ; P. Bethanv, Piovidenc ,"Tenn. ; Like 
Spring, Harmony, Big Spring, Bavs Fork, Friendship, Ky. ; Salem, Union, Pat oka, 
Flora. Louisville, Red Bud, Bethany, Wertfield, Petersburg, Lighter, Va.; Au. "Ad- 
ministration of Baptism;" "Origin of Infant Btptism.' ; 

BILLINGSLEY, Sr„ C C, Billingsley, Ala.— Born, Stafford Co., Va.; Stud. 
Falmouth, Va. ; Lie. Methodist Episcopal Ch.; Ord. My. Baptist; Spent 40 yrs in 


BILLS, Daniel S., Red Top, Mo. —Born, Marshall Co., Tenn.; Lie. Oct. 74; 
Ord. Feb. '76, Mt. Zion Ch.; P. Mt. Zion and Mt. Pleasant Chs., Mo.; Not able to 
preach for many yrs. 

BILLUPS, Richard Allen, Erie, W. Va.— Born, Cabell Co., W. Va.; Lie. '66, 
Cassville, W Va ; Ord. '68, Big Hurricane, W. Va. ; P. Big Hurricane, 15 yrs.; Ta- 
tor's Creek, 12 yrs.; Green Brier, 2 yrs.; Washington Ch., 1 vr.; Buffalo, 1 yr. ; 
Spruce Lick Ch., 2 yrs. ; Cassville, 2 yrs. ; Pleasants, W. Va., 2 yrs. 

BINGHAM, Frank C, Hiawatha, Kan.— Born, Ft. Atkinson, la. ; Stud. Upper 
Iowa U.; Sta-e Normal Seh., la., '81; Un. T. S.. Chicago, B. D , '86; Lie. June, 
'81, 1st Ch., Ft. Atkinson, la.; Ord. Dec. 10, '86, 1st Ch. Plainview, Neb.; P. 1st 
Ch., Pi inview, '86-89; Wilber, '89-90; Prairie Union, '90-93; Stella, '90-95; Brock, 
Neb, '94-95; Hiawatha, Kan., '96—; Au. "The Relation of Re entence, Faith and 
Baptism to Salvation." 

BINGHAM, "William John, ALBuquERqyE, N. Mex.— Born, Coventry, Eng. ; 
Stul. Moody's Sch., Chicago; Ot. U. Kan.; U. N. Mex.; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Ord. 
Oct., '97, Beloit Ch., Kan.; P. DeCrosvitle, Ont. Can., '93-94; Banning, Calif., 
'94-96; Beloit, Kan., '97-98—. 

BINION, M. B. L., Yeomans, Ga.— Born, Hancock Co., Ga.; Mer. U., Ga., 
B. A., '56; Lie. '54; Ord. '56, Island Creek Ch., Ga. ; P. Benevolence, New Be hel, 
Sardis, Brownwood, Ga. 

BINNS, J. W., Washington, Ga.— Born, Wilkes Co., Ga. ; U. of Ga., B. A., 
'84; Lie. Sept., '83 Sardis Ch., Ga. ; Ord. Nov., '88, Washington Ch., Ga. ; P. 
Crawfordsville, '89-90; County Line, '89-91 ; New Town, Ga., '89-92. 

BIRCHETT, J. L„ 103 W. Murray St., Elizabeth. N. J— Born, Lawrence- 
ville, Va. ; Stud. E iscopal Sch., Lawren evil'e. Va.; Grad. Richmond Ins f ., Va., 
'93: Richmond T. S., Va., B. D., '97; Lie. May, '90; Ord. My. '96, Cedar Grove 
Ch., Va.; My. P. Saltville and P.umbcreek, Va.; Prof, in Richmond T. S. 2 yrs. 

BIRD, John H., Brown Branch, Mo.— Born, Whitley Co. Ky., Oct. 14, '38; 
Lie. '73., Ce.tarvdle Ch., Mo. ; Or 1. Oct. 3, '88 Little Beaver Ch., Bradleyville, Mo. ; 
P. Little Beaver, '81-88; Sugar Shade, '82-87; Smrta,5 yrs; Union Hill, 2 yrs ; 
Shady Grove, 3 yrs. ; Prospect, Mo., 1 yr. ; My. '95-96. 

BIRD, Joseph, Johnson City, Tex.— Born, Yadkm Co.. M. C, July 15, '21; 
S'ud. Ciemonsville Acad., N. C. ; Ltc. July 15, '50, Tulip Ch., Ark ; On. Sept. 16, 
'55, Oat Meal Ch , Tex. ; P. Comanche, Lo-.-e Creek. Dripping S rings, Blanco, '55- 
61; Blanco, Lo\ e Creek, Macedonia, Grape Creek, Round Mountain, "61; County 
Judge, B anco Co., Tex. — 

BIRD, Robert B., Sparta, Mo.— Born, Whitley Co., Ky., '26; Lie. '58, Wolf 
Creek Ky ; Ori. Aug. 12, '67, Union, Ark.; P. Union and B.iggs Creek, Ark.; 
My. Bedfori Asso., Ind., 7 yrs.; S. Heitonville, Inl. 

BIRDSONG, Washington Silvanus, Rook ins, Mo.— Born, Moniteau Co., Mo.; 
Lie. N iv : '88; Or •. Aug., "89, Brush Creek Ch., Mo.; mt. Enon, 4 yrs. ; Si'oam, 
1 yr. ; Brush Creek, 4 yrs ; Monegaw Springs, 1 \ r. ; Ashworth, Mo., 1 yr. ; My. St. 
Clair Co., Bap. Ass > , Mo., 3 yrs. 

BIRKHOLZ, Joseph A., 13 West 64th St., New York. N. Y.— Born. Illinois; 
S'u-. U Roch., Un. T. S., N. Y.; Ord. May 31, '90, 1st Ch., R icine, Wis.; Ev. 
and Gospel singer — . 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 73 

BISBY t George R. t Cuti-ibert, Ga.— Born, Nurida, N. Y.; Stud. Hillsdale C, 
Mich.; B. Un. T. S., Chicago; Lie. Anr., '85, Greenville Ch., Mich.; Ord. June 16, 
'85, 1st Ch , Greenville, Mich.; P. Oakfield, Mich., '85-88; Grant Park, III., '89-90; 
Egan, '90-91; Parker, S Dak.. '91-93; Le Mars, '93-96 ; Harlan, '96-97; Humboldt, 
la., '97-98; Cu'hbert, Ga , Dec. 1, 98—. 

BISHAM t John Eton, 'The Maples." Clifton, N. Y— Born, Philadelphia, 
Pa. ; Stud. Private Tutor; U. Pa., M. D.; Ph. D., '68; On. Sep'., '90, Tabernacle 
Ch., Philadelphia, Pa.; P. Zion Ch., Pa., '94; West Henrietta, '95; Clifon, N. Y., 

BISHOP, Charles Walgate Wilberforce, Trainer, Pa.— Born, Halifax, Nova S. ; 
Stud. Acadia C, N. S.; Cro. T. S., Pa., '77-80; Lie. Aor. '74, Falmouth Ch., N. *$.; 
Ord, Oct. 23, '79, Marcus Hook Ch., Pa. ; S. M-. Uriah and Rawdon, N. S., '74; P. 
Marcus Hook, Pa., Sept., '79 — . 

BISHOP, Jasper R., Junction City, Ark.— Born, O.d Gallatin, Miss.; Lie. '72 
and Ord. '82, Beth eherrf; P. Pinev Grovr-,'83; New Hope. '85; Hopewell No. 3, '86-87; 
Brister, '91-92; S. Chalybeate Spring-; P. Spring Hill, '92-93—. 

BISHOP, J., Forney, Tex.— Born, Fulton Co., Ind.; Lie. '60, Soring Creek 
Ch., Ind.; Ord. '65, Jordan Ch., Ind.; P. Jordan, '67-68; Li tie Flock, '72-73; Ful- 
ton, Ind., '77; Wylie, '91; Valley View, Tex., '94. 

BISHOP, John Wesley, Johnston, S. C— Bor , Blnek Mingo, S. C; Stud Fur. 
U., S. C, andS. B. T. S., Kv.; Lie. and Ord. June, '77, 1st Ch., Greenville, S. C; 
P. HardinviHe. Grahamville, Lower Three Runs, Crdart >wn, West Point, Augusta, 
Ga. ; A.tlee, Cool Spring, Walnut Grove, Gordonsville and Crooked Run, Va. ; Hamp- 
ton, Brannons, Alhndale, Antioch, Mt. Olivet, New Providence, Ebenezer and Rojky 
Creek, S. C. 

BISHOP, Norman North, Beverly Farms, Mass.— Born, Horton, N. S, ; B. U., 
R. I. ,'95; New. T. S., Mass., '97; Lie. '91 2nd Ch., Lawrence, Miss.; Ord. Sept. 
27, '93, 2 id Ch., Beverly, Miss.; 8. 1st Ch., Point Judith, R. I., '94-95; S. North 
Easton,Mass., '96-98. 

BISHOP, Orison E., Union. N. Y.— Born, Rummerfield, Pa ; Stud. Buck. U., 
Pa. ; Lie. July 14, '92, Athens Ch., Pa. ; Ord. June 15, '93, Leroy Ch., Pa. ; P. Leroy, 
Pa., '92-94; Chemung, '94-97; Union, N. Y., '97—. 

BISHOP, Samuel, Bloomington, III. — Born, Springfield, O.; ^t"d. Shurt. C, 
111.; Cg. U., N. Y ,B A.,'5S; M. A , '60; Ham. T. S., N. Y., '60; St. Loui< C. of 
Medicine, M. D.,'70; Lie. 1st Ch., Bloomington, 111. ; Ord. '61, Lena Ch., 111. ; P. 
Lena, 111., 1 yr, ; Au. "Geneological History of Bishop and Like Families." 

BISHOP, Samuel G., Winfield, Kas.- Born, Leicester, England; Stud. Mil- 
waukee. Wis.; Lie. Feb. '95, Wellington Ch., Kan.; Ord. Oct. '95, D^rb} Ch., Kan.; 
P. Derbv, UdaU, Floral and Little Walnut, Kan. 

BISHOP, William Henry, Roopville, Ga.— Born, Spaulding Co., Ga. ; S'ud. 
Bowden C, Ga. ; Atlanta Medical C, M. D., '91 ; Lie. July 18, '82, E *en Ch., Ga. ; 
Ord. Oct. 12, '88, Waco Ch., Ga. ; P. Eureka, Ga., '89/ 

BISS, Walter Albert, Imlay, Mich.— Born, Waltham Abbey, Essex, England ; 
Pastors' C, Newington, Lo don. Eng'and, '87; Ord. Feb.. '88, Canton Ch., Pa.; 
P. Rmsomvil'e, '88-90; M mnsviUe, N. Y., '90-92; Big Rapids, '92-94; Middleville, 
'95-99; Imlay, Mich., May 7. '99—. 

BITTING, William Cf%7 E. 127th St., New York, N. Y.— Born, Hanover 
Co., Va.; R. C, Va., B. A. M A., '77; D. D. ; How. C. Ala.. D. D. ; Cro. T. S., 
Pa.; L ; c. Set., '77, Franklin Square Ch., Baltimore, Md.; Qrd. May, '81. Luray, 
Va.; P. Luray an \ Riverton, Va., '81-83; Mt. Morris, N. Y., '84—. 

BIVENS, James H„ Hurst, Ga.— Born, Morganton, Ga. ; Lie. '88; Ord. '89, 
Ebenezer Ch., Ga. ; P. Antioch, '92-93; Concord, Ga., '92-99. 

74 The Baptist Ministerial Directory 

BIVENS, Joseph Alexander, Monroe, N. C— Born, Union Co., N. C. ; Lie. Oct , 
'66; Ord. May, '72, Meadow Branch Ch., N. C; P. Bethel, '69; Piney Grove, '70; 
Waxhaw, '71-72 ; Mt Moriah, Elizabeth, Waxhaw. Olive Branch, '73; Mt. Moriah, 
Elizabeth, Olive Branch, '74; Meadow Branch, Bethel, 75; Mt. Moriah, Bethel, '76; 
Mt. Moriah, Mineral Spring, Bethel, '77; Mineral Spring, Elizabeth, Jerusalem, '78; 
Deep Creek, Elizabeth. Jerusalem, Bethel, 79; Elizabeth, Mt. Olive, Bethel, '80; 
Deep Creek, Bethel, Mt., '81; Deep Creek, Mt. Olive, '82-84; Deen Creek, 
Bethel, Waxhaw, '85; Waxhaw, Bethel, Ebenezer. '86-87; Hopewell, Waxhaw* 
Ebenezer, Macedonia. '88; Hopewell, Meadow Branch, Ebenezer, Macedonia, '89; 
Meadow Branch, Mill Creek, Macedonia, '90; Hopewell. Meadow Branch, Mill Creek, 
Macedonia. "91; New Hope, Benton X Roads, Mill Creek, Bethel, '92; New Hope, 
Benton X Roads, Bethel, '93; Deep Creek, Mt. Olive, Bethel, Macedonia, '94-97; 
Bolks, Wolf Pon.l, Bethel, Macedonia, '98; Folks, Wolf Pond, Spring Hill, Olive 
Franch, Hamiltons X Roads, N. C, '99. 

BIVTNS, Robert L., Amerkus, Ga. — Born, Pinevlle, Ga. ; Ala. Poyltechnic 
Inst, and A. M. and C. of Ala. ; B. S., '93 M. S., '94 ; Stud. S. B.'*T. S., Ky. ; Lie. 
May 8, '95; Ord. June 14, '96, Valence St. Ch., New Orleans, La.; P. Furlow Lawn 
Ch., Americus, Ga., June 1, '97 — . 

BIXBY, Dudley Cotton, Station 2, Haverhill, Mass. — Born, Warren, N. H.; 
Stud. Colby Acad., N. H.; New Hampton Ins f ., Vt. ; New. T. S., Mass.; Grad. 
Military C, Philadelphia, Pa.; Cro. T. S., Pa., '72; Lie. '59, E. Swanton Ch., Vt. ; 
Ord. June, '70, Canton Ch., Me.; S. Canton, Me., '69-70; P. Rockport, Me., '72-76; 
W. Randolph, Vt., 76-77; Searsmont, Me., '87-89; E. Dedh-m, M^ss., '79-80; 
Rehoboth, '80-83; O^ srerville, Mass., '83-84; Stroudsville, Pa., '84-85; Shenandoah, 
Pa., '85-87; Ciamer'Hill, N. J., '87-90; My. and Ev. in Maine, '90-94; P. 2nd Ch., 
Haverhill, Mass., Nov. '94-. 

BLXBY, George W., Providence, R. I.— Born, Warren, N. H., Feb. 2, ' 3; 
Stud. Montreal C. ; New Hampton Inst., N. H ; Lie. Dec. 29, '50, East Hardwick 
Ch., Vt.; Ord. Jan. 11, '54, No. Fairfax Ch , Vt. ; P. Williamstown, '52; No. Fair- 
fax, '53-55; Swanton, '55-60; Charlotte, '60; Walterburg, '61; Huntington, Vt., 
'63-64; Rumn-7, N. H., '66-70; Providence, R. I., '70-76; Swan Sea. Mass., '82-91; 
S. Allendale, R. I., 3 yrs. ; H. R. 

BIXBY, Moses Homaur, 43 Susan St., Providence, R. I. — Born, Warren, N_ 
H. ; Stud. Newbury Sem. ; DerbvAcad.; Montreal C, Quebec, Can. ; Dart. C, N". 
H., M. A. '68; Cent. U, la., D. D. '75; Biblical Inst,, Mass., 3 yrs. ; Lie. '47, Hard- 
wick Ch., Vt.; Ord. '49, Williston Ch., Vt ; P. Williston and Johnson, Vt. ; My. 
Burma, 4 yrs. ; P. Frien Iship St. Ch., Providence, R. I. ; Again My. Burma, 8 yrs. ; 
P. Cranston St. Ch., Providence, R I., 30 yrs.—. 

BJORKQUIST, Emanuel, Cambridge, Minn.— Born, Sweden; S ud". B. Un. T. 
S., Chicago; Lie. Apr. '89, 1st Swed. C' ., St. Paul, M'nn. ; Ord. Oct. 24 '95, 1st 
Swed. Ch , Cambridge, Minn.; S. 1st Swed. Ch., St. Paul, Minn., 5 yrs.; P. Swed. 
Ch., Wasa. 2 \ rs. ; 1st Swed. Ch., Cambridge, Minn., 4 yrs. 

BLACK, George W., Gr \ss Valley, Ore.— Born, Bunton Co, Mo.; Stud. 
Wm. Jewell C, Mo.; Lie. '71; Ord. '72, Mt. V-ew Ch., Mo.; P. 1st Ch., Corxallis, 
'81; Brownsville, '82-83; Marshvil'e, '83-84; Grants P;.ss. '88-91; Ashl.-.nd, '91-96; 
Roseburg, Ore., '96-97; We ; ser, Idaho, '97-98; Grass Vallev , Ore., '98—. 

BLACK, Grandison Lancaster,, Liberty, Mo.— Born, Boone Co., Mo.; Wm. 
Jewe 1 C, Mo.; Ph. B.. '60; D. D., '84; Lie. '56 and Ord. '58 New Sa'em Ch., Mo.; 
P. Westport, Carrol ton. Bonne Femme. Salem, Kearney, Osborn, Providence; S. 
Springfield, and IstCh., Independence, Mo.; Financial Agt. Theol. Dept. and Sec. 
Bd. Wm. Jewell C, Mo. ' 

BLACK, Henry S., Wallace, Idaho.— Born, Charleston, W. Va. ; Stud Shurt. 
C, 111.; D.v. Sch., Snurt C. 111., B. D., '86; Lie. '84, Upper Alton Ch., 111.; Ord. 
Mar. 19, '86, Pana Ch., 111.; S. and P. Pana; P. Carlinville, Kewanee, 111;; Wallace, 
Idaho; Financial Sec. Educat onal Soc '92-93; Ed. "The Pastoral News." 

BLACK, John F., Ladonia, Tex.— Born, Washington Co,, Ark.; Ord. Grana- 
da Ch., Kan.; P. Nickerson, Wellington. Kan.; Carl Junction. Mo ; Ladonia, Tex 
Ev. work. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 75 

BLACK, J. W., Mulhall, Okla. Ter.— Born, Indiana Co., Pa.; Stud. Pineflat 
Acad., Pa.; Lie Dec. 27, 79 ; Ord. Sept. 26, '80, Canville Ch.. Kan.; S. Canville,, 
Corinth. Ark.; P. Gum Springs, Posy Hollow, Ark.; New Hope, Columbia, Myrtle.. 
Chartty Mt. Olive, Paradise. Lone Star, Okla. ; My. Several Yrs. ; Cor. Sec. and 
Supt. of My. Okla. Bap. State. Conv., 4 yrs. 

BLACK, William J., Ocee, Tex. — Born, Habersham Co., Ga., Jan. ,'50; Lie. 
Mar., '82, Shoal Creek Ch., Ga. ; Ord. Mar., '85, Dewberry Ch., No. 2, Ga. ; P.. 
Dewberry. '85-89; Mt. Vernon, Mt. Gilead, Flat Rock, Mt. Hermon. Mt. Pleasant,. 
Ga. ; McDonald, Shepherd Hill, Cross Roads, Union, Providence, Oak Grove, Mt. 
Pleasant, Tenn.; Shiloh, Tex.—. 

BLACKBURN, Alexander, 427 Market St., Portland, Ore.— Born, La 
Porte Co., Ind.; Stud. Hanover C. Ind., '65-66; Monmouth C, HI.; B. S. '68;: 
Frank. C. Ind, D. D.. '93; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, B. D.,'73; Lie. Feb-, '70, 
Macomb Ch., 111.; Ord, Feb. '72, Austin Ch., 111.; P. Austin, '71-76 ; (organized 
Ch.) Oak Park, 111., '76-78; 1st Ch.. Lafayet e,Ind., '78-87; 1st Ch., Lowell, '87-93;; 
1st Ch., Cambridge, Mass., '93-98; 1st Ch., Portland, Ore., NoV., '98—. 

BLACKBURN, Josiah H., Barbourville, Ky- Born, Tazewell, Tenn.; Lie 
May, '83; Ord. Feb. 15, "84, Mt. Pleasant Ch. ; P. S^an Pond, '93; Concord Ch.„ 
Fl,t Lick, '94; Sinking Valley, '95—; Calvary, Ky., '98. 

BEDELL, Benjamin, Peru, Neb.— Born, Lockport, N. Y.; Den. U., O., B. A. T . 
'52; M. \., '55; Lie. '47, M\ Vernon Ch., O.; Ord. '53, Circleville Ch., O. ; P. 
Circleville, '53-56; Wilmington, "56-65 ; Jonah's Run, '60-68; Xenia, "68-78; Cir- 
cleville, O., '78-82; Peru, Neb., '82-. 

BLACKLOCK, John Frederick, Chesham, N. H.— Born, Providence, R. I.; B, 
U., R. I.. B. A., '92; Cro. T. S.. Pa., "96; L'C Anr. 5, '89, 1st Ch., Newport, R. I.;: 
Ord. Aug. 25, '96, Chesham Ch., N. H.; P. Chesham N. H., '96—. 

BLACKMAN, James Franklin, Weatherford,Tex. — Born, West Baton Kouge 
Co.. La.; Stul. B »y. U., Tex.; Lie. Sept. '74, Big Creek Ch., Li:; Ord. Feb.. '75,. 
Beulan Ch., La.; P.Mineral Wells, Singieville, Greenwood, South Leon, Fleming... 
Agnes, Tex. 

BLACKMAN, J. H., Somerset, III.— Born, Saline Co., 111. ; Lie. '71, Big 
Saline Ch., I 1.; Ord. '92, Sulphur Sor- gs Ch. 111.; P. Big Ridge, '93-96; Equality „ 
'95-96; B)g Saline. '95-96; Concord ,'98— ; Eddyville, 111., '98—. 

BLACKMAN, William S. t Harrisburg, III.— Born, Mitchellville, 111.; Lie. 
Oct. 26, '67; Ord. June 30, '72, New Silem, 111.;, P. New Silem, South America^. 
North America, Banks on, H r ford. Long Br inch', Raleigh, El'ondo, New Hope,* 
Pleasa-t Gr )ve, Macedonia, New Crstle, M >rrellville, C mcord, Unity, N'ew L'bertv,. 
St» efort. New Bur side, Tunnell Hill, Coat Ba >k, Sa'em, and Harrisburg, '89-91 ; 
My. w,.-rk most of minister'al life. 

BLACKWELDER, Wilson Monroe, Woodlawn, Ala.— Born, Du lleyville, Ala. ;;. 
Stu-. A. and M. C, A'a. ; Stud. S B. T S. Ky. ; Lie. '79, and Ord. '80, County 
L"ne, A'a.; P. Antio -h. '81-85; Panville '81-85; Rock Spring and County Line, '83- 
85; North "orte, '88-90; Decatur, '90-93; Furman, A a., '93-96; Port Royal, '86- 
88; Pleasurevil'e, Ky.. '86-88. 

BLACKWELL, Calvin Simeon, Wilmington, N. C— Born, Roa oke Co., Va.; 
Stud. La iotja Acad,, Ind.; Ho .ar I C, I -d. ; Ecle tic M d. Inst., St Lou's Mo.; 
Oskaloosa C, la., '75; Drake U., la., M. A., '85; How. C, Ala. D. D.. '99; Oska- 
loosa T. S la., '75; Ord. '90, Grace Ch., Norfo'k Va. ; P. Cm. of Christ, Brook yn,. 
N. Y., '75-77; Christian Ch.. Norfolk, Va,, '77-82; Chr^s i »n Ch., St. Louis, Mo.,, 
'82-84; Ce tral Ch.. of Chr st, Chicago, 111., '84-88; Christ'" >n Ch., Augusta, Ga., 
'88-90; Grace Ch., Norfolk, Va., "90-92; 1st Ch., Elizabe h City, N C, '92-97; Cor, 
Sec. Southern R. Y. P. W.,B : rmingham, Ala., '97-98; 1st Ch!, Wilmington, N. C.., 
'9S— ; Ed "Dailv New," Norfolk, Va ; A. Ed. "Ba^t st Union,"' Chicago, 111.; Au. 
"A New Light By Which to Read t ;e Old Book;" "Elem-ts of tne Art of Expres- 

76 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BLACK WELL, James F. t 2515 Poplar St., Cairo, III.— Born, Carroll Co., 
Tenn. --Lie. '92, and Ord. '94, 2 <d M . B. Ch., Cairo, 111.: S. S. Mv. '92-93; P. 
■Cobden, '95; 1st Mv. Bap. Ch., Mound City., 111., '96-97; Pres. Ministers' and Dea- 
cons' Un. '95. 

BLAIR, Thomas, Centre, Ala. — Born, Tearaoin Creek, Ala.: Lie.'SS; Ord. 
'86, Prov.dence Ch., A'a. ; P. Providence, 86-ST ; Cha'ce Ionia, '86-S8 ; Melrose, '86- 
:87;. Pilgrims Rest, '8S-90; Pisgah, '91-99: Round M mntain, Ala.. 93-99. 

BLAKEMAN, Charles F„ Sandy Hill, N Y.-Born, Greenwich, X. Y., 1843 
Stud. Claverack, X. Y., and U. Chicago; Lie. '68, 1st Ch., SinHv Hill, N. Y ; Ord 
May 30, 71. Greenfield Ch., X. Y.; P. Greenfield, 71-73; Richburg, '73-74; Mora 
-via, '75-78; Fort Edward, '80; Glens Falls, '84-88; Kenvon Town, '89-90 
Adamsville, X. Y., "92-97. 

BLAKE, Frederic Dana, Attleboro, Mass. — Born, Princeton, Mass.; Colby U., 
Me.'61;Xew. T.S., '64; Lie. Dec. 18. '61, South B up. Ch., Boston ; Ord. Aug. :«, '64, 
Gardener, Me.; P. Gardener, Me., '64-6S ; New London, N. H., '69-73: Cherryfield, 
75-80; Oakl nd, Me., '80-83; Wicktord, R. I., '84-92 ;S. At leboro, Mass., '96—. 

BLAKE. Preston,' Lfxixgtov, Ky. — Born, Mithews Co., Va. ; Stud. Randolph- 
Macon C, Ya.; S. B. T. S. Kv.,'91; Lie. "85, Spring HiH Ch., Ya. ; Ord. Jin. '87, 
Walnut St. Ch., LouisvilL, Kv. ; P. Richmond and Republican Chs., in Madison 
Co., '87-92; Daytcn, '92-98; 1st Ch., Lexington, Kv., '98—. 

BLAKE, James, Rhixelander, Wis. — Born, Suffolk, Eng, ; S'ud Hulnas Cliff 
'C, Curbir, Eng.: Harlev C. Bow London; Div. Seh., U. C-'ici^o, 1894: Ord. Feb. 
49, '95, K-ndalfCh., Wis.; Mv. to Central Atrica, '89-91 ; P. Kendall, '94-98; Rhine- 
lander, Wis., Mar., "98—. 

BLAKE, William P., Emahaka Ind. Ter.— Born, Mutinsburg, Pa.; S. B. T. 
S., Kv., 1880; Lie. 78, Singer's Gl n Ch., Ya. ; O'-d. Dec. 12, '80, Weldon Ch., X. 
C; P. Weld<»n, '80-83: Rockv Mount, \\ C: Gen. My. Creek and Semin >le Indians, 
"'SS-SS : Heiington, Kan., '85-87; Co-Ed. and Founder of the "Indian Missionary;" 
.'Supt. Amahaka Ac d., '87 — . 

BLALOCK, Joseph G., Rockingham. X. C — Born, Culbr th,X. C: Wake. F. 
C, X. C, B. A. '92. S. B. T. S., Kv., Th. M., '95: Lie. Mt. Zion, Flat River Asso., 
:S pt., '87: Ord M<- Zi-Mi, Flar River Ass-., Tun 4, '93: S. Hickorv, '93; Tarboro, 
X. C, '74: P. Rooerdel, '95; Lauinbiug, '95-96: Lilesville, '95-98; Rockingham, 
K. C, '95—. 

BLALOCK, Richard Henry, La Grange, Ga — Born, Macon Co., Ga. ; Mer. 
U., Ga. B. A., and M. A.: Lie Benevrd-nce Ch., and Ord. Fo t YallevCh.: P. 
Tteynolds, Ga., '80 ; Couritr\ Chs. in South Carolina and Georgia; Greenville and 
Chipley. Ga.— : Prof. Southern Female C, La Grange, Ga — . 

BLANC, F. L., Tuliax, Cal- Born, Knoxville. Tenn.: Stud. Car. Xew. C, 
Tenn., 1892-93; Lie." 1st Ban. Ch., Pineville, Kv., S-pt. o, '91; Ord. 1st Bao. Ch., 
Tineville, Kv., June 5, "92: P. 1st Ch., Julian: 1st Ch., Ball^na, Cal., '93. 

BLANCETT, W. C, Tate, Ala.— Born, Henaear, Ala.: Stud. High Seh., 
Jasper, Tenn.: Lie. Dec. '94; Ord. Sept., '97, Rebob>th Ch., Ala.: P. Rc-hoboth, 
jAla.— . 

BLANCHARE, Charles Wayland, Kixstox, X. C— Born, Wak- Co., X. C; 
.:Stud. O.kwood Aead., f lolly S >rmo; S Inst., W. F. C, X. C, '88-91: O-d. Nov. 30, 

'87, Pleasant Grove Ch., N'.'C: P. Pleasant Grove, '87-91; Kennies Cr ek, '87-S9; 
'Green Level, X. C, '88-93 :Ea-' Durham, X. Y., '91-94; B rea, '93-94; Fi a cial and Wake Forest C, X. C, '94-95; Kinston, X. C, June, '97 — ; Ed. "The 


BLANCHARD, Edward Montrose, Yerxox, Mich.— Born, Charleston, Mass.; 

CStud. VVav. U., Wis.: Cg 0\, X. Y., M. A., '67: Ham. T. S., X. Y., B. A., '65; 
Lie. '59, W.ukesha, Wis.: O-d. '67, Morris Ch., N.Y.; P. Morris, '65-6<* ; Mara- 
thon, '68-71 : Bainb'idge, N. Y.,'71-74; St. CI ir. '75-76: Flushing, '76-81: Litch- 
field and Aunlius, X. Y., '81-85: D.foit, '8?-88; Willi; mstcn, '88-92; St. Johns, 

^94-98: Yernon and Plymouth, Mich., '98.—. 

Thk Baptist Ministerial Directory. 17 

BLANCHARD, Robert, Box 125, Paris, Tex.— Born, Jackson Co., Fla., '33; 
Lie. Ma-., '70, and Ord. Julv 13, '72, Sand Hill Ch., Tex.; P. Rock Springs and 
Pisgah, Ark.,4 yrs.; 6 Chs., Red River Co.; 3 Ctis., Lamar Co., Tex.; 1 Ch., 1& 


BLANCHARD, William Louis, Fargo, N. Dak.— Born, Pratts Hollow, N. Y. ; 
U. S. Dak., B. A. '89; Div. Sch., U. Chicago B. D., 93; Lie. Oct '89, 1st Bap. Ch,, 
Vermillion, S. Dak.; Ord. '90, 1st Bap. Ch., Darlington, Wis. ; P. Dar'ington,, 
Wis., '90-93; East LmcolnCh., Lincoln, Neb., '93-97 ; 1st Ch., Fargo, N. Dak., 97—. 

BLAND, C. C», Lundy, Va. — Born, Grayson Co., Va ; Lie. '77, Primative Bap. 
Ch.; Ord. '79, My. Ch., P easan' Grove, Va.; P. Fellowship, '90-92; Mt CarmeJ,. 
'93-94; Winget's Chapel, '93-95; Flat Ridge, Va., '93-99. 

BLANDEN, John Spencer, Brockton, N. Y.— Bom, Gouveneur, N Y.; Stud. 
Wsl. Sem., N. Y.; Cr. LI., N. Y,, B A., '61, M. \., "64; L ; c. Sept., 57, Gouverneur 
Ch., N. Y.; |Ord. Oct. 19, '64, Lyme Ch., N.Y.; P. Lyme Ci„ Three 
Mile B«y, '64-68; Frmvslnuv, N. Y. "68-69; Asst. Sec. Bap. Edu ation Soc, 1 yr. 
and 3 mos. ; M m >iis, 3 vrs. ; 4t \ Ch., Syracuse, 8 yrs. ; Frewsburg, 4yrs. ; Clymer, 
3yrs; 1st Portland, Bro : k'on N.Y. 

BLANCHARD, John Martin, Olm^tedville, N. Y.— Born, Jay, N. Y.; Stud. 
Inst, tor theB ind,, N. Y.; L : c. Sept., '90, Jay Ch., N. Y.; Od. Sept. 16, 
'91, Lake Placid Ch., N. Y ; S. Moriah. '91; Brookn-ld, N. Y., '91-92; P. North 
Lew's, '92-93; Elzibethtowo, '94; North Chester, '95-96; Bol'on Landing, N. Y., 

BLANKENSHIP, M. LaFayette, Swektwater, Tfnn.— Born, Cleveland, 
Tenn.; Stud. II. Sch., Bent >n, Tenn. ; Flint Spg. Acad., Tenn.; Lie. '91; Ord. '92, 
Central Ch., Chatt mooga, Tenn. 

BLANKENSHIP, Robert Samuel, Station Camp, Tenn.— Born, Prince Ed- 
ward Co., V(.; Gra<. Hi^h Sch., Hopkinsville, Ky. ; Lie. '57, Keysburg Ch., Ky. ; 
Ord '58, Oak Grove Ch., Tenn.; P. Oak Grove, Hopewell, Corums Hill, Station 
Camp, New Bethel, Tenn. 

BL ANTON, Jesse Howell, Blanche, S. C— Born, Powellville, S. C; Stud. 
Ashpole Ins.; Lie. and Ord Honev Camp Ch., S. C ; P. H mey Camp, Mt. Tabor, 
Mt. Sinai, Ga;uv..y, Plea-ant Grove, Buck Swamp, Mt. Horeb, Mt. Olive, Cedar 
Creek, S. C, and others. 

BLANTON, Joseph Whildon, Prosperity, S. C— Born, BarnweU Co., S. C; 
Lie. Feb. 19, '87; Ord. S pt. 11, '87, Fa ; rmount Ch., S. C; P. Seven Pines, '87-88; 
My. Car ne , Amelia, Mizpah, '89-91; P. Cross Roads, Lower Duncans Creek,, 
Bethesda, '92; Bethel, Enoree, '93—; Mavbinton, '94—; Cross Hill, '96—; Pros- 
perity, S. C, Jan., 92—; Ed. "Prosperity News," '98-99. 

BLANTON, J, T., Raxcho, Tex.— Born, Tennessee; Stud. Chapel Hill Ch.; 
Ord. '84, Couniy Line Ch. ; P. Hughes Spring-, '88-90; Helena and Runge, '91-94; 
Sutherland Springs, '94-96; Rancho, Tex., '96-99. 

BLAYLOCK, Buxton B., Troy, Tex.— Born, Raleigh, N. C; Stud. Holland H. 
Sch., Bdton Maie Aod., Bay. U., Tex, ; Lie. July 5, '94," Amity Ch. ; Ord. Apr. 19, 
'96, Holland Ch., Tex ; P. D^ers Grove, '96-99; Summers Mill, '96-97; Corinth, 
'97-98; Troy, Tex., Nov., '98—. 

BLAYLOCK, John N., Vincit, Mo.— Born, S'anley Co., N. C; Lie Dec, '83; 
Old. Nov., '84., Union Hid Ch., Tenn.; P. Four Mile Ch., 11 yrs.; Salem, 3 yrs.; 
Shady Grove, 10 yrs. ; Kennett, 1 yr. ; F< iendship, 6yrs. ; Oak Grove, 2 yrs. ; Warner 
River, 2 yrs. ; Berney, Mo., 2 yrs. ; My. 2 yrs. 

BLEDSOE, Mead M., Jackson, Tenn.— Stud. So. Wn. U., Tenn.; Lie. Aug, 
25, '91, Zion B p. Ch , Tenn. ; Ord. Oct 11, '92, Central Bap. Ch., Tenn. ; P. Medina. 
2 yrs.; Memphis, 15 mos. ; Fray.-er, Big Creek, Lucv, Egypt, Endora, Lavinia, Bells, 
Poplar Grove, Maleswa, Meridian Creek, and Memphis, Tenn. ; Did much Ev. work. 

BLEIBTREU, George John, Pasadena, Calif. — Born, Luisburg, Germany ; 
Stud. Gymnasium, Realschule, Germany ; Breklum T. S., Germany; Lie. and Ord. 
'92, 1st Ch., Higginsville, Mo. ; P. Higginsville, Mo. ; Atchison, Topeka, Leavenworth,. 
Kan.; S.Pasadena, Calif. — . 

78 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BLEVINS, Calvin, Hermitage, N. C— Born, Ashe Co., N. C; Lie. '89, White- 
top Ch , Va. ; Ord. '94, Pleasant Hill Ch., N. C; P. Pleasant Hill, '97; Mountain 
View and Pleasant Home. "97-93 : Apple Grove, '99—. 

BLEVINS, Ezekiel, Blevins, N. C— Born, Allegheny Co.. N.C.; Lie. 1383; 
Ord. Apr. 5, '84, Double Springs Ch., N. C: P. South Fork, '84-90; Pleasant Grove, 
" 7 85-88; Baptist Chapel, '85-87; Mt. Plea^nt Chapel, '86-8S ; New Hope, '91-93; 
New Cranberry, '91-93; Apple Grove, '94-96 : Healing Springs, '93-96; Bethel, '93 
-98; Pleasant Home, '97-99; Friendship, '97-99; White Top, N. -C, '95-97; My. 
Elkin Asso., '90. 

BLEVINS, Noah M., Green Covf, Va.— Born, Gravson Co., Va. ; Stud. Oak 
"Hill Acad.; Lie. 1884 and Ord. '86, White Top Ch., Va ; P. Laurel, Va,, '86-91; 
White Top, Va., '88; State Line Ch., Va., '91-93. 

BLISS, Alanson H.,Neodesha, Kan.— Born, Middlebury,Vt. ; Cg. U., N. Y., B. 
^55; M.A.'57, Ham. T. S., N. Y., M. A. ,'57; Lie. Owego Ch., N. Y.; Ord. '57, Beth- 

esda Ch., Stamford, Conn.; P. Bethesda Ch., Stamford, Conn ; Hamilton Square 
N. J.; Phelps Village, N. Y.; Glen Run and Hon-sdale, Pa.; Flatbush, N. Y. ; 
Alloway and Vincentown, N. J.; S. Colosse, Spencer, Amenia, N. Y.; Matawan, 

BLISS, Emerson "William, 224 Jackson St., Anacostia, D. C. — Born, Barnston, 
•Que., Canada; Stud. Acad., Stanstead Plain, Que.; Ham. C, B. A., M. A.; Lie. 
Barnston Ch., Que.; O.d. Feb. 19, 46, Venice Ch., N. Y.; P. Venice, De Ruyter, 
Brooklyn, Kingston, Newbury, Pitston, N. Y.; Malvern, Pa.; Anacostia, D. C. — . 

BLITCH, Solomon Elihu, Tipton, Ga.— Born, Effiingham Co., Ga. ; Lie. Sept. 
1875, and Ord. Mav 21, 76, Pleasant Hill Ch., Ga. ; P. Pleasant Hill, Moultrie, Buck 
Creek, Mt. Zion, Ocapilco, Mt. Olive, Summer, Tv Tv, Is ibella, Antioch, Leslie, 
New Hope, Pleasant Grove, Bethel, Shilob, Andersonville, Ellaville, Union Springs, 
Ga.; My. State Bd., Enigma, Alpha, Willacoochee, Pearson and Warsaw, Ga. ; My. 
Los Angeles, 6 yrs. ; Long Beach and Llano, Calif. 

BLOCK, John G, Ledger, N. C— Born, Mitchell Co., N. C; Lie. 1884, Grassy 
Creek, N. C: Ord. May 2, '85, Mt. Vernon, N C. ; P. Mt. Vernon, '85-87; Black 
Mountain, '87; Pepper's Creek, '88-91; Turkey Cove, N. C , '90-91. 

BLOCKER, John F„ Sardinia, Ind.— Born, Decatur, Ind. ; Stud. Ind. State 
Normal, and S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. '92; Ord. Apr. 30, '99, Little Sand Creek Ch. ; 
P. Libert}'. Bear Creek, Union, Ind.; Taught Sch. 

BLOMGREN, Hans, Willmar, Minn.— Born, Sweden; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, 
'92; Ord. Nov. 16, '83, Spring Vale Ch., Minn.: P. Spring Vale, '83-91; Fergus 
Falls, May to Oct., '92; Houston, '92-94; Willmar, Minn., Dec. 1, '94.—. 

BLOUNT, David James, Tampa, Fla — Born, Centre Institute, Ala.: Lie. 
Altoona Ch., Fla., Mar. 15, '90; Ord. Altoona Ch., July 10, '95; P. Lake Ella, '95—, 
Orange City, Fla., '96—. 

BLOUNT, George Adams, Ellabell, Ga. — Born, Savannah, Ga. ; Stud. Sch- 
Savannah, Ga. ; Lie. May, 27, '72 ; Ord. Mar. 15, '74, Savannah Bap. Ch.; Served 
Various Chs. 

BLOUNT, Solomon F., Alamo, Fla.— Born, Gadsden Co., Fla. : Lie. Feb., '87 ; 
Ord. May 6, '88, Antioch Ch., Fla. ; P. Ft. Braton, Fla., '9S-99. 

BLOWERS, Frank L., Hemlock, N. Y.— Born, Troupsburg, N. Y.; Stud. 
Oswego Normal Sch., N. Y.: Colgate Acad., N. Y. ; U. Roch., N. Y. ; S. B. T. S., 
Ky., Th. G., '92; Lie. Mav 20, '88, Troupsburg Ch., N. Y. : Ord. Julv 17, '89, Hem- 
lock Ch , N. Y.; P. Hemlock, N. Y., '88-90-97—; S. Linden, Ave. Ch., Davton, O., 
June. Oct., '91; P. 3rd St. Ch., Dayton, O., '92-97; Ed. "Our Church Work;" Au. 
"A Chapter From Dayton Baptist History," '97. 

BOARD, John T., Ruth, Ky.— Born, Hopkins Co., Ky. ; Lie. Aug., '78; Ord. 
May 19, 88, Livingston Creek Ch., Ky. ; Supply work. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 79 

BLOWERS, Martin A., Fairhaven, Minn.— B>rn, Onondaga Co., N. Y. ; 
Stud. Kal. C. Mich ; Lie. '57, Hudson CI, , Mich. ; Ord. Dec. '67, Rollin Ch., Mich. ; 
P. Rollin, '68-69; Wheatlmd, Mich., '70-71; S. Monticello, '73-82; P. Fairhaven, 
'92-93; S. Maine Prairie, Minn., '93-94. 

BOYD, J. F., Hodgensvii.le, Ky.— Born, Green Co., Ky.; Lie. '82 and Ord. 
84, Mt. Moriah, Kv. ; P. Mt. Zion, '79-80; Mt. Salem, '30; Zion, '80; Russell's 
Creek and Mt. Sherman, '84; Mt. Moriah, '85-86; Friendship, '91-93; Little Mount, 
Ky., '95-98. 

BLUNT, Hiram Park, Kincaid, Kan.— Born, Bates Co., Mo.; Stud. Ot. U., 
Kan.; Lie. Sept. '94; Ord. Aug. '97, Osage Valley Ch., Mo.; P. Medea, Kan., '97- 
98; Pleasant Valley, Kan., July, '98—. 

BOARDMAN, Brewer G„ 26 Spring St., Newport, R. I.— Born, Keeseville, 
N.Y.; Cg. U., N. Y., B. A., 75; Lie. 1st B p. Ch., Keeseville, N. Y., 71; Ord. 
1st Bap. Ch., Waverly, N. Y., July 2, 78; P. Waverly, N. Y., 78-80; Hope Valley, 
R. I., '80-84; Hampton, la., '85; Havana, '85-86; Cooperstown, '86-91; Geneva. 
N. Y., '91-96; Newport, R. I., '96—. 

BOARDMAN, George Dana, 1023 Farragut Terrace, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Bora, Tavoy. Bu ma, Asia; B. U., R. I., B. A., '52, D. D. ; U., Pa., LL. D. ; New. 
T. S., Mass., '55; Ord. Dec, '55, Bap. Ch.. Baenwell, C. H., S. C. ; P. Barewell, C. 
H., S. C, '55-56; 2nd Ch., Rochester, N. Y., '56-61; 1st Ch., Philadelphia, Pa., '64- 
94— Now Honorary Pastor cf Same; Au. ''The Model Prayer;" "The Divine Man;" 
"Epiphanies of the Risen Lord;" U. ''Lectures on the Ten Commandments;" "Dis- 
armament of Nations;" "The Problem of Jesus;" "Coronation of Love;" "The 

BOARDMAN, Harry L., McMinnville, Ore.— Born, Cleveland, O.; Colfax 
C, Wash., B. A., '89, M. A., '93; Stud. D.v. S^h. U., Chicago; Lie. July, '89; Ord. 
May, '93, 1st Ch., Colfax, Wash.; P. Miss : ons of 1st Ch., Tacoma, )Wash., '93; 1st 
Ch., Eugene, Ore., '93-96; S. North Ch., Spokane, Wash., 3 mos., '90; Pres. Mc- 
Minnville C, Ore., '96—. 

BOATWRIGHT, Reuben Baker, Gold Hill, Va.— Born, Buckingham Co., Va. ; 
Stud. R. C, Va., S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. '58; Ord. '59, Mt. Zion; P. Enon Ch., '59; 
Scottsville, '60; Lewisbu-g Ch., '66; Marion, 70; Goodson, 72; Patersville and Fine 
Creek, '82; Mt Herman, Morgan, Flint Hill, Diamond Hill and Hunting Creek, '89- 
94; Buckingham, Cumberland, Enon and Cartersville, Va. 

BOAZ, Charles, Mattoon, III.— Born, Columbus, Ind. ; Frank. C, Ind., B. A., 
'81; M. A. '84; Homeopathic Med. C, Chicago, M. D., '91; Stud. B. Un. T. S., 
Chicago; Lie. 75, Flatrock Ch., Columbus, Ind. ; Ord. 76, Haw Creek Ch., Hope, 
Ind.; P. Bunker Hill, Ind., '81-83; Gilman, '84-85; Utica, 111., 'S6-91 ; S. Mattoon, 
111., 2y 2 vrs. 

BOBERG, Carl A., 210 E. Perry St., Spokane, Wash.— Born/Falun, Sweden; 
Grad. B. Un. T. S., Chicago; Ord, Apr. 28, '92, 1st Swedish Ch., Galesbu.g, III.; 
P. Swedish Ch., Galesburg, 111.; My. to Nov., '92; P. Osase City, Kan., '96-98; My. 
in Kans., Jan. to Dec, '93; P. 1st Swedish Cn., Spokane, Wash., Dec, '9S— . 

BOCCACCIO, Joseph, .16 So. 2nd. Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.— Born, Parma, 
Italy; Stud. Un. T. 8., N. Y. ; Lie Apr. 27, '98, and Ord. Feb. 5, '99, 1st Bap, Ch. ; 
A. P. in charge Italian My.'s work, June 1st, '96 — . 

BOCOCK, Lee Judge, 1115 Jackson St., Cincinnati, O.— Born, Appomattox 
Co., Va.; Lie. '85, Canaan Bap. Ch.; Ord. '96, Ebenezer Bap. Ch. ; P. Ebenezer 
Ch., Cincinnati; St. Paul Ch., College Hill, Cincinnati, O. 

BODIEN, Olof, 1901 15th Ave. S. Minneapolis, Minn.— Born, Sweden; Stud. 
Sweden; Ord. Mar. 23, '83, Stanchfield, Ch., Minn.; P. Stanchfield, Minn., 
Linhkoping, Sweden ; Sundsvall, Sweden ; 1st Swedish Ch,, Minneapolis, Minn. ; State 
S. S. My. for Minn., '84-88; Ed. "Svensha Baptisternos Fidning." 

80 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BOELTER, August, 2012 N. 27th St., Omaha, Neb.— Born, Vaudsberg, Ger- 
many; Stud. Ger. Am. Acad., Monee, 111.: Roch. T. S., N. Y.; Ord. Oct. 9, '31, 
Indianapolis Ch., Ind.; P. Ger. Ch., Indianapolis, Ind.; '81-83; Ger. Ch., Wabh- 
ville, 111., '83-87; Ger. Ch., Louisville, Ky., '87-95; Omaha, Neb., '95—. 

BOGARD, Ben M., Searcy, Ark , Bom, Elizabethtown, Kv.;Stud. G. C, Kv.; 
Beth. C Kv., '8i ; Lie Au>. '87; Ord. Jan. 15, 88, Woodland Ch., K> . ; P. Country 
Ch. in T.igg and Christian Cos., Kv.; Princeton, '92-94; Fenton, Kv., '94; Charles- 
ton, Mo., '"94-99; Seare\ , Ark.— ; Au. "Four Rt: sons Y\ hy I Am a Baptisi ;" "Chris- 
tian Union, or the Problem Solved;" "Chuich Government." 

BOGGESS, "Wheeler, Kandukuru, Nellore Dist., India. — Born, Lumberport, 
W. Va.; Stud. Broaddus C, W. V».; R. C, Va. ; Coin. U., D. C. ; Ord. Tune 13, 
'92, Calvary Ch., Washington, D. C. ; P. Telugu Ch., Kandukuru, '94-99; Au. "In- 
dex to Bible in Telugu," '97. 

BOGGS, William B., Secunderabad, Deccan, India. — Born, Shub nacrdie, 
N. S„ Canada ; biud. H.»rton Collegiate Acad., N. S. ; Acadia C, N. S., B. A.. '65; 
M. A., '74; D. D.,'95; Wm. Jew. C.,Mo., D.D. '89;Le. '62, 1st Ch., ho. ton, N. S. ; 
Ord. Sejt. 24, '65, Sidney Ch., N. S.; P. Sidnev, N.S., '65-70; S. Granville S'. Ch., 
Halifax, N. S., '70; P. Portland, St. John and New Brunswick, '71-74; M» . '74—; 
In Teluqu Mission under appointmenr Am B. M>. Un., '78 — ; Au. "Th- Bapts s, 
Who areThev,and What do They Believe?" '77; "The Christian Ministry ," <Teluqu) 
'88; "Outlines of Church History," (Teluqu) '96. 

BOHANNAN, J. D., Tallahassee, Fla.— Born, Shelby Co., Kv.; Stud. 
Franklinton, Ind. ; Ord. Mar. 26, '63; Christianburg Ch., Ky. ; P. Dreniion Ridge, 
'63-68; Lockport, '63-67; Mt. Carme , '63-65 f Lebanon, '65; N rth Foik, 
Ky., '70-78; S. DeLand, Fla., '80-82; P. Spring Garden, '89-96 ; Cliffo. d Stati n, 
'93-96; Chaires, Fla., '97—. 

BOLDRIDGE, John Henry, Lancaster, S. C— Born, Culpeper Co., Va. ; R. 
C. Va., '78; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Th. G., '85; Lie. and Ord. June, '78, Bethel Ch., Va. ; 
P. Alum S ring and Woodville, '78-80; Richardville, '81; I urkeville and Sandy 
River, '85-8S ; Batesburg, '88-95; Lancaster, s. C.j '95—; Au. Articles in ''Baptist 
Courier;" Speaker Bap. Cong., Nashv.lle, Tenn. 

BOLIN, James Patrick, Springfield, S. C. — Born, Rocky Swamp, S. C, Mar. 
18, '36; Lie. Dec. 2, 71; Ord. Apr. 6, '84, Pleasant Hill Ch. 

BOLIN, William Tames, Mt. Sterling, Ky. — Born, Lexington, Tenn.; Clin. 
C, Ky., B. A., '86; New T. Inst., Mass. ; S. B. T. S, Ky. ; Ord. '90, Mt. Moriah 
Ch., Clinton, Ky. ; P. Milan, la., '90-93; Orlando, Fla., '94-96; Fulton, '96-97; Mt. 
Sterling, Ky., '97—. 

BOLLES, Charlton Burgess, Rockport, Mass. — Born, New Bedford. Mass.; 
New. T. s., Mass., '95; Ord. May 24, '95, 1st Ch., New Bedford, Mass. ; P. Rock- 
port, Mass., '95 — . 

BOLLINC, John S., Theo, Ala.— Born, Perry ville, Ala. ; Stud. Radfordsville 
Sch.; Lie. and Ord. Concord Ch. ; P. Concord, '92. 

BOLT, Andrew Jackson, Seven Mile Ford, Va. — Born, Grayson Co., Va. ; 
Lie. '91, Fellowship Ch., Va. ; Ord. '95., Cleghorn Vail is Ch., Va. ; P. Wytheville, 
Cleghorn Vallis, Mt. Celea, Tumbling Creek, Va. 

BOLTON, Sampson, Jellico, Tenn.— Born, Williamsburg, Ky. ; Ord. '93, 
Youngs Creek Ch., Tenn; P. Piney Grove, '94; Barkcamp Mills, Tenn., '95. 

BOLTON, William D., 6437 Va. Ave., St. Louis, Mo.— Born. Jefferson Cv., 
Mo.; Stud. Central Business C, Mo.; Wm. Jewell C, Mo., B. A., '96; S. B. T. S., 
Ky. ; Th. M., '99; Lie. '90, and Ord. July, '93. 1st Ch., Jefferson Cy., Mo. ; P. Lan- 
sing, Kan.; Weston, Mo.; Flemingsburg, Ky. ; Carondelet Ch., >t. Louis, Mo.; ai 
Ca-e Girardeau, Mo.; Ed. "Seminary Magazine." 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 81 

BOLVIG, Christian H., 607 E. Dowland St., Ludington, Mich.— Born, Vor- 
dinghorg, Denmark, Jan. 17, '69 ; Bap. Un. T. S.j Chicago, "89-92; Lie. Sept. 13, 
'89, 1st Danish Qi., Oshkosh, Wis.; Ord. June 7, '92, 2nd Danish Ch., Saxville, 
Wis.; P. Saxville, '92-94; 1st Ch. Union Grove, Wis., '94-96; Gen. My. to the 
Dano-Norwegian people of Mich., '96 — . 

BOMAN, General Beauregard, Lake Creek, Ga.— Born, Randolph Co., Ala.: 
Stud. Hearn Inst., Cave Spring, Ga. ; Lie. Mar. '84, Howies Grove Ch. ; Ord. Aug. 
'87, New Prospect Ch., Ga. ; P. New Prospect, 3 yrs. ; Lake Creek, 7 yrs. ; Taylors- 
ville, 4 yrs. ; Euharlee, 4 yrs ; Dallas, 1 yr. ; Pleasant Valley, 2 yrs. ; Spring Garden, 
1 yr. ; Pleasant Hope, Lake Creek, Shiloh, Ga. — 

BOMAR, Edward Earle, Aiken, S. C— Born, Spartanburg, S. C. ; Worl'ord C, 

B. A , '79, M. A., '81; U. Va., '8o; Fur. T , S. C, D. D.,'98; S. B. T. S., Ky. '89; 
Lie. Mav, '88; Ord. Sept. '89, 1st Bap. Ch., Spartanburg, S. C: S. Mt. Vernon, 
Ky., '90; P. Mt. Sterling, Ky., '90-93; Aiken, S. C, '93—. 

BOMAR, Paul Vernon, Marion, Ala. — Born, Spartanburg, S. C; WorTord C, 
S. C, A. B.,'82; S. B. T. 8., Ky., '88; Lie. '85; Ord. '88, Spartanburg, 8. C. ; P. 
Camden, 8. C, '88-91; Versailles. Ky., '91-97; Siloam Bap. Ch., Marion, Ala., 

BOND, Hugh Gordon, Hubbard, O. — Born, Hamden,0.; Stud. Normal Sch., 
Ada, O. ; King's Sch. of Oratory, Pittsburg, Pa. ; Lie: June 9, '88; Ord. Apr. 26, '92, 
Evergreen Ch., O. ; S. Pleasant Valley, Springer, '88-89; Evergreen, Leo, O., July 
to Sept., '91; P. Providence, North Sewickly, '92-95; Peters Creek, Library, Pa.,'95- 
96;XstCh., Coalton, '97-99; Evergreen, Leo, '97-99; Sugar Creek, Washington, 

C. II., O., '98-99. 

BOND, Jeremiah H., Gordonville, Tex. — Born, Grayson Co., Tex.; Stud. Bay. 
U., Tex.; Lie. Sept. 12, '91, Eorney Ch., Tex. ; Ord. May, '93, Cottonwood Ch., 
Tex.; P. Center, Locust, Mt. Zion, Shiloh, Tex. 

BOND, W. C. D,, Martin's Eerry, O.— Born, Va.; No. Wn. Acad., Va., Bur- 
dick's Latin School, N. Y., and Medical C, O. ; Ord. '78; P. Big Sand Creek, Gra- 
ham Station, Meadowdale, W. Va., '78-88; Memorial Ch., Williamsport, ; 88-90 ; 
Blossburg, Pa., '91-97; Martin's Ferry, O., '97-99. 

BONE, William Johnson, Kincheon, Ala. — Born, Mt. Meigs, Ala,, '45; Lie. 
'71; Ord. '72, Coosia River Ch., Ala.; P. Mt. Moriah, Mt. Gilead, Coosia River, 
Friendship, I loll v Springs, County Line, Macedonia, Cane Creek, Union Point, 
Providence, Salem, Shiloh, Poplar Springs, Brookson, Ala. 

BONSALL, Adoniram Judson, Rochester, Pa. — Born, Sharpsburg, Pa.; Stud. 
Allegheny Acad., Pa.; Bucknell II., M.'A., '83; West. T. S., '83; Ord. Mt. Hope, 
Pa., Mar. 19, '72; Joint P. Apollo, '72; 37th St. Ch., Pittsburg, Pa., '72-75; 1st Ch., 
Ch., Erie, '75-7S; 1st Ch., Rochester, Pa., '78 — . 

BOOKER. Edith Hill, Pittsburg, Kan.- Born, Somerviile, Mass.; II. Sch., 
Emporia, Kas., '85; Emporia Business C, Kan., '87; C. L. S.C., '99; Lie. '93, 1st 
Ch., Emporia, Kan.; Ord. Ap'. 13, '94, 1st Ch., Pittsburg, Kan.; P. Pittsburg, '9-1- 
97; Caney, Kan., '98. — An. "Bible Recitaiions." 

BOOKER, Henry Arthur, Babylon, L. I., N. Y — Born, Amelia Co., Va.; 
Stud. Babylon Union Sch. ; Lie Aug, 18, '93 ; Ord. Mar. 9, '98., Bethany Ch.; P. 
Ebenezer Ch., Babylon, L. I., N. Y. 

BOOKER, John George, 1840 E. Allegheny Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. — Born, 
Nottingham, Eng. ; Lie. '90, 3rd Ch., Germantown; Philadelphia, Pa.; Ord. 
D3, Great Valley Ch., Berwyn, Pa.; P. Great Valley Ch., '93-96; Allegheny Ave.. 
Ch., Philadelphia, Pa., '96—. 

BOOKER, Richard E., Lvxc i r burg, Va.— Born, Prince Edward Co., Va.; 
Stud. R. C, Va.; Lie. ; 47 ; 6rd.« '53, Spring Creek Ch., Va ; S". Spring Creek, 
Shiloh, Concord, Ashcamp, Va. ; My.Va.: P. MkKvay, Union Hill. Long" Moan - 
fart, Ebenezer, Brookhead, Straighton and Childress"; Hebron and Matthew, Va., 
5 yrs. 

S2 The Baptist Ministerial Directory 

BOOKOUT, William David, Otil, Miss.— Born, Itawaba Co., Miss.; Lie. and 
Orel. Sept. 19, '92, Mt. Pisgah Ch. ; P. 4 Chs. sinee ordination. 

BOONE, Arthur Upshaw, 106 Adams St., Memphis, Texx.— Born, Elkton, Kv. : 
Stud. Green River Ac d . Kv., S. B. T. 8., Kv.; Ord. Jan. 5, '87. Elkton Ch., KV ; 
P. Elkton, '86-87; Leitcnfield, ,'88-90 ; Smith's Grove, 88-91; CLrksville, Kv., '91- 
9S ; 1st Ch., Memphis, Tenn., "98—. 

BOONE, John Dawsone, Dwight, Ga. — Born, Coweta Co., Ga. ; Lie. Se t. '81, 
and Ord. '83, Darien Ch., Ga. ; P. Harmony, '87-88; Beulah, '96; Smyrna, Ga., '88. 

BOONE, Ladson Lawrence, Bald Kxob, Ark. — Born, South Carolina ; Stud. 
Mt. Zion C: Lie. '87; Ord. Sept. 12, '93, 2nd Ch., Little Rock, Ark.; P. England, 
5 91-95; Boone Chapel, '96-98; Friendship, Bald Knob and Augusta, Ark., '98—. 

BOONE, Richard Montgomery, Alexandria, La.— Born, Simsport, Li.; Clin. 
C, Miss., B. S., '86; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky.; Lie. Oct., '86, Evergreen Ch., La.; 
My. 1 jr. Ed. Baptist Chronicle, Alexandria, La., '88 — . 

BOONE, Robert Josiah, Brookhavex, Miss. — Born, Marion Co., Miss.; Lie. 
?71, and Ord. '73, Boguech tto Ch. ; P. 25 yrs.' 

BOONE, William H., Beecher City, III.— Born, St. Paul, Ind.; Stud. Ewing 
C, 111.; Lc. June, '94: Ord. Sept. IS, '98, Greenland Ch., 111. ; P. Greenland, '99— ; 
Pleasant Plah.s, 111., "99—. 

BOONE, William Henry, Puckett, Miss.— Born, Puckett, Miss.: Stud. Miss. 
C; Louisvdle Med. C, M. D., '86; Lie. Apr., '89, and Ord. Oct., '89, Mayton Ch., 
Miss. P. Gallilee, Gum Spring-, Poplar Springs, New Prospect, Dry Creek, Shady 
Grove, Ruck Hill, Everett, Miss. 

BOORMAN, Charles, Whitesville, N. Y.— Born, Rome, N. Y.; Lie. Mar. 1, 
'81, Sherman Ch. ; Ord. Sept. 21, '81, Harbor Creek Ch., Pa. ; P. Harbor Creek, 
Watsburg, Pa.; Findley Lake, '81-96; Cherry Creek, N. Y., '97-98. 

BOOTH, Adonna Everett, Cornelia, Ga. — Born, Cary, N. C; Southern Nor- 
iml, N. C; Peabody Normal C, B. A.; Holly Springs C, Tenn., M. A.; Stud. U. 
Nashville, Tenn.; Lie. Sept., '93, and Old. Nov. '94, Cumming, Ga.; P. 1st Ch., 
Cumming, '93-94; Jst Ch.. D. catur, Ga., '94; 1st Ch., Rock Hill, S. C, '95 ; Cor- 
nelia and^Mt. Airy, Ga., '98—; Served Hightower C, Ga., '92-94; Mars Hill C, N. 
C, '95-96; Cornelia Inst., Ga., '99—; Ed. "North Georgia Baptist,'' Cumming, Ga., 
3 96-98. 

BOOTH, Charles W., Salamanca, N. Y.; Born, Flint, Mich,; Stud. Genesee 
Wn. S., Normal Sch., N. Y., Cg. Acad., Cg. U. N. Y.; Ham. T. S., N. Y., '86: 
Lie. 1st Bap. Ch., Flint, Mich., '80; Ord. l«rt Bap. Ch., Forest City, Minn., Sept. 5, 
'82; P. IstCh., Forest City, Minn., '81-82; 1st Ch., New Hartford, '86-91; 1st Ch., 
Maine, '91-92; Braman's Cors., '92-96 ; Hartland Ch., Johnson Creek, '96-97; Sala- 
manca, N. Y., Dec. '97 — . 

BOOTH, Everett Burnside, Oliver Springs, Texx. — Born, Erwin, Tenn.; C- 
N. C, B. A., '90; Lie Sept. 17, '83, Indian Creek Ch., Tenn. ; Ord. May 6, '90, 
Mossy Creek Ch., Tenn.; P. 1st Ch., Clinton, '90-95; 1st Ch., Oliver Springs, Tenn., 
'91; S. Bluff City, Blountville, Boone's Creek, Pahlor Creek, Black Oak, East Fork, 

BOOTH, J. M,. Cleburne, Tex.— Born, Lawrence Co., Ala.; Lie. July, '87, 
Hopewell Ch., Miss.; Ord. Aug., 'S8, White Ch., Miss.; P. Lane, Prairie, Lane 
Willow, Amity. s 

BOOTH, Jasper Newton, Washixgtox, N. C— Born, New Hill, N. C; Wake. 
F. C, N. C, B.L., '88; Lie. Shady Grove, '83; Ord. Shady Grove, '86 ; P. 2nd Ch., 
Durham, N. C, '89-91; Edgefield, '91-93; Union, S. C, '93-95; Lumberton, '95-97; 
Washington, N. C, '97— . 

BOOTH, Jacob, Reynoldsville, Pa. — Born, Demseytown, Pa.; Stud. Coop- 
erstown H. Sch., Pa.; Lie. Nov. 17, '77, Greenville Ch., Pa.; Ord. Feb. 25, '80, Beu- 
lah Ch., Pa.; P. Beulah, Old Union, Zulic, Pa.; Ev. 12 vis.—. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 83 

BOOTH, Joseph Augustus, Taylorsville, Ky.— Barn, Orange Co., N. Y.; G. 
C, Kv., B. A., 75; Stud. S. B. T. S., Kv. ; Lie. 70, Greensburg Ch., La.; Ord. 
June 25, 76, Clear Creek Ch., Ky. ; P. Clear Creek, 78-79; Buck Run, '80-84; 
Stamping Ground, '81-85; Taylorsville and Little Union, Ky., '86—. 

BOOTH, 'William B. t Alleghany Springs, Va.— Born, Monroe Co., W. Va.; 
Lie. Feb. 17. '92; Ord. Feb., '93, Sugar Grove Ch., Va. ; P. Sugar Grove, '94-95; 
Mt. Olivet, Va ; Mt. View, W. Va. ; Green Spring, Va. 

BOOTHE, Francis Marion, Somerville, Tenn.— Born, Fayette Co., Tenn.; 
Lie. and Ord. '84, Oakhill Ch., Tenn. ; P. Oak Grove, Liberty and Mt. Olive, Tenn. 

BOOTHE, John "William Thomas, Mt. Vernon, N. Y.— Born, Great Mills, Md. ; 
Coin. C, D. C, B. A., and M. A. Frank. C, Ind., 77; Lie. May, '60; Ord. '61., 
High St. Ch., Baltimore, Md. ; P. 1st Ch., Green Point, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Middle- 
town, O. ; LaFayette, Ind. ; Spring Garden, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Delaware Ave., Ch., 
Wilmington, Del.; Holyoke, Mass.; Au. "Life of Silas Bailey, D. D., Pres. Frank. 
C, Ind., "Gospel Order." . / 

BORDEN, Joseph W., Stoutsville, Mo. — Born, Stoutsville, Mo.; Lie. Mar. 
10, '94, Stoutsville Ch., Mo.; P. Stoutsvjlle, Mo., '94—. 

BORDERS, H. B., Farmington, Ark. — Born, Petersburg, Ind., '26; Lie. Dee. 

7, and Ord. Julv 7, '59, Enon, Ind.; P. Pleasant Valley, Enon, Mt. Tabor, and 
White River, '62-68; Oakland Citv, '64; White Oak, 76; Mt. Zion, 78; Union 
Grove, 79-83; Friendship, Ind., '83-85; My. Tex., '84-85; P. Little Elon, '90-92; 
New Hope and Providenee, Ark., '92; Ev. Ind., Tex. and Ark. 

BORNSCHLEGEL, George, Alpena, Mich.— Born, Bavaria, Germany; Stud. 
Roch. T. S., N. Y.; Ord. Dec. 14, '92, Ger. Bap. Ch., Avuprior, Ont. ; P. Avuprior, 
Ont., '92-95; Alpena, Mich., '95—. 

BOROUGHS, George L., Grand View, Mo.— Born, Harrisonville, Mo.; Stud. 
H. Sch, Harrisonville, Mo.; Wm. Jewell C, Mo., B. A., '98; Lie. '90 and Ord. '95, 
Pleasant Ridge Ch., Lone Tree, Mo.; P. Antioch, '95-98; Blue Ridge and Grand 
View, '96—; Pleasant Valley, '98; New Hope$ Mo., '99—. 

BORUM, William A., Somebset, Ky.— Born, Norfolk, .Va. ; R. C, Va., '88; 
S. B. T. S., Ky., '89; Lie. Sept., '83, Freemason St. Ch.. Norfolk, Va.; Ord. June 30, 
'89, Harrodsburg, Ky. ; P. Harrodsburg, '89-92; Middlesboro, Pineville and Bar- 
bourville, Ky., '93-97; Somerset, Ky., '97—. 

BOTTS, G. M„ Bolivar, Mo.— Born, Randolph Co., Mo.; Stud. Pub. Schs. ; 
Lie. ! 84, and Ord. Jan. '85, Pleasant Hill Ch., Mo.; My. '85-86; P. Union Grove, 
'87; Mt. Olive, '88-90; Rural Hill, '92-93; Macedonia and Cross Timber, Mo., '95-97; 
Macedonia, Elkton, Hermitage, Lindley Creek, Goodson, Oak Grove, Mo., '97 — . 

BOTTS, Joseph, Alma, Tenn.— Born, Scott Co., Tenn.; Lie. July 20, 70; Ord. 
Tuly 23, 71, New Salem, Tenn. ; P. New Salem, 71-85; Buffalo, 71-87; Paint Rock, 
71-82; Huntsville, 74-78 ; Alma, Tenn., '92-93. 

BOSTICK, George Pleasant, Chin Kiang, China.— Born, Rutherford Co., N. 
C; W. F. C, N. C, '83; S. B. T. S., Ky., '86; Lie. 77, Floyd's Creek Ch , N. C, 
and Ord. '82, New HopeCh., N. C; P. New Hope, N. C. ; Harod's Creek, Pewee 
Valley, Kv. ; Concord and Durham, N. C; My. China, Southern Bd., '89 

BOSTICK, Joseph Manor, Bamberg, S. C— Born, Robertville, S. C; Stud. 
Fur. U., S. C; Princeton, T. S., '59; Lie. '58, and Ord. '59, Robertville Ch., S. C; 
P. Cheraw, '59-65; Robertville and other Ch., '65-70; Allendale and Beech Branch, 
70-75; Robertville, 75-79; Barnwell, 79-84; Robertville and others, '84-94; Lime- 
stone Springs, '94-95; Walterboro, '95-97; Chs. in Barnwell and Bamberg Cos., S. 
C, '97-99; Served Cooper Lewiston Female Institute, '94. 

BOSTICK, William Montgomery, Onvil, N. C— Born, Richmond Co., N. C; 
Stud. Carthage Acad., N. C. ; Course Theol. as taught at Columbia, S. C; Lie. 
'61, and Ord. Oct., '62, Saron Ch., Richmond, N. C; P. Saron, Hamer Creek (now 
Union), Mt. Gilead, Carthage, Palmerville, Ebenezer, Troy, Forks of Little River, 
Star. Laurel Hill, N. C. 

84 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BOSTON, Francis Ryland, Warrenton, VA.Born, Somerset Co., Md.; Coin. 
U., D.C., B. A., '97, M. A.. '72;So. Wn. U., Tenn., D. D., '92; Cro. T. S.,Pa., '72: 
Lie. '68, Lee St. Ch., Baltimore, Md.; Ord. '72, Bruington Ch., Va. ; P. Hernando, 
Miss., '72-74; Onancock, Diummonton, Hillis, '74-76; Hampton, '76-84; Warren- 
ton, Va., '84-89; Central Ch., Memphis, Tenn., '89-92; Warrenton, Va., '92—. 

BOSTON, Wilson L, Washington, Ind.— Born, Belmont Co., O.; Stud. 
Methodist Schs.; Lie. '52, M. E. Ch.; Lie. Sept., '63; Ord. Nov. '63, Leesville Bap. 
Ch., Ind.; P. Leesville, '63-65; Orleans, '66-72; Ladoga, '73-74; Ebenezer, '74-77 ; 
Washington, Ind., '78-80; Flora, 111., '81-82; Brownsville. Mo., '83; Ev. '83—: 
Supt. Ladoga Bap. Sem., Ind., '72-73. 

BOSWELL, George H., 130 W. 33rd St., New York, N. Y.— Born, Hampton. 
Va. ; Stud. Richmond T. S., Va. ; Lie. June, ^9, Mt. Zion Ch., Va. ; Ord. Feb., '83, 
1st Ch., Chesterfield, Va.; P. 18th St. Ch., Richmond. Va. ; Zion Ch., St. Paul 
Ch., Union Ch., New York, N. Y.Jjj; 

BOSWELL, Jesse, 1120 Detroit Ave., Toledo, O.— Born, Monroeville, O.; 
Den. U., O., '77; Roch. U., N. Y.; Ord. June 21, '81, Storm Lake Ch., la.; P. 
Storm Lake, la., '80-83; Bellevue, '83-84; New London, O., '84-89; Erie. Pa., '89- 
92; Weston, Mich., '92-97; Toledo, O., '98—. 

BOSWORTH, Boardman B., 616 W. 148th St., New York, N. Y.— Born, 
Fairhaven, Vt.; U. Vt., B. A., '91; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '95; Lie '94, 1st Ch„ Roch- 
ester, N. Y.: Ord. '95, 23rd St. Ch., New York, N. Y.; S. Broekport, N. Y., '94; 
S. 2nd Reform Ch., Rochester, N.Y.; 23rd St. Ch.,^now Washington Heights; N.Y. 

BOSWORTH, Linneus Marshall, West Harpswell, Me.— Born, Canton, Me. ; 
Stud. Privately, and New. T. S., Mas*., ; 91 ; Lie. Sept. 13, '89, Eden Ch., Me.; Old. 
Aug. 26, '91, Penobscot Ch., Me.; P. Penobscot, '91-93 ; Lamoine, '93-98; Harps - 
well, Me., June, '98—. 

BOUGHTON, Fred Grant, Saxton's River, Vt.— Born, Bowling Green, O. : 
Denison U., B. A., '94; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '97; Lie. Norwalk, O., 1st Bap. Ch., 
Aug. 23, '94; Ord. Saxton's River, \t., Bap. Ch., Oct. '97; S. Pouca, Neb., May- 
Sept. '95, May-Aug. '96; Ft. Covington, '97; Ogden and E. Pombroke, N. Y. ; P. 
Saxton's River, Vt, June 27, '97—; 

BOUNDS, Richard D., Thames, Miss.— Born, Jasper Co., Miss. ; Lie. Sept. '73: 
Ord. Sept. '74, A_ntioch Ch., Ala.; P. Sandy Creek, '75; Shady Grove, '76-77; Red 
Bank, Oak Grove, Spring Bank, Ala., '78-84; L. Mt. Moriah, Beulah, New Hcpe, 
Miss., '85-93; P. Mission Holly's Creek, '86-87; Liberty, Miss., '94-99. 

BOURNE, John Hill, 60 Vernon St., Worcester, Mass.— Born, Ireland; 
Stud. So. Jersey Inst., N. J., Cro. T. S., '96; Lie. Sept. '89, 1st Ch., Patterson, N. 
J.; Ord. July, '96, Pearl St. Ch., Bridgeton, N. J. ; S. West Bap. Ch., Vineland, N. 
J., '95-96; P. Laurel Springs, N. J., '96-97; A. P. 1st Ch., Worcester, Mass., '97— 

BOUS FIELD, Cyril Eustace, Shaohing, via Hang chow, China. — Born, Cwn- 
erset, England; Stud. Christ's C, England; Cambridge U., England, B. A., '93: 
Ord. '99, Do long-Keo Ch., Shaohing, China; My. of A. B. M. U.— . 

BOVELL, Thomas Scott, Fort Dodge, Ia.— Born, Coles Co., 111.; Shurt. C, 
111., B. A., '79; Shurt. T. S., 111., '81: Lie. '75, Areola Ch., 111.; Ord. Aug. 28,81. 
Pana Ch., 111.; P. Pana, 111., ; 81 ; Carroll, '82-84; Indianola, '85-91; Fort Dodge, la., 

BOVIER, Solomon Lealande, Windfall, Pa.— Born, Windfall, Pa. ; Stud. Troy, 
Pa.; Cro. T. S., Pa.; Lie. Oct. 19, 77, Troy, Pa.; Ord. Mar., '79, West Franklin, 
Pa.; P. West Franklin, Burlington, Leroy, Armenia, Middlebury, CI} mer, Harrison 
Valley, Knoxville, Westfield. Potter Brook, Brookfield, Bingham, Spring Mills. 
Beulah, North Ten Mile, Mt. Zion, Mt. Hermon, Bethlehem, Jefferson, Pa. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 85 

87; Pembroke. '87-88 ; Russellville, '88-90; 22nd St. Ch., Louisville, Ky., '90-92, 
Eufaula, Ala., '93-96; Pembroke, Ky., '96—; Au. "The Whole Truth on'Baotism," 
'93; "WhatBaptists Believe and Why they Believe it," '98. 

BOWDEN, Robert Henry, West Point, Va.— Born, Nansemond Co., Va.; 
Stud. Windsor M. and F., Acad., Va. and R. C, Va. ; Cro. T. S., Pa., '96; Lie. 
June, '89, Mill Swamn Bap. Ch., Va. ; Ord. June 26, '96, Windsor Bap. Ch., Wind- 
sor, Va.: P. Reedsville, '91-92 : Westville, Va., '92-93; Laurel Springs, N. J., '95- 
96; West Point, Va., '96—, 

BOWDEN, "William R., Rising Star, Tex.— Born, Virginia; Lie. '69, Trian 
Ch.; Ord. '77, Mount Pleasant Ch., Tex.; P. Browns Creek, '79; Paint Creek, '80; 
Sipe Springs, '81; Amitv, '81; Rising Star, '82; Shiloh, '83; New Hope, No. 1, '83; 
New Hope, No. 2, '92; Elm Creek, '95; Union Grove, '97; Crawford, '79; St. 
Anna. Tex., '83. 

BOWEN, Enoch Daniel, Kyle's Ford, Tenn.— Born, Kyle's Ford, Tenn.; Stud. 
Purchase Acad., Blackwater S 3 m.; Lie. June, '85; Ord. July, '86, Blackwater Ch., 
Tenn.; P. Blackwater, '93-97; Sneedville, Tenn., '95-97; Fox Branch, '87-91 ; Friend- 
ship, Beech Grove, Cedar Grove, Va. ; Preaching in Scott Co., Va.: Hancock Co., 

BOWEN, Everett Anthony, Still River, Mass.— Born, Lewiston, Me.; Stud. 
U. Chicago; B. U., R. I., B. A., '92; New. T. S., Mass., '95; Lie. '95 and Ord. Jan. 
'96, Central Bap. Ch., Providence, R. I.; P. Still River, Ch., Harvard, Mass , '96—. 

BOWEN, James Young, Cerro Gordo, Tenn.— Born, Va.; Lie. '85, and Ord» 
'86, Enon Ch., Tenn.; P. Hopewell,86-90 ; Oak Grove, Pa., '88-89. 

BOWEN, Oscar D., Ellisville, Miss— Born, Nannafalia, Ala., Sept. 22, '43; 
Ord. July, '72, Shubuta Ch., Miss.; P. Shubuta, Hepsibah, State Line, Mt. Pisgah, 
Blackwater, New Hope, Escatawpa, Moss Point. Scranton, Ocean Springs, Biloxi, 
Handsboro Bay, St. Louis, Pearlington, Beulah, Estabutchie, Ellisville, Sandersville, 
Providence, Laurel, Miss.; Isney, Ala.; Au. "The Holy Spirit and Missions," '93; 
"The Bapiists, What They Believe and W T hy They Believe It," '92; "Historical 
Sketches of the Work of Baptists on Our Miss. Gulf Coast From Its Beginning in 
1830," '82. 

BOWEN, Philander C, Cherryvale. Kan.— Born, Erie Co., N. Y., July 4, 
1829; Lie. Flatonia Ch., Tex., 74; Ord. Flatonia Ch., Tex., Nov. 6, 78; P. Flaton- 
ia, Tex., 78-80; Retired. 

BOWEN, William Daniel. Waco, Tex.— Born, Steptiensville, Tex.; Bay. U., 
Tex., B. A., '99; Lie. June '92, Roanoke, Tex.; Ord. Mar. 4, '94, East Waco, Tex.; 
P. West Prairie, Tex., '94-96; Caledonia, 96—; Third St. Ch., Waco, Tex., '98—. 

BOWER, George W., Sunman, Ind.— Born, Ripley Co., Ind.! Lie. July 27, '67; 
Ord. Dec. 27, '68, Pipe Creek Ch., Itid.; P. Franklin, '68-71; Center Grove, '68-69; 
Rossburg, '69-97; Elkhorn, 75-95; Sugar Creek, Laughery, Sand Creek, Pipe Creek, 
Hopewell, Delaware, Washington, Big Cedar, Hogan Hill, Versailles, Sparta, Ind. 

BOWERMAN, Louis Scharl, 1407 Twentieth Ave., Seattle, Wash.— Born, 
Dresden, Saxony; S. Wn. Bap. C, Mo., B. A., '86; M. A., '89; New. T. S., Mass., 
"89; Lie. '86, 1st Bap. Ch., Springfield, Mo.; Ord. May, '89, Medfield Bap. Ch , Mass.; 
S. Medfield, Mass., '85-89; P. '89-91; Randolph, Mass., '91-96; Seattle, Wash., '96—. 

BOWERS, Charles Manning, Clinton, Mass.— Born. Boston, Mass., Jan. 10, 
'17; Stud. Boston-Latin Sch., B. U., R. I., D. D., 71; Stud. New. T. S., Mass.; 
Lie. Federal St, Ch., Boston, Mass. ; Ord. Lexington Ch., Mass.; P. Lexington, 4 
yrs.; Clinton, 39 yrs. ; Spencer, Mass., 9yrs.; Sec. of Mass. Bap. Conv., 13 yrs; 
Ed. of "Clinton Courant," 2 yrs. 

BOWERS, Edwin D., East Boston, Mass.— Born, Draeut, Mass.; Lie. Sept. 
9, '74, 2nd Ch., New London, Conn.; Ord. June 21, 76, College St. Ch., East Corn- 
wall, Conn.: S. Palmerton, Conn., 3 mos. ; P. East Cornwall and Bantam, Conn., 
76-78; Rockport, 78-80; North Bellingham, '81-84; Hollister, '84-89 Sharon, '89- 
91; So. Chelmsford, '91-94: Southwick, '94-97; East Norton, Mass., '97—. 

86 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BOWERS, Milton D., Pocahontas, Ark.— Born, Clarksville, Tenn. ; Lie. and 
Ord. '75, Jackson, Ark. ; P. Shiloh, 24 yrs. ; 14 Chs., in Lawrence and Randolph 
Cos.; Smithville, Walnut Rids^e, Maynard, Imboden, Jackson, Antioch, Pocahontas, 
Pleasant Grove, New Hope, Mud Creek, Portia, Ark. 

BOWERS, R. G,, Malvern, Ark.— Born, Princeton, Ark.; Oua. C, Ark., B. 
A., '99; Lie. Feb., and Ord. Sept, 5, '98, Fordyce, Ark.; P. Malvern, Ark.—. 

BOWLER, George, Georgetown, N. Y.— Born, Leicester, Eng. ; Ord. '90, 
Coventry, N. Y.; P. Coventry, '89-92; Hartwick, '92-97; Georgetown, N. Y., 
'97—; Ed. Gospel Herald. 

BOWLER, John, Grafton, N. Y.— Born, Leicester, Ens;.; Lie. Dec. 20, '90; 
Ord. Aug. 25, '91, East Branch Ch.; P. Ea^t Branch, '90-92; Welcome, '92-96; 
Grafton, N. Y., '97—. 

BOWLES, Edrite Monroe, Wolcottville, Ind.— Born, Alexander Co., N. C; 
Stud. Moravian FalU Acad., and Trap Hill Inst., N. C; Bible Inst , Chicago, 111.; 
Lie. Nov. 5, '88, Liberty Grove Ch.; Ord. Mar. 10, '93, Lilly Creek Ch., Ind.; P. 
Lilly Creek, '93: Mt. Zion, '93-95; Judson, '94-95; Salem, '95; Wolcottville, Ind., 

BOWLING, Cornelius Lindsay, Jacksboro, Tenn. — Born, Roan Co., Tenn.; C- 
N. C, Tenn., B. A., '79; Lie. Mar. '60; Ord. Indian Creek Ch.; P. Jacksboro, 17 
yrs.; Glade Sprinsr, 15 yrs. ; Indian Creek, Brick Chapel, Sweet Water, Coal Creek, 
Adair's Creek, Wheeler's Grove, Buffalo, Tenn. 

BOWLING, Hughs, Big Creek, Ky.— Born, Clay Co., Kv. ; Lie. and Ord. '85, 
Pleasant Green, Ky. ; P. Pleasant Green, '86-87; Mt/Olive, '87-S8; Antipas, '88-89. 

BOWLING, J. L., Union. Ark.— Born, Franklin, Ark.; Lie. Sept. 14, '89; Ord. 
Aug. 26, '94, Mt. Zion Ch., Ark. ; P. Mt. Lebanon, Ark., '94-95. 

BOWLING, Joel, Coal Creek, Tenn.— Born, Anderson Co., Tenn., '17; Lie. 
Lie. "45, Brasstown, Ga. ; Ord. '57, Longfield, Tenn.; P. M>. Hebron, Pleasant Ridge, 
and Macedonia, Ky., '66-69; Coal Creek, and Pleasant Hill, '69-77; Frost Bottom, 
Tenn., '79-80. 

BOWLING, William Henry, Salem, Ark.— Born, Fulton Co., Ark.; Lie. and 
Ord. June 26, '85, Mt. Zion Ch., Ark. ; P. Liberty, '85-87; Shady, '87; Mt. Zion, '86- 
7; Pleasant Grove, '92-99 ; Pleasant Ridge, '88-96 ; Salem, Ark., '92-99; My. 2 yrs. 

BOWMAN, Benjamin Grant, Fredericktown, O. — Born, New Lexington, O. ; 
Den. U., O., B. A., '94; Lie. June, '83, Ebenezer Ch.; Ord. Nov. '94, Licking Ch. ; 
S. Fairfield, '92-94; P. Licking, '94-98; Fredericktown, 98—. 

BOWMAN, George, Anacostia, D. C— Born, Shirleysburg, Pa.; Buck. U., 
Pa., B. A.. '63; M. A., '66; Cro. T. S., Pa., '74; Lie. '60, Shirleysburg Ch., Pa.; 
Ord. '63, Milesburs: Ch., Pa.: P. Milesburg, '63-68; Factoryville," '68-70; Hatboro, 
'70-78; Nixon St. Ch,. Allegheny City, Pa., '79-80; Newfleld, N. J., '81-85; Ana- 
costia, D. C, '88-90; Pension Office, Washington, D. C, '90—. 

BOWMAN, Robert Lee, Versailles, Ky.— Born, Danville, Kv. ; Stud. Center 
C, Ky.; G. C, Kv.; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. '85; Ord. '87, Campbellsville Ch., Ky. ; 
P. Covington, Ripley, Tenn.; Versailles, Ky. 

BOWMAN, Thomas Anderson, Fredericktown, Mo. — Born, Coalsmouth, W. 
Va.; Stud. Wm. Jew. C, Mo.; Lie. Jan. '71; Ord. June, 73, Goshen Ch., Mo. P. 
Morlev a^d Oran,' '75-76; Jackson, Mo., '76-79; Gen. Mv. '79-84; P. Salem, '84-86; 
Steelville, '88; Slater, '91 ; Jackson, Mo., '96; Field Agt." "Central Bap. ;" Gen. My., 
Mo.— ; Au. "Truth in a Nutshell," '97. 

BOWMAN, William J., Plano, Ind.— Ord. Apr., '95, Amity Ch. ; P. Amity, 
'95; Corinth, '97 — ; Samaria, '96-97; Cataract and Little Mount, '97-98; New 
Union, '99—; 

BOWSER, Addison B., Danville, Pa.— Born, Adrian, Pa.; Buck. U., Pa., B. 
A., '88; M. A., '91; Stud. Cro. T. S,, Pa., 2 yrs. ; Lie. '81. Zion Ch., Pa. ; Ord. June 
'90, 3rd Ch., Philadelphia, Pa. : P. 3rd Ch., Philadelphia, '90-92; 1st Ch., Danville, 
Pa., '92—; Au. "Gospel Song Book;" "Heralds of Grace," '98. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 87 

BOWSER, Matthias S., 650 So. Main St., Lima, O- -Born, Kittannirig, Pa.; 
Stud. Dayton Un. Acad., Pa. ; Reed Inst, and Cleveland Homoepathic Med. C, O., 
"78-80; Lie. '60, and Ord. June 14, '62. Montgomeryville, Pa. ; P. Montgomeryvlle, 
'62-63; Red Bank, and Cowanshonic, '63-65; Mahoning and West Lebanon, '65-73 ; 
Muddv Creek and Amanda, Pa., 74-77; Van Wert, '80-82; Mt. Zion and Wayes- 
field, '82-84 and '87-89; St. Marys, '84-86; De Graff, '86-87; Riley Creek, O., '89-93. 

BOWYER, Samuel Herschel, Decatur, III.— Born, Pisgah, 111. ; Stud. Shurt. 
C, 111. ; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '90; Ord. Aug. 21, 'S7, Union Ch., 111.; S Brighton, '87- 
88; Nokomis, 111., May to Aug., '88; P. Nokomis, '90-92; Taylorville, '92-98; Deca- 
tur, 111., Jan. '98— . 

BOX, "William Thomas, Morrilton, Ark. — B^rn, Dade Co., Mo.; Lie. Mar. 
31, 'QQ; Ord. May 4, '67, Friendship Ch. ; P. Several Country Ch*., '67-80; Atkins, 
'80-86 ; Hope and Prescott, 2 yrs.t Prescott, 3 yrs.; Morrilton, 1 yr. ; Russellville, 
Dyer and Mulberry, 3J4 yrs. ; Atkins, Coal Hill and Clarksville. Ark. — 

BOYCE, Tames A., Wellsboro, Pa.— Born, Alba, Pa. ; Stud. Troy Acad., Pa.; 
Cro. T. S., Pa., '79; L c. '72, Sullivan State RoadCh.; Ord. Nov. 75, Delmar Ch,, 
Pa. ; P. Delmar, Pa., '75-85. 

BOYCE, Samuel LaFayette, High Gate, Mo. — Born, Byron, Mo.; Received a 
Business Education; Lie. Nov. 4. '93; Ord. May 6, '94, Mt. Zion Ch., Mo.; P. Mace- 
donia, New S'llem, New Bethel, Liberty, Mo. 

BOYD, James B«, Gainesville, Ga. — Born, Georgia; Ord. Apr. '87, Yellow 
Creek, Ga., '87; P. Mt. Vernon, Ga., '88-95. 

BOYD, Washington Alexander, Columbia, Ga. — Born, Hall Co., Ga.; Mer. 
U., Ga.. B. A., '98; Lie. '87; Ord. '90, Concord Ch., Ga. ; P. Oconee, '90-92; Holly 
Springs, '90-93; Harmony, '91-93; Air Line, 90-91; Concord, '91-95 ; Dahlonega, 
'93-95; Gordon, '96-98; S. Central Point, Ga., '9S ; P. 1st. Ave. and 11th Ave. Chs., 
Columbus, Ga., '98 — . 

BOYD, W. H., Ringgold, Ga.— Born, Gainesville, Ga.; Lie. Dec, '77; Ord. 
Oct., '79, Mt. Paran Ch., Ga. ; P. Deep Spring and Salem, Ga., 13 yrs.—. 

BOYD, Williard William, 4323 West Pine Boulevard, St. Louis, Mo.— Born, 
Chemung, N. Y. ; Stud. U. Heidelberg; Berlin; Tribingen; Gottinger, Germany; 
Zurich, Switzerland ;.Harv. U., Mass., B. A., '71; Shurt. C, 111., D. D., 80; Lie. 
'61, Springdale Ch.. Me. ; Ord. '73,1st Ch., Charlestown Dist. Boston, Mass.; 
P. 1st. Ch., Charlestown Dist., Boston, Mass., '73-77; 2nd Ch., St. Louis, Mo., '77- 
87; Same. '94— ; 1st Peddie Memorial Ch., Newark, N. J., '87-94; Proctor and 
Tutor Harv. U., Mass., '72-73; Trustee Shurt. C, III. ;' Trustee LaG. C, Mo.; 
Trustee Forest Park U., Mo.; Aa. "Travels in Europe," '80. 

BOYD, "William Spencer, Damon, Mo.— Born, Webster, Mo.; Ord. '72, Amity 
Ch., Mo.; P. Oak Ridge, Amity, Mo.; My. 2 yrs. 

BOYDEN, lesse S*, Kalamazoo, Mich.— Born, Essex Co., N. Y.; Kal. C, 
Mich., B. A., '56. M. A., '59; Stud. Kal. T. S., Mich.; Lie. '52, Mooi eville Ch., 
Mich.; Ord. '56, Novi Ch., Mich ; P. Novi, Flint, and Howell, Mich ; Franklin, 
Ind.; Yps'lanti, Mich. ; Chap. Army, '62-63; Financial Sec, Kalamazoo College, 
Mich., '79-86; District Sec. A. B. M. U., '93-99; Field Sec. for Mich., Ind., O.. 111., 
and Wis. — . 

BOYER, Edward Grant, Downs, Kan.— Born, Coles Co., 111.; Stud. Shurt. C, 
111.; Grad. Arthur H. Sen., '91; Lie. '87. Pleasant Grove Ch.; Ord. '91., Louo City, 
Neb.; P. Louo City and Cairo, '91-93; Broken Bdw and Mason City, Neb., Morton, 
Kan., '95-96; Republic City, '96-99; Downs, Kan.— 

BOYER, William Henderson, Snowflake, III.— Born, Northern Tp., 111.; 
Stud. E wing C. 111.; Lie. Sent, '64; Ord. May, '96, Liberty Ch., III. : P. Knob 
Prairie, Pleasant Hill, 111.; S. Macedonia, Liberty, New Hope, 111. 

BOYKIN, Thomas Cooper, Decatur, Ga.— Born, Baldwin Co., Ga.: Stud. 
Mer. U., Ga.; S. C. C.,B. A.. '56; Lie. and Ord, '65, Mt. Lebanon, Ala.; P. Mt . 
Lebanon, 65-67; Canaan, '69-70 ; Union, '73; Montevallo, '68-74: Columbiana, Ala., 

8S The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

"70-71: Sundav Ev, and Inst. Conductor. Ala., '72-73; Ga., "74-94: Tex.. '94-98; A. 
Ed. "Missionary Church and Sundav School,'' Ga. : "Sundav School and Colportage 
Helper," Tex.; Au. "Friendly Hints, 7 ' '79;. "Words to Workers/' 81. 

BOYKIN, Samuel, Nashville, Tenx.— Born. Milledgeville. Ga. : U. of Ga., 

B. A., '51, M. A., '53, Mer. U., Ga., D. D., 80; Ord. '60 1st Ch., Macon, Ga.: P. 
2nd Ch.. '72; 1st Colored Ch., Macon, Ga. ; Ed. "Kind Words" 25 yrs.; 'Baptists of 
Georgia'': "Memorial of Howell Cobb,'' ; "Life of Adiel Sherwood." 

BOYLE, Ackland Lord. Woodside, Greater Nfw York, N. Y. — Born, New 
York, N. Y.; Grad. Bible Workers C, N. Y.; Un. T. S., N. Y.; Lie. Apr. 16, '81, 
Hanson Place Ch , Brooklyn, N. V.: Ord. '81, Rockville Center Ch., L. I.: S. Yar 
lous Chs. in Vicinity New York City, '81-83; A. P. People's Bap. Ch., New York 
City, '84; S. Chs. in New York, N. Y., '85; P. Rockville Center, L. I., '86-88; Ev. 
Md. and Va, '88-91; A. P. Tabernacle Bap. Ch., New York, N. Y., '91: P. 1st Ch., 
Mahopac Falls, '91-92; Carmel Ch., New York, N. Y., '92-94; Lecture Tour, Au- 
spices Bureaus, Can. and U. S., '94-96; P. Hasbroucke Heights Ch., '97; A. P. Trin- 
ity Ch., New York, N. Y.,'98; P. TrinitvCh., New- York : Trinity Ch. and Epiphany 
Ch. United, and A. P. Epiphany Ch., New York, N. Y.. '98—: Studied for an Actor 
before entering the Ministry. 

BOYNTON, George Edward, 693 Broadway, Everett, Mass.— Born, Jeffer- 
son, Me.: Lie. Boston Bap. Ch., Nov. 10, '82; Ord. 3rd Bap. Ch. Jefferson, Me., 
Oct. 20, '84; P. 3rd Ch., Tefferson, Me., '84-86: S. Islesboro, Me., '86; East Brain- 
tree, West Brookfield Congo Ch., Vt., '86-92; S. Islesboro, Me., '92; P. Weston, 
Vt., '92-96. 

BOYNTON, Melbourne Parker, 6051 Ellis Ave., Chicago, III.— Born, Lvnn, 
Mass.: Stud. Calif. C, and Div. Sch., U. Chicago; Lie. Summer of '90; Ord. Sept. 
S, '92, 1st Ch., San Jose, Calif.; P. Newark, 111., '93-94; A. P. 1st Ch., San Francis- 
co, Cal., '94-95; A. P. Same. '95-96; P. Same. '96-97: P. Lexington Ave. Ch., Chi- 
cago, 111., '97—. 

BOZEMAN, Francis Garrett, Fayettville, Ark. — Born, Brownsville, Tenn.; 
Stud. So. Wn. U., Tenn., '85-90, and S. B. T. S., Ky., '93-95; Lie. '84 and Ord. '90, 
Zion, Ark.; S. Boliver, Tenn., '90: P. Wartrace, Tenn., '91-92: S. Christianburg, 
K., '94: P. Foiest City, '96; 1st Ch., Fayetteville, Ark., '96—. 

BOZEMAN, James Brunson, Walterboro. S. C. — Born, Darlington Co., S. C: 
Stud. H. Sch., Dovesville, S. C; Fur. U., S. C, B. A., '94; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. 
Mav, '92, Swift Creek Ch.: Ord. Feb. 25, 96, Walnut St. Ch.. Louisville, Ky. ; 
S. Manning Ch.., Summer '93; P. Kershaw, '96-99; P. Walterboro, '98—. 

BRADBURY, Woodman, 49 Cedar St., Worcester, Mass. — Born, Bangor, 
Me.; Colbv L\, Me., B. A., '87; New. T. S., Mass., '91: Lie. '88, and Ord. Tune 2, 
•91, 1st Ch., Melrose, Mass. ; P. 1st Ch., Laconia, N. H., '91-97 : P. Pleasant St. Ch , 
Worcester, Mass., Apr. '97 — . 

BRADFORD, Henry [., Newport, N. [.—Born, Newport, N. J. : Stud. Alleghe- 
ny T. S., Pa.: Lie. '67, Newport, Ch., N.J.*; Ord. Sept. 6, '93, Shell Lake. Wis.: P. 
Shell Lake, Wis. : Franklin Union, Pa. 

BRADLEY. George Y., Jr.. White Stone. Ya.— Born, Powhatan Co., Ya. ; 
Stud. R. C, Ya.: S. B. T. S.. Ky., '90: Lie. '83: Ord. '90, Fine Creek Ch., Ya.; P, 
Fine Creek and Peterville, '84; 1st Ch., Petersburg, '87; Court St. Ch., Portsmouth, 
Ya., '88: S. Eastville, Red Bank, Lower Northampton, Ya , 'S9-90 ; P. Hicksford, 
Reedy Creek, Bunswick Central, James' Square, '91-96; White Stone. Va., '96—. 

BRADLEY, James A„ Goss Mill, Ixn.-Bom, Hanover, O. ; Lie. '79, M. E. 
Ch.; Ord. Newlight Ch., '81: Bap. Ch., '93: P. Olive Branch, '94: Freedom, '99; 
Macedonia. '9S-99. 

BRADLEY, Leonidas Milton, Greenville, Ala. — Bom. Jackson. Ala.: How. 

C, Ala., B. A., '87; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky.; Lie. Sepr., '79, Rockville. Ala.; Ord. 
Jan. 3, '83, Bethel Ch., McKinley, Ala.;'P. Shiloh, Rehoboth, Ocmulgee, Pisgah, 
Pine Flat, New Shiloh, Jasper, Phoenix Cy , Brindidge. Perote. Ashford. Abbeville, 
Brewton, Greenville, Ala. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. *') 

BRADLEY, Morris G.. Tl-lark, Calm-'.— Born. Bath, N. Y.; Lie. and Ord. 
Oct.. 13, '89, ChieoCh., Clif. ; P. 1st Ch., Bi<rgs, '89-91; St. Helena Ch., 01-94 ; 
Tulare, '95-96 ; Selma, Calif., '97-98; My.— 

BRADLEY, Nathan Fidilley, Murray, Ark.— Born, Madison Co., N. C; Lie. 
and Ord. 79, Union < h., Ark.; P. Union, 79-90; Bethlehem, "80-85; Mt. Pleasant, 
'86-99; Antioch, Ark., '92-99. 

BRADLEY, William, Etn a, N. C— Born, Jackson Co., N. C; Stud. Oak 
Grove, N. C; Lie. Nov., '93; Ord. Jan. 8, '95, Oak Grove Ch., N. C. ; P. Liberty, 
Pleasant Mill, Sugar Fork, E ,st Fork, N. C. 

BRADSHAW, Frederick Joseph, Kiating, via Chungking, West China.— 
Born, Central Beduque, P. E. I., Can.; Acadia U., Can., '90; New. T. S., Mass , 
'93; Lie. '87 and Ord. Aug. 16, '93, Beduque Ch. ; P. Sidnev Cape Breton. '88-89; 
S. New Castle, N. B., '91-92; My. A. B. M. U., Ya Chow, West China, '93; Trans. 
Kiating, '97—. 

BRADSHAW, fm, Burton, Hutchinson, Kan.— Born, Beduque, P. E. L, 
Can.; Horton, Acad., '67; Acadia, U., Can., B. A , '71; M. A., '85; Nat. U., Can., 
Ph. D., '91; Lie. June, 71, Beduque, P. E. I., Can.; Ord. July, 72, North River, P. 
E. I., Can.; My. Dundas, P. E. I., Caw., 71; P. North River, P. E. I., 71-74; Ar- 
gvle, N. S., Can , '74-78; Byrne St Ch., Petersburg, Va., 78-79; Montague, '82-84; 
Billtown, '84-87; Antigonich, '87-89; Nictaux, '89-92; 1st Ch., Hiawatha, Kan., '92- 
97; 2nd Ave. Ch., Hutchinson, Kan., '96 — . 

BRADSHAW, William Ruftis, North Wilkesboro, N. C— Born, Burke Co., 
N. C; S'ud. Rutherfo-d C , N. C; W. F. C, N. C, B. A., '92; Lie. Mar. '86; Ord. 
Tuly 30, '92, North Catawba Ch., N. C; P. Movarian Falls, '92-97; Wilkesboro and 
and North Wilkesboro, '93—; Elkin, N. C, '97—. 

BRADSHAW, William Sherman, Hanging Rock, O.— Born, Meigs Co., O.; 
Stud. National Normal U., Lebanon, O.; Lie. Feb. '94, Fairview Ch., O.; Ord. May 
5, '94, Smth. Point Ch., O.; P. South Point, '94—; Fairview, '94-96; Union, '94-96; 
Sand fork, '96-; Ohio Oily, '95— . 

BRAGG, John Walter, Mt. Lookout, W. Va. — Born, Albemarle Co., Va.; Lie. 
lune and Ord. Aug. '88, Laurel Creek, W. Va.; P. Hopewell, Liberty, Mt. Pleasant, 
and Mt. Gillard, W. Va. — . 

BRAGG, Robert, Shelby, O. — Born, London, Eng. ; Stud. Den. U., O.; Lie. 
Jan. 24, '91, 1st Ch., Hamilton, O. ; Ord. Nov. 17, '97, Pleasant Valley Ch., O. ; P. 
Pleasant Valley at d Harmony, O., '97-99. 

BRAISLIN, Edward, 2115 Cascade Ave., Colorado Springs, Colo. — Born, 
Burlington, .N..JI; R. C, Va., D D., '86; Cro. T. S., Pa., 73; Lie. 70, 1st Ch., 
Philadelphia, Pa. ; Ord. July, 74, Mt. Holly Ch., N.J. ; P. Mr. Holy, N. J., 1% yrs. ; 
New Center Ch., Mass., 4 yrs. ; Washington Ave. Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y., 7 1 4 yrs.; 
Brookline, Mass. ; Colorado Springs, Colo., '97 — . 

BRAISLIN, Gibbs, 25 Washington St., Rutland, Vt.— Born, Burlington, N. 
L; Stud. Peddie Inst., N. L; B.U.R. L, '80; Cro. T. S., Pa., '82; Ord. Oct. 21, 
'86. Keeseville Ch., N. Y.; P. 1st Ch., Keeseville, N. Y., '86-91; 1st Ch., Rutland, 
Vt.. '91—. 

BRAISTED, Will Ernest, East Pembroke, N. Y.— Born, Howard, N. Y.; 
Stud. Howard H. Sch., N. Y. ; Cook Acad., N. Y., '97; Lie. Sept. 2, '93, 1st. Ch., 
Howard, N. Y. ; Ord. Sept. 1, '98, 1st Ch., E. Pembroke, N. Y. ; S. Charleston and 
Marsh Creek, Pa., July-Dec., '96; P. 1st Ch., E. Pembroke, N. Y., '97—. 

BRAITHWAITE, Charles, Renwtck, Ia.— Born, Sheffield, Yorkshire, Eng.; 
Stud. Hebblewaite Aeade.; Lie. '64, Methodist Reform Ch , Eng.; Ord. Apr. 7. '80, 
Tolland Bap. Ch., Conn.; P. Tolland, '80-81; Voluntown, Conn., '81-83; Block 
Island, R. I., '83-86; Shushan,'N. Y„ '86 88: Shabbona and Waterman, '88-91; 
Lake View, Chicago, '91-92 ; Rogers Park, Chicago, 111., '92-94: LeMars, '96--9S; 
Ren wick, la., '98—. 

90 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BRAKER, Jr., George, Stamford, Conn.— Born, New York, N. Y.; Cg. U., 
B. A., '93, M. A., '96; Div. Sch. U., Chicago, B. D., '96; Lie. '91, Greenwood Ch., 
Brooklyn. N. Y.; Ord. '96, 1st Ch., Mason City, la.; A. P., 2nd Ch., Chicago, 111., 
"93-96;" P. 1st Ch., Mason City, la., '95-98; lst'Ch., Stamford, Conn., '98—. 

BRAKER, James Scovel, 344 Crescent St., Waltham, Mass. — Born, Camdenv 
N.J.; Buck. U., Pa., B. A., '88., M. A., '91,; Cro., T. S., Pa., '91; Lie. 3rd Ch., 
Camden, N. J. and Ord. June 17, '91 ; P. Passvunk, Phila., Pa., '88-92 ; Temple, Phila., 
Pa., '92-94; Scotch Plains, N. J., '94-99; Beth Eden, Waltham, Mas*., 99— ; Au. 
" History of Scotch Plains Bap. Ch., '98." 

BRALY, John, Marysville, Kan.— Born, Howard, Co., Mo.; S ud. Wm. 
Jewell C, Mo.; Lie. '53, Hebron Ch., Mo.; Ord. '57, Independence Creek Ch. Kan.; 
P. Independence Creek, Kan. ; Grasshopper Creek ; Sparta or Bethlehem, Mo. ; RaY's 
Creek, Kan. ; Tut or Pleasant Ridge Ch., Mo., '55-56. 

BRAMAN, Frank P., Stepney, Conn.— Born, Waterford, Conn.; Lie, '86, 1st 
Ch., Waterfbrd; Ord. Sept. 8, Bap. Ch., Northville. Ct.,'87; P. Norihville, Conn., 
"S7-89; South Dover, N. Y., '89-92; Plainville, Ct., '92-96; Stepney, Ct., '96. 

BRAMBLITT, E, C, Alpha, Tex.— Born, Campbell Co., Va. ; Stud, New Lon- 
don Acad., Va.; Lie. Sept., '79, and Ord. May, '89, Liberty Ch. ; P. Stewards Creek, 
"82-89; Bi; Valley, '83-84; Providence (Good Hope) '83-85 ; Harper, '92-93; A!ph>., 
Tex., 4 yrs. 

BRAMLETT, John M — Evansville, Tenn.— Born, Rhea Co., Ten.; StuL 
Tennessee Vallev Inst.; Lie. '68, Clearcreek Ch.; Ord. '75, Smyrna Ch. ; P. Privet 

Spring, '80-84; Salem, '88; Smyana, '83, '86-87; 2nd Ch., Dayton, Tenn., '84. 

BRANCH, Elam E,. Nashville, Mich. — Born, Alamo. Mich ; Lie. Aug. 17, 
; 90, 1st Ch., Lawrence, Mich ; Ord. Jan. 21, '92, Jacksoi ville Ch., New Hampton, 
la.; P. Jacksonville, la., '90-92; Hartford, '92-94; Nashville, Mich., '94— . 

BRANCH, Herbert Harvey, Cor. College and Poplar Sts, -Carbondale, 
III.— Born, Mt. Gilead,0,; Stud. High Sch., Springfield, 111.; Shurt. C. 111.. B. A., 
'SO, B. D., '82; Ord. '82, Beloit Ch., Kan.; S. Garrison Ave. Ch., St. Louis, Mo., 
'81-82; P. Beloit, Kan., '82-88; 1st Ch., Quincy, '88-93; Carbondale, 111., '93—. 

BRANCHE, J. Ryland, Knapp, Wis.— Born, Galena, 111. ; Lie. June 10, '95, Be- 
rean Ch., Knapp, Wis.; P. Berean Ch., Knapp, Wis., '95-98. 

BRAND, Edward Parish, 405 Broadway, Normal, III. — Born, Laurel Point, 
W. Va.; Stud. W. V. State Normal Sch.; W. V. U.. and New. T. S., Mas*.; Lie. 
Sept. 7, '78; Ord. Oct. 31, 'SO, Zoar Ch., Laurel Point, W. Va. : P. Forks of Chea\ 
W. Va., '80-83; Dunkard, Pa., '85-S6 ; Madisonville, O., '87-90; Orion and Alph , 
111., '90-91 ; Atchison, Kan., '91-92; Cambridge and Alpha, '92-95; Orion and Alpha. 
Ill, '95-98; Supt. and Cor. Sec. of Missions, 111., Oct. '98—. 

BR AND AW AY, James K., Center Ridge, Ark.— Born, Wayne Co., Tenn.; 
Lie. and Ord. Jan. '75, Cedar Creek Ch., Ark. ; P. Cedar Creek, '75-77; Sardis, '77- 
80; Antioch, Ark., '81-89; and other Churches. 

BRANDE, Thomas, Grinnell, Ia. — Bom, Castle Dennington, England; Lie. 
July 1, '30, Waterford Ch., N. Y. ; Ord. Mar. '39, West Trov Ch., N. Y. ; S. Wa- 
terford, N. Y. ; P. West Troy, Ticonderoga, Westporf-, Rochester, Whitehall, Oliver 
St. Ch , New York, N. Y. ; P. Kenosha, Elkhorn, Wis.; Grennell, la.; Toledo,. 
Ia.; Fin. Agt. Denison U.. '67. 

BRANDON, Andrew Jackson, Christiana, Tenn. — Born near Woodburv, 
Tenn.; Stud. Marion Collegiate Inst., Div. Sch., Un. U., Tenn.; Lie. '49; Ord. '53, 
Marion Ch., Tenn. ; P.Marion, 3 yrs.; Prosperity, 6 yrs.; Mt. Olivet, 11 yrs. ; Au- 
burn, 4 yrs. ; Rockv A'aUev, 13 yrs. ; Rut'and, 5 yrs. ; New Hope, Mt. Carmel, Mt.. 
Hermon, Eagleville, Roher, Winchester, Salem, Palestine, Tenn, 

BRANDT, Henry, 77 Linden St., Rochester, N. Y. — Born, Hoders'eben, 
Germany; Gran. Acad., O., '90; Den. U., O., B. A., '94; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '97; 
Lie. '90* Granville Bap. Ch., O. ; Ord. Hanover Bap. Ch.. O.; P. Homer and Amity, 
'90-94; S. Canton, O. ; Broekport, '94-95; P. Meigs St. Ch., Rochester, N. Y., '95—. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 91 

BRANHAM, Mason, Willard, Ky. — Born, Lawrence Co., Kv. ; Lie. July, '84, 
Coalton Ch., O.; OrJ. Aug., '86, Mt. Pleasant Cb., Ky. ; P. Star' Furnace, 1 yr. ; 
Hebron. 1 yr. ; Palestine, 1 yr. ; Geigerville, 4 yrs. ; Unity, \% yrs. ; Sandy Valley, 
1 yr. ; Willard, 1% yrs. ; Kirk Memorial, 6 yrs. 

BRANNOCK, James Norman, Benton, N. Y.— Born, Chapel Hill, Mo.; Stud. 
Murray Col. Inst., Ky., and St. Charles C, Mo.; Grad. Marionville Col. Inst. '89; 
Lie. and Ord. Murray, Ky., '93; P. Columbus, Ky., '93; Leachburg, Pa., '95; Fer- 
nandina, Fla., '97 — . 

BRANSON, Charles, Washburn, Tenn.— Born, Washburn, Tenn.; Stud. 
Sulphur Springs Acad., Tenn. ; Madison Acad., Tenn. ; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Ord. May 
26, '94, Pincheon Camp; P. New Corinth, Tenn., '96-98. 

BRANSON, Levi, Bird's Creek, Tenn.— Born, Shadv Grove, Tenn.; Lie. 
Sept. '82, Oldham's Creek Ch.; Ord. '83, Shady Grove Ch.; P. Allen's Grove and 
Redbank, '84-88; Pleasant Valley, '85-88; Union '85-88, '92-95; New Salem, '87-88, 
'91-95; Antioeh, Shiloh and New Era, Tenn.— ; Blue Ridge, and Redoak, Tex., '91. 

BRANSON, James M., Chandlerville, III. — Born, Menard Co., 111.; Stud. 
Indian Point Sch., 111. ; Lie. '86 l , Ord. Tune 19, '87, Hopewell Ch. ; P. Hopewell, 111., 
'86-91; New Hope, '89-95; Salisbury, 3 yrs. ; Mt. Olive, 4 yrs.; Walkers Grove, 3 
yrs. ; Franklin, 2 )r». ; Antioeh, 3 yrs. ; Bethel, 5 yrs. ; Bakers Prairie, 1 yr. ; Sandy 
Creek, 2 yrs. 

BRANYON, Carlyle,, Hartwell, Ga.— Born, Zarline, S.C.; Stud. U. of S. 
C. and Erskine C, S. C. ; S B. T. S., Ky. ; Ord. Sept., '95, Little River Ch., S. C. ; 
P. Hartwell, Bethel, Doves Creek, Royston, Lexington, Bowersville, Carnesville. La- 
vonia, Bowman, Ga. ; Prof. Languages, English and Greek, John Gibson Inst., '97-98; 
Prof. Modern Languages, Collegiate Inst., Hartwell, Ga., '98 — . 

BRASHER, Thomas J„ Ware, Ark.— Born, Marion Co., La.; Lie. '71; Ord. 
'72, Chaylebeate S >ring Ch., Ark.; P. Chayl^bea'e Spring, 27 yrs. ; Salem, 10 yrs. ; 
New Hope and Atlanta, 8 yrs. ; Holly Grove, 8 yrs. ; Antioeh, Ark., 6 yrs. 

BRASTED, Bethuel Hedden, Fargo, N. Dak.— Born, Howard, N. Y . ; Stud. Car. 
U., N. Y., U. Roch. N. Y.; B. A. and M. A., Roeh. T. S., N. Y., '66; Lie. '56, 
Howard Ch., N. Y.; Ord. '58, Junius and Tyre Ch.; P. Dunkirk, N. Y., '66-68; 
Sinclairville, '68-70; Pleasantvi le. Pa., '70-72; Atlantic, la., '72-74; Fin. x\gt. Des 
Moines U., la., '74-75; Ev. '75-83; P. Spirit Lake, N. Y., '83-91; St. James, Minn., 
'91-95; Supt. N. Dak., Children's Home, '95-99; Au. "History of Spirit Lake Mas- 

BRASWELL, Thomas L,, Roselle, Mo.— Born, Clinton Co., Ky. ; Lie. Oct. 
'79, Hopewell Ban. Ch., Tenn.; Ord. Feb. 20, '80, New Prospect Bap. Ch., Mo.; P. 
Providence, '80-86 ; New Prospect, '80-84; Union, '82; Mt. Zion, '82-84; Temper- 
ance Mission, '86-89; East Bonne Terre, '83-85; Lesterville, '88-90; Black River, 
'89-91; S^. Francis '90-92; Doe Run, '89-94; Cedar Grove, '94-99; Little Vine, 
'97-99; Chestnut Ridge, '96-99; Hopewell, '95-97; Deslogue Town, '95-98; New 
Life, Mo., '99; My. Merrimac Asso., '84, and Franklin Asso., 3 yrs.; Organized 
6 Chs. 

BRASWELL, William, Johnson City, Tenn.— Born, Caldwell Co., N. C ; Lie. 
Oct. '70; Ord. Mar. 25, '71, Globe Bap. Ch., N. C. ; P. Zion Ch., Tenn.—. 

BRATTIN, James Tillman, Cassville. Mo.— Born, Fayetteville, Ark. ; Stud. 
Pierce City Bap. C. ; Lie. Dec 23, '90; Ord. Apr. 3, '92, Antioeh Ch.. Mo. ; P. New 
Site, Rocky Comfort, 6 yrs. ; Clear Creek, 3 yrs. ; Calvary, 2 yrs. ; Mt. Olive, 1 yr. ; 
Verona, 1 yr. 

BRAUN, Samuel K., 19 N. Riddle Ave., Atlantic City, N. [.—Born, Iglau, 
Austria; Lie. July 3, '93, 2nd Ch., Camden, N. J.; Ord. June 10, '95, 1st Ch., Cam- 
den, N. J.; P. Egg Harbor, N J., '93-93; Bethany Ch., Atlantic, N.J., Apr. 16, '99— . 

BRAY, Albert Lee, Henderson, Tenn- Born, Henderson, Tenn. ; Stud. S. W. 
B. U., Tenn.; Lie. '89; Ord. '93, Friendship, Tenn.; P. Jack's Creek, '93-95; 
Friendship, '95; 1st Ch., Luray, '97; S. East Laurel, Tenn., 6 mo?., '95. 

- The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BRAY, George Washington, Indian Mound, Tenn. — Born. Near Parish, Tenn. ; 
Stud. So. Wn.Bap. U.,Tenn.: Lie. '82; Ord. Aug., '84, Johnson Grove Ch., Tenn, ; P. 
Parish Chapel, Fellowship, Friendship, McColor's Chapel, Brookland, Stanton, 
Society Hill, Avers, Central, Jackson, Little Hope, Dickson, Shady G:ove, Sandy, 
Point, Cross Creek, Hickory Grove, Blooming Grove. Reuben Ross, Cottonwood 
Point, Mt. Olive and S. Johnson Grove, Tenn. 

BRAY, Gideon Needham, Hexdersox, N. C. — Born, Camden Co.. N. C. : W. 
F. C, N. C, B. A., '96: Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky.: Lie. Aug. 6, '90, Shiloh Ch., N. C; 
>Ord. July 23, '96, Pleasant Grove Ch., N. C. : P. Seven Spiings, N. C, '96-97; Union, 
New Hope. Fort Barnwell, Antioch. Avden. S. Kinston. '97. Island Creek and New 
Bethel, N. C, '98. 

BRAY, Henry, 144 Sumac St.. Philadelpaia, Pa. — Born, Launceston, Eng. ; 
Buck, U., B. A., '62; Lie. and Ord. '63. 1st Ch. W. Philadelphia, (now Epiphany) 
Pa.; P. York, Bridgeport, Pa.: Woodbury, N. J.; Bristol, Pa.; Yincentown, N. J.; 
Jersey Shore, Mansfield, Pa.; Marlton. N. J. ; Nicetown, Philadelphia, Manatawna, 
Dean Temple C, Pa., '92-93. 

BRAY, William Franklin, London, Ky. — Born, Barbourville, Ky. ; Lie. Dec. 
3, '70; Ord. July 17. '71, Bis? Brush Creek Ch.; P. Centenial Ch., '76-82: Locust 
Grove, '72-79; Greasy Creekt '74-82 : Walnut Grove, '79-81 ; Bethlehem, 84-88: Bark 
Camp, '85-94: Craigs Creek. '82-96: Bald Rock, 73-95: Pine Grove, '83-94; East 
Pittsburg, '97; Slate Lie Bick, '99. An. tract on "Final Perseverenee of the Saints 
as Taught in the Scriptures," '88. 

BRAYTON, G. Falley, Door Village, Ixd.— Bom, Sandusky Co., O., '22; 
Licensed and Ord. Dec. 25, '52, D or Village, Ind.; P. Rolling Prairie, Ind., '64-65; 
Charles City, la.. '56-57: Door Village, Ind., 58-59; Valparaiso, Ind., 60-61; 
Ex-Chaplain 9ih Reg. 111. Vol. Cavalry, '62-64; Kendallville, Ind., '65-66; 
Cape Girardeau, Mo, '67-68; Charleston, Mo., '69-70; Carthage, Mo., '72-76; 
Ar.lioch, 111., 7S; Door Village, Ind.; My. under Am. Bap. H. M. Soc. 1st. 
Northern Ind. Asso. : My. Elkhart River Assn.; My. Charles Cy., la. 

BRAYTON, Henry Wood, Sax Jose, Cal.— Born, Rhode Island; Shurt. C, 
111., B. A., '71; Kal. C , Mich., M. A., '82; Chicago, T. S., 111.; Lie. 1st. Bap. Ch., 
Carlisle, la., '71; P.Carlisle, la., 1 yr.; Seward, Neb., 2 yr*..; Rome, Mich., 2 yrs.; 
Salem, Mich., 6 yrs.: Prin. Fenton Sem., Mich., b vrs.. p. Manistee, Mich., ^ 
yr. ; Bishop C, Tex., 1 yr. ; Prof. Des Moines C, la.. 3 yrs. : Supt Children's Home 
Founding SDciety of Cal., 5 yrs. 

BRAZIEL, James H., Buford. Ga. — Born, Kennesaw, Ga. ; P. Suwanee, '73-87; 
Zion's Hill, 73-88; Island Ford, 73-75: Mt. Pleasant, '74; Walnut Grove, 75-76; 
Union, '81-83; Poplar Spring, -81-92; Flat Creek, '84-94: Salem, '86-87: Silver 
Shoals. '88-89; Chattahoochee, '91-94; New Bethanv, '88-89; Chestnut Mountain, 
'93-94, 96-98; Hopewell, '96-97; Coiinth,'96: Air Line, '97-98; Pleasant Hill, '98; 
Union and Chestnut Grove, Ga. ; — My., '95. 

BREAKER, John Charles, Northampton, Mass. — Born, Hampshire. Eng.; 
Ham. T. S., N. Y. : Lie. 79, 1st Ch., Detroit, Mich.; Ord. '82, Emanuel Ch., Sche- 
nectady, N. Y.; P. Schenectady, N. Y., 'S2-84; Fulton, N. Y., '84-90; Southamp- 
ton. Conn., '91-98 and Northampton, Mass., '99—. 

BREAKER, Manly Julian. 316 N. 8th St., St. Louis, Mo.— Born, Newbern, N. 
C: Stud. Wofford C, S. C; Washington U., Mo., '68; Wm. Jew. C. B. A., Mo., 
70; S. B. T. S., Ky., 73: LaGrange C, Mo., M. A., 79, D. D., '89: Lie. '69, Park 
Ave. Ch., St. Louis, Mo.; Ord. '92, 1st Ch./St. Joseph, Mo.; Clear Spring and 
Standing Spring. S. C, '70-73: Glasgow, Mo., 73-76 ; Huntsville, Mo., 76-78: Fay 
ette, Mo., 78-89: Marshall. Mo., '89-92: Moberlev, Mo., '92-94; Gallatin, Mo., '95, 
and Independence. Mo., '95-96: Cor. Sec.Bd. of H. and F. M., of Mo- : Author. 
•'The Blessed Dead,"' '88. 

BREETLOVE, James M., Swords Creek. Va.— Born, Russell Co., Va. ; Lie. 
'81 and Ord., '82, Swords Creek Ch. : P. Buchanan and Road Ridge, '85; Bds. M. C. 
Mapleton, 'S7. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 93 

BRENGLE, Walter Henderson, Spkingeield, Tenn. — Born, Washington Co,, 
Ky.; B-th. C., Ky., B. A., '94; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. '86; Ord. \S8, Hardin's Creek ; 
P.Hardin's Creek Ch., '90-91; Cedar Creek, '90-91; Livermore, '92-97; Central 
City, Ky., '92-97; Springfield, Tenn., '97 — . 

BREET, Rutherford, Huntsville, Ala.— Born, Mt. Juliet, Tenn., '67; C-N 
C, Tenn.; Cumberland U., Tenn., '89; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky., 1 yr. ; Lie. Tan., '86,. 
Ru land, Tenn.; Ord. June, '89, Lebanon, Tenn.; S. 3rd. Ave. Ch., Louisville, Ky., 
Spring, '90; P. Tullahoma, '90; Carthage, Tenn. ,'95-99 ; 1st Ch., Huntsville, Ala.—. 

BREWER, George Evans, Notasulga, Ala. — Born, Covington, Ga. ; S*ud. 
Robinson Springs Acad., Ala.; Lie. '59; Ord. '60, Rockford, Ala.; P. Wetumpka,. 
Concord, Poplar Springs, '60-62; County and village churches except Tallassee, '70- 
75; Opelika, '75-79; Lafayette, '80-87; Alexander City, '92-95; Hurtsboro, '89-98;- 
Auther, "History of the Central Asso. of Alabama," '95. 

BREWER, James, Vox, Ky.— Born, Clay Co., Ky. ; Lie. Apr. 7, and Ord. June 
2, '94, Green Hill Ch., Ky. ; P. Craig's Creek and Bald Rock, '95; Mt. Bethel, '97—;- 
HopewelL, '99—. 

BREWER, James Franklin, Pottsville, Ark — Born, Sneedsville, Tenn.; Stud. 
Oua. C, Ark.; Lie. Sept. 17, '87; Ord. Jan. 19, 90, Oak Bower Bap. Ch., Ark. P. 
Union Grove, Red Bird, New Hope, Paris, Maeadonia, Gordon, Pottsville and Knox- 
ville, Ark. 

BREWER, Joseph Alexander, Ruble, Mo. — Born, Wayne Co.. Mo.; Lie. and 
Ord. May 9, '94, Bethlehem Bap. Ch., Mo. 

BREWER, Morris D„ Alton, Mo.— Born, Rogersville, Tenn.; Lie. June '92, 
Royal Oak Ch., Ky. ; Ord. July, '94, 1st Ch., Alton, Mo.; Mv. Paints River Assoc. „ 

BREWSTER, Philander S., Berwick, Pa.— Born, Wyalusing Tp., Pa.; Lie. 
'68, Wyalusing, Pa.; Ord. '71, Lehman and Jackson. Pa.; P. Lehman and Jackson,. 
'71-75; Dunnings, '75; Liberty, '76; Lehman, Pa., '82, 3 yrs. ; S. Lake, Pa., '83; P. 
Union, '86; Berwick, Pa., '89-94;; Physician at present.^ 

BREWSTER, Wayne, West Oneonto, N. Y.— Born, Wright, N. Y.; N. Y. 
S Normal Sch., Albany, N. Y., '71; Ham. T. S., N. Y., '78; Lie. '76, Worcester, 
N. Y.; Ord. '78, Elizabethtown, N. YV; S. Stratford, N. Y., Summer '77; P. Eliza- 
bethtown, '78-80; West Park, '80-81; New Baltimore, '81-84; Vernon, '84-89 ; S?c- 
ond Mile. '89-91; Andover, '91-96; South Hannibal, 6 mos. '96-97; West Oneonta, 
N. Y., '97—. 

BREWTON, John Carter, Eastman, Ga.— Born, Tatnall Co., Ga. ; Stud. IF 
Sch., Excelsior, Ga. ; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. '76, and Ord. '80, Excelsior, Ga. ; P. Ex- 
cehior, '81-88; Perry, '88-93; Eastman, Ga., '93—. 

BRIAN, Iley Marion, Boyce, La. — Born, Jackson, La. ; Stud. Pine Grove Acad j 
Lie. Jan. '86; Ord. June '86, Antioch Ch., La.; P. Antioch, New Hope, Union Hill, 
Corinth, Montgry, Cane River, Robeline, Lena, Big Cane, Boyce, Summerfield, 
River View, La. 

BRICE, John Francis, Chickalah, Ark.— Born, Cashville, S. C, '30; Lie. '67, 
Liberty, Ark. ; Ord. '71, Big Creek, Ark.; P. Big Creek, Devall Bluff, St. Charles, 
Zion, South Fork, Charity, Pleasant Valley, Upper Spring Creek, Mt. Pisgah, 
Mountain Springs, Chickalah Valley, New Hope, Ark. 

BRICKHOUSE, Louis G, Norfolk, Ya.— Born, Tynell Co., N. C, Mar. 6, '52 : 
Stud. Wake. F. C.,N. C, 2 yrs.; Lie. Mar. 14, '73; Ord. Sept. '73, Popular Spring 
Bap. Ch., Fla. ; P. Juniper, Ga., '75-76; Plymouth, '77-78; Wakes X Roads, Roles- 
ville and White Stove, '79-80; Smithfield, N.C.,'83; Kempsville, Salem, London 
Bridge, St. John and Oak Grove, '84-85 ; Oak Grove and Blackwater, Ya., '86; 
Knott's Island, N. C; 1st Ch., Cumberland, Md., '87-88; Westville and Gwyn's F 
land, '89-96: Gwyn's island, '91-92; Zoar and Gwjn's Island, '93-94; Ebenezer, 
'95-96; Oak GroVe and St. John, Va., '96-97. 

9-^ The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BRIDGES, Drury Posey, Lixcolxtox. N. C. — Born. Lattimore's, X. C: Cata- 
wba C, B. A., '91: S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. G. : Lie Feb. and Ord. Sept., r 88. Olivet 
Ch. : P. ]New Bethany, Providence, Shady Grove, Cleveland. Burlington. "S9-95; Kid's 
Chapel, Penelope, Beulah, Double Springs. Lincolnion. X. C. '95 — . 

BRIDGES, John H., Richville, Mo. — Born. Iowa: Stud. Richmond, la.: Lie. 
and Ord. 77, Mt. Zion. Mo.: P. Mt. Zion. Mo.,4yrs.; Lake Amelia, Minn.. 3 vrs. : 
My. Ava, Bethany and Little Zion. Mo. 

BRIDGES, "William F., Walxutridge, Ark. — Born, Greensbur2Ti, X. C: Lie. 
Aug. 20. '90: Ord. July 19. "91. Union Ch.. Ark.: P. Union, 5 yrs; Evergreen. 4 
yrs. : Bethel. 1 yr. : Xew Home, Ark., 3 yrs. 

BRIEN, George G., Nashua, X. H.— Born, St. Jacques Co., Monclam. Que. 
Canada: Stud, under St. Viateur; Monks : New. T. S., Mass. ; Ord. Oct. 4. -'94, 1st 
Ch.. Nashua, N. H.; My. among French for H. C. Soc. and State Conv. of ZS . H., 
May 1, '92—. 

BRIGGS, Daniel J., Chambers, Xeb.— Born, Alpha. 111.: Stud. T.. Chicago, 
'94-95: X. Ind. Xor. Sch.. Ind.. '80.: Lie. 1st Bap. Ch., Red Oak. la.: Ord. Tavlor 
Bap. Ch., Xeb., Feb. 9. '88; P. Arnold Ch., and Gaudy Ch.. "96-97: Tavlor. '97-98: 
Chambers and Harold, Xeb., '99 — ■ 

BRIGGS, Elisha Andrews. Segler, Tex — Born. Pelham Co., Mass., Aug. 19. 
'20: Stud. KakC, Mich.: Lie. and Ord. Nov. '70. Medina Ch., Tex.: P.Benton, 

Black Hill. Tex. 

BRIGGS. Frederic F., Wilmington, Del. — Born. Kansas City, Mo.: Stud. 
Bos. Lat. Sch.. Mass.: Prep. Sch. Md.. [. H. U., Md'.. B. A., '91; Lie. and Ord. 
Eutaw Place Bap. Ch.. June 1. '94; S. Beth-Eden Ch., '94: P. 1st Ch., '95-96: A. 
P. 1st Ch.. Phil. Pa.. Mar-Xov. '96; 2nd Ch.. Wilmington. Del., '96—. 

BRIGGS, George Albert, Canton. Pa.— Born. Deposit, X. Y.: Cg. Acad., '90: 
Co;. U., X. Y.. B. A., '94: Cs. B. D., '97.: Csr. D. S., "97: Lie. '89: Ord. June 25 
"97, Deposit, Bap. Ch., X. Y. ; S. Calvarv Cb.TUtica, X. Y. : P. Canton Ch.. Can- 
ton, Pa. 

BRIGGS. John W., Mars Hill. X. C— Born, Bri Seville. X. C: Stud. Judson 
C.X.C.: Lie. '90: Ord. Feb. 28, '92.. Mt. Pleasant Ch.; P. Clear Branch, Tenn.. 
"93-95: Fork of Iw, '94-96: Middle Fork, '97-98: Gabriells Cr.eek, "95-99: Bethel, 
X. C, '99—. 

BRIGGS, Thomas Pearl, North Eastford, Coxy. — Born, Richland. Mich.: 
Lie. Oct. 14, '55. Hinsdale Ch , X. H. : Ord. Lulv 15, '57, West Hoosick Ch., X. Y. : 
P. West Hoosick, Chesham, X. Y.: Troy, N. H.; Xorth Colebrook, Conn.: Whit- 
ingham. Yt. : Charlemont, Stoneham, Sheldonville, Petersham. Osterville, Mass., 
and Eastford, Conn.; S. Revere, Mass.; Au. "The Song of Songs,'-' '82, and "Reve- 
lations,"' -'92. 

BRIGHAM, Albert Perry: Xow in Europe. 

BRIGHAM, Edwin Pierson, Coxklix Centre, X. Y.— Born. Madison, X. Y. : 
C^. IL, X. Y., Ph. B.. '55, Ham. T. S.. X. Y., '57: Lie. '52, Hamilton Ch., X. Y:': 
Ord. "57. Salem Ch., X. Y. : P. Salem. "57-59: Manlius. '59-61: Camillus, '61-62: 
Penn Yan, '63-68: Franklindale Ch.. Wappingers Falls, '68-70: LeRoy. "70-76: 1st 
Cazenonia, Xew Woodstock. '77-84: Deposit, "84-90: Canisteo, r 90-98: Conklin, 
'98: S. Fayetteville, X. Y. 

BRIGHAM, George Howe, 21 Prospect St.. Cortlaxd. X. Y. — Born. Eaton, 
X. Y. : Stud. Cg. U., X. Y. : Ham. T. S.. X. Y.. '53 : Lie. '49, Madison Ch., X. Y. : 
Ord. '53, Scipio Ch., X. Y. : P. Scipio, '53-56: Manlius, '56-59: Homer, X. Y., '59- 
86: Dist. Sec. A. B. X. U..Ohio. Ind. and W. Va., "67-69: P. Groton. X. Y., ? 69 
73: Dist. Sec. A. B. M. U., 73-93. 

BRIGHAM, Joseph "Webb, 21 Fayette St., Cambridgeport. Mass. — Born, 
Dover, 111.: State U., Kans., 79 : Stud. U.. Chicago Div. Sch.: Xew T. S. Mass., 
'83; Lie. 79. Lawrence Ch.. Kans.: Ord. '81, Greenfield Ch.. Wis.: P. Evangel, 
Chicago, -'81-82: West Boylston, Mass., '84-86: Spring Hill, Conn., '86-88: Dor- 
chester Temple, "S8-96: Inman Square Ch.. Cambiidgeport, Mass., "96 — . 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 95 

BRIGHT, Adam, Spring Creek, N. C— Born, Spartanburg, S. C; Lie. July 
14, 77; Ord. Feb. 21, 79, Flats of Spring Creek Ch. ; P. Flats of Spring Creek, Mt. 
Pleasant, Deep Gap, Finey Creek, Pigeon, Little Pine Creek, Bethel, Sion, Meadow 
Fork, Ebenezer, Sulphur Springs. 

BRIGHT, Benjamin Floyd, Tilton, Ga.- Born, South Carolina: Lie. 72, Pleas- 
ant Valley Ch., Ga.; Ord. '82, Mount Sumaeh Ch.,Ga.; P. New Concord, '83-87 ; 
New Hope, '88-91; Blue Springs, '90-91 ; Pleasant Hill. '89-92; New Prospect, '89; 
Mt. Hermon, '89-95; Flat Rock, '96 and Evergreen, Ga., '92—. 

BRIGHT, Thomas, Murphy, N. S— Born, Spartanburg Co., S. C; Stud. Jud- 
son C, S. B. T. S., Kv. ; Lie. '68, Mt. Pleasant Ch. ; Ord. 71, Forks of Sandy Marsh 
Ch.; P. Chs. in Madison, Buncombe, Henderson, Polk, Rutherford, Cleveland Cos., 
N. C; Adj. Bd. of Education, N. C. 

BRINCKERHOFF, Isaac W-, 116 E. 68th St., New York, N. Y.— Born, Ithaca, 
N. Y.; Lie. June, '52; Amity Ch., New York, N. Y.; Ord. May 22, '62, 1st Ch., 
Mt. Vernon, N. Y.; Mv, among Negroes in S. C, Fla. and Ga., 13 yrs ; P. Totten- 
ville, Staten Island, N. Y., 75-81. 

BRINDLEY, Gabriel Lafayette, Simcoe, Ala.— Born, Blountsville, Ala. ; Lie. 
'66, Enon, Ala.; Ord. 70, Flint Creek, Ala.; P. Flint Creek, Hopewell, Lystry, Holly 
Pond, Mulberry and Center Hill, Ala. 

BRINK, BoardmanB., Troy, Kans.— Born, Marshfield, Mo.; Stud. Wm.Jew.C, 
Mo.; Lie. Aug., 77; Ord. Mav, '85. New Hope Ch. ; P. Fairview, Mo., '86; Mt. Mo- 
riah Asso., '87-88; North Prairie, Nodaway, Vernon, Mo.,* a 90-91; Fairview, '91-93 
and Concordia, Kans., '94; Nodaway, Central, Friendship, Jones' Chapel, Lafayette, 
Mo., '97; Burr Oak and Troy, Kans., '99—. 

BRINK, Clark Mills, Kalamazoo, Mich.— Born, Owego, N. Y.; Stud. U. of 
City of N. Y; Roch. U., N. Y., B. A., 79, M. A., '93; U. of City of N. Y., Ph. D., 
'94; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '82; Lie. 74; Ord. Jan. '83, 1st Ch., Owego, N.Y.; P. 1st 
Ch., Des Moines, la., '83-87; S. 1st Ch., Waterbury, Conn., '87-88; P. Roseville, 
Newark, N. J., '88-92; Prof. Retoric and Oratory, Brown, U., R. I., 92-95; Prof. 
English and History, Kalamazoo C, Mich., '95 — . 

BRINK, Nicolai,, 34 S. East Ave., Kankakee, III.— Born, Hoiyer, North 
Slesvig; Stud. Hoiyer, North Slesvig; Lie. German Ch., Kankakee, 111. ; Ord. June 
'76; Scandeama Ch., Kankakee, 111.; P. Scandeania Ch., Kankakee, 111., 76 — . 

BRINNINGSTOOL, Fred E., Gallipolis, O.— Born, Smithville, N. Y.; Stud, 
Yates Acad.; S. B. T. S., Ky., '99; Lie. '94, Fillmore Ave., Buffalo, N.Y.; Ord. 
Apr. 11, '97, 3rd Ave. Ch., Louisville, Ky. ; P. Wales Center, '94-96; So. Side Mis- 
sion of 1st Bap. Ch., Buffalo, N. Y., Mar. to Oct., '96; Gallipolis, O., '97-99. 

BRINSTAD, Charles William, Fremont, Neb.— Born, La Crosse Co., Wis.; U. 
S. Dak., B. A., '88; M. A., '94; Div. Seh., U. Chicago, B. D., '93; Ord. Feb. 19, 
'89, Burr St. Bap. Ch., St. Paul, Minn.; P. Burr St. Ch., St. Paul, Minn., '89-90; 
Warrenville, 111., '91-93; Marshall, Mich., '93-95; Fremont, Neb., '95—. 

BRISCOE, Albert W., Russellville, Ala.— Born, Apple Grove, Ala.; Stud. 
North Ala. Bap. Collegiate Inst, and Normal Seh.; Lie. Oct., '95, Falkville Ch. ; 
Ord. June, '97, Cullman Ch.; P. Cullman, '96-98; Hillsboro, '98-99; Russellville,—. 

BRISCOE, John Hinton, Long Island, Kan.— Born, Knox City, Mo.; Stud. 
Western Acad., Mo., and LaG. C, Mo.; Lie. Jan. 15, '95; Ord. Oct. 30, '97, Knox, 
City Ch., Mo. ; P. Pleasant Ridge, Mo., '97 ; 1st Ch. Prairie Temple, Kan., '98-99 ; 
1st Ch., Long Island, Kan., '98-99. 

BRISCOE, Marion Widnes, 103 Moulton St., New Decatur, Ala.— Born 
Apple Grove, Ala.; Stud. North Ala, Inst., Danville, Ala., B. S., '96; Lie. Mav, '92; 
Ord. July '93, Blue Spring Ch.,Ala.; P. Friendship, '93-94 ; S. Hoprwell, '95; S. 
Mt. Pisgah, '97-98; 1st Ch., Austinville, Ala.—. Ed. "Danville Journal ;" Au. 
"The Boy and His Mother," '99. 

95. The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BRISCOE, William James, Folkville, Ala.— Born, Apple Grove, Ala.; Lie. 
Sept. 3, '93; Ord. Oct. 13. '95, Lebanon Ch.. Ala.; P. Lebanon, '96-99; Bethlehem, 
'97-99 and Belhpring, Ala., '98. 

BRISTOW, James, Deckertown, N.J. — Born, Cuckerfield, Sussex Co., Eng. r 
Stud. Cro. T. S., Pa.; Lie. '93; Ord. June 28, '97, Tabernacle Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y.; 
S. Morten, 1 yr., S. Coleraine, Pa.; Rosedale, N. [., 1 vr. ; 1st Ch., Deckertown, N. 
J., '98-. 

BRISTOW, James Jesse, Richville, Mo.— Born, Warrick Co., Ind.; Lie. '89; 
Ord. '94, Bethuna Ch., Mo.; P. Belhuna, Little Run, Fairview, '98; Grand View. 
'95-97; Riley View, '95; Mt. Olivet, '96-98 and Good Prospect, Mo., '94-96. 

BRISTOW, James William, Edwards, Ky. — Born, Owensborough, Ky.; Stud. 
Beth. Ch., Ky.; Lie. '87; Ord. '89, Bethabbra Ch., Ky.; P. Cane Run and Curdsville, 
"90-91; Hopewell, Cane Run and Macedonia, '92; Birks City, '93-97; Keysburg 
Center, Ky., '97. 

BRITAIN, George L, Weatherpord, Tex.— Born, Claiborn, Pa.; Lie. '83*; 
Ord. '85, Antioch Ch.; P. White Rock, 3 yrs. ; Sardis, 4 yrs. ; Mt. Hermon, 3 yrs. ; 
Mt. Moran, 3 yrs. ; Mt.- Olive, 4 yrs. ; Pleasant Grove, 4 yrs.; Shady Grove, 4 yrs, 
Antioch, 1 yr. ; New Hope, 2 yrs. ; Cottondale, 3 yrs.; Boonesville, 4 yrs.; Spring- 
town, 1 yr. ; Poolville, 3 yrs. ; Clear Fork, 3 yrs. ; Aledo, 2 yrs. ; 2nd Ch., Weather- 
ford, Tex.— . 

BRITE, Sterling Price, Poplar Blupf, Mo.— Born, Pierce 'City, Mo.— Pierce 
City Bap. C, Mo., '84; Wm. Jew. C, Mo., B. A., '88; S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. M. 
'91; Lie. Aug. 2, '84, 1st Ch., Pierce City, Mo.; Ord. Nov. 25, '91, Windsor Ch.. 
Mo.; P. Windsor, '91-94; Salisbury, '94-96; Poplar Bluff, Mo., Nov. 15, '96—. 

BRITT, Henry T,, Cornie, Ark.— Born, Georgia; Lie. '62; Ord. Jan. '65. 
Hopewell Ch., Ark. ; P. Bethlehem, Smyrna, Antioch, Union, Shiloh, Ark. ; Reccob, 

BRITT, Walter Lee, Paulsboro, N. J.— Born, North Carolina; Stud. R. C, 
Va.; Cro. T. S., Pa., '99; Ord. Apr. 9, '93, Phoebus Ch., Va. ; P. Phoebus, '93-94; 
Shiloh and Sappony, '94-96; Readsville, Va.. Jan. to Sept., '96; Berean Ch., Stock- 
ton, N. J., '96-97. 

BRITTAIN, Jabez Mercer, Barnesville, Ga.~ Born, Oglethorpe Co., Ga. ; L . 
Ga., B. A., '61; M. A., '64; Middle Ga. C, D. D., '80; Lie. '62, and Ord., '63, Lex- 
ington, Ga. ; P. Kingston, Conyers, Covington, Lithonia, Stone Mountain, Curtis, 
MeDonough, Central Ch., Atlanta, Barnesville, Ga. 

BRITTAIN, James Henry, 58 Elmwood Ave., Montclair, N. J.— Born, Bir- 
mingham, Eng.; Roch. U., N. Y., B. A., '64; Roch. T. S., Ky., '67; Lie. '60, 7ht 
Ch., Baltimore, Md.; Ord. '67, 1st Ch., Vineland, N. J.; P. 1st Ch., Vineland, N. J. 
'67-70; Willistown, Pa., '71-73; Mooretown, N. J., '73-82; Fuller Memorial Ch., 
Baltimore, Md., '82-90; Luzerne Ave. Ch., Pittston, Pa.,. '90-95: Brookdale, N. 
J., '98. 

BRITTEN. Fred. E n Albion, Neb.— Born, Cohoctah, Mich.; U. Mich., B. A., 
"84; Ord. Dec. 4, '84, 1st Ch., Faribault, Minn.; P. Faribault, Minn, '84-S6 ; Pella 
la., '86-89; Immanuel Ch., Grand Island, '89-92; Norfolk, '91-92 ; S. Madison, 
mos., '93; Albion, Mich., '93-98; Prof. Psychology and Ethics, Cent. U., la., '86-89; 
Acting Prest. same, 3 mos. ; State Chairman Prohibition Party, Mich., '98—. 

BRIT TON, Thomas Cotton, Soochow, China.— Bom, Northampton, N. C. ; 
W. F. C, N. C, M. A., '86; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky.; Lie. Sept. '81; Ord. Aug, 9, 
'85, Potecasi Bap. Ch., N. C; My. Soochow, China, S. B. Conv., U. S. A., 10 yis, 

BROADDUS, Andrew, Sparta, V a. —Born, Caroline Co., Va.; R. C, Va., B. 
L., '73; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie, '74; Ord. Sept. '75., Salem Ch., Va. ; P. lork, 
Va., '75-78: Lower Northampton, Eastville and Red Bank, 78-81; Morattico, \ a., 
'81-85; Bowling Green and Upper Zion, '85-92; Salem and Mt. Hermon, '97—. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 97 

BRX.DDUS, Andrew, Jr., Sparta, Va.- Born, Caroline Co., Va. ; R. C, Va, 
B. L., '73; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. 74; Ord. '75, Salem Ch., Va.; P. Fork, Va., 
'75-78; Lowes, Northampton, Easterville and Red Bank, Va., '78-87; Morattieo, 
'81-85; Bowling Green, '85-93; Salem, '96-98. 

BROADDUS, Julian, Berryvillk, Va.— Born, Sparta. Va.— Stud. S'evensvi'lle 
Acad., Liberty Hall Acad., Rappahannock Acad, and R. C, Va.; Lie. Nov. 72, 
Caldwell Ch./Tex. ; Ord. Nov. '73, Cottonwood Ch., Tex.; P. Cottonwood, Liber- 
ty and Lexington, Tex. ; Saluda and Berryville, Va. 

BROADDUS, M. E., Bristol, Tenn.-^Bo™, Sparta, Va. ; Miss. C, D. D., '95; 
S.B.T. S., Ky., '76; Lie. '72, Nevada Ch., Mo.; Ord. 75, Rudy River Ch.; P. 
Camden, S. C. ; Clinton, Boonville, Columbia, Mo.; Greenville, Miss.; Bristol, Va. 

BROADY, Knut Oscar, Bethel Theo. Sem., Stockholm, Sweden.— Born, 
Sweden; Grad. Cg. U., N. Y., '61, D. D , 77; Ord. '64, Ilion Ch., N. Y.; P. Mo- 
hawn and Ilion, N. Y.; My. Sweden, '66 — ; Pres. Bethel Sem., Stoekholm, Sweden, 

BROCK, George Henry, Kanigiri, Nellore Dist., India. — Born, Toronto, 
Ontario, Canada ; Stud. Toronto Business C, Canada; McMaster Sem., Toronto, 
Canada, '90; Lie. '85, Perth Ch., Ontario Canada; Ord. Oct. 23, '91, Grace Ch., 
Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Stud. S. Bonte, Ontario Canada, '86; S. Carlton Place, 
Ontario, Canada, '87; S. Greenville, Quebec, Canada, '88-89; Served Long Creek, 
Manitoba, '89; A. P. Grace Ch., Montreal, Quebec, '90; My. Telegus, '91—. 

BROCK, James Isam, Lily, Ky. -Born, Laurel Co., Ky. ; Stud. Williamsburg 
Inst., Ky. ; Lie. and Ord. '92, New Prospect Ch. ; P. New Prospect, '93 — . 

BROCK, High. Lafayette, Duluth, Ga.; Born, Jackson Co., Ga. ; U of Ga., B. 
A., '82; Ord. Feb. 18, '94, Head of Trger Ch., Tigerville, S. C; P. Milford and 
O'Neal, S. C, '95; Moore's Grove and Winterville, Ga., '96-97. 

BROCK, Levi Jackson, Lily, Ky. — Born, Laurel Co., Ky. ; Lie. 73, and Ord. 

74, Rough Creek, Ky. ; P. Union, Rough Creek, Slate Hill, New Prospeet, Horse 
Creek, Lynn Camp, Hopewell; S. Robinson Creek; 

BROCK, Tames Preston, Wishart, Mo.— Born, Polk Co., Mo.; Lie. '91; Ord. 
'96, Slagle Creek Ch., Mo. 

BROCK, William, The Glades, Ky.— Born, Claiborn Co., Term.; Lie. '68; 
Ord. '69, Rough Creek Ch., Ky. ; P. Mt. Salem, '89; Sinking Creek, Union, S. State 
Hills, Ky. ; S. Rough Creek, Ky. i 

BROCKUS, Daniel P., Schopield, Mo.— Born, Polk Co., Mo.; Lie. Dee. 25, 

75, Rock Prairie Bap. Ch., Mo. ; Ord. June 23, 78, Schofield Chanel Bap. Ch., Mo. ; 
P. Grove Chapel, 78-82; Reynolds Chapel, '80-86; Macedonia, '82-87; Fair Grove, 
'84-89; Pleasant View, '83-89; Slagle Creek, '84-90; Pleasant Hill, '91; New Hope, 
'87-92; Brighton, '92-94; Concord, '91-93; Buffalo, '93; Louisbur?, '93-95; Scho- 
field, '94; Rose Hill, '94-97; Prairie Mound, '96; Friendship Chapel, Mo., '95-99. 

BRODBECK, William Perm, Gallatin, Mo.— Born, Caffeysburg, Mo.; Wni. 
Jewell C, Mo., B. A., '92; Lie. Mav, '85, Kennev Chapel Ch., Gallatin, Mo.; Ord. 
Aug. 28, '90, Hartwell Ch., Mo.; Stud. P. Warsaw, Mo., '90; Stud. P. Mavsville, 
Mo., '91; Stud. P. Lisbonville, Mo., '91-92; P. Grant St. Ch., Springfield, Mo.. '92- 
93; My. work — ; Member Christian and My. Alliance. 

BRODRICK, Theodore F„ Wellsburg, N. Y.— Born, Lodi, N. Y.; Stud. 
Acad., Lee Centre, 111.; Medieal C, Cincinnati, O. ; Lie. June, '89, Townsend Ch., 
N. Y.; Ord. Oct., '90, We^t Danby Ch., N. Y. ; P. West Danby, Enfield Centre, 
Coopers Plains, Wellsburg, N. Y.— . 

BROHOLM, Christian, August, Fredskapedlet, Copenhagen F., Denmark — 
Born, L}mgbv, Copenhagen, Denmark; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, B. D., '87; Lie. 
June 6, '82. and Ord. Oet. 9, '87, l^t Ch., Copenhagen, Denmark; A. P. 1st Ch., Co- 
penhagen, Denmark, '87-91; P. 2nd Ch., '91-96; 3rd Ch., '96— . 

98 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BROMLEY, Edwin, 111 Pond St., Providence, R. I. — Born, Norwich, Conn.; 
Lie. Mar. 17, '60., Preston Ch., Conn.; Ord. Nov. 6, -61, South Colebrook Ch., 
Conn.; P. South Colebrook, Conn., '61-64; Springhafn, "64-66: West Bovlston, '66- 
69; Norwood, Mass. '69-73; Pittsfield, N. H., 78-80: Pawtucket, '80-91; Stewart 
St. Ch . Providence, R, I., '91—. 

BROMLEY, Joseph Stinson, 221 S. Fifth St., Reading, Pa. — Born, Liverpool, 
England; St id. Roman Catholic Sch., Liverpool ; National Sch. of Elocution and 
Orator* , Philadelphia, Pa. ; B. E., 'S6. B. O. '87; Stud. East London Inst., England ; 
Old. Dec. 27. '80, Clarendon St. Ch., Boston, Mass.; P. Hamilton Square Ch., San 
Francisco; St. Helena, Calif.; Westmont, N. J.; Wissahickon Ch., Philadelphia : 
1st Ch., Reading, Pa.—. 

BRONK, Mitchell, 3125 Park Ave., New York, N. Y.— Born. Manchester, 
N. Y.; U. Koch., N. Y., B. A., '86: stud. U. Leipzig. U. Jena, U. Berlin, U. N. 
Y. City, N. Y., M. A.. '96; Un. T. S., N. Y., Cro. T. S.^ Pa.: Lie. '87, Madison 
Ave. Ch., New York, N. Y.; Ord. '93, Ascension Ch., New York, N. Y. ; P. As- 
cension Ch.. New York, N. Y., '93—. 

BRONSON, William A,, Haddam, Conn.— Born t Ansville, N. Y.; Lie. Julv 
St, '75, Haddam Ch., Conn.; Ord. Nov. 18, '75, Winthrop Ch., Conn. ; P. Winthrop, 
■Conn.,2yrs. ; Batavia, Streator, Sandwich, 111.; Perth Amboy, N.J., II yrs. ; Port 
Jefferson, L. I., N. Y., 2 yrs. ; Haddam. Conn. — . 

BROOKER, John W„ Brandon, Fla.— Born, Brooker, Ga., July 13, '57; Lie. 
Apr. '79; Ord. Nov. '79. Philadelphia Ch., Ga. : P. Philadelphia, Ga.;'79-84; Eliza- 
beth, '82-94; Point Pleasant, '86; Reedy Branch, Ga., '96-97; Local Preacher and 
,S. S. Supt., Brandon, Fla., '97 — . 

BROOKIN, Silas "W., Elverton, Mo.— Born, Bleaker, Conn.; Stud. Buck. U., 
Pa.; Lie. Sept. '61. Jay Ch., Pa.; Ord. June 28, '64, Manteno 'Ch., 111.; Chaplain 
oth Tenn. Cavalry, 1 jy. 2 mo.; P. Manteno, '65-66; Rockville, 111., '67; S. Good- 
land, Ind., '74: P. Prairie Mew, Ind., '80: New Friendship and Pleasant Hill, '85- 
86: Sinking Creek, '87; Everton, Mo., '80-91. 

BROOKINS, Charles Robert, Muchakinock, Ia. — Born, Charlottsville, Va., 
Aug. 16, '50; Wavland Sem., Washing:on, D. C, Literary and Theological, '79; Lie. 
Oct. 12, "74; Ord. June 10, '79, Delevan Ch. ; P. Olive Chi Burlir.gton. 3 yrs. ; Union 
Ch., Muchakinock, 3 yrs.; 2nd Ch., Ft. Madison. Ia., 1J; My. Iowa Bap. Asso.. 5 
yrs. : P. Colon, Colfax and Coolfield, Ia — ; Cor. Sec. Iowa Bap. Asso., 4 yrs. 

BROOKINS, John C, 39 Cayuga St., Auburn, N. Y.— Bom, Norwich, N. Y. : 
Cg. U., N. Y., B. A., '90; Ham. T. S., N. Y., '94: Lie. '89; Ord. May 17, '94, Nor- 
wich Ch., N. Y. ; S. Green Ridge, Scranton, Pa.: S. S. W. Oswego ;"P. Whitehall, 
Emmanuel Ch., Auburn, N. Y. 

BROOKS, Charles Alvin, Knowlesville, N. Y.— Born, Watkins, Kv. ; Stud. 
Vt. Acad.: Mount Hermon, Mass., '93; New. T. S., Mass., '96: Lie. Mav, '*92 ; Ord. 
July 16, ? 96, Watkins, N. Y.; S. Clarksville, 3 mos.,'92; West Walworth. N. Y., 
3 mos., '93: Sandusky, N. Y., 3 mos . '94: Pageville, Mont., 3 mos., '95; P. Water- 
loo, '96-98: Knowlesville, N. Y., '9S— . 

BROOKS, Charles Henry, Marletta, Mich.— Born, New Market, Eng. ; Stud. 
Taversham, Eng. : Ord. '90, 1st Ch., Pewaukee, Wis.: P. Fairmount, '91-92 ; Oakes, 
'93-84.; Page City, N. Dak., '95-97. 

BROOKS, Charles Vance, Lemon Springs, N. C. — Born, Jonesboro, N. C. ; Stud, 
jonesboro, Acad., and Carthage Acad., and W. F. C, X. C. ; Lie. '89; Ord. '93, 
lonesboi'O Ch. ; S. Jonesboro; P. Cumberland, Union, Mt. Tabor, Cool Springs, 
Ephesus, Merrv Oaks, Callivs Grove, Cameron's Grove, Pleasant Ridge, N.C.; 
Founder and Owner of James Moske Acad., Lemon Springs, N. C. ; Mem. Bd. of 
Directors of Sch. and Pres. Moore Co., Teachers Asso. 

BROOKS, Charles Wesley, Watkins, N. Y.— Born, Solon, N. Y., Aug. 25, '36; 
Stud. Norwich Acad., N. Y.; Lie. July, '59, East Pharsalia Ch.. N. Y.; Ord. July 
16, '62, Triangle Ch.. N. Y. ; P. Killawog. Triangle, East Cameron, Woodhill and 
Watkins, N. Y.; H. My. '75—. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 99 

BROOKS, Charles William, Sumerduck, Va. — Born, Fauquier Co., Va.; Stud. 
R. C, Va., S. B. T. S., Kv. ; Lie. Jan. 76; Ord. June, '82, Grove Ch., Va. ; P. 
Berea, '89—; Zoar, '88—; Richland, '91—; Grove, Va,, '91—, 

BROOKS, Edward Hammond, Los, Calif. — Born, Townsehd, Mass.; 
Kal. C, Mich., 74; B. Un. T. S., U. Chicago, '83; Lie. 70, Port Huron Ch., Mich.; 
Ord. June, 76, Tremont Temple, Boston, Mass.; S. Galesburg, and Augusta, 70-72; 
Adrian, Sumner, Mich., 74; P. Cassopolis, 76-79; Lapier, Mich., 79-80; Crown 
Point, Ind., '80-83 ; Grand Rapids, 6 yrs. ; Aurora, Mich., 5 vrs. ; East Los Angeles, 
Calif., '97—. 

BROOKS, James Parcel, Glasgow, Ky.— Born, Hart Co., Ky. 
BROOKS, James "W., Muggins, Ala.— Born, Louisville, Ala.; Ord. Dec, : 84, 
Shiloh Ch., Ala. ; P. Elton, 1 yr. ; Siloam, 1 yr; New Providence, 2 yrs. ; Damascus, 

5 vrs., '95; Same '98—; Pine v Grove, '86-89;* Bluff Springs, '86-91; Sardis, '86-97; 
New Ebenezer, '91-92; Bethlehem, '91-93; Friendship, '86-87; New Home, '93-97; 
Beulah, '96; Pilgrims Rest, '94-95; Chapel Hill, '98—; Bethany, '98; Fairview, 
Ala., '99—. 

BROOKS, John, 711 North 43rd St., Philadelphia, Pa.— Born, Holmfirth, 
Yorkshire, Eng. ; Buck. U., Pa., B. A. r 76, M. A., 79; Cro. T. 8., Pa., 79; Lie. 
Blockley Ch., Philadelphia, Pa.; Ord. 79, North Chester Ch., Chester, Pa ; P. 
North Chester, '79-85; Nixon St. Ch., Phila., Pa., '85-89; S. Various Chs., Phila., 
Pa., and Wilmington, Del. 

BROOKS, Salma H., North Branch, Mich.— Born, Alstead, N. H.; Lie. 
Granger Ch., O. ; Ord. Camden Ch., Mich. ; P. Camden, '54; Johnstown, Commerce 
and Macomb, Mich. 

BROOKS, Samuel, 710 W. Lovell St., Kalamazoo, Mich. — Born, Roxbury, 
Mass.; B. U.. R. I., B. A. '52, M. A., '55; New. T. S., Mass., '57; Lie. Dudley St. 
Ch., Boston, Mass.; Ord. Oct., '57, 2nd Ch., Beverly, Mass.; P. 2nd Ch., Beverly, 
'57-60; South Framingham, '62-64; West Medwav, Mass., '66-69; Prof. Greek, B. 
U., R. I., '54-55; Prof. Hebrew, New. T. S., Mass.;Prof. Latin, Kalamazoo C, 
Mich., '69—. 

BROOKS, Samuel E,, Cleburne, Tex. — Born, Jackson Co , Ala. ; Stud. Irving 
C, Tenn.; Un. U., Term., B. A., '58; Lie. '56, Centre Point Ch., Ala.; Ord. "60, 
Cuthbert Ch., Ga. ; P. Cuthbert, '60; Milledgeville, Ga., '61-66; S. Huntsville, Ala., 

6 mos., '59; P. Country Chs. Tex. several yrs.; Tea. Cleburne Inst., Tex., 71-72; 
Financial Agt. Cleburne Inst., Tex., and Jacksboro C. 

BROOKS, Stephen Hoskins, Como, Tex.— Born, Dalton, Ga., March 22, '42; 
Lie. Oct., '65, New Prospect Ch., Tex. ; Ord. July, '68, Macedonia Bap. Ch., Tex.; 
Served 22 Chs. and now S. Como Ch., Green Wood Ch., and Richland Ch., Tex.: 
Moderator of Rehoboth Assoc, 5 yrs. 

BROOKS, Willis Homer, Belleville, N. Y.— Born, Triangle, N. Y.; U. 
Roch., N. Y„ B. A. '89; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '92; Lie. Aug. 27, '85; Ord. May 6, 
'92, Wafkins Bap. Ch., N. Y.; S. Richland Center, Wis., '90; Parma, N. Y., '91- 
92; P. Bozeman, '92-93; Dillon, Mont., '93-95; Belleville, N. Y., '96—. 

BROQKSHIER, E. FL,, Bowling Green, Ky.— Born, Winchester, Ky. : Lie. 
Mar., '68, Mt. Olive* Ch. ; Ord. Apr., '68, Oak Crove Ch.; P. Oak Hill, Beatyville, 
Preachersville, Kingston, 3 yrs.; State My. 3 years; Campbellsville, 2 yrs.; Elkhorn, 
Muldraugh Hill, 7 yrs.; Mt. Pisgah, 5 yrs.; Oak Forest, 3 yrs.; Tompkinsville, 2 
yrs.; Mt. Washington, Ky., 5 yrs.; Hartsville, Tenn., 1 yr. ; Oak Forest, 2 yrs ; 2nd 
Ch., Bowling Green. Ky — . Au. "Scriptural Baptism," '92. 

BROOMFIELD, Thomas Fairley, Lake Benton, Minn.— Born, Armagh, Ire- 
land; Stud. Gram. Sch., Dublin, Bible Inst., Chicago, Div. Sch., U. Chicago ; Ord. 
'92, Yernon Centre, Minn.; S. Hamilton, Minn., '91.; P. Yernon Centre and Good 
Thunder, Minn., '91-92; Hudson, 111., '94-97- Lake Benton, Minn., '97—. 

""^BROTHERTON, Horatio, 2230 Broadway, Cleveland, O.— Born, Attica, N. 
Y.; Stud. C-. L'., N.Y.; Lie. '67, Batavia Ch., N. Y.; Ord. 71, 2nd Ch., Worcester, 
N. Y.; P. 2nd Ch., Worcester, N. Y. ; Oneonta', N. Y. ; 3rd Ch., Cleveland, | O. : 
Trinity Ch., Cleveland, O. 


100 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BROUGHER, James Whitcomb, Patterson, N. J.— Born, Vernon, Ind. ; Calif. C, 
Calif., B. A., B. R. M. A , '91-94. ; Roch. T. S. N. Y. ; Lie. 10th Ave. Bap. Ch., Oak- 
land, Cal., Julv, '91; Ord. 1st Bap. Ch., Patterson. N. J., June, '94; P. 1st Bap. 
Ch., Patterson,' N. J., '94—. 

BROUGHTON, Leonard Gaston, Atlanta, Ga.— Born, Raleigh, N. C; Stud. 
W. F. C; N. C, Kv. Sch. Medicine, M. D., '85: Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. and 
Ord. '91, Reidsyille Ch.; P. Broad St. Ch., Winston, N. C. ; Calvary Ch., Roanoke, 
Va. ; Tabernacle, Atlanta, Ga. — Au. "Los^t Power," "Talks on Home," "Ups and 
Downs of Youth." 

BROUILETTE, Oliva, Marlboro, Mass. — Born, St. Hilaire, Que., Can.; 
Stud. Ecole Modele Sch., St. Hilaire, Can. ; New T. S., Mass.. '96; Ord. July 21, '96, 
1st Ch., Lowell, Mass.; My. Among French — . Marlboro, Mass., '96 — . Stud. P., 

Mission Waltham, Mass. 

BROUNER, John J., 319 West 137th St., New York, N. Y.— Born, New 
York, N. Y.; Cg. U., N. Y., M. A., '65; Lie. '62; Old. '64, North Bap. Ch., New 
York, N. Y. ; P. Mariner's Harbor Ch., Staten Island; North Bap. Ch., New York, 
N. Y., and N. Y. City Bap. My. Soc. Cor. Sec. 

BROWE, Edwin Smith, Lichfield, Pa.— Bern, Belleville. N. J., July 15, '19; 
Stud. Rutges C, N.T.; Lie. May 13, '44, 1st Ch., New York, N. Y. ; Ord. May 21, 
'56,' West Hempstead Ch., N. Y. ; P. Hempstead Ch., N. Y., 1 yr. ; Bloomingdale, 
'57; 2nd Ch., Middletown, N. J., '58-62; Litchfield, '62-64 ; Columbia and Wells, 
'64-67; Manahawkin, '67-74; Howell, N. J., 5 yrs ; P. Litchfield and S. Athens, Pa., 
1 yr. 

BROWN, Abel Lewis, Sabastian Sta., Ark.— Born, Pontotock Co., Miss., '51 
Lie. '77, Oak Bower Ch. ; Ord. 78, Oak Valley Ch. ; P. Oak Bower Ch., '80, '92-99 
Oak Valley, '84-92 : Union Grove, '84-87; Oak Grove, '88-89; Grand Prairie, '89 
Hepziban,' '80-83. 

BROWN, Abraham Bergen, McGraw, N. Y.— Born, Harlengen, N. J.; Lie. 
Jnne, '86, Litchfield Ch., Pa. ; Ord. Aug. '86, Rome Ch., Pa. ; S. Rome, Pa., '86. ; P. 
1st Ch., Delmar. '86-88; Tunkhannock, '88-91: Savre, '91-94; Abington, Waverlv, 
Pa., '94-99; McGraw, N. Yr, '99—. 

BROWN, Albert A., Cullison, Kan.— Born, Jerseyville, 111. ; Lie. Jan. 18, '84, 
Hurriean Ch., 111.; Ord. Julv 14. '89, Wellsford Ch., Kan.; S. Maud, Kan., '91; P. 
Carrio, '92-93; Alcott, '96-97 ; Elm Grove, -'96-97 ; Goshen, '97-98; 'Wellsford, '96— ; 
Mt. Pleasant, Kan., '98—. 

BROWN, Albert Dunning, Lowry City, Mo.— Born, Clinton, Mo.; Lie. Oct. 
23, '98, Morris Hill Ch., Mo. ; Ed. "Osage Argus," Lowry City, Mo.—. 

BROWN, Archibald S„ 248 Chestnut St., Clinton, Mass.— Born, Bradford 
Co., Pa.; Stud. Pa. and Hart. C, Conn.; Ord. Nov. 4, '85, South Bap. Ch., Hart- 
ford, Conn.; P. Roekville, Conn., '85-87; Granville, Mass., '87-89; 1st Ch., Nor- 
wich, Conn., '89-97; Clinton, Mass., '97—. 

BROWN, Arthur Polk, Monrovia, Calif.— Born, Princeton, Ind.; Grad< Frank. 
C, Ind. B. A. '86, M. A. '89; Roch. T. S., N. Y. ; D. S. of U. So. Cal. B. D. '90; 
Lie. 1st Bap. Ch., Franklin, Ind., '85; Ord. The Palms 1st Bap. Ch., Calif., '90; S. 
Tyell Ave., Mission Rochester, N. Y., '86-87; P. The Palms, '90-92; 1st Bap. Ch., 
Monrovia, Calif., '92 — . 

BROWN, Beverly Waugh, Bells, Tenn.— Born, Baltimore, Md.; Stud. Pub. 
Schs., Baltimore, Md. : ; Privately; Lie. '80; Ord. '81, Johnsons Grove Ch., Tenn.; 
P. Maurv City, '83 ; Bells, '84-85, '92-93; Walnut Hill,* '86 ; Zion and Holly Grove, 
'87-89; Stanton, '95-99; Demark, '98-99; Gadsden, 98-99 ; Clover Creek, tenn, '99. 

BROWN, Charles, Burnham, Mo.— Born, New* York State; Lie. Oct., '93; Ord. 
Julv 29. '94, Nodawav Ch., Mo. ; P. Nodaway, '94-95; Elm Grove, Mo., '94-97; My. 
5. Drv Creek, Mo., '98-99; P. Liberty, Mo., '99. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 101 

BROWN, Charles, Newport, Tenn. — Born, Indianapolis, Ind. : Lie. Tulv and 
Ord. Aug., '87, Wilsonville ; P. Wilsonville, 3 yrs., Pleasant Grove, Oak Grove, 
- White Pine, Whites Ch., Big Creek, Nough and Stony Point, Term. 

BROWN, Charles Hovey, Willington, Conn'. — Born, Boston, Mass. ; Stud. 
Mass. Inst. Technology, New. T. S., Mass., May, |'90 : Lie. 1st Bap. Ch., Boston, 
Mass.; Ord. Willington, Conn., '90— . 

BROWN, Charles Rufus, 73 Parkrr St., Newton Center, Mass. — Born, 
East Kingston, N. C; U. S. Naval Acad., Md., '69; Harvard U., Mass., B. A., '77; 
Colbv, U., Me., Ph. D., '87; Cg. U., N Y., D. D.., '92; Stud. U. Berlin, Ger- 
many; Stud. U, Leipsic, Germany; New. T. S., Mass , '79; Un. T. S., N. Y. ; Lie. 
Oct. 4, '74, Exeter, N. H.; Ord. Dec. 30, '81, Franklin Falls, N. H.; P. Franklin 
Falls, N. H., '81-83; S. 1st Sa'em, Mass., 6 mos., '85; Acting P. Main St. 
Ch., Worcester, Mass*, '86-87; Au. "An Aramaic Method ": Part 1. '84-86; Part 2, 
Associate Prof. Biblical - Interpretation, Old Testament, The New. T. Inst', Mass., 
'83-86; Prof. Hebrew and Cognate Languages, '86 ; Naval Record, Ensign, '70-71 ; 
Master, '73-75. 

BROWN, Charles Sumner, Iowa City, Ia. — Born, Lorraine, N. Y.; Grad. 
Adams Col. Inst., '86; Roch. U., N. Y., B. A., '90; M. A., '93; Roch. T. S., N. Y., 
'93; Lie. Adams, N. Y., '86; Ord. Iowa City, la., June '93; P. Iowa City, la., '93—. 

BROWN, Charles Truman, Flowery Branch, Ga.— Born, Forsyth Co., Ga.; 
Stud. Mer. U., Ga. ; Lie. Sept. 21, '90; Ord. Aug. 6, '93, Gainesville" Ch., Ga. ; P. 
Belton, '93; Clarksville, '94—; Flat Creek, '94; Pleasant Hill, '94-96; Flowery 
Branch, '94-96; Hopewell, '96—; Pendergrass, '96—; S. Demorest, Ga., '97-98. 

BROWN, Clinton C, Sumter, S. C— Born* Barnwell, S. C. : Stud. W. and 
Lee U., Va., and Fur. U., S. C. ; D. D. Fur. U., '96: S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. '73, 
Greenville Ch.; Ord. '74, Barnwell Ch: ; P. Sumter, S. C, '74—. 

BROWN, Daniel W*, Hesperia, Mich.— Born, Perry, N. Y. ; Stud. Perry, N. 
Y.; Lie. Feb. 6. and Ord. Sept. 23, '97, 1st Ch.,* Hesperia, Mich.; P. 1st Ch., 'Lin- 
coln, 1 yr. ; 1st Ch., Goodwell, 1 yr. ; ist Ch., Otia, 1 yr. ; Parks, Mich., 1 yr. 

BROWN, DeWitt G, Eoly at, Mo.— Lie. '71; Ord. '72, Union Ch.; P. Mt. 
Pleasant, '72-86; Salem, '72-81 ; Union Grove, '81 ; Pleasant Grove, '74: Blue Ridge, 
'80; Mt. Moriah, 97; Union, '78; Bethel, '97. 

BROWN, Dwight Parley, 5609 Drexel Ave., Chicago, III.— Born, Plessis, N. 
Y.; Stud. Winona State Normal Sch., Minn ; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '90; Lie. '81, 
Lorraine Ch., N. Y.; Ord. '82, Holmesville Ch., N. Y.: Ev. '90—. 

BROWN, Elbert E., Parishville, N. Y.— Born, Hermon, N. Y.; Ord. May, 
'77, Hermon Ch., N. Y. ; S. Hermon; Russell, '77-79: Parishville, '79-83; Canton. N. 
Y., '83-87; Manchester, Vt., '87-89; Colton, Stark, '90-93; Parishville, N. Y., '94- 
97; P. South Colton, Stark, N. Y„ '98—. 

BROWN, E. M. t Oreana, III.— Born, St. Clair Co.,, 111.: Lie. and Ord, Mas- 
coutah Ch., 111. ; A Pioneer Preacher for Many Yrs. 

BROWN, George, Charitan, Ia.— Born, Bristol, England: Lie. '69, Elmira 
Ch., N. Y.; Ord. '69, Moreland Ch., N. Y. ; P. Tioga, Caroline, N. Y. ; Blue 

Rapids; Marshall Center ; Beloit, Kan. : Emerson, Charitan, Ia. 

BROWN, Harvey Dee, Clay Center, Kan.— Born, Plvmmth, N. Y.; U. 
Roch., N. Y., B. A., '92; Roch. T. S.,N. Y., '95: Lie. '8S, Webster Bap. Ch.. N. 
Y.; Ord. '95, Clay Center Bap. Ch., Kan.; P. Churchville, '92-93: S. Kent, N. Y., 
'94-95; Clay Center, Kan., '95—. 

BROWN, Henry Alfred, Winston, N. C— Born, Rockingham Co., N. C; W. 
F. C, N. C. 71, D. D., '90; Lie. "68, Summerrield Ch.; Ord. Aug., '71, Yancey- 
villeCh.; P. Summerfield, Madison, Beaver Island, Oak Ridge, Red Bank, '71-73; 

Fayettevtlle, '74-77; Winston, N. C, '77; Au. Tract, "Communion." 

BROWN, Henry Almon, Belle Plaine, Ia.— Born, Concord, O. : Den. U., O., 
B. A., M. A., '67; Lie. Sept. 2, '65, 1st Ch., Chardon, O. ; Ord. Sept. 15, '69, Toledo 

102 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

Ch., la.'; P. Toledo, "69-79; Eldora, '61-88; S. Belle Plaine, la., '90-94; Prof. Den. 
U., la.. '65; U. Des M., la., '68-69 and '82-85; Au. "The Teacher's Normal Manual 
of the Analysis and CI assification of Sentences and their Elements,"' '75; "Brown's 
Pencil Tablet for Written Spelling, Etc." '78. 

BROWN, HughW., Morgan Park, III.— Born, Martintown, Ont., Can.; Stud. 
Cg. U., N. Y.; Lie. Niagara Square Ch.. Buffalo, N. Y. ; Ord. '60, Canasaraga, N; 
Y.; P. Canasaraga, Almond, West Somerset, N. Y.; Dexter: Sturgis, Mich.: 
Ev. } 30 yrs. 

BROWN, Isaac D„ Lone Rock. Ore.— Born, Mill Grove, Mo.: Lie. Jan. 10, 
'95: Ord. Jan. 9, '96, 1st Ch., Wamic, Ore.: P. Wamic and Juniper Flat j '95-96; 
Michell Ch., '97-98; Lone Rock, Ore—. 

BROWN. Jacob, Hillsdale, Kan.— Born, Wilkes Co., N. C; Lie. '77; Ord. 
'78, Antioch Ch., Mo.; P. Amhearst ; Exeter, '83-87 ; Hillsdale, '85; Summerset. 
.87; Hillsdale, '89; Aubrey, '91; Hillsdale, Kan., '97. 

BROWN, James Albert, Ypsilanti, Mich.— Born. Brooklyn, Conn.; Grad. 
B, U., R. L; New. T. S., Mass. ; Lie. July, '79, Brooklvn Ch.. Conn. ; Ord. 
July ,13, '87, Newark Ch., O. ; P. Newark, '87-88: Bedford, 6., ,89-91; Stillwater, 
Minn., ,91-97; Ypsilanti, M'ch., '97—. 

BROWN, James Alfred, Due West, S. C— Born. Montgomery Co., Va. ; R. C, 
Va., M. A., '79: Stud. S. B.T. S.,Ky.; Lie. '78, Alleghany Ch., Va. ; Ord. June.. 
■'84, BlackstockCh., S. C. ; P. Blackstock and Hopewell, '84-87; Abbeville, '88-93 ; 
Due West and Donalds, '88—; Lowndesville, S. C, ; 96— . 

BROWN, James Fuller, Mullic a Hill, N. J.— Born, Scotch Plains, N. J. ; 
Stud. Haddington C; U. Pa., '41 ; Buck. U., Pa., M. A., D. D. ; Lie. '40, 1st Ch., 
Philadelphia, Pa. ; Ord. Mar., '4€, Gainesville, Ala.; P. Gainesville, Ala.; Great 
Valley, Pa.; Scotch Plains, Bridgeton, Piscataway, N. J. ; Tunkhannoek, Pa.; Au. 
"Local Church History, or History of the Piscataway Bap. Ch.. for the first 200 yrs. 
or Bicentennial." 

BROWN, James Lafayette, Charlotte, Ark. — Born, Elm Store, Ark. ; Stud. 
Bayou Dota Acad., Ark. ; Lie. Nov. '74, and Ord. Sept. 12, '76, Maple Springs, Ark. ; 
P. Jamestown, ' 78-81 ; Same, ,87-92; Same. '95—; Maple Springs, '77-82; Center 
Grove, 8 yrs. ; Melbourne, 6 yrs. ; Hickory Grove, Ark., '83-88; Same, '92-94. 

BROWN, James Richard, Cave Spring, Va.— Born, Hudson's Mill, Va. ; Stud. 
Midland Acad., Va. and R. C, Va , 3 yrs. ; Cro. T. S., Pa., '93; Lie. '87, Bethel Ch., 
Va. ; Ord. '93, Beulah Ch., Va. ; S. New Richmond, Va., '92; P. Forest, Beulah, 
Bethel, and Pleasant Veiw, Va., '93-94; S. Cave Spring and Mt. Pleasant; P. Ft. 
Lewis, Laurel Ridge, Va., '94-97. 

BROWN, James Ross, Confluence, Pa.— Born. Little Falls, Pa.; Lie. '58, 
Falls Ch.; Ord. '58, Green Borough Ch.; P. Green Borough, '58-64 ; Indian Creek, 
10 yrs.; Turkev Foot Ch., '65-71 "and '80-85; Flat Woods, 2 yrs.; Big Crossing. 
Falls City, Eckhart, Md. 

BROWN, James Thomas, Morrisonville, III. — Born, Baltimore, Md.; Stud. 
Shurt. C, 111.; Lie. Sept. 3, '87, Hickory Grove Ch.. 111.; Ord. Mar. 30, '90, Mt. 
Pleasant Ch, 111.; P. Lebanon, '87 ; Fidelity, '87-91 ; Mt. Pleasant, '89-92 ;' Green- 
field, '90-93 ; Hickory Grove, '92-93 ; Kane, ''94-97 ; Pinkneyville, '97-98; Morrison- 
ville and Zenobia, 111., '98-99. 

BROWN, James William, Huntsville, Ala.— Born, Hart Co., Ga. ; Lie. Aug. 
8, '83, Pleasant Hill Ch., Ga. : Ord. Julv 14, '94, New Canaan Ch., Ala.; P. Lister, 
Ala., '94. 

BROWN, Jesse B,, Bucks Harbor, Machiasport, Me. — Born, East Machias, 
"Me., Grad. Washington Acad., Me., '72; Stud. Colby. U., Me.: Lie. '73, East Machi- 
as Bap. Ch., Me.; Ord. May 11, '76, West Machiasport Bap. Ch., Me.; S. East Ma- 
chias, Me.; S. Michiaspo.t, Me.; S. Monmouth. Me., 73-74; P. Addison, Me., '72- 
75; My. Cutler, Lubec, Pembroke, Ch rlotte, Meddybemps, Cooper, Princeton, 
Crawford, Machias, Jonesboro, Jonesport, South Addison, Columbia, Herrington, 
Beddington. West Harrington, Millbridge, Steuben, Gouldsboro, Winter Harbor, 
Sullivan, West Sullivan, Franklin. Hancock, Me. ; S. North Branch, Me., '89-90: 
P. West Machiasport, Me., : 75 — . 

Fhe Baitist Ministerial Directory 103 

BROWN, John M., Hood, Ga.— Born, Towns Co., Ga. ; Lie. Oct. 3, '68; Ord. 
Sept. 13,73, Fodders Creek Ch. ; P. Fodders Creek, '74-76; Liberty, '79-87; S.Union, 
'84-87; P. Union, '88-90; S. Brastown Grove, '84. 

BROWN, John Manuel, Riciiwoods, Mo.— Born, Little Merimac, Lie. Oct. 28, '83, 
Prospect Bap. Ch. ; Ord. Aug. 24, '90, Providence Bap. Ch. ; P. Providence, '88 ; 
Chapel Hill, '89; Richwoods, Forgiriy Mines, Old Merimac, Pleasant Grove, Ark. 

BROWN, John Richard, 2501 Peery Ave., Kansas City, Mo.— Born, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., Nov. 25, '70; Stud. Columbia U., N. Y., Edinburgh U., Scotland, M. 
A.. '92; Roch. T. S.; N. Y., '95; Lie. July '91, Greenwood Ch. ; Ord. July, '95, 
Olive St, Ch., Kansas City, Mo.; P. Olive St. Ch., Kansas City, Mo., '95—. Wrote 
"The Sacred Literature Course," for the ''Central Baptist," of St. Louis, Mo., "99. 

BROWN, Joseph, Newburg, Mo.— Born, Tenn. ; Lie. '69; Ord. '74, Spring 
Valley Ch., Mo.; P. Zion Hill, '76; Pilot Knob, '87; New Salem, '95; Pleasant 
Point", 95; Clifty, Mo., '97. 

BROWN, Joseph B., 36 N. 4th St., San Jose, Cal.— Born, North River. NL 
Y.; Stud. New Hampton Inst., Vt. ; Lie. '55, 2nd Ch., Jonesburg, N. Y. ; Ord. '56, 
Thurman Ch., N. Y.; P. Thurman, '56-63 ; Bolton 2nd Ch., Jonesburg, S i rat oga, 
(Minnaret) N. Y., '66. 

BROWN, Joseph Prentis. New London, Conn. — Born, Waterford, Conn.; Stud' 
Providence Conference Sem., East Greenwich, R. L; Stud. New Hampton, N. H., 
TheoJ. Inst.; Lie. Dec. 14, '45, 1st Ch., Waterford, Conn.; Ord. Jan. 28, '47, 1st Ch,, 
Charlestown, R. L; P. Charlestown, R. I., 2 yrs., 8 mo.; Union Ch., Plainfield, 22 
yrs. ;* 2nd Ch., New London, 6 yrs.; S. 1st Ch., New London; Huntington St., 
New London, Conn. 

BROWN, Joseph S., Coos, N. H.— Born, Yarmouth, N. S. ; Stud. Prince of 
Wales C, Ch. Town, P. E. I.; Stud. Acadia U„ N. S. ; Lie. Ch. Town, Ch., P. E. 
L; Ord. Aug. 23, '83, 1st Ch., Digby, N. S. ; P. Digby, 'S3-89; Lunenburg, N. S., 
'89-90; Stratford, N. H., '92—. 

BROWN, Josiah B., Hudson, III.— Born. Kempt, N. S.; Stud. Horton Acad., 
N. S.; Paw^ Paw Sem., 111.; Bap. Un. T. S., Chicago; Lie. '69, Earlville Ch., 111.; 
Ord. Nov. 9, '71, Dover Ch., 111.; P. Dover, '71-72 ; ; Walnut, 72-76; Washburn, '76- 
78; Chenoa, '78-82 ; My. Bloomington Asso., '82-83; P. Sublette, 111., '83-84; My. 
H. M. Soe. for Northern Neb., '84-85; P. Chenoa, '85-87; Graymonf, '87-89; 
Towanda, 111., '89-90; Dist. My. of Central, 111., '95-97; Hudson, 111.; Nov., '97—. 

BROWN, L.Joseph, 1717 Bergen St., Brooklyn, N. Y. — Born, Richmond, 
Va.; Lie. '90; Ord. '92, Concord Ch., N. Y. ; P. Bergen Ch., N. Y., '91—. 

BROWN, Marcus J., Skaneateles, N. Y— Born, North Adams, Mass.; Wil- 
liams C, Mass., B. A., '94; Roch. T. S., N. Y., B. D., '97; Lie. Aug., '91, Lt Ch.', 
North Adams, M^ss.; Ord. May 21, '94, Yorkshire Centre Ch., Delevan, N. Y.; 
Stud. S. Elba, N. Y., 2 yrs.; P. Delevan, '94-97; Skaneateles, N. Y., '97—. 

BROWN, Nelson, Ricewood, O.— Born, Guinea; Lie. '81, St. Paul Ch.: Ord. 
Nov. 23, '95, Bays Creek Ch. 

BROWN, Orville Eugene, Parkers Prairie, Minn. — Born, Sanborn ton, X. 
H.; New. T. S., Mass., '81; Lie. Nov. 22, '74, 1st Ch., Sanbornton, N. H.; Ord. 
Dec., '81, Trey Ch.. N. H.; P. Troy, N. II., '81-84; Carroll, la., '84-85; Clear 
Lake, S. Dak., '85-88; Le Roy, '89-90'; Hubbard, '91-92; Battle Lake, '95; Parkers 
Prairie, Minn., '98 — . 

BROWN, Preston, Hollywood, Ala. — Born, Hollywood, Ala., '19; Lie. and 
Ord. '70, Bethel, Ala.; P. Bethel, Stevenson, Bridgeport, Oakgrove, Friendship, 
New Hope, Harmony, Center Point, Scottsboro, Larkinsville, Gurley's, Woodville, 
Pisgah, Ala., and other Chs. ; Moderator Fern River Asso., 21 yrs. 

BROWN, Roila Earl, Cumberland, Ia.— Born, Russel, N. Y. ; Stud. Adams 
Collegiate Inst.. N. Y., Cedar Valley Sem., State U., Ia., and U., Chicago, 111. ; Lie. 
Nov. 29, '93. 1 Ch., Iowa City, la.: P. Sibley, la., '96-98. 

104 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BROWN, Russell G.. Towxsville. Ky.— Born, Townsville, Ky.; Lie. and Ord. 
'61. Union. Ky. : P. Bethel, Oak Grove. Ky. ; S. Union : P. Sandy Creek, Big Muddy, 
S. Gupton's Grove. Kv. 

BROWN, Samuel, Central City, Ky.— Born. Muhlen. Kv. : Lie. Dec. 30. '92. 
Bethel Ch,, Ky. : Ord. June 3. '95, Cherry Hill Ch.. Ky. ; P. Belview, Bevier, Muhlen, 
Oakland, Christian, Pleasant Hill. Muhlen, Ky. — 

BROWN, Sanford M., Kansas City. Mo.— Born. North Carolina: Stud. Sul- 
phur Springs Acad , X. C. : Lie. Oct. 23. '75; Ord. Aug. 30. 76. Flat Rock Ch.. X. 
C. ; P. Pleasant Hill. Butler, Tabernacle Ch.. Kansas City, Michigan Ave. Ch.. Kan- 
sas City, Mo.— : Ed. ••The Word and Way,'- Kansas City, Mo. 

BROWNE, Sewall, East Corinth, Me.— Born. Bower Bank. Me. : New Hamp- 
ton Lit. and Theol. Inst.. "60: Colbv U., Me.. M. A.. '69: Lie. '58, Dover and Fox- 
croft Ch.. Me. : Ord. .62. East Winthrop Ch.. Me. : P. E. vVinthrop. "61-68: Cherrv- 
field, Me., "68-71: My. o^H. L. My. Soc. "71-72: Guilford. Me.. "73-77; Olivet Ch.. 
Minneapolis. Minn.. '77-81; E. Corinth. "81-87: Old Town, "87-93; Tenants Harbor, 
Me, '93-98. 

BROWN, Theron, 402 Xewtoxville Ave.. Xewtonyille. Mass. — Born, 
TV illiamantic. Conn.: Stud. Conn. Lit. Inst.: Vale C. B., A. "56 : Hartford T. S. : 
New. T. S.. Mass., '59: Lie. "56. 1st Ch.. New Haven. Conn.: Ord. Dec. 15. '59, So. 
Framingham Ch.. Mass.: P. So. Framingham Mass., -'59-61 : Canton, "63-70: S. 
Norfolk, Mas«., W. Dedham, Mass.. '70-74.: A>st. Ed. -'Youth's Companion:'' Au. 
"Stories for Sunday." --Red Shanty Boys." Xick Hardy." "Wooden Spoon, "The 
Blount Family.'* Walter Neal's Example" and "Life Songs." 

BROWN. Thomas Alphred, Ellijay, Ga.— Bom, Morganton, Ga. : Ord. '83, 

Salem. Ch. Ga. : P. Salem, Concord, Turm'ptown. Sugar Creek. Rock Creek, Pleasant 
Grove. Mt. Pisgah, Mr. Moriah. Ga. 

BROWN, Thomas Edwin, Franklin, Pa. — Born, Washington D. C : Coin. 
U. D. C B. A.. '61 : M. A.. '62. : U. of Rochester. X. Y., D. D.T "75: Lie. Nov. "61, 
1st. Bap. Ch.. Washington, D. C: Ord. Nov., 62, Tabernacle. Brookhn. X. Y.: P. 
Tabernacle, X. Y.. "62-69: Second Rochester, X. Y.. '69-82: 1st. Providence, R. I.. 
'82-90: Memorial, Philadelphia. "90-96: Franklin, Pa., "96—: Au. " Studies in Modern 
Socialism and Labor Problems.*" 

BROWN, Thomas Jefferson. Buefalo. Ky. — Born, Larue Co.. Kv. : Lie. Aug.. 
'38; Ord. Nov. 13. '94. Souih Fork Ch.. Kv. : P. Union Band. Kv.. "94-95; Mt. 
Tabor, '94; Mt. Pisgah. '95-98: Cave Hill. '95-96: Oak Hill, '95: Gravely Point. '95; 
Rolling Fork. '95-99: Knosis Creek. Ky.. "97—. 

BROWN, Thomas Luther, Asheville. Texx.- Bom, Riceville, Tenn.: Stud. 
Fairv : ew Colleaiate Inst, and Judson C. : Lie. Aug. 26. '94, Mt. Moriah Ch. : Ord. 
Apr. 18, -"96. Mt. Gilead Ch. : P. Mt. Giiead, '95-98; Avery's Creek. "96-93: Bent 
Creek. "97-93: Mt. Carmel, '97; Beaver Dam, ; 9S. 

BROWN, Thomas W., 1010 Myra St., Moberly Mo.— Born. Randolph Co., 
Mo.: Lie. Mar. IS. "93, and Ord. Oct. 6. "96. Hick's Grove Ch.: P. Utica Springs, 
Mo.. 10 yrs.: My.—. 

BROWN, Walter S., East Lake. Ala.— Born, Rockbridge, Ya, : Stud. Pub. 
Sch., New Orleans. La., and Miss. C. : Lie. '70, Coliseum Plac^ Ch., Xey Orleans, 
La. : Ord. Oct. '89, Palafox Ch.. Pensacola, Fla. : S. 1st Ch., PensacoJa Fla., "76-78: 
P. Palafox Ch , Pensacola. Fla.. '89-92; Florence, Ala.. "92-99: Supt. of Missions, 
Birmingham Asso., "99 — . 

BROWN. Wilburn Jefferson, Cleburne. Tex.— Born. Elbert Co.. Ga. : Mer. U.. 
Ga., B. A.. '61: M. A.. '70: Lie. July. '60: Ord. June, '64, Big Holly Spring Ch.; 
P. Sand Flat, Grand View. Itasca. Woodbury. Salem. Prairie Valley, Fellowship, 
Blum, Shiloh. Joshua. Laine Prairie, Bethany. Mt. Carmel, Bethesda, Eiberton, Ga.; 
S. 1st Ch.. Dallas, Tex.: Prof. Latin. Baylor U., Tex., "61-62: Fin. Sec. of same ; 
Ed. "Banner of Libertv." 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 105 

BROWN, W. B., 1407 W. Columbia St., Urbana, III.— Born, Battle Creek, 
Mich.; North Wn. U., 111., B. A., M.,A. '92; P. G., State U., 111.; U. P. T. S., 
Xenia, O., B. D. ; Lie. Feb. 16, '82, Elk Fork Bap. Ch., Mo.; Or'd. Sept. 10, '82, 
Holten Bap. Ch , Kan. ; P. Molten and Perrvville, Kan.; Springfield, Mo ; Evanston, 
111.; Mission in N. Chicago, 111.; Taught Theology and Latin^n Tenn., 1 vr.; P., E. 
Clark St., Champaign, 111. 

BROWN, William, Winlock, Wash.— Born, Clackimas Co., Ore.; Stud. McM. 
C, Ore.; Lie. June 18, '93, Pujallup Ch., Wash.; Ord. June 3, '96, Issaquah Ch., 
Wash.; P. Issaquah, Northbend and Winlock, Wash.—. 

BROWN, William Greene, Hamptonville, N. C— Born, Guilford Co., N. C; 
Ord. '43, Swain's Ch., N. C; P. Swain's, Flat Rock, Damascus, 'Cross Roads, Rock- 
ford, N. C, and various other country and village Chs., '43-96. 

BROWN, William Henry, Thomaston, Ga.— Born, Thomaston, Ga.; Stud. 
Mer. U., Ga.; Lie. Oct. ,-'84 ; Ord. July, '86, Shiloh Ch., Ga. ; P. Valley Grove, 
Fellowship, Harmony, Antioch, Meriwether Co., Macedonia, Meansville, Ga. 

BROWN, William Lawton, Wrentham, Mass.— Born, Providence. R. I.; B. 
U., R.I. ,'36; New. T. S., Mass.. '31; Lie. '36, 2nd Ch., Providence, R. I.; Ord. 
Feb. 13, '39, Ann Arbor Ch., Mich. ; P. Ann Arbor, Mich. ; Bristol, R. I. ; 1st. Ch., 
Holyoke, Westboro, Watertown, Mass.; Mt. Pleasant, Otumwa, la.; Kearney, Neb.; 
North Reading, Mass. 

BROWN, Wilson H., Green, Kan.— Born, Galesburg, 111.; Lie. Sept. 10. '78; 
Ord. Jan. 22, 79, Mulberry Ch., Kan.; P. Mulberry, 78-80; Westmoreland, 82-90; 
Baihyville, '91; Westmoreland, '92-94; Green, Kan., '95—. 

BROWNING. Charles, New Cambria, Mo.— Born, Ky. ; Stud. Pub. Sch's., Em- 
poria, Kan. ; Lie. Dec. 4, '97; Ord. Apr. 30, '98, Mt. Salem Ch.; P. Puzzle, '98; 

BROWNING, John V., Hebron, Ark.— Born, Clark Co., Ark.; Lie. '87, Pleas- 
ant Mill, Ch.Ark.;Ord. '93, Evergreen, Ark.; P. Evergreen, Ark., '93-97; Free My—. 

BROWNING, Randolph, Harlan, Ky.— Born, Harlan Co., Ky. ; Lie. Dec., '83; 
Ord. May 2, '85, Murtins Fork Ch.. Kv.; P. Martins Fork, 7 yrs.; Catrons Creek, 
Ky., 3 yrs. ; Pine Grove, 3 yrs. ; Mt. Pleasant, Va., 2 yrs. 

BROWNLEE, C. F., Centralia, Wash.— Born, Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Eng- 
land ; Stud. Cedar Valley Sem. Osage, la. ; Stud. Bap. Un. T. S., Chicago, B. Th., 
'86; Lie. '88, Os'age Ch.', la.; Ord. '89, Clearwater Ch., Kan.; P. Clearwater, Kan., 
1% yrs.; Montesano, 1 yr. ; New Whatcom, 2 yrs.; North Ch., Seattle, Centralia, 
Wash , 2 yrs—. 

BROWNSON, Edwin J., Belleville, III.— Born, Afton, N. Y.; Cg. U., N. 
Y., B. A., 75; P. G. U., Chicago; New. T. S., Mass., 79; Ord. Aug. 5, 79, Mason- 
ville Ch., N. Y. ; P Yankton, S. Dak., 79-81; Qiiincy, '81-83; Napoleon and Brook- 
lyn. Mich., '82-84; Brainerd, '84-89; West Duluth, Minn., '89-93; Stud. U. Chicago, 
'93-94; P. Sand Beach, Mich., 95-96; P. Warsaw, Ind., '96-98; P. Belleville, 111., 

BROWNSON, Eican Leander, Palmyra, Mo.— Born, Decatur, 111.; S. W. Bap. 
C.,Mo.'82;S.B.T.S., Ky., '91; Lie. Mar., 78, Blue Mound Ch., Mo.; Ord. Ian., '80, 
Timber Hill Ch., Mo.;. P. Montrose and Appleton City, '83-84: Shelbina, Mo., '85- 
88; Gilead, Ky., '88-91; 1st Ch., Springfield, 91-92 ; Palmyra, '93-97; Westport Ch., 
Kansas City, Mo., '98. 

BROWNSON, Truman Gaylord, East Oakland, Calif.— Born, Afton, N. Y.; 

Cg. U.,N. Y,.B. A., 77; McMinn. C, Ore., D. D., '98; Stud. Ham. T. S.. N. Y.; 
Grad. Div. Sch. U., Chicago ; Lie. Masonville Ch., N. Y. ; Ord. '79, Three Rivers 
Ch., Mich.; P. Three Rivers, Mich., 2 yrs., 8 mo.; South Chicago, HI.. 1 vr., 4 mo.: 
P. Albany, Ore., 3 yrs., 4 mo.; Pres. McMinnville C, Ore., '87-96: Pres. Calif. 
C, Oakland, Calif, '96—. 

106 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

3ROXHOLM, Thomas, Hunt, N. Y.— Born. Horn Castle. Lincolnshire, Eng. ; 
Cg. U., N. Y., '84: Stud. Ham. T. S., N. Y.; Lie. Mar. 26, '84, 23rd St. Bap. Ch.. 
New York. X. Y.; Ord. Aug. 19, '84, 1st Ch. Harpersfield, Stanford, X. Y.; P. 1st 
Ch. Harpersfield, Stanford, Jefferson. Gilboa, South Jefferson, '84-87; Parishville. N. 
Y., '87-91; S. '91-92; P. Pittsford, Vt., '93-95; Scriba, '95-97; Hunt, N. Y., '97—. 

BRUCE, James Edward, East Poultxey, Vt. — Born, Madison C. H., Ya. ; 
Stud. Woodward C, O., Mi. U., O., B, A., '55, M. A., '58: Lie. '91, Walton 
Bap. Ch.; Ord. May, ; 92. Centre White Creek Bap. Ch. ; P.Centre White Creek, 
West and East Poultney, Vt. 

BRUCE, James Manning, Youkers. X. Y— Stud. Oxford U.. Eng., Coin. U... 
1). C, B. A., '66, M. A., '69; Roch. T. S., X. Y., '73; Lie. Tabernacle Ch., New 
York, X. Y.: Ord. Oct., 73. Dover Plains Ch., X. Y.; P. Dover Plains. 73-78; 
Hudson, 78-83; Berean Ch., Xew York, '84-87; Memorial Ch., New York, X. Y„ 
'90-93; On Editorial Staff "Examiner,'' '87-90. 

BRUCE, Robert, Waukon, Ia.— Born, Duquoin, 111.; Center H. Sch., Philadel- 
phia, Pa., B. A., 76; Stud. Ot. U., Kan.; Cg. Acad., X. Y., '85: Cg. U., N. Y., 
B. A., '89, M. A., '92; Ham. T. S., X. Y. ; Lie. Spring, '84, Ottawa Kan.; Ord. 
•93. Xew Hartford, la.; S. Williamsburg, Kan., '83-84; P. Saugerties, X. Y., 
>85: S. Brisbin, "86-88; Galway, X. Y., 13 wks., '89-90; P. Xew Hartford, '92-94: 
2nd Ch., Waterloo (now Walnut St.) '94-95; Wauken, la., "96-98; S. same, June- 
Sept., '98. 

BRUCE, Silas Wright, Yukon, Texx.— Born. Lincoln Co.,Tenn.: Slud. Fores* 
Hill Acad, and H. Sch., Bethanv ; Lie. Oct. and Ord. Nov., "71, Beech Ch., Grove 
Ch. ; Assisted other Pastors in Asso. 

BRUCKMANN, Carl, 1055 Hancock Ave., Chicago, III.— Born, Oberkau- 
fur.gen, Prow Hessen-X'assau, Germany; Stud. Ger. Am. Acad.; Roch T. S., X. Y., 
1892: Lie. 1st Ger. Ch., Xew York, X. Y.; Ord. Mar. 8, 93, 1st German Ch., Arch- 
ison, Kan.; P. 1st German Ch., Atchison, Kan., '92-93; 3rd German Ch., Chicago. 
111., "93-94: S. Mission Stations, '94—. 

BRUMMETT, Cornelius T., Woodbine, Ky.— Born, Whitley Co., Kv. ; Lie. 
1879; Ord. Feb., '81, Mt. Zion, Ch., Ky. ; P. Xew Zion, Bethel, Mt. Zion, '81; Corn 
Creek. Ky. — . 

BRUMMETT, William, Williamsburg, Ky.— Born, Whitley Co.. Ky. ; Stud. 
S. B. T. S., Ky.; Ord. 1879, Mt. Zion Ch., Ky. ; P. Mt. Zion, Bethlehem,' Meadow- 
Creek and Woodbine, Ky. — . 

BRUNER, David. Corxishyille, Ky.— Born, Xicholasville, Ky. : Lie. 1840, 
and Ord. Feb. 14, '42, Deep Creek, Ky. ; P. Deep Creek, 22 yrs. ; Bethel, 
Sugar Grove, Mt. Pleasant, Bruner's Chapel, Glens Creek, Mt. Olivet, Mt . 
Freedom, Pigeon's Fork, Hillsborough, Ky. ; Organized 8 Chs. ; Has been in the 
Ministry 66 years. — 

BRUNER. Isaac Willis, South Carroltox, Ky.— Born, Litchfield, Kv., "36.; 
Stud. Litchfield Acad;, Ky.; Lie. '61, and Ord. Aug. '63, Litchfield, Kv. : P' Litch- 
field and White MillsJ Ky., '65-67; Rome and Polk's Bottom, Ind., "67-69; Garnetts- 
ville, 4 yrs.: Rhudes Creek, 6 yrs. ; Hodgensville, 70-83; Perrysville, 4 yrs. ; Roll- 
in's Fork, 4 yrs. : Forks of Dix River, 1 yr. ; Horse Cave, 1 jr. ; Big Springs, 1 
.yr. ; Smithfield and Simpsonville, '84-S6 ; Sulphur and Turner's, 86-91; Antioch, 1 
yr. ; Lebanon, '92-93: Mt. Pisgah, and Mt. Olivet, '94-98; Poj^ar Ridge and Bed- 
ford, '90; S. Millersburg, 4 mos. "96 ; Sacramento Station and South Carrollton, 
Ky. — ; Au. Pamphlets: — ''Conditions of Salvation." ; "Review of J. C. Creal, on 
Heartfelt Religion" ; Review of same on the "Evidences of Pardon," '80. 

BRUNER, Robert Tabb,— 801 W. 10th St., Owexsboro, Ky,— Born, Hancock 
Co.. Mar. 21, '37: Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. Dee. 25, '57; Ord. July 2, '64., Black- 
ford Ch." Ky.; P. Blackford, 1$ yrs. ; Pellville, 21 yrs. ; Bethlehem, Union, Sand 
Creek, Lewisport, Poplar Grove, Hardinsburg, Stephensport, Xew Bethe , Pis- 
gah, Panther Creek, Zion, Mt. Pleasant, Pleasant Grove, Green River, South- 
ampton, Stanley, Chestnut Grove, Calhoun, Old Buck Creek, Ky. ; Rockport. 
and Gilead, Ind."; Ed. "Green River Baptist ;" Au. Tracts: — "Qualification of the 
Administrator of Baptism," '80: "Is Baptism Essential to Justification." "94. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 107 

BRUNER, William Harrison, Brandenburg, Ky. — Born, Hancock Co., Ivy.; 
Lic,lS77; Ord. 79, Blackford Ch. Ky; P. Blackford, Kv., 13 yrs. ; Bethlehem, 8 Yrs.; 
Union, 6 yrs.; Pellville, 2 yrs. ; Oak Grove, 5 yrs. ; Zion, 6 yrs.; Friendly Grove, 
4 yrs.; Panther Creek, 2 yrs.; Cave Spring, 4 yrs.; S. Hopewell, Ky., 6 mos. ; 
S. Cypress, 3 mos. ; P. Bakerscreok, Ind., 9 mos. ; New Salem, Ky — , 

BRUNER, Weston, 125 West Lee St., Baltimore, Md.— Born, Clarkson, 
Ky.; Grad.BethC, Kv. B. A. '90; M. A. '93; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Th. D. "94; 
Stud. U. of Va.; Lie. '87; Ord. J 8S' Spring Station Ch., Clarkson, Ky; P. Har- 
mony, Tenn ; West Union, Liberty, Eighteen Mile, Poplar Ridge, Ky., '88-90; 
Lawrence. Southgate St., Louisville, Ky., '91-93; Lee St. Ch., Baltimore, Md., 
'90— ; P. Mt. Plain and Hillsboro, Va.; Au:— "A Queston In Baptist History ;" 

"Relation of State and Home Missions," Tract. 


BRUNNER, Gustave, Ellinwood, Kan. — Born, Glarus, Switzerland, Europe; 

Lie. July 20, '93, Bison Ch.. Kan. ; Ord. Aug. 21, '94, Woodbine Ch., Kan. ; P. Bison, 

'93-94; Woodbine, '94-96; Ellinwood, Kan., '96 — 

BRUNSON, Alexander T,, Hillsboro, Tex.— Born, Clark Co., Miss., 1853; 
Lie. June 15, '86, and Ord. July 28, '87, Peoria Ch. ; P. Mertens, 3 yrs. ; Island Creek, 
2 yrs. ; Salem, 3 yrs. ; Grove Creek, 10 yrs. ; Harmony, 11 yrs. 

BRUTON, Benjamin Benton, Sparta, Mo.— Born, Sparta, Mo.; Stud. Moun- 
tain Home, Ark. ; Mountain Dale, *Mo. ; Lie. June, 1871, Prospect Ch., Mo. ; Ord. 
May, '74, Mountain Dale Ch., Mo.; P. Mt. Hope, Oak Grove, Bluff Point, St. James, 
Antioch, Union Hill; S. Shady Grove, New Site, Salem ; P. Dent, Fian, Nauvoo, 
Slagle; S. Oak Flat, Bethel; Au. "The Awakened Sinner," '88; "Office Workofthe 
Holy Spirit," '90; "Look to Me'" 79; "God in the Storm," '99; "The Converted 
Infidel," '99; "You and Me," '99. 

BRUTON, William H,, Union Cy., Tenn.— Born, Madison County, Tenn.; 
Stud. Bluff Springs C, 1861; Lie. Aug. '69, and Ord. Aug. 70, Pleasant Plains Ch., 
Tenn.; P. Pleasant Plains, Lovinia, Pinson, Grand Junction, Somerville, Macon, 
Oakland, Whiteville, Tenn. ; 8th St. Ch , Little Rock, Ark. ; Covington, Union City. 
Tenn. ; Ed. 2 Secular Papers, Jackson, Tenn., 5 yrs. 

BR YARS, James Lazarus, Perdido Sta., Ala. — Born, Stockton, Ala.; Stud. 
H. Sch., Salem, Miss., 1855; Lie. '56. and Ord. Apr., '60, Pine Barren Ch. ; P. Pleas- 
ant Hill, Fla., 60.79; Little Escambia, '60-62; Sardis, '66-72; Pine Barren, '60-78 : 
Michaels Creek, '69-75; Union Hill, Fla., '84-86. 

BRYAN, James Thomas, Forney, Tex.— Born, Alabama; Lie. Sept., 1892, Old 
Union Ch., Miss.; Ord. July, '94, Prairie Chapel, Miss ; P. Eagan Branch, '96-98 : 
Good Hope, '98; Oak Grove, Tex., '98—. 

BRYAN. John Gipson, Silver Shoal, Ga.- Born, Roan Co., N, C. ; Lie. and 
Ord., 1835, Little River Ch. ; P. Bethel, Walnut Hill, Pilgrim, Warrior, Creek, Lib- 
erty, Black Oak Ridge, Little River, Three Forks, Union^ Dover, N. C. ; P. Belton, 
Air Line, Tates Creek, Cross Roads, Indian Creek, Wails Creek, The Lane, Silver 
Shoals, Homer, Harmony, Providence, Ga. 

BRYAN, 'Levi, Will a rd, N. C— Born, Bladen, N. C; Stud. W. F. C. ; Lie. 
1867, and Ord., 70, Magnolia Ch. ; P. Cool Spring Co. and Carthage, 71; Corinth 
and Briar Branch; Organizer and P., Mill Creek, 7 yrs. ; Tea. mostly. 

BRYAN, Robert Thomas, Shanghai, China.— Born, Kenansville, N. C. ; U. N. 
C, B. A., 1882; D. D., '94; S. B. T. S., Ky., '85; Ord. Mar. '81, Carv. N. C; S. 
Chapel Hill, Summer, 79; P. Lystra and Antioch, N. C, '81-82. 

BRYAN, W. W., Argo, Ga.— Born, Lumpkin Co., Ga.; Lie. Feb. 16, 1S87; Ord. 
Mar. 15, '90, Grassy Creek, Ga. ; P. New Bethel, Shady Grove, Coopers Creek, Cain 
Creek, Ga. 

BRYANT, Alexander, Buffalo Ridge, Va.— Born. Patrick Co., Va.: Lie. 
1880: Ord. '81, Sycamore Ch., W. Va. : P. New Haven, '82-84; Sycamore, W. Va., 

'82-88. " 

108 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BR YANT„ Franklin Peirce, Cartersville, Ky. — Born, Rock Castle Co"., Kr.; 
L'c. and Ord., 1893. Good Hope Ch., Ky. : P.Tyrone, Hickory Grove and Carters 
Chapel, Ky. 

BRYANT, James Francis, Spencer, Ia. — Born, Cincinnati, O.: U. of Minn., B- 
A., 1880; Stud. B. Un. T. S., Chicago; Lie. Jan. 20, '79, Olivet Ch., Minneapolis, 
Minn.; Ord. Dec. 5, '82, Sheffield Ch., Ia.: P* Sheffield, '82-85; Lo°-an, '85-89; Har- 
lan, '89-92: Knoxville, la., '92-93; Lerov. Minn., '93-96 : Swaledale, Rockwell and 
Thorton, '96-98; Spencer, la., '98—. 

BRYANT, Tohn Beason. Salem. Mo.— Born, Ashlev, Mo.; Lie. Oct. 1892, and 
Ord. July, '94, Pleasant Vallev Ch.: P. Pleasant Valley, '94; Corinth, '93-96-98: My. 
Dry Fork Asso., '98—. 

BRYANT, Tudson Billings, Wayne, Me.— Born, Knox, Me.: Maine Central 
Inst., 1882: Colby U., Me., B. A., '86. M. A., '89; New. T. S., Mass., '90; Lie. Sept. 
10, '87, Knox Ch., Me.; Ord. Sept., '90, China Ch.. Me.; S. 1st and 2nd Chs., Paler- 
mo, Me. ; '88-90; P, China, '90-91 ; Bowdoinham, '91-92: Wayne and Fayette, Me., 
'93 — ; Au. Pamphlet, "A Historical Sketch of the Wayne Baptist Church." 

BRYANT, Robert Corwin, 914 16th St., Moline, III.— Born, Urbana, O.: U. 
Mich., B. A., 1887: S. B. T. S., Ky,. B. D.. '92: Lie. Feb. '87, 1st Ch.. Urbana. O.; 
Ord. Jan. 4, '9.2, 1st Ch., Wheaton* 111. ; Stud. P.. 1st Ch., West Superior. Wis. ; Stud. 
P. Center Park: Stud. P. Marley, 111.; P. Whea/on, '91-97; Moline, III., '97—. 

BRYCE, Charles M.,Penn Yan, N. Y.— Born, Belfast, N. Y.: Stud. Springfield 
Acad., N. Y.; Nunda, Acad. N. Y. ; Lie. Cuba, N. Y.: Ord. S-pt. 19, 1872, Clarks- 
ville, N. Y.: P CTarksville, '70-75; Milo, N. Y., '75-84; Organizer and P. St. Ignace, 

Mich., 2 yrs.; Retired. 

BUCHANAN, Clarence A., 1105 E. 6th St., Sedalia, Mo.— Born, Orleans 
Flat, Calif.: Wm. Jewell C, Mo., B. A., '82: Stud. S. B. T. 8., Ky.; Lie. Nov. '85, 
Lexington Ch., Mo.; Ord. June, '86, Holt Ch., Mo.; P. Excelsior Springs, Holt, 
Platte City, Lee's Summit, Mo.; Tucson. Ariz. ; S. Central Ch., Los Angeles, Calif.; 
P. Fort Bragg, Calif.; Emmanuel Ch., Kansas City; Higginsville, Odessa, and East 
Sedalia, Mo. — . 

BUCHANAN, James Ellis, Salado, Tex.— Born, Ripley, Miss.: Stud. Male 
Acad.: Lie. May, 1881: Ord. May, '82, Blue Mountain Ch.. Miss.; P. Ashland, New 
Albany, Liberty, Providence, Germantown, Collierville, Central Ave. Ch., Memphis, 
Tenn.: Kerrville, Centre Point, Salado, Holland, Oenaville, Tex. 

BUCHANAN, John L., Jagkson, Mo.— Born, Hopkins Co., Kr. ; Lie. June 3, 
1894, Hopewell Ch.; Ord. Apr. 28, '95.. Mt. Zion Ch. ; S. New Providence', '94 & 
P., '95: P. Mt. Zion, '96-98; Iona, Ch.— . 

BUCHANAN, Joseph Chandler, Pembertox, N. I.— Born. Rinses, N. J.; Cg. 
U. N. Y., B. A., 1866; M. A., '69; Buck. U., D. D., '92.; Lie. '63, Cherrwille Ch., 
N. J.: Ord. Oct. 1, '67, Scotch Plains, N. J.; P. Scotch Plains '67-78; Pemberton, 
N. J., '78—; Sec. N.J. Bap. State Conv., '84-93. 

BUCHANAN, William Jesse, Belleville, Ind.— Born, Belleville, Ind.: Smd. 
Danville Sem. ; Lie. 1861, Clayton Ch. ; Ord. '62, Zoar Ch.: P. Coatsville. '70-78; 
Bethel, '70-78,; West Union, '67-72; Zoar, '62-67; Bethesda, 6 yrs.; Union Valley, 3 
yrs.: Samaria, 4 yrs. ; New Union, 7 yrs. ; Willow Grove, 7yr*. ; Quinby, 3 yrs.: 
Big Walnut, 3 yrs. ; New Providence, 3 yr2. 

BUCK, Charles W, Montgomery, Ala.— Born, Woodford Citv, Ky. ; Stud. G. 
C, Ky.; Un. U., Tenn. ; B. P., M. A., 1855; Lie. '58, Selma Ch.," Ala.; Ord. '66, 
Hopewell Ch., Ala. ; P. Mt. Sterling. Manafalia, Girrad, Hopewell, Philadelphia, 
Ala. ; Ed. "Baptist Conespondent," Marion, Ala , and "Crystal Fount." Tuscaloosa, 

BUCK, Jesse Halcombe, Macon, Miss.— Born, Bucksville, Ala.: Stud. G. C, 
Ky.; B. U., R. L, B. A., 1850; Lie. Nov. '52; Ord. July 12, '56, Macon Ch., Miss.; 
P." Elim Ch.. Mashulaville, '56-66; Shuqualak Ch., '58-72; Scooba. Miss., "90—; 
Prin. and Teacher, Macon Female Sem., Miss., 66-75 and '77-89. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory^ 109 

BUCK, Robert N. t Lebanon, Mo.— Born, Alexander, O.; Lie. and Ord. Feb. 
15, 1886, Oak Grove, Mo. ; P. Oak Grove, Mountain Creek, Mountain View, Mo.; 
My. Zion Asso. 

BUCKINGHAM, Charles Lane, South Windham, Vt.— Born, Clinton, Conn.; 
Ham. T. S., N. Y., 1896; Lie. '93, Clinton Ch., Conn.; Ord. June 29, '97, South 
Windham Ch. , Vt. ; P. South Windham, Vt., Aug. 1, '96—. 

BUCKLES, James Powers, G re entown, Ind. — Born, Illinois; Lie. Mar. 26, 
1891; Ord. Mar. 16, '95, 1st Salem Ch., Ind.; P. Union, Wakoon, Prairie, Salem, 
Antioeh, Union, Mt. Pisgah, Ind.; Ev. work. 

BUCKLEY, John C, Pokal, Miss. — Born, Harrisville, Miss.; Stud. 
Harrisville, Miss.;- Lie. 1874; OrJ. Nov. 12, '76, Pleasant Hill Ch., Miss.; 
P. Rials Creek, '76-80; New Zion, '80-84; Bethlehem, '82; Macedonia, '96; Salem, 
'85; Palestine, '83; Westville, Strong River, '96; Pleasant Hill, '95; Cato, '83; 
Strong Hope, '95; Galilee, '96; Crooked Creek, Miss., '90. 

BUCKNER, Robert Cook, Orphans' Home, Tex.— Born, Madisonville, Tenn.; 
Stud. Old Briek Sem.,Ky.; G. C, Ky. ; Kea. C , La., D. D., '79; Lie. Nov. 6, 
'51; Ord. Nov. 13. '52, Somerset Ch., Ky. ; P. Albany, '52-53; Owensboro, '54-56; 
Salvisa, Ky., '56-58; Paris, Tex., '59-74; Proprietor and Ed. "The Texas Baptist," 
'74-84; Founder and Mgr. Buckner Orphans' Home, Dec. 7, 77—; Founder Tex. 
Bap. Pub. House; Pres. Bap. Gen. Conv. of Tex. 

BUCKNER, J. S,, Ash Grove, Mo.-^orn, Bradlev Co., E. Tenn.; Ord. 
1856, Liberty Ch., Mo.; P. Calavaras and Mokelumne River, Calif., '68-69; Ash 
Grove, Billings, Friendship, Sehofield Chapel, Mt. Pleasant, Mo., '72-99. 

BUDDINGTON, Osmer Gilbert, 907 W. 4th St., Wilmington, Del.— Born. 
Groton, Conn.; Stud. Mystic Valley Inst., Conn.; Cro. T. S„ Pa., 1880; Lie. 
'77, Poquonnoc Bridge Ch., Conn. ; Ord. '80, 1st. Ch., Florence, N. J.; P. Floren e, 
N. J., '80-85; Bethany Ch., Wilmington, Del. '85—. 

BUEERM ANN, Frederick, 359 Humboldt Ave., Detroit, Mich.— Born, Satten- 
hausen, Prov. Germany, Oct. 11, 1865; Roch. T. S. N. Y.,-'93; Lie. Jan. 3, ? S9, 1st 
Ger. Bap. Ch., Newark, N. J.; OrH. July 13, '93; 2nd G. Bap. Ch., Detroit, Mich.; 
P. Sec. Ger. Ch., Detroit, Mich., '93—. 

BUEL, Abel P., 1333 Wilson Ave., Cleveland, O.— Born, Wallingford, 
Conn.; Stud. Yale C, Conn. ; U. Roch., N. Y., M. A., '49; Roch.T. S., N. Y.; Lie. 
'41, 1st Ch., New Haven, Conn.; Ord. '46, Peekskill Ch., N. Y.; P. Peekskill, 2>£ 
yrs. ; Tarrytown, 9 vrs ; Bordentown, N. Y., 10 yrs ; Huntington St. Ch., New Lon- 
don; Southington, Conn., 4 yrs. ; A. P. Euclid Ave. Ch., Cleveland, O., 9 yrs; S. 
Kirtland, O., 6 yrs. 

BUELL, Charles Wesley, Auburn, Kan.— Born, Defiance Co., O.; Stud. Wil- 
lamette U., Ore.; Ot. U., Kan., Ph. B..'98; Lie. July 13, '89, Phillipsburg Ch, ; 
Ord. Nov. 15, '94, Niekerson Ch.; P. Nickerson, '94-95; Wellsville, '96; Osawato- 
mie, '97-98; Auburn, Kan., Oct., '98—. 

BUFFORD, James Christopher, Hanover, Ark.— Born, Marshall Co., Ky ; Lie. 
Nov. 1893; Ord. Oct. 13, '95, Flatwoods Bap. Ch., Ark.; P. Fellowship, '97-98 ; 
Macedonia, Ark., '98 — . 

BUFFUM, Herbert Edward, Whitinghorn, Vt.— Born, Wilmington, Vt. ; 
Stud. Mt. Hermon Sch., Mass.; Gordon Miss. Sch., Boston; Lie. 1893, Wilmington 
Ch.; Ord. '95, Whitinghorn; P. Whitinghorn, '95. 

BUFORD, Alf J., Adairsville, Ga.— Born, Polk Co., Tenn.; Stud. Cherokee 
Bap. C; Ord. 1S86, Woffords Cross Roads Ch. ; P. Cross Roads, Cedar Creek, 
Rowland Springs, Ga., 12 yrs. each. 

BUIST, Arthur, Blackville, S. C— Born, Charleston, S. C; Stud. Citadel 
Acad., Charleston S. C; S. C. Military Acad., Nov., 1848; Lie. Oct., '72; Ord. Oct., 
'73, Long Branch Ch., S. C. ; P.Long Branch, Cypress Chapel, Healing Springs 
Blackville. Millbrook, Montmorenci, Branchville, Seven Pines, Joyce Branch, S. C; 
Tea. 46 yrs; Minister 26 yrs. ; Co. Supt. 10 yrs. 


The Baptisi Ministerial Directory. 

BULEY, Homer B., Shandaken, N. Y.— Born, Olive, N. Y.; Lie. 1880, Meth- 
odist Episeopal Ch. ; Ord. Nov. 22, '93, Regular Bap. Ch.; A. P. Shandaken. N. Y., 
^80-87; P. Westkill, '88 and '93-95; Shandaken, N. Y., '95—. 

BULLARD, Charles L,, Ashland, Mo. — Born, Near Ashland, Mo.; Wra. Jew 
C, Mo., B. A., 1896; Will enter 8. B. T. S.. Kv., in Sept., '99; Lie. Jan. 2, ? S9: 
Ord. Mav, '92, New Salem Ch., Mo.; P. Kickapoo, '93-95; Dry Fork, Mt. Pleasant, 
Union Hill and Ebenezer, Mo., '96-99. 

BULLARD, Edwin, Kavali, Nellore Dist., India. — Born, Moulmein, Burma; 
B. U., R. I-., B. A., 1867; M. A., '72; New. T. S., Mass.. '70; Lie. '67, and Ord. '70. 
Central Ch., Brookhn, N. Y.; Mv. A. B. M. U., "70-S0; P. Addison, Yt., '80-82: 
My. A. B. M U., '82—; Stations Occupied, Nellore and Alltn, '70-78; Bapatta, '82- 
92; Kavali, '96—. 

BULLARD, J, W., Level Plain, Ala.— Born, Jasper Co., Ga., 1819:, Lie. Sa- 
lem Ch., Ala. : Ord. 70, Providence Ch., Ala; P. Mt. Pleasant, Friendship, New 
Home and Bethlehem, Ala. 

BULLEN t George, Newton Center, Mass. — Born, New Sharon, Me.; Col. 
CI. Inst., Me., 1849; Colby U., Me., B. A., '53; M. A., '56; D. D., 'SO; B. U., R. I., 
M. A., '76; New. T. S., Mass., '58; Ord. 1st Bap. Ch., Skowhegan, Me., June 13. 

60; P. 1st. Ch., Skowhegan, '60-62; Chap. 16th Regt. Mass. Vol., '62-63 ; P. 1st 
Ch., Wakefield, Mass., '64-66; S. Allston Ch., Brighton, Mass., '67-6S; P. 1st Ch., 
Pavvtucket, R. L, '68-91; Sec. N. Bap. Ed. Soc, '91-96; Prof Christian Missions, 
New T. S., Mass., '91-97; "Historic Sketch of 1st Bap. Ch., Pawtucket, R. I., at 

ioth Anniversary," '80; "Sketch of the Boardmans at Centennial Celebration of 1st 
Bap. Ch., North Livermore, Me.," '93; "Historical Sketch of the Providence Bap. 
Assso., R. I.. a t its 50th Anniversary," '93. 

BULLEN, Joseph James, 741 Ellicott St., Buffalo, N. Y. — Born, Toronto, 
Ont., Can.; Stud. Woodstock C. Ont., and Cro. T. S., Pa., 1895; Lie. July. 24, '89, 
College St., Ch., Toronto, Can. ; Ord. Jan. 21, '96, Tyrone Bap. Ch., Pa. ; P. Tyrone, 
'95-96; Orbisonia, Pa., '96-99. 

BULLICK, E. G, Ink, Mo.-Bon, Eminence, Mo. ; Lie. 1892 ; Ord. '94, Amity 
Ch., Mo.; S. Amity, '97, P. '98; P. Cold Spring, Mo., '99—. 

BULLINGTON t Thomas Ray, Luke P. O.. Wilcox. Ga.— Born, Spalding Co., 
Ga. ; Lie. Apr. 18, 1877; Ord. Oct. 22, 77, Pleasant Hill. Ga. ; P. ot from 1 to 4 Chs. 

BULLOCK, Joel, Madison, Bryan, Tex.— Born Winn, La.; Lie. 1875, Saints 
Rest Ch.; Ord. Nov., '90, Reliance Ch., Tex.; P. Saints Rest, 5 vis. : Welbourn. 1 
yr. ; Providence, Tex., 18 mos. 

BULLOCK, Nathan Davis, Sterling City. Tex.— Born, Newport, La.: 
Stud. Bay. U. Tex.; Lie. Burnet Ch., Tex., 1883: Ord. Thompsons Creek, Tex., 
87; P. Thompsons Creek, '87-94: My. P. Sherwood. Tex , '95-96: P. Sterling City, 
Tex., '86-89-. . 

BUMGARNER. W. J,, Swanner, N. C— Born, Kilbv, N. C. : Stud. Moravian 
Palls Acad.; Lie. 1875: Ord, '81, Mt. Olive Ch. : P. Mt. Olive, King* Creek, 8 yr*. ; 
Concord, 13 yrs. : Dudlev Shoals, Poplar Spring, Little Rock, Lebanon, Pleasant 
Hill. Zion Hill, 7 yrs. ; Bethlehem, \i yrs. 

BUMP, Allen D., Zanesville. O.— Born, Boston, N. Y., Nov. 8, 1833: Stud. 
Sprinorville Acad, and Whitestown Sem.. N. Y., '61; Lie. '54, East Concord Ch.: 
Ord. '62, Harrisburti- Ch., and Dec. 22, '63, Doraville, Ch , N. Y.: S. Mt. Almond, 
N. Y., Lapeer Ch., Mich.; Lapraire Lake, 111.: Whites Grove, 111.; P. Annin Creek, 
and Turtle Point, Pa. 

BUNKER, Alonzo, Providence, R. I.— Born, Atkinson, Me., Colbv U., Me., 
B.A.,'62; D. D. ; New. T.S., Mass., '65; Lie. Foxcroft Ch., Me.; Ord." '65, East 
Winthrop Ch., Me.; Mv. Toungoo, Burma, Translated from English to Karen, 
"Euclid;" "Haekett's Life of Christ:" -'Foster's Story of the Bible;" Author '"Soo 
Tha," Story of the Orient. ( In press) . 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 11 r 

BUNNELL, Charles, Kkwanna, Ind. — Born, Waynetown, Ind., Frank. C, 
hid., B. S., lSi>4; stud. S. B. T. 8., Ky.; Ord. June 25,"'96, Waynetown Ch., Ind.; 
P. Kewanna, Fulton, Ind., '97 — . 

BUNTING, Alonzo Sidney, Cor. Willow and Seventh St., Pecos, Tex.— 
Born, Nash Co., N.C ; Stud. Gonzales C, Moulton Inst., Springtown C, Texas, D.I)., 
1895; Lie. and Ord. Moulton Bap. Ch., 75; P. Elm Grove, 75-85; Kyle, 
'86-90; Cisco, '91-93; Weatherford, '94-97; Pecos, Tex., '98—. 

BURBANK, Nelson Sinclair, Revere, Mass.— Born, Jefferson, Me.; Stud. Cob. 
CI. Inst., Me.; Colby U., Me., B. A., 1889; Lie. '83, Coopers Mills Bap. Ch., Me.; 
Ord. July, '89, B .wcloinham, Me.; S. So. Litchfield, '87-89; W. Gardiner, '87-89; 
Coopers Mills, '83-85; P. Bowdoinham, Me., '89-91; Revere, Mass., '91—. 

BURLEY, Levi, Washington C. H., O.— Born, Scott Co., Ky. ; Night Schs., 
4 yrs., Private Theol. Course; Lie. Sept. 25, 1869; Ord. Sept. 1, 70; Pleasant 
Green Ch., Lexington, Ky. ; P. South Frankfort, 70-76; Bridgeport. 71-78; Christi- 
ansburg, Ky., 73-80; Coatsville, '81-82; London, '80-81; Piqua, '82-83 ; Zion Ch., 
Lebanon, '83-84; Sanduskv, '84-86; Mechanicsburg, '86-87; 2nd Ch., Washington 
C. II., '88-90; Coatsville, '92; 1st Ch., Yellow Springs, '92-93 ; 1st Ch., Jefferson- 
vi le, '93-95; Piketon, '94-93; Bloomingburg, O., '97-98. 

BURCH, Henry David, Shreve, Ky.— Born, Shreve, Ky.; Stud. Select Schs,. 
Rocky Fork, Ky., S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. July 11, 1885; Ord. June 6, '86, Pleasant 
Grove Ch , Ky. ; P. Cane Run, '86-91; Hopewell, '86-88, '92-93; Pleasant Hill, 
'90-91; Cane Run, Pleasant Hill, Cave Spring, Ky.— Organized Chs. at Huffs Creek 
Pleasant Hill, Macedonia, Ky. 

BURCH, Prayer, IH/Gano St., Cincinnati, O.— Born, Kentucky; Lie. Apr. 2, 
1880; Ord. May 2, '85, Bap. Ch.; P. Manchester and Little Goose Creek, Ky. 

BURCHETT, G. J., 4347 Paul St., Frankford, Philadelphia, Pa.— Born, 
lonesville, Va. ; Wm. Jewell C, (Theo. Dept.) 1874; Lie. Sept. '69, 1st Ch., Austin, 
Mo.; Ord. 74, 1st Ch., Liberty, O.; P. Hoguesville, Mo., 74; Wanconda, 111., 75; 
Reeds, Calif., 76; P. Astoria, Ore., 77; Pres. McMinnville C, Ore., '77-81; 1st 
Ch., San Diego, Calif., '87-89; Portland, Vt., '83; 1st. Ch., McMinnville, Ore., '84- 
87; Gen. My. Ore., '87-90; Ed. "Baptist Beacon," '83-85; P. IstCh., Seattle, Wash., 
'90-93; 1st Ch., Frankford, Philadelpnia, Pa., '93—; An. "History of Frankford 
Baptist Church for 90 yrs. 

BURCHETT, J. O., Amorita, Va.— Born, Wilkes Co., N. C; Stud. Oak Hill 
and Sparta Acad.; Lie. 1880, Fox Creek Ch., N. C. ; Ord. '93, Mt. Carmel Bap. Ch., 
N. C; P. Mt. Carmel, '93-95; Wingates Chapel, '94; Calloways Chapel, N. C. '96. 

BURCHFIELD, Elijah Holloway, Sweet Spring, Mo ;— Born, Jefferson Co., 
Tenn., Dec. 25, 1826; Lie. Aug., '55, County Line Ch., Mo.; Ord. Oct. 9, '57, South 
Fork Ch., Mo.; P. South Fork, 15 yrs.; Bethlehem, 1 yr. ; Hopewell, 7 yrs, Friend- 
ship, 2 yrs. ; Sardis, 2 yrs. ; Pleasant Point, 2 yrs. ; Pleasant Green, 2 yrs. ; Cornelia, 
3 yrs. ; Oak Grove, 15 yrs.; Mt. Zion, 7 yrs.; Fairvievv, 1 yr. ; Lamine, 3 yrs.; 
Olive Branch, Mo., 3 yrs. 

BURCHAM, Albert L, Salem, So. Side, N. C— Born, Wilkes Co., N. C; Ord. 
Aug. 19, 1894, Mt. Carmel Ch.; P. Sulphur Springs, '94-95; S. Mt. Airy, '96; In- 
dian Grove, '97, and Bethel, '97-98; South Side, N. C, '99—. 

BURCHAM, G.'M., Elkin, N. C— Born, Wilkes Co., N. C; Lie. 1S68 ; Ord. 
? 69, Cool Spring Ch. ; P. Gum Orchard, '69-73; Brier Creek, '69-75; Sholev Branch, 
70-80; Swan Creek, 70-S1 ; Cool Spring, 72-85; Brier Creek, '83-S8; Swan Creek, 
'82-SS; White Plain, N. C, '80-88; My. '88-91. 

BURD, Norman Smith, Nunda, N. Y.— Born. Howard, N. Y. ; Stud. Cg. Acad.. 
N. Y.; Ham. T. S., N. Y., 1889; Lie. Mar. 31, '86, 1st Ch., Hornellsville, N. Y.; 
Ord. July 24, '89, My. Ch., Herkimer, N. Y. ; S. Nor. Ch., N. Y., '86-87: P. Herki- 
mer, '89-90; LaGran-e, '90-92 ; McGrawville, '92-9S ; Nunda, N. Y., '98—. 

112 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BURDEN, C*J., LaFayette, Ala.— Born, Randolph Co., Ala. ; Stud. Hagans- 
yill-e C, and Roanoke Normal C. ; Lie. 1871; Ord. 75, Bethel Ch, ; P. Bethel. 
Beulah Bethlehem, County Line, Sandy Creek, Fellowship, Hickorv Flat, Antioch, 
Providence, High Sholes, Rock Mills Chs. 

BURDESHAW, Daniel E., Kinsey, Ala.— Born, Randolph Co., Ga. ; Lie. Dec. 
17, 1879; Ord. Mar. 17, '84, Beulah Ch., Ala.; P. Smyrna, Ala., '87-93; Beulah, '88- 
93; Enon, '90-99; Midway, '93 ; Liberty, Ala., '93 ; Friendship, Fla., '94-99; Shiloh, 
Ala., '96-99; Center, Ala., '93-99. 

BURDETT, W. L«, St. Paris, O.— Born, Favette Co., W. Va. ; Lie. Aug. 26, 
1876; Ord. July 26, '79, Mt. Pisgah Ch., W. Va. ; P. Blue Creek, '79-84; Harmony, 
Rush Creek, '85-86; Montgomery, 5th Ave. Ch., Charleston, '87-89; Adamsville, 
Cambridge, W. Va., '90-91; Otsego, New Concord, Clear Fork, '92-97; St. Paris 
and Mt. Zion, O., April 1, '98—. 

BURDETTE, George Alderson. Lucile, W. Va.— Born, Fayette Co., W. Va. ; 
Lie. 1869; Ord. '70, Jeanette Bap. Ch. ; P. Good Hope, W. Va., '69; Served 14 Chs. ; 
P. Antioch and Mt. Olive, W. Va.— . 

BURDETTE, Giles N„ Millard, Va.— Born, Favette Co., W. Va. ; Lie. 
1889. and Ord. June 29, '90, Gilboa Ch.; P. Shiloh, '90-94; Hilgrave, '90-96; Gilboa, 
'93-94; Burning Springs, '94-96; Cedar Grove, '93-95; Sand Creek, '95-97; Rush 
Creek, '97-98; Mt. Pisgah, and Leather Bark, '99—. 

. BURDICK, George Edwards, 136 Brink Ave., Utica, N. Y. — Born, Schaghti- 
coke. N. Y. ; Ham. C, N. Y., B. A., 1882; Wn. U. Pa., M. A. and Ph D., '86 f Cg. 
U., N. Y.,M. A., '85; Wsl. U., 111., M. A., '86; Mer. U., Ga., Ph. D.. '86; Ham. T. 
S., N. Y., B. D., '85; Lie. Jan. 2, '84, 1st Ch., Saratoga Springs, N. Y.; Ord. Feb. 
16, '88. 1st Ch , Great Bend Ch., Kan.; P. Great Bend, Erie and Nickerson, Kan., 
'87-94; Cassyille, N. Y. ; P.Emanuel Ch., Utica, N. Y.— ; Ed. Baptist Young Peo- 
ple's Union Department of N. Y. State Bap. Annual, '98-99; Gen. Sec. B. Y. P. U., 
State, N. Y.; Au. "The Tariff and the Laboring Classes" 

BURFOOT, Ambrose, Creeds, Va.— Born, Camden Co., N. C. ; Stud. W. F. 
C.,N. C; Lie. 1872; Ord. 78, Shiloh Ch., N. C; P.Providence, '80; Columbia, 
Sound Side, Mt. Zion, Mt. Pleasant, '81-87; Bethel, Gropin, Roper Macedonia. N. 
C, '87-88; Oak Grove, Black Water, St. Johns, Va.— 

BURGE, Marion M., Sandtown,Ark.— Born, Marshall Co., Miss.; Lie. 1878: 
Ord. Nov. 23, '78, Mt. Olivet Ch., Ark. ; P. from '78—; 1 to 4 Chs. at a time. 

BURGESS, David Monroe, Cedar Bluff, Ark. — Born, Apuilla, Ga. ; Lie. 
Sept. .1876, Clarks Creek Ch., Ga. ; Ord. Nov. '83, Pine Grove Ch., Ga ; P. Stamp 
Creek, '83-88; Mt. Carmel, Ga., '84-87; New Hightower, '86; Holly Springs, '87; 
Double Springs, '85-90; Ironhili, '87-93; Mt. Zion, '95; Mt. Vernon, Ala. , '94-99. 

BURGESS, George W., Powell Siding, Mo. — Born, Tenn. ; Stud. Madison 
Acad.; Lie, Nov. ,1860, Pond Creek Ch., Mo. ; Ord. '67, New Hope Ch., Mo.; P. 
Republic, Mo., '77-78. 

BURGESS, Isaac Julian, QQ Oak St., Hyde Park, Mass.— Born, Batavia, 
Island of Java; Stud. Phillips Acad., Mass. ; B. U., R. I., B. A., 1842; M. A. '45; 
New T. S., Miss., 45; Lie. '44, Federal St. Bap. Ch., Boston, Mass.; Ord. '45, 
Pompet Ch., Conn.; P. Pompet, Conn., 1 vr. ; Smithfteld, R. I., 4 yrs. ; Agt. Am. 
S. S. Un.2%yrs.'; Calias, Me., 12 vrs., '53-65 ; Allendale, R. I., '67-71; Middleboro, 
Mass., '71-75; Hampton Falls, N. H., '75-85. 

BURGESS, James Gilbert, Columbia, Mo. — Born, Crab Orchard, Ky. ; Lie. Apr. 
1856, Beaver Dam Ch., O. ; Ord. Apr. '57, Corinth Ch., Miss.; P. Enon, Miss., '67; 
Sharon, Miss., '68; County Line, Tenn., '68; Wolf, '70; Charleston, Bushes 
Ridge, -'70; Orearsville, '77; New Heme, '78; Grand View, '91; County Line, and 
Harrisonvil.'e, '91-92; Altoona, Mo., Ev., '94—; P. Hickman, '65-66; Caseyville, 
'62; [Smith Mill, Ky., '03. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 113 

BURGESS, James M., Philippi, • W. Va.- Born, Haymarket, Va. ; Stud. Beth- 
el Acad., Fauquier Co., Va.; Lie. Nov. 1881; Ord. Nov., '83, Union Ch., Simpsons, 
VY. Va.; P. Flemington, '84-87'; Shinnston, '85-87; Silent Grove, '85-90; Beling- 
ton, '87-99; Philippi, '87-97; Ebenezer, '91-99; Little Bethel, '93; Bethany, '94- 

BURGESS, Samuel IL, Berry Ky.— Born, Covington, Kv.; Grad. G. C, K\ ; 
Lie. 1869; Ord. Oct. 19, '76,1st Ch., Covington, Kv. ; P. Ludlow, Augusta, Wil- 
liamtown, Butler, Willow, River, Irvinsville, North Fork, Ky. 

BURK, Thomas Boughter, Amity, Ark.— Born. Hartford Co., Md. ; Lie. 18S1 ; 
Ord. '82, Round Oak Ch., Ga. ; S. Mt. Lebanon, '81 ; P. Mt. Lebanon, '82-83; Mt. Pis- 
gah 3 yts., New Home, '83-84-91 ; Macedonia, '83-8G ; Sylvarenia '86; New Bethel, 
Home, '94; Pleasant Hill, '94; Rock Creek. '96; Mt. Bi<g,.h,'Avk., '99. 
'89-92; '91 ; Beech Creek, '91-93; Union Chapel, '92-93; Shiloh, '94;, Lebanon, Swe< t 

BURKE, Mark Stoutland, Texn.- Born, Roan Co., Term..; Stud. Schs. M>. ; 
Lie. Apr. 22, 1866, Gcod Hope Ch. ; Ord. Oct. 27, '83, High Point Ch. ; P. Union, 
Richland, Beulah, Christianbui g, Mo. 

BURKS, Robert E. L., Bolivar, Mo.— Born, Miller Co., Mo.; Stud. Wm. Je'we 1 
Co., Mo.; S. VV. Bap. C, Mo., B. A., 1889, D. D., '99; Lie. '85, Union Hill Ch., 
Mo.; Ord. 89, l>t Ch., Bolivar, Mo.; P. 1st Ch., Bolivar, Mo—. 

BURLESON, Rttfus C, 12 Baylor St., Waco, Tex.— Born, Decatur, Ala., 
Aug 7, 1823; Stud. Bosc. C, Term. ; Wn. Bap. T. S., Kv., '47; How. C, Ala., D. 
D. ; Mt. Lebanon U., La. LL. D.; Lie. Nov. 12, '42, 1st Cb., Nashville, Tenn.; 
Ord. Land Creek Ch., Starkville, Miss.; P. Lmd Creek ani Pilgrim Rest Chs.; 
Miss.; East Port, Ky. ; Houston, Independence, Brenham and Waco, Tex. 

BURLINGAME, George Elston, Louisville, Ky.— Born, Shelbyville, Mo.; Clin,. 
C, Ky., B. A., 1894; U. Chicago, B. D., '99; S. B. T. S., Ky.; Lie. Jan. 1, '93, 
2nd Ch., Galveston, Tex.; P. Oak ton and Moscow, '94-95; Lovelaceville, '96- 

97; Clinton, Ky , '97-98. 

BURLINGHAM, Aaron Hale, New York, N. Y.— Born, Castile, N. Y. ; Cg. U., 
N. Y., B. A., 1848; M.A.,'5L; Shurt. C, III., D. D., '60; Ham. T. S., N. Y. ; Lie. 
Feb. 16, '45, Castile Ch., N. Y: ; Ord. Nov. 8, '50, Grant St. Ch., Pittsburg, Pa. ; P. 
Grant St. Ch., Pittsburg, Pa., '50-51; Owego, N. Y., '51-52; Harvard St. Ch., Bos- 
ton, Mass., '52-56; South Ch., New York,""N. Y., '56-65; American Chapel, Paris, 
France, '66; 2nd Ch., St. Louis, Mo., '67-77; Paterson, N. J., and Brooklyn, N. Y., 
'77-79; Dist. Sec. Am. Bap. My. Union, New York, '79-95. 

BURNES, Galawa Whitfield, Buckhart. Mo.— Born, Whitfield Co., Ga. ; Kan- 
sas Citv Medical C, M. D., 1897; Lie. Oct. 16, '96, Pleasant View Ch., Mo.; Ord. 
Mar. 22, '90; Oak Grove Ch., Mo.; P. Mt. Gilead, '91 ; Grandview. Mo., '99. 

BURNETT, Charles W., Marshall, Okla. Ter.— Born Morgan Co., Ills.; Wm. 
Jewell C, Mo.; Lie. '90; Orel. '91, Sheridan, Okla. Ter.; P. Marshall, '93-9S, for 
one-half time ; Bethel, '95-97, one-fourth time; Sheridan, '96, one-fourth time ; Belview, 
'97, one-fourth time; My. for Perry Bap. Asso., '98; Home Mission Soc., '95-96. 

BURNETT, James Jehu, Mossy Creek, Tenn.— Born, Del Rio, Tenn.; C-N. 
C, Tenn., B. A., 1877; S. B. T. S., Ky., '83; Lie. Dec. 27, '76; Ord. Seot. 20, '78, 
Big Creek Ch., Tenn.; P. Winchester, 7S-79 ; S. Central Ch., Memphis, Tenn., 
'81; Tabernacle Ch., New Albany, '82; P. Gieensburg, Ind., '83; Weston, Lawson, 
Cameron, Tarkio, Mo., '84-90 ; Day ton, '91-92 ; Mossy Creek, Tenn. ,'94-95 ; Co-Ed. 
" East Tenn. Baptist"-; Ed. "Baptist and Reflector." 

BURNETT, John Henry, Edmond, Okla. — Bor-n, Grayson Co., Ky.; Lie. 1878, 
Hopewell Ch., Ky. ; Ord. '86, Independence Ch., Ky.; P. Little Flock, Ky., '85-89; 
Jericho Springs, '92-93 ; Ozark, Mo., '93-94 ; Independence, Oak Grove, Ky. ; Union 
Hall, '90-92; Oak Grove, '90; Rock Spring, Mo., '96-97. 

BURNETT, Joseph Herndon, Auburn, Ky. — Born, Logan Co., Ky. ; Beth. C, 
Ky., B. A., 1870; Lincoln U., 111., M A., '73; Lie. '76; Ord. '86, Auburn Ch., Kv.; 
P. Auburn, Dripping Springs, Ky.; Orlinda, Oak Grove, Red River, Tenn.; Guth- 
rie, kv., Spring Creek, Tenn.; Greenwood and Adairsville, Ky. 

Ji + The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

BURNETT, N. B., Crown City, O.— Burn, Gallia Co.. O. : Lie. Feb.. 1886; 
Ord. Mar 16. >87, Siloam Ch., O. ; P. Submissive, 'ST; Mercerville, '88-91; Pr vi- 
dence, "89-91: Mt. Zion, '89-91; Victor'v, '89-92; Guvan Valley, '89-95 ; Siloam. 89- 
93; Ridge, '90-96; Pleasant Valley, '97-99; Beulah. "98: My. work. 

BURNETT, Nathaniel Chapman, Cambria. Va.— Born, Bedford Co., Va. ; 
Stud. R. C, Va., and S. B. TVS., Kv.; Lie. 1876, Beaverdam Ch.. Va. ; Ord. Sept. 
29, '77: P. Alleghany and Auburn, '77-82; Big Springs, '80-96; Black-hurtr, 8 yrs. ; 
Pulaski, \% j ..; Bell Spring, 7 yrs.; Mt. Calvary, 3 yrs. ; Mt. Pleasant, 1 " vr. : 
Walnut Grove, 1 yr. ; Jacksonv He. Va., 1 vr. 

BURNETTE, John M., Cohutta, Ga.— Bom, Shell Mound. Tenn. ; Stud. C. 
Uluft Ala.: Orl. [an. 1. 1894, Smyrna Ch., Tenn.: My. E. Tenn.; P. Concord, 
Ga.. '95; Cohulla, Tenn., >m; Mission Work, N. Ga., '97-98. 

BURNEY, David, Ackermax, Miss.— Bom. Holmes Co.. Miss.; Stud. Theol. 

privately: Lie 1866, New Hope Ch.: Ord. ?77, Providence Ch.. Miss.; P. New 
Hope. Providence, Dotv Springs, Hebr6n, Antioch. Good Hope, Beria, Mt. Moriah, 
Mt. Olivet, Bethesda, Pine Bluff, Mt. Vernon, Salem, Mt. Pisgah, New Prospect, 
Pleasant Ridge, Central Shiloh, Cross Roads, Hebron. Chestnut Springs. Bluff 
Springs. Duck Pond, Mathiston, Fentress Antioch. Yellow Creek, Miss.; My. 9 
J r -—Taught sch. part time: now travel 280 miles a month on horse back. 

BURNHAM, Christie Wheeler, New Bostox. N. II.— Born, Bow, N. H.; Cg. U. f 
N. Y.. Ph. B., 1863: M. A.. '72; Ham. T. S.. N. Y., '72; Lie. Oct. 31, '61, Lt Ch., 
Manchester. N. II.: Ord. Oct. 1J, '63, Hopkinton Ch.. N. H. : P. Hopkinton. N. II.. 
"63-71: Valley Falls , R. I.. 71-74: Hillsdale, N. H., "74-76; S Stanton. Mich., 76- 
77: P. Pomiac, '77-80: Manistique, Mich., '80-82; Pawtucket, R. L, -82-96: S. 
Usquepaugh, R. I., '96; P. New Boston, N. H-, '96—. 

BURNHAM, Leonidas Cories, Egger, Ark. — Born, Murray Co.. Tenn., Aug. 
26, 1894: Lie. Sent. 29, '85, Bi<r Fork Ch.: Ord. Tan. 3, '89. Yocknev Ch. : S. Rock 
Spring, '89-94; P. Concord, '95. 

BURNHAM, SanfordL., 6412 Ellis Aye., Chicago, III. — Born, St. Albans. 
Yt.: Stud. New Hampton Inst , -'Vt. ; New Hampton C, Vt., 1859: Grad, New 
Hanmton T. S., Vt. : Lie. and Ord. '61, Nicbolville Ch., N. Y. : P. Nicholville. N. 
Y. : Muscatine, Ottumwa, la. 

BURNHAM, Sylvester, Hamilton, N. Y.— Born. Exeter. N. H.; Bowdoin C, 
Me.. B. A.. 1S62: M. A . '65; D. D., '85; New T. S., Mass., '73; Ord. 73, 2nd Holy- 
pkf Ch., Mass.: P. Amherst, Mass., '73-74. 

BURNHAM, William Henry, Fulton, Mo.— Born, Ashland. Mo.: Stud. Wm. 
Tewell C, Mo.. 4 yrs.; U. of Mo., B.A., 1862; M. A., '64; S. W. Bap. C, Mo.. D. 
D., '84; Lie. Aug! '58; Ord. Aug., '60, Salem Ch., Mo. ; P. Barry, Drv Fork. Rich- 
land, Grand Prurie, Fulton, Troy. Clark^ville, Bowling Green, Union Hill, Carring- 
ton, Elarmony. Providence, Mo.; Au. "Christian Exnerience Before Baptism," "His- 
tory of Little Boone Hexume Asso ," "Lectures on Inspiration." 

BURNS, A* Erasmus, Wilsoxyille, Ala. — Born, Bibb Co.. Ala. ; Stud. Six 
Mile Acad., Ala.: Lie. Feb. 24, 1884: Ord. Aug, 30, '84, Jemison Ch.. Ala.: P. 
Jemism, -'85-92; Tuscumbia, Ala.. '92-94; Eield Sec. for State Mission Board, '94- 
97; P. Wilsonville and Columbiana, Ala., Jan. '98 — . 

BURNS, Cornelius, Poteau, Ark.— Born. Lumpkin Co.. Ga. : Lie- 1886: Ord. 
'88, Pleasant Grove Ch.. Ark., P. Bethel, '88-89; Ross Creek, '89; New Home. '89; 
Mountain View, Ark., '90. 

BURNS, George "Washington, Arkadelphia, Ark. — Born. Madisonville, E. 
Tenn. : Lie. Sept., 1879, and Ord. Aug. 19, 71, Swamp Creek Ch., Ga. : P. Pleasant 
Grive, Cane Creek, Macedonia. Corinth, Knoxville, Oak Grove. Slones Creek, E. 
Point and Liberty Hill, Unity, Mt. Olive, Alpine, Gum Springs, Richwocds. Pleas- 
ant Hill, Clear Springs, Ark." 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 115 

BURNS, Henderson Franklin, 89 La Fayette St., Nashville, Ti:xx. — liorn, 
Spring Place, Ga., 1860; Stud. Riceville Inst., Tenn.; So. Wn. U., Tenn., M. A., 
'92; S. B.T. S., Ky., Th. M., '96; Lie. Oc, '86, and Ord. Aug., '90, Zion Ch., Tenn. ; 
Stud, P. Union and Chesterfield, '89-92; Spring Hill, '90-92; Bethel, '90-91 ; Sauls- 
bury, Tenn., '91-92; S. Little Flock and Meadow Home. Ky., 3 mos., '93; P. Coles - 
burv and Ea^t Rhodes Creek, Ky., '93-96; Stud. P. Uundenvood, Ind., '93-94; Leitch- 
field, Ky., '95-96. 

!<V! * BURNS, Herman, Wyoming, O.— Born, Pekin, N. Y., Dec. 11, 1857; Taught 
Sch. several Yrs.; Lie. Apr., '84, Harbor Springs Ch., Mich.; Ord. Aug. 26, '84, 
Ashland Center Ch., Mich.; P. Ashland, '81-86; Plymouth and Dexter, '86-89; Hills- 
dale, Mich. , '89-93; Garfield Ave. Ch., Milwaukee, Wis., '93-95; Paineoville, '95-99; 
Wyoming, O., '99—; Ev. 

BURNS, Jefferson Davis, Ethel, Miss.— Born, Attala Co., Miss.; Lie. Nov., 
1885, and Ord. Oct. 25, '91, Carson Ridge Ch.; P. Bluff Springs, '95-96; Carson 
Ridge; S. Carson Ridge, Hebron and Holly Grove, Miss. — . 

BURNS, John W., Mountain Grove, Mo.— Born, Ark.; Ord. 1868, Pleasant 
Hill Ch., Mo.; P. Pleasant Hill, Mt. Ararat, Macedonia, Fairview, Mo. 

BURNS, William, Grantsville, W. Va.— Born, Roane Co., W. Va. ; Lie. 
1876; Ord. '78, Mt. Pisgah Ch., W. Va. ; P. Mt. Carmel, Mt. Pisgah, Cedar Creek, 
Crookedfork, Rosedale, Shiloh, Whiteoak, Sycamore, Frozen Run, Bethlehem, Holly- 
wood, Pleasant Hill, Henrv Fork, Smithville, W.Va. ; These Pastorates were from 2 to 
10 yrs. 

BURR, Charles E„ Groton, N. Y.— Born, Brookfield, N. Y.; Cook Acad., 
1888; Roch. U..N. Y., B. A., '90; Stud. Roch. T. S., N\ Y.; Lie. '90, 2nd Ch., 
Rochester, N, Y. ; Ord. '95, Livonia Ch., N. Y.; P.Livonia Station, '90-98; Groton, 
N. Y.,Dec., '98-. 

BURR, Everett Doughty, 227 Aspinwall Ave., Brookline, Mass. — Born, 
Nyack on the Hudson, N. Y.; B. U., R. I., B. A., 1884; M. A., '87; Stud. Un. T. 
S.j N. Y.; Cro. T. S., Pa., ; 87 ; Lie. '83, 1st Ch., Plainfield, N. J.; Ord. Mar., '88, 
Memorial Ch., Chicago, 111. ; P. Memorial Ch., Chicago, 111., '88-92 ; Ruggles St. Ch., 
Boston, Mass., '92—. 

BURR, James Louis, 638 East 6th St., Cincinnati, O. — Born, Georgetown, 
O.; Stud, privately; Lie. Dec. 24, 1883; Ord. Oct. 21, '89, Todd Run Ch., O. ; P. 
Mulberry, '83; Camp Dennison, '93; Milford, O., '96— 

BURR, Wesley Levi, 235 Neal St., Columbus, O.— Born, Georgetown, O.: 
Lie. 1882; Ord. Oct. 21, '88, Todd Run Ch., O.; P. Todd Run, '87; New Hope, 
Hillsboro, '91-94; Carthagenia, '91-94, X^ time; Madisonville, 3>£ yrs.; South Salem, 
2 yrs, 9 mos. ; Shiloh Ch., Columbus, O. — . 

BURR, William Monterey, Greenville, Miss. — Born, Robertson co., Tenn.; 
Beth. C, Ky., B. A., 1870, M. A., '74; Lie. Feb., '65, Oak Grove Ch , Tenn.; Ord, 
Nov., '73, Glasgow Ch., Ky.; P. Cloverport and Hawsville, Ky., '74-76; Yicksburg, 
Miss., '77-79; Murfreesboro, '80-81; Favetteville, Tenn., '82-84; Columbia and Gor- 
don, '89-93; Dothan, Ala., '92-96; Greenville, Miss., '99- . 

BURRAGE, Henry S., Portland, Me.— Born, Fitchburg, Mass. ; Stud. U., 
Halle, Germany; B. U., R. L, M. A., 1861; D. D., '83; New. T. C S., Mass.; Lie. 
Dudley St. Ch., Roxbury, Mass., '66; Ord. Waterville Ch., Me., Dec. 30, '69; P. 
Waterville, Ms., '70-73-, Ed. "Zion's Advocate," Portland, Me.; Au. "Act of Bap- 
tism in the History of the Christian Ch." '79; "A History of the Anabaptists of 
Switzerland," '82*; "Weymouth's Voyage to the Coast of Me. in 1605," '88; "A 
History of the Baptists in New England," '94; "Brown University in Civil War," '68; 
"Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's Seventy-fifth Birthday," '82; "History of the 
Thirty-sixth Mass. Volunteers," 'S4. 

BURRESS, Luther Rice, Geeville, Miss.— Born, Anderson, S. C; S.tud. 
Pierian Acad., Miss.;' Un. U.. Tenn.; Lie. May, and Ord. Oct., 1867, Mt. Olive Ch. ; 
S. Mt. Olive, 31 yrs. ; Baldwin, 15 yrs.; Camp Creek, 19, yrs.; Houston, 2 yvs.: 

116 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

Tupelo, 9 yrs. ; Ellistown, 3 yrs- ; Rienzi, 2 yrs. ; Saitillo, 10 yrs.; Oak Hill, 5 yrs. ; 
Kossuth, 2 yrs.; Osburn Creek, 1 yr. : Iuka, 7 vrs. ; Cherry Creek, Miss., 2 yrs.: 
Prin. H. Sch., Oak Lawn, '80-83. 

BURRILL t Willim Robert, 420 Cranberry Ave., Harrisburg, Pa.— Born, 
Gloucester Co., Va. ; Stud. Wayland Sem., D. C; Wayland T. S., D. C, 1881; Lie. 
June, '77, Salem Ch., New Bedford, Mass. ; Ord. June 3, '81, 1st Ch., Frederick, Md. ; 
P. 1st Ch., Frederick, Md., '81-84; Shiloh Ch., Elmira, N. Y., "84-87; 1st African 
Ch., Chester, 87-93; Tabernacle, Allegheny, "94-96; 2nd Ch., Harrisburg, Pa., "97—. 

BURRIS, George W. t Ferndale, Calif.— Born, Monroe Co., O.; My. P. Port 
Xenyon, Vandusen Valley. Freshwater. Calif. 

BURRISS, Alfred, High House. Tenn.— Born, Anderson Co.. Tenn. ; L"c. June, 
1887; Ord. Apr., -"88, Pleasant Rest Ch. ; P. Pleasant Rest, Buck Fork, Smokey, New 
Pilot, Lone Grove, Free Communion, Round Rock, Sugar Grove, Tenn. 

BURRISS, Riley Horatio, Newsoms, Va.— Born, Rock Mills, S. C. ; Fur. U., S. 
C. B. A., 1888: S. B. T. S., Kv., Th. M.. '94; Lie. "84: Ord. "89, Mountain Creek 
Ch., Va.; P. Forestville, Va.,""8S; Leesvihe, "90; Latta, S. C, '92-93; Ridgeway, 
'94-95; Newsoms, V a., "95 — . 

BURROUGHS, Eagleston, Tioga Centre, N. Y.— Born. Roxbury, N. Y.; Lie. 
West Frank'in, Pa., 1859; Ord. Canton, Pa., Apr. 19, '65; P. 1st Ch., West Frank- 
lin. Pa., '65; Rome, Wyalusing, Terrytown, S. Auburn, N. Moreland, Liberty, Alba, 
Halsted, Armenia, Herrickville and Roulette, Pa.; Chemung, Sardinia, Stockton, Ash- 
ville, N. Harmony, ;E. Troupsburg, Almond, West Almond, Triangle, Candor, 
Moriah, Plymouth, Blodgettsmills, Freetown, Hinsdale, Haskel Flats, Tioga Centre, 
N. Y. 

BURROUGHS, James O., Madison, Ind.— Born, McCracken Co., Kv. ; Stud. 
Clinton C, Ky., B. A.. 18S6 : S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. '85; Ord. '86, Clinton Ch., Ky., 
P. West, Vernon, Westport, Paris Crossing, Letts Corner, ;Ind. ; Bellevue, Ida.; 
Calvary Ch., and Albina Ch., Portland, Ore. ; Madison, Ind. 

BURROUGHS, Prince Emanuel, New Liberty, Ky.— Born, Prairie Lea, Tex. ; 
Stud. Centenary C, Tex. : Bay. U,, Tex., B. A., 1S91 ; S. B. T. S,, Kv., Th. M., '96; 
Ord. 1st Ch., Waco, Tex., '91; P. Bowie, Tex., "91-92; Wichita Falls", '92-93; High- 
land Park, Louisville, "93-95 ; Harrisburg, -* 95— ; New Liberty, Ky., '96— ; Au. "The 
Holy Spirit and the Believer,"' '98. 

BURROWS, Arthur Salter, Boston. Mass.— Born, London, Eng. ; Stud. Drew 
U., N. I.: Un. Sem.,N. Y.; Princeton Sem., N. J.; Lie. and Ord. 1879, 1st Ch., 
Greenpoint, Brooklyn, N. Y.; P. Rainbow, Conn., '79-81; Flushing, N. Y., '81-85; 
Passaic, N. J., '85-92; 1st Ch., Charlestown, Boston, Mass., '92— ; Au. "For What 
Does a Baptist Church Stand," '96; " From Genesis to Revelation," '97. 

BURROWS, Lansing, 717 Greene St., Augusta, Ga.— Born, Philadelphia, Pa., 
Apr. 10, 1843; Stud. R. C, Va. ; W.'F. C, N. C, B. A. ,'62; Princeton U., N. J., 
and Cg. U., N. Y., M. A., '71; Beth. C, Kv., D. D., '83; Lie. '66; Ord. July 7, '67, 
Stanford Ch., Kv.; P.Stanford, Kv., '67-68; Lexington, Mo., '68-70; Bordentown, 
'71-76; North Ch., Newark, N. J., '76-79; 1st Ch., Lexington, Kv., '79-83; 1st Ch., 
Augusta, Ga., '83—.; Ed. "Am. Bap. Year Book," "S5-97; Au. "A Manual for 
Funerals," '85. 

BURROWS, Joseph H., Cainsville. Mo.— Born, Manchester, Eng.; Stud. High 
Schs., Quincy, 111., Keokuk, la.; Lie. Feb. 14; Ord. Mar. 17, 1867, Cainsville Ch., 
Mo.; P. Mt. "Moriah, 2 yrs.; Eagleville, 7 yrs.; Blythdale, 3 yrs.; Princeton, 1% 
vrs.; Concord, 1 yr. ; Freedom, 7 yrs. ; Pilot Grove, 3 yrs.; Jameson, 1 yr. ; Cains- 
ville, Mo., 25 yrs"; Pub. "Search Light," 2 yrs.; Memb. Mo. Legislature, 6 yrs. ; 
Memb. 47th Congress from 10th District; Retired. 

BURRUSS, Thomas Harris, Rutledge. Ga.— Born, King William Co., Va. ; 
Stud. Mer. U., Ga. ; Lie. 1869, and Ord. '70, Monroe Ch., Ga. ; P. Sandy Creek, 
Macedonia, Covington, Rutledge, Ebenezer, Sparta, Bethlehem, Ohoopee. Bethany, 
Ga.; Hartsville, Mt. Elon, Mt. Zion, Scranton, Lake City, Liberty, Mingo, Kingstree, 
Ephesus, Evergreen, Cartersville, S.' C. 

The Baptist Ministekial Directory H7 

BURT, Daniel E., Great Valley, N. Y. — Born, Cambridge Springs, Pa.; 
Stud. Camdridge H. Son. ; Buck. U., Pa.: Lie. Mar., 1S58, Cambridge Springs Ch., 
Pa.; Ord. Nov. 11, '68, West Portland Ch., N. Y.; P. West Portland, '63-69 ; Ellery, 
'69-72; Dayton. '72-73; Salamanca, '73-77; Kennedy, 'SO: Howard, "81-85; York- 
shire Center, '85-87 ; Holland, X. Y., '87-91; Eldred, Pa., 6 mos.; Roulette, '92-94; 
South Alabama, '94-98; Great Valley, N. Y., '98—. 

BURT, Daniel H., Moro, Tex.— Born, Fort Deposit, Ala.; Stud. Burnsville 
Inst.; Lie. Apr. 1, 1860, Union Ch., Ark.: Ord. Dec, '65. Bethel Ch., Fort Deposit, 
Ala.; P. Antioch, Ala.. '66-68: Damascus, '67-68 ; Arcadia, St.'s Rest, Mi. Gilead, 
'69-71; Old Liberty, '79 80; Spearsville and Mt. Olive, '81-83: Antioch, '81-85; 
Athens ard Gilgal, Li., '84-86; Turnersville and Simpsonville. '87-88: Cedar Gar>, 
'89-91; Eagle Cove, '89-90: Lemon's Gap, '89-91; Mt. Moro, Tex., '99-91; Mv. '92- 
93; P. Runnels, Tex., '95-98. 

BURT, Robert Elmore, Casey, III.— Born, Liberty, Ind. ; Shurt. C 111., 1895; 
Shurt. T. S., 111.; Lie. '88, Hurricane Ch., 111.; Ord. '89. Hopewell Ch". ; S. Antioch, 
Nilwood, Bathalto and Pleasant Ridge, Tex.; P. Fairfield, 4 yrs.; Casey, 111. 

BURTEN, John Thomas, Frank fort. Ky.— Born, Greenville, S. C; Lie 
Nov., 1872; Ord. Apr., 73, Pleasant Grove Ch. ; P. Friendship, Long Lick, Pleasant 
Grove, Richland, Musselshoal, Mt. Hebron, Beech Grove, Mt. Vernon, North Fork, 
Monterey, North Benson, New. Columbus, Shiloh, Ky. : Grayinsburg, Ala. 

BURTON, Edker, Mitchell, Ind.— Born, Mitchell, Ind.; Stud. So. Ind. Nor. 
Sch.; Frank. C, Ind., B. A., 1895; S. B. T. S., Ky i Lie. May 30, '88; Ord. Tuly 2, 
'97, Mitchell Ch., Ind.; P. Liberty Ch., Georgia, '97-99; Hayden, Ind., '97—.' 

BURTON, Ernest Dewitt, 5524 Monroe Ave.. Chicago, III. — Born, Granville, 
O.; Stud. Griswold C, la.: Den. U., O , B. A., 1876, D. D., '97: U., Leipsie, Ger- 
many; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '82; Lie. '79, Xehia Ch., O. ; Ord. '83, East Ave., Ch. v 
Rochester, N. Y. ; Prof. N. T. Interpretation in New. T. S., Mass., and U. Chicago; 
An. " Syntax of the Moods and Tenses in New Testament Greek/' '93: " Harmony 
of the Gospels," '94; " Records and Letters of the Apostate Age," '95. 

BURTON, Fountain Cooper, Royalton, Ky. — Born, Pulaski Co.. Ky.: Lie. 
1S66, White Oak Ch.; Ord. '88, Oalona Ch., Ky. ; P. Oalona, Beechgrove, Zion, 
Okolono, '89-93; Ev. 4 yrs. 

BURTON, John C, Hillsboro, Ga. — Born, Wellington, Ga. ; Lie. Aug. 15, 
1871 ; Ord. Sept. 15, '78, Social Circle Ch., Ga. : P. Ebenezer, Centennial, Hopewell, 
Rocky Creek, Montieello, Flovilla, Enon, Hillsboro, Blountsville, Bethel, Ga. 

BURTON, Major Grant, Linneus, Mo.— Born. Monroe Co., Mo.: Stud. Wm. 
Jewell C, Mo.; S. B. T. S., Ky.; Lie. 1891; Ord. '93, Oak Grove Ch., Mo.; P. Chs. 
in Carrol' Co., and Linneus, Mo. — . 

BURTON, Nathan N., Batesburg, S. C— Born, Edgefield Co., S. C. ; Lie. 
Aug. 1871 ; Ord. July 31, '72, West Creek Ch., S. C. : P. 30 Chs. in Edgefield, Aiken, 
Lexington, Orangeburg, Darlington and Marlboro Counties, S. C. 

BURTON, Nathan Smith, 813 Kingsley St., Ann Arbor, Mich.— Born, 
Manlius, N. Y.; Western Reserve C, B. A., 1846; M. A., '49: Den. U., O., 
D. D., '63; Theol. Dept., Western Reserve C, '50: Lie '48, Akron Ch.. O.; Ord. 
'50, Elvria Ch., O. ; P. Elvria, '50-53 : Cleveland, '53-54 : Granville, '54-62; Akron, 
O., '62-66; Ann Arbor, Mich., '66-71; Davenport, la., '71-76: Akron, O., '77-S7; 
Needham, Mass., 'S7-93 ; S.Ann Arbor, Mich., '93-94 : Hvde Park, 111., '96; Prof. 
Philosophy, Kal. C, '76-77: Acting Pres. Den. U., O., '86; Au. "Christ's Acted 
Parables,'' '93. 

BURTS, Richard Ward, Honea Path, S. C— Born, Laurens Co., S. C; Lie. 
Jan 7,1870; Ord. Broadmouth Ch.,: P. Fork Shoals, '72: Turkey Creek. 73-S0, 
'85-95; Shadv Grove. '80-85; Union, '73-96 ; Dorchester, '79-80, '97-98; Big Creek, 
'73—; Broadmouth, '76— : Eureka, '94—. 

US . TheQBaptisi Ministerial Directory. 

BURTT, Edwin Palmer, 40 Lincoln Park. West Xewton, Mass. — Born, 
Lowell, Mass.: Colby U., Me., B. A., 1884; P. G., Yale U., Conn.; New T. S., 
Mass., B. D., '88; Lie. '76., Chelmsford Centre Ch., Mass. ; Ord. '89, Buxton Centre 
Ch., Me.; S. Limerick, 78-79; P. Biddeford, Me.. '89-91; Groton, '92-94; West 
Newton, Mass., '94-e-. 

BURWELL, Joseph Yarent on, Shanks, W. V.— Born, Westmoreland Co., Pa. ; 
Lie. June 1857, Zoar Ch., Va. ; Ord. May, "60, New Prospect Ch., Pa. ; P. New Pros- 
pect, '60-61: Franklin Union, '62-70 : *Montgomer\ville and Pine Creek, "62-66; 
Union, "67-70: North Fennile, Pa., "70-73: Mt. Hermon. "70-71: My, Ten Mile 
Asso.,'74; P. Forkridge. Pa., '"65-69; North Wheeling and South Wheeling;, '64-66 ; 
Chappie Ch.. '80-81 Union. '83-84; Spruce Creek, '83-86, and ; 89; Eock Grove, '83- 
86, "91-93; Cutlipville, "96-97; My. Eastern Asso., '98— J 

BUSBY, William C. Hannibal. Mo.— Born, Sharpsburg, Kv., 1833; Stud. 
Bethel M. & F. C, Mo.: Lie. Dec. '54, Palmvra Ch., Mo. : Ord. Apr., "56, 1st Ch., 
Hannibal, Mo. ; P. 1st Ch., Hannibal, '56-62:* Shelnina,'70-74 ; New London, '65-70; 
Pleasant Hill and Woodland, Mo.. '95-96. 

BUSFIELD, Theodore Elmer, Utica, N. Y.— Born. Maynard, Mass.; H. Sch., 
Hudson, Mass.: Tuft's C, B. A., 1876; Roch. T. S.. N. Y., '83-94; P. G. B. U., R. 
L, M. A., '80; Lie. ! S0, Hudson Ch., Mass.; Ord. '83, Grand Ave. Ch., New Haven, 
Conn.; P. Grand Ave. Ch., New Haven, Conn., '83-85: 1st Ch., Bangor, Me., '85- 
92; Park Ch., Utica, N. Y., '93—. 

BUSH, Austin D., Panama, N. Y.— Born, Busti, N. Y. ; Stud. Jamestown Acad., 
N.Y., and Burlington Collegiate Inst., la.; Lie 1855, Busti Ch., N. Y.; Ord. '57, 
Waverlv Ch., la. ; P. Waverlv, '57-59; Charles CiJy, la., ; 60-62 ; Union City, '62-64; 
Corrv, Pa., "64-68; Independence, la., "6S-69 ; Frewsbursr, "69-73 ; Dunk irk, '73-74 : 
Arcade, '74-81; Forestville, N. Y., '81-82; Union Citv. '82-86; Coudersport, Pa., 
'86-91; Panama, N. Y., '91— . 

BUSH, Loren T*, Morrison,- III. — Born, Busti. N. Y.; U. Chicago, B. A., 
1868; M. A.. 71: B. Un. T. S. Chicago, B. D., '71: Lie. Julv '58, Strawberrv Point 
Ch., la.: Ord Mar. 6, '73, 25th St. C1l, Chicago, HI.'; P. Chicago, 111., "71-76; Prof. 
Cedar Vallev Sem. la., "76-77: P. Cedar Fall>. la.. "77-79: Waukeo-an, 111., '79-90; 
Portland, Ore., "90-93; A. P. Oakland, Calf, and Supt. City' Missions, "93-95 ; P. 
Morrison, Ills.. '95 — . 

BUSH, Thomas DeLoach, Cheneyville, La. — Born. Simpson Co.. Miss.: 
Stud S. B. T. S., Kv.; Lie. and Ord. 1876, Juniper Grove Ch., Miss.; My., Miss., 
'76-79; P. Monticello, Leaf River, Crooked Creek and Stonewall, Miss., '79-85: 
Poplarville. Ellisville, Nicholson, Augusta and Pearlington, Miss., '85-89; Coush- 
atta, Pelican, Lovely Point, Robeline, '89-99; LeCompte, Bunkie. and Cheney- 
ville, La — . 

BUSHELL, "Walter, Karen Mission, Moulmein, Burma. ; — Born, Charlton 
Kings, Gloucestershire, Ens;. ; Stud. Midland Inst., Ens:. : Cooper Inst., N. Y. ; Cro. 
T. S., Pa..l87S: Lie. 77; Orel. Aug. 7, 78, 1st Ch., Pa"; S. Florence, N. J., "76-77; 
My. Pow Kaens, 78—. 

BUSKIRK. William Franklin, Tower Hill, III. — Born, near Terre Haute, Ind. : 
Lie. Dec. 21, 1890: Ord. May 7. '93, Salem Ch., 111.; S. Salem, 111., "93-94; P. Oak 
Grove, 111., '93-95: Pleasant Union. 111., "95-97; S. New Hope, 111., '95-96. 

BUSSEY, Benjamin West, Columbus. Ga.— Born., Talbottom, Ga. ; Stud. Mer. 
U., Ga.; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. 1867, 1st Ch., Columbus, Ga.; Ord. 1868, New Hope 
Ch., Ga. : P. Huntsville, Broad St. Ch., Mobile, Ala. ; Americus, Brunswick, Ga. ; 
Shelbv, N. C. : Coliseum P'aee Ch., New Orleans, La.; 4 Countrv Chs — . 

Tin-: Baptist Ministerial Directory^ 119' 

BUSSEY, George W., Pelzer, S. Q.— Born, Edgefield Co., S. C; Stud. Fur. 
U., S. C, S. B. T. S., Ky., 1872; Lie. '69; Ord. 70, Red Oak Grove Ch. ; P. Red 
Oak Grove, Red Hill, Stevens Creek, Parksville, Modoc, Plum Branch, '90-98; 
Chaplain 1st. S. C. Vol., 1 mo.; P. Pelzer, S. C, '99—. 

BUSSEY, James T. t Agnes, Tex.— Bom, Columbia Co., Ala.; Lie. 1887* Ord. 
'80, Mt. Olivet Ch., Tex.; P. Agnes, Tex.— 

BUSTARD, William Halter, Amesburg, Mass.— Bom, Paterson, N. J.; Stud. 

So. lerst-v Inst., N. [. ; B. U., R. I., B. A., 1895; New. T. S., Mass. '98; Lie. "90, 
Park Ave. Ch., N. J.; Ord. '98, Amesburv Ch., Mass.; S. North Abington, Mass., 
'96-97; P. Market St. Ch., Amesburv, Mass., '98—. 

BUTCHER, David T„ Walker Ford. Tenn.- Born, Union Co., Tenn.; Lie. 
Mar. 14; Ord. Dee. 13, 1885, Hickory Valley Ch. ; P. Carrs Branch, '86—; Little 
Barren, 'S7-93 ; Roc'kca-tle, '87-93; Leatherwood, '90—; Cedar Grove, '93—; Blue 
Springs, '98-99; Head of Barren, '99—. 

BUT TERWORTH, Joseph, 1141 Pleasant St., Fall River, Mass.;— Born, 
Trenton, N. J.; Cg. U., N. Y., B. A., 1878, M. A., '81; Stud. Ham,. 
T. S., N. Y.; Ord. .Nov. 10, '80, Colchester Ch., Conn.; ! P. Colchester, Conn.. 
'80-S2; Hamilton Square, N. J., '82-86 ; Chester, Conn., '87-90; 1st Ch., Kingston, 
'90-92; Branch Ave. Ch., Providence, R. I., '92-95; A. P. 1st Ch., Fall River, 
Mass — ; Traveled in Europe, '86. 

BUTLER. A. A*, Franklinton, N. C ;— Born, Huntley, N. C; Stud. Clin- 
ton Male Acad.; Bethel Hill Inst. ; W. F. C, N. C; Lie. 1888, Clinton Ch., N. 
C; Ord. '91, 2nd Ch., Durham, N. C; P. 2nd Ch., Durham, N. C, '91-93; Ev. 
work, '93; P. Mt. Olive, Concord, Teachers, Popular Grove, Bowdens Chapel, 
Wills Chapel, Siloam, '93-96 ; Franklinton, Perry's Chapel, Flat Rock, N. C, '97.— 

BUTLER, Elijah Oliver, Hooper, Colo.,— Born, Ramsey, 111. ; Stud. Shurt. 
Acad, and Shurt. T. S., Hi., 1S94 ; Lie. '86; Ord. '87; Antioch Ch. ; P. Center, and. 
Providence, '86-89; S.Providence, '89-94; Staunton and Freeburgh ; Stonington, 
'91-95; Assumption, 111., '95-98; Flooper, Colo., '98— . 

BUTLER, Francis F., Pella, Ia.— Born, Defiance, O; Stud. U. Chicago; Den. 
U.. O., B. A., 1893; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '98; Lie. Aug. 17, '88, Defiance Ch., O.; 
Ord. Nov. 16, '98,Pella Ch., Ia.; S. Bryan, Wauseon, 1st Ch., Zanesville, O ; Ken- 
dallville, Ind.; P. Pella, [a.—. 

BUTLER, Gilman H., Oakchia, Ala. — Born, Muskingum Co., O.; Lie. June 
1S93, Poplar Creek Ch., Tenn.; Ord. Greenwood Ch., Tenn.; P. Greenwood Ch., 10 
mos.; S. McMinnville, Tenn., '94; Ev.— 

BUTLER, Tames Henry, Alexandria, Va. — Born, Henderson Co., Kv. ; G. 
C, Kv., B,A., 1S74; S:ud. >. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. '67, Henderson Ch., Kv. ; O.d. '73, 
HartwoodCh., Kv. ; P. Gallatin, Tenn.," '74-75; Clinton, 75-78; Versailles, Kv., 
'79-82; Vincennes, Ind., 'S.2-S6; Madison Ave. Ch., Covington, Ky., '86-91; Alex- 
andria, Va., '91 — . 

BUTLER, Nathaniel. 25 College Ave., Waterville, Me. — Born, Eastport, 
Me.; Colbv U., Me., B. A., '1873; M. A., '76; D. D., '95; Lie. '75, 2nd Ch., Ban- 
gor, Me. ; Ord. 'S4, Highland Park Ch., 111.; A. Prin. Ferry Hall Women's C, 
Lake Forrest, 111., '73-76; Highland Hall Women's C, '76-79; Prin. of same, '79-84; 
' Prof. Eng. Lit. Old U. Chicago, '84-86; Prof. Latin, U. of 111., '86-89; Prof. Eng. 
Lit., '89-92; Director of Univ. Extension, and Porf. Eng. Lit. U. Chicago. '92-95; 
Pres. Colbv U., Me., '95—; Au. Monographs on '•The.Study of Latin," " The Psv- 
chologv of Conversion;" "University Extension;" Article in Johnson's Encyc'o- 
pepia on " Universi'y Extension ;" Syllabi on " The Study of American Literature 
an J English Literature." 

BUTTON, Albert R., Armour, S. Dak.— Bom, Chntauqua Co., N. Y.: Stud. 
Of). C, O.: Cedar Vallev, Sem., Ia. ; B. Th. 1875; Lie. '78, Osage Ch., Ia.: Ord. 
Nov. '79, Coklwater Ch,, la. : P. Coldwater and Sheffield, 3 yrs. ; Agt. Cedar Vallev 
Sem., Ia.. 4 y s. : Agt. Des Moines C, la.. 3 yrs ; P. Lamont and Strawberry, 2 yrs. ; 
Cas.adr-, la.. 2 vrs.; Armour, S. Dak., 5 yrs. 

120 The Baptjst Ministerial Directory. 

BUTTRICK, Wallace, 197 Lancaster St., Albany, N, Y.— Born, Potsdam, 
N. Y.; S'ud. Potsdam Nor. Sch., N. Y.; Ogdensbur«; Acad., N. Y.: Roch. T. S., 
N. Y.. 1883: U. Roch. N. Y., D. D., '98; Lie. '79, Ogdensburg Ch., N. Y. ; Ord. 

'83, 1st Ch., New Haven, Conn.; P. 1st Ch., New Haven, Conn., '83-S9: l*t Ch., 
St. Paul, Minn. '89-92: Emmanuel Ch., Albanv, N. Y., '92—: Au. "Distinctive 
Views of Baptists," '98. 

BUTTS, John A., Childersburg, Ala. — Born, Talladega Co., Ala.; Lie. and 
Ord. 1888, Childersburg Ch., Ala. 

BUTTS, Thomas C, La Veta, Colo.— Born, Rav Co., Mo.; South. Meth. 
Sem., Mo. : Lie. Feb. 1st, 1878, McPherson Ch., Kan. ; Orel Tan., '79. : Buffalo Ch., 
Kan.; S. Buffalo, '78 : P. Buffalo, '79-80: Bethel, '82-S3 : Lyons, '90-94; Lincoln, 
Solomon, Kan., '96-97; La Veta, Colo., '98—. 

BUTTS, Zachary Taylor , Itasca, Tex. — Born, Princeton, Kv.; Stud. H. Sch., 
Parkerville, Kv. : Lie. Oct. 16, 1886, Macedonia Ch., Tex.: Ord. Dae. 9, '88, Hills 
dale Ch., Tex.; P.Hillsdale, Basham, and Plum Creek,'89; Cave Creek and Mt. 
Olive, '92; North Lampasas, '94; Pleasant Vallev, '95; Cedron, Woodburv and 
Mountain Springs, Tex., '96-97. 

BUZZELL, Anson S., Shapleigh, Me.— Born, Northfield, Yt. ; Stud. High Sch., 
Northfield, Yt. ; Yt. Conf. Sem., Montpelier, Yt.; Newbury, Sem., Newbury, Yt.; 
Lie. May, 1S96 ; Ord. July, '97. Free Bap. Ch., Phillips, Me.'; P. Shapleigh Ch., Me., 

BUZZELL, Henry A., Battle Creek, Mick.— Born, Fairfax, Yt. ; Cg. U., N. 
Y., A. B.,'83; Ph.D., 1885; Lie. Cazenovia Ch , '82; Ord: May 26, '86, l«t Ch... 
Eikhorn, Mich.; P.. lft. Ch., Elkhorn, '85-91: 1st Ch., Rhinelander, '91-94; 1st. 
Ch., Battle Creek, '94-9S: Grace Ch., Battle Creek, Mich., '98— . 

BUZZELL, Joseph Wells, Troy, Yt.— Born, Marsfleld, Yt., 1826; Stud. New 
Hampton Inst., Yt.; Fairfax T. S., Yt. : Lie. July 4, '52, Fletcher Ch., Yt ; Ord. 
Sept. 30, '57, Sheldon Ch., Vt. ; P. Fletcher, '52-54; Fairfield and Sheldon, '58-62: 
Berkshire, '63.; Enosburgh, '64; Burk, '75; Montgomery, '66; Lowell, '67: Somh 
Troy, Jamaica, '64 ; Jay and North Troy, '99—: Colchester, '77; Passumpsic, Yt. 74. 

BUZZELL, Oliver A., Juniata, Neb.— Born, Ellsworth, N. H. ; Stud. Pub. Schs. of 
N.H. : Lie. Mar 27, 1873, Gibbon Ch., Neb. ; Ord. Mar. 9, '77, Plumb Creek and Over- 
ton Ch.. Neb.; P. Gibbon, '74-75; Huntsville, '74-77: Plum Creek, '75-77: 
Overton, '76-77; Keirnev. 5 mo. in '75: Juniata, '77-79 ; Mayflower, '77-80; Min- 
der-, 79-82 ; Salem, '81-86 ; Union and Catherton, '87-89; Pleasant Home, '87-89; 
Lomax, Lodi, Arnold, Gandy, Neb., '90-92. 

BYERS, Nels Hanson, Storde]st,Minn. : — Born, Europe; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, 
1891; Ord. '92, Sioux City, Danish Bap. Ch. ; P. Sioux City, '94; Westbrook, '95—. 

BYNUMJohn Frank, McHexry, Miss.— Born, Newton Co., Miss.; Lie. 1887; 
Ord. '88, Mt. Olive Ch., Miss.; S. Mt. Olive. Salem. Long Creek, Beulah. Bucatunna, 
Shady Grove, Miss.; Shadv Grove, Ala.: P. Escatawpa,: My. G. & S. I. R. R., 

Miss.; Ed. "Nile City Record." 

BYONS, W. H., Hamptox, Ga.— Born, Pike Co., Ala.: Lie. June 3, 1S93 : 
Ord. Apr. 29, '94, Glen Grove Ch., Ga.; P. Camp Creek: Pleasant Grove, Ga.— . 

BYRAM, Francis N., Shellsbtjrg, Ia.— Born, Hill Grove. O. ; S'ud. Coin. U., 
D. C, 1882-'88: Lie. Mar. 20, 'SO, Fremont Ch., Ia.: Ord. Sept. 16, '86. Ollie Ch., 
Ia.; S. Ollie, '78-81; Indianarolis, '7S-79: P. Ollie. '86-92,— '97-98 ; Hedrick, '92- 
95; Pleasant Grove, '95-98; P. Shellsburg and Parkers Grove, la. '98—. 

BYRD, Alfred Jefferson, Snider, Texx, — Born, Stewart Co., Tenn.: Lie. 1875; 
Ord. May 12. '77, Crock etts Creek Ch.; P. Crockett's Creek; Pleasant Hill: Rush- 
ing'* Creek; Libertv Springs: Cross Creek: Donaldson Creek: Nevil's Creek; 
Blood River, Tenn.— 

BYRD, Berkley Fristoe, Kanawha Sta. W. Va. — Born. Wood Co., W. Va-j 
Lie. Apr. S. 1876; Ord. Oct. 3. '82, Kanawha Ch., W. Va.,: P. Still well. "'77-78: Goo^e 
Creek, -82-85; Northfoik, '80-86 : Tollgate, Kv.. '84-85; Pleasant Vallev, '83-86; 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 121 

Kanawha, '85-87; Murphytown, '36-SS; Bond Creek, *§7-90; North and - 
Mill Creek, '90-93; My. work ; P Stillwel' , '94-98 ; Organizer, and P. Ch. Walker 
Sta,, '96-97; P. Good Hope, and Mr. Moriah, '97-98; Goose Creek, '97-0'.): Union 
Valley, '98- . 

BYRD, Isaac, Snowflake, Va.— Born, Scott Co., Va.; Lie. May, 1869; Ord. 
Jan. '71, Bethel Ch. ; P. Plumb Grove, II yrs.; Fishers Cr ek, Mt. Pleasant, 
Zfon, Bethel, Yellow Springs, Holston, Hilton, 'Sulphur Spring, Lime Hill, Flat 
Rock, Cedar Grove. 

BYRD, John Lawrence, Malvern, Ark. — Born, Hot Spring Co., Ark.: Stud. 
Oua. C, Ark.; Lie. Aug. 10, 1889; Ord. Sept. 14, '90, Big Creek Ch., Ark.: S. 
Brush Creek, '89; P. New Hope, '90, 93-99; Big Creek, '95-9G ; Magnet Cove, '97; 
Damascus, Ark., '99. 

BYRD, Peter A., Thornfield, Mo.— Born, Camilla, Tenn.; Lie. 1880: Ord. 
'84, Cobbs Chapel Ch.,Tenn.; P, Prospect, '85; Stonev Gap, Tenn., 'S6 ; Thorn- 
field, '91-99; Oak Dale, 7 97 ; Franklin Grove, '98-99; Shoal Creek, '97-99; Hopewell 
Mo., '96-99. 

BYRD, Robert Lee- 1 Tolarsville, N. C. — Born, Marion, S. C. : S'ud. Ashpole 
Inst., and Marion Acad., S. C; Lie. Sept. 14, 1893; Ord. Tan. 20, '95, Ashpole Ch., 
N.C.; B. Abbotsburg, '95; Abbottsbbur ff , Clarkton, Browns Creek, '96; Zion's Tab- 
ernacle, Tar Heel, Clark' on, Browns Creek. Abbottsburg, St. Joseph, '97, Tolars- 
ville, Tar Heel, Bladen Union, Cape Fear, Cumberland, Union, N. C , '98. 

BYRD, William Franklin, Roberdell, N. C— Born, Wilkes Co., X. C; L : c, 
and Ord. Pleasant Home Ch., N. C; P. Pleasant Home, Whi'e Plain, Centern, 
Union Hil', Shoal Branch. Trap Hill; M f . Pleasant; P. Gum Orchard: S. Saro, 
Silverrun, Cottage Creek; P. Coolspring, N. C. 

CABANISS, Joseph "W., S elm a, Ala.— Born, Nanafalia. Ala.; Stud. Nanafalia 
Lit. Sch , Ala.; Lie. Apr. 12, 1885, Washington Bap. Ch., Ala.; Ord. Oct. 22, 
'92, Aimwell Ban. Ch., Ala.; P. Oct^on, Ala., '89; Goose Creek, '93-95; 
Friendship, So. Bethel Co., '95; Friendship. '93-94; Cane Creek, '94-95; Mt. Vernon, 
'91; Harmon v, '96; Big S wrings, '96-97; Mv. and Colp. Unitv Assoc, '96: Friend- 
ship, '97-98; Oakmulgee, '97-93; Ephesas, '97-98; Oak Grove, '98. 

CABLE, Amanuel Jackson, Corning, Calif. — Born, Portsmouth, O. ; Stud. 
Portsmouth High Sch., O. ; Lie. Mar., 1871; Ord Feb., '75, Bloom Ch., Flora, 111.; 
P. Bloom Ch., Flora; Indian Prairie, Macedonia, ZifT and Mt. Erie, 111.; Moscow, 
Ida., '89-97; Petaluma, '97-98; Corning, Calif, '99 -. 

CADY, Arthur W», 45 Erwin St., Boonville, N. Y.— Born, New Yo'k City'; 
Stud. Grammer Sch., Cg. U., N. Y ; Cg. U., N. Y., B. A., 1874, M. A. ,'76; Grad. 
Ham. T. S., N. Y.; Lie. Sept. 12, '70, Gilbertsville Ch., N. Y.; Ord.Julv20, '76, 1st 
Ch., Clavton, N. Y.; P. Clayton, N. Y., '76-80; North Bennington, V.t., '80-34; 
Newark,' '84-89; Madison, '89-92 ; Ilion, '93 ; Boonville, N . Y., '94— 

CADY, Edwin C., Stronghurst, III. — Born, Brooklin, Conn.; Cg. U.,X. Y., 
B. A., 1859; M. A, '59; Ham. T. S., N. Y., '59; Lie. '53, Danville Ch, la.: Ord. 
Dec. 4, '59, Main St. Bap. Ch., St. John, N. B.; P. Main St. Ch., St. John, N. B., 
'59-70; Washington, '71; Fort Madison, 73; Olenwood, la., '74; Centennial Agt. 
Burlngton U., 76; P. Roseville, 5 yrs.; Toulon, 3 yrs.; El Paso, 5 yrs.; Wood- 
stock, 2 yrs.; Cazenovia and Roanoke, lj^ yrs.; Rozetta, 3 yrs. ; Stronghurst, 111., 

CADY, John, Washington, Mass. — Born, Hinsdale, Mass. : Lie. 1S59 and Ord. 
Stockton Bap. Ch. ; My. California, Nevada, and Montana. 

. 122 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

CADDTN. Richard Thomas. 920 Twiggs St.. Tampa. Fla.— Born, Colleton 
Co., S. C: Lie. Oct. 1876, Bethel Ch.; Orel. Jan. .78, Green Pond Ch.. Fla.; P. Six 
Mile Pond, 16 vrs.; Emmaus, 1 vr. ; Macon, 3 yrs: Withlacoochee, 2 vis.: Bethany. 
1 vr. : Double Branch. 3 vrs.; Live Oak, 1 vr. ; Gapwav, 11 yrs.; Anclote, 1 vr. : 
Green Pond, 3 yrs.; Providence, 1 yr. : New Zion, 2 vrs.; 2nd Ch.. Tampa. 3 
yrs. : County Line, 3 yrs. ; Crab Grass, 3 mos. : Oakdale. Fla., 3 yrs. 

CAGLE. Adam G. t Horxersville, Mo.— Bom. Clay Co., Ark. ; Lie. 1890, Har- 
mony Ch. ; Old. '94, New Hope Ch. : P. Shepard Valley, Main Shore, M. Tabor, 
Ark": Hailey's Grove, Mo.. "99—; Wanderers Home, New Hope. Palestine. Ark.: 
Box Alder, Mo., '99—. 

CAGLE, ], M., Davis, Txd. Ter.— Born. Mi^; Lie. 1885. Blanton Creek 
Ch.; Ord. '90, Midway Ch., Tex.: P. Hopewell and Sunshine, Tex., '91; Organizer 
and P. Woodford Glenn, Liberty, Ro<e Hill, Ind. Ter., '92-99. 

CAGLE, Charles M», New Columbia, III.— Bom, Carl Co. Tenn.; Lie. 18S8 ; 
Ord. May, '88, New Hope Ch.; P. Ebenezer, '89; Hillerman, "90-97; Ninevah, 
'92-96; Macedonia, '95-96; Belknap. "95; Pleasant Grove. '97: Union Springs, '98. 

CAGLE, Lemuel Taylor, Holcomb, Mo.— Born. Clay Co., Ark.: Lie. Apr. 1S71 : 
Ord. May, '82, Hormonv Ch.. Mo.; P. Harmonv, '82-84; Ft Ch., Holcomb, "89-99: 
Friendship, '84-94-95: Treasurer River, '89-94; Hucker's Bend, '93-94: Berm'e. Mo.. 
'96; My. in Black River Asso.—. 

CAHALL. William Leroy. Geneva, Ala.— Born, Mobile. Ala.: How. C. M. 
A., 1894; Siud. S. B. T. S.. Kv. : Lie. Sept. "91, Ord. Aug. 5, "94, St. Francis St. 
Ch.. Mobile. Ala.;P. Bavou La'Batre, Ala., "92; S. St. Francis St. Ch.. Mobile, Ala... 
; 93: 1st Ch., Pensacola, Fla., '94; P. Forest Home, Ala., '96-97: S. 1st Ch., West 
Point. Mi*.«., -"98: P. Geneva, Ala., 98—. 

CAIN, Armstead, GreextOp Mo.— Born. Adams Co., 111.: Lie. Apr. 20. 1889, 

Indian Creek Ch., Mo. : Ord. Dee. 6. '90, Mi\ Zion Ch., Mo. : P. Pisgah, "91-93: Fa- 
bias, "91-94; New Lain, "91-95; Maple Grove, Mo., '92-97; S. S. My. Pleasant 
Grove Asso., 4 yis. 

CAIN, Francis E., Riley, Wis.— Bom, Middleville, Mich.: Siud. H. Sch., S. 
B. T. £., Kv.; Lie. 1893, 1st Ch., Chippewa Falls, Wis.; Ord. Mav30, '94, Minoequa 
Ch.. Mis.; P. New Richmond, Wis., "93-94: S. Minocpua, Mis.: P. Salem, Mis., 
'95-96: S. Lodi, Mis., "97-98; P. Riley and M«\ Vernon, Mis., "98— . 

CAIN, Ira A., 2928 East First St., Los Axgeles, Calif — Born, Cheshire, 
Mass.; Stud. So. Paw Paw Acad., III., and U.Chicago; Lie. P.iw Paw Ch., III.; 
Ord. Algona Ch., la.; P. Algona la.: Earlville, 111.; Clay Center, Morganville, 
Clyde, Garden City, Lacygue, Kan.; Los Angeles, Calif. ; My. Ind. Ter., 8 yrs. 

"CAIN, Moses Powel, Blackshear, Ga.— Born. Jefferson Co., Ga. ; Mer. U., 
Ga., B. A., 1856, M. A.. '59: Lie. and jOrd. '59, Providence Ch., Ga.; P. Jordans 
Ch.. "59: Providence, '61-76; Hepzibah, Ga., '62-65; Duharts, Va.. '63-66 : Brushy 
Creek, "67-73: Louisville, 61-68: M'adlev. '75-78: Davisboro, '73-77: Blackshear. 
Elim and Millwood, Ga., "96—. 

CAEN, S. Hibbert, Garrett, Ind. — Born, Yarmouth, N. S. : Stud. Horton 
Acad., N. S.: Acadia C, N. S. ; U., Chicago: Toronto B.ip. C, Can.; McMaster 
Hall, Can.; Div. Sch. U.. Chicago; Lie. 1881, Temple Ch., Yarmouth, Can.; Ord. 
'85. Lunenburg Ch.. N. S. ; P. Lunenburg, N. S. : Liverpool. Annapolis, LaSal'e, 
111.; S. Rock Island; P. Garrett. Ind. 

CAIN. "Wesley A.. Medicixe Lodge. — Born. Des Moines Co., la.: Shirt. C 
T. S., 111.. B. D., 1870: L-c. '66, Oskaloosa Ch., la.; Ord. Jan., "72, Malvern Ch., 
la.: P. Malvern, la., 1 yr. ; Columbus, Mis.. 2 }£ yrs.; Beektt, Mass., 1 vr. ; 
East Des Moines, 2 % 3 rs l Indianola, 2 yrs.: Summerset. la., 6 yrs.: Medicine 
Lodge. Kans., 11 vrs. — . 

CAIN, William Henry, Leestille, La. — Born, Vernon Co., La.; Lie. Mar. 31, 
Ord. Sept. 2, 1888, Anacoeo Ch.; P. Anaeoc -, 5 yrs.; Walnut Hill*. 8 yrs. r 
Pearl Creek and Burr Ferry. 8 yrs:; Bay Spring, Little' Rock, 2 yrs. : Mt. Pleat-ant, 
8 vrs: Mod. Yemon Asso.. 5 vr-. 

The Baptist Ministerial DiksjECtory. 125 

CAIN, William N., Vance, Ky.— Born, Term.; Lie. 1873 and Ord. 74, Good 
Spring Ch. ; P. Good Spring, Harmony, Good Hope, Conway, High Prairie, Hen- 
derson. Mountaindale, Strafford, Fairgrove, Timberridge, M'ssiop Home, Mission 
Chapel. Long' Lane, Pisgah, Bethel; Thorpe, .Seymour, New Hope, Harmony No. 2, 
Friend hip. 

CAINE, John Thomas, Central Mills, Ala. — Born, Walker Co., Ala.; How. 
C, Ala., B. A., 1860; Lie. '52, Canaan Ch., Ala. ; Ord. '54, Mt. MoriahCh., Ala.; P. 
Shiloh, Hurricane Grove, '55-56; Providence, Clear Creek, '61-62; Mt. Sterling, '61- 
65: Boiling Springs, '65-66; Rehoboth, Ala., Ala., '90.; My. Colp, and' Mod. 
Bethel Bap. Asso. 

CAINE, John W., Burnt Hills. N. Y.; Stud. Acad, and Pub. Schs., Trenton, 
N. 1.; Lie. Oct. 1SS3, 1st Ch,, Trenton, N. J.; Ord. Jan. 11, '85, New Baltimore 
Ch.', N. Y.; P. Bethanv Ch., Trenton, N. J., "'83-84; 1st Ch., New Baltimore, '84- 
90: Burnt Hills, N. Y., '90.—. 

CAINS. Samuel James, Daisy, S. C — Born, Williamsburg Co., S. C. ; Lie. 
July 29, 1878. Collins Creek Ch., S. C; Ord. Nov. 26, '82, Macedonia Ch., S. C; P. 
Cedar Bay, S. C; Macedonia, Cane Branch, Hickory Grove, Tilly Swamp, Pleasant 
Grove, Mt. Lebanon, Pleasant Home, Good Home, N. C; Sweet Home, Palmyra, 
Be ul ah, Shallotte and Long Branch, S. C- 

CAIRNS, Ceorge Robert, 529 W. 61st St., Chicago, III.— Born, Hudson, 111.; 
Stud. State IT., 111.; Mt. Carroll Sem., 111.; Lie. 1st Ch., Englewood, 111.; Ord. July 
26, 1898, 1st Ch., Snohomish, Wash.; S. 1st Ch., San Francisco, Calif., Summers '93 
and '97; Seattle, Wash., Summer '96; Au. '-Gathered Gems of Gospel Song," (Song 
Book) ; made six tours of Europe. 

CAIRNS, James, Fremont, Wash. — Born, Scotland; Stud. Eccles Inst., Scot- 
land ; Lie. 1855; Ord. '56., 1st Ch., Bloomington, 111. ; P. Towando, Hudson, Polo, 
Cambridge, 111.; Dayton, Colfax, Vancouver, Snohomish and Fremont, Wash.; 
Financial Agent Colfax C, Wash. 

CALAWAY, Martin P., Nutt, Ark.— Born, Marion Co., Ga. ; Lie. 1864, Mt. 
Pleasant Ch., Ark.; Ord. Aug. 20, 'QS, Western Ch., Ark.; P. Hepsibah, Spring- 
Branch, Double Spring*, '66; Friendship, Canon, New Hope, Mt. Pleasant, Bethes- 
da, Pinkney Grove. Ark, '60-98. 

CALLAWAY, P. IVL, Newton, Ala. — Born, Midway, Ala.; Lie. Summer, 
Ord. Newton Ch., Ala.; P. D ilesville, Enterprise, Cool Spring, '94; Pleasant Hill, 
'95; Beulah, Salem, Pinkard, "97; Union, St. Stephens, '98; Newton, Ala., '99—. 

CALLWAAY, Sumner Battle, Clarksville, Tex. — Born, LaGrange, Ga. ; Stud. 
LaG. High Sch. Ga ; Stud, law and was admitted to the bar and began practice, 
Austin, Tex.. '76-82; Lie. Apr., '82, Glen Rose Ch., Tex. ; Ord. July, J 82, P.Pecos 
Citv Chs., '86-87; Chapelhill Ch., Tex. ; P. Corpus Christi, '82-83 ;' Caldwell, '84- 
85; Organized Big Springs, Midland and 2nd St. Ch., Austin, Tex., '89-92 ; San 
Marcos, '92-95; Cuero, '98; Clarksville, Tex.—. 

CALDER, James Grant, 1153 15th St., Detroit, Mich. — Born, Quebec, Can.; 
Div. Scji., Woodstock C, Ontario, Can., 1869; Lie. '63, Dalesville Ch.*, Quebec; 
Ord. Dec. 18, '69, Mt-. Forest Ch., Ontario; P. Mt. Forest, Ai'sa Craig, St. Mary's, 
Petrolia, Alvins'tin, Ontario, Can.; Salt Ste. Marie, Ludington, Detroit, Mich, 

CALHOUN, William Henry, Cedar Valley, Tex.— Born, Bahsville, Ark.: 
Stud. Bovvden C, Ga. ; Lie. 1876, South Sulphur Ch. ; Ord. June 'SO, Odds Creek; 


CALL, Levi Nelson, Sac Citv, Ia.— Born, Hartsville, N. Y. ; Stud. Smithlield 
Acad., Pa.; Lie. 1861 and Ord. '63., Buffalo Creek Ch., Purinton P. O., W. Va ; S. 
Buffalo Creek, '61-63; Stud, and taught until '66; P. Hampton, 10 yrs. ; Webster 
City, '76-96; Sac City, la., Oct., '96—. 

CALLAAWAY, John J. S„ Qumming, Ga.— Born, Washington, Ga.— Stud. 
Gordon Sqrings Acad.; Mer. U., Ga.; Ord. '1866, Bethel Ch., Ga. : P. Bethel. 2 
yrs.: Shiloh, 5 yrs.: Macedonia, 5 vrs.: Lafavette, 7 yrs.; Antioch, 1 yr. ; Wood- 

124 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

station, 8 jr. : Friendship, 10 yrs.; Dogwood Valley, 10 yrs.,; Tunnel Hill, 11 yrs.; 
Rocky Face. 1 yr.; Salem, 9 yrs.; Calhoun, 2 vrs; Caesville, 4 yrs.; Sugar Valley, 
4'y'rs.; Rin^gpid, 1 yr. ; Lincolton, 4 yrs.: Mt. Pisgah, 1 yr,; Prin. Spring- Vale 
Acad.: Calhoun Inst.; Acad., Tunnel Hill:'; Lverly High Sch. : Pres. Hi'ghtower 
Inst., Ga.— . 

CALLAWAY, B. M„ Washington, Ga.— Born, Wilkes Co., Ga.; Mer. U., 
Ga., D. D. ; Ord. Dec, '1859, Sardis Ch., Ga. ; P. Clark Station, '60-99; Sardis, '69- 
99; Clouds Creek, '77-86; Bethany, '61-81; Lincolton, '65-68; Danburg, '92-99; 
Beaver Dam, Ga., '94-99. 

CALLAWAY, John S„ Pexfield, Ga.— Born, Wilkes Co., Ga.; Stud. Theol., 
Mer. U., Ga.; Lie. 1868; Ord. '70, Friendship Ch., Ga.; S. Bairds; P. Belhesda, 
New Hope, Union Point, Shiloh, County Line, Phillips Mi 1, Penfield, Ga. 

CALLAWAY, Jr., P. M., Newton, Ala.— Born, Midway, Ala.; Stud. Newton 
and ScUtsborough Schs., Ala.; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. and Ord. Nov., 1893, Newton 
Ch., Ala.; P. Daleville, Enterprise, Coal Springs, Salem. Ebenezer. Beulah, Union, 
St. Stevens, Newton, Ala., '99 — . 

CALLAWAY, Thomas Merrill, Talladega, Ala.— Born, Harris Co., Ga. ; 
Mer. U., Ga., B. A., 18S7 ; M. A., '93; S. B. T. S., Ky., 90: Lie. and Ord., '87, 
West* Point Ch., Ga.; P. Dalton, '89; Forsvth, '90-95 ; Dawson, '95-96; Lumpkin 
and Hamilton, Ga., '96; Talladega, Ala., '96—. 

C ALLEY, Walter, 3 Chardox St., Boston, Mass.— Born, Dover, 111.; Stud. 
Walters Acad.; Belfont Lit. and Classical Inst.; Cro. T. S., 1880; Lie. '78, Bethany 
Ch., 111.: Ord. '80, Bethlehem Ch., Pa.; P. 1st Ch., Bethlehem, '80-82 : Lehigh Ave. 
Ch., Philadelphia, Pa , '82-91; Immanuel Ch., Cambridge, Mass., '91-93; Tabernacle 
Ch., Boston, Mass., '93—. 

CALDWELL, Calvin Harrison, Ozark, III. — Born, Murrav Co., Tenn. ; Lie. 
1867; Ord. "68, Pleasant Bluff Ch. ; P. Canna, Whit- Oak, Mt. Zion, Sanburn, Cedar 
Creek, Friendship, New Hope Metropolis, Vienna, New Burnside, Hopewell, Stone- 
port, Harrisburg, Raleigh, Gallatia, Union Grove, Eldorado, Pleasant Grove, Union 
Grove, 111. 

CALDWELL, James E v Mercerville, O.— Born, Giles Co., Ya. ; Lie. 184S, and 
Ord. '54, Providence Ch.: P. Mt. Zion, Crown City, Mercerville, O., 14 yrs.; Si- 
loam; Providence; Hopewell; Harmony; Springfield; Guyan Valley ; Victory. 

CALDWELL, James Langdon, Mulhall, Okla. Ter. — Born, Washington Co., 
Mo.; Bap. Indian U., M.S., 1892; Ord. Jan., '97, Pleasant Grove Ch. ; P. Choska; 
S. McAllister, Ind. Ter. ; P. Chandler, Perkins , Enterprise, Okla, Ter. 

CALDWELL, John M., Jasper, Fla.— Born, Madison, Fla., Nov. 21, 1846; Lie. 
Sept., Ord. Dec. '76, New Hope Ch., Fla.; P. New Hope, Howard Grove Long- 
Branch, Olive Branch, Camp Branch, Pine Grove, Plea-ant Hill, Bellville, Jasper, 
Mt. Zion, Mt. Pleasant, Lake City, New Hope, Mt. Pisgah, Piquet Lake, Starke, 
Statenville. Fla. : Ed. "The Jasper Nev\ s," Jasper, Fla ; "Equator." Key West, Fla. 

CALDWELL, John Richard, Prattville, Ala.— Born. Monro? Co., Ga.; Lie. 
June 25, 1865, ; Ord. May, '68, B thesda Ch., Ala.; P. Bethesla, '68-69 ; 'Concord, 
New Prospect, Pleasant Hill, '70-71; Tallanoo-a, Union, Eagle Cr ek, '72-75; Tal 
lassee, Beulah. Bethel, Pleasant Grove, '79-80: Liberty, New Ho^e, Gailand, Ala. — . 

CALDWELL, Samuel A., Ocoee, Tenn.— Born, McMinn Co., Tenn.; Lie. 
1866, and Ord. '67. Liberty Ch. : P. Liberty, '68; Mt. Salem, 70-75; Zion, 74-76; 
Rock Creek, '69-83 ; S. Mill Creek, '90; Smyrna, '92; Benton, '94; Beech Spring, 

CALDWELL, Theodore Byron, Zanesville, O.— Born, Pit'cairn, N. Y. ; Cg. 
Acad., N. Y. 1879: Cg. U. N. Y., B. A., '84; M. A., '87: Ham. T. S. N.. Y., '87; 
Lie. Pi'ca'rn Ch., Aug. 30, 79: Ord. June 30, '87, Garfield Ave Ch., Milwaukee, 
WK; P. Garfield Ave. Ch., Milwaukee, WK, '87-93; 18th St Ch. Detroit, Mich., 
'93-97; Market St. Ch., Zanesville, O., '97—; Stud. S. N. Gage, and Russia. N. Y., 
3 yrs. while in Sch. : New Berlin Ch., N. Y., 6 mo?, while in Sem.: S. William- 
son, N. Y., '82-83. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory-; 12 S 

CALVERT, F. E. t Butler Mo. — Born, Carroll Co., Mb.; Ord. Dec. 17, 1895, 
Carroll'on, Ch., Mo.; P. Morion, '97-98; Kennekuk, Kan., '97-98. 

CALVERT J. H., Belleview, Mo.— Born, Mt. Air, la.; Stud. Ewing, C, 111.; 
Lie. Jan.; Ord. Aug. 5, 1883, Pleasant Hill Ch., II; P. Pleasant Hill, '81-85; 
Sulphur City, Mt. Vernon, Centerpoint, Goshen, Sorlngdale, Ark., '87-91; Opdyke, 
Spring- Garden, Gun Prairie, '91-95; Fairview, 111., '95-97; Belleview, Des Arc, 
Lesterville, and Eastfork, Mo., '97-99. 

CALVERT, John Betts, 15 East 57th St. New York, N. Y.— Born, Preble, N. 
Y.; U. Roch., N. Y., B. A.. 1876, M. A., '79; Shurt C. 111., D. D., '9 4 ; Un. T. S., 
N. Y., '79; Lie. Mar. 20, '75, 1st Ch., Cortland, N. Y.; Ord. Oct 19, '80, Calvary 
Ch., New York, N. Y.; S. 1st Ch.. Staten Island, '78-79; Cor. Sec Bap. My. Cunv., 
N.Y., '79-86; A P. Calvary Ch., '81-86 ; Pr s. Bap. Mv. Conv., N. Y., '89— ; Ed. 
"Christian Inquirer,' '88-95; Editorial Staff "The Examiner," '95—; Pres. New 
York Alumni Assoc. U. Rochester, N. Y., '99— Trustee U. Roch. '99. 

CALVIN, Perry Sylvester, Neenah, Wis.— Born, Transfer, Pa.; Stud. Hall Inst., 
Pa., 1888-99; Buck. U., Pa., B. A., '94; Div. Sch. U. Chicago, B. D., '99; Lie. '90, 
Transfer Ch, Pa.; Ord. '99, Neenah Ch. Wis. ; Stud. P., Chicago Lawn, '95-96; 
Bloomingdale, '98-99; Camp'on, 111., '98-99; P. Neenah, Wis., '99—; Prof. Math- 
ematics and Church History, Manchester C, Ind., '96-98. 

CAMBRIDGE, Archie Adams, Malden, Mass.— Born, Raymond, N.H.; Stud. 
Shurt. C, 111 ; Wa'erville Inst. Me.; Colby U., Me., B. A., 1883; M. A. '88 ; 
New. T. S., Mass.; Lie. '79, 1st. Ch. Charleston, Mass.; Ord. July 11, '83, 
Bowdoinham Ch. Me.; P. Bowdoinham, '83-84; Franklin and Hancock, '84-86; 
Ellsworth, Me., '86-89; Middleburg, Vt., '89-91; North Billerica, '91-96; West Med- 
ford, Mass., '96— . 

CAMERON, James Sanders, McKiNNev, Tex.— Born, Sevier Co., Term.; Stud. 
Summer Bible Sch. Bav. U.. Tex. ; Lie. Mav, 1887, Pilgrim, Ch., Tex.; Ord. July 27, 
'89, Harmony, Ch. ; P. Red Oik, '90-9o ; " Altoga and Snow Hill, '92-97; East 
Fork, '94 — ; Spring Hill, Chambersville and Princeton, Tex., '97 — . 

CAMERON, Robert, 145 E. Ave., Providence, R. I.— Born, East Missouri, 
Ontario, Can. ;. Stud. Starkey Sem. ; U. Cv. N Y. ; Toronto U., Canada, B. A., 1868, 
M. A., '69; Wm. Jewell C, Mo., D. D. '98; Ord. '62, East Zorra, Ch. P. Free Ch. 
Fairport, N. Y., 1 jr., 3mo , '68-69; Grace Ch. New York, N. Y., '70-75; Park Ch. 
Brantford, Ontario, Can., '75-85; 1st. Ch. Denver, Colo., '85-89; Cary Ave., Chel- 
sea, Mass.. '93-96; 4th. Ch. Providence, R. I., '96—. Au. ''Doctrines of the Ages," 
'So; "The First Epistle of John or God Revealed as Life, Light and Love." '99. 

CAMP, Elias Alexander, Fish, Ga.— Born, Gwinnett Co., Ga. ; Lie. 1858, and 

Ord. '59, Bethlehem Ch. ; S. Antioch, '58; P. Buchanan, '60-64; Bethlehem, '61-65; 

Holly Springs, '59-65; Lake Creek, '65-68; Vanwert, '62-64; Mt. Olive, '64-65; 

Poplar Springs, '66, New Harmony, '82-86; Friendship, '81-86; Bethlehem, '82-84; 

• Lake Creek, ''81-85 ; Wimbly Hill, Ga., '86-91. 

CAMP, J. C, Jonesboro, Ga.— Born, Jonesboro, Ga. ; Stud. Jonesb ro H. Sch.; 
Lie. '62, Ord. '66, Jonesboro Ch. Ga. ; P. Ebeneezer, 5 yrs, ; Venah 3 yrs. ; Flat Creek, 
7 yrs; Fayetteville, 1 yr. ; Sharpsburg, 2 yrs.; Antioch, 3 yrs.; Vanwert, 3 yrs.; 
Fairmount, 3 yrs.; Chattooga,. 3 yrs.; New Hope, 12 yrs.; Liberty, 5 yrs.; Hope- 
well, 4 yrs. ; Liberty Hill, Ga., 3yrs. 

CAMP, Thomas Cicero, Hayesville, N. C— Born, Habersham Co., Ga.; Stud. 
HiaAvassee C, Ga. ; Lie. 1880, Hightower, Ch. Ga. ; Ord. '86, -Shiloh, Ch. Ga. ; P. Chs. 

CAMPBELL, Abner Bowen, Troy, Ala.— Born, Clinton, Ga. ; Mer. U,, Ga., B. 
A., M. A., D. D.; Lie. 1860, Penfield, Ch., Ga. ; Ord. Dec. '62, Griffin Ch. Ga. ; P. 
Thomasville, Cuthbert, Americus, Columbus, Macon, Ga., Troy, Ala.; Financial 
Agt. Mer. U., Ga., 82-85. 

CAMPBELL,Edwin Augustus, Gallatin, Mo.— Born, McKeen, 111.; Stud. G. 
R. C, Mo.; Lie. 1890; Ord. ,94, Middlefork, Ch., Mo.; P. New Castle, '94; Pilot 
Grove, '95-97; Eagleyille, '96-98; Middle Fork, '96-97; Lafayette, '97-9S ; Crab Or 
chard, Mo. '99—; My. Mt. Mariah Asso., '95-96. 

126 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

CAMPBELL, Frank Yeley, Waerexburg. Mo.— Born, Clark Co.. 111.; Stud. 
Wm. Tewell C, Mo.; G. R. C. Mo., B. A., 1897:]Lic. Mav 18, '89, and Ord. May 
18, i90, Middle Fork Ch., Mo.: P. New Harmony, "91-92: Mr. Moriah, '92-93; 
Jameson '93-98 ; Salem, '93-95; Jamesporf, ; 94-98 ; Hickory Creek, '95-97; Pattons- 
burg '97-98; Corder and Dover/5Mnos., '98; 1st. Ch. Warrensburg, Mo., '98—. 

CAMPBELL George. Care of Imperial Chinese Post, Swatow, China. — Born. St. 

Charles, 111.: Stu-". Shurt, C, 111.; Cy. U.. N. Y., B. A., 1879, B. Un. T. S., 

v Chicago. B. D., '82; Lie. '79, Delavan Ch., 111.: Ord. '82. Colfax Ch. Wash.: P. 

Colfax, Garfield, Spangle and Rockford, Wash. '82-85: Tecumseh, Neb. '85-87: My. 

China '87 — . 

CAMPBELL, James, Fleetwood, Ind. Ter.— Born. McMinn Co., Tenn. ; Lie. 
I860, Liberty Ch., Mo.; Ord. '71, Union Ch. Ark ; P. 3 Chs. in Ark.; 4 Chs. in 
Tex. : Bine Grove, 7 yrs., Bethel, 3 yrs,; Fleetwood, Ind. Ter. 3 yrs. 

CAMPBELL. James Archibald, Buie's Creek, N. C— Born, Harnett Co.. N. 
C; Stud. W. F. C, N. C. : Lie. 1S85. Ord. Nov. '86, Hectors Creek, N. C: P. 
Hector's Creek, '86 99; Friendship, '87-99: Spring Branch, '89-99 ; Dunn, '89-91; 
Benson, '96-99; Buie's Creek, 70-92-97-99: Hollv Springs, '94-97: Mt. Tabor. N. 
C, '89-89. Prin. Buie's Creek Acad, and ' Commercial Sch., '87—: Ed. "Little 
River Record." 

CAMPBELL, James Patrick, Hi nton, W. A a.— Born, Monroe Co., W. Va.: 
Stud. Union Acad.: Lie. May 1858. and Ord. Nov. 21, 71, Springfield Ch.; P. 
Springfield, 71-76; Pine Grove, 72-73; Red Sulphur, 73-86; Sink's Grove, 
73-83; Mt. Pt., 72-74: Ronceverte, 73-76: Valley, '80-85; Oak Grove, '84-S6: 
Mouth of Greenbrier, '86-88; Mountain View. '84-92: Raleigh C. H„ '89-92; Mt. 
Tabor, '90-92; Concord, '88-89 ; Hill Top, '90-98; Princeton, '92-98: Glenlvn, '93-98: 
Hinton, W. Va. '98—. 

CAMPBELL, James Samuel, Benton, La.— Born, Red Land, La.: Kea. C . La.. 
B. A., 1895: Lie. Aug. 3, '89; Ord. Tan. 3, '92, Sarepta Ch. ; P.Longstreet, La., '91 
-94;-Midway, Shreveport, '91-95; Benton and Lovely Point, La., '96-99. 

CAMPBELL, Jerome, Massena, Ia— B rn, Jersev Co., 111. : Stud. Shurt. T. S.. 
111.. 1893; Lie. Jan. 9, '91, Bethany Ch., III.; Ord. May 2 '95, Jersewille Ch., P. 
Cairo, '95-96; S. Central City, Neb'., 2 mo. : Woonsocket," S. Dak.,'l8 mo. : P. Massena, 
la., '98—. 

CAMPBELL, John, 36 Cottage St., Jersey City, N. T.— Born, Ireland; Stud. 
Private: Lie. M^y 31, 1886; Ord. Nov. 3,*'91, Summit Ave. Ch., Jersev City, N. ] . : 
S. Union Hill, '85-87; P. 2nd Ch.. Hoboken, N. J., '90—. 

CAMPBELL, Tohn Daniel, Saulsbury, Tenn.— Born, Bethel, Springs, Tenn.— 
Stud. Glenda'e Acad., Tenn.: So. Wn. U . Tenn.; Lie. Nov. 1891, Palestine Ch. 
Tenn.; Ord. Nov., '94, Saulsbury Ch., Tenn.: P. Palestine, Tenn., '98-99. 

CAMPBELL, John E, G,. Mt. Pleasant. Fla.— Born, Gadsden Co., Fla. : 
Lie. Summer, 1871; Ord. Fall 71, Providence Ch., Fla.; P. Mt. Zion, 71-72: An- 
tioch, 73: Corinth, 74; Oak Grove, Spring Hill, Providenc, Sunny Deli, Mi. 
Pleasant. Fla. 

CAMPBELL, John L.. 20 E. 120th St., New York, N. Y.— Born. Dominion- 
ville. Ontaio, Can.: Woodstock C, Can., 1868; Toronto U., Can.. B. A., '83: 
Central U., Ia., D. D.. '93; Lie. '66' Woodstock Ch.. Canada; Ord , '68, Chatham 
Ch.. Ontario, Can.: P. Chatham; Dundas: Montreal; Cheltenham, Can.: Nvack, 
Lexington Ave., New York. N. Y. ; Au. Volume of Sermons, "Heavenly Recogni- . 
tion and other Sermons," '95. 

CAMPBELL, John. W., Trenton, Ala.— Born. Jackson Co.. Ala.; Lie. June. 
1893: Ord. 25, '95, Cedar Grove Ch. : P. Cedar Grove*, 3 yrs. ; Trenton, 2 yrs.— . 

CAMPBELL, John "Waller, Perryville, Ky.— Born, Washington Co., Ky. ; 
Stud. Tavlor Acad, and S. B. T. S., Kv.; Lie. and Ord. 1S88, Bethlehem Ch.. KV.: 
P. Mt. Gi'ead, '88-94; Greasy Creek, '90-91; Greensburg, 91-96: S. Campbellsville, 
'89-90; P. Hardins Creek, '93-94 : North Rolling Fork*" '93-94; Friendship, '95-96 ; 
Deep Creek. '96-97: Beach Grove, '96-99 : Perrvville, Kv.. '97— . 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 127 

CAMPBELL, Jonas S. t Camfton, Ky.— Born Franklin Co.. Va. : Lie. 1838; Ord. 
'63, Regular Bap. Ch. ; P. Sitllwater. Mt. Pleasant, Bailey, Field, Holly Creek, Ky. 

CAMPBELL, Robert, 106 E. Court St., Cincinnati, O.— Born, Lynchburg"; 

Ya.- Lie. 1S88, Ebenezer Ch. ; Ord. June 14, '94, St. Paul Ch.; P. 1st Ch., Flem- 
ingsburg, Ky.. '89; 1st Ch., Pennelton, '92; St. Paul Ch., College Hill, '94-97; 
Ebenezer Ch., Cincinnati, O., '98. — . Ev. — . 

CAMPBELL, Robert David, Greenville, Tex.— Born. Hardin Co., Tenn. ; 
Lie. May, 1874; Ord., Apr., '75, Donelton Ch., Tex. ; P. Donelton, 7 yrs. ; Lone 
Oak, 7 yrs. ; Prairie Valley, 18 yrs. ; Shady Grove, 11 yrs. ; Union, S yrs. ; Quinland, 
Tex., 5 yrs. 

CAMPBELL, Samuel H. t Arkadelphia, Ark.— Born, Atlanta, Ga. ; Stud. Oua. 

C, Ark.; Lie. Jan. TO, 1897; Ord. Sept. 9, '98, 1st Ch., Pine Bluff, Ark. 

CAMPBELL, William Tinsley, 2626 Prospect Ave., Kansas City, Mo.— Bom, 
Searcv Co., Ark.; Stud". Wm. Jewell C, Mo.; S. B. T. S., Kv. ; Lie. Sept., 1873, 
Salt Pond Ch.; Ord. Jan.. 26, '76, 2nd Ch., Liberty, Mo.; P. New Hope and Mt. 
Zion, '77-78; S. Clinton, Mo., '80-84; P. Portland Ave. Ch., Louisville, Ky.. 
'78-79; Westport, Mo., 3 raos., '78; P. and Organizer Olive St. Ch., Kansas City, 
Mo , '84-91; Corresponding Sec. Mo. Bap. Gen. Asso., '92-97; P. South Park Ch.', 
Kansas City., Mo., '96.—. 

CANANT, General Jackson, Watford, Ala. — Born, Russell Co., Ala.; Lie. 
June and Ord. Aug., 1890, Cedar Grove Ch., Ala. ;- P. Enon, Adoniram, '91-92; Ado- 
niram, Pilgrims Rest, Pleasant Hill, Friendship, Bethel, Christian Home, Bethel, Pil- 
grims Rest, Adoniram, Providence, Ala % — . 

CANDEE, Arthur Lewis, Durango, Col. — Born, Easton, Conn.; Stud. Staples 
Acad., Easton, Conn. ; Colby Acad., N. H. ; Ham. T. S., N. Y., 1891; Lie. Sept. 18, 
'81, Easton Ch., Conn. ; Ord. Jan. 12, '87, Cross River Ch., N. Y.; P. Cross »iver, 
'86-88; Bainbrido-e, '90-91; Fulton, N. Y., '91-92; Faribault, Minn., '92-93; Lake 
Crystal, Minn., '93-94; Independence, '94-98; Waverly, la., '98-99. 

C ANN, John L., Potsdam, N. Y.— Born, Elizabethtown, Kv. ; G. C. Kv.. M. 
A., 1891; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '94; Lie. '91, Blue Ball Ch., Ky. ; Ord. '94, Potsdam 
Ch., N. Y.; S. Hume, Summer, '92-93; Mendon, N. Y., Winter, '93-94; P. Pots- 
dam, N. Y., June, '94 — , 

CANNEDY, Travis Edwin, Greenville. Tex.— Born, Caddo Mills, Tex.; 
Stud. Bur. C, Tex.; Bav. U.Tex,; Lie. Dec. 1892; Ord. June 4. '94, Elm Creek 
Ch; P. Pleasant Valley, ,95-98; Green Hope and Friendship, Tex., '98-99. 

CANNON, Benjamin F., Gillham, Ark. — Born, Chattanooga, Tenn., 
1846; Lie. '76, Sweet Home Ch., Ark.; Ord. '79, Shiloh Ch., Ark.; P. Shiloh, Zion, 
Macedonia, Bethany, Brisbane, Union, Farribaville, Sai-dis, Cassatot, Mt, Carmel, 
Hopewell, Ark. — . 

CANNON, William A.,Mattoon, III.— Born, Jefferson Co., Tenn.: Stud. 
C-N. C, Tenn.; Lie. and Ord. 1894, Cold Water Ch., 111.; P. Mt. Zion, Wheaton. 
Hurricane, Union, Clear Creek, Greenup, Mt. Nebo, Kickapoo, Mattoon, Sullivan, 
Arthur, 111. ; Served as Pastor 22 yrs. 

CANTRELL, John Oliver, Greenbrier, Ark.— Born, Whiterield Co., Ga. ; 
Lie. May 12, 1886; Ord. July, '87, Cedar Yallev Ch.; P. Sulphur Springs, "88-95; 
Cedar Valley, '95-98; Bethlehem and Pleasant Valley, '98 ; Marcus Hill, '95-99. 

CANTRELL, William F„ Button Valley, Mo.— Born, Foasvth Co., Gai 
1833; Lie. Dec. 1, '66, and Ord. Feb. 1, '68, Corinth, Ch.. Ga : ^P. Mt. Pisg 
Thomasville, Macedonia, New Hope, Howell Vallev, Concord, Dry Creek, Antioeh, 
Highland, Ga. 

CAPE, James P., De Soto, Mo.— Born, Washrngton Co., Mo.; Lie. and Ord. 
1865, Swashing Ch. ; P. Swashing, Pilgrims Rest, Oakland, Plattin. Lebanon, Cekir 
Hill, Bethlehem, Providence. Hauses Springs, Sandy Temptrate Mission, Hope- 
Moon town, Mo. 

*23 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

CAPEN, Edward Augustus, Watertown, Mass — Born, Boston, Mass.; Harv. 
U., Mass., 1866; New. T. S., Mass., '77; Lie. 1st Ch., Boston, Mass.; Orel. 77 1st 
Ch., Watertown, Mass.,; P. 1st. Ch., Watertown, Mass., '77—. 

CAPEN, Randall Thomas, Belfast, Me.— Born, Quincy, Mass.; Harv. C, 
Mas'*., B. A., 1S95; Stud. Free Ch.,C, .Scotland ; New. T. S., Mass., '98; Ord. June 
16, *98, Watertown Ch., Mass.; S. Patten, Me., '96-97; Belfast, Me., '98—. 

CAPERTON, Alexander Colton, Leitchfield, Ky. — Born, Jackson Co., Ala.; 
Miss. C, B A., M. A., D.D.; Bav. U., Tex., D. D., 1871 ; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '58; 

Lie. '59, Richland Ch., Miss; Ord. '58, Clinton Ch., Miss.; P. Grenada, Miss.; 
Chelsea, Memphis, Tenn.; Mavsfield, Ky. ; 1st Ch., Evansville, Ind. ; Yalobusha 
Female Inst., Miss., "59-61; Ed. " Western Recorder," Louisville, Ky. 

CAPPS, Jadob Benjamin, Osage Ironworks, Mo. — Bom, Pulaski Co., Mo.; 
Lie. Dec. 15, 1894, Ord. Sept. 15, '95, Bollinger Creek Ch. ; P. Bollinger Creek, '96; 
Good Will, Mt. Tabor, '97; Osage Valley, '98; S. Bollinger Creek, '99 ; Mt. Tabor, 

CAREY, Robert Henry, Salem, Mass. — Born, Salem, Mass.; Stud. Salem Sch., 
Mass.; Cg. U., N. Y., 2 yrs. ; Colby Acad., N. H. 1886: Ham. T. S., N. Y. ; Lie. 
'85, Calvary Ch , Salem; Ord. '89, North Troy Ch. ; Stud. S. Masonville, N. Y.; 
P. North Troy and Jay, Vt., 89-91; Cromwell, Conn., '91-93; Dover, N. H., '93-95; 

Greenfield, Mass., '95-98. 

CARY, Timothy F , Wellston, O. — Born, Lawrence Co.,0; Stud. Rio Grande 
C, O.; Lie. 1889; Ord. ''90, Ice Creek Ch., O. ; P. Harmony, '90-99; Palestine, '95-99; 
Myrtle Tree, '94-99; Mt. Zion, O., '94-99. # 

GAREY, Truman H , Delray, Mich.— Born, Parma, N. Y.; Stud. McMaster 
U., Toronto Can. ; Toronto Bap. C, Can., 1885; Stud. Div. Sch., Toronto Bap. C, 
Can. :Lic. Sept., '66, Dearborn Ch. ; Ord. Dec. 2, '69, Farmington Ch., Mich. ; P. By- 
ron, Farmington, St. Johns Caro, Flat Rock, Stayner, Sincoe, Essex, Rockland, 
Ontario, Can. ; Calvary Ch', River Rouge, Mich.— ; Ed. "Eureka, The Baptism 
and The Church of the New Testament." 

CAREY", William Galen, Crozer T. S., Upland, Pa.— Born, Mendota, 111. ; Ot. 
Ui, Kan., B. S., 1894; Stud. Cro. T. S., Pa.; Lie, '94, Clay Center Ch., Kan.; Ord. 
'95, Minneapolis Ch., Kan.; P. Minneapolis, '94-96; Howard, Kan., '96-98; P. Penn's 
Grove, N. J.—. 

CARGILL, John E., Viola, Ark. — Born, Graves Co., Ky. ; Stud. Viola High 
Sch., Mountain Home Bap. C, Ark.; Lie. 1887; Ord. '88, Viola Ch., Ark.; P.Viola, 
7 yrs. ; Mammoth Spring, Ark., '96-97; Bakersfield, 5 yrs. ; Moody, Mo., 3 yrs. ; New 
Athens, Ark., 6 yrs. ; S. Viola, Ark.— . 

CARGILE, John Forsyth, Macon, Ga.— Born, Albany, Ga. ; Stud. Mer. U., 
Ga.; S. B. T. S., Ky., 1896; Lie. and Ord., Jan., '94, Tatnall Square Ch., Macon, 
Ga.,; P. Bracken Ch., Minerva, Ky., '98-99; My. Ga., 1 y„ yrs., '94; My. State Bd., 
Ky.,1^ jrs., '96; Self-Supporting My., Robertson Co., "6 mos., '99; Engaged in 
Secular an and promiscuous S. work. 

CARL, Wellington G., Jefferson, Pa.— Born, Reading, Pa.; Cro. T. S., Pa., 
1897; Lie, '95; Ord. Tune 2, '97, 10th Ch.. Philadelphia, Pa. ; S. Crum Lynne, '96- 
97; P. N. Ten Mile, '97-98; Jefferson, Pa., '97—. 

CARLETON, Thomas Calvin, 1550 Mississippi Ave., St. Louis, Mo.— Born, 
Elliot Co., Ga.; State U., Ga., B. A. 1875; Ord. June, '88, 1st Ch., Newnan, Ga. ; 
P. Decater, 3 yrs; Lithonia, Stone Mountain, Sylvester, Ga. ; Slater, Mo., 4> 2 ' yrs.; 
Lafayette Park Ch'., 3 yrs. 

CARLIN, Abraham, Aurora, Mo.— Born, Harrison Co., W. Va. ; Lie. Oct., 18, 
1884; Ord. Apr., '85, Purdv Ch., Mo.; P. Butterfield, '85-88; Antioch, '89-90; New- 
town and Neosho, '91-92 ^Seneca, Mo., '92-93; Vinita, I. T., '84; South Joplirt, 
Mo.. '95-98; Kings. Point, Antioch, Ark. ,'98-99; Ed. " The Baptist Missionary," 
Estab. "i)2. 

Thk Baptist Ministerial Directory. 129 

CARLOCK, S. J., San Diego, Calif.— Born, Dongola, UK; Ewing C, UK, B. 

A., 1897; LiC. Mar., '81, and Ord. June 17, -'93, Alto Pass Ch., UK; P. Louisville, 
Blue Point, UK; Atlautic, la.; S. San Diego, Santa Ana, Calif.; Prof. Greek and 
Latin, Ewing C-, UK, '96-98. 

CARLSEN, Adolph, Humbolt, 1a. — Born, Denmark; Ord. 1870, Danish Ch., 
Clarks Grove, Minn.; P. Albert Lea, Alden, Pine Creek, Gilmore, Humbolt, Minn.; 
S. Cedar Rapids, Cedar Falls, Mankato, la. 

CARLSEN, Carl A. t Atlantic, 1a. — Born, Nyborg, Denmark; Stud. Denmark; 
Lie. Dee. 4, 1876; Ord. Apr. 6, 77, Danish Ch., Albert Lea, Minn.; S. Danish Ch., 
Albert Lea, Minn. ; P. Danish Ch., Atlantic, la., Harlin, la. 

CARLSON, John A., Hedgehog, Wis.— Born, Sweden; Lie. Oct. 23, 1891; 
Ord. May 8, '92, Washington Ch. 

CARLSON, Martin, 2117 Jefferson St., K\nsas City, Mo. — Born, Aryd, 
Carlshamn, Sweden; Swedish Bap. Sem., 111. U. Chicago, 1895; Lie. '89, Swedish 
Ch., Worcester, Mass.; Ord. '93, Swedish Ch., Humbolt Park, UK; P. Worchester, 
Mass., '91-96; Humbolt Park, UK, '91-96; Kansas City, Mo., '97-99—. 

CARLSON, Charles H., Upsala, Minn.— Born, Sweden; Stud. Pill. Acad. 
Minn., and B. Un. T. S., Chicago; Lie. May 4, 1895, Bigstone Center, Ch., Minn.; 
Ord. May, 27, '98, Upsala, Minn.; P. Upsala, Minn.— 

CARLSON, Oscar F., 1701 San Jacincto St., Austin, Tex.— Born, Sweden ; 
Stud. Central Bible Sem., Strombunj, Neb; Knox C, UK; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, 
B. D., 1895; Ord. Dec. 28, '88, Swede Ch., Galesburg, UK; P. Swede Ch., Galesburg, 
UK, '88-94; Albert Lea, Minn., '95-98; Austin, Tex., '98—. 

CARMACK, Jacob, Why Not, Ky.— Born, Ownsley Co. Kv. ; Lie. 1867, Royal 
Oak Ch., Ky. ; Ord. '70, Athens Ch., Ky. ; P. Island City, Bethlehem, Ky.; Organ- 
ized 16 Chs^ 

CARMAN, Asahei Harrison, Fairmont, N. Dak.— Born, Delaware, Co., N. 
Y.; Stud. St. Lawrence U., and Ripon C, Wis.; B. Un. T.S., U. Chicago, 1881: Lie, 
Dec. '75, Waseca Ch., Minn.; Ord. Dec. '81, Cresco Ch.,Ia. ; P. Cresco,' la., 5% yrs. ; 
St. Charles, Minn.,1 yr. ; Ellendale, N. Dak., 4 yrs.; Long Prairie, Minn., 1^ yrs. ; 
Stoughton, Wis., 4:% yrs. ; Fairmount, N. Dak., 2 yrs. ; Rutland, Wis., 1 yr. ; S. Sil- 
ver Leaf M. E. Ch., 2 yrs. 

CARMAN, Augustine Spencer, Granville, O. — Born, Ashland, O. ; U. Roch.s 
N. Y., B. A., 1882; Roch. T. S., N. Y.,'85; Lie. June 2, '82, E. P?rk Ave. Ch., 
Rochester, N. Y. ; Ord. Sept. 3, '85, Lincoln Park Ch., Cincinnatj, O. ; P.Lincoln 
Park Ch., Cincinnati, O., '85-88; 1st Ch. Ann Arbor, Mich., '88-93; 1st Ch. Spring- 
field, '93-98; S. 1st Ch.Davton, O., '98-99; Ed. Sec, Den. U., and Shepdson C, 
Granville, O., '99—; Cor. Sec. O. Bap. Ed. Soc. ; "A Study of New Testament Pre- 
cedent," In Old and New Testaments Student, '91; "The New Testament and the 
Greek Mysteries;" In "Bibliotheca Sacra," '93; and "Biblical World," '97; Booklet, 
"The Covenant and the Covenant Meeting," '98. 

CARMAN, John Calvin, 2228 N. New Jersey St., Indianapolis, Ind. — Born, 
Ashland, O.; Stud. 111. U. ; U. Roch., N. Y., B. A., 1884; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '88- 
Lic. '82, Urbana, Ch., 111. ; Ord. June, '88, 1st Ch., Zanesville, O. ; P. 1st Ch. Zanes, 
ville, O.; Traverse City and Sault St. Marie, Mich.; Station P. IstCh. Indianapolis, 
Ind.; Out Stations North Indianapolis and Brightwood. 

CAR.MAN, Isaac Newton, Perry, O. — Born, Perry, O.; Stud. Waynesville 
Acad., O. ; Bethany C.,Va., B. A., '55 ; Ord. Apr. 10, '60, Ashland Ch.,0. ; P. Ashland, 
'60-64; Marietta, O., '64-68; Woodstock, UK, '68-69; Hudson, Mich., '69-70; Nor- 
walk, O., '70-75; North College Ave. Ch., Indianapolis, Ind., '75-78; Champaign, 
UK, '78-81; Portland, Mich., '82-86; Circleville, O., '86-89; Berrien Springs, Mich., 
'89-95; St. Paris, '95-97; Perry, O., '97—. 

CARNER, William H., Benton, III. — Born, Gainsboro, Tenn.; Lie. Apr. 
1859, Ord. Dec. '63, Paradise Ch., UK; P. Paradise, Pinkneyville, Nashville. Steel- 
ville, McLeansboro. Harrisburg, Carmi, Ashley, Benton, Jonesboro, Kinmudy, Bloom- 
ing Grove, Eldorado, Galatia, 111. ;—. Chap. 81st 111. Vol. ; Present Chap. Southern 
Sailors and Soldiers Assoc. 

150 The Baptiji Ministerial Directory. 

CARNES, Green B, Rienzi, Tex,— Born, Cherokee Co., Ala; Stud. Spring 
Garden High Sch. Ala.; Theol. How. C, Ala. ;■ Lie. 1878, Harmony Ch.Ala. ;Ord. '86, 
Libertv Ch., Ala.; P. Austin Creek, Nectar: S. Fovrlers Cove* Pine Grove, Brook- 
"ville, L ; beri.v, M\ Carmel, Ala.; Ev. t \ntioch, Harmony. Brookville, Mt. Carmel, 
Walnut Gi\>ve, Union, Blountsville, Ala.: P. Harmony, Fellowship, Tex. — . 

CARNES, J. O., Winsboro, Tex.— Born, Clayton Co., Ga. : Lie. 1864, Smyrna 
Ch.. Tex.; Ord. '77, Clearwater Ch., Tex.: P. Chs. since '77 ; New Salem, Tex. — , 

CARNETT, Redmon Boyd, Lebanon, Mo.— -Born, Mild Cherry, Ark.; Stud. 
SmirhfHd Acad., Ark. : Lie. 1880, Macedonia Ch., Ark. ; Ord. '82, Little Creek Ch., 
TUo. ; P. L n-j Lane, Marshfield, Conway. Lebanon, Brumlev, Iberia, Crocker, Bill- 
ings, Willard, Mo. 

CARNETT, William Wallace, Clarksburg, Mo.— Born, Smithfield, Ark. ; Stud. 
Mt. Grove Acad, and Wm. Jewell C, Mo.; Lie. 1889. 1st Ch., Springfield. Mo. ; 
Ord. '92., Boulevard Ch , 'Springfield, Mo.; P. Boulevard Ch., Springfield and- 
Spring Garden, Mo. — . 

CARNEY, John F., Portervill, Calif. — Born. Harrison Co., O.; Lie. Dec, 
1895, Eureka Ch., Humboldt, Calif.: Ord. July 28, '97. Imusdale Ch.. Calif.: P. 
Jmusdale, '97-98; Portersville, Calif., '98-99.' 

CARNEY, Peyton Whitfield, Silver Springs, Tenn.— Born, Humphreys Co., 
Tenn.; Stud. Mr.. Juliet Acad, and High Sch., Leeville, Tenn. ; Lie. 1892, Mt. Olivet 
Ch., Leeville, Tenn.; Ord. Dec. 25, '92, Little Cedar LickCh., Silver Springs, Tenn.; 
P. Bakc-s Grove, '90-98; Little Cedar Lick, '93-98: Fellowship, '95-97; Athens, 
' 5 93-95 ; Una, '98; Gladeville, '96 ; Fall Creek; Tenn., '99.— . 

CARNEY, Robert E., Troy, O.— Born, Lisbon, Va. ; Stud. R. C. Ya., and S. B. 
T. S., Kv. ; Lie. 1873, Mt. Zion Ch., Va. ; Ord. June, '79, Hope Ch., Louisville, Ky. ; 
P. Floyd Court House, Va., '81; Licing Ch., Cold Spring, Kv., '81-82 : Tolono, 
111., '82-84; Grant, Kv., '84-85; Portsmouth, '85-88; Troy, O., '88-99. 

CAROTHERS, Isaac, Trinity Springs, Ind.— Born, Jackson Co., Ind.; Stud. 
State U. Ind. ,1845; Lie. Mav and Ord.Dec.'55,BethabaraCh' ; P. Heltonsvillh, '55-61 ; 
66-69; 92-93; Stanford, '55-61 ; 65-76: Bogs Creek, 77-90; Huron, '70-78; Spring- 
ville, '70-72; Spice Vallev, '72-73; 90-92: Liberty, '77-78; Mt. Horeb, Tan.-Oct., 
? 61-77-78; Rock Lick, '55-61. 

CARPENTER, G. W., Tangipahoa, La.— Born, Washing Co., La., Dec. 20, 

1858: Lie. and Ord., Sept. 12, '93, Bethel Ch., La.; P. Ebenezer, Independence, 
Tangipahoa, La. — . 

CARPENTER, Walter C,Osteen,Fla.— Born,Osteen,Fla. ; Stud. Public Schs., 
Osteen, Fla.; Lie. Nov. 26, 1895, Bethlehem Ch. ; P. Geneva, '96-97: S. Shiloh, 

7 98-99. 

CARPENTER, William Thomas, Goodl and, Ind.— Born, Henrv Co., Ky. ; 
Stud. Eminence Sem. and Beth. C, Kv.: S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. Jan. 31, 1875, Ord. 
Oct. 6. '78, Eminence Ch., Ky. ; P. West Port, Ky., New Prospect, Union, Wirt, 
Ind., '.78-82; Ellettsville, Stanford, '82-84; Union, Spring Branch, Macedonia, 
Patriot, '84-88; Orland, Ind, '88-89; Sturgis, Mich., '89-90; Chester and Chester- 
ville, O., '90-98; Goodland, Ind., '98—. ,. 

CARR. James Daniel, Ewing, 111. — Born, Putnam Co., Tenn.; Stud. Ewing C, 
111.; Lie. June, Ord. Sept. '1891, Ten Mile Ch., 111. ; P. Ten Mile, Knob Prairie, 
Oak Grove, Palestine, Green Prairie, Ewing, Liberty, Sugar Camp, Bluford, Ina, 
Camp Ground, 111.; Trustee and Sec. of Ewing C. — ; Au. Booklet on "Church Fi- 
nances," '98. 

CARR, Lucius G., Eau Claire, Wis. — Born, Madison, O., June 30, 1843; Stud. 
U., Chicago; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, '72; Lie. Mav, '72, Western Ave. Ch., 
Chicago, 111.; Ord. July 20, 72, Stonington, Ch., 111.; P. Stonington, '72-74: Still- 
man Valley, 111., '74-80; Green Bay, 80-82 ; Fall River, '82-84: Ripon, '84-87; Ste- 
vens Point, Wis., '89-97; District Supt. Children's Home Soc, Wis., '97-—. 

T he B a PTiSiT Ministerial D i r kct* >itv t T 1 

CARR t Norman, Franklin, Ind. — Born, Eden,'N. Y.; Stud. U., Chicago: B. 
In. T. S , Chicago, B. D., 1875; Lie. '68, Ord. Jan. 5, '69, Flour Creek Ch., Mich ; 
P. Flour Creek. '69-70; Grant, Mich., '69-70; S. Rock Island Mission, Chicago, III., 
71 ; Several Chs. near Chicago while Stud.; P. Thompsonville, '74; Lena, 111 , '75- 
78; Kokomo, Ind., '78-82*; Sec. Bd. of Directors, and Field Sec, '82-99; Sec. and 
Treas. Bd. of Education of Ind. Bap. Conv. 

CARR, Samuel E-, East Branch, N. Y.— Born, Hamden, N. Y.; Stud. Cg. 
U., N. Y. ; Ham. T. S., N. Y., 1885; Lie. Walton Ch., N. Y., Ord. Aug. 19, '85, 
Merideth Ch., N. Y.; S.Sherman, '81-82; Starrucca, '82-83; P. Merideth, '84-87; 
Starrucca, Pa, '87-90; Waterford, Conn., '90-92; Sidney Centre, '92-96; East 
Branch, N. Y.,, '96—. 

CARR, Samuel L, 30-3rd St., Newport, R. I.— Born, Newport. R. I.; Ord. 
Jan. 29, 1878, Central Ch , Newport, R. I.; P. Central Ch,, Jamestown, R. I., '77-83; 
Chaplain Asylum, Newport, R. I., '93 — . 

CARR, Thomas Edwin, Cook Station, Mo. — Born, Jan. 29, 1831 ; Stnd. Tiuro 
Acad.; Lie. Nov. 13. '65 Hvde Park Ch., Mass. ; Ord. Oct 27, '66, Willow Springs 
Ch., Mo.; P. Zion Hill, '67-68; Liberty, '67; Friendship, '70; Willow Springs, '72- 
73: Cook Station, Mo., '79-84; My. B.' H. M. S., '67; Taught school several yrs. 

CARR, Thomas Read, Richmond, Mo. — Born, Gloucester Co., Va. ; R. C. r 
Va., B. A., 1886, M. A., '87; S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. M., 4 90; Lie. Nov., '83, Newing- 
ton Ch., Va.; Ord. Oct., '87, County Line ~Ch., Va. ; P. County Line, '90-93; S. 
Walnut Grove, '90-91 ; Carmel, '91-93 ; Laurel Hill. Va., '93-95; Batesburg, S. C, 
'95-97; Richmond, Mo., '97— . 

CARR, W. S-, Erie, Kan.— Born, Warsaw, N. Y.; Stud. Middleburg Acad.; 
Lie. June, 1895, Lebo Ch., Kan. ; Ord. Sept. 29, '36, Iola Ch., Kan. ; P. Erie, '96—. 

CARRALL, "William Thomas, Haggard, Miss.— Born, Pickens Co., Ala.; 
Lie. 1877. and Ord. '78, Chestnut Grove Ch.; Served 30 Chs.; P. Murphy's Creek 
and Sardis, Miss., 14 yrs. 

CARRICK, Thomas, High Point, N. C— Born, Davidson Co., N. C; W. F. 
C, N. C, B. A., 1875; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. '69, Ord. '77, Lick Creek Ch.; 
P.Greenville, '77-87; Lexington, '87 — 96;"Ramseur, Randleman, Liberty, Cedar 
Falls, Franklinville, N. C, '96—, 

CARRINGTON, J. S., Woodbine, Ia.— Born, Milford, Conn. ; Lie. VanBuren 
Ch., la.; Ord. Jackson Ch., Ia.; P. Jordan's Grove, la.; Highland, Peru, Filley, 
Neb.; Jewell Cy., Kan.; Sheridan, New Hope, Mo.; Athelston, Ia. 

CARROLL, Jr., Benajah Harvey, Chicago, III. — Born, Waco, Tex., Mar. 3, 
1874; Stud. Bav. U., Tex.; U. of Tex., LL. B., '94; S. B. T. S., Ky., and Div. Sen. 
U., Chicago; Lie. June, '94, Ord. June, '95, 1st Ch., Waco, Tex,; P. Colorado Citv, 
'95-97; Weatherford, Tex.. '97-98; Chaplain 1st Tex. U. S. Vol. Cavalry, May-Nov., 
'98; "Annual" University of Tex., '94. 

~ mmr CARROLL, Benajah Harvey, 823 Speight St., Waco, Tex.— Born, Carroll Co , 
Miss.; Bay. U., Tex., M. A.; U., Tenn., D. D. ; Kea. C. La. LL., D.; Ord. 1866, 
Caldwell Ch., Tex.; Served Chs. in Burleson Co., '70; S. 1st Ch., Waco, Tex., '71- 
99; Cor. See. of Tex. Bap. Education Commission, Jan. 1, '99 — ; Prin. Bible Dept. 
of Bay. U., Tex.—. 

CARROLL, Curtis Victor, Brownwood, Tex. — Born, Thomas Co.. Ga. ; Stud. 
Bay. U., and How. P. C, Tex.; Ltc. June, 1884, Little Llanno Ch.; Ord. Sept. 4, 
'87, Macedonia Ch. ; P. Montvail, Pilgrimrest, '89; Pleasant Grove, Antioch and 
Morley Springs, '90; Valley Springs, '91; Friendship, '91-93; Little Bluff Creek, 
'92; Bangs, '92-94; Cross Cut, '93; Camp Creek and Salt Creek, '95-96 ; Antioch, 
'96-97; Steeps Creek, '96; Mullen, Zephyr and Fairview, Tex., '98; My. Pecos Val- 
ley Assoc. 

r «t CARROLL, Edwin B., Macon, Ga.— Born, Kernersville, N. C; Stud. Marshall 
C, Ga., 2)^ yrs.; Mer. U., Ga., M. A., 1876; D. D., '98; Lie. July, '66, Stockton 
Ch.,Ga.; Ord. '68, Macedonia Ch., Ga. ; P. Ocapileo, 3 yrs.; Hickorv Head, Ga. , 

132 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

14 yrs. ; Madison, Fla., 2 yrs; Valdosta, 2 yrs.; Quitman, 2 yrs. ; Beulah, 3 yrs. ; 
Boston, 3 yrs, ; Caor.illa, 5 yrs. ; Gum Pond aad Flint, 2 yrs: Albany, 4 yrs! ; Vine- 
ville Ch., Macon, 5 yrs.— ;" Friendship, r 86 ; Middletown, Ga., 75. 

CARROLL, Henry L«, Blalrsville, Ga.— Born. Lincoln, N, C: Lie. 1874, 
Mt. Pleasant Ch. ; Ord. May 28, '82, Blairsville Ch. ; P. Philadelphia. '85-88; Pleas- 
ant Hill, *86; Bethlehem, "88: Pleasant Grove, '88-93 ; Liberty, '90-91 ; Mt. Pleasant. 

CARROLL, James Milton, Waco, Tex.— Born. Monticello, Ark. : Bay. U., 
Tex., B. A., 1877; M. A.. '78; Lie. '72, Liberty Ch. ; Ord. '74, Independence Ch. ; 
P. Chapel Hill. Mt. Zion, Macedonia, Washington, Good Hope, Anderson, Oakland, 
78-79; Corpus Christi, '80-82: Lampasas, '82-87; Taylor, Tex., '88; Agt. Miss., '89- 
91; Gen. Supt. Mis. Tex., -92-94; Agt. Bay. C, Tex., '96-97; Agt. Tex. Bap. Ed. 
Commission, '98-99; Ed. "Missionary Messenger;" "Texas Baptist Statistics." 

CARROLL, John, Attoyac, Tex.— Born, Orange Co., N, C, 1822; Lie. Mav, 
J 52, Cane Creek Ch., Term. ; Ord. May, '55. Hickory Plains Ch., Ark. ; P. Richwood, 
'55-56; Providence, 56—57 : Pleasant Hill and Hickory Plains, Ark., '55-62; Provi- 
dence No. 2, '80; Antioch. Tex., : 83 

CARROLL, Robert, Cherokee, Ia. — Born, Kilmarnock, Scotland : Stud, under 
private tutors.; Div. Sen., U. Chicago, 1895 : Ord. Sept. 11, '87, Boone Ch , la.; P. 
Presbyterian Ch., 2 yrs.; United with Baptists, ; 86 : Home Mv„ N. W., Ia.,5yrsr 
P. Earlville and Lake"' View Ch.. Chicago, 111. ; Walnut St. Ch., "Waterloo. Ia.. 2 yrs. : 
Cherokee, Ia. — 

CARROLL, S. F*, Stony Fork, N. C— Born, Watauga Co., X. C. ; Lie. Aug. 
19, 1S82, Mt. Ephriam Ch. ; Ord. Dec. 19, '85, Middle Cane Ch. ; P. Middle Cane, 
"86-67; Greene Rock, '88: Stony Fork. '89-90; Laurel Fork. '91-92 ; Laurel Springs, 
"93-95; Elk, '96; Elk Knob, '97; New Hope, '98. 

CARROLL, T. G. S-, Goethite, Ala.— Born, Tuskaloosa Co.. Ala. : Stud. Un. 
T. S-, N Y.: Lie. 1887, Ord. '93, Rompsval ey Ch. : P. Corinth, '90-99'; S. Valley 
Creek, '98; Rompsvalley and Coons Chapel, '89. 

CARROLL, William Robertson, Keachie, La.— Born, Wilcox Co., Ala.: Lie. 
and Ord. Oct., 18, 1885, Aniioch Ch., La. ; P. Spring Ridge, Union, Sardis, Holly 
Sprirgs, Bayou Wallace, Pelican, Antioch, Provencal, Providence. Shiloh, Mt. Olivet, 
Pleasant Grove, La. 

CARRUTH, John H,, Elmer, La.— Born, Georgia: Lie. Tune. Ord. Dec, 
1885. New Hope Ch. : S. Union Hill, New Hope, Big^Hamack. St. Clair, '86-93; 
Pine Ridge. Dixie, Spring Hill. ; 94-95; Beaver Creek. Amible, Pine Ridge. Dix- 
ie, '96-98. 

CARRUTH, Stanley R,. Meridian. Tex.— Born. Calhoun Co.. Ala. : Eastman 
Business C, N. Y., 1881: Lie. '95, Ord '96, 1st. Ch., Meridian, Tex.: Ev. 96—. 

CARSON, Joseph, Oak, Neb.— Born. Shelby Co.. Ky., 1825: Lie. Dec, '58, 
Bethel Ch. ; Ord. Feb. 1. "62, Freedom Ch. ; P. Freedom, dear Creek, Amburn,Ill.; 
Fieedom, South Coon, Panther Creek, Guthrie Center. North Coon, Ia. ; Edgar, 
Arapahoe, Superior, Oak, Neb. I 

CARSTENS, Frederick Wesley, Litchfield, III.— Born. Nashville, 111.; Stud. 
Ewing C, 111. ; Bay. U., Tex. : Shurt. C, 111. : Ord. Aug. 19, 1894, Bethany Ch., 111. ; 
S. Bethany Ch., '94; P. same. '95: Waltonville. Antioch. Woodlawn, "95-96; Brighton, 
'97: Litchfield, III., '98— 

CARSON, Arthur E., Haka. Chix Hills. Burma. Asia.— Born. Columbus 
City, la.; Neb. Bap. Sem.. 1883; Shurt. T. S., 111.. '86; Lie. Sept. 3, '81, Beaver 
Valley Ch., Neb. : Ord. Aug, 29, : 85. Fidelity Ch.. 111. : P. Fidelity, 111., '84-86; My. 
Chins, Burma, ; 86-96: P. Gibbons. Neb., ''99-97: S. Kearney, Neb., '97-98 : My. 
Chins, Haka, Burma, : 99— . 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 133 

CARSON, Augustus Bunyan, 1752 So. Clarkson St., Denver, Colo. — Bom, 
New Market, O. ; Stud. U ., Chicago; Des. M. C, la.; Ot. U., Kan.; Lie. 1st Ch. T 
Des Moines, la.; Ord. Sept. 24, 1895, 1st Ch., Loveland. Colo.; P. Madison, Neh. ; 
Crystal Lake, 111.; Junction City, Kan. ; Falls City, Wilber, Neb. ; Loveland, Bethel 
Ch., Denver, Colo., '96—. 

CARSON, James K. P., Fulton, Ind.— Born, Marion Co., Ind. ; Lie. 1870, and 
Ord. 72, Macedonia Ch.: P.Indian Prairie, '72-77; Macedonia, 75-81; Liberty, 
'82-87; S^me, 2 yrs., again; Michigant own. '8.2-85, '87-90; Judson, 4^ yrs. ; Young 
America, '90-95; Second Salem, Zion, Union, Mt. Zion, Bethlehem, Metea. 

CARTER, Albert, Burnsville, Ind. — Born, Hope, Ind. ; Lie. Mar., Ord. Aug., 
1860 Little Sand Creek Ch„ Ind.; P. Lit'le Sand Creek, Flatrock, Union, Queens- 
ville, Hawcreek, Sharon, Bearcreek, Sardinia, Liberty, Mt. Ayr, Dry Fork, Ind. 

CARTER, Benjamin John, Panter,Tex. — Born, Lauderdale Co., Miss., Apr. 23, 
1839; Lie. Jan. 4 68, Ord., Mav 29' 70, Pleasant G^ove Ch., Ark.; P. Pleasant Gro-e, 
75; Sarepta, 74-75; Antioch, '70; Shiloh, ,78: Mt. Pleasant '87-88; Hopewell, '91- 
98; Pleasant Hill, '90-93—; Buck Creek,—. 

CARTER, Cassius Morton, Muncte, Ind. — Born, Livonia, Ind.; Frank. C, Ind. 
B. A. 1887; M. A. '90; Uri. T. S., N. Y. : S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. Dec. 12, '8a, Livo- 
nia Ch.; Ord. |ulyl2, '89,1st. Ch., Mitchell, Ind.; P. 1st. Ch., Mitchell, Ind., '88-91; 
S. 1st. Ch., Franklin, Ind., '92—; P. 1st. Ch., Lafayette, '92-97; 1st. Ch., Muncie, 
Ind., '98— ; Pres. Ind. Bap. Cohv., '95-98; Au. Ed. " Indiana Baptist," '91-92. 

CARTER, Charles, Kalamozoo, Mich. — Born, London, Ont., Can.; Stud. Al- 
bion C ; Den. U., O.; Adrian C, Mich.; Lima C, O.; Lie. June 18 1881, and Ord. 
June 19, '91, Chatham Ch , Ontario, Can.; P. London, Sandwich, Ontario, Can, 
Jackson, St. Chathlires, Chatham, Yellow Springs, Lebanon, Cambridge, O.; Ash- 
land, Ky. ; Lima, Sidney, O ; Adrian, Ypsilanti, Benton Harbor, Mich. 

CARTER, Isaac M, Bernice, N. C— Born, Grayson Co., Va.; Stud. Taylor- 
ville High Sch. ; Lie. 1876, Pleasant Home Ch, ; Ord. 78, Baptist Chapel ; P. Baptist, 
Chapel, Pleasant Home, Bristol, Long Branch, Liberty, Forest Home, Friendship, 
Apple Grove, Three Forks, Mt. Zion, Sugar Grove, South Fork, Zion Hill. 

CARTER, James A. Dongola, III.— Born, Jonesboro, III.; Ord. 1890, Bush 
Creek Ch., Mo.; P. Bush Creek, '92 ; Mt. Pleasant, Williamsville, Grandin, Doni- 
phan, Puxico, Hakes College, Pattersonville, 1st. Ch,, Willow Springs, Mo. ; 1st. Ch., 
Dongola, 111., — . 

CARTER, John C, Pierce City, Mo.— Born, Clinton ,Co., 111.; Shurt. C, III., 

B. D., 1881; Ord. Sept 12,75, Diamond Spring Ch., 111. ; P. Troy, III., '80-81; 
Bowma" Grove, Jan. to Apr., '82: Logan, '83-S5; Grand junction, '86-88; Bowman 
Grove, la., '88; Sublette, 111., '89-91; Albany, Wis., '91-93. 

CARTER, John Vanever, Ladoga, Ind.— Born, Parke Co., Ind. ; Stud. Wabash 

C, Ind.; Shurt. C. ,111., 1893 ; Lie. Chrisman Ch., III. ,'91; Ord. Sadorus Ch., 111. ,'94; 
P. Sadorus and Tolrmo, '93: Areola, 111,, '95; Ladoga, Ind., '96—; in connection 
with Ladoga, S. New Market and Covington, Ind. 

CARTER, John William, Raleigh, N. C— Born, Nelson Co., Va. ; Stud. W. 
Va. U., D. D.; Lie. 1859, Ord. '60, Sago Ch., W. Va.; P. Sago, '60-64; Centerville, 
'61-64; Freemans Creek, '63-64; Parkersburg, W. Va.. '64-89; 1st Ch., Raleigh, Si. 
C, '89.—. 

CARTER, Joseph B., Mudlick, Ky. — Born, Tompkinsville, Ky. ; Stud. Pub. 
Schs ; Tea., Age 17; Lie. June 1881, and Ord. Feb., '82, Skeggs Creek Ch.; P. Tomp- 
kinsville, Beech Grove, Freedom, Sandlick Athens, Haimonv, Summer Shade, New 
Middle Fork, Kv. 

CARTER, Joseph Redmond, Blue Mountain, Miss.— Born, Lawrence Co., 
Miss.; Stud. Miss. C, S. B. T. S., Kv.; Lie. 1883, Ord. '86, Ebenezer Ch., Miss.; 
P. Silver Creek, Cedar Grove, Bunker Hill, '86; Learned, '87-89; Terrv, '88; Salem, 
'88; Chapel Hill, '88-89; Madison Station, '89; Columbia, Bunker Hill, Society Hill, 
Hebron, '93; Columbia, Poplarville, Society Hill, Hebron, Calvarv, '94; Hebion, 
Stone Wall, s a lem, '95; Hebron. Stone Wall, Salem, Gallilee, '96; Hebron, Salem, 
Gallilee, '97: Hebron, Strong Hope, Salem, Gallilee, '98 : Blue Mountain, Miss.— . 

134 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

CARTER. Kendall, Camba, O.— Born, Orange Co., Va.; Lie. 1866, Ord. '68. 
Farnklin Ch., O.; P. Providence, 70: Pleasant Hill, 76; Philadelphia, 75 ; Union, 
70: Sharon, 73: Jackson and Corinth, '67; New Hope.'69: Salem, O.. 73. 

CARTER, Lyman Eugene, Hodgdon, Me. — Born. Brooklin, Me. ; Stud. Eastern 
State Xor. Sch. ; New. T. S.. Mass., 1895: Lie. 1st Ch.', Sedgwick, Me. : Ord. Oct. I, 
'91, Bradley Ch., Me.; P. North Haven, "90-91; Great Works and Bradley, Me., '91- 
93: Rowlev. Mass., '94-95; Washburn and Perharn, '95-97; Hodgdon, Amity and 
Gary, Me., '97-. 

CARTER, Otis Edwards, Hempstead, Tex.— Born. Cherokee Co.. Tex.. Apr. 
1, 1873; Stud. Hope Inst.. Iralv, Tex., 4 vrs.; Pub. Sch., Tex.: Lie. '97, 1st Ch.. 
Abilene, Tex.; Ord. Julv. '98. Hempstead Ch., Tex.: S.Burnet. Tex., '97: P. Hemp- 
stead, Tex., '9S-. ' 

CARTER, Robert Daniel, Cottonwood. Tex. — Born. Jefferson Co.. Tenn. ; 
Stud. C-X.C Tenn. : Lie. 1879; Friendship Ch., Tenn. ; Ord. June 24. '82. White Oak 
Grove Ch., Tenn.: My. White Oak Grove, Central, Witt's Foundry, Bethel, Green 
Brier, Cross Plains. Eagle Cove, Cottonwood, Shiloh, Tex. 

CARTER, Samuel H., Nelson. Mo.— Born. Surrv Co.. N. C. ; Stud. Wm. 
Jewell C. Mo.: Ord. 1870. Concord Ch., Mo.: P. Rock FaMs, Orrick. Pisgah, Lis- 
bonville, Missouri Cy.. Mosby, Oak Grove, Grand Pass, Arrow Rock, Orearville, 
Providence. New Prospect. Ebenezer. Mo.: My. North Liberty Asso., 4 yis.; Saline 
As^o., 5 vrs. 

CARTER, Simon Louis, Dongola, III. — Born. Old Store Precinct, S. C. r 
1849; Stud. Ansonville Sch.. N. C . '71-74: Carolina Central Acad, and Business C... 
N. C, 75-77; S. B. T. S.. Kv., 77-78; Lie. 75. Mt. Olive Ch., N. C. : Ord. Sept. 
9, 79, Woodward Valley Ch", Kv. : Special My. Daviess Co. Asso.. Kv.. 78: Gen. 
My., Kv.. 79: P. Longfall. Kv. '80: Pleasant Hill. 111.. '81-82: Limestone, '81-85; 
Dutch Ridge. '81-82: '90-93: Alto Pass. S3-86 : Big' Creek, -'86-89: Friendship. -88- 
90: Dongola. '84-89 : Bethel. '85-86 : 92-97: Shiloh.' '91-93 : Pleasant Ridge. '92-95 r 
Jonesboro. 111., '96: Gen. My. Clear Creek Asso.. 111., 'S4-90. 

CARTER, Stonewall Jackson, Cove City. Ga. — Born. Cherokee. Ala.: Stud. S. 
B. T. S.. Kv. ; Lie. 1882, Ord. '83, Swamp Creek Ch., Ga. : P. Rocky Face, Swam]) 
Creek. Cove City, Blue Springs, New Hope. Ga., 2 yrs., each. 

CARTER, William Blake., 21st St., Birmingham. Ala.— Born, Deca'ur. Ala.; 
Stud. Schs., Decatur, Ala.: Ord. 1873. Mt. Pisgah Ch.. Ala.: P. Mt. Nebo, 73-88: 
Mt. Pisgah. 77-88: Hartsells. Ala., 'S3-SS : Jamestown. Ga.. '92-95: Prospec. Tenn... 
J 83-88; Girard. Ala., '88-96. 

CARTER, W. H„ Marshall, Tex.— Born. Macon, Ga. : Stud. Ga. Military 
Inst, ; Ord. 186S, Marshall Ch., Ga. : P. Mooringsport, La. : Missionary Springs, Camp 
Springs, Forest Hill, Liberty, Harleton. Harmony. Daberry, Port Caddo, Tex.: In- 
dependent My. Work. 

CARTER. William Lewis, Granbury, Tex.— Born. Dallas Co. Ala.: Lie. 
1887, Ord. Mar 11, '88, Mt. Pleasant Ch.. Tex.: P. Antibch. '88-89: Friendship, 

Summerville, '89; High Tower. Valley. '90 : Prairie Creek. '91 : Buck Creek. '94-97 ; 
Double Mountain. Tex.. '97. 

CARTLEDGE. Charles James, Glory. Fla. — Born. Bellevue. Fla. : Lie. 1872> 
Ord. Sepf. 23. 73, Mt. Zion Ch., Fla.: P. Cool Spring. 73-92: Mt. Zion. '83; Spring 
Creek, '84: Oakland. 76-77: Bethany, 79; Spring Hill. 75-85: Blue Spring, ; 93- 
95: Mt. Zion, Fla.. '96; S. Dellwood, Fla., '97-99; My.. '98. 

CARTWRIGHT, William H., Steam Corner, Ind — Born. Orange Co.. Ind. : 
IA\ Oct. 1858. and Ord. '67. Mill Creek Ch., Ind.; P. Prairie Creek, Mill Creek r 
Zion, Harveysburg, Bethel. New Discovery. Mt. Aetna, Dana, Ladoga, Goshen r 
Hopewell. Mt. Carmel, Salem. Pine Grove, Monticello. Cass. Concord, Union. Ore- 
gon. Hudsonville, Friendly Grove and Muncie, Ind. 

CARVER, William Jefferson, Arch. Ky.— Born. Barron Co., Kv. : Stud. S. B. 
T. S., Kv. : Lie. Aug. 6. 1887. Grand View Ch.: Ord. Mar. 2. 92. New Union Ch.: 
V. Rough Creek. '91-93-97—: Mt. Carmel. '98. 


CARVER, William Owen, Norton Hall, Louisville, Ky.— Born, Hermit- 
age, Tenn.; R. C, Va., M. A., 1891; S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. D., "96; L : c. Aug. 'KG, 
and Ord. Jan. 25, '91, New Hope Ch., Hermitage, Tenn.; P. Concord, Va., 
'90-91; New Hope Ch , Hermitage, Tenn., '91-93; South Union, '93-96; New Salem, 
Kv., '96— ; S. Berkley, Va., '91; Nashvdle, Tenn., '92-93; An. "Mi sions and the 
Kingdom of Heaven, ' '9S. 

CARSWELL, Charles M., Hephzibah, Ga.— Born, Agusta, Ga. ; Mer. U., Ga., 
B. A., 1869; M. A.; S ud. S. B. T. S., Kv.; Lie. '73, Duhart's Ch., Ga.; Ord. 78, 
Buekhead Ch.. Ga. ; P. Buckhead, Fellowship, Pleasant Springs, Btar Creek, Ga.; 
Colp. and Tea. 

CARSWEL, J. Hamilton, Hephzibah, Ga.— Born. Burke Co., Ga. ; Mer. U. r 
Ga., B. A., 1870; Stud. S. B. T. S., Kv. ; Lie. '75, and Ord. '76, Hopeful Ch., Ga.; 
P. McBean and other Chs., '77-95; Mr.'Horeb, Ga., and other Chs , '96—. 

CARWELL, John L., Stockholm, Ky.— Born, Campbell Co., Vai ; Ord. 1876, 
Good Spring Ch., Ky. ; P. Good Spring, 7 yrs. ; Nolin, 6 yrs. ; Long Ball and Pleas- 
ant Union, Ky., 5 yrs. 

CARWELL, Mirabeau Lamar, Rutl^dge, Ga. — Born, Burke Co., Ga., 1855; 
Stud. Mer. U., Ga.; Lie. '77, Ord. '79, Hephzibah Ch., Ga. ; P. Augusta, Ga ., '80; 
Coushatia, La., '81; Stephenville and Hico, Tex., '84-85; Hartwell, Bio, '88-89; 
Toccoa and Hartwell, '90-91; Toecoa, '91-92; Eaton ton, '93-94; Stone Mountain, 
'96-97; Clarkston, Rut ledge and Sylvester, '98; Rutledge, Buckhead and Sylves- 
ter, Ga., — . 

CARSWELL, Zechariah, Walhalla, S. C— Born, Burke Co., N. C. ; Lie. 1888, 
Ord. '89, Pleasant Hill Ch.; P. New Prospect, Mt. Homes, St. Johns, Olive Grove, 
Mt. Olivet, Clarks Chapel, Mulls Chapel, Walnut Mountain, Fellowship, Unity, Beth- 

CASADA, William, Grf.k x wood. Ky., — Born, Pulasksi Co., Kv. ; Lie. 1888, 
and Ord. '89, Mt Union Ch., Ky. ; P. Coopers Delight, '89-94-95 ; Green Grove, 
'93—; Lick Creek, '94; Liberty, '95-96; Mt. Union, Ky, '98—. 

CASE, Carl Deios, South Bend, Ind. — Born, Plain View, Minn.; Stud. U. 
Minn., 1S87-88 ; Cg. U., N. Y. B. A., 91 ; U. Chicago, '92-96; Div. Sch. U. Chicago, 
B.D., '98; Ph. D. "99; Ord. '91, Sleepy Eye Ch., Minn.; P. Sleepy Eye, Minn., 
'91-92; South Bend, Ind., '96-. 

CASE, Emmet L, South River, N. J. --Born, Newton, N. J. ; Cg. U. N. Y. ; 
B. A., 1892; M. A., '95; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. Jan. 13. '87, Unionville Ch., N. Y. ; 
Ord. Apr. 7, '96, Edmond Ch., Okla., Ter. ; S. Trout Creek, '92-93; Treadwell, N. 
Y., '93-94; P. Edmond, Okla., Ter., '95-98; Norman. Okla., Ter., '97-98; South 
River, N. J., '98—. 

CASE, Frank A., Princeton, III. —Born, Homer, O.; Stud. G. C, Kv.; Den. 
U.. O., 1882; U. Chicago, '95; Lie. June 17, 88, Georgetown Ch.. Ky. ; Ord. Apr. 
18, '89, AlmaCh., Neb.; My. Neb., '88-91; P. Seward, Kan., '91-96; Stud. P. YVat- 
terman and Shabbona, 111. ,'92-96; P. Princeton, 111., '96—. 

CASE, Julien Walter, Macomb, III.— Born, Bremer, la.; la. Sta'e Normal Sch, 
conferred B. D., 1890; Lie. S^pt., 11, '92, 1st. Ch., Waverlv, la.; Ord.' Oct- 4, 1)4, 
Grand Junction Ch., la.; P. Grand Junction, la., '94-96'; Tabernacle, La Crosse, 
Wis., '96-98; Macomb, 111., '98—. 

CASE, William Wickham, Rutherford, N. J.— Born, Perth Ambov, N. J..; 
Buck. U., Pa., B S., 1863; Lie. '57, Monroe Ch., Pa.; Ord. Nov., 5, '63. Berwick 
Ch., Pa.; P. Berwick, Pa., '63-64; Chaplain 195th. Pa. Vol. 100 days, '64: P. Chest 
nut Hill Ch., Philadelphia, Pa.. '65-68-69-71; 2nd. Ch., New London, Conn., '68- 
69; Hamilton Square Ch.. '71-81 : Holmdel, '81-93 ; West Hoboken, '93-96; Ruth- 
erford, N. J., '96— . 

CASEBIER, John Thomas, Rockport. Ky.— Born, Central City, Ky.; Stud. 
Han lord Sem. ; Lie. and Ord. Oc>. 31, 1809. West Providence Ch., Ky. ; P. Nelson 
Creel- , 13 \ rs. : N ew Hope, 25 vrs. ; W-altons Creek, 8 yrs. '; Ebcnezer, S yrs.; Slaty 

136 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

Creek, 7 yrs. ; Beaver Dam, 7 yrs.; Rockport, 6 vrs. ; Friendship, 7 yrs. ; Oak Grove, 
4 yrs. ; Bethel, 2 yrs. ; South Carrollton, 4 yrs.: Station. 6 yrs.: Allen, Ky. and 
Bakers Creek, Ind., 4 yrs. 

CASEY, George W., Hexdricksox, Mo. — Born, Calloway Co., Ky., July 17, 
1844; Lie. Feb. 15, '80, Ord. Jan. 8, '82, Mt. Zion Ch., Mo.; P. Mt. Zion, 'Bethel, 
Little Flock and Oak Grove, Mo. 

CASH, James M., Dalton, Ga.— Born, Bradley Co.. Tenn.: Lie. 1893, Cleve- 
land Ch., Tenn.; Ord. Jan. 27, '94, Oak Grove Ch., Ga. ; P. Oak Grove, '94-95: Sil- 
ver Dale, '95-96; Sitey Coe, '96-97: Cloud Spaine, '97-98; East Chattanooga, Tenn., 
'97; Harmony, '98. 

CASH, William H., Toledo, Ark.— Born. Elbert Co., Ga. : Stud. Toledo H. 
Sch.,Ark.: Lie. Aug., 1885, Ord. May, "86, Toledo Ch., Ark.; P. Macedonia, New 
Hope, Bethel. Enon, Hickory Grove, Center, Pleasant Ridge, Spring Hill, Jefferson, 
Providence, Holly Spring, Zion, Ark., '86 — . 

CASHWELL, Charles Simeon, Cleveland Mills, N. C. — Born, Robeson Co , 
N. C. ; Stud. Salem H. Sch., W. F. C, N. C. ; Lie. July. 1877, Ord. Feb. '78, Green 
Springs Ch.,N. C; P. Pollocksville, '82-S8: Mocksville, '88-93: Hickorv, '93-98; 
New Bethel, N. C, '98—. 

CASPER, James Crockett, Hillsville Va. — Born, Newbern. Va. ; Stud. 
Snowville, Va.: Lie. '80, Mt. Hebron Ch., N. C; Ord. '82, Bakersville Ch., N. C; 
P. Mt. Hebron, Meadows of Dan, Snake Creek, Stone Mountain, Va. ; My. N. C, 6 
yrs. : My. Va., 2 yrs. 

CASSAIRT, Joseph S-, Liberty. Mo.— Born, 111.: Stud. Win, Jewell C, Mo.; 
Lie. 187S, Ord. Nov. 20. '87, Tilden Ch., Neb.; P. Tilden, Neb.. '86-90: Norfolk, 
Stanton. "90-91: Battle Creek, Neb., '91-97: Lathrop, Rosedale, Kan., '97—. 

CASSIDY, George W., 1219 Locust St.. Cincinnati, O.— Born. Boston, Mass. : 
Stud. Kan. Normal C: Wm. Tewell C, Mo.; Roch. T. S., N. Y., 1898; Lie. Dec. 
■S6, Hepler Ch.. Kan.; Ord. May. '91, Walnut Ch., Kan.; S. Walnut. Kan.; P. 
Cherrwale, '92-93; Ft. Scott, Kan.. '93-95: Canasera^a, '95-96: Hilton. N. Y., '96- 
98: Walnut Hills. Cincinnati, O., July, ; 98— . 

CASTEEL, James Polk. HeTtick. III. — Born, Tasper. Tenn.: Lie. Apr. 17; 
1S80, Oak Grove Ch.; Ord. June 17, '86, Gilead Ch. : S. and Revival Work (mostly 

CASTEEL, James "William, Guertie, Ixd. Ter. — Born, London, Ky. ; Stud. 
Russellville C: Indian U., Ind. Ter., M. A., 1892; Lie. July '91, Ord. March 13, '92, 
Copperas Bluff Ch., Ark.: P. Neely, Pleasant Grove, Ark. ; Krebs. Bower, Citra, 
Guertie, Ind. Ter. — . 

CASTELLAW, Albert Joseph, Tacksox, Texx. — Born, Brownsville. Tenn.; 
Grad. So. Wn. U., Tenn.: S^ud. Div. Sch. So. Wn. U..Tenn.; Lie. Jan., 1894, 
Holly Grove Ch. ; Ord. Sept. '96, 1st Ch., Jackson, Tenn.; P. Poplar Corner, John- 
sons Grove, Bethel, Malesus, Hopewell, Tenn. 

CASTLEBERRY, Nathan S^ Bextox, Ky.— Born, Marshall Co.. Ky.; Stud. 
Benton Sem., Ky. ; Lie. 1882, and Ord. Jan., '83. New Harmony Ch., Ky.; P. New 
Harmony. New Bethel, C larks River and Mt. Pisgah, '83-S5 ;" apart to '90; Gum 
Spring and Walker Hill, '85-87: Benton, 'S8-90 : Murnv, Wadesboro. etc., '91- 
96; Elm Grove, '92-99 : Bethany, '96: Sinking Spring, '98-99 : Hardin, Kv, '92-98 

CATCHPOLE, Lorin George, Black River Falls, Wis. — Born. Plainfield, 
111.; Smd. Nor.hwestern C, 111.; Theo. Dept. Shurt. C. 111.. 1S70 : Lie. '61. Plain- 
rleld Ch.: Ord. Nov. 27, '70, La Salle Ch., 111.; P. La Salle, '70; Richmond, 111., 72; 
Waterloo. '74; Wevauwega, '79; Black River Falls. Wis., '81: Fin. Sec. Wavland 
Acad.. Wis., '88-93; P. St. Charles, Minn., '94; Black River Falls, Wis., '97—.' 

CATE. Charles L„ Dublix, Ky. — Born, East Tenn.: Stud. Paris Acad.: Lie. 
Apr. 1842, Bradley's Creek Ch. : Ord. May, '43, Head of West Sandy Ch. y R. 
ILad of West Sandy, Bethlehem, Cane Creek, Clover Creek, Medon, Paris, Bird's 
Creek, Tenn.; Hopewell, Emmaus, Cain, Union, Milburn, Dublin, Springhill, Bartow, 
Obion. Webb, Ky., Doniphan, Paynor. Granden, New Hope. Mo. : Maynard, Mt. 
Pleasant. Ark.: Honevcut, Bocot Point, Smith's Chapel, Tenn. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 137 

CATE, John B., Aubrey, Tex. — Born, Blountville, Tenn.; Stud. C-N. C. T 
Tenn.; S. B. T. &, t Ky., 1890; Lie. Nov. '82, Ord. Apr. '90, Blountville Ch., Tenn.; 
P. Pilot Point. Aubrey, Mustang, Lebanon, Roulette, Providence, Allen, Lewis ville, 
Grapevine, Piano, Richardson, Denton, Ardmore, Roanoke, Tex. ; Ed. "Missionary 
Baptist;'' Director of Bap. Gen. Conv. Tex. 

CATE, William Leonidas, Mossy Creek, Tenn. — Born, Sevier Co., Tenn.; 
Stud. C-N. C, Tenn., and S. B. T. <., Ky. ; Lie. July, 1891, and Ord. June 13, '92, 
Knoxville Ch., Tenn.; P. Pawpaw Hollow, '92-94; Third Creek Ch., '93-95; Beaver 
Dam, '93-94; River View, '93-94; Beech Spring, '95; Oakland, Mitchells Spring, 
French Broad Ch., Alpha, Tenn. — . 

CATHCART, William, Hoyt, Pa.— Born, Londonderrv Co., Ireland; Stud. 
U. Glasgow; Horton C, Eng., 1850; Buck. U., Pa., D. D., 73; Grad. Div. Sen. 
Horton C., Eng.; Lie. '45, Tubbermore Ch., Ireland; Ord. '50, Barnslev Ch., Eng ; 
P. Barnsley, Eng., 3% yrs.; 3rd Ch., Groton, '53 ; 2nd Ch., Philadelphia, Pa., '57 ; 
Prest. Am. Bap. Historical Soc. S yrs.; Ed. '"The Baptist Encyclopaedia ;" "The 
Papal System;" "The Baptists and the American Revolution;" "The Baptism of the 
Ages and of the Nations;" "The Ancient British and Irish Churches, Including the 
Life and Labors of St. Patrick." 

CATLETT, William Schooler, Moore, Pa.— Born, Caroline Co., Va.: Stud. 
Private Sch. ; R. C. Va. ; Cro. T. S., Pa., 1890; Ord. May 28, '87, Round Oak Ch., 
Va.; S. Round Oak; P, Bethany, Va. ; Prospect Hill, Pa., Nov. 5, '88—. 

CATLIN, John Frederic, Hot Springs, S. Dak. — Born, Van Horn, la.; Stud. 
Tilford Acad. la. ; Cent. U., la.; Black Hills C, S. Dak.; Lie. June 7,1894,1st Ch., 
Pella, la. ; Ord. Apr. 13, '97, 1st Ch., Hot Springs, S. Dak. ; P. 1st Ch., Hot Springs, 
S. Dak., '97—. 

CATLIN, Orin W., Linn Grove, I a.— Born, Stoughton, Wis ; Stud. Melton 
C, Wis., Des. M. C, la.; Theol. under Rev. Nash, Pres. Des. M. C, la., 1879-80; 
Lie. '82, and Ord. Aug. 24, '84, Lohrville Ch. ; P. Rockwell City a-d Lohrville, '83- 
S5; Jessup, '85; Cresco, '86-89 ; Ida Grove, '89-90; My. la. Bap. State Conv. Fair- 
held '90-93; Independent Mv. and S. Fairfield, '93-96;' P. Cumberland and Newlon's 
■Grove, '96-98; Linn Grove, la., '98—. 

CATRON, Eles P., Dotura, Tenn.— Born, Upper Clinch, Tenn.; Stud. Black 
Water H. Sch.; Lie. 1888, Ord. '90, Pleasant Grove Ch.; P. Pleasant Grove, '90- 
92; Sneedville, Farmers Branch, Panther Creek, '93-95; Sneedville, Cedar Grove, 
'96-97; Friendship, Clouds Creek, Hardeys Creek, '98-99. 

CATRON, Manasseh. Brumley, Mo— Born, Wayne Co., Kv. ; Lie. 1864, M. 
E. Ch., South; Ord. 73, General Bap.; Ord. Aug., 97, 1st Ch., Brumley, Mo.; 8. 
Williamsburg Mission M. E. Ch., '64-5; P. General Bap. Chs., '84-97. 

CATTERALL, Ralph C. TL, Wyoming, Pa.— Born. Bolton, Lancashire, Eng- 
land; Stud^Private and Public Schs. of Eng.; Lie. 1870, 1st M. E. Ch., Fall River, 
Mas*.; Ord. July 1, '74, Mahanov Citv Ch., Pa.; P. Mahanoy City, 74-75; Leh- 
man, '75-79; Plvmouth, '79-80; Berwick, '80-84; Peckville, '84-88; Eld red, '88-89; 
Port Alleghany, '89-91 ; Watsontown, Pa., '91-94. 

CATTON, Samuel Wesley, Greeiibrier, Ark. — Born, Searcy Co., Ark., 1870; 
Lie. '94, Macedonia Ch.; Ord. May 23, '97, Sunny Side Ch.; P. Sunny Side, 2 yrs.; 
S. Macedonia, Bristol, Concord, Mt. Olive. 

CATTS, Sidney Johnson, Tuskegee, Ala.— Born, Pleasant Hill, Ala.; Stud. 
Agrl. and Mechanical C, Ala.; How. C, Ala.; Cumberland U., Tenn., LL. B. ; 
Lie. Aug. 18, 1885, Ord. Dec. 2, '86, Pleasant Hill Bap. Ch., Ala.; P. Mt. Gilead, 
Benton, Farmersville, Shiloh, Ackeville, Steep Creek, Letohatchee, Fort Deposit, 
Tuskegee, Ala. 

CAUDLE, Reuben Thomas, Charlotte, N. C— Born, Anson Co., N. C; Lie. 
1877, Ord. '94, Deep Spring Ch. : S. Pleasant Hill, 11 yrs.; P. Deep Spring, '85- 

$38 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

GAUDILL, Lewis Faraday, Falcon, Ky. — Born, J =hnson Co., Ky. ; Lie. 1.882; 
Ord, '84, Liberty Ch., Kv.; P. Fair View, Libertv, Flat Gap, Eastpoint, Ivy ion. 
Mesh Fork, Mine Fork, Ky. ; Moderator Enterprise Asso. 

CAULKINS, Herbert Lincoln, Yarmouthville Me. — Born, Boston, Mass.; 
Stud. Worcester Acad., Mass.; New. T. S., Mass.; Lie, Ord. July 28, 1887, 1st Ch. r 
Cambridge, Mass. ; P. Presque Isle, '87-98; Yarmouth, Me., '98 — . 

CAVE, W. D., La Belle, Mo.— Born, Hester, Mo.; Stud. LaG. C, Mo.; 
Kahoka C, D. D., 1891; S. B. T. S., S. C, '76; Tic. Jan., Ord. Oct., '75, South- 
union Ch., Mo.; P. South Union, Dover, Gilead, Mt. Olivet, Be hany, Mt. Salem, 
Lewistown. La Belle, Nebo, Pleasant Hill, Lamar, Lancaster, Philo, Durham, Emer- 
son, Knox Citv, Edina, South Fork, Providence, Canton, Monticello, Kahoka, Alex- 
andria, Mo.; Pres. Bd. of Trustees LaG. C, Mo., 15 yrs.; Au. "The Trio," on 
Baptism, Lord's Supper and Dancing. 

CAVENDISH, Isaac C, Victor, W. Va.— Born, Greenbrier Co., Va.; Ord. 
Jan., 1865, Liberty Ch., Va. ; P. Liberty, New Prospect, Mt. Pleasant, Fowler Knob, 
Hopewell, Bell Creek, Cotton Hill, Gauley Bridge, W. Va. 

GAVINS, Benjamin F«, Peru, Ind. — Born, Bloomheld, Ind.; Stud. Asbury U.; 
U., Ind., Law Dept. ; Frank. C, Ind., D. D., 1890; Lie. Dec, '69, Bloomfield Ch., 
Ind.; Ord. '70, Worthington Ch., Ind.; P. 1st Ch., Vincennes, '71-73; 1st Ch.. 
Madison, '73-74; 1st Ch., Greensburg. '74-81: Spring St. Ch., New Albany, '81-82: 
1st Ch., Peru, Ind., -82-96—. 

CAYER, Paul Napoleon, Waterville, Me. — Born, Ange-Gardien, Quebec 
Canada; Stud. McGill U., Can.: Presbyterian C, Montreal, B. A., 1889: P. French 
Bap. Ch , Waterville, Me. 

CAYWOOD, Charles Thomas, Franklin, III.— Born, Concord, 111.; II. Sch., 
Virginia, 111., 1885; Lie. '86, Ord. Julv 27, '88, We*t Union Ch. ; P. Sandv Creek, 6 
mo?., '89; Pleasant Hill, '90-91; West Union, '91; Richwoods, '93-94; Panther 
Creek, '94-95; Young Blood, 111., '98—. 

CEARLEY, J. William, Bridgeport. Tex.— Born, Smith Co., Tenn , Oct. 13, 
1820; Stud. Rierzi, Miss. ; Lie. '49, Ord. '50, Libertv Ch., Tenn.; P. in Tenn., 19* 
yrs.; Tex., '69-97. 

CAESAR, Julius, Niles, Mich.— Born, Va. ; Lie. and Ord. Nov. 13, 1893,2nd. 
Ch., Niles, Mich.; Organizer and P.. Buchanan, Mich., "96 — . 

CECIL, George Washington, Oneida, Tenn.— Born, Scott Co., Tenn.; Lie. Apr.. 
23, and Ord. Aug. 26, 1887, Israel Ch.: P. Israel, Pine Creek and Bethlehem, '87 r 
Winlield, "95-98; Oneida, Tenn., '93—. 

CEDERBERG, John S., Anaconda, Mont— Born, Asum, Sweden; B. Un. T. 
S., Chicago; Ord. Dec. 21, 1887, Ashland Ch., Wis.; P. Campello, Mass: Ash- 
land, Wis.; S. Dakota Creek, Wash.; P. Anaconda, Mont. — . 

CENTER, General Marion, Oakdale, Ky.— Born, Campton, Ky. ; Ord. Sept. 
21,1890 Mt. Pleasant Ch.; P. Mt. Pleasant, '91-92; Newport. '92-95 ; Shiloh, '93- 
94; Beech Grove, '95; Union, '92-99. 

CENTER, Sidney B., Pomeroyton, Kv.— Born, Wolf Co., Kv. ; Lie. Mar. 28. 
1896, and Ord. Shiloh Ch., Ky. 

CHADWELL, Galvin, Norwood, Mo— Born, Lee Co, Va. ; Lie. Feb., and 
Ord. May, 1891, Fa''rview Ch. ; P. Friendship, '92-94; Gravel Point, '92-94-97-99 ; 
Pleasant Grove, '93: Green Vallav and Bethlehem, "98: My. Wright Co. Asso. 
Mo., '95. 

CHADWICK, Cabell Wright, Bedford, Ind.— Born, McDade, Tex. ; S. B. T. S., 
Ky.; Th. M., 1894: Lie. Jan. 31, '91, 1st Ch., Dallas, Tex.; Ord. July. 5, '93. Wal 
nut St. Ch., Louisville, K.'; P. Pleasant Grove, Ky., '93-94; Cambridge City, '93-96: 
Elkhorn; '94-96; Bedford, Ind., '96 — ; Business Mgr. "Seminary Magazine," 1 > r. ; 
office Ed. "Western Baptist," Dallas, Tex., and irs successor, "Texas Baptist Stand- 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory; 139 

CHADW1CK, Lawrence C, Whitk Pigeon, Mich. — Born, Chautauqua Co., 
N. Y., July 20, 1898; Ord. Jan., 31 '94, 1st Ch , White Pigeon, Mich.; P. 1st Ch., 
White Pigeon, and 1st Ch., Porter, Mich., Jan. 1, '94 — . Traveled in South America 
and Europe, '91-93. 

CHADW1CK, Matthew Asbury, Union, Ark.— Born, Blunt Co., Tenn., 1S30; Lie. 
'71, Ord. 72, Cross Roads Ch., Ark.; P. Liberty, Silent Shade, Liberty Mill, Shady 
Grove, Oak Grove, Crossroads, Mt. Nebo, New Prospect. Ark., 17 yrs. 

CHAFEEE, Arthur Billings, Pella, Ta.— Born, Philadelphia, Pa.; Stud. U. 
Roch., N. V.; Princeton U.. N. J., B. A., 1876. M. A., '79; Frank C, Ind., D. D. 7 
'94; Grad. Roch. T. S., N. Y.; Lie. 75. East Ave. Ch., Rochester, N. Y.; Ord. '81, 
Franklin Ch., Ind.; P. Plaintield, '85-S6 ; Danville, '86; Seymour, '89-90; South 
Bend, Ind., '90-96; S; Pella, '97-98 ; P. Mason Citv, la., '99— ; Prof. Latin, Language, 
Lit., Frank. C, Ind., '79-88; Chemistry Phys., '88-89; Pres. Cent. U., la, '95-99. 

CHALMERS, William Everett, 276 Varick St., Jersey City, N. J.— Born, 
Paterson, N. J.; B. U., R. I., B. A., 1893; Div. Sch. U., Chicago, B. D., '97; Lie. 

'88, Union Ch., Paterson, N, J.; Ord. '97, Parmly Memorial Ch., Jersey Citv, N. 
J. ; P. Pullman, 111., '95-96; Parmly Ch., Jersey City, N. J,, '97—. 

CHAMBERLAIN, Francis Marion, Liberty, Ind.— Born, Wapello, la. ; Lie. 
1X70, Big Cedar Ch., la.; Ord. 31,75, Posey Ch.. la. ; P. Pcsev, 75-78; Concord, 
'84-92; S. Big Cedar, "S4-90 ; Billingsville, la.,' '84-90. 

CHAMBERLIN, B. F., Polk, Mo.— Born, Kabletown, W. Va., Sept., 16, 1846; 
Lie. Feb. 3, '94, Ord. Nov. 3, "95, Mt. View Ch., Mo. ; My. Polk Co. Asso., 2 yrs. ; P. 
Hopewell, Mo.—. 

CHAMBERLIN, CAREY W., 17 Harley St., Dorchester, Mass.— Born, 
Geneva, O. ; Geneva Nor. Inst., 1876 ; Lie. '93, 1st Ch., Boston, Mass.; Ord. '94, 
Hudson Ch., Mass.; A. P. 1st Ch., Denver, Colo., "91-92 ; 1st Ch., Boston, '92-93: 
P. 1st Ch., HucFon, "94-96; Dorehester Temple, Mass., '96—. 

CHAMBERS, F. M. t Huntsville, Tenn.— Born, Scott Co., Tenn.; Lie. 1886; 
Ord. '89, Sugar Grove Ch., Tenn.; Served the following Chs ; Huntsville, Sugar 
Grove,New River, Hellenwood, Elk Valley, Liberty, Oneida, Macedonia, Tenn. 

CHAMBERS, George, Fort Madison, Ia.— Born, N.C.. Apr. 15, 1835; Lie. '68, 
Ord. Feb. 24, '75, 2nd Ch., St. Paul, Minn. ; P. Burlington, 77; 3rd Ch , Davenport. 
'82 ; Fort Madison, la., 15 yrs. 

CHAMBERS, lob Hodson, Wkst Chester, Pa.— Born, Burlington, N. J.; Buck. 
U.. Pa.. B. A., 1872; M. A., 75; Cro, T. S. Pa., 75; Lie. "67, Columbus Ch., N. 
J.; Ord. 75, Olivet Ch., Philadelphia, Pa. ; S. Elimsport, Bethesda Ch., Philadelphia; 
Winfield, Ph.; Belvidere, N. J.; P. Olivet Ch , Philadelphia, '75-82; Huntingdon. 
'82-89; 1st Ch. West Chester, '89-97; Olivet Ch., West Chester, Pa., '97—. 

CHAMBERS. Oliver Perrie, Cleveland, Tex.— Born, Danville, Tex. ; Lie. 
Mav, 1872; and Ord. Nov. 74, Spring Hill Ch. ; P.Union Hill, 74-80; Mt. Pleas- 
ant", 74-77; Hickory Grove, 74-84; Holly Springs, '84-87 ; Huffman, '90-94; '96-98; 
Union Grove, '93-94; Judson, '93-97; Cleveland,, '95-9S ; Neals Prairie, '90—; Basil. 
'85-89; East River, '96-97. 

CHAMBERS, Robert Edward. Canton, China.— Born, Bedford Co., Va.; R, 
C, Va., B. A., 1892; Stud.S. B. T. S., Ky.; Lie. fulv 12, '93, Brantlev Ch., Balti- 
more, Md ; Ord. Julv.29, '93, FtCh., Norfolk, Va. ; P. Little River, "90-91 ; Barton 's 
Heights, Richmond, 'Va., "91-92; S. 1st Ch., Norfolk, Va., June to Oct., '93. 

CHAMBERS, Tileston.Fracker, Saratoga Springs, N. Y.— Born, Zanesville, 
O.; Stud. Coin. U., D. C; Princeton U. N. I„ B. A. 1890; Roch. T. S. N. Y., '94; 
Lie. Dee. "91, Calvarv Ch., Washington, D. C.; Ord. May 31, '94. 1st Ch., Saratoga, 
N. V.; P. IstCh., .Saratoga, N. Y., '94— . 

CHAMBLESS, Daniel W., Van Burkn Ark. — Born. Marion Co., Ala.; Lie. 
1862, Good Springs Ch., Ark.; Ord. '65, Mt. Nebo Ch.. Ark.; P. of many Ch*. in 
Ala., with blessed results. 

"14° The Baptjst Ministerial Director v. 

CH AMBUSS, John Alexander, East Orange, N. ].— Born, Athens, Ga. : Stud. 
G.C., Ky.; How, C, Ala., 1859; Beth. C, Ky. D.D.75; S. B. T. S„ Kv., Th. G., 
,61; Ord. July, '61, Sumter Ch., S. C; P. Sumter, '61-63; Chaplin in Army, '63-65; 
P. Aiken,' S. C, '66-67; 2nd Ch., Richland, Va., '67-71; Citadel Square Ch., 
Charleston, S. C. '72-82; 1st Ch., East Orange, N. J., '89-99; S. 1st Ch., Washing- 
ton, D. C, 6 mos., '87; Emmanuel Ch., Baltimore, Md., 3 mo., '89; Pres. Fauquier 
Inst - , Warrenton, Ya., '82-84; Prof. Latin and Literature, Maryland Agrl. and 
Mech., '85-89; Ed. "Baptist Courier," Greenville, S. C. '76-86. 

CHAMBLISS, Joseph E„ McFall, Mo.— Born, Wetumpka, Ala.: Stud. Acad. 
Ala.; Mow. C, Ala., D. D.; Lie. 1862, Wahalak Ch., Ala.; Ord. Oct. '65, Willis- 
ton Ch., S. C; P. Williamsburg, Va. ; 2nd Ch., Baltimore, Md., North Ch., 
Camden, N. J.; 1st Ch., Kansas City; Calvary Ch., Kansas City, Kan.; Eufaula, 
and Union Springs, Ala.; V. P. & Prof. English History, G. R. C; A. Ed, "Central 
Baptis' ; "Word and Way;" Au. "Life and Labors of Livingstone," '75. 

CHAMBLISS, Thomas W., Shelbina, Mo.— Born, Aiken, S. C; Stud. How. 
C, Ala. ; Lie. Mar. 18, 1896, 1st Ch., Mexico, Mo., Ord. June 27, '97, Harmony Ch., 
Flintville, Mo.; P. Mt. Salem, Union and Salem, Mo., '98 — . 

CHAMLEE, Aquila, Sandersville, Ga. — B >rn, Canton, Ga.: Stud. Etawah 
Inst., Ga.; Mer. U., Ga., B. A., 1895; S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. G., '97; Ord. Dec. 28, 
'92, Canton Ch., Ga. ; P. Central Point, Island Creek, Butler, Bartow, Wadley, 
Bethlehem, Sandersville, Ga. 

CHAMNESS, James C, Crainville, III.— Lie. 1884, Hurricane Ch. ; Ord. '85, 
Pigeon Creek Ch. ; P. Pigeon Creek, Palestine, 111.; S. Hurricane, 111. 

GHAMNESS, Thomas W., Chamness, III.— Born, Williamson Co., 111.; Lie. 
1872, and Ord. '73, Craborchard Ch., 111.; P. Palestine, Pleasant Hill, Craborchard, 
Hurricane, Bair.bridge, Grassy Creek, Newhope, Antioch, Marion, Center, Coal- 
bank, Herren's Prairie, Williams' Prairie, Johnson's City, Creal Springs, Lake Creek, 
Pigeon Creek, Cana, Barnside, Macanda, Dutchridge, South America, Elm Grove, 111. 

CHAMNESS, William Penn, Orange, III.— Born, Annapolis, Ind. ; Lie. Mar. 
18, 1893, and Ord. May 20, '97, Olive Branch Ch.. Ind.; P. Hidalo, Ind., '97; S. 
Liberty, Ind., '96; P. Mt. Zion, '-98; Pleasant Star, Ind., '99. 

CHAMPION, Richard M,, Center, Tex.— Born, Gilmore Co., Ga. ; Lie. and 
Ord. 1884, Friendship Ch. ; My. 5 yrs. ; P. 4 Chs. at present. 

CHANDLER. Adoniram Judson, New London, Conn.— Born, Chester, Vt.; 
Cg. U., N. Y., B. A., 1872; New T. S., Mass., B. D., "75; Lie. Nov. 18, '72, North 
Sprino-field Ch., Vt.; Ord. Dec. 1, '75, North Trov Ch., Vt.; P. North Troy, '75- 
77; Mv. South Trov, Vt., '77; P. Shaftsburv, Vt'., '78-81; Clinton Conn., '81-85; 
1st Ch., Groton, Old Mystic, Conn., '85-95; S. Montville, Conn., '90. 

CHANDLER, Edgar Judson, Cresswell, Ore. — Born, Jackson, Minn.; Lie. 
Jan. 12, 1895, and Ord. Oct. 11, '96, Dexter Ch.; P. 1st Ch.. Fall Creek '95-96: 1st 
Ch., Dexter, '96-98. 

CHANDLER, Edward K.* Marshall, Tex.— Born, Indianapolis, Ind.; Cg. 
U., B. A.. 1869; M. A., '71.. McM. C. Ore.. D. D., '84; B. Un.T. S., Chicago; Lie. 
•68. Hamilton Ch., N. Y.; Ord Oct., '71, North Ch., Indimanolis, Ind.; P. North 
Ch., Indianapolis, Ind., 71-73 ; State St. Ch., Rockford, 111.. '73-79; Saco, Me., 79- 
■S2; Broadway Ch., Cambridgeport, Mass.. '82-89: Warren, R. I., '89-92. 

CHANDLER, Franklin L«, Chireno. Tex.— Born, Sumpter Co., Ala.; Lie. 
1880, and Ord. '81, Mt. Moriah Ch.; P. Attoyac, Friendship and Clear Spring, '83; 
Bethany, Macedoma and Smyrna, '84; Sardis'and Spring Ridge, '85; An ioch, '88; 
Geneva, Calvary and Red Oak, '93; Hamilton, '94; Spring Hill and Union, '95; 
Chireno. '97. 

CHANDLER, George Charles. Elwood, Ind. — Born. London, Eng. ; Stud. 
Rapid Cv. C, Manitoba: Toronto Bap. C.;Can. Toronto, U., Can., B. A., 1890; 
Div. Sch. Toronto Bap. C, Can., '86; Lie. May, '84, Walmer Ch., Can.: Ord. 
June, '87, Midland Ch., Can.; S. Walmer, Strathallow, Baillieboro, Bellefountaine, 
Can:; P. Midland, Victoria Ave. Ch., Hamilton, Can.; Elwood, Ind. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 1 4 1 

GHANDLER, John, Galveston, Ind. — Born, London, Eng.; Woodstock C... 
Toronto, Can., 1889; Stud. McMaster U., Toronto, Can. ; Div. Sch., U. Chicago; 
Shurt. C, 111., B. A., '96; M. A., '97; S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. B., '94; Lie. Aug. '86, 
College St. Cb., Toronto, Can.,andOrd. Nov. '94, 1st Ch., Fairfield, 111.; P. 1st Ch. 
Fairfield, 111., '94-95; S. 1st Ch., Pekin, 111., Tan-Aug. '97; P. Galveston, Ind. 

GHANDLER, John Wesley, Eastaboga, Ala. — Born, Habersham Co., Ga. ; 
Lie. Tune, 1874, and Ord. July. '75, Bethsaida Ch.; P. Bethsaida, '76-89; Mt. Pisgah, 
76-86; Salt Creek, 8 yrs.' Limehill, '85-98; S. Mt. Oliver, '82; P. Sartos. '82-86; 
S. Union, 'S3; Providence '85; P. juniper, '94-98; S. Oak Grove, '98; P. Hopeful, 
77; Plum Spring, '89-91. 

GHANDLER, Pleasant Barnett, Gatesville, Tex.— Born, Oglethorpe Co., Ga., 
Jan. 27, 1816; Stud. Mer. U., Ga., 3 yrs ; Lie. '41, Cloud's Creek Ch., Ga. ; Ord. '46, 
Social Circle Ch., Ga.; My. '46-48; P. Fayette Co. Chs., Tex., '48-74; Coryell Co. 
Ghs., Tex., 74—- 

GHANDLER, Preston S., Forks of Little Sandy, W. Va.— Born, Bland 
Co., Va.; Lie. 1881, Ord. '83, Poca Fork Ch., W. Va,; P. Mt. Pleasant, Stanley, 
Poca Fork, Jordan-Light, Mt. Shiloh, Antioch, River Side, Walton, Bethel, Mill 
Creek, W. Va. 

GHANDOIN, W. N., La Grange, Fla.— Born, Robertson Co., Tenn., Aug. 
10, 1829; John B. Stetson U., D. D., '93; Lie. Apr., '48, New Bethel Ch., Tenn.; 
Ord. Feb. '51, Marrowbone Ch., Tenn. ; P. Marrowbone, 2nd Ch., Nashville, Tenn. ; 
Pine Bluff, Bethesda, Thomasville, Americus, Ga.; Cor. Sec. and Treas. State Bd. of 
Mis., Fla. Bap. Cony., 18 yrs. ; Co-Ed. "Baptist Witness," Fla., 1 yr. 

CHANEY, Lee Johnson, Salton, Okla. Ter.— Born, Allen Co., Ky. ; Lie. 1871, 
Ord. '85, Sulphur Springs Ch., Ky. ; P. Quartz, '93-94; Cave Creek, Okla. Ter., '85- 
86; My. work. 

CHANEY, Porter Field, Three Springs, Ky.— Bern, Three Springs, Ky.; Lie. 
1884, Ord. '86, Three Springs Ch., Kv. ; P. Pleasant Ridge, '86-92; Three Springs, 
Ky., '96-97; Antioch, '98; Union Chapel, '99. 

GHAPELL, Frederic Leonard, 102 Pembroke St., Boston, Mas-. — Born, New 
London Co., Conn.; Yale C, B. A., 1860, M. A. '63; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '64; Lie. 
'59, Wooster Place Ch., New Haven, Conn.; Ord, '64 Middletown Ch., O.; P. 
Middletown, O., '64-71; Evanston, 111.. '71-78; lanesville, Wis., '78-81; Flemington, 
N. J., '81-89; Dean of Gordon My. Training Sch., '89—; Au. "Eleventh Horn- 
Laborers," '98—. 

CHAPIN, Judson Clarke, Normal, III. — Born, Vinton, la.; Stud. Shurt. C.,. 
111.; U. Roch. N. Y., B. A., 1889; Stud. Div. Sch., U.Chicago; Lie. Nov., '92, 
Freeport Ch., 111. ; Ord. Oct. 25, '95, Normal Ch., 111. ; P. Normal, 111., '95—. 

CHAPIN, W* J-, Chatham, III.— Born, Granville, N. Y.; Stud. Un. Acad. N. 
Y.; Lie. Jan., 1845, Bennington Ch , N, Y.; Ord. '47, Sun Prairie Ch., Wis.; P. 
Sun Prairie, Aztalan; Mauston; Reedsburg; Bangor; Fall River; Ironton, Wind- 
sor, Wis.; Tret, Edwardsville, Brighton, Auburn, Chatham, Oak Grove, Mt. 
Zion, Monieloque, Pleasant Plains, 111. 

CHAPLIN, William F., Orangeburg, S. C.,— Born, Beaufort, S. C, 1833; Lie. 
'60, Ord. '62, Ebernezer Ch . , S. C; P. Ebernezer, Two Mile, Bull Swamp, Provi- 
denee, Calvarv, Pleasant Hill, Canaan, Bethel, Bethlehem, S. C. ; My. Edisto and 
Orangeburg Asso., some yrs. 

CHAPMAN, Hamilton Edgar, 42 Grove St., 'Haverhill, Mass.— Born, 
Pendleton Hill, Conn.; Mystic Valley Inst., 1885; B. U., R. I., B. A., '90; New. T. 
S., Mass., '93; Lie. '86, 1st Ch., North Stonington, Conn.; Ord. '93, New Hartford 
Ch., Conn.; S. Point Judith, R. I., '90; 2nd Ch., Cambridge. Mass., '92; P. Hart- 
ford, Conn., '93-95; Mt. Wash. Ch., Haverhill, Mass., Oct., '95—. 

CHAPMAN, Howard R., 42 Melrose St., Rochester, N. Y.— Born, Rockford, 

111.; Shurt. C, 111., B. A., 1894; M. A., '97; Roch. T. S., N. Y.. '97; Lie. Oct. 12, 

'89, 1st Ch. n Iloopeston, 111.; Ord. Sept. 7, '97, South Ch., Rochester, N. Y.; S. 

• Woodburn, 111., '93-94; Phelps. N. Y., '95-96; Genesee St. Ch., Rochester, N. Y., 


142 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

CHAPMAN. James Davis, Savannah, Ga. — Born, Cave Spring, Ga. ; Mer. U., 
Ga., B. A., 1884; M. A., '84: D. D., '94: S. B. T. S., Ky., -'87; Lie Sept, -'82 
Franklin Ch. ; Ord. Apr, -84, 1st Ch., Macon. Ga. : P. Bucklaiid Ch., Pherson Ridge, 
Ky-, '85-87: S. Walnut St.. Ch.. Louisville, Kv., '85: P. Milledge, Ga., '87-94; 
Financial Agt. Mer. U„ Ga.. '94-95; P. Hawkinsville, Ga.. '95-96; Duft'v St.. Ch., 
Savannah, Ga.. '96—. 

t CHAPMAN, Thomas H., Pittsburgh, Pa.— Born Allegheny City, Pa.; Buck. 

U., Pa., B. A., 1876: M. A. '79; Li:. Julv. '74, Sanduskv St. Ch., Alleghenv, Pa. ; 
Ord. Dec. 11, '76, 37th St. Ch., Pitttburgh, Pa.; P. 37th St. Ch., Pittsburgh, Pa.— ■ 

Supt., Sec. and Treas. of the Church Extension Soc. and My. Work in Pittsburgh 
Asso. ; Ed. '-The Baptist Exponent," Pittsburgh, Pa. 

CHAPMAN, William D.. Farmersville, Tex.— Born, S. C; Lie. Sept., 
1859,, Ord. Sept., '61, Bethlehem Ch.: P. Bethlehem, '61-73 : Farmer sville, '63-70 ; 
Zion Hill, 3 yrs. ; Hopewell, 5 yrs. ; Merritt, 3 yrs. ; East Fork, I yr. ; Pleasant 
Grove, 3 yr*. : White Rock, 1 yr. 

GHAPMAN, William Edward, Newport, La.— Born, Catahoula Parish, La.; 
Lie. 1879, Ord. July, '80, Antioch Ch. ; P. numerous Chs. since Ordination. 

GHAPMAN, W. M., Spivey, Ga.— Born, Greene Co., Ga„ Mar. 21, 1817; Lie. 
'45, Friendship Ch., Ga. : Ord. '63. Long Shoal Factory Ch., Ga. ; P. Shull Shoal 
and Long Shoals, Ga., '62. 

CHAPMAN, William M., Richlaxd Sprixgs, Tex. — Born, McMinn Co., 
Tenn. ; Lie. and Ord. June 25, 1870, Beaver Srings Ch., Mo.; P. Beaver Springs, 
Mo. ; Martindale, Travis Institute, Webberville, Decker Branch, Elgin, Milburn and 
Richland Springs. Tex. , 

CHAPPELL, Edward, Maxo, Mo.— Bom, Perry Co., 111.; Lie. 1872, Ord. '84, 
Rock Creek Ch. ; P. Roaring River, Rock Creek. Viola, Antioch, New Siter, Cass- 
ville No. .2, Corinth, Mineral Springs, Sell Knob, Mo.; Pleasant Hill, Ark. 

GHAPPELS, Hix Benjamin, Dillburg, Ala. — Born, Fairfield Co., Ala. : Lie. 
1875, Ord. '77, Big Creek Ch., Ala.; P. Hebron, '77-82; Big Creek, '80-84; Oak 
Ridge, '85-89; Hebron, Ala., '98—. 

GHARLTON, H. A., Cextreville, N. B.— Born. Anapolis. N. S. : Stud. 
Acadia C, and T. S., N. S. ; Lie. 1852, Amherst CH., N. Y., Ord. Mar. '55, Green- 
ville Ch., N. Y.; P. Greenville, 8 yrs.; Hamlock, New Jerusalem, Waterborough, 
Jackson Town, Jacksonville, 4 yrs.; Centerville, N. B. — . 

GHASE, Allen Benedict, Came rox, N. Y.— Born, Jerusalem, N. Y.: Stud. 
Prattsburg Acad., Alford H. Sch., Cg. U., N. Y.; Lie. 1846, Bradford Village Ch. ; 
Ord. July 17, '50, Cameron Ch. : S. Montery, N. Y., 4 mos. : P. Towlesville, '4S-49; 
Cameron, '50-51 ; Townsend, '51-54; Cameron, '54-55: Reading, '55-64 : Middlesex, 
'65-67; Phelps, N. Y., '67-68; Tioga, Pa., '68-72; Mecklenburg, '72-74; Mott's 
Corners, N. Y.. '74-75: Agt. Am. and For. Bible Soc, 3 yrs.: P. Urbana, N. Y., 

GHASE, Amos Francis, 4 Pembertox St.. Providence, R. I. — Born, West 
Dennis, Mass.; Stud. Lay C, Mass , 1894; Ord. Jan. 28, '96, Ruggles St. Ch., Bos- 
ton, Mass.; P. Mt. Pleasant, only pastorate. 

GHASE, George S., Warrex, Me.— Born, Chester, N. H., 1836: Stud. Pinker- 
ton Acad., N. H.; New. T. S., Mass., '66: Lie. '62, and Ord. Julv, '66, Chester Ch., 
N. H.; P. Braintree, '66-69: Colchester. Yt., '69-72; E. Northwood, N. H., '77; 
Richford, Yt , '77-81; My. Agt. Vt. Bap. State Conv., Jan .-Oct.. '81; P. Derbv, 
Vt., '81-89; Prin. Derby Acad., Vt., 'S3-84: Sup. Beebe Plain Ch., '81-89; P. 
Springvale, '89-94: Mechanic Falls. '95-99; Warren, Me., '99— . 

CHASE, John Kelly, East Hampstead, N. H.— Born, Exeter, N. H.: Stud. 
Atkinson Acad., N. H. ; Lit. Inst, and Gymnasium, N. H. ; Wor. Acad., Mass.; Lie. 
June 20. 1841, Plaisow Ch.,«N. H. : Ord" '44, Ev. Milton Mills, N. H., and Emerv 
Mills, Me., Chs.: P. Lebanon, Me., '46-48; Hampton, N. H., '49-52: Hamden, Me., 
'54-57; Pittsfield. '57-60: Rumnev, N. H., 8 yrs. ; Fairhaven and Hideville, Vt., '66- 
69; Holden, Mass., '74-78; S. Stbusrhton and Land Rock, 2 yrs. : Rowley, 3 yrs. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 143 

GHASE, William Taylor, Raymond. Tex.— Born, Athens Ga.; Mer. U., Ga., 
186-2; Lie. '59, Columbus Ch., Ga. ; Ord. June 5, '63, Savannah Cti./Ga.; P. North 
Creek, Ga. ; Crockett, Rusk, Buffalo, Jevvett, Monticello and Prairie Grove, Tex. 

GHASTAIN, Benjamin C., Dial, Ga.— Born, Van Zants Store, Ga. ; Stud. 
Morgantown Acad.; Lie. Feb. 22, 1896, and Ord. June 36, '97, Salem Ch.; S. Salem, 
'98; Salem and Friendship. Ga., '99—. 

GHASTAIN, James Garvin, Morelia, Mexico — Born. Itawamba Co., Miss.; 
Miss. C, B. A , 1882; D. D., '97.; U., Miss., B. A., '83; S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. M., 
'88; Lie. Apr. 18, '74, Ord. June 17, 75, Hopewell Ch., Miss.; S. Port Gibson, 
Miss, '82; P. Williamsburg, "'84; Columbia, Miss., '84-85; Milton, Ky., '86-87; 
Doctor Arroyo, Mex., '92-98; Morelia, Mex., '98—. 

G HAST AIN, Jesse Louis,** Springtown, Ark. — Born, Siloam Springs, Ark.; 
Stud. Oua. C, Ark.; Lie. 1890, Ord. Oct. 23, '97, Springtown Ch., Ark.; S. Spring- 
town, Ark., 4 mos., '98. - 

G HAST AIN, Joseph Pearson, Ellijay, Ga. — Born, Brasstown, Ga. ; Lie. 1859, 
Ord, '60, New Hope Ch., Ga.; P. Ellijay, Ebenezer, Clark Creek, Mt. Zion, Moun- 
taintown. Pleasant Grove, New Hope, Salem, Pisgah, Pleasant Hill, Antioch, Mace- 
donia, Ga. 

CHASTAIN, Simpson Berry, Williams, Ore. — Born, Hiawassee, Ga. ; Stud. 
Acad., Fort Hembree, N. C; Lie. May, 1866, Ft. HembreeCh., N.C.; Ord. Feb., 
70, Mt. Zion Ch., Ga. ; P. New Hope. 71-72; Table Rock, Colo., '82-83; Brush 
Prairie, '90-93; La Camus, Wash., '90-93; 1st Ch., Lake City, '96-97; 1st 
Ch,, Goose Lake, Calif., '97-98. 

CHATHAM, George L., Roswell, Ga. — Born. Milton Co.. Ga. ; Lie. May 14, 
1881; Ord. Nov. 15, '84, Providence Ch., Ga. ; P. Willow, Sandv Plains, '85; Holly 
Springs and Bethel, '86 ; 'Chattahoochee, Ga., '87. 

GHAVEZ, Charles Peter, Hesston, Kan. — Born, Longeville, France; Stud. 
Lisle Inst., France, Montreal Presbyterian C, Can.; Ord. 1874, Pres. Ch. ; Ord. 
'82, Bap. Ch.; P. St. Anne Pres. Ch., 3 yrs.; Mulberry, 3 yrs.; St. Anne Bap. Ch., 
3 yrs. ; Freedom, Kan., 15 yrs. — 

CHEEK, Charles Henry, Preston, Ark. — Born, Memphis, Tenn. ; Stud. Pub. 
Schs., Memphis, Tenn.; Lie. 1891, Conwav Ch., Vt. ; Ord. '93, Preston Ch., Ark.; 
P. Preston, Ark.—. 

CHEEK, Francis B., Whitehead, N. C— Born, Allegheny Co., N. C; Lie. 
June, Ord. July, 1868, New Salem Ch., N. C; P. New Salem, '6876; Big Springs, 
70-86; Prathers Creek, 72-75; Rock Springs, 72-84; South Fork, '84-88; Laurel 
Springs, '95-99; Calaways Chapel, '96-99; Chestnut Grove, N. C, '99. 

CHEEK, John Simon, Elmo, Ky. — Born. Havanna, 111.; Beth. C, Ky., B. A., 
1892, M. A., '96; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie, July, Ord. Nov. '87, Madisonville 
Ch., Ky.; P. Dixon, '87-89; Earlington," '88-92 ; Scottsville, '89-92; Mt. Pleasant, 
'89-90; Guthrie, '90-92; Carrollton, '92-95; Worthville, '94-95; Salem Ch., Elmo, 

CHEEK, William D., Buffalo, Mo.— Born, Dallas Co., Mo.; Lie. Nov. 20, 
1883; Ord. Apr. 25, '86.Macedonia Ch. ; P. Mt. Zion, '86-96; Pleasant Hill, '92-97; 
Macedonia, Mo., '97-99. 

CHELETTE, James Dennis, Poland, La. — Born, Montgomery, La.; Lie. Apr. 
20, Ord. Dec. 13, 1885, Iatt Ch.; P. Iatt, '85-94; P. Hopewell, and other Chs. as 
Supply, '94— 

CHENEY, David B., Racine, Wis., Born, San Francisco, Calif. ; U.Chicago, 
B. A., 1880; M. A., '83; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, B. D.,'83; Ord. Sept. 4, '83, 
Stillwater Ch., Minn.; P. Stillwater, Minn., '83-85; La Crosse, '85-91 ; W. Supe- 
rior, '91-95; Racine, Wis., '95—. 

144 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

CHENEY, lames Coring, 17 Irvington St., Cleveland, O. — Born, Philadel- 
phia, Pa.; Grad. Boston Lat. Sch., Mass. ,1873; Stud. U.Chicago; U.Roch.,N. Y.,M.A., 
'81; U. Leipsic, Get\, Ph. D.,'S3; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, B. D., '81; Ord.Jan. 3,'84, 
Newark Ch., O. ; P. Newark, O., '83-86; Ypsilanti, Mich., '86-93 ; S. Alameda, Cal., 
'94; P. Wilson Ave. Ch., Cleveland, O., '94—. 

CHENEY, John Franklin, Crawford, Ga.— Born, Wilkes Co., Ga., 1838; Stud. 
Mer. U. and State U., Ga. ; Lie. Aug. '83, and Ord. Dec. '84, Crawford Ch., Ga. ; P. 
Corinth, '85—; Cloud's Creek and Baird, '86—; Bethany, 87-91; Crawford, Ga. '92—. 

CHENEY, Reuben S,, Harmony Grove, Ga. — Born, Green Co., Ga.; Stud. 
H. Sch., Mercer, Ga., and Stud, under Dr. P. H. Mill; Lie. 1868, Cabin Creek Ch., 
Ga.; Ord. Dec. 13, '88, 1st Ch., Harmony Grove, Ga. ; P. Berea, 6 yrs.; Mt. Olive, 
3 yrs. ; Pleasant Grove, 3 yrs. ; Fork Broad River, 7 yrs. ; Vineyards Creek, 7 yrs. ; 
Indian Hill, 3 yrs. ; Dove Creek, 5 yrs. ; Dewey Rose, 2 yrs. ; Center, Ga., 1 yr. 

CHESNEY, Elijah, Wooster. O.— Born, Ontario, Canada; McMaster U., On- 
tario, Can., 1864; M. A., '90; Ph. D., '92; Stud. Div. Sch., McMaster U., Ontario; 
Div. Sch., Toronto Bap. C, Can.; P. G., No. 7, 111. Wsl. T. S. ; Ord. '64, Beverly 
Ch., Ontario, Can.; P. Binhook, '70-73; Watertown, '71-73; Port Perry, '73-76 r 
Petrolea, Ontario, Can., '77-81; Rochester, '81-82; Stanton, '83-86; Bay City, '86- 
93; Midland, Mich., '93-98; Wooster, O., '98—. 

CHESTER, Thomas Thornton, Jewett, Tex.— Born, Macon Co., Ala., July 5, 
1848; Lie. Aug. 30, '84, Lie. June 27, '86, Post Oak Grove Ch., Tex.; P. Sardis, '87; 
Fairview, Tex., '86-87. $ 

GHEVES, Adoniram Judson, Montezuma, Ga. — Born, Macon Co., Ga. ; Mer. 
U.,Ga., B. A., 1862, M. A., '69; Ord. '63, Penfield Ch., Ga. ; Ord. '74 Travelers' Rest 
Ch., Ga.; P. Travelers' Rest, '74-79; Hayneville, '77-81; Snow, '82-90; Drayton, 
J 77-86, 93-99; Montezuma, Ga., '82-93. 

CHICK, William R., Sidell, Ky.— Born, Claiborne Co., Tenn.; Lie. 1880, 
Ord. ,83, Salem Ch., Ky. ; P. Pigeon Roost, '84-88; White Branch and New Home, 
; 87-89; Liberty, '89-99; New Prospect, '92-97; Macedonia, '91-93; Pleasant Run, 
J 91-96; Island Creek, '94-98; Robinson Creek, Ky., '98-99. 

CHILTON, Levi Scott, Turners Station. Ky.— Born, Henry Co., Ky. ; Lie. 
1865, Ord. ; 67, Cane Run Ch., Ky.; P. Diemons Ridge, '67-81; New Providence,. 
'67-81; Lane Run and Trumans Station, '75; Hopewell and Cove Hill, Ky., '80. 

CHILD, Increase, Hamilton, N. Y.— Born, Greenfield, N. Y. ; U., Roch., N.. 
Y., B. A., 1859; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '64; Lie. '55, Gorham Ch., N. Y. ; Ord. Oct., 
'59, Towanda Ch., Pa.; P. Towanda, Pa.; Trumansburg, N. Y.; Xenia, Madison,. 
Conneaut, O. ; Frewsburg, Andover, Alabama, Middlebury, N. Y. 

CHILD, Jonathan Bush, East Brookfield, Mass. — Born, Fitchburg, Mass., 
July 1, 1835; Stud. Colby Acad., N. Y.; Cg. U., N. Y., B. A. ,'63; M. A., '65; Ham. 
T. S., N. Y., '65 ; Lie. '58, 1st Bap. Ch., Manchester, N. H. ; Ord. Sept. 27, '65, Caze- 
novia Ch., N. Y. ; P. Cazenovia, '65-68; Gouverneur. N. Y., '68-71 ; Pawtuxet, R. I,, 
'71-82; Ludlow, Vt., '82-84; Amherst, '84-92; East Brookfield, Mass., '93—. 

GHILDRESS, John Bunyan, Dendron, Va.— Born, Mt. Cross, Va. * Grad. 
Leaksville H. Seh. ; Oak Ridge Inst., Va. ; Stud. R. C, Va. ; Lie. Sept., 1888, Ord. 
July, '95, Sharon Ch., Va. ; P. Branches, '93-94; Surry, C. IL, '95-96; Moores 
Swamp, Dendron, '96 — ; Elam, Va., '98 — 

GHILDRESS. Samuel A., Joaquin, Tex.— Born, Shelby Co., Tex.; Lie. 1876,. 
Concord Ch., Tex.; Ord. '82, Friendship Ch., Tex.; Served numerous Chs. 

GHILDREY, Joseph Melvin Taylor, Woodbury, N. J.— Born, Richmond, Va. ; 
R. C, Va., B. A., 1892; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Cro. T. S.,Pa., '96; Ord. June, '96, 
Leigh St. Ch., Richmond, Va. ; P. 1st Ch., Woodbury, N. J., '96—; Prin - H - 
Sch., Batesburg, S. C, '92-93. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 145 

CHILDS, J. F., National City. Calif.— Born' Vermont, 1822; Lie. May, 52, 
Unci Ch., Chicago, 111.; Ord. Feb., '53, Lockport Ch., III.; P. Lockport, Joliet, 111., 
"53; Okaloosa, la., '56; National City, Calif., '88; one of the founders of the 
"Christian Times," Chicago; Gen. My. and Cor. Sec, la. Bap. Conv., '59-72; Fi- 
nancial Sec. and Treas., Des Moines C, la., '66. 

CHILDS, Thomas Perry, Troy, O. — Born, Woodstock, Conn., June 8, 1816; 
Stud. Cg. U., N. Y.. 4 yrs.; Ord. '38, Cherry Vallev Ch., N. Y.; P. Cherry Valley, 
N.Y.; Ev. Troy, O. ; Organized Ch. at Xenia, and P. '44-47; Organized Ch. at 
Covington; P. Salem, O., 5 yrs.; Chap. 44th Regt. O. V. L; Organized Calvary 
Ch., Piqua, O. ; Labored 5^ yr£. 

CHIPLEY, John Thomas, Garbutt, Ga— Born, Washington Co., 6a. ; Stud. 
Mt. Vernon B. Inst., Ga.; Lie. 1860, Ord. '70, Shady Grove Ch., Ga. ; P. Crooked 
Run Ch., '70-72; Pleasant Spring, 2% yrs.; Adrain, Ga., '90-92. 

CHIPMAN, Alfred, Wittenberg, N. S , Canada ; Stud. Horton Acad., Can- 
ada; Acadia U..N.S.,B. A., 1855; M.A.,'58; Stud. New. T S., Mass. 3 yrs. ; Lie. Wolf- 
villeCh., N. S. ; Ord. Nov., '62, Little River, Ch., N. S. ; P. Pictou, '62-67 ; Stewiacke, 
'67-71; Yarmouth, Sydney. N. S.; Bedegal and Tryon, P. E. I.; Hopewell, G. B.; 
Jacksonville and Jacksontown. N. B. ; Lee, Carroll, Lowell, Enfield, Lincoln Center, 
Me.; S. Bradley, Me.; P. Campton Village, N. H. ; North Springfield, Vt. ; Stowi- 
acke and Musquodoboit, N. S.; Tutor Acadia U., N. S., 1 yr. 

CHIPMAN, William Pendleton, Essex, Conn.— Born, Old Mystic, Conn.; Stud. 
Mystic Val. Inst.; B. U., R. I., B. A., 1875; M A., '78; Pres C. of S. C, D. D., 
'90; Roch. T. S , N. Y.; Lie. 1st Ch. Groton, Old Mystic, Conn. '73; Ord. Jan. 3, 
Quidnessett Ch., Davisville, R. L, R. I., 77; P. Quidnessett Ch., Davisville, R. L, 

77-83; ls^ Ch., Peabody, Mass, '83-85; 1st Ch., Barnwell, S. C, '85; Walton, N. 
Y., '86-88; Central Ch., Pawling, N. Y., '88-92; 1st Ch., Essex, Conn., '92—; Au, 
■ li Black Forge Mills," " Roy Gilbert's Search," " Budd Boyd's Triumph," (serials) 
"The Mill Boy of the Genesee," " The Young Lineman," " Off Shore," "In the 
Wilds of Fuego." 

CHISM, James Mitchell, Palmetto, Ala. — Born, New Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Lie. 
1854, Philadelphia Ch , Ala ; Ord. July, '60, Big Sandy Ch., Ala. ; S. North Port, 
Concord, Spring Hill, Chapel Hill, Dunn's Creek, Mt. Tabor, New Salem, Shepherd, 
Oak Ridge, Moore's Bridge, Meadow Branch, Fellowship, Ala. 

CHISOLM, S, P., Varnville, S. C— Born, Wadmalaw Island, Rockville: 
Stud. Bluffton H. Sch., Beaufort C; Columbia Military Acad. ; Lie. Nov. 6, LiUle 
Saltkehatchie Ch.; Ord. Nov. 6, '86, Antioch Ch.; P. Antioch, '86; Hickory Grove, 
'86; Edisto, S. C; Branchville, Mt. Tabor, '89-90; Bethel, '93-96; Sandv Run, '93- 
95; Bethesda, '96; Sand Hill, Varnville, S. C— . 

CHITTENDEN, George A,, North Royalton, O.— Born, Paris, Ontario, Can. ; 
Bap. C, Woodstock, Ontario; Woodstock, T. S.; Lie. 1875, 1st Ch., Branlford, 
Ontario; Ord. June 15, '80. Kingsville Ch., Ontario; P. Kingsville, Ontario, '80-81; 
Lisbon, O., '81-83; South Whitley, '83-85; Rochester, '85-88; Elkhart, '88-91; Co- 
lumbus, '91-94; Bicknell, Ind., '94-95; North Royalton, O., '95—. 

GHITTY, George W., Naylor, Ga. — Born, Barnwell Dist., S. C. ; Lie and Ord. 
1881, Sardis Ch., S. C; P. Sardis, Delmar. Ga. ; Friendship, S. C. ; Bethlehem, 
Oak Grove, StaVenville, Ga. — . 

CHOLLAR, Harvey W«, Stillwater, N. Y.— Born, Homer, N. Y.; Stud. 
Cornell U., N. Y. ; Cg. U., N. Y., B. A., 1892; Ham. T. S., N. Y., M. A., '95; B. 
D., '95; Lie. Homer Ch. ; Ord. '95, Bainbridge Ch.; P. Bainbridge, 94-96; Still- 
water, '96 — . 

CHOAT, Rufus, McEwen, Tenn.— Born, Blue Creek, Tenn. ; Lie. 1882, Ord. 
Nov. '84, Blue Creek Ch.; P. Cross Roads, '93; Blue Creek, '94; Walnut Grove, 
'92; Parke's Creek, Harpeth Valley, '99. 

CHOTE, Sanders Ellis, Vandervoort, Ark. — Born, Revilee, Ark.; Lie. Julv, 
1889, Mt. Tabor Ch., Ark.; Ord. Oct. 2, '94, Hopewell Ch., Ark.: S. Hopewell 
Ark., '94-96; My. 

i4 6 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

CHRISTAL, Silas Granville, Decatur, Tex. — Born, Macon Co., Mo. ; Lie. and 
Ord. 1877, Stony Ch.; P. Stony, 10 yrs ; Slidell, '18 yrs.— ; Greenwood, Argyie, 
Drop, Cooper Creek, Plainview, Sycamore and Cottonwood, 2 to 6 yrs. ; N. Hickory, 
14 m-s. 

CHRISTENSEN, Hans Christian, Camp Douglass, Wis.— Born, Denmark; 
L-ic. and Ord. Nov. 22, 1879, 1st Scandinavian Bap. Ch , New Lisbon, Wis.; P. 1st 
Scan. Ch., New Lisbon, '79-93; 1st Ch. Raymond, Wis., 2 yrs. 

CHRISTENSEN, Rasmus, Dannebrog, Neb.— Born, Aarhus, Denmark: U. 
Chicago, 1896; Stud. Div. Sen., U. Chicago; Ord. Aug. 9, '96. Marshallfown Bap. 
Danish Ch., la.; S. Ludington, Mich., '95; P. Marshalltown, '96-97; Cedar Rapids, 
3a., '97-98; Bap. Dan.Ch., Dannebrog, Neb., '99—. 

CHRISTIAN, Abraham, Payup, Ga.— Born, Elbert Co., Ga. ; Lie. Nov. 8, 
1888, Deep Creek Ch., Ga.; Ord. Nov. 3, '95, Rise Creek Ch., Ga.; Ev.— . 

CHRISTIAN, Gyrus Edwin, Horseheads, N. Y.— Born, Salamanca, N. Y.; 
Stud. Cg. Acad.. N. Y.; Roch. T. S., N. Y., 1890; Lie. Sept. 12, '86, Great Valley 
Ch.. N. Y.; Ord. '90, North Hector Ch., N. Y.; P. N. Hector, '90-93; Wolcott, 
? 93; Brockton, 94-97; Horseheads, N. Y., '97—. 

CHRISTIAN, George Jesse, Bowman, Ga.— Born, Elberton, Ga,; Stud. Mer. 
U., Ga.; Lie. Sept., 1885. and Ord. July 9, '86, Deep Creek Ch., Ga. ; P. Reed 
Creek, etc., Ga., '88-93; Rovston and Carnesville, '93-98; High Shoais, Conner, 
etc,, Ga. — . 

CHRISTIAN, John Taylor, 441 E. Gray St., Louisville, Ky.— Born, Lexing- 
ton, Kv.; Beth. C, Kv., B. A., 1876 ; M. A., '82 ; D. D., '88; Kea. C, La., LL. D , 
'98; Lie. Feb. '71, Ord. July 76, Campbellsburg Ch., Kv. ; P. Tupelo, '77-78; Sar- 
dis, Miss., '78-82; Chat'anooga, Tenn., '82-86; My. Sec, Miss., '86-92; P. Louis- 
ville, Ky., '92 — ; Au. "Immersion, the Act of Christian Baptism," '89; "Cose Com- 
munion," '92; "Americanism or Romanism, Which? " "Did They Dip? or An Exam- 
ination Into the Act of Bantism as Practiced by the English and American Baptists 
Before the Year 1641," '96; "Four Theories of Church Government," '90; "Heath- 
en and Infidel Testimonies to Jesus Christ," '94; "Six Days of Creation." 

CHRISTIAN, Samuel Obediah, Fincastle, Va- Born, Cloverport, Ky. ; Stud. 
G. C, Kv.; Ord. Apr. 16, 1884, Newport Ch., Ky. ; S. Old Twelve Mile, Ky., '83; 
P. Ebenezer, '86-89; Rockport, Ind., '89-90; Livermore, Ky., '90; Savannah, '91-92. 
Pleasant Valley, '91; Camden, .0., '92-93; Sand Creek, Ind., '93-94.; Ev. '94-96; 

P. Fincastle, Springwood, Pleasant Hill, Va , '96—; Colp. and My. in Ky., '82. 

GHRISTIANSON, Clark Johan, 503 East A. St., Iron Mountain, Mich.— 
Born, Sweden; Stud. B. Un. T. S., Chicago; Lie. 1886, Piteo Ch., Sweden; Ord. 
Oct. 30, '98, Homestead Ch., Wis.; P. Swedish Ch., Homestead, Wis.; My. Am. 
Bap. Pub. Society and Swedish Bap. Conf. of Northern Mich. 

CHRISTMAN, Edward Doane, Beattie, Kan.— Born, Cen'ral Square, N. Y., 
Mav 2, 1864; Stud. Central Square H. Sch., N. Y.; Kidder Inst., Mo.; B. Un. T. 
S., Chicago; Lie. Sept. 22, '88, Kidder Ch. ; Ord. June 11, '90, Warren Ch., la.; P. 
Mt. Vernon, Belleville, Rilev, Wis., '89; S. Denmark, la., '89; P. Warren and Char- 
leston, la., '89-91; S. Woodlawn, '92; Beattie, Maysville, Kan , '93; Veo, Ollie, la., 
'94; P. Wetmore, '95-96; Pratt and Preston, Kan., '96. 

CHRISTOPHER. Bernard G., Chester, N. II.— Born, Bear River, N. S. ; Stud. 
Colby U., N. H.; New. T. S., Mass.; Lie. Sept., 1897, Ord. June, '98, Chester Ch., 
N. H.; S. Chester, N. H., '95 98; P. Chester, N. H., '98— . 

CHUNN, G. A., Blountsville, Ala.— Born, Morgan Co., Ala.; Stud. H. 
Sch , Somerville, Ala.; Lie. June, 1882, Ord. Aug. '84, Hopewell Ch., Ala.; P. Hope- 
well, '83-85; Morris, '83-87'/ Oak Grove, '85-88; Cullman, '88-90; Hanceville, Beth- 
lehem, '91-92; Flint Creek, '93-94; Turner Chapel, '95; Brookville, '97; Gunterville^ 
Ala., '98. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 147' 

CHURCH, A, B. t Florence, Wash.— Born, Wilkes Co., N. C; Stud. Mora- 
vian Falls, N. C. ; Lie. 1880, Ord. '82, Mulberry Ch., N. C. ; P. Mu' berry N. C, '82;' 
Pinev Grove, Sardis Buffalo, Samoson, Boons Fork, '84-85; Mt. Zion, "'86; Greens 
Valley, N. C, '87-90; Union Chapel, Ind. Ter., '93-94; Mt. Enterprise, Ark., '86-87. 

CHURCH, Francis LeGrande, Byron, Mich.— Born, Holly, Mich.; Stud. Holly 
H. Sch.,Mich.; U., Mich., 1899; Lie. '95, Holly Ch.. Mich.; Ord. Jan. 6, '98, Bir- 
mingham Ch., Mich.; S. Mooreville, York, '95; A. P. Plymouth, Mich., '96-97; P. 
Birmingham, '97-99; Byron, Mich., '99—. 

CHURCH, Robert J., Carrollton, III —Born, England; Stud. Cg. U., N. Y. ; 

Ham. T. S.. N. Y., 1891 ; Lie. '86, 4th Ch., Syracuse, N. Y. ; Ord. '87,\Stratford and 
Salisbury Ch., N. Y. ; P.Burlington, la., 15 mos. ; Roseville, 3)^ vrs. ; Carrollton, 
111., 3yrs. 

CHURCH, William, Burlington, N. Y.— Born, Burlington, N. Y.— Lie. Nov., 
1855, 1st Ch. Burlington. N. Y.; Ord. Aug., '56, Otego Ch., N. Y. ; P. Otego, 
Warren, North Brookfield, Schuyler's Lake, Burlington Flats, N. Y. ; S. West Bur- 
lington and New Lisbon, N. Y. 

CHURCH, William Thomas, Butler, Mo.— Born, Pope Co., 111.; Stud. Wm. 
lewell C, Mo.;, Lie. May, 1893, Ord. Mar., '94, Bethel Ch., Mo.; P. Sprague, '96; 
Dayton, '97-99; Burdett, Pleasant Gap, '98-; Antioch, Mo., '98—. 

CHURCHILL, Cartwell, Cornell. III.— Born, Moose River, Me. ; Stud. N. 
Anson Acad., Me., Skowhegan Acad., Me. ; Ord. Apr. 16, 1890, Weston Ch., Mich.; 
P. Rochester, Ashland Center, Napoleon, Norvell, Mich.; Pleasant Lake, Ind.; New 
London, O.; Cornell, Esmen, 111. 

CHURCHWELL, J. J,, Moulton, Ala.— Born, Greenville, Ala.; Lie. Nov. 2, 
1885, Ord. Mav. 2, '96, Central Ch., Ala.; P. Rock Spring, '96-97; Pleasant Grove, 
'97; New Prospect, Ala., '97—. 

CHUTE, Elbert, Palmur, Janumpet P. O., Deccan, India. — Born, Strathroy, 
Ontario, Can.; Stud. Woodstock C, Can. ; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, B. D., 1882; 
Lie. '77, Strathroy Ch., Ontario, Can.; Ord. '82, Chicago Bap. Asso. ; Stud. S. 
Kinmount. % 

CLABORN, L. E,, Moodysville, Tenn.— Born, Overton Co., Tenn., Feb. 
18,1847; Lie. Feb., '89, Ord. July 12, '91, Sinking Spring Ch.; P. Sinking Spring, 
'90—; Fairview, Tenn., '90—. 

CLARK, William, Pewaukee, Wis. — Born, Albescote, Berkshire, Eng. ; Lie. 
1849, Stanton St. Ch., New York, N. Y.; Ord. '51, Oak Creek Ch., Wis.; P. Oak 
Creek, Argyle, Green Prairie, Wyalusing, Wis. ; S. Lancaster, Cassville, Mt. Ida, 
Bloomington, Wis.; P. Mason City, la.; Pewaukee, Wis. — . 

GLAFFORD, Forsten, Bridgeport, Conn. — Born, Stockholm, Sweden; Stud. 
Stockholm, Sweden, Bethel Sem., Sweden; Lie. Mar. 1, 1883, 1st Swedish Ch., New 
York, N. Y.; Ord. Feb. 10, '84, 1st Swedish Ch., New Britain, Conn.; P. 1st Ch., 
New Britain, Conn.; Upsala, Sweden ; 1st Swedish Ch., Meriden, 1st Swedish Ch., 
Bridgeport, Conn. 

GLAPP, Hugh Borton, Latonia, Tenn. — Born, Corryton, Tenn.; C-N. C, 
Tenn., B. S., 1892; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. Sept. 5, 91, Ord. May 15, '92, Mossy 
Creek Ch., Tenn. ; P. Tates Springs, Locust Grove, Little Flat Creek, Union, Par- 
nells Station, Tenn. ; Prin. Chilhowee Acad., '98-99. 

CLARE, Daniel Hunt, Waverly, N. Y.— Born, Coventry, Eng.; Cg. U., N. 
Y., B. A., 1895; Div. Sch., Cg. U., N. Y., B. D., '98; Lie. Sept. '89/5th Ch., New- 
ark, N, J.; Ord. July, '98, Waverly Ch., N. Y.; P. 1st Ch., Waverly, N. Y., '98—. 

CLARK, Amos Darwin, Pouivtney, Vt.— Born, Italy, N. Y.; Cg. U., N. Y., 
B. A., 1875; Lie., Ord. Aug. 23, '76, Italy Hollow Ch., N. Y.; P. Italy Hollow, '76- 

78; Bennettsburg, '78-81; Mecklenburg, '81-83; Barrington, '83-87; South West 
Oswego, N. Y., '87-89; Pownal, '89-96; Poultney, Vt., '96—. 

148 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

CLARK, Anderson* Cyclone, Tex. — Born, S.C.; Stud.Bloomhe'd H.Sch.,Miss. ; 
Western B. Theol. Inst , Cow, and Georgetown, Kv.; Lie. June r 1852. Pawtickfaw 
Ch., Miss.; OrL Feb. 7. '58, Salem Ch., Miss.; P. Lealriver, Miss.; Cedar Creek, 
Shiloh, Bird's Creek, Mt. Vernon, Oenaville, South Elm, Litle E!m,Beulah, Tex. 

CLARK, Anderson W., Omaha. Neb.— Born, Petersburg, 111.; Stud. Win. 
Jewell C. Mo.; U. Chicago: U. Roch. N" Y., B. A., 1877: B.Un. T. S., Chicago, 
B. D., '80; Lie. '68. and^Od. '71, Antioch Ch., Kan.; P. Dundee, III.. '80-83; 
York, '83-87; Calva.y Ch., Omaha. Neb., '87-91; Mr. Work Omaha Cv., Neb., 
*91-94; Gen. My. Neb.. '94-97; My. and Philanthropic work: Ed. " Nebraska Bap- 
tist, " '94-95. 

CLARK, Andrew. Bishop, Calif.— Born, Allegheny Co.. Pa.; Julv 14. 1832; 
Lie, 1866, Ord. '67. Redoak Junction Ch.. la.: Organizer and P. Bishop Ch., '69—' 
except 3 yrs. 

GLARK, Andrew Willis, Oneonta. N. Y.— Born, Gilbertsville, N. Y. : Cg. U., 
N. Y., B A., 1874; M. A., '76; Ham. T. S., N. Y., '76; Lie. Feb, 25, '76. 
Gilbertsville Ch. ; Ord. June 24, '78 H irtwick Ch., N. Y.; P. Hartwick, '77-^1; 
Gilbertsviile. N. Y., '82-86: Walnut Hills Ch., Cincinnati, O.. '86-89: S. Wells 
Bridge, Otego, N. Y., '89-91; P. Winsted, Conn., '91-97. 

CLARK, Edward Winter, Im pur, Nag a Hills, Assam, India. — Born, North- 
east , N- Y., Feb. 25, 1830; B. U., R. I., M. A., 1857; Stud. New. T. S. Mass. 
and Roch. T. S. N. Y. : Lie. Northeast Ch., N. Y.: Ord. June 30. '59, Logansport 
Ch , Ind.; P. Loganspurr, Ind., 1 yr. ; My. to India, Oct. 20, '68—: Ed. "'The Wit- 
ness" '61-67: First to acquire Naga language and reduce it to writing: Au. School 
books and Hymn book; and translated portions of Scripture into the Naga language. 

CLARK, Elias B., High Spring, Fla — Born, Camden Co., Ga. : Lie. Aug. 
1889; Ord. Nov., '90, 1st Ch., High Springs, Fla.: P. Destitute Point, Fla., '91-92: 
Beulah, Bethel, Destitute Point, Fla, '93; Organizer and P. Dempee Ch. ; P. Oak 
Grove, Parkers Ferry, and Destitute Point, '94.; Oak Grove, Dempey, Rochell, '95- 
97: Dempey, Rochelie, Romeo, Fia., '98—. 

CLARK, Ernest R., Frankfort, Ky. — Born, Ionia, Mich. — Lie. Aug. '25, 1890. 
Redford Ch.. Mich. ; Ord. Sept. 28, '93, Mt. Vernon Ch., Mich. ; P. Redford, '90-91 ; 
Mt. Vernon, '91-94: Jones, '94-95; Baldwins Prairie, '95-97; Colon, Mich., '97-98. 

CLARK, George Flourney, Crosland, Ga. — Born, Crosland, Ga. ; Lie. Sept. 2. 
1892, Ord. June 4, '93, 1st Ch., Obe, Ga. ; P. Evergreen, Pine Grove, '93; Pine 
Grove, Staunton, Lakeview, '94; Evergreen, Pine Grove, Lakeview, Salem, '95; 
Mt. Zion, Brushy Creek, Piney Grove, Oak Grove, Salem, '96; Pine Grove, Oak 
Grove, Zion Hill. Liberty, Rose of Sharon. '97: Pine Grove. Oak Grove, Antioch 
Mt. Zi n, Zion Hill, Rose' of Sharon, Ga.— . 

CLARK, George Whitefield, Hightstown, N. ].— Born, South Orange, N. J., 
Amh. C, B. A., M. A. : U. Roch., N. Y., D. D.: Lie. 1st Ch., Newark, N. J.; Ord. 
New Market Ch., N. J.; P. New Ma.ket, 1st Ch. Elizabeth, N. J.; Ballston Spa, N. 
Y. ; Somerville, N. J.: Now a My. and Agt. for the Am. Bap. Pub. Soc. ; Au. 
'Clark's People's Commentary," six voiumes : '"Harmony of the Four Gospels;" 
Harmony of the Ads." 

CLARK, Harlan P., Spencerville, O. — Born, Martinsburgh, Va. ; Stud. Den. 
U.,0.; B. Un. T. S., Chicago; Lie. 1872, Kings Creek Ch. ; Ord. 78, Milford 
Cemre Ch.; S. Kings Creek, Miniro, Waynesfield, '78-85; P. Milford Centre, 7 vrs. ; 
New Hampshire, '86-90: Spencerville. "91-95: Marion. '91-97: Blanchard Vallev. 

CLARK, H.J.. Lee Hall, Va.— Born, Mawille, N. Y.: Stud. Kinosville Acad., 
O. ; Girard Acad.. Pa.; Ord. 1873, Elk Creek Ch., Pa.; P. Elk Creek and McKane, 
Pa.. '73-78; London Bridge ^ind Oak Grove, '88-89; James City, Va., '94-95. 

CLARK, Howard, Warsaw, O.— Born, Coshocton Co., O.; Lie. Dec. 20, 1871, 
Clark Township Ch..O.: Ord. May 19, '77, Mohawk Ch., O.: P. Mohawk, 5 yrs. ; 
Clark, 13 yr*.; Milford, 6 yrs . ; Perry, 6 yrs.; Tiverton, 1 yr. : Wolf Creek. Mon- 
ot", 1 \ r. : Harmony, 3 yrs. : Pleasant Hill. O., 2 yrs. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 149 

CLARK, Isaac Newton. Kansas City, Mo. — Born, Rossville, Ind. ; Stud" 
Frank. C, Ind.; LaG. C, Mo., D. D., 1887; Lie. May, Ord. Dec. '53, Rossviile 
Ch.,Ind.; P. Burriettsville, Monticello, South, port, Greenwood, Franklin, Columbus, 
South Street, Ind.; Urbina, Portsmouth, O.; Ottawa, Kan.; G^n. My. and See. 
Indiana Bap. State Conv. 3 yrs. ; Dist. Sec. Am. Bap. My. Un., Kan., Neb., Colo., 
Wyo.. Utah, Nev., [nd. Ter., Okla. Ter., N. Mex., Ariz.. '86. 

CLARK, J, G., Council Bluffs, Ia.— Born. Maysville, Mo.; Lie. 1889, South 
6 th St. Ch., St. Joseph, Mo.; Ord. May 31, '90, Wathena Ch.. Kan.; P. Wahena, 
5 90; Troy and Palermo, '93; South 6th St. Mission, St. Joseph, Mo.. '97: S. Olivet 
Ch., Omaha, Neb.—. 

CLARK, John Franklin, Hern don, Ark. — Born. Powhatan, Ark., 1857; Stud. 
St. Louis, Bap. C, Mo.; Lie. '85, Walnut Ridge Ch.; Ord. July 21, '87, Sedgwick 
Ch. ; P. Sardis Hill, 4 yrs. ; Sedgwick, 10 yrs. ; Mt. Zion, 3 yrs. " 

CLARK, John J., Lawtey, Fla.— Born. McMinn Co.. Term.; Lie. Jan., 1881, 
and Ord. Jan. 30, '82, Sardis Ch. ; P. Snifcreek, '82-84; Sardis, '82-85,' '88-91 ; S. 
Glenns St >res, '88-89; Pilgrim's ResS '84-86; P. Bradford, '83-84; Sanford, '84, '87- 
93; Evergreen, '84-89, '93-91; Lake Enon, '85-87; My. Fla., 6 yrs. 

CLARK, John H., Whitesville, Mo.— Born, Whitesville, Mo. : Stud. State 
Nor. Sch. and Wm. Jewell C. Mo.: Lie. Jan., 1894, Ord. Jan. 13, '95. Whitesville 
Ch., Mo.; P. Bethel, Mo., '95. 

CLARK, Louis G., Helena, Mont. — Born, Trov,Mich. ; Stud. Trenton, Sem.; 
U.T. S., Ills., 1879: Lie. '76, Highland Ch., Mich.; Ord. July 1, '79, Albion Ch., 
Mich.; P. Albion, St. Louis, Northville, Mich.; Gen. My. Am. Bap. Home Mission 
Sjc. f >r Mont., '93; Present field is in Mont. ; S. Idah ., Utah., Wyo. 

GLARK, M. C, Campb'ellsburg, Ind. — Born, Jessamine Co.. Ky.; Brush. 
C, Kv.; Lie. March 5, 1855, West Point Ch., Ky. ; Ord. Feb. 16, '56, Harrodsburg 
Ch., Ky. ; P. Ky., 111., and Ind., 43 yis. 

GLARK, M. L., Morganton, N. C— Bom, Caldwell Co., N. C. ; Lie. Mar., 
Ord. Mav 21, 1887, Pleasant Hill Ch., N. C. ; P. Mt. «Zoar, '88-89: Fellowship, 
'89-91; New Prospect, '90-91; Clarks Ch.pel, '91-92; Conways Chapt-1, '93-98; 
Flemmings Chapel, '95-96; Bethel, '98; Mills Grove, '98-99 ; Clark's Chapel, '99— . 

CLARK, Nathan, Worthington, Ind. — Born, Greene Co., Ind.; Lie. 1987, 
Ord. Mar. 16, '89, Mt. Vernon Ch., Ind.; P. Bethel, 1 yr.; Mt. Vernon, 2 yrs.; 
New H »pe, 6 yrs.; Cataract, 3 vrs. ; New Salem, 2 \rs.; Good Hope, 3 jrs.; Salem, 
Ind., 1 yr.; Pleasant View, 111.", 2 yrs.; Lebanon, Ind. — . 

CLARK, N. F,, Neenah, Wis.— Born, Bristol, Eng. ; Stud. Ripon C, Wis.; 
B. Un. T. S., Chicago; Lie. 1887, Ord. '89, 1st Ch., Ripon, Wis.; P. Waukau, '89- 
90; Neenah, Wis., '90-97; Dist. My. Eastern W T is.,'97— . 

CLARK, Robert Dale, Salinas, Calie.— Born, Gorham. N. V.; Stud. Kal. C, 
Mich., B. A., 1869; M. A., '73: Roch. T. S., N. Y , '72: Lie. '98, 1st Ch., Kalama- 
zoo, Mich.; Ord. '70, Corrunna Ch., Mich.; S. Comma, '70; P E ba, 71-74; Nor- 
vell, Mich., '74.; Pioneer, O., Amboy, Mich., | '75-77 ; Quincey, '77-81 ; Bronson, '81- 
53; Eureka, '83-95; Partly Mv. work; S. 1st Ch., Immanuel Ch., San J»se, '95; 
Florence Mission, San Jose, Calif.: P. Wrights, '95-97; Laguna, '97-98; :*alinas, 
Calif., '98— . 

CLARK, Stephen S., Frankfort, Ind. — Born. Butler. O.: S'ud. Frank. C, 
I d.; Lie. May 6, 1854; Ord. Jan. 6. '55, Rossville Ch., Ind.; P. Rossville, '59-60; 
Wolf Creek, '66-68; Center, '67; Michigantown, '72; Frankfort, '80; Laramie, Ind. 

CLARK, Stephen Willis, Robeline, La. — Born, Covington Co., Miss.; Stud. 
Hopewell H. Sch., Miss.; Robeline H. Sch., La.; Lie. Sept. 30, 1894, Ord. June 13, 
3 95, Mt. Zion Ch., La.; P.Macedonia, '95; Central and Friendship, '96-97; Cedar 
Grove and Provencal, '98; Cedron and Kisatehie, La , '99. 

CLARK, Theo. F., South English, Ia.— Born, Toledo, la.; Stud. Cent. LL, 
Ia.; Div. Sch. Cent. U., Ia.; Lie. Jan. 8, 1896, Fella Ch., Ia. ; Ord. Sept. • 28, '97, 
Rome Ch., Ia. ; P. Brighton, Rome, So. Englisn, Kalona, la:, '97—. 

150 The Baptist MinisterialDirectory. 

CLARK, Thomas B-, Liberty, Mo. — Born, Ray Co., Mo.; Stud. Wm. Jewell 
C, Mo.; Lie. June, 1886, Ord. June 12, '87, Rock Falls Ch., Mo.; P. Enon, "85-87; 
Missouri Valley, '88; Bethel, '89-91; Rock Falls, '90-98 ; Pisgah, '91-99; Providence, 
'85-86; Camden, '92-98; Elmira, Mo., '93-98; S. S. My., 2 yrs. ; Supplied Chs. in 
Kay, Clay, Caldwell, Piatt and other counties. 

CLARK, U. H., Franklin, Ga.— Born, Upson Co., Ga. ; Lie. 1867, Fellowship 
Ch., Ala.; Ord. '69, Rocky Mount Ch., Ga. ; P. Rocky Mount, 11 yrs; New Hope, 10 
yrs.; Olive Branch, 6 yrs. ; Enon, 12 yrs.; Antioch, Ga. ; Paran, Ala. ; New Lebanon 
and Franklin, Ga., 3 yrs. 

CLARK, "W. Thorburn, Bruceville, Va. — Born, Chesterfield Co., Va. ; Stud. 
R. C, Va.; Lie. and Ord. June, 1896, Keysville Ch., Va. ; My. Lunenburg Co., 
Va., '96—. 

CLARK, Warren Pleasant, White Hall. III.— Born, Petersburg;, 111.; Stud. 
C, 111.; Lie. July, 1889, Ord. Aug. '91, Bakers Prairie Ch., 111.; S. Lebanon, 111.; P. 
Waverly, Orion, Ashland, Richland, White Hall, 111. 

CLARK, "William Allen, Little Rock, Ark. — Born, Rossville, Ind.; S'ud. 
H. Sch., Indianapolis, Ind..; State U., Ark., D. D. ; Nonh Western B. T. S. ; Lie. 
Mav, 1871, 1st Ch , Topeka, Kan.: Ord. '73, Valparaiso Ch.. Ind.; P. Valparaiso, 
'73-74; Elkhart, Ind., '75-76; Dardanelle, Ark., "77: State My. Ark., 78-89: 
P. Bristol, Va., '80-81; State My., Ark., '82-83; P. H-t Springs," Ark., '84-88; Ed. 
"Arkansas Baptist," '89; An. Tract, "Saved^ Forever," '87. 

CLARK, "William Herman, Charleston, Me. — Born, Hancock, Me.; Heb. 
Acad., Me.. 1864; Colby U., Me., B. A., '68; M. A., '71; Lie. '66, 2nd Ch. Hancock, 
Me.; Ord. '68, Mt. Vernon Ch., Me.; P. Mt. Vernon, 67-75; Norridgewock, Me., 
'75-84; Needham, Mass., '84-87; Mechanic Falls, '88-94; Charles ton, ^94—; Brad- 
ford, Me., '95 — . 

CLARK, "William Nelson, Liberty, Mo.— Born, Albanv, Mo., 1857; Stud. Wm. 
Jewell C, Mo., '88-90; Lie. '88. Ord. May, '93, Rock Falls Ch., Mo.; P. Birmino- 
ham, '91-92; Hopewell, Mo., '93-95. 

CLARK, ^Willis Gaylord, Holly, Mich.— Born, Trov, Mich., Dec. 16, 1853; 
Stud. Fenton Sem., Kal. C, Mich.; S. B. T. S., Ky., '82; Lie. '76, Highland Ch., 
Mich.; Ord. June, '83, Chebovgan Ch., Mich.; P. Cheboygan, '83-86: Charlevoix, 
'86-89; Plymouth, Mich , 'S9-92 ; Greeley, Colo., '92-96; Holly, Mich., '96—. 

CLARKE, Charles F., 109 Silver Spring St., Weymouth, Mass.— Born r 
Frederickton, N. B.; Stud. Bap. Sem., Frederickton, N. B. ; Ord. Nov. 10, 1871, 
Bap. Ch., Baillie, St. James, N. B.; P. Bailie, St. James, '71-73; Pen. .field, N. B., 
'73-75; Princeton, '75-77; Lubec, '77-79; 1st Ch., Calais, 4 yrs.; Turner, Me., 3 yrs.: 
Northwood, 3 yrs.; West Swansey, N. H., 4 yrs.; Wevmouth, Mass., 2 vis.; Provi- 
R. I., '97. 

CLARKE, Edward McGehee, Richwood, Ga. — Born, Henderson, Ga. — Stud. 
H, Sch., Elks, Ga. ; Bible Stud. Oxford ; Ord. May 24, '96, Macedonia Ch., Ga. ; P. 
Blue Springs, Antioch. Bethlehem, Smyrna, Zion Hill, Ga. 

CLARKE, Frank Angi^r, Salisbury, Mn.— Born, Baltimore, Md. ; Stud. Bait. 
Cy. C, Md.. J. H. U., Md., B. A., 1893; S. B. T. S., Ky ; Lie. '94. Eutaw Place 
Ch., Baltimore, Md. ; Ord. '95, Salisbury Ch. ; P. Salisbury, Md., '95—. 

CLARKE, George H. t HoyT, Kan. — Born, London, England; Stud. Schs. of 
Fond du Lac, Wis., Bryant and Sfratton's Commercial Sch.; Lie. May, Ord. Nov. 
1889, Attca Ch., Ind*; P. Attica, Ind.; Grand Centre, Russell, Downs. Fairview, 
Valley Falls, Holton ar.d Hoyt, Kan. 

CLARKE, George Washington, Bartan Heights, Richmond, Va. — Born, 
Bentonville, Va. ; Stud. Washington, Glade Spring, and Randolph-Macon Acad., R. 
C, Va., B Un.-T. S., Clrcago; Lie. and Ord. May 31. 1896, Front Royal Ch., Va.; 
P. Brownstown, Riley ville and Cedar Creek, '95-97; Bartan Heights Ch., Richmond, 
Va., '98 . 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 151 

CLARKE, Henry, Stonington, Conn. — Born, England; Stud. State Normal 
Sch.. Brockport, N. Y ; U. Roch. N. Y. B. A., 1888; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '91; Lie, 
'88, North Orange Ch., N. J.; Orel. Oct., '91, 1st. Ch., Stonington, Conn.; P. 1st. 
C)., Stonington, Conn. 

CLARKE, James Augustine, 39 Curtis Ave., Wallingforu, Conn.— Born, 
Bowline: Green, Ky. ; U. Roch., N. Y., B, A., 1894 ; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '97; Lie, 
'93, 9th St. Ch., Cincinnati, O.; Ord. Feb. 23, '98, 1st. Ch,, Wallingford: Conn.; S. 
1st. Ch, Wallingford, Conn., '97; P. same, '97— . 

GLARKE, John Caldwell Calhoun, Upper Alton, III.— Born Providence, 
R. I.; Stud. Kssex Sem., Conn.; U. Roch., N. Y., B. A , 1859; M, A , '66; Belle- 
vueC; U. Neb , D. D., '94; Roch T. S. N. Y., '61; Lie. '59, Ord. '61, Strong 
Place Ch., Brooklyn, N. { Y.; P. Warburton Ave. Ch., Yonkers, N. Y., '61-65; S. 
Nor'hCh., Chicago, 111., '66-67; P. Madison, Wis., '67-70; Mt Auburn, Cincinnati, 
O., '71-73; Beaumont St., St. Louis, Mo., '73-75; Au. "Origin and Variet ; es of 
The Semitic Alphabet," '84; "Self and The Father," being "Person Divine and 
Human as known in Psychology and Philosophy"; "The Philosophy in the Bible," 

CLARKE, "William Newton, Hamilton, X. Y.— Born, Cazenovia, N, Y.; Cg. 
U„ N. Y., B. A., 1861; D. D., '78; Ham. T. S., N. Y., '63; Lie. Mav, '61, Cazen- 
ovia Ch., N. Y.; Ord. Jan. '64, Keene Ch., N. H.; P. Keene, N. H.; ;63-69 ; New- 
ton Center, Mass., '69-80; Olivet, Montreal '80-83; Prof, of N. T. Interpretation 
Toronto Bap, C, '83-87; P. Hamilton, N. Y., '87-90; Prof. Christian Theol., Cg. 
U., N. Y., '90—; Au. "Commentary on The Gospel of Mark," '81; "The Circle of 
Theology'' '97; "Outline of Christian Theology" '98. 

CLARKSON, Clements Hathaway, Wylie, Tex.— Born, Hawkins Co., E. Tehn., 
1855; Lie. '82, and Ord. '84, Ea.t Fork, Ch. ; P. East Fork, '90; Bethanv, '93; 
Clear Lake, '96; S. at times. 

GL AT WORTHY, Frederick, Evanston, III. -Born, England; Stud. Cg. U., 
N. Y.; Den. U., O., B. A. 1869; D. D., '89; Roch. T. S., N., 72; Lie. Ut. Ch. ? 
Cleveland, O.; Ord. '72, Linden Ave. Ch., Dayton, O. ; P. Linden Ave. Ch., Day- 
ton, Norwalk, O.; 1st Ch., Evanston, 111.; Served for short time Adrian, Mich, and 
Canton, 111. 

CLAUSER, Christian A,, Brockport, N. Y.— Born, New York City, N. Y. ; 
F. Roch. N. Y.. B. A., 1886; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '90; Lie. 1st Ch., West Hoboken, 
N. S., ; 84; Ord. '90, 1st Ch., Peekskill, N. Y. ; P. Peekekill, N. Y., '90-95; Brock- 
port, N. Y., '95—. 

CLAXON, Alvin W„ Mt. Vernon, III.— Born, Mattoon, 111.; Stud. Shurt. 
C, 111.; Den. U., O., B. A., 1894 ; M. D., '97; Lie. Dec. '85, Mattoon Ch., 111.; S. 
Areola, Summer, 89; Lebanon, 111.; P. De Soto, Mo., '91-92; ]ohns*own, O., 
'93-94; S. Bunker Hill, 111., 1 yr. ; P. same, '94-98; Prof. Mental Philosophy Ewing C, 
111., '98. Fall term. 

CLAXON, Gilbert W., Latham, III.— Bom, Newton, 111.; Shurt. C, 111.; Lie. 
Apr. 21, 1S94, Emmanuel Ch., Matton, 111.; Ord.- Aug. 2S, '95, Oakland Ch., 111.; P. 
Oakland, Arthur, '95-96; Palermo, '97-99; Marshall, 111., '98-99. 

CLAY, Charles Edward, Springfield, Mo. — Born, Madison Co., Kv.; Lie 
Paducah Ch.. Ky. ; Ord. Sept. 1, 1847, Zion Ch., Xenia, O. ; P. Gessettletnent, '48; 
Hillsborough, O., '59; Mechanicsburg. O., '62. 

CLAY, James Henry, Cedar Rapids, Neb. — Born, Canton, Mo.; Stud. Christ- 
ian U., Mo.; LaG. C, Mo., B. A., 1893; LaG. T. S„ Mo. ; Lie. Jan., '89, Ord. Aug., 
'90, New Prospect Ch-,Mo.; P. New Prospect, '90-92; Emerson and Hester, '91-94; 
Mt. Olivet, '90-95; Lewistown, '92-95; Liberty, Pleasant Valley, M . Salem, '95-97; 
Newark, Mo., '96-97; 1st Ch., Cedar Rapids, Neb., '97—. 

CLAYBROOK, F. W., Kilmarnock, Va.— Born, Heathsville. Va. ; Stud. 
Hanover Acad., Va. ; Grad. Va. Military Inst., 1864; Stud. S. B. T. S., Kv. ; Lie. 
73, Coan Ch., Va. ; Ord. June, "95, Machodoc Ch., Va. ; P. Oak Grove, Popes 
Creek, Farnham, Lebanon, Marathic, Irvington, Va. 

152 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

CLAYTON, C. P., Brysost, Tex.— Born, North Alabama, 1S20; Stud. Acad,, 
Jasper, Term., and Porterville, Ala.: Ord. '72 or '73, Bryson Ch., Tex.: S. Bryson 
and Salt Creek, Tex. 

CLAYTON, James Benjamin, Washington, D. C. — Born, Washington, D. C; 
Stud. Coin. U , D. C: S. B. T. S., Ky. : Lie. Jan. 27, 1887, and Ord. Apr. 12, '89, 
1st Ch., Washington, D. C; P. 3rd Ch., Norfolk, Va.; Falls Creek, Va.; Calvary 
Ch., Hannibal, Mo.; Ev. Work. 

CLAYTON, John Jones, Sand Mountain, Ala. — Born, Talapoosa Co.. Ala., 
1859; Lie. Jan., and Ord. Oct. '90, New HopeCh.: S. Mount Zion, '91-96 ; Sardis, 
'91; Macedonia, '93-94: Union Grove, '93; New Hope, '94; Mt. Flat, '96—. 

CLAYTON, Joshua Newton, Pankey, Tex.— Born, Tupelo, Miss.-; Stud. H. 
Sch., Oakalona. Miss.; Lie. Oct. 10, 1888, Ord. Mar. 12, '89, Mink Ch., Tex.; My. 
2 yrs; P. New Hope, 6 yrs. ; Reads Prairie, 4 yrs. ; Organized 6 Chs. 

CLEGHORN, Adams. Cleghorn, Ia.— Born, Edinburgh. Scotland. Jan. 11, 
1813: Cg. U., N. Y., B. A., D. D. : U. Roch., N.Y..M. A,; Stud. Ham. T. S., N. 
Y.J Lie. '35,Trumansburg Ch., N. Y. ; Ord, Apr. 14, '41, Lewis ton Ch., N.Y.; P. 
Lewiston, Niagara Falls, N. Y.; St. Catherine, Niagara Falls, Paris, Can., '48-54; 
Adams '54-57; Belleville, N. Y., '57-69; West Hoboken, N. J., 6 mos, ; North 
Ch., New York, N. Y., 3,U yrs. ; Ottawa, 6> 2 yrs. : Champaign, 111., 4 yrs. 

CLEM, Alonzo E., Milford Centre, O. — Born, Paris, O. : Granville Acad., 
O., 1893; Lie. Dec. '88, Ord. June 4, 96, Mt. Pleasant Ch., O.; S. Van Wer\ O., 3 
mos., '95; P. Fle.cher, '95-98; Harmony, Jan. '98; Milford Centre, O., '98—. 

CLEM, J. M., Malvern, Ark.— Born, Hot Springs Co., Ark.: Lie. Feb. 20, 
and Ord. Sept. 28, '90, Malvern Ch., Ark. 

CLEMENS, Arlando E., Seymour, Ia. — Born, Unionville, la.: S'ud. Seymour 
Acad.; B. Un. T. S., Chicago; L ; c. Dec , 1887, Ut Ch , Minneapolis M nn. ; Ord. 
Apr. 12. '91, Allerton Ch., Ia.; P. Allerton, la., '91-93: S. Foster, la., "94; P. 
Udell, '95; Humeston, la., '97-98; S. Allerton, la., '97-98: P. Seymour, la., '98— . 

■CLEMENT. Jonathan C, Wolfe City, Tex.— Born, Cherokee Co, A'a.; 
Stud. Pub S:h., Wolfe City, Tex., S. B. T. S., Kv.; Lie. Mar. 12. 1893, Ord. Aug. 
7, '94, ChinaGrove Ch. ; P. Spring Creek, '94— ; Prairie Grove, '95-97; Salem, '97—; 
Abafoyle, Tex., '98—. 

CLEMENTS, Daniel H., West York, III.— Bom. Clark Co., 111.: Lie. May, 
and Ord. Nov., 1880, Richwood Ch., 111.; P. Be hel, 111., '80-83: My. Palestine 
Asso., 1 vr.; P. Olive Branch, 6>£ vrs. ; Bethel, 6 yrs.; Mt. Olive, 17 yrs.; Prairie 
Grove, 3 yrs. ; Robinso i, 2 L .j yrs.; Lland Grove, 1 yr. ; New Bethel, 111., 1 yr. 

CLEMENTS. L R„ Aucilla, FLA.Born, Wakulla Co., Fla. : Lie. 1881, Ord. 
\S3, Mt Beezer Ch., Fla.: P. Mt. Gilead, New Macedonia, Hopeful, Fla.—. 

CLEMENTS, James K. P., Moss. Mo.— Born, Reynolds Co., Mo.; Lie. Julv, 
1895, Ord. Oct '96, Whiteoak Grove Ch.; P. New Home, '96; Whiteoak Grove, '97; 
Pleasant Valley, Mo. 

CLEMENTS, William, Buxton Centre, Me.— Born, Co. Down, Ireland; Stud. 
Greek and Latin under Prof. (). B. O-kman : New T. S., Mass., 1894; Lie. '92, 
Quincv Ch , Mas*. ; Ord. D c. 13, "91, Wells Depot Ch., Me.: S. Chatham, Mass., 
'92: P. Wells Depot, "94-95; Buxton Ce.-.tre, Me., '95—. 

CLEMENTS, William Thomas, Ingalls, Ark.— Bom, Green Co., Ga., '28; Lie. 
r 76, Or'. '77, Antioch Cli., Ark. ; P. Shady Grove, -'80-96 ; Friendship, New Liberty, 
Center Ridge, Concord, Union Hill, Antio . h, Ho'lvS rings, New Prospect, Ark. 

CLEMONS, Irl fL, Dighton. Kan. — Born, CirdeVille, O.: Stud. Sunbury, 
O.; Lie 1890, Russell Springs Ch., Kan.; Ord. '93. Manning Ch., Kan.; P. Man- 
ning, Dighton, Turin Springs, Brownell, Kan. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 153 

CLEVELAND. Frederick L., Chapel Hill, N. C — Born, Conway, Mass.; 
NewT, S.. Mass., 1897; Lie. Petersburg. Ch., Va. ; Ord. Oct. 22, '97, Chapel Hill 
Ch„ N.C.; P. Chapel Hill, N C, '97— : Gen. Sec. Y. M. C. A., Petersburg, Va. ; 
Bradford, Pa. and Brockport, N. Y. 

CLEVELAND, John S., Johnstown, Pa.— Born, Worcester, N. Y.; Stud. Cg. 
IT., N. Y.; Ham.T.S., N. Y., 1886; Lie. '79. 2nd Ch., Worcester N. Y.; Ord.. 
Seat. 9, '85, Hildreth Ch., Columbus, O.; P. Hildreth Ch., Columbus, '85-89; Gene- 
va, O., '89-94 ; Dearborn St. Ch., Buffalo, '94-96'. Glenwood Ave., Ch , Buffalo, N. 
Y., '96-97; Johnstown, Pa., '97— . Taberg, '82-83; Erieville, '83-84; Canastota, N. 
Y., 'So. 

CLEVELAND, William Calloway, Benton Ave., Nashville, Tenn. — Born, 
Dallas Co., Ala.; Stud. Selma, Ala.; S. B. T. S., Ky., 1890; Lie. Nov. 24, '86, Ord. 
June, '89, 1st Ch., Nashville, Tenn.; P. Springfield, Ky., '90-95; Centennial Ch., 
Nashville, Term., '95-97; Elkton, Ky., '97-98. 

CLEVENGER, Edward R., Rochester, Ind.— Born, Center-square, Ind. ; Frank. 
C, Ind., B. A., 1891; M. A., '94; Roch. T. S., N. Y.,'94; Lie. Sept., '85, Center- 
square Ch., Ind. ; Ord. July, '94, Ripon Ch., Wi*.; P. Ripon, Wis., '94-96; Terre 
Haute. '96-97; West LaFayeite, '97-98; Rochester, Ind., '98—. 

CLEVENGER, Galon, Smith, Pierre, S. Dak.— Born, Kennon, O.; Slud. 
Frank. C, 0.. Den. U., O.; Grad. Roch. T. S., N. Y. ; Lie. Kennon Ch., O. ; Ord. 
PikeCh.,N. Y.; P. Pike. N. Y., '78-82; Brookings, '82-88; Vermillion, '88-89; 
Rapid City, S. Dak., '89-96; S. Lead City, S. Dak,; P. Pierre, S. Dak., '97-99; 
Chap. 3rd. U. S. V. C, in Spanish War. 

CLEVENGER, John B-, Palmyra, III.— Bom, Overton Co., Tenn.. Sept. 29, 
1825; Ord. Dec. 16, '68, Otter Creek Ch., T«-nn.; P. Mt. Moriah, '69-79; Gilead, 
72-78; Fayette, '76-78 ; Hart Prairie, '79-80; Pleasant Dale, 6 yrs. ; Oak Grove, 
Otter Creek, Tenn. 

CLEVENGER, Loren A., 2603 Blaisdell Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. — Born, 
Switzerland Co.. Ind.; Stud. Frank. C, Ind.; B. Un. T. S., Chicago; Lie. Mar. 23, 
1880, Center square Ch.. Ind.; Ord. Feb. 9, '83, Adams Ch.. Ind. f P. Spencer, '84- 
87; Muncie, fni., '87-91; Olive St. Ch., Kansas City, Mo., '91-92; 1st. Ch.. Osh- 
kosh, Wis., '92-98; Calvary Ch., Minneapolis, Minn.,' '98—. 

CLEVENGER, Joseph William, Seymour, Ind.— Born, Centre Square, Ind.; 
Frank. C, Ind., B. S., M. S., 1889; Roch. T. S., N. Y.. '92; Lie 'S3 Centre Square 
Ch., Ind.; Ord. Oct. 21, '86, Washington Ch., Ind ; S. Washington, '86-87; P. 
Bloomington. Ind, '92-94; Marinette, Wis., '94-95; Seymour, Ind., '96— ; Au. Es- 
says Pub. in "Standard"; "Christ's Estimate of His Own Death;" "Church and 
State in New England;" "A Baptist Century in Indi na," in "Baptist Outlook;" 
•'The Old Tes'ament and Resurrections;" "Calvinism and Civil Liberty." 

CLICK, Arthur Young, Kyles Ford, Tenn. — Born Hawkins Co., Tenn.; Stud. 
Tusculum C., Tenn. ; Ord. Independence Ch. ; P. 52 Chs ; Organized and reorgan- 
ized 18 Ch*. 

CLIFTON, Daniel B,, Darkville, M->. —Born, Scott Co., Ky., 1842; Lie. '57, 
Ord. '65, Chiton Hill Ch., Mo.; P. Bebronch, Prairie Valley, Hopewell, Oak 
Grove, Shiloh, Pleasmt Green, Friendship, Sharon, Mt. Ararat, New 
Salrm, Hickory Grove, Mt. Salem, Pleasant Hope, Clifton Hill, Mo., from 2 to 25 
years each '65 — . 

CLIFTON, Joseph J., Arnold, Neb.— Born-, Platteville, Wis.; Stud. State 
Normal Seh., Platteville, Wis.; Lie. Dec. 3, 1893, Le Mars, Ch., la.; Ord. Mar., '94, 
Egan Ch., S. Dak.; P. Egan, S. Dak., '93; Dow City, '94; Marathon, la., '96; 
Palestine. '96-98; Arnold, Neb., '98—. 

CLIFTON, Robt, Salathiel, Tallokas Ga.— Born, Screven Co., Ga., {an. 
28, 1848; Lie. Nov. 18, '85, Little Ochlochonee Ch., Ga. ; Ord. Mar. 29, '85, Buck 
Creek Ch., Ga-; P. New Pleasant Hill, '85-86; Moultree, '87; Destitution. '90-91; 
Liberty Hill, Ga., '92; S. Enon, New Pleasant Hill, Ga., '93; P. Lakeview, '94; 
Pine Grove,, Oak Grove, '97; Union. Hempstead, Lakeview. '98; Hempstead, Ga., 

154 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

CLIFTON, William Boykin, The Dalles, Ore.— Born, Favette Co.. Tenn.r 
Stud. so. Wn.. U., Tenn.; Lie. June 1886; Ord. Aug., 'S7, Beav-r Creek Ch., Tenn.r 
P. 2nd Ch., Jackson, '89-90; Martin, '91-92; Sharon. Tenn., '93-97; Prineville, '98; 
Calvary Ch., The Dalles. Ore., '99 — ; Au. "Manner of Observing the Lord's Supper.' 
"95, and "Authority to Baptize."' 

CLINE, Colon Marion, Madison, S. Dak. — Born, Boone Co., la.: Stud. Des 
M. C. la.; Lie. 1891, Sabaoth Ch., Incline. la.; Ord. Aug. 29, '94, Pilot Mound Ch., 
la.; S. L^celle, Horner, Pilot Mound, Mineral Ridg;e, la.; P. Hawarden, la., '95-97: 
Madison, S. Dak., '97—. 

GLINE, James, Willie, W. Va. — Born, Tug River, Va. ; Lie. 1876. Green 
Bottom Ch., W. Va.; Ord. June, '77, Campbells Ch., W. Va. ; P. Be'cher, Bean 
Creek, Brownstown, Evans Fork, Healing Stream, Old Kanawha, Mill Creek, Mt- 
Alpha, Mvrtle Tree, Sandy Bottom, Sweet Home, White Oak, Witchers Creek, W. 
Va. ; Antiquity, O. 

CLINE, John Howell, Dunbar. Ga.; Born, La Grange, Ga. ; Stud. Brownwood 
and Male h. Sch.. La Grange, Ga. ; State U., Ga., B. A., 1860; Lie. '68, Ord. '69. 
Rembert Hills Ch., Ala. : P. Corinth, '69-70; Rembert Hills, Macedonia, Concord, 
Ala., '71-72; Count v Line. '75-81: Greenville, '79-83; Union, '80-84; Friendship. 
'84-85; Sliil oh, '90-91; Vallev Grove, '90-93: County Line. '94-96; Waverlv Hall, 
'94- -95; Antiocb, Cataula, '94; Bethany, '95.— ; Piedmont, '96; Meansville, '97. 

CLINE, Simeon, Crittenden, Mo.— Born, Monticello, 111.: Lie. Feb. 23, 1S95,. 
Lick Creek Ch., Ord. June 5, '98, Rainia Creek Ch. 

CLINT. Rudolph A., 160 Broadway, Grand Rapids, Mich. — Born. Sweden: 
Stud. H. Sch., Jamestown, N. Y. ; B. Un. T. S.. Chicago, 1895; Lie. Mar, 92, Swed. 
Ch., Jamestown, N. Y.: Ord. Dec. 6, '95, Swed. Ch., Fergus Falls, Minn.; P. Swed. 
Ch.. Fergus Falls, Minn., '95-98; Swed. Ch., Grand Rapids, Mich.. '9S— . 

CLINTON, Harmon B., Union, Ark.— Born, Crawford Co., Mo.; Lie. Jan. 
15, 1857, Ord. Aug., '57, Mr. Ararat Ch . Mo.: P. Mt. Ararat and Cedar Bluff, Mo.. 
'58-60; My. Zion, Ark., '66-S3 ; P. County Line, '75-80; Cane Creek, Ark., '74-79. 

CLIPMAN, William Henry, 321 Maclay St., Harrisburg. Pa. — Bor- . Phila- 
delphia, Pa.: Buck. U., Pa , B. A. ,-1888: M. A., '91; Lie. Mar. 11, '85, Oxford Ch., 
Pa. : Ord. Nov. 1, '88, Memorial Ch., Williamsport, Pa. ; P. Memorial Ch., Williams- 
port, Jersey Shore, Pa.; 1st Ch., Bristol. DuBois, Tabernacle, Harrisburg, Pa. 

CLOAR, James Jefferson, P. O. Box 267, Owensboro, KY.--Born, Clavon. 
Tenn.; Beih. C, Ky., B. A.. 1898; Stud. S. B. T. S., Kv.; Lie. Aug. '99, Reelfoot 
Ch. : Ord. Nov. '97, Green River Ch. : P. Green River, Zion, Macedonia, Ky. 

CLOER, J. C, Alvin, Tex. — Born, Washington Co.. Ark.; Grad. John 
Baptist, Christ, Apostles and Baptist Ascension ; Lie. 1S84, Bis; Valley Ch., Tex. : 
Ord. '87, Oakdale Ch., Tex. 

CLONTS, Michael Albert, Bartow, Fla.— Born, Live Oak, Fla ; Stud. Bav. 
U., Tex., Wm. Jewell C, Mo.; Lie. Sept, 20, 1893, Savanah Ave. CH., St. Joseph, 
Mo.: Ord. Jan. 31, '97, 1st Ch., Fort White, Fla.; S. Waverlv, Mo., '93; Fr. White. 
Fla., '95; P'. Orange Lake, '96; St. Petersburg, 97-98; Bartow, Fla.—. 

CLOUD, John H.. Grove Springs, Mo. — Borr, Lee Co., Va. ; Stud. Cumber- 
land C: Lie. 1876; Ord. '77, Chadwell Station Ch. : P. Mt. Zion, '78: Fairview, 
'79; Bowling Green, '80; Beacon Light, '81; Clear Springs and Beach Grove, '82; 
Fairview, Wo'f Creek, Mo., '85: Sum as Citv and Lvnden, Ark., '87: Shi'oh, '87: 
Bethlehem, La Creol, Ore., '93; Mt. Moriah,— . 

CLOUD, John J., Auburn, Ala.— Born, Edgefield, S. C: Stud. Laplace Col- 
legiate Inst., Ala.; Lie. July 1857; Ord. Nov. '58, Ebenezer Ch., Ala.; P. Sardis, 
Good Hope, Seal, Cross Keys, Opelika, Gadsen Wetumpa, Prattville, Deatsville, Not- 
asulga, Auburn, Ala. 

GLOUES, "William Jacob, Littleton Commons, Mass. — Born, Boston, Mas*.: 
Stud. Boston Latin Sch.; Wor. Acad., Mass., 1880; B. U.. R. I., '84; B. A., '87; 
New. T. S., Mass., '87; Lie. June 11, '80, 1st Ch., Charlestown, Mass.: Ord. July 27, 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 1 55 

'87, Peonies Ch., Dover, Me.; S. Derby, '80-81; Lowell, Vt., '82; Dover, Me., 'SO; 
Winter Hill, Somerville. '84-85, P. Dover, Me., '87-88; Littleton, Mass., '88—; Au. 
"A Teacher'* Message" Memorial of Miss H. P. Dodge, 96. 

CLOUGH, George "Wesley, Groton, Vt.— Born, Haverhill, Mass.; Stud. Cg. 
U., X. Y.; Lie. Sept. 22, 1879, 2nd Ch., Lawrence; Ord. Dec. 2, '79, Newton June 
tion Ch., N. H.; P. Newton Junction, N. H., 3 yrs. ; Andover, Mass., 2 vrs. ; Ba- 
ker's River, 2 yrs. ; West Pittsburgh, 3 yrs. ; 1st Ch., Groton, 2 yrs. ; North Troy, 
2 yrs.; Mt. Holly, 6 yrs; Groton,' Vt.,— 

CLOUGH, Herbet W., Alma, Mich.— Born, New Haven, Mich.; Stud. Kal. C. 
Mich.; B. Un.T. S., Chicago; O-d. Aug. 3 1893 Litchfield Ch.," Mich.; P. Litch- 
field" '93-94; Iron Mountain, '94; Poitage, St., Kalamzaoo, '91-96; Alma, Mich., 

CLOUGH, John Everitt, Ongole, Madras Pres., India. — Born, Frewsburg, 
N. Y ; Stud. Burlington C, la.; Upper la. U., B. A., 1861; M. A., '65; Kal. C., 
Mich., D. D., '82; Lic'60; Ord. Oct. '64, Burlington Ch., la.; P. Ongole, India, 
'67-99; Au. " From Darkness to Light;" " Messages for a 1 ;" " Where are you go- 
ing?" " A Persecutor and His End." 

CLOUSE, Demas Letherman, Shell Rock, Ia. — Born, Washington Co., Pa.; 
Stud. Law under private tu or; Lie. Dec. 5, 1846, Evans Creek Ch., O.; Ord. Oct. 
22, '47, West Lafayette Ch., O. ; P. W. Lafayette; "0., '47; Wells Creek and South 
Pittsburg, '51';. Hills ville, '51-57; W. Greenville, '57-63; Zion, Pa., '63-70; Plain- 
field, '70-74; Du Quoin, '74-75 ; Sh:.bbona and Big Rock, 111., '75-80; Boniparre; 
111., '80-; 84; Shell Rock, la.; Au. " Au'o-Biography'" '93; " Gospel in the Taber- 
nacle," '69. 

CLOUSE, Joseph Henderson, Long view, Tex. — Born, Green Co., Tenn.; Stud. 
Bay. U.,Tfx.; Lie. Anr. 14, 1895, 2nd Ch., Waco, Tex.; Ord. Dec. 18, '98, 2nd 
Ch., Longview, Tex., P. 2nd Ch., Longview, '98- ; Little Flock. Tex., '99—. 

CLOUSER, George B. M. t North Wales, Pa.— Born, New Blbomfield, Pa; 
Stud. Bloomfield Acad., Christian Alliance C, N. Y.; Ord. 1894; P. Brownsville, 
'94; Manatawna Ch., Philadelphia, '95; North Wales. Pa., '96—; Au. "Outline of 
the Book of Revelation" '92; "Dispensational and Prophetic Chart/' '93; "Dispen- 
sations and Ages of the World's History," '98; "The True Motive for Christian Ser- 
vice," '98: 

CLOYD, Luther L., Sycamore, III.— Born Holt Co., Mo.; Stud. Wm. Jewell 
C, Mo.; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, B. D. 1885; Li-. '75, Ord. 79, Mt. Moriah Ch., 
Mo.; P. Geen Bay, '85 88; West Superior, Wis., '88-90; DeKalb, '92-94; Savanna, 
'94-97; Sycamore, 111., '97— . 

CLOKLEY, Elijah Walter, Habit, Ky.- Born, Pitman, Kv. ; Stud. Greensburg, 
Buffalo, Ky.; S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. G., 1892; Ord. Mar., '86^ Pleasant Valley Ch., 
Ky. ; P. Columbia, Gradyville, Milltown, Zion, Ky.; Citra, Fla. ; Whitesville, Sugar- 
Grove, Southampton and Bethabara, Ky. 

COALSON, Abram Josephus, Fairburn, Ga- Born, HatalsonCo., Ga.; Stud. 
Powder Springs Acad.. Ga. ; Lie. Sept., 1884, Concord Ch., Ga. ; Ord. Nov. 12, '87, 
Sweet Water Ch., Ga. ; P. Bethesda. '82-91; Poplar Springs, '88; Temple, '90; Waco, 
'90-91, '95-96; Bethel, '90-91 ; Mt. Zion, '91-92: Springville and Powder Snrings, 
'92-95; Chapel Hill, '92-98; Woodstock, '93-94; Mableton, '94-95; Beulah, '96; 
Enon '97-98; Sardis, '98; The Rock Ga., '98. 

COALSON, J, R., Bremkn, Ga.— Born, Haralson Co., Ga.; S'ud. Dal'as, Ga. ; 
Lie. M;.r. 23, 1S92, Ord. June 26, '96 Bethesda Ch., Ga. ; P. Flat Rock, Union Grove, 
Beulah, Ga. 

COALSON, J. W., Hillsville, Va.— Born, Grayson, Va.; Stud. Hillsville Sen., 
Va. ; Ord. 1894, P easant Grove Ch., Va.; P. Mt. Hebron, Va. 

COATS, Adelbert Sumpter, 150 North Pearl St., Buffalo, N. Y.— Born,. 
Schuyler's Lake, N. Y.; Stud. Hill. C, Mich.; Ham. C.,N. Y., B. A., 1874; U. 
Roch., N. Y., D. D., '87; Lie. June, '87, Clinton Ch., N. Y.; Ord. '77, 1st Ch., 
Portland, Ore.; P. Portland, Ore. ; S. 1st Ch., Auburn; 2nd Ch., Rochester, N. Y.; 
P. 1st Ch., Pawtucket, R. I. ; 1st Ch., Buffalo, N. Y. 

156 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

COATS, Albert B-, -41 Federal St., Beverly, Mass. — Born, Kenilworth, O., 
Stud. Cedar Vallev Sem., la.: Cg. U., N. Y., B. A., 1883: M. A., '86: Ham. T. S., 
N. Y.. '86: Lie. July 31, '75, Zumbrota Ch., Minn.: Ord. Apr. 10. '77, West Mitch-11 
Ch.. la.: P. Eaton, '83-86: Ft Ch., Oneonta. X. Y., "86-90: 1st Ch.. Beverly, 
Mass.. '91-98; S. 1st Ch., Manchester. Mass., '98—. 

COATS, Orville, 80 Myrtle St., Somervillk. Mass. — Born, Cherrv Valley, 
X. Y.: Stud. Cherry Valley Acad., N. Y., Ham. T. S.. N. Y., 1881; Lie* Feb. 22, 
"78, Tacernacle Ch., Albanv, N. Y-. ; Ord. Sept. 29, '81, Cassville Ch , N. Y. ; P. 
Cassville, 2 yrs. : Sennett, N. Y.. 4 yrs. ; Pittsrield, 5 yrs.: Somerville, Mass., 6 yrs. 

COBB, Albert Posey, Hood P. O., Ala.— Born, Oconee Co., S. C: Lie. Sept. 
1865. Ord. '67, Bebee Spiing Ch. : P. Bebee Spring, Hopewell, Groveport, Providence. 

COBB, Daniel F., Corixth. K v.— Born, Owen Co.. Ky., 1843; Lie. Mar., Ord. 
May,- '72, Lusbv's Mill Ch.,Ky.; P. Mt. Vernon, Pleasant Grove, Concorj, Har- 
mony, South Fork, Mt. Hebron, Shiloh, Clarks Creek. Mason, Crooked Creek, Friend- 
ship, Hinton, L ng Lick. Clover Bottom, Ky. ; An. "Truth in a Nut SheM," '98;. 

COBB, Needham Bryan. Clear Rrx. X. C— Born, Tones Co., X. C, Feb. 1st, 
1836: U. X. C, B. A.. '54: M. A.. "56: Tudson C, 1). D. : Lie. Dec. '59, Greenville 
Ch.: Crd. '60, Wilson Ch . N. C: Chap. 14th N. C. Regt., '61: My. Pamlin Asso., 
"60: P. Goldsboro. "63: Eh'zaheth City. "66-68: Portsmouth, Va.,' '68-69; Shelbv, 
'70-71: Lincolnville, "71-72: Lilesville, Rockingham, Cartledges Creek, '73-77; 
Troy, Mt. Gib ad, 77: FayeiteviUe, '78-79; Chanel Hill, "80: Waynesville, Morgan- 
ton, Hickory, '82-S5: HiilsHoro, N. C., '96-99; Pies. Wayne Inst, and XormafC; 
Prof. Latin and Greek. Goldsboro Female C , '56: Pres. X. C. Bap. Conv., "79-81; 
Ed. ••Daily Record." Raleigh. N. C. '65: "North Carolina Baptist Almanac.'" '65-93 
-97: Au. -Reply to Gray's Elegy," Cold Water, '87. 

COBB, Stephen A., Pickets, Tex.— Born, Kemper Co., Miss.. Oct. 2, 1860; 
Stud. Bar. U., IVx.; Lie. Mar., 1886; Ord. Mar., '87, Carbon Ch.: P. Sabona, Tex., 
'86-87; Country Chs. in Tex.. "91-95; My. State Bd. of Tex., "06—. 

COBB, Thomas Jordan, Statesuoro. Ga. — Born. Shannon. X. C; S uk W. F. 
C. X. C. 3 yrs : Roch. U., N. V., lb, yrs.; Roch. T. S.. X. Y : Lie. Dec. 28, 18S4, 
Ord. June 1,""90, Lumher Bridge Ch.,. N. C. ; P. Clabmrr., '90: Griffins X Roads, 
Bovers Chapel, Mt. Zion, Piny Fore-', Lennons X Roads, X. C; Conway and Lit- 
tle Bethel, S. C: Fellowship, Excelsior, Corinth and Friend.-hip, Ga., '97 — . 

COBB. Thomas J-, Pane St., Kxoxville, Texx.— Born. .Via.: Ord. Nov. 19, 
1894, Beech Sprino- Ch.; P. River View, "89-96: Vallev Grove, and Galilee '96; 
Pinev Level, "98. 

COBB. William Biddle, Carbon, Tex.— B rn, Gainesville. Ala.. Jan. 8, 1839; 
Lie. '58, Ord. Oct., '71 Antioch Ch., Miss.: P. Enon, Newhope, Carbon, Jcwe:l, 
Longbrancb. Pilgrims Re-t. Corinth, Curtis, Sabinal, Mt Pisgah, Zion Hill, Tex. 

COBBS, WHliam T., Falkville, Ala.— Born, Hartselle. Ala.: Smd H. Seb., 
Mountain Vi^w. Ala. : Lie. Aug. 1880; Ord. Aug., '82, Shoal Creek Ch. ; P. New 
Shiloh and Flint River, "82; Pleasant Hill, and Enon, '85-92: Danville, "8S-92 ; Mt. 
Xebo, '88 — : Cullman. 2nd. Ch., Columbus, -Ga. ; Harlselle, Falkville, Hillsboro, 
Hopowell, Ala. 

COBER, Alvin Alonzo, Elkhart, Lstd. — Born, Berlin, Pa.: Grad. Ashland, 
O. O., 1885: Lane Sem., '92.; Buck. U.. Pa., B. Ph. '96; Stud. B. In. T. S., Chi- 
cago; Lie. "92. Ord. "93, ls<. Bap. Ch., LewAburg, Pa.: S. 1st. Ch.. Milton. Pa., 
'92-93: P. Memorial Ch., Williamsp >rt, Pa., '93-96; IstCh., Elkhart, Ind., "96—. 

COBERLY, William James, Big Bend, W. Va.— Born, Gilmer Co., W. Va. ; 
Lie. 1870, Mt. Carmel Ch.. W. Va. ; Ord. '76, Eliam-Ch., VV. Va.: P. Eliam, '76-80; 
Yellow Creek, "79-99: Chaptl, '84-85; Svcamore. '84-87: Straight Creek, '89-92; 
Cedar Grove. 'S9: Prosperitv. "90-93-'99 ; North Fork, '93-94: Galilee, ' 98-99 : Mt. 
Carmel, "9!). 

COBURN, Benjamin Franklin, Stuttgart, Ark— Born, New York, X. Y.; 
Stud. la. C: Lie. Mar. and Ord. June 28, 1895, Almvra Ch.. Ark.; P. Almyra, "95; 
Almvra, Salem. Rising Sun, '96; Almvra. Stuttgart, '97-98; Stuttgart and Fair- 
mount. Ark.. '98-99. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 157 

COBURN, Fred- Eugene. Windsor, Vt\— Born, Lowell, Mass., Aug. 15,1868; 
Cg. U.. N. Y., H. A., '93; Cro. T. S., Pa., '96; Lie. June 1, '93; Ord. July 21, '96, 
1st Ch., Lowell, Mass.; S. Indian Lake, North River, N. Y., July to Oct., "93 ; Sea 
View and Somers Point, N. [., Summer of '95; P. Florida, Mas*., '96-98; Windsor, 

Vt., '98—. 

COCHRAN, Elias Alford, Creighton, Ga. — Born, Cherokee Co.. Ga. ; Lie. Nov.* 
1882, Canton Ch., Ga.; Ord. Aug. 14, '84, Hightower Ch., Ga.; S. Hightowerj Ga., 
'87-88; P. Yellow Creek. '88; Mt. Zion, '89-90; Crab Apple, '93-96; Bethany, '97- 
99; Corinth, Ga., '95-99. 

COCHRAN, Marion W, Wier, Ga.— Born, Dawson Co., Ga. ; Stud. Oaklin H. 
Sch., Ga.; Lie. 1894, Ord. Jan. 3, '95, Newhope Ch., Ga. ; S. Nunbleville, Ga., 1 yr. : 
P. High Shoals, 2 yrs. ; Juno, 2 yrs. ; New Hope, Ga., 1 yr. 

COCHRANE, Henry Park, Clifton Springs, N. Y.— Barn, Monmouth, Me. ; 
Stud. Coburn CI. Inst., Me.; Roch. T. S., N. Y., 1889; Lie. Oct. '85, Easton Ch., 
Me.; Ord. Aug., '89, Princeton Ch., Me.; S. Princeton, Me., 88-89; My. Toungoo, 
Burma, '89— . 

COCHRANE, James Edward, Uali.owell, Me. — Born, Monmouth, Me.; Co- 
burn CI. Inst., Me., 1876 ; Colby U., Me., B. A., '80; M. A., '83; Roch. T. S., N. 
Y., '93; Lie. July 3, 75, Easton Ch., Me. ; Ord. Aug. 6, 79, Mariaville Ch., Me. ; P. 
Paris, Me., '83-86; My. A. B. My. U., Burma, '86-88; P. Hallowell, Me., '89—. 

COCKE, William Joseph, 2031 8th Ave., Huntington, W. Va. ; — Born* Hano- 
ver Co., Va. ; Stud. R. C, Va.; Lie. Sept. 4, 1873, and Ord. Sept. 4, '74, Liberty 
Ch., Va.; P. Blue Ridge, Pleasant Hill, Diamond Hill, Difficult Creek, Mt. Vernon, 
St. Albans, Hampton, Dego, Maiden, Poca, Winfield, Hurricane, 20th St. Ch., Hunt- 
ngton, W. Va. — . 

COCKROFT, Alanson Jefferson, Grand Cane, La. — Born, Leake Co., Miss.; 
Stud. H. Sch., Conway, Miss.; Miss. C; Lie. Jan.. 1871, and Ord. Aug. 73, Center 
HillCh.; P. Center Hill, 74-84; Thomastown, '83; Pleasant Hill, Walnut Grove, 
Hillsboro and Bethlehem, '86-90; Orange, Miss., '90-91; Mansfield, Natchitoches, 
Cane River, Antioch, Grove Hill, Spring Ridge, Wallace, Beulah. Longstreet, La. — . 

CODY, Jared Vining, Waldo, Wis.- Born, Embro, Ontario; Stud. B. Un. T. 
S., Chicaeo; Lie. Aug. 26, 1881, Eighteenth St. Ch., Detroit, Mich.; Ord. Sept. 10, 
'84, Ontario Ch., 111.; P. Ontario, '84-86; Pekin, 111., "87; Spring Prairie, Wis., '88- 
91; Gardner, 111., '91; Bangor, '93-95; Waldo, Wis., '98.— 

CODY, Zechariah Thornton, Georgetown, Ky. — Born, Henry Co., Ala. ; Stud. 
Mer. U., Ga., C-N. C, Tenn.; Bowdoin C, Ga. ; Liberty C. Mo., D. D., 1895; S. 
B. T. S., Ky., Th. M., '87; Lie. Sept., '83, Ord. July, '85, 2nd Ch., Atlanta, Ga. ; P. 
Portland Ave. Ch , Louisville, '85-87; Buck Run," Jan. to June, .'87; Mays Lick, '87- 
90; Georgetown, Ky., '90 — . 

COE, Henry Dingee, Edgartown, Mass. — Born, New York, N. Y. ; C. of 
Physicians and Surgeons, New York Cy., N. Y., M. D., 1895; Stud. Cro. T. S., Pa. ; 
Un. T. S., N. Y., '98; Lie. Sept. 22, '95, Mt. Morris Ch., New York, N.Y.; Ord. 
Oct. 25, 98, Edgartown Ch., Mass.; S. Tusten, Mt. Morris Building, New York, 
People's Ch., New York, Meth. Mattituck, Meth. Jamesport, N. Y.; Meth. Manoa, 
Meth. Llanerch, Pa.; Morningside Bap. Ch., New York ; Flushing, Redeemer Ch., 
New York, N. Y. ; Demorest. N.J.; Beth. Eden, Emmanuel Ch., Williamsbridge, 
N. Y.; Prospect Ch., E. Orange, Deckertown, N. J.; Waterbury. Conn.; Pres. 
Ch., Washington Heights, New York ; Bap. Ch. Tremont, N.Y., Edgartowm, Mass. — . 

COFFEY, Adolphus, Littleton, III.— Born, near Ellettsville, Ind., Sept 16, 
1836; Stud. Frank. C., Ind.; Lie. Nov. 15, 73, Ord. Nov. 15, 74, Bethel Ch., Ind.; 
P.Newark, 74, 2 yrs. ; Bethel, 75; Worthington, Ind., 78; Independence, Kan., 
'83^-85; S. Elk City, Kan., 6 mos., '85; My. to Delaware Indians and P. Delaware, 
Ind. Ter., 6 mos , '86; P. Floral, '87; Udall, '88; Caldwell, '90; Morganville, River- 
dale, '91 ; Wamego, '92-98; Silver Lake, Kan., '93; Littleton, 111., '99—; Au. "Mar- 
iolatry and Other Errors of Popery," '86. 

158 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

COFFEY, Theodore Cornelius, Tonica, III.— Born, Bloomington, Ind.; Stud. 
Frank. C, Ind.: Ladoga Sem., Ind., 1866; Shurt. C 111., B. A., 71; Shurt. T. S., 
111., B. D., 74; Lie. '68, 1st Ch., Upper Alton, 111.; Ord. Jan. 31, '75, 1st Ch., Tus 
co'a, 111.; S. 1st Ch., Tuscola, '74-75; 1st Ch., Upper Alton, 111., Summer of 75; Is: 
Ch. Kirkwood, Mo., 75-76; IstCh. Appleton, Wis., 77-79, Mv. P. in Kan., '80-89; 
P. Griggsville, '89-91; Effingham, '91-94; Pittsfield, '94-97; Tonica, Ills., '97—. 

COFFEY, Thomas Merideth, Elk Point, S. Dak.— Born, Griggsville, 111.: 
Stud. Shurt. C. and Shurt. T. S., 111.: Lie. 1877, 1st Ch., Griggsville, III.; Ord. '81, 
1st Ch., Silver City. la.; P. Silver City, Bloomfield, Floris, Farmington, Bethel, 
Jesup, Dow City. la. ; Elk Point, S. Dak.; Piasa and Medora, 111. 

COFER, Harvey, Parkersburg, W. VA.-^-Born. Bradford Co., Va. ; Stud. Nor- 
mal Seh., Glenville, W. Va. ; Lie. Dec. 25, 1870. and Ord. May, 72, Mt. Pisgah Ch., 
W. Va.; P. Spencer, Little Creek, Good Hope, Elizabeth. Bethel, Mt. Zion, Volcano, 
June, Bi*coe Run, Willow Island, Williamstown, St. Marys, W. Va. ; Newport, Cen- 
ter Valley, O. ; State Certificate in 74. 

COFIELD, Willis Parker, Fredonia, Ala.— Born, Fredonia, Ala. ; Lie. and Ord., 
1889, New Hope Ch., Ala.; P. Western Ch., Ga., '95—; Providence, Paran, '97—; 
Longdale, Ala., '98. 

COFFMAN, Lyman Harvey, Roodhouse, III. — Born, Mercer Co., 111.: Grad. 
H. Sens., Reynolds, 111.; Stud. Wn. C, Toledo, la.; Augustana C, 111., Shurt. C, 
111.: Lie. Ian. 20, 1891, Reynolds Ch., III.; Ord. Mar 9. '92, Bethel Ch., Pt. Byron, 
111. : P. Bethel Ch., Pt. Bvron, '91-94: 1st Ch., Brighton, '94-97; 1st Ch., Roodhouse, 
111., '97—. 

COFFMAN, James William, Keota, Ia.— Born. New Hope, Va. ; B. Un. T. S. 
Chicago, 1870 ;Lic. Jan. 7, '58, Chequest Ch , Ia. : Ord. Nov. '63, South English Ch., 
Ia. ; P.Davis Creek, '61; Si^ourney, 70; New London, la., '72; Carthage, 74; Clay- 
ton, 75; Fairmount, 79: Penfield/'80; Cazenovia, '82 ; Minonk, 111., '85: Tiskilwa, 
'87; Mediapolis, '89; Mt. Union, '92; New Haven, la., '96-98. 

COFFMAN, John Parsons, Perry, Ia.— Born, New- Hope, Va. ; Stud. The Old 
U. Chicago., and B, Un. T. S., Chicago; Lie. Mar. 1868, Richmond Ch., Ia. : Ord. 
Apr. 28, 70, Zion Ch., Ia. ; P. Zion, la., 70-74; Elk Point, 74-77; Yankton, '77-79; 
Mitchell, S. Pak., '81-82 : S. Alexandria, S. Dak., '83; P. Hurley, S. Dak, '84; 
Akron, la.. '85-88; Dell Rapids, S. Dak., '88-91; P. Luverne, Minn., '91-93; 
Cherokee, '94-98; Perry, la., '99—. 

COHN, Leopold, 340 Jefferson Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. — Born. Hungary, 
Austria; Hebrew Insts. in Hungarv; Diploma for Rabbi, Pressburgh, 1882: Stud. 
FreeCh C Edinburgh, '92-93; My. to the Jews, '96—; Ed. "The Chosen People." 

COHRON, Leonidas B., Chapman, Ala.— Born. Pike Co.. Ala. ; Lie. Julv 1882 : 
Ord. Ian., '83, Antioch Ch., Ala.; P. Brushy, Mt. Olive, 'S3-84; Antioch, '83-89: 
Spring Hill, '84-85; Newhome. '88-96; New Hope, Brushy, '95; Union. '97-98; Oak 
Grove, Mt. Olive, Ala., '98-99. 

COHRON, Richard Anderson, Cleveland, Miss.— Born, Crawfordsville, Ga. : 
Stud. U. Miss., Cumberland U., Tenn., B. L. ; Z. B. T. S., Ky.: Ord. 1873, Vaiden 
Ch., Miss.; P. Vaiden, Winona, Vicksburg, Cleveland, Miss"!; S. New Hope, Mt. 
Nebo, Aconee, Salis, Leland, Miss. 

COIT, Albert, 521 Columbus Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. — Born, Hastings, N. Y. ; 
Stud. Mex. ;Acad. Falley Sem. and Genesee C; U. Roch. N. Y., B. A., 1866; 
D. D. '88; Roch.T. S., N. Y., '69; Lie. Julv 15, '66, Lima Ch., N. Y.; Ord. Dec. 
19, '69, 1st Ch., Rochester, N. Y. ; P. Lake Ave. Mission, Rochester, A. P. 1st Ch., 
Rochester, '69-70; Wellsville, 70-88 ; Hornellsville, N. Y., '88-90: Sec. and Treas. 
Cook Acad., '90-96; P. Olivet Ch., Syracuse, N. Y., '98—. 

COKER, Allen Green, Anxville, Ky.— Born, Hall Co., Ga. ; Stud. Berea C, 
Ky. : Lie. Oct. 4, 1891, and Ord. July 23, '92, Conway Ch., Ky. ; P. Lynchburg, Sil- 
ver Creek, Prolett Knob, Pleasant Hill, Providence, Salem, Cow Creek, New Hope, 
Annville, Mt. Zion, Kv. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory* 159 

COKER, James William Hearny, ]ayell, Tenn.— Born, N. C. ; Lie. and Ord. 
Methodist Ch. ; Ord. a Baptist Nov. 12, 1871, Whiteoak Flats Ch., Tenn.; P. White- 
oak Flats, Enon's Chapel, Friendship, New Salem, Allen's Grove, Pleasant Grove, 
Jones Chapel, Red Bank, Powder Spring, Henderson's Springs, White Ch., Wilson - 
ville, Sugar Loaf, Ellcjov, Shadv Grove, Beech Spring's, Bethel, Tenn. ; Bethel, Tenn., 
20 yrs. 

COKER, Jesse, Dalton, Mass.— Born. West Walton, Eng. ; Grad. Pastor's C, 
London, Eng. ; Lie. Dec. 18G5, Primitive M. E. Ch.; Ord. Feb. '72, Barking Ch., 
London, Eng. ; S. Barking Ch., London, Eng., 1 vr. ; P.Chatham, Mass., '74-76 ; 
East Weare, N. H., '76-79; Vinevard Haven, Mass., "79-82 ; Belvidere, '82-84; Buda, 
'85-89; Fairbury, 111., '90-92; Rockport, Mass., '92-95; is. Dalton, Mass., 3 mos., 
'98 ; Mission work — . 

COKER, Isaac, Vienna, Ind.— Born, Davie Co., N. C, Oct. 10, 1812; Lie. Dec., 
'32, Eaton Ch., Ind. ; Ord. Sept., '37, Sinking Spring Ch., Ky. ; P. Sinking Spring, 
Ky M '37-54; Highhill. '45-59 ; Fowler, Tenn., '54-61; Blue Biver, 14 yrs. ; Calvary 
Grove, Salem, Providence, Mt. Moriah, Oak Ridge, Ky. ; Lumbering Creek, Htbron, 

COKER, Matthew George, 1 Henry St., New York, N. Y. — Born, London, 
Eng.; Grad. Manchester Bap. C; Lie. 1876, East St. Ch. ; Ord. '81, Zion Ch., 
Eng.; P. ZionCh., Bramley, Eng.; P. 1st Ch., Willimantic, Conn., '86; Memorial 
Ch., Newburgh, N. Y., '92; Manners Temple, New York, N. Y.,'97; Ed. "The 

COLBERT, Charles Philip, Newport, Ind.— Born, Newman, Ga. ; Lie. 1878 and 
Ord. '79, Big Springs Ch., Mo. ; P. Shiloh, '82-83; Hopewell, '87; Flat Rock, '88-97; 
De Soto, '93; New Harmony, Ark., '98. 

COLBERT, Vesalius, Dundas, III. — Born, Champaign Co., O.; Stud. Shurt. 
C, III.; Lie. and Ord. Oct. 31, 1887, Dundas Ch., 111.; P Dundas, Liberty, Uniou, 
Freedom, Sailor Springs, Ingraham, Newton, Shiloh, Hoosier Prairie, Mt. Car- 
mel, 111. 

COLBORN, LaFayette S., 522 S. Maine St., Lima, O.— Born, Draketown, Pa. ; 
Stud. Monongahela C, and Jefferson C, Pa.; Cro. T. S., Pa., 1880; Lie. Apr. '70, 
Indian Creek Ch., Pa., Ord. Mar. '77, Enon Ch., Pa.; P. Enon, 2 yrs.; Pleasant 

Grove, '82-87; Ellwood City, Pa., '87-97; My. for Auglaise Bap. Asso., ; Tea. 

North Sewickley Acad., Pa., 1 yr. ; Greek and Latin, Ellwood City Acad., Pa., 1 jr. 

COLBORN, Robert Turner, Stoutsville, Mo.— Born, Hannibal, Mo., May 8, 
1857; Lie. Sept. 1885, Ord. Feb. 16, '87, Antioch Ch., Hannibal, Mo.; P. Walkers- 
ville, '87-90; Oak Ridge, '88-95; Warren, '90-97; Stoutsville, '90-99; Mt. Prairie, 
'91-94; Spalding Spring, '92-95; Clarence, '95-98; Antioch, '96—; Madison, Mo, 

COLBURN, Isaac Davis, 12 Front St., Nashua, N. H.— Born, Hudson, N. H.; 
B. U., R. L, B. A., M. A., 1859, New T. S., Mass., '63; Lie. '51, Hudson Ch. N. H.; 
Ord. Aug. '63, Dudley St., Ch., Boston, Mass. P. Tavoy Haren Mission, 3 yrs; 
My. Toungo, Burma, 1 yr. ; Supt. My. Press Rangoon, 8 yrs. Treasurer of Burma 
Miss. 8 yrs. ; Miss, in Charge Rangoon Karen My., 6 yrs. ; Retired since '80. 

COLBY, Adoniramjudson, Clay Center, Kan — Born, Sardinia, N. Y., 1829; 
Stud. Springville Acad.,.and Arcade Sem., N. Y.; Lie. 1860, and Ord. Oct. 23, '61, 
Mitchell Ch., la.; P. Mitchell and Osage, la., '60-62; Gardner, '65; Wilmington, 
'67; Haekett, Rockville and Hadley, '70-72; Wheaton, '72; Morgan Park, '74; 
Clayton, 111., '77; Beloit, Kan., 79; S. Salina, '87; P. Esmen, 111., '89; Uniondale, 
Kan., '92-95. 

COLBY, George, East Dixfield, Me. — Born, Vassalboro, Me.; Stud. Yassal- 
boro Acad., Me.; Lie. Feb. 1, 1973; Ord. June, '74, North Montville Ch., Me; P. 
North Montville, Weeks Mills, Burnham, jHartland, Corinna, Me. ; all Free Bap. 
Chs.; Bap. Ch. Cambridge, '88-90; 1st Ch., Livermore, 6 yrs.; East Dixfield, Me.—. 

160 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

COLBY, Henry Francis, Dayton, O. — Born, Boston Highlands, Mass.; Stud. 
Silver Lake Sem., Mass.; B. U. R. I. B. A., 1862; M. A.. '65; D. D., '82; New. 
T. S., Mass., '67; Lie. May 3, '66, Newton Center Ch., Mass.; Ord. Jan. 16, 68,1st 
Ch., Dayton, O. ; S. 3 mcs., then P. 1st Ch., Davton, O., '67—; Trustee Den. U., O., 
'72—; Pres. Bd. same, '90—; Au. "Class Poem," B. U. R. I.; "Biographical 
"Sketch s Gardner Cottage," "Ebenezer Thesher," "E. E. Barney;" Treatises on 
The Communion Question;" "Sabbath Observance.' 3 

COLE, A. D., Eureka Springs, Ark. — Born, Switzerland Co., Ind.; Lie. 
Apr. 12, 1887: Ord. Feb. J 8S, Goshen Ch.; P. Mount Pisgah, '67— 3^ time; Mt. 
Zion, Ark., '98 — ^ time. 

COLE, Addison Lewis, 2038 N. Main St., Santa Ana, Calif.— Born, Cul 
pepper Co., Va., 1831; Shurt. C, ID. B. P.^ '63 : Calif C, D. D., '81; Div. Sch., 
Shurt. C, 111., B. D., '66; Lie. '62, Ord. '64, Upper Alton Ch., 111.; S. 4th Ch., St. 
Lousi, Mo., '64; Litchfield, 111., '65; P Owatonna, Minn., '66.69; Central Ch., Min- 
neapolis, Minn., '70; Sec. Calif. C, '80-81: P. Ft Ch., Sacramento, 78; 1st Ch,, 
Dixon, Calif., ,79-81 ; S. Grand Ave. Cn., Milwaukee, Wis., 71; Chap. Minnesota 
Senate, '69-70; Au. Lectures on " Congregational Singing," '68. 

COLE, George E-, 301 S. Broadway, Ft. Scott, Kan. — Born, Miami Co., 
Ind.; Lie. Aug. 1891, Ord. May 29, '92, Union Ch., Mo.; P. Milo, Mo.: 2nd Ch., 
Ft. Scott, Clifton, 1st Ch., Hays City, Calvary Ch., Ft. Scott, Kan.—. 

COLE, George Harry t Chester, Pa. — Born, Baltimore, Md.; Stud. H. Sch., 
Baltimore, Md., R. C, Va., Cro. T. S., Pa.: Lie. Dec. 28, 1891, Ord. Sept. 8, '96, 
Lee St. Ch.. Baltimore, Md.: P. Arlington Mission. Md., '91-92; S. Vienna and 
Branch Hill„Md., '93: Perkins. Buckingham. Va.. '97-9S. 

COLE, Gideon, Beverly, Mass. — Born, Beverly, Mass.: Stud. Middleburg 
Acad., New. T. S., Mass.: Lie. Apr. 21. 1854, 1st Ch*., Beverly, Mass.; Ord. May 
29, '56, Sheldonville Ch., Wrentham, Mass.: P. Sheldonville, Mass., '56-63; Wey- 
mouth, '63-70 ; Red Wing, Minn., '70-76 ; Somerset, 76-84; Danversport, "84-88; 
Calvary Ch., Salem, Mass., '88-92; S. Rowley, Mass., '98-. 

COLE, Jacob, Du Quoin, III.— Born, Prussia; Stud. W. Bap. Theol. Inst., Cov- 
ington. Ky. ; Lie. 1850, Ord. '52, Henderson Ch.,Ky. ; P. Evansville, Ind. ; DujQuoin 
Carbondale, Harrisburg, Ashley, Collinsville, Marion, Tuscola, Tolono, 111.; Travel- 
ed for Am. Bible Union. 

COLE, John W-, Nanuet, N. Y.. Born, Towanda, Pa.; Lie. Apr. 11, 1891, 1st 
Ch., Union, N. Y.; Ord. Oct. 6, '92, West Colesville Ch., N. Y.; P. AVest Coles- 
vilie, 3 yrs.; Port Crane, 3 yrs. ; Castle Creek, 2 vrs. : Van Etton, 1 yr. : Nanuet, 
N. Y., 2 yrs.—. 

COLE, Morris C, New Whatcom, Wash.— Born, Utica, N. Y.; Stud. Falley 
Sem., N. Y.; Ord. 1879, 1st Ch., New Orleans, La.; Sec. State Bd. Education La., 
70-76; S. 1st Ch. New Orleans, La.. 78-79; P. same, 79-91; 1st Ch. Walla Walla, 
'92-95; 1st Ch., New Whatcom, '95-98; Immanual Ch.. New Whatcom, Wash., '99—; 
Trustee Leland U., La., 76-92; Acting Pres. '85-86. 

COLE, Robert Lee, Argenta, or North Little Rock, Ark. — Born, Sharon, 
Tenn.; Stud. Hickory Grove Acad., and So. Wn. U., Tenn.; Lie. 1887, Ord. Nov. 
4, '90, Corinth Ch., Ark. ; P. Stuttgart and St. Charles, '91-92; Benton and Carlisle, 
Ark., '93-94; Texarkana, Tex., '95-96: Mv. Carolina Asso., Ark., '97; P. Argenta, 
Ark., '98—. 

COLE, Thomas "Wesley, Waynesboro, Ga.— Born, Appling Co., Ga., Dec. 19, 
1867; Lie. Dec, 94, and Ord. '95, Oak Grove Ch., Ga. ; P. Owensboro, 95-98; 
Oak Grove, '96-98; Forest Grove, Ga., '97. 

COLE, "Walter Iverson, 731 W. Rollins St., Moberly, Mo.— Born, Lafayette 
Co., Fla. ; Stud. Priva e Law Sch. and Wm. Jewell C, Mo.; Grad. S. B. T. S., 
Ky.; Lie. June, 1881, 1st Ch., Jasper, Fla.; Ord. July, '84, 1st Ch., Victoria, Tex.; 
P. Elm Grove, "85-86; S. 6th St. Ch., St. Joseph, '86-88; Savannah Ave. Ch., St. 
Joseph. 88-92: 1st Ch., Lexington, '92-98: 1st Ch., Moberlv, Mo., '99—. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 161 

COLE, William M. f Walnut Springs, Tex. — Born, Blountsville, Ala. ; South- 
ern Medical C, Atlanta, Ga., M. D., 1886; Lie. Any. 79, Liberty Ch., Ala.; Ord. 
Oct., -81, Pine Bluff Ch.. Ala.; P. Austen Creek, '82-83; Mt. Tabor, '84-85; Pine 
Bluff, '86-87; Blountsville, Ala., '88-89; Zephyr, '95-97; Steel Creek, Tex., '98. 

COLE, Winfield S , Station A., Pasadena, Calif.— Born, North Webster, Ind., 
1851; Lie. '81. Casco Ch., Mich.; Ord. '86, Laingsburg Ch., Mich.; P. Laing>burg, 
'86; Goodells, '87; Ashland Center, Mich., '89; Azusa, Calif., '91. 

COLEGROVE, Jr„ Charles Henry, Unadilla Forks, N. Y— Bom, Clinton. N. 
Y.: Stud. Cg. U., N\ Y. ; Marion Collegiate Inst., N. Y., and Cro. T. S., Pa., 2 
yrs'.; Lie. Oct. 16, 1892, Clinton Ch., N. Y. ; Ord. May 28, '96, Falls Citv Ch., 
Ohiopvle, Pa.; P. Ohiopyle, Pa., '95-98 ; S. Unadilla Forks, N. Y.. 1 mo., '98; P. 
same, '98 — . 

COLEMAN, Benjamin Oney, Button, Ark.— Bom, Clay Co., Ky., Jan. 17, 
1838; Lie. Apr. 4, '68, Sinking Creek Ch., Ky. ; Ord. Sept. 10, '63, Hawk Cr. ek Ch., 
Ky.; P. Sinking Cn ek, Hawk Creek, Rockcastle River, Ky., '68-69; Moderator 
Flemins Creek, St. Paul, Frileys Creek, White River, Boston Mountain, '70-95. - 

COLEMAN, J. S., Greenville, Ky. — Born, Beaver Dam, Ky. ; Stud. Hartford, 
Sem.; Hartford C, Ky., Ph. D. ; Beth. C, Ky., D. D. ; Lie. 1853, Ord. '54, Beaver 
Dam Ch., Kv. ; P. Owemboro, Beaver Dam, Greenville, Ky. ; An. " Evils of Camp- 
bellism and The Work of Baptists." 

COLEMAN, James Henry, Hopkins ville, Ky. — Born, Rutherford Co., Tenn. ; 
Stud. Beth. C, Ky.; Lie. Mar. 1885; Ord. ,Dec. '86, Salem Ch., Kv.; P. Blue 
Springs, Lamasco, Cerulean Springs, '90-96; Concord, Richland, Lebanon, Harmony, 
'93-98; Kelly, '96-98; Salem, Crofton, Macedonia, '97-98; Concord, Barren Spiings, 
Ebenezer, Liberty, Ky. 

COLEMAN, L. W-, Springtown, Tex.— Born, Princeton, Ark; Miss. C, M, 
A. 1894; Lie. Aug., '69; Ord. Nov., 72, Austin, Ch., Miss.: P. Cotton Plank, and 
Camden, Ark.; Served Various Chs. in Tex. 

COLEMAN, Merritt Howell, Demarest, N. ].— Born, Near Athens, Pa.; Stud, 
H. Sen., Waverlv, N. Y., Boy's Sch., Suffern, N. Y.; Ham. T. S., N. Y., 1882; 
Lie. Aug., '79, Waverly Ch., N. Y.; Ord. June, '82, Salisbury, Ch., N. Y.; P. 
Salisbury, '82-85; Half Moon, '85-90; Broadalbin, '90-92; Farmer, N. Y., '92-97; 
S. West Hoboken, N. J., 2 mo. ; P. Demarest, N. J., '97—. 

COLEMAN, Meshack. 23 Tichenor Ave., Newark, N. J.— Born, Halifax Co., 
Va., 1857; Stud. Pub. Sch., Clover Depot, A/ a. ; Sf»d. Tbeol. Privately; Lie. May 5, 
1893; Ord. May 15, '95, Mt. Olivet Ch. ; P. Sharon Ch., New York, '93-95; Shiloh 
Ch., Newburgh, N. Y., Jan. to Nov., '96; S. Mt. Rion Ch., Newark, N. f., '97-98; 
P. same, Feb. I, '98—. 

COLEMAN, Thomas Henry, Burgin, Ky.— Born, Harrodsburg, Ky. ; G. C. 
Ky., B. A., 1860; M. A., '68; Lie. Aug., '56, and Ord. '60, Harrodsburg Ch., Ky.; 
P. Mt. Salem, Rocky Ford, Green River, Stanford and Somerset, '60-68; Bards- 
town, '68-71; Little Union, Plain Creek, Mill Creek, and Fisherville, 15 yrs. ; 
Stamping Ground etc., Ky., 3 vrs ; Ennis, Piano, Richardson, Lebanon and 
Witchita Falls, Tex., '87-92; Burgin, Ky., '98—. 

COLEMAN, "Wade Hampleton, Rochelle, Ga. — Born, New Eastman, Ga., 
1868, Stud., New. Ebenezer Co., Ga. ; Lie. '83, and Ord. '85, Little Okmulgee Ch., 
Ga.; P. Vilula, '85-86; Rehoboth, '87-88; Pleasant Hill, '88; Pleasant Grove, 
'93-94; '98; Duboys, '95; Rock Branch, '95-96; Zebulin, '96; Lloyd Chapel, Ga.— 

COLEWORTHY, George, Agawam, Mass.— Born, Nantucket, Mass.; Lie. 
1858, Nantucket Bap. Ch.,Mass.; Ord. May, 59, Greenfield Bap. Ch., Mass.; P. 
Greenfield, Shutesbury, Agawam, West Boylston, North Sunderland and Tyringham, 
Mass.; Readsboro and Whitingham, Vt. 

GOLEY, Jesse Marian, Waterville, Ga. — Born, Cherokee Co., Ga. ; Stud. 
Mer. U.,Ga., 2 yrs.; Lie. May, 1872,, Ord. April, 75, Trion Factory Ch., 
Ga.; S. Summerville, Ga., 73-75; P. North, Ga., 75; Au. "Restricted Commun- 
ion, '"84. 

A62 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

COLLIER, Bryan Wells, Hartwbll, Ga. — Bom, Indian Springs, Ga. ; Mer. U. r 
Ga., B. A., 1890; Stud. S. B. T. S., Kv.; Lie. Mar. 30, and Ord. Oct. 1, '92, Griffin, 
Ga. ; S. Miner, Ga., '92; P. Dahlonega, Ga., '92-93; Decatur, Ga., 94-97: Hart- 
wel . Ga-, '97—. 

COLLIER, Charles Weldon, Woodviile, V a.— Born, Petersburg, Va. ; Cr . T. 
S., P.i., 1894; Lie. Feb. 21, Ord. Dec. 27, '92, West End Ch., Petersburg, Va.; 
P. Woodville, Mt., Lebanon, Haywood and Criglersville, Va. — . 

COLLIER, Joseph B., Bridgeport, Tex. — Born, Letcher Co., Kv.; Lie. 1892, 
and Or 1. '93, Paradise, Mo.; S. Mt. Horeb, Mo.; L. Tonestown, Mo.; P. East 
Mou .d, Mo. 

COLLIER, Richard Benjamin, 1204 North 2Sth St., Richmond, Va. — Born, 
Greem ill Co., Va. ; Stud. R. C, Va. ; Lie. and Ord. 1872, Fountain Creek Ch. ; Va. P. 
Reeds Creek and James Square, Va., '73-79; Columbia Ch., N. C, '86-91; Balti- 
more, Md., '90-95; Dover, Antioch, Newbridge and Hardy Central, Va., '95 — . 

COLLINS, Arch Parum, 104 Luxton St., Ft. Worth. Tex.— Born, Jack- 
son Co., Ala.; Stud. Arlington Acad', Tex., and Bay. U. Tex.; Lie. and Ord. Jan., 

1889, Arlington Bap. Ch., Tex.; P. Keller, Arlington, Iowa Park, Durango, Union. 
Rehobnth, North Ft. Worth, Tex.; Cv. My. '92-98, in Ft. Worth; P. Glenwood 
Ch., Ft. Worth, Tex.—. 

COLLINS, Gharles L, Sunbury, O.— Born, Richfield, O. ; Stud. Richfield 
Sch., O.; Granvlle Acad.,0.; Den. U.,0.; Lie. Sept. 1, 1888, West Richfield Ch., 
O.; Ord. July 28, '93, Licking Ch., O. ; S. Linwood, O., '89-91 ; Homer, '91; P. 
Licking, O., '91-94; Wellston, '94-95; Westerville and Central College, '96-97; 
*$unbur, and Berlin, O.' '97 — . 

COLLINS, David, 237 16th St., Los Angeles, Calif. — Born, Meadville, 
Pa.-, Lie. June, 1855, Ord. Mar. 9, '56, Little Creek Ch., 111.; P. Little Creek, '56- 
59; Logans Creek, 111, '59-61 ; S. 5th 111. Inf.; Ev. and P. of weak Chs. in Kan., 
'66-72; P. Loami, 111., '73-75; My. Ft. Scott, Kan. A<=so., '78; Cato and Bronson, 
? 79-91 : Mt, Oram, Kan., '82-83; Cato and Farlington, '84-85; Prescott, Kan., '86-89; 
My. Louisville, 111., Asso., "92; P. Greenland, '93; Mason, 111., '94; Ev. work, '94—. 

COLLINS, George, Mystic, Ia.— Born, Riehmond, Ky. ; Lie. Tune 5,1891, 1st 
Ch., Braidwood, 111.; Ord. Aug. 9, '96, 2nd Ch., Pontiac, 111.; P.'Pontiac, Onarga, 


COLLINS, John D., Eddyville, Ia. — Born, Bainbridge, Ind. ; Ind. St. Nor. 
1892; Cent. L\, la., Ph. D., '98.; Div. Sch., U., Chicago; Lie. Mar. 9, '92, 1st Ch , 
Tene Haute, Ind.; Ord. Nov. 1, '93, 1st Ch., Sac City, la.; S. 1st Ch., Stuart, la., 
Eddyville, Ia. 

COLLINS, John H., Arkadelphia, Ark.— Born, Mifflin, Tenn. ; Lie. 1867, Ord. 
J 69, A' tioch Ch., Miss.; P. Antioeh, '69, and 72-73; Pope, '75-78, and '82-83: Mt. 
Gilead, 82-83; Oak Ridge, '83-84; Pleasant Hill, '84-85 ; Garner, '84-85; Liberty 
Hill, '87; Bethanv Ch., Harrison, Mis«.. '70; Point Cedar, '90; Valley, '91; Mt. 
Harmony, '92; Bismarck, '93; Corinth, '94; Amity, '93-94; Mt. Olive, '94-95; Gum 
Springs, '96-97; Mt. Bethel, Ark., '98-99. 

COLLINS, John Marion, Buckeye, Tenn. — Born, Green Co., Tenn.; Lie. Dec. 
1SS9, and Ord. May 7, '92, Jelico Creek Ch. ; P. Jelico Creek, Liberty; S. Elk Valley 
■and New Prospect, Tenn., "'97. 

COLLINS, John Thomas, Damon, Mo. — Born, Brownstown, Ind.; Lie. May 8, 
1896, and Ord. Jan. 7, '97, New Prospect Ch. 

COLLINS, Ogilvie N-, Knox City, Mo.— Born, Fayette Co., Kv. ; Lie. Dee ^ 
1867, Ord. Aug., '68, Highland Ch., Mo.; P. Highland, 5 yrs. ; West' Bethel, Mt. 
Z\ n, North River, Shiloh, Mt. Pisgah, Knox City, Hedge City, Umphrey, Brashear, 
G cenburgh, Rutledge, Harmony Grove, Bear Creek, Pleasant Ridsre, Black Creek, 
Mo. , 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 163 

GOLUNS, Peter Stubbs, So. Jefferson, Me.— Bom, Liberty, Me.; New T. S., 
Mass., 1893; Lie. '90, Natick Ch., Mass.; Ord. '93, So. Yarmouth, Mass.; Ev. in 
S. Appleton and South Hope Me., '91;- P. So. Yarmouth, Mass., '92-94; S. Cooper 
Mills, Windsor and Whitefield, Me., '94-96; P. Jefferson and Sommerville, Me., 96—. 

COLLINS, S. P. f Jerico, Mo.— Ord. Bap. Ch. ; P. Jerdico, Mo. 

COLLINS, Thomas Jefferson, Bakersfield, Calif. — Born, Bructon Mills, 
W. Va.; Buck. U., Pa.. B. A., 1877; Cro. T. S., Pa., '80; Lie. '73, Zion Ch., Reids- 
burg, Pa.; Ord. 'SO, Warsaw, Pa.; P. Warsaw, East Brady, 1st Ch., Scranton, Pa.; 
East Side Ch., Pa., Salt Lake City, Utah; Bakersfield, Calif. 

COLLINS, W. B., Shaver. Ark.— Born, Bradley Co., Tenn.; Ord. Feb., 1881, 
1st Ch., Carrollton, Ark.; P. Carrollton, '81-82 ; Norwood and Flint Creek, 3 yrs.; 
Corner Springs, 1 yr. ; Ev. '83-86 ; Burlington, New Pisgah, Hale, Barnes, '92-93; 
White Elm, Upper Piney, Ark., '93-95; Bethlehem and Mt. Pisgah, Ark., '95-97. 

COLLINS, William Judson, 215 Willow St., San Antonio, Tex.— Born, 
Henry Co., Ga. ; Stud. Indian Creek Acad.; Lie. 1859, Ord. '63, Harmony Ch., 
Ga.; P. Houston Factory, Byron, Vienna, Ga. ; Tennessee Colony, Palestine, Ath- 
ens, Pleasanton, Pearsall, Bartlett, Indian Creek, Davilla, Ganado, Del Rio, Tex. 

COLLOP, P. J., Versailles, Ind. — Born, Vincennes, Ind.; Stud. Wm. Jewell. 
C, Mo., Vardeman Sch. of Theology; Lie. May, 1867, Liberty Ch., Mo.; Ord. 
June, '71, Plattsburg Ch., Mo.; P. Nevada, Womensburg, Mo. ; Sparta, Southport, 
Haden, Washington, Bear Creek, Versailles, Brushy Fork, Indian Ky., Harberts 
Creek, Napoleon, Ind. 

COLLEY, John H„ David, Ala.— Born, Madison Co., Ga., Mar. 1819; Lie. 
'50; Ord. '55, Harmony Ch , Ala.; P. Liberty, Ala., 19 yrs. 

COLQUITT, George Washington, Anstell, Ga.— Born, Lee Co., Ala.; Bowdon 
C, Ga., M. A., 1867; Lie. June, M53, Bowdon Ch., Ga. ; Ord. June 17, '67, Eden Ch., 
Ga. ; P. Bowdon, Carrollton, Western, Antioch, White Oak Grove, Grantville, 
Ramah, and Palmetto, Ga. 

COLTHARP, G. H., Gudger, Tenn.— Born, Gudger, Tenn.; Stud. C-N. C, 
Tenn.; Lie. June, 1864, Ord. Jan. 6, '66, Chestua Ch., Tenn.; P. Big Creek, New 
Hopewell, Rock Creek, Tenn. ; Moody Eddy, Tex. ; Cedar Creek, Mt. Vernon, Tex. ; 
Gen. My. Agt., Gen. Asso., cf East Tenn. ; My. Agt. State Bd., Tenn.; Financial 
Agt., Franklin Bap. Ch., N. C, and Mineral Bluff Ch., Ga. ; Sequachee Ch., Pike- 
ville, Tenn.; Agt. of "The Baptist Standard." 

COLTHARP, Oscar John Robert, Nocona, Tex.— Born, Monroe Co., Tenn.; 
Stud. Dancing Branch Acad., and Chattanooga Sem., Tenn.; Lie. Oct., 1870, Ches- 
tua Ch., Tenn.; Ord. Dec. '72, Mvrtle Ch., Tenn.; P. Spanish Fort, '75-95; Marys- 
ville, Tex., '86-98, except '95 and '97. 

COLVIN, Garland T«, Osawatomie, Kan. — Born, Providence, Mo.; Stud. 
Ashland H. Sch., Mo.; Wm. Jewell C, Mo.; Lie. Dec. 4, 1867, Nashville Ch., Mo.; 
Ord. Nov. 5, 72, Sardis Ch., Elston Station, Mo.; P. 1st Ch., Paris, '74-75; New- 
London, Mo., '75-77; Sciota,.Ill., '77-80; Spring Creek Ch., '80-81; S. Walnut St. 
Ch., Burlington, Summer of '81; 1st Ch., Corning, la., '83-84; 1st Ch., Stanberry, 
Mo., '84-85; Elk Falls and Grenola, '85-89; Burden, Kans., '89-91; Aurora, Mo., 
'91-93; IstCh., Girard, '93-94; Osawatomie, '94-97; Louisburg, '97-98; S. Aubry 
Ch., Stilwell. Kan., Nov. '98—; Ev.— . 

COLWELL, O. F., Mt. Gilead, O.— Born, Republic, O. ; Stud. Den. U., B. A., 
O. ; Ord. Nov. 16, 1892, Henrietta, O. ; P. Henrietta, O., '92-94; Rockville and Blue 
Rock Chs., '94-96; Bayou Fion and Franklin, O., '96-97; Eden Bap. Ch., '98—. 

COLWELL, Richard Steere, Granville, O.— Born, Hebronville, Mass.; B. U., 
R. L,B. A., 1870; D. D., '91; New. T. S., Mass., B. D., 75; P. Roger William Ch., 
Wauskuck, Providence, R. I., '76-77; Prof, of Greek in Denison University from 

164 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

COL WELL, William, Cameron, T. T.— Born, Henry Co., Ga.. 1856; Buckner 
C, 92; Lie. '82, Union Grove Ch.; Ord. '84, Mt. Nebo Ch. ; P. Mt. Zion, Mt. Nebo r . 
Mountain New Judson. Jenelin, Liberty Hill, Friendship, Shady Point, Ark.; M}v 
2^ yrs. 

COL YAR, John Charles, Calistoga, Calif, — Born, Nevada Cv., Mo.; Ord. 
May 13, 1894, Eureka and Freshwater Chs., Calif. ; P. Van Duzen, '94-95; Calistoga, 
Calif., '95—; Ed. "Hanford Journal," Calif.; A. Ed. "The Baptist Sentinel, Dalles, 

COMBS, Nelson, Stony Creek, N. Y.— Born, Thurman, N. Y. ; Stud, under 
private tutor; Lie. Battsville Ch., Greenwich, N. Y. ; Ord. Jan. 27, 1847, 1st Ch., Ft. 
Ann, N. Y. ; P. Ft. Ann,-N. Y. ; Rupert, Vt. ; Middle Grove (or Jamesville), 
Northville, Providence, N. Y.; S. Pawlett, Vt. ; P. Corinth, So. Wilton, N. Y. 

COMER, John Randolph, Atchison, Kan.— Born, Clover,Va. ; R. C.,Va., B. A., 
1888; U. Md. Med. Dept. '91, Roch. T. S., N. Y., "95; Ord. Jan. 20, '95, 1st Ch., 
Atchison, Kan. ; P. East End Mission, 1 yr. ; South Rochester Ch., 2 yrs. ; Atchison,. 
Kan. — . 

COMFORT, Milton Bookstaver, Newfane, N. Y.— Born, Montgomery Co., N. 
Y.; U. Rocb. N.Y., B. A.. 1861; M. A., '64; Roch. T. S.. N. Y., '64; Lie. Oct. 1, 
'61, Cannon St. Ch., New Yo<k, N. Y.; Ord. Mar. 6, '66, 1st Ch.. Oswego, N. Y.; 
P. IstCh., Oswego, N. Y., '64-65; S. West Ch., Oswego, N. Y., ,65-66; My. to 
Gowhaity, A^sam, '66-74; P. Pulaski, '75-81 : Belleville, '81-89; 1st Ch., Perry," '89- 
93; Ripley, '93-96; Alexander St. Ch., Rochester, '96-98; Newfane, N. Y., '98—. 

COMISH, Henry T., Clio, La.— Born, Amite Co., Miss.; Stud. Clinton C, 
Miss.; Lie. 1891, Mt. Vernon Bap. Ch.; Ord. '95, McComb City Bap. Ch.; P. Clio,. 
'95-99; Hebron, '96-99; Centerville, '96-97; Mt. Zion, La., '98. 

COMMANS, William Monroe, Gorin, Mo.— Born, Scotland Co., Mo.; Stud. 
Cent. U., Ia.;Lic. Mar. 14, 1893 and Ord. '97, Indian Creek Ch., la.; P. Indian Creek, 
la., '55. 

COMPERE, Edward Lyon, Waco, Tex.— Born, Corsicana, Tex.; Bav. U., Tex.,. 
B. A., 1899; Lie. Oct. 9, '93, Abilene Ch., Tex.; Ord. Mar. '96, Speegleville Ch., 
Tex.; P. Speegleville, '95—; Lorena, '96-97; Concord, Tex., '97—. 

COMPTON, Alfred Goodwin, West Chester, Pa.— Born, Mortonville, Pa. ; 
Lie. 1834, Ord. May 14, '36, Goshen Ch., Pa. ; P. West Bradford, West Cain, S. 
Bethesda and Gcshen, Pa. 

COMPTON, Isaac Mayhew, Newfane, Vt.— Born, Roadstown, N. J.; Am- 
herst C, Mass., B. A., 1895; Stud. New. T. S, Mass.; Lie. '91, Amherst Ch., 
Mass.; Ord. '96, Brookline Ch., Vt. ; P. Brookline, Vt., '96—. 

GOMPTON, Levi F., Clarinda, la.— Born, Steuben Co., N. Y.; Stud. 
Friendship Acad., N Y.; Alfred U., N.Y., B. A., 1869; M. A., '72; Stud. B. Un. 
T. S.. Chicago,'79-81 ; Lie. '64, Friendship Ch., N. Y. ; Ord. Oct. ,'69, East Cameron 
Ch., N.Y.; P. East Cameron, N. Y., '69-70 ; Grass Lake, '71; Augusta, 72-75 r 
Lowell, '76; Sturgis, Mich., 77-80; Rochester, Ind., '81-82; S. Hickory Corners, 
Mich., '83; P. Gibbon, Neb., '84-85; Newton, '85-86; Toledo, la., '90-94; S. Clarin- 
da, la., '95 — ; Tea. and Financial Sec. Neb. Bap. Sem., '85. 

COMPTON, Pettis Milton, Falcon, Ark.— Born, Orange, Ga. ; Stud. Centre 
Point, Ark. ; Lie. 1885, Ord. Nov. 24, '89, Mt. Carmel Ch. ; P. Hickory Grove, Farri- 
baville, Mt. Carmel, Holly Creek, Fellowship, Pleasant Grove, Pleasant Hill, Union 
Chapel, Beach Creek, Providence, Piney Grove, Mt. Nebo, Cedar Hill, Ark. 

CONWAY, Harvey A», Corsicana, Tex.— Born, Walker Co., Ala. ; Lie. June,'8@ f 
New Hope Ch., Tex.; Ord. Aug , '81, Mt. Hope Ch. ; P. Bethany, Mt. Pisgah, Provi- 
dence, Mt. Hope, Prairie Grove, Mt. Zion, Mt. Moriah, 1st Ch., Blooming Grove,. 
Kerens, Mertens, Barry, Cedar Creek, Tex. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 165 

COMPTON, Theodore Nathaniel, 90S Harlem Ave., Baltimore, Md.— Born, 
Nebo, Kv.; Beth. C, Ky., B. A., 1S92 ; M. A., '95; Kea. C, La., D D., '97; Lie. 
Feb , 81, Ord. Sept. 29, "'83, Corinth Ch., Kv.; P. Clavville, Dixoa, '83-86; Union - 
town, Morganfield. '86-87; Madisonville, '90-92; Cadiz, Ky., '92-95; Baron Rouge, 
La., '96-98; Fuller Memorial Ch., Baltimore. Md., '98—. 

COMPTON, Silas E. f Salem, Mo.— Born, Crawford Co., Mo. ; Lie. and Ord., 
Salem Bap. Ch., Mo.; P. Corinth, 1881-88; Pleasant Valley, '83-87, '89-90; Pleas- 
ant Hill, '88-91; S'igo, '84; Salem, Mo.—. 

COMSTOCK, O. E., Sr., Sheffield, Ala.— Born, New Albanv, Ind.; Lie. 
1888, 22nd and Walnut St. Bap. Ch., Louisville, Kv • Ord. Anr.,'90 Furnace Hill Bap. 
Ch., Sheffield, Ala; My. Furnace Hill, Sheffield, Ala. ; P. Sheffield, Ala.; Ed. 
^'Sheffield Reaper," eight yrs. 

CONARD, William Hamilton, 1420 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.— Born, 
Montgomery Tp., Pa.; Stud. Buck. U.. Pa.; Buck U., Pa., D. D., about 1890; Lie. 
'56, Montgomery Ch., Pa ; Ord. '62, Davisville Ch., Pa.; P. Davisville, '62-76; 
Bristol, Pa., 76-80; Sec. Pa. State Mission Soc, '80—. 

CONANT, Judson E*, 751 Estes Ave., Sta. Y., Chicago, III. — Born, Jack- 
son, Mich ; H. Sch., Albion, Mich., 1885; Stud. Cg. Acad., N. Y.; Lie. Sept 10, 
7 90, IstCh., Jackson. Mich.; Ord. Sept. 5, '93, Immanuel Ch., W. Superior, Wis.; 
S.Concord, Mich.. 4 mos , '91 ; P. 1st Ch., Springport, Mich., '92-93; Immanuel 
Ch., W. Superior, Wis., '93-95; Rogers Park Ch., Chicago, 111., '95 — . 

CONCH, Arthur N. t Trenton, Ky.— Born, Lincoln Co., Term.; Stud. So. Wn. 
U., Tenn.; Beth. C, Ky., B. A., 1896; Lie. Nov '85, Rover Ch., Tenn. ; Or.l. Feb , 
'93, Trenton Ch., Ky. ; P. Zion and Armageddon, Ky. ; Little West Fork, Dickens, 
Tenn.; S. Allensvill Trenton, Guthrie, Ky., and Adams Station, Tenn. 

COND1T, Byram Edward Lewis, Scalesville, Ind. — Born, Ohio Co., Ky. : 
Lie. 1862, and Ord. '64; P. Pleasant Ridge, 3 yrs. ; Barren Fork, Ky. 

CONE, George Washington, Johnson Crossing, Ala.— Born, Ga. ; Lie. 1866, 
Hopewell Ch.; Ord. Dama-cus Ch.; P. Pisgah, D vis Creek, Damascus, New Pros- 
pect, Beach Grove, Rocky Branch, Mount Joy, Friendship and Crooked Creek, Ga. 

CONEY, William Andrew, Ben Wheeler, Tex. — Born, Laurens Co., Ga.; Lie. 
1891, Bfulah Ch., Tex.; Ord. Apr. 8, '94, Ben Wheeler Ch., Tex.; S. Edom, Tex., 
'92; P. Owlet Green, '95-97; Colfax, Tex., '99—. 

CONGER, Lemuel P., Marion, Ky.— Born, Christian Co., Kv.; Lie. Feb. 12, 
1887. Camp Creek Ch.; Ord. Aug. 22, '90, Crooked Creek Ch., Ky. ; Ev. 111., '82; 
Choc'aw Nation, Ind. Ter., '91 ; My. work as a pioneer. 

CONGER, O. T,, 1528 Hillside Ave., Indianapolis, Ind.— Born, Dearborn 
Co., Ind.; Stud. Bur. U.;M. A., Hon., 1881, D. D, '83, U. Des Moines; Lie. 
'58, Fall Creek Ch., 111.; Ord. '59, Edgington, 111. ; P. Edgington, 111.; Winterset, 
la.; Lincoln and Omaha, Neb.; New Albany, Ind.; In Des Moines in charge Bap. 
Centennial, and in Indianapolis as Sec. for State Missions of Ind.; "Autobiography 
of a Pioneer Preacher," and "Conger's Book of Facts." 

CONGER, Robert Eli, Hackneyville, Ala. — Born, Henrv Co., Ga. ; Lie. 
1875 and Ord. Oct. 20, 77, Providence Ch.; P. Providence, '70; New Salem, Pleas- 
ant Hill, '77-81; Mt. Zion, '81-85; New Providence, '85—. 

CONKLIN, Judson, 49 Model Ave., Trenton, N. J.— Born, P.iterson, N. J.; 
U.,N. Y.. B. \., 1878; Stud. Yale U. Conn.; Roch. T. 8., N. Y. ; Un. T. S., N. 
Y., '83; Lie. Sept. 8, '79, 1st Ch., Patterson, N. J.; Ord. Sept. 20. '83, Easton Ch., 
Conn. ; P. Easton, Conn., '83-S5; Clinton Ave. Ch., Trer.ton, N. J., '85—. 

CONLEY, Charles Edgar, 130 W. Baltimore Ave., Detroit, Mich.— Born, 
Troy, Mich.; U. Mich., B. A., 1871; M. A., '76; Lie. 70, Troy Ch., Mich : Ord. 
June 3, 73, South Haven Ch., Mich.; P. Midd'eville, 74-78 ; Tecum seh, 78-85 ; 
Christon Ave. Ch., Detroit, Mich., '85-89: Supt. S*ate Missions, '89 — : Trustee Kal. 
C, Mich., '83-89; Member Bureau Ministerial Supplv Bap. Com., Mich., '85 — : 
Member Special Bd. F. M. Mich., 78-85. 

166 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

CONLEY, George Lewis, Pipestone, Minn. — Born, Osage, la.; Stud. 0., 
Chcago; N. Wn. U., 111.. B. A., 1888; B. Uri. T. S., Chicago, B. D., '91; Lie. 
'87, 1st Bap Ch., Joliet, 111.; Ord. Dec. 1, '91, 1st Bap. Ch., Huntington, Ind.; P. 
1st Ch , Huntington, Ind., '91-94; Burr St. Ch.. St. Paul, "94-99; Pipestone, 
Minn., "99: S. Lockport, '88; Hadlev, 111.. '89; Warrens, Wis., '90; Marengo. 
111., "91. 

CONLEY, John Wesley, 337 Home Ave., Oak Park, III.— Born, Near Cedar 
Rapids la.; Stud. Cedar Valley Sem.. la.: State U., la., B. A., 1877, M. A., '80; 
DesM. C, I., D. D., "96; Un. T. S., Chicago, B.D., '81; Lie. Apr. S, '75, Lt 
Ch., Iowa City, la.; Ord. June 21, "79, 1st Ch., Hadley, III ; P. Downey, la.. '77- 
78; Hadlev, '78-80; Toliet, '81-89; Oak Park, 111.. '89-92 : 1st Ch., St. Paul. Minn.. 
3 93-98; Oak Park, 111.. Feb. ; 98— ; Au. "Testimony of the Water," '87, (Tract 
Pub. Soc) ; "Divine Healing and Doctors,'-' '98. 

GONLEY, Joseph B,. Mixeola, Mo. — Born. Montgomery Co., Mo. ; Stud. Wnu 
Jewell C, Mo.; Lie. and Ord. April 11, 1880, Loutre Island Bap. Ch., Mo.; P. 
Loutre Island and Horeb, Mo. 

CONNELL, James Balfour, 83 Sissox Ave., Hartford, Coxx. — Born, Edin- 
burgh, Scotland; Stud. Civil Engineering Edinburgh, Scotland; Lie. Apr., 1881, 1st 
Ch., Montviile, Conn. ; Ord. lune 25. '84, Central Ch., E. Haddam, Conn. ; P. West- 
ford, '81-83; Greenville, "83-84: Central Ch., E. Haddam, '84-87: 1st Ch., Crom- 
well, 'S7-91, '93-97; Olivet Ch., Hartford, Conn., '97. 

CONNELL, J. G., Waukeenah, Fla.— Born, Gadsden Co., Fla.; Lie. 1883. 
and Ord. '85, Philadelphia Ch. ; P. Mt. Gilead, '87; PhiladeldWa. '86-88: 
Oakland, "87-89; Pleasant Grove, '88; Elizabeth. "92 : New Prospect, ,92-93; New 
Macedonia, -"93-94; Harmony, "90; Ebenezer, "94; New Hope, Fla:, '92—. 

CONNELL. Lucian B., Arkadelphia, Ark. — Born, Princeton. Ark.; Stud. 
Oua. C, Ark.: Lie. June, 1897, Princeton Ch., Ark.; Ord. '98, Arkadelphia 
Ark.: P. Liberty, and Ouachita, Ark., '99—. Ch . 

CONNELLY, Edward Everett, Versailles,, Ixd. — Born, Versailles, Ind.; Stud. 
Frank. C, Ind.; New Marion Normal, Ind.; Lie. Sept. 1889, and Ord. Aug. 
31, '90, Tang'ewood, Ind.: P. Tanglewood, Ind.; Otter Creek, 4 yrs.; Boston. 2 
yrs. ; Bear Crtek,, Delaware, Grahan, Ind., 2 yrs ; Brush Creek, Bethel, Ind., 4 yrs. 

CONNELLY, G. M.. Newlaxd, Va.— Born, Richmond Co., Va : Lie. 1884, 
Rappahannock Ch., Va. ; Ord. '86. Bethanv Ch., Va. ; P. Cobhani Park, '84-99: 
Welcome Grove, '84-99: Montague, '89-99; Oak Brove, Va., '96-99. 

CONNELLY, John William, Trextox, Tex.— Born, Nelson Co., Ky., May 21, 
1834: Lie. Sept. 10, '61: Ord. Oct. 1, '68, Philadelphia Ch., Tex.; P. Bonham. '71- 
79; Kentucky town, '71-89: Leonard, '82-93; Melissa, Tex., '88-95: Independent 
My. '70-95; Prin. Armstrong Acad., Tex., '5S-70. 

CONNELLY, William R., 903 Orange St., Redlaxds, Calif.— Born, Sparta', 
N. Y.; Stud. Springville Acad., N. Y.; Lie. 1855, and Ord. '56, 1st. Ch., Portland, 
Mich.; S. East Plains, Mich . '56; P. Lowell, Mich,, '56-57; Biocton, '58-64; Dun- 
kirk, N. Y., '65-66; Corrv, Pa., '68-69; S. Marlboro, Bricksburg and Summerville, 
N. J. ,'71-72: P. 1st. Ch. "Stanford, N. Y.. '74-80; Hiawa'ha, Kan., 80; Gen. My. 
Neb., '81-83; Church Edifice Mv. Neb.. la., and Kan., '85: P. Napa, Calif., '86-87; 
Albuquerpue, N. Mex., '88; Redding, Calif., '89; Church Edifice Mv. Central and 
Northern Calif., '90-93; Denver, Colo., '94; Auburn and Penryn. Calif., '96-97. 

CONNER, Arthur, Palatka, Ark.— Bom, Richm >nd, Va. ; L : c. 1860, Beech 
Grove, Tenn.; Ord. '66, Shiloh, Ark.; My. and organizer Cane Creek and Current 
River Asso., Ark. ; P. Mt. Pleasant, East Union and Hazeldel, Ark. — . 

CONNER, Littleton Smith, Seville, Ga.— Born, Wilcox Co. Ga. ; Lie. Oct. 1894; 
Ord. Oct. 5, '95, Union Ch.,Ga.; P. Union, '95 — ; Rock Spring and Liletry, County 
Line, '95; Lloyd, '97-98; Unison, Bay Spring, Rocky Hill, Ga. 

CONNER, James E. r Emerson, Ia — Born, Rocky Hill, N. J. : Stud. Cedar 
Grove Seh.. N.J.; Lie. Oct. 3, 1885, Calvary Ch., Hopewell, N. J.: Ord. Sept. 20, 

The Baptist Ministerial D^hxtory. 167 

'88, David City Ch., Neb.; S. Old Bridge, N. J.; Hartington, Neb. ; Bancroft; P. 
David City, Neb. ; Burlington, Junction City, Kan.; Pawnee City, Neb.; Emerson, 

CONNER, John W., B rice ville, Tex.— Born, Carlinville, 111.; Lie. 1884, and 
Ond. Feb. 9, '90, Mt. Pleasant, Ark.; A. P. Mt. Pleasant, Ark., '90-93. 

CONNER, Joseph Saddler, Vandalia, Mo.— Born, Chillicothe, Mo.; Wm. Jew- 
ell C, Mo., S B. T. S., Kv. ; Lie Sept. 1871, 1st Ch., Chillicothe, Mo.; Orel. May 
30, '80, Slater, Ch., Mo. ; P. Slater, Mo., 8 yrs, ; Independence, \% yrs. ; Higginsviil < : , 
3 yrs. ; Vandalia, Mo., 8 yrs. 

CONNER, "Wiley Evans, Quallatow, N. C— Born, Macon Co., N. C, June 
25, 1865; Lie. June 19, '92, Shoal Creek Ch., N. C. ; Ord. June 4, '93, Indian Creole 
Ch., N. C. ; P. Shoal Creek, Scott's Creek, Forney's Creek, and Webster, N. C. 

CONNER, William Wilmer, 1310 Green St., Reading, Pa.— Born, Rosemont, 
N. J.; Stud. Peddie Inst., N. T. ; Lie. Sept. 11, 1881, Hopewell Ch., N. 
J.; Ord. Sept. 18, '83, Ea^t Ti oy Ch., Wis.; P. Old Bridge, N. J., '81-83; East 
Troy, Wis., '83-85; McGravvville, N. Y., '86-87; Unionville, '87-89*; Sa'amanc?, N. 
Y.,'89-92; Punxsutawney. Pa., '92-93; Ev. '93-95; P.Dover, Del., '95-96; Read- 
ing, Pa., Dec. 20, '96—. 

CONNORS, Manning Austin, Summerton, S. C— Born, Greenville Co., S. C. ; 
Stud. Fur. U., S. C; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '96;* Lie. 1st Bap. Ch., Greenville, 8. C., 
'87; Ord. 1st Bap. Ch., Greenville, S. C, '81; P. Corinth Ch., S. C. ; Tenallytovyn 
Ch., Washington, D. C; Henrietta Ch., Henrietta, N. Y ; Summerton and Calvay 
Chs., S. C. 

OONOLLY, John M., Wanamaker, S. C— Born, Mai ion Co., S. C; S'ud. St. 
Pauls Inst.; Lie. Nov. 1874, » ear Swamp Ch. ; Ord- Oct. '75, Honey Cnn.p Ch.; P. 
Honey Camp, 4 yrs ; Cedar Creek, Pleasant Meadow, Pleasant Hill, N. C., 4 yr- ; 
Cedar Grove, Sardis, Lake Swamp, Galivants Ferry, Mt. Pisgah, Joiner Swamp, 
Pleasant Hill, Olive Branch, Brit ton Rock, Buck Swamp, Mt. Tabor, Mr, 
Hermon, Gapway, and Mt. Olive, S. C. 

CONRAD, Austin Budd, Cuba, N. Y.— Born, Beachville, Can.; Stud. Cook 
Acad., N. Y.; Kal. C, Mich.; Hillsdale T. S., Mich.; Lie. Bennington Ch., N. Y.; 
Ord. Spring Lake Ch., Mich.; Stud. S. Moorevllle, Mich., 3 yr.; S. Hudson, M ch., 
6 mcs. ; P. Spring Lake, 1 yr. ; Harbor Beech, Mich., 2% yrs. ; Cuba, N. Y., 3 yrs. 

CONRAD, Kingman N., Rochester, Mich. — Born, Hinsdale, N. Y.; Stud. 
Cook Acad., N. Y.; Kal. C, Mich.; Lie. Mav 27, 1886, Cheboygan Ch., Mich ; Ord. 
Mar. 13. '89,QuinevCh., Mich.; P. Bennin/ton, N. Y. ,'86-87; Quincy, 88-92; Kin~ 
derhook, '93-96; Medina, '96-98; Chesaning, '98-99; Rochester, Mic ., '99. 

CONRAD, Sidney Francis, 908 So. Tryon St., Charlotte. N. C— Born, Yad- : 

pin Co-, N. C; Stud. W. F. C, N. C, and S. B. T. S., Kv.; Ord. 1875 Enon Ch., 
N. C; P. Mocksville, Jerusalem, 4 yrs.; Greensboro, 1 yr. ; Lexingti n, 2 yrs ; 
Walnut Cove, Ruffin, Red Bank, Waughtown, Lewisville, Abbotts Cieek, Firming- 
ton, Huntsvlle, Olivet Ch., Charlotte, N. C. ; Served Military Sch., Madi-on, NL 
C, East Bend High Sch., W. F. C, N. C. ; Au, ''Baptism, Who Is R : ght About 
It?'' (Tract). 

CONSTANTINE, A. A., West Summit, N. J.— Born, A^hburnham, Ma s 
1812; Siud. Duttonsville, Acad., Vt. ; Brandon Acad., Vt. ; C<?. U., N. Y., 
'38; Lie. Wallingford Ch., Vt. ; Ord July 2, '40, Mt. Holly Ch., Vt.; My. Africa; 
S. Cu tingsvihe, Wallingford, Vt. ; Lowell, Mass. ; P. Andover and Pitts-ford, Vt.| 
Meredith. N. Y.; Cor. Sec. Soc for the Elevation of the Negro Race, 2 yrs.: M m- 
ber Legislature, Vt. 

CONTOIS, Phiibert, Minerv a, N. Y.-Born, Berlin, N. Y. ; Stud. Gor 'on 
Training Sch., Boston, Mass.; Lie. [une 6, 1894,1st Ch., Cheshire, Mass.: Ord. 
May 19, '97, 1st Ch.. Norih Chester, Mass.: Ev. 1 yr ; S. Stony Cieek, N. Y., '96; 
P. 2nd Ch., North Chester, '96-98; South Schroon, "98— : Minerva, N. V., '98, 

ioS The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

CONWAY. Charles Marcellus, Uxiox City. Pa.— Bom, Easton, W. Va., June 7, 
1857; Stud. Privately; Ord. U. P.Ch., '78; United with Bap Ch., ^7: E>ie. Sept., 
Ord. Dec. '87, Providence Ch.. Pa.: P. Hubbard. '88-89; Martins Ferrv. O.. 
'89-91: Union City, Pa., '91—. 

CONWAY, Thomas Abram, Ziox, Ky.— Born. Spring Grove. Kv. ; Stud. Ewing 
C. 111.. G. C. Kv. : S. B. T. S.. Kv.. Th. M., 1893; Lie, Aug. 4. "SS. Ord, June 10, 
; 00. WOod'and Ch.. Kv. : P. S turds. Kv.. '90-91: New Hope, Xo. 2. '90-91, .93-09: 
Wood and, "90-91 : Morganfield, ; 93-91:" Little Bethel. 91: Mt. Pleasant, '95-99; 
Zion, '95-98; Grass Creek, Ky.. "96-99. 

G ON WELL, Russell H. Philadelpaia. Pa.— Born. South Worthirigton, Mass.: 
Stud. Yale U,. X. Y. ; Albanv L. Sen. X. Y.. B. A.. LL. B.. 1865; Temple C. D. 
D.: LL. D. "92: Stud. New. T. S.. Mass.: Lie. "SO. Newton Center. Mass.: Ord. 
'SO. L-x ; ngton. Mass.: P. Lexington, Mass. : Grace Ch., Philadelphia, Pa.: Au. "How 
and Why the Chinese Emigrate:"' "Women and the Law." "Lives of the Presi- 
dents ;" "Life of Blaine:" "Life of Garfield! ■" "Life of Hayes :" "Jcssfiua G'anirvello ;" 
* 'Litt e Bo ;" "Acres of Diamonds : : " "Life of Spurgeon :" "Great Fire at Boston :'--' 
"The Fire at St. Johns:'-' "Gleams of Grace.*' 

COOK^ Albert E. Charlevoix. Mich.— Born. Syracuse. X. Y.; Stud. H. Seh., 
Adrian: Stud. Raisin Yallev Sem.: Lie. Dec. 1S55. Lansing Ch.. Mich.: Ord. Sept. 
22, '86, 1st. Ch. Cheboygan; Mich.: P. 1st. Ch. Chejbovgari, Mich.. -'86-89: Gen. 

My. Upper Penin. '90-91: 1st. Ch. Charlevoix. '91-97: '98 : Wealthy Ave. 

Ch. Grand Rapids, Mich.. '97-98. 

COOK, Asher, Middle Grove. X. Y.— Born. Albanv. X. Y.: Stud. U. Pa.: 
Buck, U.. Pa.. B A.. 1863, M. A. '66, Buck. T. S. Pa.. B. D.. '62 : Lie. Dec. 31. '60; 
Ord. Tan. 12. '61. Tabernacle Ch. Philadelphia. Pa.: P. Blackwoodtown, X. J., '61- 
66: Eas< Gahvav. "66-67: Galway, -"66-69 : Providence. '69-83; Tamesvilie. andMiiton, 
X. v.. '8?—. 

COOK- Cecil Virgil, Webb City. Mo. — Bora, La Grange. Mo.: Stud. Conserva- 
tory Music, 111.: La G. C, Mo.. B. A., 1891: M. A.. '96 : S. B. T. S., Kv,, Th. D.. 
'98; Lie. May 21. '93. and Ord. Dec. 5. '91, La Grange C, Mo : P. Wyaconda, '94- 

95: Alexandria. Mo.. '95-96: Meadow Home. Ky,, '96-98: Webh City. Mo. .'98 . 

COOK, Charles Augustus. 32 Oaklaxd Ave.. Bloomfield. X. J. — Born. Hal- 
ton Co.. Ont.. Can.: Stud. Georgetown Acad.. Ont. Can.: Queen's C Ont., 
•Can.: D "v. Sen. Pastor's C. [Sturgeon's) London Eng. : Ord. Mar. 21. 1879, 
Kmg ton. Ont,. Can.: S. Hendon. Eng.. 10 mos., ; 78: P. Kingston. Ont. Can.. '79- 
$3: Parliament' St. Ch. Toronto. Can., '83-88; 1st. Ch. Bloomfield, X. J.. : 88— ; 
Au. *' Systematic Giving," Prize Essav. '88 : "Apostolic Preaching.'' '98; "Steward- 
ship/' -99. 

COOK, Elijah, Adairsville. Ga.— Born. Cherokee Co., Ga. : Lie. Oct.. 1884, 
and Ord. Sep'. '87. Pleasant Valley Ch... Ga.: P. Pleasant Valley, -'87-88: -'97—. 

COOK, George Frederick, Lloyds. Ya. — Born. Chatham. Va. Stud. Gordons- 
ville H.Seh.: R. C Va.; Lie. '90. Ord. Oct. 9. '92. Gordonsville Ch.. Ya.: P. 
Bybees Road. '90-91: Rapidan. Chestnut Grove and Swift Run, Va. '92-96 ; Upper 
Essex and Bethlehem, Va. '96 — -. 

COOK. Jefferson Davis, Clixtox, Ala. — Born. Pushmataha. Ala.: Stud. How. 
C; Lie. Sep^. 1872: Ord, Tan. '80. Rehbolt Ch,. Pushmataha. Ala. : P. Rehoboth 
and Mt. S erHng, '80-84; Hopewell, '80-87: Cuba. '81-91: Concord, Ala. '84^88; 
Toomsuba. Miss. , '84-87 ; York, '84-90; Sumterville. '87-91: Gainesville. '8S-90: 
Hi-h and Ch. ATa. ; Meridian. "91-92 : Southside Ch.. Meridian, Miss.. 92: P. Fay- 
ettevi 1 . Ark.. '93-95 : Forest, Mar .-Oct. '95; Clinton. Prairie, Beulah and Cuba, 
Ala . '95—. 

COOK, John. A, Glomera, W. Va.— Born, Mercer Co.. Va, ; Lie. Dee. 6. 1884, 
Mr. Tab. r Ch.. V. Va.: Ord. Tune 22. '93, Maple Valley Ch and Bteckenbridge Ch.: 
W. Va.; P. Rockcastle, '85-86; Breckenridge, '92-93: Mountain Yallev. "'93-95 ; 
Br g t Prosncct. '95-96: Maple Yallev. -92—: Roseviiie. '91—: Breckenridge, W. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 169 

COOLEY, Darwin Hill, Morgan Park, III.— Born, Clarendon. N. Y.; Stud. 
Brockport Collegiate Inst., N. Y.; U Roch. N. Y., B. A., 1855; B. Un.T. S., 
Chicago, D. D./78; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '57; Lie '52, Brockport Ch., N. Y. ; Ord. 
July 16, '57, Clyde Ch., N. Y.; P. Clvde, N. Y. ; Stevens, Pa.; Point, Appleton, 
Wis.; Ced r Rapids. la. ; S. 1st Ch., joliet; Bloo nington, twice; Decatur, Mil] ard 
Ave. Ch., Chicago, Messiah Ch., Chicago, 111.; Financial Sec, U. Chicago, '82-85. 

COOLEY, E. A. t Winona, Minn.— Born, Western, N. Y.; Lie. and O-xl. 1857, 
Walshville Ch.. 111. ; A. P. Walshville, 111., 3 yrs. ; P. same, 4 yrs.; Rosville, la.; 
Lakeland, Castle Rock, Fair Haven, St. Charles, Minnesota City, Minn. 

COOK, John David, Terryville, Tex.— Born, FayetteviHe, Ga., Stud. Mound 
Prairie Inst., Tex.; Lie. Sept. 15, 1859, Ord. Oct. 10, '61, Myrtle Spring Ch. Tex., 
P. Mvrile Spring, 7 yrs.; S. Sulnhu Spring, 3 yrs. ; P. Salem, 10 years.; Antioch, 
Lavaca, 8y s. ; Enon, Jackson, 4 yrs.; Hebron, 2 yrs.; Countyline, 6 yrs.; Round 
Mountain, Tex., 5 yrs. 

COOK, John Ernest, St. Joseph, Mo.— Born, New Libert v, Ky., July, 17, 1860; 
La.'G.C.,Mo., '79; M.^A., '82; S.B. T. S.. Ky., '87; Lie. Oct. '84, "LaGrange, Mo.; 
Ord. Dec. '87, 3-d. Ch., St. Louis, Mo.; P. Water Tower Mission, St. Louis, Mo., 
^85; Park Ave. Mission, St. Louis, Mo., '86; Water Tower Ch., St. Louis, Mo., '87- 
D8; Is'. Ch. St. Joseph, Mo., '98—. 

COOK, John Laraber, Haskins, O.— Born, Andover, O.; Stud. Jefferson Edu- 
cational Inst., Lie. Richmond Center Ch:', O. ; Ord. Aug. 1, 1895, Colebrook Ch., 
O.; S. Chardon, O., P. Thompson, O.; '93-94; Colebrook, '94-96; Haskins, O., 
'97 — . 

COOK, Joshua Flood, Webb City, Mo —Born, Shelbv Co., Ky. ; G. C, Ky.. B. 
A., 1858; M. A., '61; Bay. U., Tex., L. L. D., '68; Lie. '57, Georgetown, Ky. ; Ord. 
'58, Campbellsburgh, Ky. ; P. Eminence, Kv ; Summit, Miss., '61-65; LaGrange, 
'66-75; D .ver, '76-96; Pres. L G. C. '66-96; Pres. Webb Cy. C, Mo., '96 . 

COOK, Oren Alphe, Lebanon, Ind.— Born, Denver, Ind. ; S'ud. Ind. State 
Normal; Frank. C, Ind., B. A., 1891; M. A.. '94; Stud. B. Un. T. S., Chicago; 
Lie. Dec. 11, '85, Chili, Ind.; Ord. Nov. 16, '92, Mentone, Ind.; S^ud. S. Fulton, 
^86-87; S. Warsaw, '87-88; S. Amity, '89-90; S. Mt. Pleasant, '98-91; S. Plainfield, 
'90-91 ;'Moro-ant>wn and Tr falgar, '90-91; Jordan, '92-93; P. Mentone, '91-93; 
Rochester, '93-96; Lebanon, Ind., '96—. 

COOK, Peter, Chester, Pa. — Born Borgwedel, Germanv ; Stud. Garman Acad., 
Rochester, N. Y.; Cm. T. S.. Pa., at present; Lie. 1892, 1st Ch.. Los Angeles, Calif. ; 
Ord. Dec 3, '93,2nd Ch., Rochester, N. Y.; Colp. for Am. Tract Soc., 2 yrs.; P. 
Indnstry, '97-98. 

COOK, Richard Briscoe, 812 Washington St., Wilmington, Del.— Born, 
BaHuriore, Md. ; Coin. U., D. C; B. A., 1864; M. A., D. D.; Lie. and Ord. 
^64 7th Ch., Baltimore, Md.; P. Holmesburg Ch., Philadelphia, Pa, 10 yr.; 2nd 
Ch., Wilmington, Del., 17 vrs ; S. Newcastle Ch., Del., and others; An. " Earlv and 
Lat-r Delaware BapHsts," '80; •' Story of the Baptists in all Ages and Countries," 
'90; "Story of Jesus," '92; 'Life of Charles H. Spurgeon," '97; "The Grand Old 
Man;" "Life of Wm. Gladstone," 98; "Life and Times of Dr. Henry G. Weston," 
in course of prepara'ion. 

COOK, Robert S, Easton, Kan.— Born, Ashe Co., N. C; Lie. 1864, East 
-Grasshopper Ch., Kan.; Ord. '66, Stranger Creek Ch., Kan.; P. East Grasshopper, 
Independence, Kenneknk, Bethel, Pleasant Yiew, 2nd Ch., Atchison, Lansing, Kicka- 
poo, A'kansas City, Wyand -tte, Forest, Kan.; Platte City, Frazer, Agency, Leba- 
non, K ; ng City, Mo.; Union, Neb.; Easton, Kan. — . 

COOK, Thomas Boyd, Pine Oak, W. Va.— Born. Rockview, W. Va. ; Lie. 
Jan., 1895, Ord. Nov. 3, '96, Pleasant Prospect Ch., W. Va. ; P. PI asant Prospect, 
1 yr. ; Rich Creek, '96-99; Goodhooe, '97; Saruce Grove, W. Va., '97-98; S. Pleas- 
ant Home, W. Va., '98-99; P. Goodwill, Libertv, W. Va., '98-99. 

170 I^he Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

COOK, William H., Rock View, W. Va.- Born, Logan Co., W. Va. ; Lie. 
Aug., 1870, and Ord. Oct., '73, Rockcastle Ch., W. Va.; P. Guyandotte, '73-; Rock 
Castle, '73-93; Pine Grove, Little Huff's Creek, Indian Creek,' Mt. Tabor, Brecken- 
ridge, Craney, Bright Prospect, Oceana, Pleasant Prospect, W. Va. 

COOK, William M., Voris, Mo.~ Born, Edgerton, Mo.; Stud. La. G. C, Mo.,, 
and Wm. Jewell C, Mo.; Lie. July 24, 1886, Mt. Zion Ch., Mo.; Ord. Sept. 8, '91, 
Moss Memorial Ch. ; P. Moss Memorial Ch. 

COOKE, Henry Allen, 37 Dana St., Cambridge, Mass. — Born, Mendon, Mass. ;- 
Stud. B. U., R. I.; Lie. 1855, Ord. Dec, '58, Central Ch., Newport, R. I. ; P. Evans- 
ville, Ind., '58-61; Philadelphia. Pa., '64; Lawrence, '65-69; Boston Bap. Bethel, 
Mass., '69-85; Au. " Phineas Stowe," and ''Bethel Work." 

COOLEY, Myron, 1192 N. Main St., Santa Ana, Calif.— Born, Wavne, N. 
Y.; Haverling Un. Sch., Bath, N. Y. ; Lie. June 5, 1875, Bath Ch., N. Y.; Ord. 
Jan. 23, '84, GlenwordCh., Minn.; Tea. Minn.*, '75-84; P. Battle Lake. '84-89; De- 
troit Cy., Minn., '89-94; Colton, '95-96 ; Emanuel Ch., Santa Ana, Calif. ,'96.— ; 
An. 'Outings and Innings," '84. 

COOMBS, Ewing W-, Newton, N. H.— Born, Hebron, N.H. ; «tud. Colby Acad., 
N. H.; B. U., R.'I., B. A., 1870; M. A., '74; Stud. Roch. T. S., N. Y„ '71-74; Ord. 
Nov. 2, '76, Chatham Ch., Mass.; P. Chatham, Mass., '76-77; Rumney, N. H., '78- 
80; Essex, '80-82 ; Bristol, '82-85; Essex and Jericho, '85-86 ; N. Springfield, Vt., '86- 
89; N. Middleboro, Mass.. '89-90 ; Amherst, N. H., '90-91; Ex. S. Canterbury, N. 
H., '91-95; P. Stratham, '95-98; Newton, N. H., '98—. 

COOMBS, Henry Clark, Middleboro, Mass.— Born, Middleboro, Mas-.. Sept. 
13, 1810; Stud. Pierce Acad., Mass.; Lie. '30, and Ord. '34, Central Ch., Lakeville, 
Mass.; S. North Taunton, Mass , '34; Organized Ch. and S., Norton, 2 yrs. ; Hop- 
kinton and Mansfield, '37-38; P.Troy, Pa., 1 yr. ; Mashpee, '44; Rehoboth, 4 \ rs. r 
Shutesbeury, Mass., 1 yr., 3 mos. ; S. Kingston, R. I.; Rehoboth; 3 yrs; Norton, 3 
yrs.; Pocasset, 3 yrs.* Carver, 3 yrs.; N. Middleboro, 6 yrs.; Cummington, 
Mass., 1 yr. 

COON, James McGowen, 529 W. 61st St., Englewood, Chicago, III. — Born. 
Frankfort, Jnd.; U., Chicago, B. A., 1879; M. A., '74; LL. B., '71 ; B. Un T. S., 
Chicago, B. D., '74; Lie. July, '71, Pana Ch., 111.; Ord. Aug. 74, Galva Ch., 111.; P. 
Galva, 111, '74-78; Beaver Dam, '78-81; Whitewater, Wis., '82-90; Started "The 
Loyalist," '90; Ed. "The Chronicle," '92-93; "The Baptist Record," Chicago, 
111.— ; Au. "Scripture Opened," '81; "Self-Help Handbook," '91. 

COON, Reune R., Stormsburg, Neb.— Born, Smithville, 111., July 2, 1848; U^ 
Chicago, B. A., 1874; B. D., '77; Lie. Apr. 28, '75, University Place Ch., Chicago, 
111.; 6rd.Oct.9, '77, Vernon Ch., Mich.; P. Vernon, Mich. ,'88-91 ; Le Sueur, '81-82 ~ 
St. Cloud, Minn., '82-88; Berlin, Wis., '88-91; Princeton, 111., '91-93; Oskosh, Wis.. 
'93-95; Chicago My. work, '95-97; P. Laclede, Neb., '97—. 

COON, Sr., Reune Rtmyon, Waukegan, III. — Born, Coontown, N. J. ; Oxford 
Theol. Sem., O., 1841; Lie. '34, Mt. Bethel Ch., N. J.; Ord. '42, Frankfort Presby- 
terian Ch., Ind.; P. Frankfort, Ind., '42-45; Peoria, 111., '48-54; Served the follow- 
ing Baptist Ch.; P.Alton, '54-60; Pana, '61-64; Moweaqua, '64-66; Assumption, 
} 69-69; Nokomis, Havana, Oreana, She'byville, Glasford, '69-78; Sublette, 111., '78- 
82; Vernon, '82-84; Durand, Mich., '84-85 ; S. Detroit, '86; Waukegan, Mich., '87; P. 
Lake View Ch., Chicago, 111., '88-89; S. Birch Run, Mich., '90-91; P. Tiskilwa, 
111., '91-92; Chap. Alton Penitentiary, 111., '55-57; Chap. U. S. Armv. '61; Chn„ 
Board of Shurt. C, 111., '56-58; Au. "Future and Endless Punishment," '47. 

COONER, N. G., Batesburg, S. C— Stud. Giles and Mangrum Military Sch., 
S. C, 1861; B. R. Carrol Sch., Athens, Ga., '62; Lie. '74, and Ord. '76, Bates- 
burg Ch., S. C; P. Salem, '77-80; Pine Pleasant, S. C.*, '80-81; My. Lexington Co , 
S. C, '80; Independent Mv. same, '81-82; P. Salem, '82-83; Rocky Springs, '85-86; 
My. State Bd., '91-93; P. Gaston, Florence and Convent, S. C, '91-93; Organizer 
and S. Lexington, C. H., S. C, '93; P. Gaston, Florence and Convent, '93; Samaria, 
S. C, '95-96-99—. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 171 

COONEY, Wilson Monroe, Danville, Ia.— Born, Lee Co., la.; Stud. Den- 
mark Acad.; Cent. U., Ia.;Th. B., B. Un. T. S., Chicago; Lie. 1887, Denmark 
Ch., Ia.; Ord. >90, Fairview Ch., Ia. ; P. Fairview, la.; S.Denmark, la.; P. St. 
Paul Filley, Neb. ; Harrisburg, Danville, Ia. 

COONS, Andrew Jackson, Mt. Vinco, Va.— Born, Culpeper Co., Va. ; Stud. 
Allegheny Inst.; S. B. T. S., Ky.; Lie. Oct. 12, 1892, 1st Ch., Roanoke, Va. ; Ord. 
Feb. 24, '97, Culpeper Ch., Va. ; P. Mulberry Grove, Goshen, -97—; Mt. Tabor, '97- 
98; Sharon, Va., '97. 

COONS, William S. t Vernon, N. Y.— Born, Charlton, N. Y. ; Cg. U., N. Y., 
B. A., 1888; M. A., '91; Ham.T. S.. N. Y., '91; Lie. Feb. 8, '88, 1st Ch., Ballston, 
N. Y.; Ord. Nov. 24, '91, 1st Ch., Wappinger's Falls, N. Y. ; P. Wappinger's Falls, 
'91-93: Mechanicsvilie, '93-94; Athens, N. Y., '91-96; S. Sanford, Fla., Feb.-June, 
'97; P. Vernon, N. Y., '97—. 

COOPER, Alexander Lindsey, Bolckow, Mo. — Born, Anderson Co., Tenn.; 
Lie. May 1, 1875, Clarinda Ch , la.; Ord. Mav 25, '79, College Springs Ch., Ia. ; P. 
Nodaway, '82-84; Dawsonville, '84-89; Mound Citv, '90; Forest City, '91-92 ; Platte 
Valley, Mo., '93-99. 

COOPER, Arthur, Tippecanoe City, O. — Born, Warminster, Wiltshire, Eng. ; 
Stud. Lord Weymi uths Grammar Sch., Warminster; Pastors C, T. S., London, Eng. ; 
Ord. Apr. 8, 1883 Batley Ch., Yorkshire, Eng.; P. Batlev, Yorkshire, Eng., '83-89: 
Owl Creek, '90-96; Lorain, '96-98; Tippecanoe City, O.," '98—. 

COOPER, Clayton Sedgwick, 262 Washington St., Lynn, Mass.— Born, Hen- 
derson, N. Y.; B. U, R. I., B. A. ,1894; Stud. Un., T.S.,N.Y. ; Roch. T.S.,N. Y.,'98; 
Lie. '97, 5th Ave. Ch., New York, N. Y.; Ord. Sept. 30, '98, Washin^-m S r . Ch., 
Lynn, Mass,; S. South Sutton, North Providence, Valley Falls; P. Washin-ton St. 
Ch., Lynn, Mass., '98 — ; Ed. "Brown Magazine." 

COOPER, David Hart, Peru, Ind.— Born, Jaeksboro, Tenn.; C-N C, Tenn.; 
B. A., 1875; D. D.,'96; Cg. U., N. Y., M A., '83; Ham.T. S., N. Y„ '83; Lie. 
June, '76, Mossy Creek Ch., Tenn.; Ord. Apr., '78, Westville Ch., N. Y.; P. West- 
ville, N. Y.; S. Sehenevus, N. Y. ; P. Mnfori Center, N. Y.; S. New Hartford, N. 
Y.; P, Waterford, '82-84; Waverlv, 'S5-S8 ; Lockport, N. Y., '89-93; Port Huron, 
Mich., '93-96; Peru, Ind., ' 97— ; Prin. Preparatory Dept. C-N. C, Tenn., '75-76. 

^ COOPER, E» D., Paragould, Ark. — Born, Greene Co., Ark.; Stud. Thomp- 
sons CI Inst.; Lie. Sept., 1894, Ord. Aug., '95, Rock Hill Ch., Ark.; P. Rock Hill, 
Center Hill, Fair Veiw, Unity, Browns Chapel, Ark. 

COOPER, Elias K«, 650 S. Los Angeles St., Los Angeles. Calif. — Born, Browns- 
burg, Pa.; Stud. Wm. Jewell C, and Div. Sch. Wm. Jewell C, Mo.; Lie. Mav, 
1871, Ash Hill Ch., Mo.; Ord. July 14, '72, Bethel Ch.,' Mo. ; P. Ash Hill, Pleasant 
Hill, Mo.; Colton, Calif., 8 mos.; S. Phoenix, Ariz., 2K mos., '87; P. Tempe. Ariz., 
Smos., '87; Ev. Ash Hill, '72-76; P. Pleasai t Hill, '78; Colton, 8 mos., 'SQ; Ev. 
Mo., Colo, and Calif.; Traveled for Am. Bible Soc. 4 vrs. 

COOPER, Frank Halbrook, 6 15-1 2th Ave., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn.— Born, 
Philadelphia, Pa.; Buck. U., Pa., B. A , 1880, M. A., '83; Stud. Cro. T. S., Pa.; 
Lie. Hawley Ch., Pa.; Ord. '82, Lock Haven, Ch., Pa.; P. Lock Haven, '82-86; 
Manstield, Pa., '86-91; Lambertville, N. ]., '91-92; Binghamton, N. Y., '92-99; 
Minneapolis, Minn., '99 — . 

COOPER, George, Richmond, Va.— Born, Edinburgh, Scotland; Toronto U. 
Can., 1864; Cg. U., N. Y., '66; Buck. U., Pa., D. D., '84; Lie. '64, Woodstock Ch., 
Ontario, Can.; Ord. '66, North Attleboro Ch., Mass.; P. North Attleboro Mass.: 
Glover.ville, N. Y.; Epiphany Ch., Philadelphia; 1st Ch. Williamsport, Pa.; 1st 
Ch., Richmond, Va. — . 

COOPER, H. W., Salley, S. C— Born, Orangeburg Co., S. C. ; Lie. ami Ord. 
1887, Mt. Hermon Ch., S. C; P. 3 Chs. 

1/2 The Baptist Ministerial Directory 

COOPER, Hamilton B., Greenville, Tex— Born, Newton Co., Miss. ; Stud. H. 
Sch. and Miss. C; Lie. 1871, and Ord. '73, Dec tur Ch., Miss.; S. Chukev, Good 
Hope, Plea-ant Grove, Garlandsvil'e, Friendship, '74-77; White Oak, Miss., '80; 
Franklin Parish, La.; My. for three yrs. in E. Miss. ; P. EHisville Hattiesburg, 
Rawles' Springs, Miss.; Came to Tex. '87; My. Work, — . 

COOPER, Henry C-, 173 Nott Terrace. Schenectady, N. Y. — Born, Melrose, 
Mass.; U., Roch. N., Y., B. A., 1885; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '88; Lie. Oct. 14, '86, 
1st Ch., Detroit, Mich.; Ord. June 21, '88, 1st Ch., Springville, Mich.; P. 1st Ch., 
Springville, Mich., '88-95; Emmanuel Ch., Schenectady, N. Y., Feb., ,95—. 

COOPER, John A., Elkhorn, S. C— Born, Laurens Co., S, C. ; Lie. 1853, Pop- 
lar Sprb gs Ch.. S. C; Ord. '61, Union Ch., S. C; P. Providence, Union, '61-69; 
Duncan Creek, New Hope, and Pagit's Creek, S. C, '70. 

COOPER, John Jones, Waterloo, KY.—Bo<n, Pulaski Co., Ky. ; Stud. G. C, 
Ky.; Lie. Aug., 1859; Ord. Apr. 20, '61, Hopeful Ch., Kv. ; P. Union Ch.. 111., '61- 
-62; Fishing Creek, '63; Mt. Pisgah, 64; White Oak, Bethlehem and Union, '67; 
Hopeful, '68; Steubenville, Beach Grove, Rogers Grove, Liberty, Welfare, Ky. 

COOPER, John R., Vola, Ark.— Born, Izard Co., Ark.; Ord. Feb. 9, 1879, 
Gum Springs My. Ch., Ark.; Served several churches since ordination. 

COOPER, Joseph John, Bellevue, Mich.— Born, London, Eng. ; Harley C, 
Eng; Ord. Dec. 31, 1884. 

COOPER, Lindsay, Mossycreek, Tenn. — Born, Campbell Co., Tenn.; Lie. 
1865, Liberty Ch., Tenn.; Ord. '66, Pleasant Grove Ch., Tenn.; P. Clear Creek, 
Mt. Pisgah, Hopewell, Coal Hill, Pleasant Grove, Union, Liberty, Sunbright (or 
Whiteoak>, Glenmary, Black Creek, Beech Grove, Tenn. 

COOPER, Richard W., Whitman, Tfnn.— Born, Tacksboro, Tenn —Lie. Aug. 4, 

1893, Murrayville Ch., Tenn.; Ord. Apr. 1, '95, Wh tman Hollow Ch., Tenn."; P. 
Whitman Hollow, '96-98; Whitman and Alder Spring, '99. 

COOPER, Silas Gallman, Tupelo, Miss.— Born, Hinds Co., Miss.; Miss. C.,B.A., 
1885; Lie. Oct., '81, Ord. Oct. '83 Palestine Ch., Miss. ; P. Beach Grove, Bethesda, 
Beulah, Brownsville, Edwards, Utica and Tupelo, Miss. — . 

COOPER, Sullivan Anthony, New York Hall, Louisville, Ky. — Born, Jeff- 
revs Cre k, S. C; Stud. Fur. U., S. C. ; S. B. T. S., Ky., at pr sent; Lie. Oct. 4, 

1894, Willow Creek Ch., S. C; Ord. Apr. 16, '97, Locust Hill Ch., S. C ; P North 
Fork, Saluda and Milford, '97-98; Camp Creek, S. C, '98. 

COOPER, Thomas Benton, Dover, Ga. — Born, Montgomerv Co., Ga. ; Stud. 
Paris Hill Acad., Ga. ; Me».U.,Ga.; B. A., 1849; M.A.,'51; Mer. T.S., G »., B.JD., 
'51 ; Lie. '46. Penfield Cn.Ga. ; Ord. '52, Savannah Ch.,Ga. ; P. Wades, Waynesville, 
Brunswick, Monticello, Little Ogeechee and Newington, Ga.; Prof. Belles Lettres, 
Ga. Female C, '58; Pres. Marietta Female C, Ga., '62-63; An "History Bap. 
Asso. and Its Churches;" Contributor to "Christian Index" and "Re'igious Herald." 

COOPER, William Armstrong, Parnell, Ky.— Born, Wayne Co., Kv. ; Lie. 
1836, and Ord. '39, Beaver Creek Ch., Ky. ; P. Home Ch., 50 yrs.; Seventy-six, 8 
yrs.; Cf-dar Fork, 8 yrs.; Cumberland City, 2 \rs.; Friendship and 2nd Cn., New 
Hope, 2 > rs. ; Belhel, 12 yrs. ; New Hope, 14 yrs ; Mt. Pisgah and Taylor Grove, 2 yrs.; 
Cahad<s Creek, 6 vrs ; Parnell and Mt. Pleasant, 2 yrs. ; Charity, 7 yrs.; Steuben- 
ville, Ky., 1 yr. ; My. Tex., 1 yr. 

COOPER, William Edward, Roselle, N. T-— Born, Middletown. N. J.; Cg. U., 
N Y., B. A., 1887; New. T. S., Mass., '90; Lie. Sept. 1, '87. Keyport Ch., N. J.; 
Occasional S., June to Nov., '90; My Work Headdons Corner, '90-91 ; P. Montana, N. 
J., '9: -92; Ed. "Headdon's Corner," N. J., Oct., '92; S. Different Chs., '92-93; Mv. 
Alde»e,N. J., '93-94; S. Tan. to July, '94; Mv. Julv to Sept., '94; M v. Work, '94-95; 
'95-96; P. Waverly Park^N. J., '97—; Aldine, N. J., '98—, 

COOPER, William M., Admant, Va.— Born, Lee Co., Va. ; Ord. Jan. 3, 1891, 
Beaconlight Ch., Va. ; P. Admant, Corinth and Olinger, Va., '91 — . 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 173 

COP ASS, Benjamin Andrew, Danville, Ky. — Born, Clementsville, Tenn.: 
Beth. C, Ky., B. A., 1890; M. A.,'93; D.D.,'98; Stud.S.B.T.S.,Ky. ; Lie. '87, Oak 
Grove Ch., tenn.; Ord. '89, Bellewood Ch.,Tenn.; P. Allensville and South Union, 
'90-92; Smith's Grove, '92-94; Clinton, Ky., '94-96; Central Ch., Los Angeles, 
Calif., '96-9S; S. Danville, Ky., '99; Lecturer in Southern Calif. Bap. My. and 'Bible 
Training Sen., '96-99. 

COPE, Henry Frederick, Dillon, Mont. — Born, London, Eng. ; Stud. London, 
Eng. ; S. Kensington; S. B. T. S., Ky.; Lie. Oct. 22,1891, Montour Falls Ch., N. Y.; 
Ord. Apr. 4, '93, Clifton Springs Ch., N. Y . ; P. Clinton Springs, '93-94; Lvell Ave. 
Ch., Rochester N. Y., '94-95; Piano, 111., '95-98; Dillon, Mont., '98—. 

COPE, John B., Milo, Tex.— Born, Ashrlat, Ark.; Ord. 1891, Lakeview Ch., 
Tex.; P. Lakeview, '92-93; Mulberry Flat, '93-97; Love, '94—; Milo, '95—; Fair- 
view, Tex, '96—. 

COPELAND, James M*, Nashville, Ark.— Born, Howard Co., Ark.; Stud. 
Mineral Springs H. Sch. ; Oua. C, Ark.; Lie. Feb. 1886, Ord. Feb. 20, '87, Pleasant 
Valley Ch., Ark.; P. Pleasant Valley, '88-96; Antioch, '88-98; Mineral Springs and 
Ozan, '97; Sardis, Ark., '96-97. 

COPLEY, Linsey Monroe, Louisa, Ky.— Corn, Wayne Co., W. Va. ; Stud. S, 
B.T. S.,Kv.; Lie. 1892, and Ord. '93, Louisa Ch., Ky. ; P. Louisa, '93; Elizabeth 
Jarrel, Ky. ; Ed. Tract, '-My Duty," '94. 

COPPEDGE, George Washington, Wakefield, N. C— Born, Nash Co., N. C. ; 
Stud. Wakefield H. Sch., N. C; Lie. 1876, Ord. '80, Peachtree Ch., N. C; P. New 
Bethel, Samaria, Ephesus '80; Cypress Chapel, '82; Hopkin's Chapel, '83; Wake X 
Roads, Bethel, Mi.iwav, Mt. Zion, Mt. Hermon, Pleasant Grove, Rennies Creek, 
White Oak, Clyde's Chapel, Be'hlehem, Philadelphia, Crocker's Chapel, John's 
Chapel, Elm Giove, Corinth, N. C; 4 Chs. at present. 

COPPOG, Joseph L., Chambers, Neb. — Born, Salem, O.; Stud. Friend's Inst, 
and Davenport H. Sch ,Ta. ; Lie. 1869, Vinton Ch.,Ia. ; Ord. '70, Center Point Ch., la. ; 
P. Center Point, la. ; Lodi, S. Dak. ; Portlandville, Spirit Lake, Clej.r Lake, Wau- 
beck, Vanhorn, Toledo, la.; Chambers, Neb. 

CORBETT, Roswell, Red Oak, Ia.— Born, Readsboro, Vt., 1822; Lie. '58, 
Pondville Ch., Vt. ; Ord. May, '60, Tenants Harbor Ch., Me.; P. 1st. Ch. 
Colerain, Mas*., '58-59; Tenants Harbor, Me., '60; Sempronius, N. Y., '61; Exeter, 
Pa., '62; Steuben, '65; Towlesville, N. Y., '69; Columbia and Wells, Pa., '72; 
Owego Creek, N. Y., '76; Wiota. Ia., '79. 

CORBITT, Charles L-, Marionville, V a. —Born, Boykins, Va.; Stud. Suffolk 
Military Acad., R. C, Va., and U. Va. ; S. B. T. S , Kv., Th. M., 1897; Lie. Oct. 
6, '94, and Ord. Julv 3, '97, Boykins Ch., Va. ; S. Blackstone, Jonesboro, Central, 
Reedy Creek, July-Oct., '99; P. Millwood, Rockland and Bethel, '97-98; Red Bank 
and Wardtown, Va., '98—; Local Ed. "Seminary Magazine" '96-97. 

CORDELL, Henry Hardy, Fox, Ind. Ter.— Born, Marianna, Ark.; Lie. Feb., 
1S86, Milford Ch., Tex.; Ord. Feb. 5, '88, Wilson Creek Ch., Ind. Ter.; P. Earl, 
Ind. Ter., '89; My. Ind. Ter., '90; Colp. A. B. P. S. '89-91; My. P. Coalgate, Ind. 
Ter., '93; Lone Grove, '96; Elk and Lone Grove, '99—. 

CORDILL, William Thomas, Ballinger, Tex.— Born, Wilkes Co., N. C, 1842; 
Lie. '70, Ord. '71, Howell Valley Ch., Mo.; P. Howell Valley, South Fork, '72-73; 
Myatt, Mo., '73-74; White Rock, '76; Prosperity, '76-84; Hopewell, '77; Pilgrim, 
'78; Bethlehem, '84-87; Lebanon, Antioch, Wingatech, Morrow, Tex. 

CORDLE, William C, Sand Springs, Ga.— Born, Reubin, Ga.; Lie. Sept. 1890, 
Ord. Aug., '92, Sand Springs Ch., Ga. ; P. Sand Springs, Ga., '93-99. 

CORDO, Charles E., 197 Green Lane, Manayunk, Philadelphia, Pa.— Born, 
New Brunswick, N.J. ; Lie. Mar. 25,1863, 1st. Ch., New Brunswick, N. J.; Ord. 
Mar. 24, '64,1st Ch. Belvidere, N. J.; P. 1st. Ch., Belvidere, Berean Ch., Stockton, 
Hudson Cy., N.J. , '67-69; Calvarv Ch., Warwick, N. Y., '69-75; 1st. Ch.. Salem, 

174 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

N. J., '75-77: Main St. Ch., Meriden, Conn.. '77-80; Memorial Ch., Salem, '80-85 : 
1st Ch.. Bordentown, '85-91 ;Pearl St. Ch., Bridgeton, N. J., '91-95; 1st. Ch., Mana- 
yunk, Philadelphia, Pa., '95—. 

CORDO, Henry A., Lambert ville, N. J. — Born, New Brunswick, N. J.; Cg. 
U., N. Y., B. A., 1859; M. A., '61; D. D., 74; Ham. T. S., N. Y., M. A., '61; Lie. 
'58, Ord. Oct. 12, '59, 1st Ch., New Brunswick, N. L; P. 1st Ch., Lamberiville, N. 
J., twice: Meriden, Conn., twice: Norfth Ch., Jersey Cy., N. J., twice; South Ch., 
Boston, Mass ; 1st Ch., Gloversville ; 1st Ch., Cortland, N. Y.; 1st Ch., Witman, 
Mass.; Au. "Sermons and Address." 

Ind.; Ord. Nov 

COREY, Barney J., Zalma, Mo.— Born, Marshall Co., 
1S96, New Home Ch., Mo. ; P. New Home and Ebenezer, Mo. 

COREY, Charles H., Richmond, Va. — Born, New Cameron, N. B., Canada; 
Acadia U., N. S., B. A., 1858; M. A., D. D.,from McMaster U., Richmond C, Va., 
Bav. U., Tex. ; Acadia U. ; Grad. New. T. S., Mass.; Lie. Frederickton Ch., N. B.; 
Ord. Sept., '61, Seabrook Ch., N. H.; P. Seabrook, N. H., '61-64; Pres. Richmond 
T. S., Va. 

CORLEY, Cicero Milton, Pellville, Ky. — Born, Hancock Co., Kv. ; Ord. Aug. 
3, 1893, West Point Ch. ; P. Pleasant Valley, '94-95 : Union, '96—: Blackford, Rose- 
ville, '97-98; Patesville, Ky., '97—. 

CORLEY, Levi, Yantisville, III.— Born, Ridge Township, 111.: Lie. 1870, 
Ord. '73, Little Flock Ch.,111.; P. New Hope, 11 yrs.; Union, 8 yrs. ; Oak Grove, 
14 yrs. ; Little Flock, 13 Yrs. ; Bethel, 2 yrs. ; Vanburensburg, 1 yr. ; Shiloh, 111., 1 yr. 

CORLEY, Tinkney Jackson, Joppa, Ala. — Born, Cherokee Co., Ga. ; Lie. 1873, 

Ord. '74, Pleasant Mount Ch., Ga. ; P. Several Ch. ; My. 3 yrs., Mt. Carmel Asso. 

CORN, Adam Jefferson, Grange, N. C. — Born, Henderson Co., N. C; Lie. 
1845, Cross Roads Ch. ; Ord. '62, Friendship Ch.; S. Carson's Creek, East 
Fork, Cathey's Creek, Boilston, Beulah, Salem, Hooper's Creek, Liberty, Mt. Moriah, 
Refuge, Friendship, Mudcreek, Cross Roads, Green River, Cedar Springs, Crab 
Creek, Mt. Crystal; 54 yrs. in all, 

CORN, Jamez Harvey, Boaz, Mo.— Born, Towns Co., Ga. ; Lie. 1881, Ord. 
'82, Martin's Creek, N. C; P. Martin's Creek, N. C; '82-83 : Mobile and Mineral 
Bluff, Ga., '84-88; Zion Hill. Tenn., '85-93; Liberty and Hopewell, N. C, '90-93; 
Smyrna and Highlandville, '97-98; Antioch, Mo., '99. 

CORN, Joel Monoe, Norman, Okla.— Born, Estill Springs, Tenn.; Stud. Un. 
U., Tenn. ; Div. Sch., Un.,U., Tenn. ; Lie. 1868, Ord. '72, Beth Page Ch. ; S. Deep 
Ford and Battle Creek, Tenn., '75; P. Bell Fonte and Center Point, Ala., '76-77; 
Bazzette, '80-81 ; Richmond, Tex., '82-83; My. Tenn. River Asso., Ala., etc. ; Or- 
ganized 1st Ch. Moore, Ok. Ter., and P. same '91-93. 

CORNELR7S, Eugene Stanley, Waco, Tex.— Born, Gnatville, Ala. ; Stud. Bay. 
U., Tex.; Lie. Sept. 18, 1892, Shady Grove; Maple Grove Ch., Ala.; Ord. Aug. 22, 
'95, Aubrey Ch., Tex. ; My. '95-97. 

CORNELIUS, Francis Marion, J el lic o Creek, Ky.— Born, Jellico Creek, Ky. ; 
Stud. Williamsburg Inst., Ky. ; Ord. 1884, Ryans Creek Ch., Ky. : P. Ryans Creek, 
Ky. ; S. Marshall Creek, Ky., P. Pine Knot, Ky. ; S. Jellico, Ky. 

CORNELIUS, "William Henry, Jellico Creek, Ky.— Born, Jellico Creek, Ky.; 
Stud. Williamsburg Inst., and S. B.'T. S., Ky. ; Lic. 1885, Jellico Ch. Ky., Ord. '86, 
Old Jellico Ch. Ky. : P. Old Jellico, '86-88;' Paint Creek, Ky., '88-92; S. Williams- 
burg, Ky., '92-93; P. Jellico, '94; Alsial, Marsh Creek, Pine Knot, Ky., '94-99. 

CORNELL, Edward Bishop, Marathon, N. Y.— Born, Bannington, N. Y., Stud. 
Mt. Union C, O. and Ob. C, O,; Buck. U., Pa., B. A. 1881, M. A., '84; Cro. T. 
S., Pa., >84; Ord. Jan. 21, '86, Ransomville Ch. N. Y.; S. Warwick, N. Y., '84-85; 
P. Ransomville, } 85-86 ; Gaines and Murray, N. Y., '87-89: Wellsboro, Pa. '89-92; 
PitUford, '96-97: Marathon, N. Y. '97-99. ' 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 175 

CORNELL, Henry Allan, Merrimac, Mass. — Born, Sing Sing, N. Y.; Cg. 
Acad., N. Y.; Cg. U., N. Y., B. A. 1872, M. A., 75; Ham. TVS., N. Y., 75; Lie. 

70, Ord. 75, Sing Sing, Ch., N. Y.; P. Rutherford Park, N. J., 76-78; Hartford, 
78-80; Wappingers Falls '80-87; Athens, '87-91; Keeseville, N.Y., '91-93; Chelms- 
ford, '93-96; Merrimac, Mass., '96—. 

CORNING, Chas R., Lompoc, Calif.— Born, Taylor, N. Y.; Stud. Christian 
Biblical Inst., N. Y. ; Ord. May 12, 1880, 1st. Ch., Cincinnati. N. Y. ; P. Cincin- 
natus, Delphi, New Lisbon, Schenevus, N. Y.; Puyallup, Wash.; Grants Pass, Ore.; 
Lompoc, Calif. 

CORNISH, James O., Portsmouth, N. H.— Born, Port Deposit, Md.; Stud. 
Butler C., N. Y.; Lie. Mar. 8,1885, Ord. Sept. 20, '93, St. Paul Ch., N. H.; P. 
Union and Stanford, Conn.; Peoples and Portsmouth, N. H. 

CORNWELL, W. E., Jr., Jacobstown, N. J.— Born, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Stud. 
Buck. U., and Div. Sch., Buck.' U., Pa.; Lie. 1st. Ch. Bridgeton, N. J.; Ord. 1st. 
Ch., Woodstown, N. J.; P. Lower Dublin Ch., Philadelphia, Pa., 15 yrs.; 1st. Ch., 
Cape May ; Jacobstown, N. J., '89 . 

CORNWELL, William Dawkins, High Shoals, Ga.— Born, Mechanicsville, 
Ga.; Acad, for Blind, 1889; Mer. U., Ga., B. S.,'91; S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. G., 
'97; Lie. Nov., '93, Ord. May, '94, Monticello Ch., Ga. ; P. Worthville and Eudora, 
Ga., '98; S. Base, Ga., '98. 

CORPENING, Julius Shakespeare, Burlington, Ia.— Born, Morganton, N. C; 
W. F. C, N. C, B. A., 1892; S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. G., '94; Lie. N. Catawba Ch., 
N. C; Ord. Dee., '90, N. Catawba Ch., N. C. ; P. Poplar Springs and Glen Alpine, 
N. C; Union City, Tenn.; Marion and Burlington, N. C. — . 

CORUM, Carson F-, Nichols, Mo. — Born, Grainger Co., E. Tenn.; Lie. Jan. 3, 
1880, Ord. May 2, '81, Ash^rove Ch., Mo. ; P. Liberty, '81-82 ; Stony Point, '83-85 ; 
Mt. Pleasant, '83-87; Pilgrims Rest, '84-88; Harmony, '86-89; Center, '88-92; For- 
est Grove and Golden Citv, '90-92; Springfield, '93-94; Hopedale and Nichols, '92—; 
Dover, '95 — ; Fairgrove, Mo., '98 — . 

CORY, Luther, School, III.— Born, Grant Co., Ind., July 29, 1852; Stud. Lee 
Acad, and Shurt. C, 111.; Lie. 76, Olive Branch Ch. ; Ord. Jan. 12, '86, Mt. Zion 
Ch.; P. Johnstown and Fairview, '88-90; Bogota, '92-97, Liberty, 3>£ yrs.; Noble, 
2 yrs; Union, 1 yr. ; Blue Mound, 111., '95. 

COTHER, William Josiah, Dennings Bridge, Tex. — Born, Cheltenham, Glou- 
cestershire, Eng. ; Stud. Pastors C, Eng. ; Lie. 1862, 1st Ch., Banbury, Oxfordshire, 
Eng. ; Ord. '65, Metropolitan Tabernacle, Eng.; My. P. St. Helena Island, '65-68, 
and 71-85; South Yarra Ch., Melbourne, Australia, '68-71; P. Salado Ch., '88-97; 
Killeen and Moffat, Tex. ; S. Temple and Corn Hill, Tex. ; P. Trespalacios, Bay City, 
Matagorda, Tex., '97 — . 

COTTON, Calvin T„ Leslie, Ark.— Born, Searcy Co., Ark.; Lie. 1881, Ord. 
'82, Hopewell Ch., Ark.; P. Hopewell, 12 yrs.; Tracy Ridge, 11 yrs.; Mt. Pleasant, 
11 yrs. ; Mt. Zion, 6 yrs.; Mt. Alines, 3 yrs.; Zion, 1 yr. ; Zions Light, 1 yr. ; 
Pleasant Valley, Ark., 1 yr. 

COTTON, Edward S., South Hampton, N. H.— Born, Wolfboro, N. H.; 
Stud. Wolf boro Acad., N. H.; Boston (now Gordon) Training Theol. Sch, 1892; 
Lie. '91, Fayville Ch., Mass.; Ord. Sept., '92, South Hampton Ch., N. H- ; P. South 
Hampton, N. H., '92—. 

COTTON, M. W., Doniphan, Mo.— Born, Reynolds Co., Mo.; Ord. 1872, 
Missionary Bap. ; P. Concord, Bethlehem, Amity, Belleview, Antioch, Barren, Spring 
Hill, Blackriver, Mo. 

COULSON, Green Avery, Fairfield, Tex.— Born, Warren Co., Tenn. ; Stud. 
So. Wn. U., Tenn.; Lie. Nov. 1856, 1st Ch,, Centerpoint; Ord. Oct. 27, '61, 1st 
Ch., Huntsville, Ala.; P.Athens, Ala., 1 yr. ; Aberdeen, Miss.. 4 yrs.; Tuscumbia, 
1 yr. ; Courtland, Ala., 1 yr; Hodgenville, 3 yrs.*, Campbellsville, 3 yrs.; Mt, Zion, 
Ky.; S. Bethel and Corsican, Tex.; P. Fairfield, Tex.; Au. " 'Sit Lux/ or Light in a 
Dark Corner;" Ed. and Prop, of "Bible Advocate." 

*76 The Baptist Ministerial Eirectory. 

COULSTON, Thomas Philip, 1120 Ogden St., Philadelphia, Pa.— Born, 
Philadelphia, Pa.; Stud. Cg. U., N. Y.; Buck. U., Pa., B. A., 1859; M. A., D. D.. 
'85; Lie. and Od. 4th Ch., Philadelphia, Pa.; S. Tabernacle Ch., Camden, N. J., 
1 jr. ; P. 4th Ch., Philadelphia, Pa., 28 yrs. ; Retired. 

COULSTON, William Jeanes, Elizabeth, Pa.— Born, Whitemarsh, Pa.; Buck. 
U., Pa., B. A., 1883; M. A., '86; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '85; Lie. Aug. '76, Cold Point 
Ch., Pa.; Ord. Apr. 16. '84, Clifton Ch., N. Y.; S. Clifton, N. Y., '83-84; P. Web- 
ster, N. Y., '85-86; Warren, '86-S8; Hollidavsbui g, Pa.. '88-90; A. P Brantley Ch.. 
Baltimore, Md., '90; P. St. Joseph, Mo., '91-92; Calvary Ch., Evansville, Ind., '93- 
94; Washington, C. H., O., '95-97; Elizabeth, Pa., '98—. 

COUNCILL, J. G., St. Elmo, Va.— Born, Southampton Co., Va. ; Stud. R. C., 
Va., Coin. U., D. C; Ord. 1S48, Lt Ch., Portsmouth, Va. ; P. Kempsville '48-54; 
Lower Northampton, '54-61; 1st Ch., Matthews. Va., '61-68; Pocomoke Citv, Md.. 
'68-70; Newington, '70-78; London Bridge, '78-83; Front Roval, '83-86; Cave 
Spring, '86-94; Hunting Creek, '94-99; Woodlawn, Va., '99—. 

COURTNEY, James Daniel, Graceville, Fla. — Born, Washington Co., Fla.; 
Lie. and Ord. 1897, Damascus Ch., Fla.; P. Anie, York, Mt. Gilead, Corinth and 
Damascus, Fla. 

COURTRIGHT, John A., Lehigh, N. Y.— Born, Mt. Morris, Mich.; Stud. 
Tioga H. Sen.; lie. Oct. 8, Ord. Nov. 15, 1893, Fillmore Ave. Ch., Buffalo, N. Y.; 
P. Elba, '93-96; Ogden, '96-9S; Darien, N. Y., May, '98—. 

COVELL, Milton Wright, Manchester, N. Y.— Born, Pavilion Center, N. Y. ; 
Middlehury Acad., N. Y., 1875; U., Roch. N. Y., B. A., '80; Roch. T. S., N. Y.„ 
'84; Lie. Mar. 15, '81, 1st Ch., Middleburg, Wyoming, N. Y. ; Ord. Sept. 10, '84, 1st 
Ch., White Plains, N. Y. ; S. Bethanv, '81; Ellerv, '82; Mendon, 'S3-84; P. 1st Ch.. 
White Plains, N. Y., '84-87; 2nd Ch., Newport/ R. I., '87; 1st Ch., Wellsville, N. 
Y., '88-93; Athens, Pa., '93-98; 1st Ch., Manchester, N. Y., '98—. 

COVERT, James Elmore, Reedsville, Kan. — Born, Franklin, Ind. ; Stud. 
Frank. C, Ind.; Grad. S. B. T. S., Kv. ; Lie. June, 1883, Galveston Ch., Ind.; Ord. 
July 10, '88, 1st Ch., Jeffersonville, - Ind. ; P.Russell Springs, Kan., 5 mos. ; Beulah 
and Yarmouth, la., 2 yis. ; Smith land, 2 yrs. ; Grandview, Little Pigeon, Troy, New 
Hope, Chrisnev, Evansville, Ind., '94-98; Elm Creek and Marshall Center* Kan.. 

COVINGTON, FL A., Baird, Tex.— Born, Russell Co., Ala.; Stud. Bay. U., 
Tex.; Lie. Apr. 23, 18S6, Liberty Ch., Tex. ; Ord. July 11, 92, Prairie Grove Ch.„ 

COVINGTON, John Edmund, Campobello, S. C— Born, Rockingham, N. C. r 
Stud. Oxford Military Acad., N. C, and S. B. T. S., Ky.; Ord. Oct., 1880, Mineral 
Spring Ch.; P. Yorkville, '83; Union, '87; Wellford/'89; Laudrum, '94; Campo- 
bello, '95; Philadelphia, '93; Gowensville, S. C, '94. 

COVINGTON, Thomas Edgar, La Grange, Ind.— Born, Ft. Wayne, Ind.; 
Ham. T. S., N. Y., 1893; Lie. Sept., '91, Ord. Oct., '93, 1st Ch., Ft. Wayne, Ind.; 
H. My. P. Chickasha, Ind. Ter., '93-95; La Grange, Ind., '97—. 

COW ART, Zachariah, Summit, Ga.— Born, Emanuel Co., Ga. ; Lie. 1880, Ord. 
'81, Hawhammock Ch., Ga. ; P. Hawhammock, Ga., '81-88; Poplar Springs, '82-86; 
Friendship, Ga., '83-86. 

COWEN, Ceorge Lloyd, 6949 Hegerman St., Taconv, Philadelphia, Pa.— 
Born, Roaring Spring, Pa.; Stud. U., Pa.; U., Wooster, O., B. A., 1884; M. A., 
Ph. D., '87; Lie. '80, 1st Ch. of God, Philadelphia, Pa.; Ord. '89, Grace Ch., Phila- 
delphia, Pa.; P. 1st Ch. of God, Philadelphia, Pa., '87-89; Fairhill Ch., '90-97; 
Tacony Ch., Philadelphia, Pa., '97—. 

COX, Benjamin, Little Rock, Ark.— Born, Wellingboro, Eng. ; Stud. S. B. 
T. S., Ky.; Ord. Lonoke Ch., Ark.; P. Argenta, Carlisle, Brinkley and 1st Ch... 
Little Rock, Ark. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 177 

COX, Asa, Wfiitlock, Tenn. — Born, Warren Co., Tenn.; Stud. Paris Male 
Acad.. Tenn.; Lie. Mar. 22, 1856, Ord. Nov. 1, '58, Birds Creek Ch., Tenn.; P. 
Bethlehem, 2 yrs. ; High Hill, 14 yrs. ; West Sandy, 14 vrs. ; Farmington, 3 yrs. ; 
North Fork, 7 yrs. ; Cottage Grove, 8 yrs.; Paris, 1 yr. ; Birds Creek, 2 yrs; Palm- 
ersville, 1 yr. ; Bethe , 3 yrs. ; Cuba, 2 yrs. ; Friendship, Tenn., 2 yrs. ; Murray, Ky., 
3 yrs. ; Boydsville, 2 yrs.; Point Pleasant, 3 yrs. ; Oak Grove, 5 yrs. ; Center, 6 3 rs. ; 
Shady Grove, 3 yrs. 

COX, Clay C, Auburn, Neb.— Born, Columbus, O, ; Lie. Aug. 10, 1895, 
1st Ch., Palouse, Wash.; Ord. Mav 28, '96, 1st Ch., Lincoln, Neb.; State Ev., Neb., 
'96; P. Auburn, Neb., '96-99. 

COX, Christopher Christian, Newport News, Va. — Born, Baltimore, Md.; Stud. 
Grammar Schs., Baltimore, Md. ; P. Baltimore Cv. Md.; P. G. S. B. T. S., Ky ; 
Lie. 1884, Immmanuel Ch., Baltimore, Md. ; Ord. '89, Carlisle Ch. Ky. ; P. Carlisle, 
Louisville, Locust Grove, '89-90; Cynthiana, Ky., '90-93; Norwood, O., '93-95; 
Newport News, Ya., '96 . 

COX, Daniel Dillon, Daisy, S. C— Born, Daisy. S. C. ; Lie. June; 1888, Ord. 
Dec. '89, Pleasant Home Ch., S # . C. 

COX, Daniel Hail Strode, Frairpoint, Miss.— Born, Brookhaven, Miss. ; Stud. 
Miss. C; Ord. Aug., 1888, Pleasant Grove Ch. Miss.; P. Mt. Zion, Hopewell, 
Siloam, '91-92; Refuge, '95-96; Frairpoint, Lyon, Miss., '92—. 

COX, Enoch B , Bel e Ridge, Ga.— Born, Blue Ridge, Ga. ; Lie. Apr. 7, and 
Ord. Mav 25, 1877, Harmony Ch., Ga. ; P, Cherry Log, 3 yrs.; Big Creek, 2 yrs.; 
Morgan town., 2 yrs. ; Sugar Creek, 2 yrs. ; Harmony, Ga., 1 yr., '98. 

COX, Fielden Letcher, Republic City, Kan. — Born, Grayson Co., Va.; Stud. 
Wm. Jewell C, Mo.; Lie. Feb. 22, 1896,1st. Ch., Stanton. Neb.; Ord. Mav 4, '97, 
Buttle Creek Ch., Neb. ; P. Mr. Clair, '96-97 ; Battle Creek, Neb., '97-9S; 1st. Ch., 
Hardin, Mo.; Turner, Republic* City, Kan., '99 — . 

COX, George William, Norfolk. Va. — Bom, Gloucester Co., Va.-; Eastman's 
Business C, 1887, S. B. T. S. Ky., '91; Lie. May, '89, Ebenezer Ch., Va.; Ord. 
Oct., 94, Burrows Ch., Va. ; S "Manchester, '91-92; Matoaca, and Ettncks, Va., 
'94-95; P. Burrows Memorial, Va., - 94— . 

COX, H. B., Brimpield, III. — Born, Astoria, 111. ; Stud. Bloomington U., 111.; 
Lie. and Ord. May 26, '96, Streator Ch., 111.; Ev. 3 yrs.; P. Brimfield, 111., '96—. 

COX, Henry Clay, New London, Mo. — Born, Spencer Township, Mo.; Lie. 
Middletown Ch., Mo.; Ord. Apr., 1893, Sheridan Ch., Okla. Ter. 

COX, James C, Salem, W. Va.— Born, Doddridge Co.. W. Va. ; Lie. Nov. 21, 
1891, and Ord. Julv 30, '92, Hunters Fork Ch., W. Va. ; P. Oxford, '92-94; Ver- 
mont, '93-99; Hunters Fork, '94-97; Mt. Moriah, '97-98; Mt. Zion, '94-—,; Tones 
Run, '95—; Mt. Olive, W. Va., '98—. 

COX, James Erastus, Fayette, Ala. — Born, Wake Co., N. C; Lie. and Ord. 
1866, Pleasant Grove Ch., Ala.; P. Cordova, Mt. Joy, Jasper, Fayette, Kennedy, 
Pierceville, New Prospect, Macedonia, Antioch, Oakman, Bankston, Ala.; My. 2 
yrs.; Ed. "Fayette Sentinel'' and "Fayette News," Ala. 

COX, John E , Lonelm, Ark. — Born, Chattanooga Co., Ga. ; Lie. 1888, Ord. 
Aug. 25, '89, Rehoboth Ch., Ark.; P. shiloh, '90-93; Bethel, '92-94; Prairie Grove, 
'93-95; Altus, '94; White Oak, '97; Dyer, Union Grove, '95-99. 

COX, John Hosmer, Lexington, Mass — Born, Freedom, N. II. ; Colby I'., Me., 
B. A., 1875, New. T. S., Mass., '91 ; Lie. Oct. 18, '72, Bates St. Ch., Lewiston, Me. ; 
Ord. Jan. 23, '78, 1st. St. Ch., Camden, Me.; P. Camden, Me., '78-80; Athol, 
'81-87; Merrimac, '92-95; Lexington, Mass., '95 . 

COX, Joseph C, Libert*, Mo.— Born. Bridle, deek, Va. ; Stud. Wm. Jewell C, 
Mo., at present; Lie. Dec. 29,1892, Battle Creek Ch., Neb. ; Ord. Julv 6, '93, 1st. 
Ch., Stanton, Neb. ; P. 1st. Ch , Stanton. Neb., "93-95; Little Platte and Chandler, 
Mo., '96 . 

i'7'S The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

COX. Milton, Windfall, L\d. — Born, Montgomerv Co., Ind. r 1833; Lie. Mar. 
sndOrd. Tune 21, '95, Olive Branch Ch., Ind. ■; P. Olive Branch, 2 yrs.-; Salem, Ind. r 

1 vr. 

COX. Robert Austin, Massey, Ga. — Born, Loganville, Ga,; Lie. May 15,. 1874, 

and Ord. Oct. 29, 75, Bay Creek Ch., Ga. ; P. Bay Creek, Lebanon, Double Spring?, 
Loganville, and Sharon, Ga., 75-82; Bethel, New Prosnect and Warren Creek, Ala., 
'83-86-; Rock Creek, '87; Abbott, '87-91; Ash Creek, '89-92 : Center, Broobin, Salem 
and Ash Creek ; Mesquite and Fellowship, Tex!, '92-94. 

COX, Robert S», Norrhport, Ala.— Born, Raleigh, N. C ; Stud. How. C, Ala.; 
Lie. 1869, and Ord. 70, Philadelphia Ch., Ala. ; My. F. Pleasant Hill, Ore^onia, Phila- 
delphia, Friendship, Ala., and Bethany, Mv. Chs.; S. S. Flat Woods and Mt. Pleasant, 

COX, Samuel Lewis, Belvidere, N. J. — Born, New York, N. Y.; Stud. Buck. 
V., Pa. and Cg. U., N. Y.; Lie. 18*->5, Hiflstown Ch., Pa.; Ord. June 10, '58, Werts- 
v lie Ch., N. J.; P. Wertsville, Cedarville, Manasquan, Camptown, Marlboro, Allen- 
town, Imlavstown, Eatontown, Mt. Olive, Belvidere, Montana, N.J..; Jefferson and 
Huntington, N. Y.: Brookfield, Mo.; Bloomfield, la. 

COX, Solomon, Pleasant View, Ky. — Born, Pleasant View, Kv.; Ord. 1888, 
Pleasant Hill, Ch., Ky.; P. Pleasant Hill, '89-91; Corinth, 6 yrs.'; Nand Hill, 7 
vrs. ; Indian Creek, 2 yrs. ; Piggins Creek, 1 yr. ; Oak Grove, 1 yr. 

COX, W- J. E„ Baltimore, Md.— Born, Norfolk, Va. ; Stud. R. C, Va. ; S. B. 
T. S., Ky., Th. G.; Lie. Aug. 20, 1878, Ord. June 15, '84, Leigh St. Ch., Richmond, 
Va. ; P. Georgetown, Maysville, Ky. ; Staunton, Va.; 7th Ch., Ba'timore, Md. ; Au. 
*'A Child's Catechism for Use in Baptist Families and Sunday Schools." 

COX, William Franklin, Staunton, Ga.— Born, Dooly Co., Ga. ; Lie. 1S69, . Mt. 
Vernon Ch., Ga. ; Old. '85, Zion Hope Ch.. Ga. ; P. Zion Hope, '86-91 ; New River, 
Salem, '87-92; Antioeh, '90-97; Enigma, 2 yrs.; Staunton, 5 yrs,; River Bend, 4 
yrs. — ; Fellowship, 1 yr. — ; Nashvil'e, Ga., 5 yrs. — 

COX, William Henry, Rex, Ga.— Born, Favetteville, Ga. ; Lie. June 16, and 
Ord. Oct., 1891, Mt. Pisgah Ch., Ga. ; P. Mt. Pisgah, 2 yrs. ; Lisbon, 3 yrs. ; Bethel, 

2 yrs. ; Mt. Carmel, 3 yrs. ; The Rock, 1 yr. ; Macedonia, Ga. — . 

COX, William Joshua, Hamlet, Ky. —Born, Marshall Co., Kv., 1845; Lie. Jan. 
J o0, and Ord. Sept. 14, '81, Bethel Ch., Ky. ; P. Bethel, '82; Capp Springs, Pleasant 
Hope, Dungans Springs, '88-90; Lone Valley and Pleasant Hope, Ky., '93 — . 

COX, William K., Wahoo, Tenn.— Born, Fordtown, Tenn. ; Stud. Pub. Sch., 
Fordtown, Tenn.; Lie. Limestone Ch., Tenn.; Ord. Aug. 6, 1887, Fordtown Ch., 
Tenn.; P. Fordtown, '87; Union, '88-92; Harmony, '88—; Fall Branch, '93-97; 
Buffalo Ridge, '95; Bethany, Tenn., '99. 

COX, William Richardson, Washington, Ga. — Bom, Washington, Ga. ; Mer. 
V.,Ga.,B.A.,1888; Lie. '76, Ord. 77, ConyersCh.,Ga. ; P. Riddleville and Wrights- 
ville, '89-91; Phillips Mills, '92-95; Berean Ch., Augusta, 'S2-84; Mallorvsville, 
Ga.— . 

COX, William Steven, Clanton, Ala.— Born, Cobb Co., Ga. ; Lie. Oct. 22, 1890, 
Ord. Sept. 25, "91, Macedonia Ch., Ala.; P. Eight Chs. in the following yrs : '92-93- 
1)4-96-97; P. of all, '99—. 

CRABTREE, Champion Steward, Flora, III. — Born, Maple Grove, 111.; Lie. 
Aug. 19, 1884, Ord. Dec. 27, '85, Macedonia Ch., 111. ; Asso. My., '85-87; P. Zion, 
Ziff*, Enterprise, Macedonia, Blaam, Barnhill, Bethanv, Indian Prairie, Pleasant Hill, 
NewMassilon, 111., '87-98. 

CRABTREE, John Daniel, Sulphur Rock, Ark.— Born, Dent Co., Mo.; Stud. 
Salem Acad., Mo. ; Lie. June, 1872, and Ord. Aug. 74, Hepsida Ch., Ark. ; P. Salem, 
Licking, Houston, Summerville, Cabool, Mountain Grove, Areola, Golden City, 
Lock wood, Ark. ; Mv. 

Thk Baptist Ministerial Directory. 179 

CRAFT, Abram Meador, Uramwkll, W. V a. —Born, Franklin Co., Va.; 
Lie. May 3, and Ord. May, 31, 1896, Bramwell Ch., W. Va. 

CRAFT, Emory Dean, Downs, Kan.— Born, Carmel, N. Y.; Cg. U.. N. Y., 

B. A., 1868; Lie. '67, Mt. Carmel Ch., N. Y.; Ord. Jan. 26, '70, Addison Ch., Vt. ; 
P. Addison, Vt., '69-71; 73-75; Moriah. N. Y., '71-73; West Haven, Vt., '75-78. 

CRAFT, Godfrey, Belleville, Kans.— Born, Germany, Nov. 2, 1840; Lie. 
1st Bap. Mariners Temple, New York, N. Y.; Ord. Sept. 29, '91, Belleville Ch., 
Kans.; P. Kockle, '92-95 ; Highland, Kans., '84-95 ; Colp in New York, 3>2 yrs. 

CRAIG, Braxton, Tarbon, N. C— Born, Windsor, N. C; Stud. U. of N. C; 
Lie. March, Ord. Nov. 1889, Windsor Ch., N. C. ; P. Ahoskie, N.C., '90-96; West 
Norfolk, Va., '96-98; Tarbon, N. C, '98.— 

CRAIG, Evander Louis, Cobden, 111. — Born, Muhlenburg Co., Ky.; Stud. H. 
Schs., Lewisburg and Greenville, Ky. ; S. B. T. S. Ky. ; Lie. Jan. 3, 1891, Green- 
ville Ch., Ky. ; Ord. June 26, '92, Dunmar Ch., Ky. ; P. Dorchester, Neb., '94; S. 
Huntsville, Mo., 2 mos.; P. Dean Lake, '95-96; Carondelet Ch., St. Louis, Mo., 
'97; Cobden, Makanda, Antioch, 111., '98.— 

CRAIG, James Colman, Elba, Ky. — Born, Henderson Co., Ky. ; Stud. Beth. 

C, Ky. ; Lie. May, 1891, Ord. May, '94, Robards Ch., Ky. ; P, Curdsville, Bluff 
City, '94-98; Concord, '95-96; Green River and Delaware Creek, Ky., '98-99. 

CRAIG, John Edmond, 58 Baltimore Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. — Born, 
Cheviot, O.; National Normal U., O., 1868; Stud. Den. U., O. ; Wn. T. S., Pa. 
'73; Lie. '64, Bethel Ch., Cheviot, O.; Ord. '68, Centerville Ch., O.; P. Center- 
ville, '68-70; South Pittsburgh, '70-75; East Birmingham, Pittsburgh, Union, South 
Side, Sewieklev, '72-74; Angora, Philadelphia, 18 yrs. ; Bethany, Fox Chase, 
Philadelphia, Pa., '95 — 

CRAIG, William Bttford, Paris, Mo.— Born, Georgetown, Ky.; Lie. Jan. 1862, 
Ord. Oct. '63, Paris Mv. Bap. Ch., Mo.; P. Crooked Creek, 22 vrs.; Long Branch, 
24. yrs.; Mt. Prairie, 20 yrs.; Bethlehem, Ralls Co., 10 yrs. ; Salem, 8 yrs?; Stouts- 
ville, 4 vrs.; Mt. Airy, 8 yrs,; Oakridge, 6 yrs.; Bethlehem, Andrien Co., 2 yrs.; 
Perry, Mo. 

CRAIN, William Lockey, Bagwell, Tex.— Born, Paris, Tex.; Stud. Gravson 
Co., C; Lie. June, and Ord. Oct. 1893, Sanora Ch., Tex.; P. , Jurnagan, '93-94; 
Luella, '94-95; Kentucky Town, '95-96; Pattonville, '98; Fullbright. '98— ; Bag- 
well, Tex., '99.— 

CRAIGHEAD, James, Berwyn, Pa.— Born, Peteihead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland; 
Har'ey and Hulme Cliff, C's., Eng., 1891; Lie. Dec. 9, '88, Old Jan. 21, '93, Tura, 
Assam, India; P. Mt. Bethel Ch., Portland, '94-97; Berwyn, Pa., '79—; My. 
Goalpara, Assam, A. B. M. U. 

CRAIN, Henry Mortimer, Dayton, Wash. — Born, Baton Rouu,e La.; South- 
western Presbyterian U., Tenn., 1893; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. Feb., '94, New 
Union Ch., Ferguson, Ky. ; Ord. Oct. 4, '94, Mt. Pleasant Ch.,Miss. : P. Mt. Pleas- 
ant, Hernando/'94-95, 1st Ch., Biloxi, Miss., '96-97; De Witt, Ark., '98; 1st Ch., 
Dayton, Wash., '99—; Prin. Crescent Hill Acad., Gordonsville, Ky., '93-94; Prof. 
H.'Sch., Mt. Pleasant, Miss., '94-95. 

CRAIN, Jerry Hamilton, Davis, Tex.— Born, Lamar Co., Tex.; Lie. Apr., 
1889, Ord. June, '91, Mt. Olive Ch., Tex.; P. Friendship, '91-92; Mt. Olive, '91- 
98; Pleasant Grove, '93-98; Deport, Tex.— 

CRAIN, Newel, Doyle Station, Tenn.— Born, Van Buren Co.. Tenn.; Stud. 
Acad. Spencer, Tenn.; Lie. 1856, Bethel Ch., Tenn.; Ord. '57, Oak Grove Ch., 
Tenn.; P. Liberty, '63-65; Oak Grove, '63-89; Friendship, Tenn., '66-67: S. Green- 
wood, Pleasant Hill, Tenn. 

CRAMER, Caleb Henry, Florence, Mo.— Born, Morgan Co., Mo. ; Lie. Feb. 11, 
1881, and Ord. Dec. 4, '86, Mt. Olive. Ch., Mo. ; P. Mt. Carmel, '87-91 ; '93-95; Flor- 
ence, '87-94-'97; Mt. Olive, '90-91; Bethelhem, 91-92-95 ; Flat Creek. '91-93. 

480 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

CRAIN, Samuel Sutton, Caviness, Tex.— Born, Paris, Tex.; Stud. Savor C, 
1883, and Lamar C , Tex.. r 94; Lie. Aug. 20, '91, Josephine Ch., Tex. ; Ord. May 15, 
*92, Blossom Ch., Tex.; P. Salem No. 2, Garrett, 6 yrs. ; Arthur City, 2 yrs.; 
Arthur City, Peedee, Novice. Little Pine Creek, 3 yrs. each; Zion and Prairie Ridtje, 
Tex., 2 yrs.— 

CRAM, G. W., Rockford, Mich. — Born, Adams Basin, N. Y. ; Stud. Cg. U'. y 
N. Y., Kal. C, Mich.; Lie. 1889, 1st. Ch.. Traverse City, Mich.; Ord. June, '91 
Harrisville Ch., Mich.; P.Clare, '90-91; Harrisville, Apr.-Aug., '91 ; West Hanis- 
ville, '91-92; Reed City, Mich., '92-94; Ev. Harrisville, Mich., '94-95; Ev. Gen. Mr. 
Huron District, Mich.", '95-96: P. Rockford. Mich., '96-97:, Ariz., FelV.- 
Sept., '98. 

CRAMER, Daniel Wilson, Brick Creek, Fla. — Born, Columbia. Ala.; Lie. 
Aug. 15, 1884. and Ord. Apr. 27, '85, Pomeroy Grove Ch.; P. Piney; 1st. Cb., 
Orange Hill, 8 ,>rs. ; New Harmony, Bethany, Grassy Point, 1st. Ch., Mt. Zion, '97-- 

CRAMER, Francis Wayiand, Erie, Pa.— Born, Rost raver Twp., Pa.; Stud. Mt. 
Pleasant Classical and Scientific Inst.; Buck. U., Pa., 1881; Lie. '78. Elizabeth Ch... 
Pa.; Ord. '81, Pe'ers Creek— Library, Pa.; P.. Sbarpsville, Pa., '81-83; Hubbard, 
'83-86; Mt. Gilead, '86-89; 3rd. Ch., Cleveland, O., '89-93; Supt. Cv. Bap. Missions, 
? 93-95; Mars Hill, '95-98; 1st. Ch., Erie, Pa., '98—. 

CRAMER, Jonas Keller, Duqjjesne, Pa — Born, Hagerstown, Md., 1825; Stud. 
Select Sch., Petersburg, Md., and Connellsville, Pa.; Lie. '47, Big Crossings Ch., 
Md. ; Ord. May, '52, Connellsville Ch., Pa.; P. Don?gal and Cookstown, 2 yrs.; 
Salem, 12 yrs. ; McKeespcrt and Elizabeth, 1 yr. ; Elizabeth, llj^ yrs. ; Peters Creek, 
9yr<., 9mos.; 37th. St. Ch., Pittsburgh, Pa. s 13^ yr. ; Elizabeth, 2nd time 6 yrs.; 
Duquesne, Pa., 3 yrs. 2mos. — . 

CRANDaLL, Devillo Paul, Stockton, Kan.— Born, Madison Co., N. Y.; Lie. 
Feb. 13, 1892, 1st Ch., Hill City, Kan. ; Ord. Jan. 8, '96, Webster Ch., Kan. ; S. Beth- 
lehem, Kan., '93—; P. Webster, '93-97; Mt. Pleasant, '94—; Wcodston, Kan., '96—. 

CRANDALL, Lathan Augustus, 3844 Ellis Ave., Chicago, III. — Bom, Ply- 
mouth, N. Y.; Stud. Wbitestown Sem., N. Y.; Pa. State C. ; Hillsdale C. Mich., 
B. A., 1873: M. A., '76; D. D., J 89; Roch. T. S., N. Y., B. D., '81; Lie. '70, Ames 
Ch., N. Y.; Ord. '73, Pittsford Ch., Mich.; P. Owego, '81-84; 23rd St. Ch., New 
York, N. Y., '84-89; Euclid Ave. Ch., Cleveland, O., '89-92; Memorial Ch., Chicago. 
111., '92—. 

CRANDALL, J. M., Lestershire, N. Y.— Born, German, N. Y. ; Stud. Na- 
tional Collegiate Inst., N. Y.; Ord. Sept, 1881, Owego Ch., N. Y. ; P. Caroline, 
Union, Whitney's Point, Unadilla, Lestershire, N. Y. 

CRANDALL, Thomas L, Salt Lake City, Utah. — Born, Sciotoville, O.; 
Cent. U., la., B. A., 1875; M. A., '81; Lie. Jan. 23, '70, Forest Home Ch., la.; Ord. 
Aug. 13. '73, Richland Ch., la.; P. Sigourney, '75-79; Maquoketa, la., 79-83; Ban 
croft, Tekama, Neb., '83-88; Alhambra and South Pasadena, '89-92; Santa Paul, 
Calif., '92; Fairhaven, Wash., '93; Ogden, Utah, '94-98. 

CRANE, Abija Robinson, Hebron Academy, Me. — Born, Wayne, Me. ; Colby 
U., Me., B. A., 1856; D. i>.', 'S2; New. T. S., Mass., '61; Lie. '58, Fayette Ch., Me.; 
Ord. '61, Hallowell Ch., Me.; P. Hallowell, Me., 5 61-74;Fin. Sec. Colby U., Me., '74 
-77; P. East Winthrop, Me., '77-90; Member Legislature, '79-80; P. Hebron, and 
Prof. Biblical Literature, Hebron Acad., Me., '90 — . 

CRANE, Alvin Miller, Groton, Mass. — Born, Mansfield, Conn.; Conn. Lit. 
Inst., 1862; B. U., R. I., B. A., '69; M. A., '72; New^. T. S., Mass., '72; Lie. '67, 
Williamsville Ch., Conn.; Ord. Aug. 23, '72, Medfield Ch., Mass.; P. Medfield, '72- 
78; West Boyleston, '78-83; Shelburne Falls, '83-89; Millbury, '89-91; Medfield, '91- 
98; Groton, Mass., '98—. 

CRANE, Arthur Ernest, Plainfield, N. J. — Born, London, Eng. ; Plainfield, 
N. ]., and Medt'ord, Mass., H. Sch. ; Stud. Thornton Acad., Me., and Cro. T. S.,Pa. ; 
Lie. IstCh., Flainfield, N. J.; Ord. Sept. 13. 1897, Milton Ch., W. Va. ; P. Milton, 
'97; Central Ch., Hinton, W. Va. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 181 

CRANE, Cephas Bennett, Cambridge, Mass. — Born, Marion, N. Y. ; U. Roch. 
N. Y. B. A., 185S; M. A, '63; D D., '68; Roch, T. S., N. Y.,'60; Lie. '55, Cass 
villeCh., N. Y.; Ord. Oct., '60, South Bap. Ch., Hartford, Conn.; P. South Ch., 
Hartford, Conn., '60-78; 1st Ch., Boston, Mass., 78-84; Concord, N. H.., '85-%; S„ 
Hyde Park, and Woburn, Mass. 

CRANE, Harry Thurston, Mt. Auburn, Cincinnati, O. — Born, Cincinnati, O. ; 
Stud. Roch. T. S.. N. Y.; Lie. Mt. Auburn Ch., Cincinnati, O.; Ord. Middletown 
Ch., O.; P. Middletown, '92-99; 1st Ch., Cincinnati, O., Oct., '99—. 

CRANFORD, Elijah, Suttrell, Ala. — Born, Roanoke, Ala.; Daviston Acad., 
"Mo.; Lie. Sept. 1SS3, Midway Ch., Ga.; Ord. May 10, '85, Antioch Ch., Mo.; P.. 
Antioch, '85-91, '92—; Shiloh, 'S6-94; Pleasant Hill, '91-96; Beulah, '92-98; Mt. 
Z ion, Mo., 92-96; Mt. Pleasant, '96— ; Friendship, '97— ; Hopewell, Ala., '98— . 

CRANKSHAW, Burton, 45 Ridge St., Fall River, Mass.— Born, Blackburn, 
Lancaster, Ene.; New. T. "3., Mass., 1889; Lie. Mar. 29, '87, 1st Ch., Fall River, 
Mass.; Ord. Sept. 1, '89, 2nd Ch. f Cambridge. Mass. ; P. 2nd Ch., Cambridge, Mass., 

CRAUCHER, William, F.. Assumption, III.— Born, Jackson Co., Ind.; Lie. 
1883, Ord. July 27, '84, Little Flock Ch. ; S. Newhope, 111., '84; P. same, '84-90; 
3 98 ; Center, '90-96 ; '98 ; Hurricane, '97 ; Liberty, 111., '97 . 

CRAWFORD, J. T., Parsons, Kan.— Born, Ind., 1865; Stud. H. Sen., '85; Ot, 
U., Kan., '92; Div. Sen., U. Chicago, '97 ; Ord. Dec. 7, '93; Tea. '85-87: Stud. P. 
while in C; P. Phillipsburg, Kan., '92-94; Stud. P. while in Div. Sch. ; P. 1st. Ch.. 
Persons, Kan., '97 . 

CRANE, John Loving, Allenton, R. 1. — Born, East Braintree Mass.; Stud. 
Braintree H. Sch., Mass.; B. U., R. L, B. A., 1880; New. T. S., Mass., '83; Lie 
3 80, Wevmouth Ch., Mass.; Ord. '83, Narragansett Ch,, R. I.; P. Narragansett, R„ 
I., '83-86; Sheldonville, Mass., '87-98; Allenton, R. L, '98 . 

CRANFILL, James Britton, Dallas, Tex. — Born, Parker Co., Tex.; Lie. July 
18, 1886. Gatesville, Ch., Tex.; Ord. Jan. '90, Waco, Ch., Tex.; Ed. "Baptist 
Standard," '92-99; Au. •'Carroll's Sermons," '95; "Sunday Morning Thoughts," 
"99; Prohibition candidate for Vice President. '92. 

CRANNELL, Philip Wendell, Corning, N. Y.— Born, Albany, N. Y. 1861; H. 
Sch. Albanv. N. Y., '77; Dart. C, N. H., B. A., '82; Roch, T. S., N. Y., '88; Lie 
Dec. 4, '85, Emmanuel Ch.. Albany, N. Y.; Ord. Nov. 9, '88, Baldwinsville, Ch. 
N. Y. ; S. Oakfield, Albany and S. Alabama, N. Y., '85-87; P. Baldwinsville, '88-94 
Corning, N. Y., '94 . 

CRANSTON, James Simmons, Gardner Lake, Conn. — Born, Providence, R. 
I.; Stud. Norwich Free Acad., Conn.; New. T. S., Mass., 1888; Lie. Sept. 9, '86, 
Ord. Aug. 15, '88, 1st Ch., Norwich, Conn. ; P. Chesham, N. H., '88-92: Preston 
City, Conn., '92-96; Bozarah. '96-97; Salem, '96-99; Saybrook, Conn., '99—. 

CRAWFORD, James David, Three Creeks, Ark. — Born, Davistown, Ala.; 
Lie. July, 1886, Midway Ch., Ga. ; Ord. Sept. 30, '88, Lisbon Ch., Ark.; P. New 
Hope, '92-99; Three Creeks, Zion Hill, Mt. Hope. Union and Mt. Pleasant, Ark., at 

CRAWFORD, lanson Phelps, Paradise, Tex.— Born, Greenville. Ala.; Lie. 
July, 1889, New Hope Ch., Ala.; Ord. May, '92, Lisbon Ch., Ark. ; P. Lisbon. '93-95; 
Midway and Hopewell, Ark., '94-96; Bridgeport, Cottondale, East Mount and Draco, 
Tex., '99. * P 

CRAWFORD, Jefferson, Stillwater, Okla. — Born, Lapeer, Mich. ; Lie. June, 
1894, and Ord. '95, Stillwater Ch., Okla. Ter. ; P. Pleasant Hill, Okla. Ter. ; S. Still- 
water, Okla. Ter. 

CRAWFORD, Johnson, Sulphur City, Ark.— Born, Washington Co., Ark.; 
Lie. 1870, Ord. '76, West Fork Ch., Ark.; P. Valley Grove, Center Point, Provi- 
dence, Harris and Fine Springs, Ark. 

182 The Baptist Ministerial Directory; 

CRAWFORD, John Moses, Cedar Glades, Ark. — Born, Lawrence Co., Ark.; 
Lie. Nov. 9, 1889, Ord. Aug. 10, '91, Bethel Ch., Ark.; P. Bethel, '93-94; Rock 
Spring, Ark., '96. 

CRAWFORD, Joseph W., Allensmills, Pa.— Born, Bloomsburg, Pa.; Stud. 
Moody Inst., Chicago; Lie. May 14, 1884, Bloomsburg Ch., Pa.; Ord. Nov. 1, '87, 
Jackson Ch., Pa.; P. Jackson, 3 yrs. ; La Port and Eagles Mere, 3% yrs.; Moreland 
and Lairdsville, 1% J r $-> Danville, 3 yrs.; McHenry, 2 yrs.; Gethsemane Ch., 
Allensmills, Pa. — . 

CRAWFORD, Peter F., Paschal, Ga.— Bom, Talbotton, Ga. ; Stud. How. C, 
Ala.; Mer. U., Ga., B. A., 1886; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. Jan., '78, Loacha- 
poka Ch., Ala. ; Ord. June, '84, South Maeon Ch., Ga. ; P" South Macon, '84; A. P., 
East Macon, '85-86; P. Carnesville, '87; New Carnesville, '88; Martin and Pleasant 
Grove, '87-88; Martin, Lavonia, Bio, Bowman, '90-92; Bainbridge, '92; Shiloh, '94; 
Albany, '95-96; P. Hamilton, Bethel, Mt. Olive, Ga., '97-98. 

CRAWFORD, Samuel Houston, Texarkan a, Tex.— Born, Adairsville, Ga. ; 
Stud. Joe Brown U., Ga. ; Lie. 1879, Floyd Springs Ch., Ga. ; Ord. '94, 1st Ch., Tex- 
arkana, Tex.; P. DeKalb, '94; Saint Joe and Montague, Tex., '95; Sylvania and An- 
tioch, Ark., '97; Dodd City, Tex, '98. 

CRAWFORD, Thomas F., Hicks, La.— Born, Paulding, Miss.; Lie. Aug. 1882, 
Ord. Sept. '83, Walnut Hill Ch., La.; P. Hopewell, Laurel Hill, Big Hammock, 
Anacoco, '83-86; Hemphill, Mt. Moriah, Bay Spring. Kisatchie, Campbells Creek, 
^7-96; Laurel Hill and Walnut Hill, La., '97-99. 

CRAWFORD, W. L-, Tupelo, Ala.— Born, Athens, Ga.; Lie. and Ord. 1873, 
Ebenezer Ch., Ala. ; P. Pleasant Hill, Union Grove, Tenn. '73-74; Poplar Spring. 
Ala., '74; Macedonia, Tenn., '81-82; Ev. Ala., '83-84; P,. Bethel, '84-92; Harmony, 
'86-95; Mt. Zion, Ala, '85-86; Cole City, Ga., '90; Center Point, Mt. Zion, Bethel, 
and Friendship, Ala. — . 

CRAWFORD, William Anderson, Parks ville, N. Y.— Born, Cumberwauld, 
Dumbartonshire, Scotland; Buck. U., Pa., B. A., 1895; Cro. T. S., Pa., '98; Lie. 
'91, 1st. Ch., Clarion; Ord. Apr. 6, '99, Parksville Ch., N. Y., 8. Richardsville, Pa., 
'92-96; P. Parksville, N. Y., '99—. 

CRAWFORD, William J., Salem, Ore.— Born, Macoupin Co., 111.; Stud. 
Blackburn U.; Shurt. C, 111., B. A., 1876; M. A., '80; Div. Sch. Shurt. C, 111., B. 
D., '78; Lie. '70, and Ord. '72, Duncan Ch. ; P. Albany, McMinnville, Roseberg. 
Zena, Ore.; Prof. Math., and Prin. Academic Dept. McMinnville C, Ore., '83-88: 
Ed. "Baptist Beacon," Albany, Ore. 

CRAWLEY, James W., Greensburg, Ky.— Born, Gradyville, Kv. ; Stud. Gilead 
Inst., Ky.; S. B. T. S., Ky., 1882-83; Lie. Feb., and Ord. Aug., '81, Pleasant Valley 
Ch.; P. Monroe, Cedar Cliff, Knox Creek, Macedonia, Mt. Tabor, Little Bethel, 
Barren Run, Pleasant Ridge, Bethlehem, Cane Valley, Salem, Summersville, Ky. 

CRAWLEY, Thomas William, 35 Erie St., Cambridgport, Mass. — Born, 
Vandiemansland ; Acadia C, N. S., B. A.,; New. T. Inst. Mass. M. A.; Ord. 1854, 
Chester Ch., N. S.; P. Chester, New Minas, N. S. ; Kingston, Reading, Mass. ; 
Amenia, N. Y.; St. Andrews, St. Stephens, N. B. ; Retired '86. 

CREASY, Arthur, Oswego, Kan. — Born, Framsden Hill, England; Woodstock 
C, Ontario, Canada; Div. Sch., McMaster U., Toronto; Ottawa Normal, 1888: 
Lie. '92, Virgil Ch.; Ord. '69, Oswego Ch., Kan., '96; P. Oswego, Kan., '96— ; Au. 
"A Trip Over Sea" '81 ; ''Two Oars;" "World-Wide Creeds," '99. 

CREATH, William Thomas, Elmo. Va.— Born, Sussex Co., Va, ; Stud. R. C, 
Va.; S. B.T. S., Ky , Th. M., 1893; Lie. '84, and Ord. June, '93, High Hill Ch., 
Va.; S. Milfield, Black Creek and Ettrick, Va. ; P. Woodlawn, Stuart, New Hope, 
Florence Avenue, Averett and Kentuck, Va. 

CREDITT, William, 1827 Fitzwater St., Philadelphia, Pa.— Born, Balti- 
more, Md.; Lincoln U., Pa.. B. A., 1885; M. A., '90; D. D., '99; Gaudalupe C. r 
Tex., Ph. D., '99; New. T. S,, Mass., '89; Ord. '89, Lindenhall St. Ch., Baltimore. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. lS^ 

Md>; P. Corinthian Ch., Frankfort, Ky., '89-92; Berean Ch., Washington, I). C, 
'92-97; 1st African Bap. Ch., Philadelphia, Pa., : 97— ; Prof. Latin and Greek. State 
IT., Louisville, Ky., J 89-91 ; Prof, of English Branches, State Normal Sch., Frankfort, 
Ky., '91-92. 

CREE, Archibald, Littleton, N. C. — Born, Saltcoats, Ayrshire, Scotland : 
Stud. Glasgow U.. Scotland: Ev. Un. T. S, Glasgow, Scotland, 1866; Lie. and 
Ord. Jan., '67, IsmerloithersCongl. Ch., Scotland; Ord, Nov., '91, Henderson Bap.Ch. 
N. C; P. Ismerloithers, Scotland, '67-76; Ware, Hertfordshire, '76-82: Boscobel, 
Rich Square, Jackson, '91-96; Seaboard, '96-98; Littleton, N. C, '98-99^ 

CREECH, George Washington, Shelbyville, Tex.— Born, Barbour Co., Ala.; 
Lie. 1893, and Ord. '95, Center Ridge Ch.,Tex. ; Poor health. 

CREEK, Christopher Columbus, Bellamy, Mo. — Born, Vernon Co., Mo.; Lie. 
1894, and Ord. Mar. 1, '96, Olive Branch Ch., Mo.; S. Olive Branch, portion of '94- 
95; P. same, '97; Harmony Ch., Milford, '97; Mt. Ararat Ch., Jerico, Mo., '98—. 

CREEK, Isaiah Timothy, 1902 Washington Ave. St. Joseph, Mo.— Born, 
Clay Co., Mo.; Wm. Jewell C, Mo., 1885; S. B. T. S., Ky., '94; Lie Aug., '80, 
and Ord. May 23, '86, Providence Ch., Mo.; P. Mt. Carmel, '84-86; Clermont, '86- 
88; Pierce Citv, Mo., '88-90; S. Sarcoxie, Mo., '88-89; P. Rolling Fork, Kv.; 
SeVved Pierce Cy. B.C., '88-89. 

CREEKMORE, Grant, Rothville, Mo.— Born, Whitley Co., Mo. ; Wm. Jewell 
C, Mo., B. A., 1890: S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. Mar., '83, Union Ch., Kv.; Ord. Apr., 
'87, New Salem Ch., Mo.; P. New Salem, '87-90; Brookfield, '90-92; Savannah 
Ave. Ch., St. Joseph, '92-94; Richmond, Mo., 94-95. 

CREEL, Jesse E., Yuma, Ala. — Born, Data, Ala.; Stud, Blont C. How. C, 
Ala.; Lie. Dec. 19, 1897, Providence Ch., Ala. ; Ord. Oct. 23, '98, New Bethel Ch., 
Ala. ; P. Mary Lee, '9S ; Mt.Zion, Ala., '98—. 

CREGO, Harrison P., Salina, Kan. — Born, Napoleon, Mich.; Stud. Cg. Acad, 
and Cff. U„ N. Y.; U. Mich., B. A., 1893; Lie. Sept., '89, 1st Ch., Jackson, Mich. ; 
Ord. Dec, '93, 1st Ch., Peabody, Kan.; P. Peabody, '93-97; Salina, Kan., '97-99. 

CRE1GHTON, Ebenezer, 16 Bridge St., Newburgh, Mass.— B. U. R. L, B. A. 

CREIGHTON, James Hiram, Whatley, Ala.— Born, Clarke Co., Ala.; Stud. 
Eclectic Acad., Ala.; West Bend Acad., Ala.; Ministers Inst., Ala.; Lie. Dec., 
1881, and Ord. Feb. 12, '82, Horeb Ch., Ala.; P. Horeb, '82-95; Rockville, '82-86; 
Amity, '87-92; Jackson, '83-8S ; Mt. Gilmer, '88-98; Good Hope, '88-92; Forest 
Springs, '92-94; Red Bud, '95-97; River Hill, Ala., '95-98. 

CRESSEY, Jr., Edward Knowles, Warren Centre, Pa.— Born, Mankato, Minn.; 
Cro. T. S., Pa.; Lie. 1892, 2nd Ch., Brooklyn, E. D., N. Y.; Ord. Nov. 17, '96, 
Warren Centre Ch., Pa. ; P. Roaring Brook, '91 ; Warren Centre, Pa., '96. 

CRESSEY, Frank B., Weymouth, Mass.— Born, Columbus, O.; Shurt. C, 
111,, 1865; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '68; Lie. June 1, '63, Alton Ch., 111.; Ord. Sept., '68, 
Goshen Ch., Ind. ; P. Goshen, Ind. ; Niles, Hudson, Portiac, 18th Sr., Detroit, 
Mich. 1st Ch., Springfield, O. ; Emmanuel Ch ; , San Francisco, Calif. ; Weymouth, 

CRESSEY, Frank Graves, 1025 Stillwater Ave., Dayton. O— Born, Des 
Moines, la., Aug. 15, 1866; B. 17., R. L, B. A., '89; Div. Sch. IT., Chicago, B. I)., 
'95; Lie. Sept. 15, '92, 1st Ch., Los Angeles, Calif.; Ord. July 31, '95, 1st Ch., 
Tiffin, O.; S. Edgerton, Wis., Summer of '94; P. Tiffin, '95-97; Memorial Ch., 
Dayton, O., 't)7 — ; Instructor in Los Angeles U., Calif., '92. 

CRESSEY, George Angell, Tomah, Wis.— Born, Cincinnati, O.; Stud. Shurt. 
C, UK; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, B. D., 1872; Lie. April 4, '68, Upper Alton Ch., III. : 
Ord. Feb. 20, '69, McLean "Ch., Ill ; P. Grand Ave. Ch., Milwaukee. Elk Horn, 
Kenosha, River Falls, Wis.; Huron, S. Dak.; Rhinelander, Tomah and Q&h- 
kosh, Wis. 

184 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

CRESSY, Charles Gage, Bemidji. Minn.— Born, Hastings. Minn.; Stud. B. Un. 
T. S., Chicago: Lie. 1879, 1st Ch.,' Minneapolis, Minn. ; Ord. Oct. 29, '82, White- 
field Ch., 111.; P. Whitefield and Steuben, 111., '82-83; My. Peoria Asso.,6 mos., '83; 
P. Centreville, [S. Dak., '84-87; My. Am. S. S. Un., Aberdeen, S. Dak., '87-92: B. 
Dist. My., Northern Dist , Aberdeen, S. Dak., '92-97; P. Wheaton, Minn., '97-98; 
Dist. My. Beltrami Co., Minn., '98—. 

CREWS. Hiram George, 34 Main St., Scottsburg, Va. — Born, Halifax Co., 
Va.; Stud. R. C, Va., 1856; Lie. Apr. 6, '51, Ellis Creek Ch., Va. : Ord. Sept. 6, 
? 56, Bethel Ch., Chesterfield, Va. ; P. Bethel, '56-60; Mt. Marian, '57-60; Mt. Tabor, 
Va., '58-59; Bethlehem, '68-72; Doctors Fork,'69-70; Hillsboro, 'Kr. 69-71; Fulton and 
Richmond, '72-76; Aaron, '79-99; Ellis Creek, '84-92; Fork, ''79-99: Dan River, 
? 79-84; Musterfield, '79-81; Ringgold and Pittsylvania, '83-85; Buffalo. '92-94; 
Grace, '94-96; Cross Roads, Va., '83-85. 

CREWS, Ruf us William, Germantown, N. C. — Born, Germantown, N. C; 
Stud W. F. C, N. C; Lie. 1870, Ord. '73, Red Bank Ch., N. C; P. Good Will, 
Beaver Island, Oak Ridge, '73-77; Eatores, Farmington, Yadkin Valley, Union 
Hill. Enon, West Bend/'77-Sl ; Friendship, Mt. Olive, Beck, Lewisvilfe, N. C, 
? 81-99. . . 

CRIDLIN, Ransdell White, Burkeville, Va.— Born, Westmoreland Co., Va.; 
Stud. Green Plain Acad.. Va., and R. C, Va. ; Lie. July 30, 1860, Ord. Dec. 6, '63, 
Leigh St. Ch., Richmond, Va. ; Chap. Con. Army 38th Va. Inf., '61-65; P. Salem, 
4th St.. Portsmouth, Park Ave., Norfolk, Peterville, Fine Creek, Va. ; Prin. South 
Side Female Inst., Va. 

CRISP, G* W*, Rose, Tenn.— Born, Tyler, Tex., Ord. Sept. 1877, Char- 
ity Ch., Ky. ; S. Fellowship, Black Creek and other places at times. 

CRISP, W. R„ Eadsville, Ky.— Born, Wayne Co., Ky. ; Ord. 1871, Charity 
Ch., Ky. ; P. New Hope, Mt. Pisgah, Fellowship, Concord, Canada's Creek, Big 
Springs, Big Sinking, Shiloh, Rogers Grove, Union, Mt. Pleasant, Parnell, Upchurch, 
School House, Ky. 

CRITCHETT, Moses R., Faribault, Minn.— Born, Gloucester, Mass.; Stud. 
New Hampton Acad. ; Ord. Jan 1891, Kasota Ch.. Minn.: S. Harman ; P. Ka-ota, 
Lake City, Sauk Center, Long Prairie, Blooming Prairie, Brownsdale, Faribault, 
Rjchland and Morristown, Minn. 

CRITCHFIELD, Norman B., Critchfield, Pa. — Born, New Lexinpton, Pa. ; 
Stud. Ohio U.: Ord. 1861, Tuppers Plains Ch., O.; S. Donegal, '67-71; Flatwood, 
'70-71; Indian Creek, Pa.. '71-72. 

CRITTENDON, Orrin, Mountain View, Calif.— Born, Berkshire Co., Mass., 
Feb. 3, 1819; Lie. Nov. 6, '47, Coon Creek Asso., 111.; Ord. Sept. 20, '51, Apple 
Creek Asso., 111.; P. Mountain View, Calif., '56-57; S. San luan, Santa Cruz, Calif., 
'57; P.Dixon, '62; Memorial Ch., Mountain View, Calif., 73. 

CROCKER, Henry, Port Lavaca, Tex.— Born, Wave Co., Miss., Julv 4, 1824; 
Lie. '54, New Hope Ch., Miss.; Ord. Sept. 3, '64, Salem Ch., Tex. ; P. Salem, 
Antioch, 10 yrs. ; Hebron, Tex. 

CROCKER, Henry, Fairfax, Vt.— Born, Brewster, Mass.; B. U. R. I., B. A., 
1867; New. T. Inst. Mass., '70; Lie. Central Falls Ch.; Ord. Nov., '70, Damariscotta 
Ch., Me.: P. Damariscotta, Me., '70-79; Bristol, R. L, 79-86: Fairfax, Vt , '87—. 

CROCKER, William B., Purc ell. Ind. Ter.— Born, Henrysville, Ala.; Lie. 
1893, Honev Creek Ch.; Ord. '95, Sandv Bear Ch.: P. Brady Ch., '95-96; Asso. My. 
and Colp., "'97-99. 

CROCKETT, Asa James, David City, Neb.— Born, Wine Harbor, N. S., 1870; 
Acadia C, N. S., B. A., '92; Roch. T. S., N. V., '96; Lie. Aug. 14. 93, New Glas- 
gow Ch., N. S.: Ord. Sept. 5, '97, Long Pine Ch.. Neb.: P. Long Pine and Ains- 
worth, '97-98: David City, Neb., '98—. 

Tift: Baptist Ministerial Directory. 1S5 

CROCKETT, Stephen, Madison, Fla.— Born, London, England, Sept. 15, 
1866; Stud. Bible Workers C, N. Y. Cy.; S. B. T. S., Ky., 1889; Lie. Dee 12, '88, 
Broadway Ch., Louisville, Ky. ; Ord. Oct. 24, '89, Franklin St. Ch., Louisville, Ky. ; 
P. Goshen Ch., Fairmount, '89-91; Roekton, '91-93; Greenville, HI.. '93-94: Mad- 
ison, Fla., '94 — ; An. several pamphlets. 

CROMER, David Simon, Chkcotah, I. T. — Born, Cherokee Co.. Ala., 1860; Lie. 
June, 18S5, West Union Ch., S. A. ; Ord. Nov. 17, '8S, Liberty Hill Ch., Choctaw Na- 
tion; Organized Fanshawe Ch., L T. ; P. Peacblen Creek, '83 ; Charity and Poteau, 
'89; Fanshawe, Charity and Sulphur Springs, '90-91; Organized Wester Junction; 
P. Pernoley Hill and Peach Orchard, '94; Brier Town, '95; Organized, Twin Grove; 
P. Spring Hill and Biiertown, '96; Twin Grove, Spring Hill and Briertown, '97; 
Organizer and P. Checotah, Spring Hill, Twin Grove and Car Creek, '98 — . 

CRONKHITE, Leonard Woolsey, Bassein, Burma.— Bom, Sandy Hill, N. Y,; 
Cg. U., N. Y., B. A., 1877; M. A., '81; Ham. T. S., N. Y., '81; Lie. '78, and Ord. 
Sept. 13, '81, Sandy Hill Ch., N. Y.; Acting P. Bottskill Ch., Greenwich, N. Y. 1 

CROOK, George, Bear Lake, Mich. — Born, Lancashire, Eng. ; Stud. Privately 
in Boroughbridge, Ena^. ; Lie. 1866, Selwvn Ch., Ontario, Can. ; Ord. '82, Bear Lake 
Ch., Mich.; P. Bear Lake, Mich., '82—." 

CROOK, John William, Denver, Col. — Born, London, England; Stud. Veue 
Acad. Kv.; Grad. Preceptors C, London, Eng., 1879; S. B. T. S., Ky.' B. 
Th., '91;" Lie. Grand Island Ch., Neb,; O-d. June, '90, 1st. Ch., Grand Island, Neb.; 
P Chenoa and Ocoya '89-91; Dist. My, Bap. State Conv., '91-92; P. Burr St. Ch., 
? 93; 1st. Ch. St. Cloud, '94-95; 1st. Ch. Iowa Falls, la. ,'95-98; Gen. My. and Cors. 
Sec. Colorado Bap. State Conv., '99—. 

CROOM, Henry Moore, Rutherfordton, N. C. — Born, Pender Co., N. C. ; 
Stud. Colvins Cr. j ek Acad., Island Creek Acad, and W. F. C, N. C; Lie. June, 
1871, Ord. Mar. 29, '74, Moores Creek Ch., N. C; P. Long Creek, and Berea, '71; 
Union, Jacksonville, Enon, Piney Grove, '73-74; Hallsville, Chinquapin, Island 
Creek, Dobson Chapel, '75-79; Marys Chapel, Mt. Calvary, '80-81; Caswell, Haw 
Bluff, '84; Maple Hill, '86i Masonboro, '90; Globe, Yadkin, '90-94. 

CROOM. John Rodman, Gatesv 1 lle, Tex. — Born, Greenboro, Ala.: Stud. R. 
C, Va.; Cumberland U., Tenn., LL. B., 1884; Ord. '88, Long Creek Ch., Sallis, 
Miss.; P. Yazoo City, Miss., 5 yrs. ; Luling, 6yrs.; Gatesville, Tex., 2 yrs. 

CROSBY, David, Springfield, Mo. — Born, Bath, N. Y. ; Stud. Sonora Acad., 
N. Y.; U. Roch., N. Y.,B. A., 1868; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '71; Lie. May, '67, 
Wayne Ch., N. Y.; Ord. '71, Mt. Morris Ch., N. Y. ; P. Mt. Morris, N. Y., '71-72; 
Lansing, Mich., '72-77; Ripon,Wis., '78-82; Penn-Yan, N. Y., '82-86; S. San 
Mateo, Fla.; P. Arcade. N. Y., 1 yr. ; Muskoaee, I. T., '91-95; Springfield, Mo.,— ; 
Prof. History and Science, Indian U., I. T., '87-91. 

CROSBY, Jefferson James, Hudson, Wis. — Born, Fullamore, Ireland ; Stud. 
Notre Dame, Monasterv, Ind., and Kal. C, Mich.; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, B. D. 
1887; Lie. Monroe Ch.", Mich.; Ord. June 27, '87, Fairbury Ch., 111.; P. Fairbury, 
111., '86-88; Holdridcje, Neb., '88-90; Menominee, Mich., '90-95; Hudson, Wis., 

GROSS, Absalom, J., Jeffers, Tenn. — Born, Scott Co., Tenn.; Ord. 1868, 
Sugar Grove Ch., Tenn.; P. New Prospect and Huntsville, Tenn. 

CROSS, Benjamin Putnam, Maubin Burma, Asia — Born, Tavov, Burma, Asia; 
Stud. Un. C, N. Y.; New T. S.. Mass., 1872; Ord. Sept., '73, Huntington Ch.. 
Mass.; A. B. M. N. 

CROSS, Henry, Man as qu an, N. J- — Born, Beeston, Nottinghamshire, Eng.; 
Peoples C, Nottingham, Eng., 1857; Bap. C, T. S., Chilwell, Nottingham, Eng.; 
Lie. Dec. 7, '57, Beeston Ch., Eng.; Ord. Apr. 5, '63, Coventry Ch., Eng.; P. Gas- 
ford St. Ch., Coventrv, Eng., '63-74; 1st Ch., St. Paul, Minn., '74-79; Pilgrim Ch., 
New York, N. Y., '79-82; Germain St. Ch., St. John, N. B.. "82-86: Manasquan, 
'86-92, '96—: Orange, N. J., '92-96. 

186 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

CROSS, Joseph, AivLEgan, Mich. — Born, Alabama: Lie. 1881, 2nd Ch., Alle- 
gan, Mich. ; Ord. '90, Chainlake Asso., Mich. 

CROSS, Roby D„ Windsor, N. C— Born, Davidson Co., N. C, Oct. 1861; 
Southern Normal, '86; High Point CI. Inst., '87; S. B. T. S., Kv., 95; Lie. Sept.. 
92, Ord. June, '95, Lexington Ch., N. C; P. Cashia Ch., Windsor, Union and 
Ahoskie, N. C. — . 

CROSS, Theodore Dakon, Hillsdale, Mich. — Born, Galesburg, Mich.; Stud. 
Normal Acad., Petoskey, Mich.; Albion C, Mich.; Correspondence Work. U., 
Chicago; Lie. Sept. 10,* 1893, Albion Ch.. Mich.; Ord. May 15, '97, Climax Ch., 
Mich.; P. South Boardman, '94-96; Lawrence. Mar.-Sept!, '96; Climax, '96-98; 
Hillsdale, Mich., '98—. 

CROSS, Thomas Benton, Stillwater. Okla., Ter. — Born, Mannington, Va. : 
West Warren, Va., 1884; Cro. T. S., Pa., '78; Lie. '78, Union Ch. ; Ord. '79, Dunk- 
ard Vallev Ch., W. Va. ; P. Dunkard Vallev and Farmington, W. Va., 78-82; Heph- 
zibah, Pa., '83-84; Butler, '84-86; Chardon, O., '86-90; Bellefonte, Pa., '90-93; 
Concord, la., 93-95; Stillwater. Okla., '95—; Cherryvale, Kan, 96-98: An. "Life 
Through Death," '87. 

CROSS, Wm. Marion, Bvrnside, Ky. — Born, Albany, Kv. ; Lie. 1875, and Ord, 
Oct. '76, Forks of Cumberland Ch., Ky. ; P. Libert v, '77-78-90; Bethlehem, '80-81; 
Forks of Cumberland, '80; Pitman Creek, '80-82; Pine Grove, 'S3 : Olive. '86-88: 
Eubanks, '87-90-95; Bethel, '87; Bronston, '91-94; Eden, '93. 

CROSSLIN, Edward Newton, Sedalia, Ky.— Born, Rutherford Co.. Tenn. : 
Stud. Un. U., Tenn.; Lie. 1869, Republican Grove Ch., Kv.; Ord. '84, Union Ch.. 
Ky. ; P. Union and Oak Grove, '85-87; Manchester, Ky., '85. 

CROSSLIN, John Stephen, 1706 South 11th St., Waco, Tex. -Born. Noah, 
Tenn.; Stud. Arkabutla H. Sch., Miss., Miss. C, and Bav. U., Tex. ; Lie. Dec. 18, 
1891, Arkabutla Ch., Miss.; Ord. Oct. 3, '96, 1st Ch., Waco, Tex.; P. Axtell, '96— r 
Gerald, '96-98; Concord, '97; Mosquite, '97; Independence, Tex., '98—. 

CROUCH, Burton, Racket, Mo.— Born, Warren Co., Tenn.; Lie. 1875, Beth- 
lehem Ch., Mo.; Ord. '85, Shady Grove Ch., Mo.; S. Shady Grove, Mo. 

CROUCH, Ceorge A., LaGrange. Mo.— Born, Owen Co., Kv. ; Stud. Boon's 
Creek Sem., Fall Branch Sem., Tenn. ; Lie. 1957. Ord. July 9, '59, Fall Branch Ch., 
Tenn.; P. Blountville and Muddy Creek, Tenn., '61-62; Union, '68-69; Utica, '69-72 ; 
Breckinridge, '69-74; Lick Fork, 70-75; Big Creek, Mt. Zion and Coloma, '76-77; 
Fairland, '76-78; Princeton, '79-80; Gallatin, '79-82; Liek Fork. '80-82; LaGrange, 
'83-84, Ten Mile, Lewistown, Newark, Pleasant Valley, Hunnewell and Salem, Mo. r 
My. Holston Asso., Tenn.; North Grand River Asso., Missouri VaUley Asso., 
Bethel Asso., Wyaconda Asso., North Mo. Asso., North Liberty Asso., Mo.; Served 
Southern Bap. Conv., Va. Bd. Gen. Asso., 8 yrs.; Gen. My. Northeast Mo., 6 yrs. 

CROUCH, J. C, Westville, S. C— Born, John's Island, S. C. : Lie. and Ord. 
Spring Branch Ch., S. C. ; P. Spring Branch, Smoak's Cross Road's, Bethesda, Reed 
Branch, Mispah, Jameson, High Hills, Horeb, Swift Creek, S. C. 

CROUCH, James A. M., 4520 Cote Brilliant Ave., St. Louis, Mo. — Born. 
Washington Co., Tenn.; LaG. C, Mo., B A., 1893; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky., '91; 
Roch. T. S., N. Y., '95; Lie. '90, LaGrange Ch.. Mo. ; Ord. June 6, '95, Taylor Ave. 
Ch., St. Louis, Mo.; S.Providence, Winter's Mill, Dover and Weber, Mo., "92; 
Wyoming Ch., Cincinnati. O., June-Aug., '93: West Haven, Vt.. June-Aug., '94; P. 
Taylor Ave. Ch., St. Louis, Mo., '94—. 

CROUCH, James Brown, Stanford, Ky. — Born, Hammonsville, Ky.: Stud. 
Locust Grove H. Sch., Kv. ; S. B. T. S., Kv., 1891; Lie. Apr., "S8. Three Forks Ch., 
Bacon Creek, Ky. ; Ord. May, '89. Barren Run Ch., Ky. ; P. Buffalo, Barren Run, 
Munfordsville, Bethel, Ky., one-fourth time at each, '89-92; Mt. Lookout Ch., Cin- 
cinnati, O., '92-94; Ludlow, '94-98; Stanford, Ky., '98—. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 187 

CROUCH, John W., Battle Creek, Mich.— Born, Livingston Co., Mo. ; LaG. 
C, Mo., B. A. ,1890; M. A., '96; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '96; Lie. May 24, '93, Orel. 
Apr. 14, '97, 1st Ch., La Grange, Mo. ; S. Wilder St. Ch., Rochester, N. Y., '94; 
Prof. Ancient Language, La G. C, Mo., '96-98; P. 1st Ch., Battle Creek, Mich., 

CROUCH, William Anderson, Turney, Mo.— Born, Fall Branch, E. Tenn.; 
Wm. Jewell C, Mo., 1876; Lie. '68, Mansfield Gap Ch., Tenn. ; Orel. '69, Fan Branch 
Ch., Tenn.; P. Fan Branch, Kingsport, Limestone, Tenn.; Gosneyville, Plattsburg, 
Platte City, Pleasant Grove, Lexington, Browning, Lawson, Richmond, Kearney, 
Lathrop, Providence, Dearborn, Mo.; Fin. Agt. Md. of Ministerial Education, Wm. 
Jewell C, Mo. 

CROW, Hiram T., Fordsville, Ky. — Born, Fordsville, Ky.; Stud. Hartford 
Cm Lexington U., Ky., and Lexington T, S., Ky.; Lie. 1884, Ord. '95, Mt. Pleasant 
Ch., Ky. ; P. Cane Run, Ky. 

CROW, John J,, Roswell, Ga. — Born, Lavvrenceville, Ga. ; Lie. Sept., 1888, 
Ord. Aug. 27, '93 Roswell Ch., Ga. ; P. Lebanon, '95; Lebanon, New Providence, 
Chattahoochee, '96; Lebanon, New Providence, Chattahoochee, Mt. Paron, '97; 
Lebanon, New Providence, Mt. Paron, Providence, (Fulton Co.,) '98; Providence, 
(Fulton Co.,) Providence, (Milton Co.,) Union Hill, Roswell, Ga., '99—. 

CROW, Jones A., View, Ga.— Born. Habersham Co., Ga. ; Lie. 1874, White 
Creek Ch.,Ga.; Ord. '80, Lula Ch., Ga. ; P. Pleasant Hill Ch., '97—; Mud Creek, 
'97-98; Bethlehem and Broad River, Ga., '99. 

CROW, William J., Panola, Ky.— Born, Estill Co., Ky.; Lie. 1885, and Ord. 
'86, Clear Creek Ch., Ky. 

CROWELL, Ezra, Nyack, N. Y.— Born, Chatham, Mass.; Stud. .Parsonsfield 
Acad., Me.: Studied Theol. under private tea. ; Ord. May, 1842, Brunswick Ch., Me. ; 
P. Brunswick and Richmond, Me. ; Portsmouth, N. H. ; Lawrence, Mass. ; Hartford r 
Conn.; Oneonta, Phoenix, Newark Valley, Piermont, N. Y. 

CROWL, Calvin H«, Tioga, Pa.— Born, Wellsborough, Pa.; Lie. Aug., 1872, 
Stony ForkCh., Pa.; Ord. Baily Creek Ch., Pa.; P. Rutland, Baily Creek and 1st 
Ch., Jackson, '73-74; Baily Creek, IstCh., Jackson and West Jackson, 74-75; Leroy, 
4yrs. ; Burlington and West Jackson, 18 mos.; Alba, '80-86; Rutland, Baily Creek, 
Armenia, '92-96; Tioga, Pa./'96— . 

CROXTON, Albert Marion, Monroe, N. C— Born, Lancaster, S. C ; Fur. L\, 
S. C, M. A., 1887; S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. M., '92, and Th. D.; Lie. '84, and Ord. '88, 
Fork Hill Ch., S. C; P. Camilla, Ga., '90-91 ; Oak Cliff, Tex., '92-94; Oxford, 
Miss., '95-68; S. Citadel Square Ch., Charleston, S. C, 1 mo., '98; P. IstCh., Mon- 
roe, N. C, "98—. 

CROXTON, John Spencer, Heath Spring, S. C— Bom, Lancaster Co., S. C; 
Stud, privately; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. 1858, Ord. Jan. 8, '62, Fork Hill Ch., S. C; 
P. Catawba, '61; Waxhaw. N. C, '61-67; Beaver Creek, "63-90 ; Mt. Pissjah, '64-67; 
Hopewell, '68-74; Fork Hi 1, '67—; Bethany, '68-71; Laurel Hill, '83; Taxahaw, 
'85-90; Pleasant Plain, '86; White Plains, '80-83; Spring Hill, S. C, '88-90; Mod- 
erator Moriah Asso., S. C, 74— ; P. Heath Spring, '89— ; White Bluff, '94— ; An- 
tioch, '97—; Fork Hill, S. C— . 

GRUDGINGTON, Thomas, Hyde Park, Mass.— Born, London, Eng. ; Stud. 
Military Sch. ; Devonshire Classical and Commercial Acad.; Studied under private 
tea.; Theol. Privately ; Ord. Aug. 24, 1871, Stepney Ch., Conn.; Cy. My. Ports, 
mouth, Eng., '59-71; P. Stepney, Conn.; Quidnessett Ch., Davisville, R. I.; '73-76; 
Quidnick and C romp ton, R. I., 78-82; Cottage Cv., Mass., '82-84; Johnson, Vt., 
'84-88; Meredith Village, N. H., '88-90; No. Leverett and No. Sunderland, Mass.. 
'90-92; Fitzwilliam, N. H., '92-95. 

CRUDUPJosiahCade, Ozark, Ark.— Born, Wake Co., N. C; Lie. 1880; Ord. 
Dec. 18, '81, Ozark Ch., Ark.; P. Ozark, and New Prospect, Ark. 

188 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

CRUGER. George "Washington, Stevens ville, Mont. — Born, Wappinger's 
Creek, N. Y.; Lie. July, 1887, 1st Ch , Fergus Falls, Minn.; Ord. Ma . 26, '89, 1st 
Ch., Henrdng, Minn. : P. 1st Ch., Henning, Minn., '89-92; Gettysburg, S. Dak.: 
S. Onida, S. Dak., '93-94; P. Onida, S. Dak,, '94-95: Pageville, Mont.. '96-97; Mv. 
Colp., A. B. P. S., for Mont , '97—. 

CRUIKSHANKS, G R., Singer's Glen, Va —Born, ClavCo:, W. Va. ; R. C, 
Va., 1888; Lie. '84, Birch River, Ch., W Va.; Ord. [une 3', '87, Elon Ch., Va. ; 
P. Elon, Mt. Oliver, and Taylorville, '88-91; Harrisfourg, '92-97; Singer's Glen, 
'96—; Bridgewater, Va., "97— 

CRUMB, Andrew Van Buren, Toungoo, Berma.— Born, Brookfield, N. Y. ; 
S'nd. Whitesboro Sem.; Cs- Acad , N. Y:, 1870; Cg. U., N. Y., B. A., '74: M. A., 
76; Ham. T. S., N. Y.. '76; Lie. '68, and Ord. '76, 1st. Ch., Brookfield, N. Y.; 
My. Toungoo, Burma, '76 — . 

CRUMLEY, J. D., KeyporT, N. L— Born, Union, East Tenn.; Marvville," C, 
Tenn., B. A-, 1881; Roch. T. S., N. Y. '84; Lie. '81, Maryville Ch , Tenn.; Ord. 
Aug. 3, '84, Pottsboro Ch., Tex. ; P. Port Bvron, N. Y., '85-87 ; Deep River, Conn., 
'87-89; Keyport, N. J., '90—. 

CRUMBLY, William Oscar, Blakely, Ga.— Born, Randolph Co., Ga. ; Stud. 
Bethel C, Ga.; Lie. 1885, Coleman Ch., Ga. ; Ord. '87, Mt. Vernon Ch., Ga.; P. 
Judson, Ala., '87-88; Elim, '87-90; Hilton, Pine View, Flat Creek, '97-99; Mt. 
"Hebron, Miller, Ga., '99; Friendship, Ala., 4 yrs. 

CRUMPTON, W, B., Georgetown, Ky- Born, Camden, Ala.; Stud. G. C 
Ky.; Lie. 1866, Garlandsville Ch.. Miss.; Ord. Jan.'70, Pleasant Hill Ch. ; Country 
and Village Chs., Ala.; 1st Ch , Meridian, Miss.; Cor. Sec. Miss. Bd., 10 yrs. ; Gen\ 
Agt. C, Ky., 3 yrs. ; Ed. "Alabama Baptist," for a time; Au. Various tracts. 

CRUSHSHON, John William, 1222 Sheridan St., Richmond, Ind.— Born, 
Callaway Co.. Mo. ; Studied privately; Lie. 1875, Ord. '78, 2nd Ch., Tinton, Mo. ; 
P. 2nd Ch., Buneeton, '75; 2nd Ch., Miami, '79; 2nd Cn., Sedalia, Mo.; '84; 1st Ch. 
Leavenworth, Kan., '86: 2nd Ch., Jacksonville, '88; Mt. Zion Ch., Peoria, '90; Her- 
mon Ch., Chicago, '92; 2nd Ch., Joliet, '97; M. P. Ch., Bloomington, 111., '98; Mt. 
MoriahCh., Richmond, Ind., — : Mod. 2nd Dist. Asso. of Mo., 2 yrs.; Wood River 
Asso., 111., 4 yrs. 

CUBBERLY, James Albert, South Plainfield, N. J. — Born, Hamilton Square, 
N. J.: Stud. Peddie Inst., N. J.; Cg. U., N. Y., B. A., 1875; M. A., '78; Ham. T. 
S., N. Y.,'78; Lie. Aug. 30/ '73, Hamilton Square Ch., N J.: Ord. June 27, '78, 
Vernon Ch., N. Y.; P.Vernon, '78-82; Bath, N. Y., '82-85; New Market, '85-93; 
South Plainfield, N. J., '95—. 

CUDE, John, Hemming, Tex.— Born, Tenn.; Lie. 1882, Pilot Grove Ch., Tex.; 
Ord. '94, Hemming Ch., Tex.; P. Hemming, Tex., '94 — . 

CULBERTSON, Washington Lee, Attalla, Ala.— Born, Laurens Co., S. C; 
Stud. Centerville C. ; Walnut Grove C, Ala., B. A., 1890; Lie. '85 Fairview Ch., 
Ala.; Ord. Apr. 15, '91, Walnut Grove Ch., Ala.; P Mt. Tabor, '91-92; Fairview 
and Macedonia, '93-94; Hoke's Bluff and West Gadsden, '95-96; Attalla. Collins- 
ville and Ft. Pavne, '97 — ; Walnut Grove, '99 — ; First Tea. and Vice Pres. Hoke's 
Bluff C. 

CULL, Thomas, West Pawlet, Vt.— Born, Eng. ; Stud. Cg. U., N. Y.; U. 
Roch., N. Y., 1861; Ham. T. S., N. Y., '63; Lie. '58, Fifth Ave. Ch , Trov, N. Y.; 
Ord. '63 1st Ch., Malone, N. Y.; P. Malone, '62-65; Adams. N. Y„ '65-67; Taber- 
nacle, Albanv, '67-69; Stillwater, '69-73; Middletown, '73-90 ; West Pawlet, N. 
Y., '98—. 

CULLUM, Willis Richard, Wake Forest, N. C— Born, Welden, N. C: W. 
F. C, N. C, M. A., 1892; S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. M , '95; Lie. July '86. Ord. June 
'88, Quankie Ch., N. C; P. Warren Plains, Corinth, Concord, Knap of Reeds, N. 
C; Irvington, Ky.; S. Danville, Ky. ; Borden, Ind.; Middlebur^ and Poplar Creek, 
N. C; P. Youngsville, Forestville, Mt. Vernon, N. C: Tutor, Svstematie Tneologv, 
S. B. T. S., Ky., '94-96; Chair of Bible, Wake Forest C, N. C.^96— . 

The Baptist Ministerial Dirtxtoky 189 

CULPEPPER, Elam, Cordele, Ga.- Born, Haralson, Ga.; Stud. Mer. I'., Qn.; 
Lie. 1875, West Union Ch. Ga. ; Ord. Dec., 79, Friendship Ch., Ga.; P. Senoia, 
Fairburrt, Jonesboro, McDonough, Cordele, Hogansville, Ashburn, Ga. 

CULPEPPER, John Peter, Gloster, Miss.— Born, Hooker, Miss.; Miss. C, B. 
L., 1893; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. '87, Ord. June, '94, Crooked Creek Ch., Miss.; P. 
Columbus, '95-96; 1st Ch., Gloster, Miss., '97—. 

CULVER, Dwight V., Dayton, Tenn..— Born, Alford, Mass., 1834; Stud. Car- 
roll C, Wis.; U. Chicago; Lie. Waukesha Ch., Wis ; Ord. May 9, '68, Fall Branch 
Ch., Tenn. ; P. Rhea Springs, Term., '77-80; Organized Ch., Spring Cy., Tenn., 
'81 ; P. same, '81-83; S. Sale Creek, Tenn , '96-97; Tea. 

CUMBERLAND, Paul, 'Sidnkv, O.— Born. Brown Co., O. ; Lie. 1864, Ord. Aug. 
24, '76, Mt. Vernon Ch., O.; P. Van Wert, 3 times; Bogues Creek, O , 4 times. 

CUMBIE, M. P., Chapin, Ga.— Born, Mitchell Co., Ga. ; Lie. Jan. 24, 1894, 
Ord. Oct. 27, '95, Liberty Hill Ch., Ga. ; P. Liberty Hill and Oak Grove, Ga. 

CUMMING, Thomas J., Warrenton, Ga. — Born, Bethlehem Academy, Ga. ; 
Lie. 1864, Ord. '66, Bethlehem Ch., Ga. ; P. Antioch, Sisters Ch., Ohoopee, Bethle- 
hem, Pleasant Grove S^ndersville, all in Washington Co.; Bethel, Duharts, Pleasant 
Grove, Jefferson Co.; Reedy Creek, Mt. Horeb, Warrenton, Little Buckhead, Mill 
Creek, Gibson Gap, Louisville, Salem, Williams Creek and Black Springs, Ga. — . 

CUMMINGS, Alexander, Fairmount, III. — Born, Port Colbourn, Out., Cana- 
da. ; Stud Black River Inst., N. Y.; Lie. Sept. 20. 1859, and Ord. Jan. 12. '60, West 
Urbana Ch., 111.; P. Fairmount, 111., '61-65; '73-78; Paola, Kan., '71-73; Au. 
"What Must I Do to Be Saved ? " '91. 

CUMMINGS John Ernest, A . B . Mis s i on, Henzada, B u rm a . — Born, Sac o , 
Me.; Stud. Bowdoin C, Me.; Colby U., Me., B. A., 1884; M. A., '93; Stud. New. 
T. S., Mass.; Lie. '80, and Ord. Sept., '87, Adams St. Ch., Biddeford, Me.; S. Mt. 
Vernon, Me, Julv-Aug., '85; P. Bethel, Me., July-Aug., '86; My. A. B. M. U., 
Henzada, Burma, '87 — ; Officiating Dist. Sec. A. B. M., U.,Ne\v England, Jan.-Apr., 
'96; Ed. "Burman Messenger," In Burmese language, '92-93. 

GUMMINGS, S. P., Jewett, Tex. — Born, Leon Co., Tex.; Stud. Jewe't II. 
Sch., Tex.; Lie. Ju'y 22, 1876, Union Hill Ch., Tex.; Ord. Feb. 26, '82, Rogers 
Prairie Ch., Tex ; P. Chs. in Leon Co., Tex.; Jewett, Tex.—. 

CUMMINS, Harrison T., Cottrell, Ore.— Born. Xewste?d, N. Y.; Lie. May 
9,1885,1st Ch., Douglass, Mich.; Ord. Apr. 20, '87, 1st Ch., Douglass, Mich. ; S. 
Spangle, Rock ford artd Rosalia, 'S7-89 ; Gresham Ch., 3 yrs; Ravenwood Ch., '97 ; 
Logan, 1 yr. 

CUMMINS, Lucius Asa, Stephentown, N. Y. ; Born, Marshall, Wis.: Stud. 
Shurt. C, 111.; Cg. U., N. Y. ; B. A , 1881; M. A., '87; Ham. T. S., N. Y., '87; Lie. 
'79, Solon Ch., N. Y. ; Ord. '31, Reading Ch., N. Y. ; S. Solon, '78-79; Stratford 
and Salisbury, N. Y., '80; P. Reading, '81; Naples, Blood's station, and Italy Hol- 
low, N. Y., '82-84; S. Bartlett, '84-85; lordanville, '85-86; Fenner, N. Y., '86-87; 
P. Centerville, S. Dak., '87-89; Bancroft,* la., '89-91; S.Emmanuel Ch., Victoria, B. 
C, '92; P. Half Moon, N. Y., '93-94; S. Middletown Springs, Vt., '95; P. Stephen- 
town, N. Y., '95 — ; Au. "History and Manuel of the 1st Baptist Church of Srephen- 
town, N. Y." '96. 

CUMMINS,, William Calvin, Forkstburg, Tex.— Born, Gilfoid Co., X. C. ; 
Lie. 1857, and Ord. '58, North Sulphur Ch.; P. North Sulphur, '58; New Salem, 
'60; South Sulphur, '66-74; Mt. Lebanon, 14 yrs. ; S. Pilgrim, Shiloh, Lone Oak, 
Tex.; P. Antioch, 10 yrs.; Forestburg and Hardy, Tex., a few yrs. 

GUNDIFF, James R., 205 North 19th St., Mattoon, III.— Born, Hardin Co., 
Ky.; Lie. 1864, Blue Ball Ch., 111.; Ord. *66, Meeting Creek Ch., 111. ; P. Meeting 
Creek, Franklin's X Cross Roads, Muldraugh Hill, Antioch, Const antine, Rough 
Creek, East View, Hanging Rock, Calvary Ch., Mattoon, 111. 

490 The Baptist Ministerial Directory 

CUNNINGHAM, B. E., Jewell, Ala.— Born, Blowhorn, Ala.; Lie. June S, 
1894, Ord. Oct. 30, '97, Fellowship Ch.; P. Walnut Grove Ch., '98—. 

CUNNINGHAM, Frank (X, Rockland, Mass.— Born, North Attleboro, Mass., 
Oct. 26, 1861; S^ud. Boston Latin Sch. and under private tutor; Lie. Sept. 1, '83, 
Free Bap. Ch., Curtis Corner, R. I.: Ord. Jan. 6, '84. Messiah Ch., Auburn, R. I., 
P. 1st Ch., Somerville, Mass., '87-92; Park Place Ch., Aurora, 111., '94-96; 1st Ch., 
Rockland, Mass., '97 — . 

CUNNINGHAM, Hezekiah, Cedarfork, Tens.- Bom, Claiborne Co., Tenn.; 
Lie. Oct., 1896; Ord. Dec, '97, Lone Branch Ch., Va. ; P. Lone Branch, Va., '97-99. 

CUNNINGHAM, I. H., Graham, Tex.— Born, Lincoln Co., Tenn.: Lie. Feb., 
1867, Tebo Ch., Mo.; Ord. Feb., 72, Spring Creek Ch.. Ark.; P. Macedonia, 8 
yrs.; Long Hollow, \% yrs. ; New Hope, '80-82 ; Mt. Pleasant, '84-87. 

CUNNINGHAM, Jesse H., Newburg, Tex.— Bom, De Kalb Co., Ala.; Lie. 
Nov., 1886; Ord. Jan., '88, South Leon Ch., Tex.; P. South Leon, '88-95; Concord, 
'88-90; Mt. Creek, '88-91, '94-99: BaggeU's Creek, '91-99; Mt. Prospect, '89-91; 
Sidney, '93-98; Logan Valley, and Sweet Water, '93-94; Carlton, Tex., '96-98. 

CUNNINGHAM, John Wiley, Devixe, Tex.— Born, Washington, Tenn., Feb. 
18, 1847; St'ud. Masonic Male and Female Inst.. 4 yrs.; Lie. Sept., '65; Ord. Jan. 
22, '70, Union Ch , Tenn.; P. Shells Ford and Hebron, '71-76; McMinnville, 76; 
Greenwood, Spring Hill, Tenn., '77-79; Ev. '78-80; Gen. Ev. Sequachee and Tenn. 
Vallies, '80-83: P. Decatur and Kingston, Tenn., '83-84; Cedar Creek, Moffat, 
Tex., '84-86; Bartlett, Dewville, Corn Hill and Post Oak Grove, Tex., '87-88; 
My. for State Bd. of Tex., '89-96; P. Devine, Tex.— . 

GUNNINGHAM, Langston, Catlettsburg, Texx.— Born, Knox Co., Tenn., 
1824; Lie. '66, Boyd's Creek Ch.; Ord. '67, Guist Creek Ch. ; P. Zion Hill, '67-93; 
Antioch, 8 yrs.; Union Valley, 5 yrs. ; Sugar Loaf, 3 yrs. ; Guist, 4 yrs.; Shiloh, 6 
yrs. ; JPleasant Grove, 5 yrs. : Walnut Grove, 2 yrs. ; Providence, Tenn., '96 — . 

CUNNINGHAM, N. D., Strange Creek, W. Va.— Born, Kentuek, W. Va. ; 
Lie. 1893; Ord. Feb. 21, '94, Elk River Ch., W. Va. : P. Elk River, Mt. Olive and 
Middle Run, '95—: New Hope, '95-96: Long Run, W. Va., '9S-99. 

CUNNINGHAM, Oscar H. L., Mayxard, Ark.— Born, Dver Station, Tenn.; 
Stud. Abbot Inst.Maynard, Ark.; Lie. 1893, Ord. '95, Mt. Pleasant Ch., Ark.; P. 
Payn or, '95-97 ; Oak Grove, '96-98; Reyno, '95—: P. Corning, Ark., '99—: Asso. 
Ed. "Baptist Gleaner." 

CUNNINGHAM, Warren, Graham, Tex.— Born, Henrv Co., Mo.: Lie. Oct., 
1886: Ord. Mar., '87, Macedonia Ch., Tex.; P. Long Hollow, '87: Macedonia and 
Mt. Pleasant, '88-90; Peach Creek, '89-94; Belknap, '91-92; Bee Branch. '92-99: 
Ming Bend, '94-99; California, Tex., '96-98. 

CUPPY, William Thomas, Wavelaxd, Ind.— Born, Sullivan Co., Ind.; Stud. 
Terre Haute, Ind., and Shurt. C, 111.; Lie. Aug. 6, and Ord. Jan. 6, 1872, Little 
Flock Ch., Ind.; P. Zion, 3 yrs.; Shelburn, 7 yrs.; 1st Ch., Prairie Creek, 4 yrs.; 
Friendship, 10 yrs. ; Olive Branch, 2 yrs. ; Freedom, IQ yrs. : M t. Zion, 5 vrs. ; Union, 
5 yrs. ; New Discovery, 7 yrs. ; New Market, 6 yrs. : Salem, 2 vi s. ; Hiddleprairie, 9 
yrs.; Waveland, 6 yrs. ; 'Goshen, 3 yrs.; Marshall, 1 yr. ; Little Flock, 3 yrs.; 
Friendly Grove and Organ, Ind. v 

CURREY, Alfred, Victory, Mich.— Born, Gage Town, New Brunswick; Lie. 
1865, Ord. May 8, '67, North Branch Ch., Mich.; P. North Branch, '65-69; Union- 
ville, '69-71; Marlette, Mich., '71-77; Bad Axe and Verona, '77-81: Rubicon, '82- 
83; Rankin, '86-89; Bad Axe, '89-91: Bvron, '93-95; Scottville, Mich., '98-99; S. 
South Bay City and Oxford, '92.: Rochester, Mich., "93. 

CURREY, Frank L., Berriex Springs, Mich. — Born, North Branch, Mich., 
1866; Lie. Sept., '88, Mundv Center Ch., Mich.: Ord. Dec. 3, '91, Cass Citv Ch., 
Mich.; P. Birch Run, '8S-89; Port Austin, '90-91: Cass Citv, '91-93; Elmwood, 
June-Nov., '93; 1st Ch., Ludington, Mich.; '93-97; Scotville," Jan.-Oct., '96 ; ; S. 
Manistee, Mich., '97-98; P. Berrien Springs, Mich., '98 — . 

The Baptis'i Ministerial Directory. 191 

CURRY, Harrison, Webster, W. Va.— Born, Taylor Co., W. Va. ; Lie. 1883, 
Ord. '84, Webster Ch., W. Va. ; P. Goshen, 7 yrs. ; *Zoar, 6 yrs. ; Pleasant Hill, 
Forks of Cheat, Point Pleasant, Oak Grove and Simpson, W. Va. 

CURRY, Henry Preston, Petersburg, III. — Born, Green Co., Ky. ; Lie. May, 
and O.d. Sept. 26, 1842, Cleary's Grove, Ch., 111.; P. Cleary's Grove, 27 yrs.; Bethel, 
Richland, Pleasant Plains, Baker's Prairie, Mason Ci*y, Walker's Grove, New Leb- 
anon, Mr. Zion, Mt. Olive, 111.; An. "Christian Sabbath, Its Identity and Proper 
Observance," '90; Enlarged edition "Christian Sabbath," L. C, '98. 

CURRY, J* H., Northport, Ala.— Born, Carrollton, Ala.; Stud. Spring H. 
Sen.; Lie. Feb. 10, 1868, and Ord. Oct. 15, '68, Big Ch., Ala.; P. Hebron, Enon, 
•Carrollton, Pickensville, Spring Hill, Mt. Zion, Miss.; Mt. Moriah, Tenn. ; North- 
port, Ala., — . 

CURRIN, John Phillips, Hillsboro, O.— Born, Pittsburg, Pa.; Buck. U.,Pa., 
B: A., 1885; Rieh. T. S., N. Y., '88; Lie. '84, Phoenixville Ch., Pa.; Ord. Dec. 20, 
'88, East Ch., Lebanon, O.; P. Lebanon, New Vienna and Hillsboro, O., '92 — . 

CURRY, Edward Rufus, Jackson, Mich.— Born, Windsor, N. S. ; Acadia C, 
N. S., B. A., 1881; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, B. D., '87; Lie. May, '80, Windsor Ch., 
N. S. ; Ord. Dec., '82, New Castle Ch., N. B., Can.; P. New Castle, Miramichi, N. 
B., '81-82; Steven's Point, '83-S4; Evansville, Wis., '84-87; Fremont, Neb., '87-91; 
1st Ch., Jackson, Mich., '91—. 

GURRY, William G„ Livingston, Ala.— Born, Pineville, Ala.; How. C.,Ala., 
D. D., 1S97; Lie. Sept. 11, '59, Bethel Ch., La.; Ord. Sept. 15, '63, Orange C. H. 
Ch., Va.; P. Monroeville, Pineville, Bellville, and Philadelphia, '66-79; Furman, 
Carlowville and Pleasant Hill, Ala., '78-88; Aberdeen, Miss., '94-96; Livingston and 
Eutaw, Ala., '96—. 

GURRY, William Lewis, Pelham, Ga.— Born, Edgefield Co., S. C; Stud. Fur. 
U., Columbia T. S., and S. B. T. S., S. C. ; Lie. and Ord. Oct , 1860, Big Stevens 
■Creek Ch., Ga. ; P. Milford, '65-85; Morgan, 15 yrs.; Bluffton, 4 yrs.; Bainbridge, 
1 yr. ; Blakely, 1 yr. ; Camilla, Ga., 1 yr. ; etc. 

CURTIS, E. T., Catskill, N. Y.— Born, Jamaica, Va.; Stud. Wayland Sem., 
D. C; Lie. Mar. 2, 1887, and Ord. Nov. 23, '88, Union Shiloh Ch. ;"P. 2nd Ch., 
Catskill, N. Y.,'89— . 

CURTIS, Francis Orlando Seabrook, Ninty Six, S. C— Born, St. Mary's, Ga.; 
,Stud. St. Mary's Acad., Ga. ; H. Seh., Charleston, S. C. ; Seabrook's Inst. S. C.,and 
S. B. T. S.. Ky.; Lie. 1875, and Ord. Dee. 30, 77, Bethlehem Ch.; P Hunter's 
Chapel, '78; Antioch, '79-80; Peniel, '80-81 ; Smoak's Cross Roads, '79-82; Great 
Swamp, '82; Ephesus, and Mt. Zion, '83-85; Mizpah, '83; Beulah and Willow Creek, 
'84-85; Hebron, '85; Calvary and Libertv, '86-89 ; New Bethel, '88-89; Flint Hill, 
'89-93; Ft. Mill, '92-93; Pleasant Valley, '91-93; Ninty Six, '94—; Mt. Moriah, '94- 
96; Damascus, '94-98; Fellowship, '95—; Sister Springs, S. C, '97—. 

GURTIS, George Thomas, York, Mich.— Born, Gloucester, Eng. ; Stud. Crypt 
■Grammar Seh., Gloucester, Eng. ; Woodstoek C, Ontario, Canada; Lie. Aug. 28, 
1886, Glenmeyer Ch., Canada; Ord. June 19, '89, Perry Ch., Mich. 

CURTIS, John Aiasco, Kanigari, Nellore Disc't, India. — Born, Jefferson, 
la.; Des. M. C. la., B. A., 1895; M. A., '98; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '98; Lie. Forest 
Ave. Ch. ( Des Moines, la.; Ord. Sept. 8, '94, Longfit Ch., la.; P. Longfit, '93-94; 
Stuart, la., '94-95; S. Greeee, N. Y., '95-98. 

CURTIS, William H., Greenfield, Mo.— Born, Martinsburg, O.; Stud. Wm. 
Jewell C, Mo., and Cent. U. la.; Lie. Sept. 1, 1888, Emerson Ch., la.; Ord. Nov. 
20, '90, Tabor Ch., la.; P. Tabor, '90-93, '96-97; Riverton, '95-96; Mt. Olive, la., 
'95-97; S. Beacon, la., '93-94; P. Greenfield, Mo., '97—. 

CUSHM AN, John, Fort Jefferson, O.— Born, Hinsdale, Mass.; Stud. Co:. 
U., N. Yr; Lie. Feb. 7, 1886, Adams Ch., Mass.; Ord. Feb. 26, '89. Colebrook 
Ch., O.:; P. Colebrook, '88-92; 1st Ch., Jefferson, O., '92—. 

192 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

CUSIGK, Maxwell Henry, Clarkson, N. Y.— Born, Hamlin, N, Y,; Pills. 
Acad., N. Y M 1886; Stud. Cg. U., N. Y., U. Roch., N. Y., and Ham. T. S., N. Y.; 
Lie. Sept. '87, 1st Ch., Owatonna, Minn. ; Ord. Apr. 24, '89, 1st Ch., St. Charles, 
Minn.: P. St. Charles, •89-90; Granite Falls, Minn., '90 ; S. Hannibal, N. Y., '90 ; 
P. Walworth, '88-92; Rose, N. Y., '92-95. 

GUSTER, Charles Lebbens, Pella, Ia.— Born, Bonaparte, la.; Stud. Wm. Jew- 
ell C. Mo.;" Cent. U., Ia., B. A.. 1897; Lie. '79, Ord. '84, Bonaparte Ch., Ia. ; P. 
Ainsworth, '83-86; Charleston, '83-84; Bonaparte, '84-87; Coalridge, la., '90-91: 
S. Beacon, '94-95; Evans, la., '95-96. 

' CUTCHINS, Rufus Arthur, Columbus, O.— Born, Enfield, N. C; Lie. May 4, 
1888, Ord. Jan. 14. '91, Shiloh Ch., O.; P. 1st Ch., Richwood, O., '91; S. West 
Mansfield and Bog=cretk, O., '94; P. 2nd Ch., Kenton, O., '96; S. Wooster, 6 mos., 
'83; Shiloh, O., '98. 

CUTHBERT, Lucius, Charleston, S. C. — Born, Beaufort, S. C; Stud. 
Beaufort C. S. C; S.C. C, M. A., 1853; D; D.; Stud. Princeton T.S., N. J.; Lie. '54, 
Beaufort Ch., S. C; Ord. '56, Aiken Ch., S. C; P. Aiken, '56-65; Citadel Square 
Ch., Charleston, '65-67: Beach Island, Williston, Grahams, Rosemary, Elks, Bam- 
berg, Town Creek and 1st Ch., Charleston, S. C, '92—. 

CUTHBERTSON. D. E., Liberty, Mo.— Born, Ga. ; Smd. Wm. Jewell C. 
Mo., Lie. Ian. 20, 1881, and Ord. Sept. 7, '84, New Hope Ch., Mo.: P.Missouri 
Valley. '90-93; Hopewell, '92-93; Bee Creek, '88-91; Bnrdef, Mo., 3 yrs.; Lan- 
sing, Kan., '97. 

GUTLER, Charles Arthur, McCo^nelsville, O. — Born, Hastings, Mich.: 
Smd. Hastings H. Sch., an-1 Hill C, Mich.; Lie. Nov., 1893, Ambov Ch., Mich.; 
Ord. June 6, '94, Franklin Ch., O. ; P. Bryn-Zion, and Franklin, '93-94; Frederick- 
town, '96-98; McConnelsville, O., '98—. 

CUTLER, Francis B., Oxford, Mich.— Born, Ellenville, N. Y. ; Stud. Bethany 
Acad., Conn, and State Normal, Pa.; Lie. Sept. 28, 1897, Ellwood Cy. Ch., Pa.: 
Ord. Dec. 29, '97, Oxford, Ch., Mich.; P. Oxford, Mich., 97—; P. in M. E. Ch., 5 

CUTTEN, George Barton, Montowese, Conn. — Born, Amherst, N. S.; Acadia 
U., N. S.; B. A., 1896; M. A. '97; Yale U. Conn., B. A., '97; Lie. '94, Amherst 
Ch.* N. S. ; Ord. '97, Montowese Ch., Conn.; P. River John; New Aman, Brooklyn 
Avonport, N. S. ; Montowese, Conn.; S. West End Halifax, N. S. ; and Olivet Ch., 
New Haven, Conn. 

CLTTS, William Loomis, Marshallville, Ga. — Born, Steward Co., Ga. ; Stud. 
Dawson Male and Female Cl, Ga. ; Mer. U,, Ga., B. S., 1894; Mer. U. T. S., Ga. ; 
Lie. Dec. 3, 1887, Richland Ch., Ga.; Ord. Apr. '89, Parrottville Ch,, Ga. ; P. Ogle- 
thorpe, Byron, and Leesburg, '94; Marshallville, Ga., '99 — . 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 193 

DABNEY, Thomas Alexander, Kershaw, S. C — Born, Kershaw Co., S. C; 
Lie. 1889, Buffalo Ch., S. C; Ord. '90, Flat Creek Ch., S. C; P. Flat Creek 
and Buffalo, '90; Mt. Pisgah and Providence, 3 yrs. ; Taxahaw, S. C, 3 yrs. ; 
Flat Creek, Buffalo, Taxahaw and Timrod, S. C. 

DAGGETT, Converse Rollin, Greene Corner, Me. — Born, Greene, Me.; 
Stud. Monmouth Acad., Me., C. Physicians and Surgeons, N. Y., and Bangor T. S., 
Me. ,.2 yrs. ; Lie. 1860, and Ord. Sept '62, 3rd Cong. Ch., Bongor, Me. ; P. S. Solon 
Cong. Ch. ; E. Madison Cong. Ch. ; Organizer and P. Athens Cong. Ch.; P. Cam- 
bridge, Me. ; S. other Chs. 

DAHL, A. V. t Bird Island, Me. — Born, Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe; 
Stud. H. Sch.; Private Prep. Course, Copenhagen, Denmark; Efterslagtens Real- 
steole, Copenhagen, 1879; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, B. D., '90; Lie. '86, Drummond 
Ch., "Ontario, Can.; Ord. '90, Aulbory Ch., Denmark; P. Aulbory, '90-92; Rudkja- 
bing, Denmark, '92-95; Springwater, Wis., '95-96; Worthington, '97-98; Bird 
Island, Minn., '99—. 

DAHLEN, Carl O., Ishpeming, Mich.— Born, Sweden; Stud. Div. Sch., U. 
Chicago; Ord. May 10, 1896, Ishpeming Ch., Mich.; P. Ishpeming, Mich — . 

DAILY, David Gray, Lacygne, Kan. — Born, Washington Co., Pa.; Stud. 
Magnolia H. Sch., New Martinsville, W. Va.; Cro. T. S., Pa., 1887; Lie. Mar., '82, 
Pine Fork Ch., W. Va. ; Ord. June 20, '83, Willow Island Ch., W. Va., and Muskin-* 
gum Ch., O.; P. Willow Island, W. Va., and Little Muskingum, O.; »87-88; New 
Matamoras, Good Hope and Independence, O., '89-90; Leon, '91; Correctionville, 
la., '92; William Jewell Ch., Kansas City, Mo., '92-93; Mt. Ayr, Blockton and Del- 
phos, '93-94; Guthrie Center, la., '95; S. Turner, Kan., Spring '96; Waverly, Grand 
Pass and Antioch, Mo., '96-97; Calvary Ch., Lacygne, Liberty Ch., Fontana and 
Boicourt, Kan., '97—. 

DAILY, Newell Howard, Evergreen Park, III. — Born, Cambridge, Mass.; 
Stud. Worcester Acad., Mass.; Lie. Nov. 14, 1872, Allston Ch., Mass.; Ord. Jan. 7, 
'75, Richmond Ch., la.; P. Richmond, Knoxville, Newton, Chariton, Northwood, 
Spencer, la.; Spring Valley, Minn.; Morrison and La Moille, 111. 

DALBEY, "William Williams, Malvern, Pa.— Born, West Conshohocken, Pa., 
Jan. 28, 1835; Cro. T. S., Pa., '70; Lie. '65, Ord. Jan. 18, '66, Balligomingo Ch., Pa.; 
P. Radnor, '66-70; Glen Run, Pa., 70-71; Camden, N. J., '71-77; Passyunk Ch., 
Philadelphia, '77-83; Messiah Ch., Philadelphia, '83-89; Tabernacle, Harrisburg, 
'89-93; Willistown, Pa., '93—; Pres. Philadelphia Conf. of Bap. Ministers ; Mod. 
Philadelphia Bap. Asso. 

DALE, "William Lile, 1326 North St., Little Rock, Ark. — Born, Chester, 
S. C; Ord. Sept. 1, 1872, Wood Station Ch., Ga. ; Organizer and P. 2nd Ch. Chat- 
tanooga, Mt. Creek, Sweet Home, Tenn. ; Alexander, Pecangrove, Pleasant Grove, 
Ark. ; My. work. 

DALLMAN, HENRY, George, Ia. — Born,Temgum, Ostfreesland, Germany; 
Lie. Nov. 15, 1885. Buck Grove Ch., Ia.; Ord. July '88, Steamboat Rock Ch., Ia. ; P- 
Steamboat Rock, '87-90; George, la., '94—. 

DALTON, John Angell, Rutledge, Mo.— Born, Scotland Co.. Mo.; Stud. 
Hurdland C, Mo.; S. B. T. S., Ky., 1892 ; Lie. Sept., '91, Greensburg- Ch., Mo.; 
Ord. June 27, '97, Rutledge Ch., Mo.; P. Indian Creek, '96—; 1st Ch., Rutledge, 
'97—; Providence, Mo., '98—. 

DALY, John Baptist, Mancos, Colo. — Born, Rochester, N. Y.; Stud. Niagara 
U., N. Y.; Lie. Feb. 15, 1889, Marlboro Ch., Mass.; Ord. Jan. 24, '98, 1st Ch., Den- 
ver, Colo.; P. Franklin Park, Mass.; Mancos, Colo. 

DAMANT, James, Sanger, Calif.— Born, England; Stud. Fresno T. S., Calif. ; 
Ord. Mar. 5, 1896, Tulare Ch., Calif. ; P. Orosi, '97-98; Sanger, and Cloris, Calif., '99. 

DAME, Charles Fremont, Rising Sun, Ind.— Born, Minneapolis, Minn.; 
Wabash C, Ind., B A., 1881; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '84; Lie. Nov. 2, '83, Lake Ave. 
Ch., Rochester, N. Y.; Ord. Sept. 29, '85, Steele Ch., N. Dak.; P. Steele, N. Dak., 
85-86 ; S. Lisbon, Fargo, Grand Forks, Tower City, N. Dak. ; P. Spencer, '89 ; Salem, 
'89-92; Huntington Tabernacle, '93-95; Royal Center, '95-96 ; Rising Sun, Ind., '95— . 

19t The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

DANA, Watson, Newport, O.— Born, Newport. 0. : Stud. Marietta H. Sch., O. ; 
Lie. Feb. 1867, Newport Ch., O. ; Ord. Apr. '69. Matamoras Ch., O. : S. Newport, 
? 67-68; Valley, O., '68: P. Matamoras, '68-75; Muskingum Valley '71-72. '84-88; 
Ceutreville. 2 yrs. ; Independence, '85-88; Unitv, 2 vrs.; Graxsville, 1 vr. ; Law- 
rence, O.j 2 yrs.; Colp. My., A. B P. S., O., 10 yrs. 

DANBURY, George W* Du Quoin; III.— Born, Deerfield, O.: Stud. National 
Normal U., Lebanon, O.; Lie. Aug. 1877, Ord. Julv, '88, Pigeon Ch.,Ind.; P. 
Pigeon, '78-79; Pleasant Vallev, '79-82: Cvpress, '78-80; Tobinsport, Ind.. '79-83; 
Olney, '83-86; Jone^boro, '86-89; Pinckneyville, 111., '91: Sunday Sch. work, '91— . 

DANDRIDGE, Edward D., 18 Maple St., Cleveland, O.— Born, Cavespring, 
Mo.; Stud. Den. U., O., and Albany Enterprise ; Lie. Apr., 1891, and Ord. S J p'. 30, 
J .94, 1st Ch., Rendville, O.; P. Shiloh Ch., Cleveland, O , '94—. 

DANN, Frank, Avon, O. — Born, Reading, England; Stud. H. Grattan Guinness 
My. Training Inst.; Pastor's C. London, Eng., 1887; Lie. 78, Reading Ch., Eng. ; 
Ord. '87, L" Rov Ch., Minn.; Stud. P. Grays, Essex, Eng., '85-S7: P. Le Rov, 
Minn., '87-88; Cherry Creek, N. Y ., '89-91; Perry, '91-95; Avon, O., '94-. 

DANIEL, Henry, Flat Gap, Ky.— Born, River, Ky. : Lie. 1875, and Ord. '94, 
Tiat Gap Ch., Ky. 

DANIEL, John Milton, Tuscola, III. — Born, Trov, Ind.; U. Chicago, B. A.-, 
3 872; M. A., '75; Frank. C, Ind. ; M.A.,'75; Stud. Ladosra Sem., Ind. : Ord. Sept., 
:? 94, Tr v Ch., Ind.; P. Princeton, Ind.. '94-96; Tuscola, 111., '97-99; Prof. Bethel 
Female C.. Ky., '81-85; Supt. Cv. Schs., Jasper, Ind., '80-84; Las Animas, '86-90 ; 
Lajunta, Colo., '90-93. 

DANIEL, John Robert, Scottsville, Va. — Born, Roanoke Co., Va. ; S'ud. R. 
C, Va.; S. B. T. S., Ky., 1887; Lie. Julv 16, '81, Ft. Lewis Ch., Va. ; Ord. Tune 
'56, '87, Maysville Ch., Va.; P. Cumberland, '84-85: Scottsville, '87—; Fluvanna, 
^87—; Miaron, '90—: Hardware, '91—: Maysville, '87-90; Enon, Va.,89. 

DANIEL, Alford F. t Carbondale, III. — Born, Paris, Tenn. : Lie. July 7, 1876, 
Rock Hill Lh., Ill : Ord. Sept. 7, '80. Milron Grove Ch. Hi.; P. Milton Grove, 111., 
'80; Mt. Pisgah, Kv., '89: Grand" Tower. 2 vrs; Rock Hill and Carbondale, '90-91; 
Pinckneyville, 2 yrs; St. John, '92 : Carmi, 3 vs; M. Pleasant, Golconda, '92-94 ; 
Lebanon. '96-97; Cobden, '97-99; Mt. Vernon," 111.. 1 jr., '89; My. Mt. Olive Asso., 
Southern 111., 2 yrs. 

DANIEL, Carl A., 42 Ontario St., Rochester, N. Y. — Born, Cincinnati, 
O. : Stud. Sch. of Design, Cincinnati, O., and American German Acad.: Roch. 
T. S., N. Y., 1888; L ; c. Mar. 25, '85, 1st Ger. Bap. Ch., Cincinnati, O. ; Ord. June 
26, '88,1s* Ger. Bap. Ch., New Haven, Conn.; S. Chs. Cincinnati, O , Baltimore, 
Md., Rochest r, N. Y. and Waterburv, Conn., 'S4-S7 : P. Waterburv and Seymour, 
Conn., '88-90; 1st Ger. Ch., Harlem, New York, '90-96; l»t Ger. Ch., Rochester, 
N. Y., '96—. 

DANIEL, Charles Davis, 1716 Monterey St., San Antonio, Tex. — Born, 
F. rt Claiborne, Ala. ; Bay U.. Tex., B. A. ; Ord. Bethesda Ch., Tex.: S. Dawson 
and Mineola, Tex. ; A. P. Bahia, Rio de Taneiro, juiz de Fora, Brazil: P. Mineola, 
r J \., '89; S. Mexican Ch., San Ant mio, Tex., '91: P. Pro pect Hill, Tex , '92—; 
Ed. "Brazilian Baptist," paper, 2 vrs.: Joint Ed. ' San. Antonio Baptist.'' — . 

DANIEL, Charles Travis, Lee's Summit, Mo.— Born, Mt. S'erling, Kv. : G. C, 
K^.;B. A.. 1858; Lie. Aug. and Ord. Oct. '74 3rd Ch., St. Louis, Mo.; My. St. 
Louis and Little Bowe, Mo. ; S. Davis, Mo.; P. Brush Creek, Wellington, Zoar, 
R ch Hill, Neosho, New Liberty, Coleman, Cape Girardeau, Besonia Mo. ; Pleas- 
ant Valley, Cypress, Ind.; Mt. Carmel, Livermore, Ky. ; O«wego, Altamont, 
R chland," Kan. ; Voluntary My : Au. "William and Ann'e" and other Poens, 
pub. '64. 

DANIEL, Charles William, Pine Bluff. Ark.— Born, Monticello, Ark.; Sr>. 
Wn. U.,Tenn., M. A., 1894: Gra 1. S. B. T. S., Kv : L ; c. Oct.. '92, Ord. Mar., '93, 
1st Ch , Jackson, Tenn.; P. Center and Poplar Grove, Tenn., '93-94: 1st Ch., Tex- 
arkana, Tex., '96-97: 1st Ch., Pine Bluff, Ark.. '93—. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 195 

DANIEL, John W., Elgin, Tex.— Born, HarJin, Tex.; Stud. Banner Inst.; 
Lie. 1881, Luling Ch., Tex.; Ord. '88, Seclusion Ch., Tex.; P. Matagorda, Tres Pal- 
aci >s, Stockdale, Lavernia, Pleasant Valley, Sardis, Seguin, Prairie Lea, and High 
Point, Tex. 

DANIELS, George Maitland, 313 Randolph St., Richmond, Va. — Born, La- 
fayette, Wis.; Way. Inst., Wis., 1878; Div. Sch. U. Chicago, B. D., '88; Lie. 74, and 
Ord. '77, Spring Prairie Ch., Wis.; P. Sun Prairie, and Spring Prairie, Wis.; Ba- 
tavia, Piano, LaGrange, 111. ; Randolph St. Ch., Richmond, Va. 

DANIELS, Thomas, Munday, W. Va.— Born, Richmond, Va. ; Lie. Sept., 1895, 
Wright's Ch., W. Va. ; Ord. May, '97, Victory Ch., W. Va. ; P. Victory and Two 
Run, '97; Hill Grove, W. Va., '98-99. 

DANNELS, Ellis W., Sharon, O.— Born, Favette Co., Va. ; Den. U., O. ; Lie. 
Jan. 1854, Manchester Ch., O.; Ord. Feb. 21, '56, Unionville Ch., Pa.; P. Unionville, 
Warrior's Mark, Pa. ; Manchester, Good Hope, Rockville, Blue Rock, 1st Ch., Zanes- 
ville, Lancaster, New Lexington, Pleasant Valley, Brookfield, New Harmony, Lower 
Salem, O.; Taylorville, 111.; 43 yrs. a pastor. 

DARBY, Chauncey, Greene, N. Y.; Born, Homer, N. Y., Feb. 14, 1816; 
Stud. Cg. U.. N. Y., and Ham. T. S., N. Y.; Lie. '37, Homer Ch., N, Y.; Ord. 
May 27, '40, Greene Ch., N. Y.; P. Greene, '39-45; Binghampton, '45-49; McGraw- 
ville, '49-51 ; Greene, '51-55; Marathon, '55-57; Marion, N. Y., '57-61; Fairfield, 
'62-65; Ottumwa, la., '71-73. 

DARBY, William G., Blodgett, Mo.— Born, Scott Co., Mo.; Lie. July, 1877, 
Richwoods Ch. ; Ord. July '83, Diehlstadt Ch., Mo. ; P. New Hope, 2 yrs. ; Diehlstadt, 
2 yrs.; Hickory Grove, 7 yrs.; Savannah, 8 yrs. ; Unity, Mo., 2 yrs. 

DARGAN, Edwin Charles, 830* 2nd St., Louisville, Ky. — Born, Darlington 
Co., S. C; Fur. U., S. C, M. A., 1873; Washington and Lee, U., Va., D. D., '88; 
S. B. T. S., Kv., '77; Lie. '72, Black Creek Ch., S. C; Ord. Apr. 16, '76, Green- 
ville Ch., S. C. ; P. Enon Ch., Hollins, 1st Ch., Roanoke, '77-81 : 1st Ch., Peters- 
burg, Va., '81-87; Dixon, Calif., '87-88; Citadel Square Ch., Charleston, S. C, 
'88-92; Au. "Commentary on Colossians" for "American Commentary," '88-89; 
"Ecclesiology," '97; Revised ed. of "Broadus' Preparation and Delivery of Sermons," 

DARLING, L. S., Mesquite, Tex.— Born, Waterford, Wis. ; Lie. Sept. 17, 1893, 
Ord. Dec. 7, '94, Mesquite Ch., Tex. ; P. Pleasant Mound, Tex. 

DARY, Albert Nelson, Sanford, Me.— Born, Attleboro, Mass.; B. U., R. I., 
B. A., 1878; New. T. S., Mass.. '81; Lie. High St. Ch., Pawtucket, R. I.; Ord. 
Aug. 4, '81, 1st Ch., Everett, Mass.; P. Everett, '81-83; Dighton* Mass., '85-88; 
Westbrook, '88-96; Skowhegan, '96-98; Sanford, Me., '98— . 

DASSORI, Agostino, 103 E. 127th St., New York, N. Y.— Born, Italy; Stud. 
Instituto Navale; Ord. Apr. 20, 1897, 1st Italian Ch. 

DAUGHERTY, Alexander, Dothen, N. C— Born, Lenoir Co., N. C; Stud. 
B'akely Acad., Ga. ; Lie. 1875, Mt. Pleasant Ch. ; Ord. '84, Smyrna Ch.; P. Friend- 
ship, Fla., '85; Pleasant Hill, Ala., '86; Midway, '87-89; Aenon, '95-97; Smyrna, 
'97; Pleasant Plains, '98; Memphis, '99—. 

DAUGHERTY, Gibson S., Monticello, Ark.— Born, Lee Co., Va.; Stud. Flat 
Lick, Ky., How. C, Ala.; Lie. June 8, 1876, Ord. Nov. 7, 77, Mt. Zion Ch., Ky. ; 
Ev. '88;P. Ev. Concord, Ala., 2 yrs.; Nashville, 6 mos. ; Harrison, Ark., 1 yr. ; 
Bowie, Tex.. 6 mos.; 2nd Ch., Newberry, '92; Fountain Inn., S. C, 3 yrs; Milton, 
Dego, Montgomery, W. Va., '96-97; Farmersville, Tex., '97 ; Monticello, Ark., '98—. 

DAUGHTERS, Benjamin "w\, Coldspring, Ind.— Born, Sussex Co., Del.; Lie. 
1840, Washington Ch., Ind.; Ord. '42; P. Manchester, '45; Hogan Hill, '46; Wash- 
ington, Ind., '63-65; Au. "Tanglewood," '92. 

DAUZAT, A. L., Belleville, La. — Born, Avoyelles Co., La.: Lie. Dec. 7, 
1886, Evergreen Ch., La.; Ord. Nov. 27, '87, Providence Ch.,La.; S. P, 
La.; My. French Dist., La., '88-95. 

196 ; The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

DA V ANT, Robert Page, Edna, Tex.— Born, Greene Co. Ga. ; Mer. U., Ga., 

B. A. and M. A., 1856; Lie. 73, Forest City Ch., Ark.; Ord. '81, Mountain Home 
Ch.,Ark.; P. Mountain Home, Ark.; Ennis, Beaumont, Orange, Wharton, Edna> 

DA VAULT, Joshua W., Bessville, Mo.— Born, Texas Co., Mo.; Lie. Nov. 7, 
1891, Ord. Nov. 18, '94, Trace Creek Ch., Mo.; P. Trace Creek, '94-96; Bethel, '95- 
97; Mt. Carmel, '96-97; Friendship, '96-98 ; Whitewater, '96-97 ; Brush Creek, Mo., 

DAVENPORT, James Walter, Freeman, Mo.— Born, Cass Co., Mo.; Stud. 
Wm. Jewell C, Mo.; Lie. May, 1894, Ord. Aug., '97, Freeman Ch., Mo.; P. West 
Line, Mo., '98—. 

DAVENPORT, J. B., Waterloo, S. C— Born, Greenville, S. C; Lie. 1848, 
Cedar Spring Ch., S. C; Ord. '49, South Pacolet Ch., S. C.; P. South Pacolet, *49; 
Shadv Grove, 6 yrs. ; Union 18 yrs. ; Centreville, 10 yrs. ; Nation Ch., Abbeville, S.. 

C, 10 yrs. ; Evangelist. 

DAVENPORT, John T., Grady, Fla.— Born, Hancock Co., Ga. ; Lie. 1869 r 
Ord. '78, New Hope Ch. ; P. Picket Lake, New Hope, Midway, Mt. Pleasant, Hart 
Hamock, Bethel. 

DAVENPORT, Seth G-, Mayo, Fla.— Born, Alabama; Lie. Dec., 1892, Ord. 
Mar. 19, '93; Home Missionary. 

DAVENPORT, Thomas Jefferson, Nashville, Tenn.— Born, Lindell, Va.; 
Stud. Marion H. Sch. ; Rich. C, Va. ; Emorv & Henry C, B. A., 1878; M. A., '81; 
S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. M. '94; Lie. Mar., '70, 'Mountain View Ch. ; Ord. June, '91, 
Mountain View Ch.; P. Southgate St. Ch. r Louisville, Ky., '93-94; S. Walnut St. 
Ch., Louisville, Ky., 3 mos., '94; P. 1st Ch., Ocala, Fla., 6 mos., '95; P. German- 
town, and Collierville, Tenn., '97.; Ed. "Southern Home Finder;" Supt. of the Tenn. 
Children's Home Soc., '98. 

DAVENPORT, William David, Varnell Station, Ga.— Born, Hayesville, N. 
C; Stud. Mars Hill, Ga.; Ord. Dec. 7, 1878, Zion Hill Ch., Ga. ; S. Zion Hill, 
Salem, Rock Creek, Turniptown, Nuclesville, Concord, Goodhope, Antioch, New 
Liberty, Hightower, Mt. Zion, Mt. Pisgah, Ga. 

DAVENPORT, William Henry, Brook Park, Minn.— Born, Colerain, Mass.; 
Philadelphia Medical C, Pa., D. D.S.,1882; New. T. S.,Mass., '91; Lie. '89, Lee Ch., 
Mass., Ord. '91, Glendale Ch., Everett Mass.; P. Glendale, Everett, Mass., '90-92; 
1st Ch., Rochester, Minn., '93-95; Evangelist. 

DAVID, rVancis Columbus, Hartsells, Ala. — Born, Harris Co., Ga. ; Stud. 
Greenwood Acad., Ga., Med. C, Nashville, Tenn., and S. B. T. S., Kv. ; Lie. 1859, 
Ord. '61, Antioch Ch., Ga. ; P. Girard, Salem, Ala.; Cleveland, Gallatin, Tenn.; 
2nd Ch., Galveston, Tex. ; Madison, 1st Ch., New Decatur, Ala. ; Ev., Ala.. 4 yrs. — . 

DAVID, Samson M., Maryville, Mo. — Born, Jefferson City, Mo., 1845; Lie. 
1871. Little Flock Ch., Mo.; Ord. June, '89 ( Middle Fork Ch., Mo.; S. Several Chs.; 
Evangelist; Pub. Hymn Book, "Spiritual Songs," '82. 

DAVIDSON, Andrew Fuller, Finchhley, Va.— Born, Charlotte Co.. Va. ; Coin. 
V., D. C, B. A., 1850; Stnd. Princeton T. S., N. J. ; Lie. '49, Mt. Tirzah Ch., Va.; 
Ord. '52, Clarksville Ch. Va. ; P. Clarksville, Liberty, Concord, Ebenezer, Bethle- 
hem, Mt. Horeb, Ephesus and Boydton, Va. 

DAVIDSON, Agustus Cleveland, 705 S. 20th St., Birmingham, Ala.— Born, 
Franklin Co., Mo.; G. C, Kv., B. A., 1871 ; M.A., '74; How. C, Ala., D, D., '86; 
Lie. Aug. 18, '66. Brush Creek Ch., Mo.; Ord. July 30, '71, Eminene Ch., Ky. ; 
P. Eminence. Kv., '71-76; Blo^min^ton, '76-79; Aurora, Ind., '79-S4; Marion, Ala., 
'84-87: 1st Ch., Covington, Ky., '87-93; Prest. G. C, Ky., '93-98; P. South Side 
Ch., Birmingham, Ala., '98 — . 

The Baptisi Ministerial Directory. 197 

DAVIDSON, David Brainard, Bellevue, Mich. — Born, Bracetford, Ontario, 
Can., 1852 ; Stud. H. Sch., and Canadian Inst., (now Woodstock C, Can. ;) Div. Sch. 
McM aster U., Ontario, Can., '81; Lie. 1st. Ch., Guelph, Ontario, Can.; Ord. 1st. 
Ch., Forest, Ontario, Can. ; P.Forest; Sparta, Ontario, Can. ; Pewamo, Mt. Pleas- 
ant, Charlotte, Mich.; Stud. S. Teeswater, Selkirk, Simcoe, Can.; P. Vernon, 
Mich.; Served Standing Com. Mich. Ministers Aid Soc, 2 yrs.; Ed. College 
papers, and Sunday School Rally Day Anl's. 

DAVIDSON, James T., Honoraville, Ala.— Born, Chesterfield Co., S. C; 
Lie. 1866, and Ord. '68, Zion Ch.; P. Rose Hill, Bethany, Mt. Zion, New Bethel, 
Mt. Ida, New Ebenezer, Ala. 

DAVIDSON, Judson Garey, Baltimore, Md. — Born, Appomattox Co., Va. ; 
Stud. Fur. U., S. C.,J. H. U. Md., and S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Ord. 1873, 1st Ch., Lynch- 
burg, Va.; P. 1st Ch., Sedalia, 73-91; Hannibal, Mo., '81-83; 1st Ch., Winchester, 
Va., '83-89; Grace Ch.^ Baltimore, Md., '89-98; Pres. of Shenandoah Asso., Va., 
4 yrs. ; Bap. Un. Asso., Md., 2 yrs. ; Educational Bd., Md 1 , 3 yrs. 

DA VIES, Benjamin, Litchfield, Mich. — Born, Skewen, Wales; Stud. Buck. 
U., Pa., and U., Chicago; Toronto Bap. C, Can., B. A. 1890; Lie. Apr., '81, Resol- 
ven Ch., Wales; Ord. May 28, '90, King Ch., Ontario, Can.; S. Thurso, Quebec ; 
Thorold, Ontario ; P. King and Aurora, Ontario, Can. ; Stonewall, Man.; Richland 
Center, Wis. 

DA VIES, David R., 41 Sterling St., Allegheny City, Pa. — Born, Wales; 
Stud. Lewisburg U.; Lie. 1866, Welsh Ch., Morris Run, Pa.; Ord. 72, Taylor Ch., 
Pa.; P. Taylor, 72-79; Edwardsdale, 79-82 ; Pittsburg, '82-95; Homestead, Pa., 

DA VIES, David T., Hammonton, N. J.— Born, Brynmawr, South Wales; 
Stud. Haverford C, W. § Wales, 3 yrs. ; Bristol C, Eng., 4 yrs ; Judsonia C, Ark., 
M. A. ,1882; Lie. '52, Brynmawr Ch., Wales; Ord. t '64, South Seaville Ch., N. J.; 
P. St. Clair, Minersville, Girardville, Phillipsburg, Pa.; Hammonton, N. J.; S. 
Berlin, N. J. 

DA VIES, Frederick G„ Ottumwa, Ia. — Born, Birmingham, Eng.; k Stud. 
Nebraska Cy. C, U. Chicago and B. Un. T. S., Chicago, Di v . Sch. U. Chicago, B. 
Th. 1894; Lie. Oct. '91, 1st. Ch. Omaha, Neb.; Ord. June, '93, Somonauk Ch., 111.; 
P. 1st. Ch., Somonauk, '92-94; 1st. Ch., Streator, 111., '94-96; 1st. Ch., Ottumwa, 
la., '96—. 

DA VIES, George Hicks, Wahpeton, N. D. — Born, Hailsham, Eng.; Stud, Step- 
ney C, London U., Eng., and Stepney T. S. Eng.; Ord. 1858, Andover Ch., Eng.; 
P. Andover, '58-61; Houghton Regis, '62-68; Abingdon, Eng., 70-77; Bathgate, 
'84-86; Li,bon, '87-97; Wahpeton, N. Dak., '98-99; Pres. Dak. C. Lisbon, N. Dak., 

DA VIES, John James, Mullica Hill, N. J.— Born, Slechryd, Cardiganshire, 
Wales. Eng.; Stud. Normal C, Bangor, Me.; Lie. July 12, 1870, Milesburg Ch., 
Pa. ; Ord. Oct., 26, 71, Phillipsburg Ch., Pa. ; Asso. My. Centre Asso., 71-73 ; P .Al- 
liance, 77-80; New Philadelphia, '80-81; Wauseon, O., '81; Manatawna, Philadel- 
phia, Pa., 74-77; Canton, 77-81; Mullica Hill, N. J., '81—. 

DA VIES, John "W., Fort Ann, N. Y.— Born, Mason City, W. Va. ; Stud. Den. 
U., O.; Kal. C, Mich., B. A., 1892 ; Ham. T. S., N. Y., B. D., '96; Lie. '84, Ord. 
'89, Oldtown Ch., W. Va. ; S. Johnstowu, O. ; Schoolcraft, Mich.; P. Fargo, St. 
Thomas, N. Dak.; Fort Ann, N. Y. 

DA VIES, William Frost, 1705 Summit Ave., Scranton, Pa.— Born, Merthyr 
Tydvil, South Wales; Stud. Buck. U.,&Cro. T. S., Pa.; Lie. Mar. 71, Ord. Aug. 
78, Welsh Ch., Nanticoke, Pa.; P. Welsh Ch., Nanticoke, 78-91; 1st Welsh Ch., 
Providence, Scranton, Pa., '91—; Co-Ed. "Wawr," (Dawn). 

DAVIS, A,, Monarat, Va.— Born, N. C; Stud. Lowgap Acad., N. C; Ord. 
New Hope Ch., 1892; P. New Hope, '92 ; Oak Grove and New Hope, '94; Oak 
Grove, Lowgap and Cross Roads, N. C.,'95; My. '94-95; P. Snow Hill, Hebron 
and Pleasant Grove, Va. ; Organized Iron Ridge Ch., '97; P.Hebron, Pleasant 
■Grove and Iron Ridge, Va. — . 

198 The Baptist Ministerial Directory, 

DAVIS, Addison Lee, jonesboro, Tenn. — Born, Andrew Chapel, Tena. ; So. 
Wn. U.,Tenn.; M. A. 1890; Lie. Sept., 1882, Ararat Ch., Tenn.; Ord. Mav,'89; 
Jackson Ch., Tenn.; P. Johnson's Grove, "90-91; Newburn, Harmony, '90-93; Trim- 
ble, '91-94 ; South Fork, Union, '93-94; Columbia, '94-97; Jonesboro and Philadel- 
phia, Tenn., '98—. 

DAVIS, Alonzo A., North Sunderland, Mass. — Born, Tyngsboro, Mass.; 
Stud. Hancock Acad., N. H.; Lowell Acad., Mass., and Methodist Inst., N.H.; 
Ord. Apr. 10, '72, Sach Valley Ch. ; S. Westford Ch., Vt. ; P. West Bolton, 2 yrs. ; 
Colchester, 4 yrs. ; Panton, Vt., '79; S. Huntington and Monkton, Vt. ; My. and 
Ev., '89-90; P. East Enosburg, Vt., 2 yrs. ; Bernardstown, 4 yrs. ; Lanesboro, Mass., 
2 yrs. ; Au. "History of Bernardstown Church," Mass., '93; "History of Tyngsboro." 

DAVIS, Andrew Fuller, Dinan P. O., Miss.— Born, Marion Co., Miss., 1851; 
Stud. Pine Grove Acad., Miss.; Lie. Apr. '87, and Ord. Jan. '88, Smyrna Ch., 
Miss.; P.Smyrna, '87— ; Salem, '89-93; Union, '92-93; Boguechitto and Topisaw, 
'94—; Arling, '96—; Served Tylertown Normal Inst., '93. 

DAVIS, Benjamin Franklin Jernigan, Hico, Tex. — Born, Cowikee, Ala.; Stud. 
How. C, Ala., and S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. 1866, Ramah Ch., Ala.; Ord. '82, Rose- 
bud Ch., Ark. 

DAVIS, Benjamin James, Clay Village, Ky. — Born, New Liberty, Ky. ; Stud. 
Beth. C , Ky. ; So. Wn. U., Tenn., B. A., 1890;fLic. Feb. 2, '72, and Ord. Dec. 8, '74, 
Parish Chapel, Tenn.; P. Pinson, Pleasant Plains and Saulsbury, Tenn., '76-79; 
Salem and Orleans, '81-83; Mitchell, Ind., 84-87; Emporia Ave., Wichita, Kan., '87- 
89; New Liberty and Dallasburg, '90-94; Bagdad and Clay Village, '95-97; Clay 
Village and Waddy, Ky., '98—; Au. Tract, " 'The Worship "of God,' Its Nature and 
Obligation," '86. 

DAVIS, Britton W., Albany, Ga.— Born, Salem, Ala.; Lie. 1875, Pineville Ch. r 
Ga.; Ord. '81, Rehoboth Ch., Ga.; P. Rehoboth and Shiloh, '81; Dawson, '82-89; 
Friendship, '83-90; Macedonia, 'll-82; Buena Vista, '82-83; Cordelle, '90-93; Ca- 
milla, '93-96; AlbanY, Ga., '98-99. 

DAVIS, Charles, Granville, O— Born, Thurman, O. ; Stud. Den. U., O.; 
Cro. Tf S., Pa., 1874; Ord. Feb. '75, Jackson Ch., O.; P. Jackson, O. ; Greenwood, 
Ind.; Polo, 111.; Gallipolis, O.; La Junta, Colo.; Mt. Yakina, Washr; Virginia 
Ave., Charleston, and Leon, Montgomery, W. Va. 

DAVIS, Charles Gideon Crenshaw, Veal Station, Tex. — Born, Montgomery, 
Ala.; Lie. 1S86, Ord. '87, Sardis Ch.; P. Walnut Grove, '88-90; Whiterock, '89-90; 
Sardis, '91-93: Pilgrim Rest, Springridge, '92-93; Mt. Hermon, '88-89; Corinth, '93; 
Briar, '94-95 ; Union, '95-96; Mt. Hope, '96; Bethel, '98-99 ; Harmony, Tex., '99— . 

DAVIS, Charles Nauflet, Blossom, Tex. — Born, Brownsville, Tenn. ; Lie. Dec, 
1891, June 17, '94, Sharon Ch., Ark.; P. Mt. Pleasant, Ark., 3 yrs. ; S. Sharon, Ark., 
16 mos.; P. Novice and Wrights Chapel, Tex. — . 

DAVIS, Edward Alonzo, Old Town, Me.— Born, North Chelmsford, Mass., 
Sept. 20, 1858; Burlington H. Sch., Vt., 76; U., Vt., '80; New. T. 8., Mass., '85; 
Lie. Sept., '82, 1st Ch., Burlington, Vt. ; Ord. Aug., '85. Trenton Ch., Me. ; S. Fisk- 
dale, Mass., '85; P. Trenton, '85-86; Sedgwick, '86-93; Old Town, Me., '93—; 
Tract, "Why Should Our Baptist Young People Give to Foreign Missions ? " 

DAVIS, Edwin J., Manchester, Tenn.— Born, N. C, 1827; Lie. Oct., '69, 
Shady Grove,. Tenn. ; Ord. May, '70, Ivy Bluff, '70-75 ; Ryley'6 Creek, 8 yrs. ; Bethel, 
2 yr6. ; Oak Hill, 1 yr, ; Maple Springs, Tenn., 2 yrs. 

DAVIS, Eugene C», Pheobus, Va. — Born, Portsmouth, Va. ; Stud. Allegheny 
Inst.; R. C, Va. ; Lie. Sept., 1890, and Ord. July 30, '95,4th Bap. Ch., Portsmouth, 
Va.; Pheobus, Va., '94—. 

DAVIS, Francis Howard, Tiverton, R. L— Born, Brooklvn, N. Y., 1860; Stud. 
Brooklvn Polvtechnic Inst., N. Y. ; B. U., R. I., B. A., '82; M. A., '87; New. T. S., 
Mass., "'86; Lie. Apr. 7, '82, 1st Ch., Lynn Mass. ; Ord. Apr. 21, '87, 1st Ch., Frank- 
lin Falls, N. H.; P. Franklin Falls,N. H., '87-92; Foxboro, Mass., '92-95; Liver- 
more Falls, Me., '95-96; Central Ch., Tiverton, R. I., '98—. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 199 1 

DAVIS, Frank George, Springville, Me. — Born, Shirley, Mass.; Stud. Law- 
rence Acad., Mass.; New. T. S., Mass., 1880; Lie. '77, Shirley Ch., Mass.; Ord. 
July, '80, Yarmouth Ch, Me.; P. Yarmouth, '80-82; Springvale, Me., '83-89; Tea.. 
Science and Mathematics, Jackson C, Miss., '90-93; Prin. H. Sch., Springvale, Me., 

DAVIS, Frank P., Redfield, Ark.— Born, Tippah Co., Miss.; Ord. Nov. 11, 
1891, Brvant,Ch., Ark.; P. Sharcn, '92; Pine Grove and Antioch, '91-93 ; Pecan Grove, 
'95; M*. Ida, '93— ; Big Creek, '98—; Oak Grove, '97—; Friendship, '98; Redfield, 
Ark., '92-94. 

DAVIS, General Jackson, Toccoa, Ga. — Born, Franklin Co., Ga., 1875; Stud. 
H. Sch., Toccoa, Ga., and John Gibson Inst., Bowman, Ga. ; Lie. Oct. '94, and Ord. 
Feb. '96, Cams Creek Ch., Ga.; P. Ebenezer Ch., '96—; Shiloh, Ga., '97-99. 

DAVIS, George Edgar, Millville, Calif. — Born, Cambria, Calif.; Stud. Pe- 
taluma H. Sch., Hopkins Acad., and Pacific T. S., Oakland, Calif.; Lie. June, '96, 
Ukiah Ch., Calif.; Ord. Jan. 12, '97, 1st Ch., San Jose, Calif; P. Biggs, '97; Chico,. 
'9S; Millville, Calif., '98—. 

DAVIS, George R., Sadler, Ky. — Born, Big Spring, Tenn. ; Lie. Jan. 3, 1882, 
Good Spring Ch., Ky.; Ord. July 3, '89, Long Fall Ch., Ky, ; P. Long Fall, '89-94; 
Little Jordan, 1 yr. ; Good Spring, '94, Jesse, 2 yrs. ; Lagap, 2 yrs. ; Hickory Grove, 
Ky., 5 yrs. 

DAVIS, Gerald Massey, Jamison, S. C— Born, Greenville, §, C; Stud. Cokes- 
bury and Wofford C; Lie. Jan. 20, 1895, Ord. Apr. 18, '96, Antioch Ch., S. C; P. 
Bloomingdale, '96; Mt. Carmel, Edisto, Bethany and Hickory Grove, S. C, '98 — . 

DAVIS, Henry Wilson, Beatrice, Neb. — Born, Letts Corner, Ind.; Frank C, 
Ind.,B. A.,1894, Rcch. T. S., N". Y., B. D., '97; Lie. Aug. '88, Ord. June 29, '97, Mt. 
Aerie Ch., Letts Corner, Ind. ; S.Pawnee City, Neb., '95; Emanuel Ch., Brock- 
port, N. Y., '96; Mt. Aerie Ch., Letts Corner, Ind., '96; P. 1st Ch., Beatrice, 
Neb., '97—. 

DAVIS, Henry Z., Hamilton, N. Y.— Born, Dartford, Wis.; Stud. Shurt. C, 
111.; Knox C, B. A., 1892; Ham. T. S., N. Y., '99; Ord. Sept. 6, '92, North Platte 
Ch., Neb.; P. North Platte, '92-93; Hooper, '93-94; 'Sharon Springs, N. Y., '94-96. 

DAVIS, Isaac, Harrison, Ark. — Born, Yadkin Co., N. C. ; Lie. and Ord. Nov., 
1857, Reece Ch., Ark.; P. Reece, Oak Grove, Yadkinville, Barry Creek, N. C. ; 
Sugar Loaf, Bellefonte, Walnut Grove, Cane Hall, Bethel, S'port Spring, Cross 
Roads, Bellefonte, Ark. — . 

DAVIS, J. A., Bedford City, Va.— Born, Washington Co., Va. ; Stud. Old- 
field Acad.; Lie. and Ord. 1848, Blountville Ch., Tenn. ; P. Enon, Va., '61-62 ; 
Blountville, Tenn., '48-53; Libe-ty, '63-72; Timberridge. Mt. Zion, Suck Spring, 
New Prospect, Burtons Creek, Bethel, Pleasant View and Diamond Hill, Va. 

DAVIS, Jacob, Marshfield Hills, Mass. — Born, Dighton, Mass.; Stud. Rox- 
bury Acad., Andover Sem., Mass.; Lie. 1856, North Ch., Dorchester, Mass. ; Ord. 
June 11, '63, North Cb., Marshfield, Mass.; Kingston, '60; Templeton, 7 nms, ; 
S. No. Marshfield, '61-63; P. '63-68; Florida, 1% yrs.; Rowe, Mass., '68-89. 

DAVIS, J. Edgar, Liberty, Mo. — Born, Lone Jack, Mo.; Wm. Jewell C, Mo., 
B. A., 1899; Lie. Aug. 2, '90, Greenton Ch., Mo.; Ord. Nov. 2, '93, Harrer Ch., 
Kan.; P. Harper, '93-94; Chicaskia, '93-95; Norwich, Kan., '94-95; Kine;sville, 
; 96-98; Strasburg. '96; Bear Creek, '96-98; Chapel Hill, '96; North Fork, '97-98; 
Centropolis Ch., Kansas City, Mo., '98. 

DAVIS, Jacob Essatt, Plymouth, Pa. — Born, Aberaman, South Wales; Buck. 
U., Pa., B. A., 1884; M.A., '87; Lie. Mar., '76, Welsh Ch., Frostburg, Md.; Ord. 
Sept., '84, Providence, Pa. ; P. Welsh Ch., Providence, '84-88; 1st. Welsh Ch., 
Plymouth, Pa., '88—. 

200 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

DAVIS, James Allin, Georgetown, Ky. — Born, New Columbus, Ky. : Stud 
Harrisburg Acad., and G. C, Ky. ; Lie. May 21, 1886; Ord. June 21, 1886, Pleasant 
Grove Ch., Ky. ; P. Musselshoals, Lawrenceville, Cedar, Pleasantview, Stewarts 
ville, Mason, Clarkscreek, New Friendship, Oak Ridge, Dry Ridge, Mt. Pisgah 
Knoxville, Glencoe, and Cedargrove, Ky. 

DAVISt James Franklin, Palmerville, N. C. — Born, Alexander Co., N. C. 
Lie. Dec, 1885, Ord. Apr., '87, Brushy Fork Ch., N. C; P. Mt. Olive, '90; Mt. 
Calvary, '91; Shulls Mills, '91; State Line, '91-97; Boom, '96-98; Brushy Fork, '97- 
98; Palmerville, Kendalls, Ebenezer, and Andersons Grove, N. C, '99. 

DAVIS, James H., Cordova, III. — Born, Centreville, O.; Stud. Thorntown 
Acad., Ind.; Lebanon Normal, O. ; Valparaiso, Normal, Ind. ; Wabash C, 
Ind.; Den. U., O., B. Ph., 1888; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, B. Th., '91: 
Lie. Aug., '83, CrawfordsvilleCh., Ind.; Ord. June 26, '89, Milledgeville Ch., 111.; 
S. Dresden, O., '87-88; P. Milledgeville, '89-92; Polo, 111., Jan.-Oct., '92; 1st Ch., 
Council Bluffs, '92-95; Chadron, Neb., Apr.-Dec, '95; State Ev., Neb., '95-98—; 
Ed. "Baptist Reflector," '93*-95. 

DAVIS, James L., Pottstown, Pa.— Born, Newark; N. J.; Stud. Public Schs., 
New York; Stud. Wsl. Inst.; Stud. Theol. under private tutor; Lie. "Aug. 29, 1868, 
and Ord. June 2, '69, Colosse Ch., N. Y. ; P. Colosse, N. Y., '68-70; Livingston and 
Northfield, 70-75; Newton, N. J., 75-78; S. Croton, N. Y., 78-79; Washington 
St. Ch., Orange, N, J., 79-86; Kingston, N. Y., '86-89; Bridgeport, '89-91; Potts- 
town, Pa., '91—. * 

DAVIS, J. H., Grove, Mich.— Born, Adrian Mich.; Stud. Otsego H. Sch., 
Evans Business C, Kalmozoo C, Mich.; Lie. March, 1896, Wakeshma Bap. Ch., 
Mich. ; Ord. Sept. 2, '97, Ensley Bap.Ch.; S.Orangeville, Bellevue, Augusta, Alamo; 
P. Wakeshma, '95-96; Ensley, Mich., '97—. 

DAVIS, John Adelbert, Hallstead, Pa — Born, Afton, N. Y.; Stud. Moody's 
Bible Inst., Chicago; Lie. Feb. 3, 1894, Bap. Ch., Afton, N. Y. ; Ord. Aug., '94, 1st. 
Bap. Ch„ Hallstead, Pa.; P. 1st Ch., Hallstead, Pa., '94—. 

DAVIS, John Henry, Georgetown, Mass. — Born, Cheshunt Herts, Eng. ; 
Acadia U., N. S. ; B. A., 1893; M. A., '95; New. T. S., Mass., ; 98; Lie. Sept., '88, 
1st Ch., Truro, N. S. ; Ord. July 12, '93, Economy Ch., N. S. ; P. Economy, N. S., 
'.93-95; Stud. P. 2nd Ch., Newton, Mass., '96-98. 

DAVIS, Josea Edmond, Heckley, Miss. — Born, Chinagrove, Miss.: Lie. 1882, 
and Ord. '84, New Zion, Ch., Miss.; S. Rockhill, '85; New Zion, '87-89; Corinth, 
'90-93; Oral, '91-92; Victory, Liberty, Antioch, '93-95; New Hope and Leaf River, 
'96; Greenscreek and Prospect, Miss., '95-98 — . 

DAVIS, J, W., Sugar Valley, Ga.— Born, Fort Gaines, Ga. ; Ord. Sept., 1895, 
Sugar Valley Ch., Ga. ; P. Resaca and Pleasant Grove, Ga. 

DAVIS, Lewis Cass, Allenwood, Pa. — Born, New Geneva, Pa.; Stud. Buck. 
Acad., Pa.; Buck. U., Pa., B. A., 1876; M. A., 79; Cro. T. S., Pa., '80; Lie. May, 
70, Greensboro Ch., Pa.; Ord. Aug. 31, 76, Columbia and Wells Ch., Pa.; P. Col- 
umb : a and Wells, 76-78; North Wales, '80-83; Susquehanna, '83-84: Scotdale, '84- 
86; Lewistown, '86-88; Turbotville and Madison, Pa., '88-90; Amity, Ore., '90-92 ; 
Eagles Mere and Laporte, Pa., '93-95; S. Jackson, Pa., '95—. 

DAVIS, Lucius Charles, Bath, N. Y— Born, Belmont, N. Y.; Stud. U. Roch., 
N.Y.; Roch. T. S., N.Y., 1882; Lie. Sept., 77, 1st Ch., Friendship, N. Y. ; Ord. 
Tune 26, '83, 1st Ch., Hur'eyville, N. Y.; P. 1st Ch., Hurlevville, '82-85; Sherman. 
"'86-88; Andover, '88-91; Yates, '91-97; Bath, N. Y., '97— ." 

DAVIS, Marcus L,, Gowensville, S. C. — Born, Greenville Co., S. C. ; Lie. 
Sept. 3, 1881, Ord. Aug. 19, ; 8S, Mt. Lebanon Ch., S. C ; S. Chs. as have oppor- 

DAVIS, Martin Isham, Farmersville, Tex. — Born, Farmersville, Tex.; Stud. 
Bay. U., Tex.; Lie. July, 1893, Ord. Aug. 19, '94, Springhill Ch., Tex.; P. 1st Ch., 
Harmony, '96; Clear Lake, '97-98; Bethany, Tex., '98. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 201 

DAVIS, Monrovia Pierce, La Grange, N. C. — Born, Boonville, N. C; Stud. 
Yadkin Valley Inst., N. C. ; W. F. C. N. C, B. A., 1875; Lie. July 12, '90, Boon- 
ville Ch., N. C; Ord. Oct. 22, '93, Wake Forest Ch., N. C; P. Concord, '93-96; 
New Bethel and Bayleaf, '94-96; New Light, '95-96; Lexington Junction, '96-98; La- 
Grange, Snow Hill, Castoria and Eureka, N. C, '97—. 

DAVIS, Philip Sealey Cohoon, Elizabeth City, N. C. — Born, Elizabeth City, 
N. C; Stud. W. F. C, N. C; Lie. 1882, and Ord. '84, Elizabeth City Ch.; P. 
Juniper Spring, '82-83; Shady Grove, Rehoboth, Powell's Point, Poplar Branch and 
Roanoke Island, '85-91; Shiloh, '91; North West, Centerville, St. Johns, and Wood- 
ville, '92-93; Shiloh, Oak Ridge, North West, and Bethel, N. C, '98—. 

DAVIS, Raymond John, Kalos St., above Righter, Wissahickon. Phila- 
delphia, Pa. — Born, Mahanoy City, Pa. ; Stud. Soldiers Orphans Inst., Philadel- 
phia, Pa.; Buck. U., Pa., B. A., 1894; Cro. T. S., Pa., '99; Lie. Lehigh Ave. Ch., 
Philadelphia, Pa.; Ord, June 22, '99. Wissahickon Ch., Philadelphia, Pa.; S. Sun- 
bury and Angora Ch., Philadelphia, Pa.; P. Wissahickon Ch., Philadelphia, Pa. 

DAVIS, Quinton Clarence, Cumberland, Md. — Born, Elizabeth City, N. C, 
Apr. 1, 1863; Cro. T. 8., Pa., '91; Ord. Apr. 28, '92, Rocky Mount Ch., N. C; P. 
Elm City, Battleboro, Enfield, N. C.j '92-93; 1st Ch., Cumberland, Md., '93—. 

DAVIS, Ruftts Baker, Monoville, Tenn. — Born, Monoville, Tenn ; Lie May, 
1886, and Ord. Aug. 20, '87, Peyton's Creek Ch., Tenn. ; P. Peyton's Creek Ch., 
'88—; Liberty, '96-97; Cornwallis Chapel, '98. 

DAVIS, Sidney C», Cheyenne, Wyo. — Born, Wiggaton, Devonshire, Eng. ; 
Stud. Monroe Collegiate Inst., N. Y., Kal. C, Mich.,andB. Un. T. S., Chicago; Lie. 
1878, Byron Ch., Mich.; Ord. Aug. 30, '82, Antrim Ch., Mich.; S. Antrim, Mich., 
'80-82; P. Gahen and Weesaw, '82-84: 1st Ch., Berrien Springs, '84-87; 1st Ch., 
Niles, Mich., '87-91; 1st Ch., Boulder, Colo., '91-94; lst'Ch., Phoenix, Ariz., '94-95; 
1st Ch., Cheyenne, Wyo., '95—. 

DAVIS, Thomas Jefferson, Norman, Okla. Ter.— Born, Ark.; Stud. U. Okla. 
Ter., and S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. 1894, Richland Ch., Okla. Ter.; Ord. '96, Liberty 
Ch., Okla. Ter.; P. Bethlehem, '97; Center and Noble, '98-99; Quincy, Okla. Ter., 
'99; S. Liberty and Richwood, Okla. Ter., '96. 

DAVIS, Wilbur Fisk, Saltillo, Miss.— Born, St. Paul, N. C; Stud. Somei- 
ville, Ala., and La G. C, Mo. ; Lie. and Ord. Oct. 1875, Pleasant Hill Ch. ; P. Ver- 
ona, Shannon, Pontacola, Spring Hill, Meadow Creek, Miss. 

DAVIS, Simon Peter, Holmesburg, Philadelphia, Pa. — Born, Rushville, 111.; 
Stud. B. Un. T. S., Chicago, Roch. T. S., N. Y., 1884 ; Lie. Nov. 3, '78, Chester Ch., 
111.; Ord. June 17, '79, Areola Ch., 111.; P. Areola, 111., '79-80; Phoenix, Arizona, 
'84; Oregon City, '85-87; Mt. Tabor Ch.,; Portland, Ore., '87-S9 Ed. and Prop. 
•"Pacific Baptist",'" '86-90; P. Emmanuel Ch., Sacramento, Calif., '92-94; Holmes- 
burg Ch., Philadelphia, Pa., '94—. 

DAVIS, Thomas Chalkley, 47 Elm St., Newberry, Pa.— Born, Philadelphia, 
Pa. ; Stud. Wm. Penn Char. Sch., Pa., Temple C, Pa., Cro. T.S., Pa., 1891 ; Lie. '89, 
1st Ch.. Norristown, Pa.; Ord. June 16, '91, New Brittain Ch., Pa.; P. New Britain, 
*% yr. ; Covington and Cherry Flats, 1 yr. ; Mineral Ch., Pa., 2 yrs; S. Albany Mills 
and Anthony, Pa. 

DAVIS, Thomas Dewey, Tecumseh, Neb.— Born, Cora, O , Nov. 14, 1854; Rio 
Grande C, B. A., 1883; M. A, '86; Stud. U., Chicago, '90-91 ; Ord. Aug. 2, '87, 
Hartford City Ch., W. Va. ; P. Sunbury. O., '87-90; Minot, N. Dak., '91-92; Pome- 
roy, O., '93-94; Tecumseh, Neb., '94-98. 

DAVIS, Thomas Granville, Athens, Tenn. — Born, Rea Springs, Tenn. ; Stud. 
Iron Hill Acad., and Dayton Masonic C; C-N. C, Tenn., 1896; B. S., '98; Lie. 
Oct. '89, Yellow Creek Ch., Tenn.; Ord. Aug. 13, '92, Cotton Port Ch.,Tenn.; 
S. Yellow Creek, Spring City and Ogden Chs., '91-92; P. Central Ch., Bearden, '94 
-97; 1st Ch., Athens, Tenn., '97—. 

202 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

DAVIS, Ulysses Sherman, Marlboro, Mass. — Born, Pittsburg, Pa.; Den. U., 
O., B. A., 1892; M. A., '96; New. T. S., Mass., '96: Lie. '87, 1st Ch., Youngstown, 
O.; Ord. June 27, '94, 1st Ch., Bellevue, Mich.; S. Brooklyn, Mich., '93; P. Belle- 
vue, Mich., '94-95; Marlboro, Mass., '96 — . 

DAVIS, William E,, Tahlequa, I. T., Cherokee Nation. — Born, Cumber- 
land Co., Ky.; Lie. 1873, Temple Hill Ch., Ky. ; Ord. May, '83, Liberty Springs 
Ch.,Tenn.; S. Liberty, 1 yr. ; P. same 8 yrs.; Bearspring, '87-90; Dover Furnace, 
Tenn., '88-93; Dibble Creek and Criner Creek, "94-96; Walnut Creek, I. T., Lyr.; 
My. 5 yrs. 

DAVIS, William Henson, Hendersonville, N. C. — Born, Hendersonvllle, N. 
C; Stud. Globe Acad.; W. F. C, N. C; B. A., 1896; S. B. T. S., Ky.; Lie. May 
6, 'S6, Shaw's Creek Ch.; Ord. Oct. 28, '89, Wake Forest Ch., N". C; P. Shady 
Grove, '95-96; My. Raleigh Asso., '96-97; Colp. Bible Inst., Chicago,—. 

DAVIS, William John Wesley, Brownsville, Ore.— Born, Wyoming Co., Pa.;: 
Stud. Bloomsburgh State Normal, Pa. ; Lie. and Ord. May 29, 1897, Alsea Ch., Ore. ; 
P. Stayton, Brownsville, Ore. ; Musical Director Albany C, N. Y., '92, and New- 
burgh C, N. Y , '91. 

DAVIS, William M., McGee, W. Va.— Born, Prince, Va. ; Dover Acad., 1865; 
Lie. '74, Linganore Ch., Md. ; Ord. May, '82, South Mill Creek Ch., W. Va. ; P. 
North and South Mill Creek, Lost City, Bridgeport, Middleville, Beulah, Harmony 
Grove, Shinn's Run, Bentons Ferry ; Ed. "South Branch Gazette," 1 yr. ; Supt. Schs. 
Grant and Hardy Co., W. Va., 7 yrs. 

DAVIS, William Uriah, Okolona, Ark. — Born, Alexander Co., N. C; Lie. 
July, 1889, Ord. Dec. 27, '91, Okolona Ch., Ark.; P. South Fork, '93-94; Midway, 6 
yrs. ; Pleasant Home, 6 mos. ; Bethel, 6 mos. ; Bethel Springs, Ark., 2 yrs. 

DAVISON, Joseph M., Barge, Ga. — Born, Douglass Co., Ga. ; Stud. Douglass- 
ville, Ga.; Lie. 1876, Ord. '80, Prayer Mill Ch., Ga. ; P. Flat Rock, Cross Plains, Mt. 
Pleasant, Oak Grove, Pleasant View, Whitebury, Ga. ; Yellow Dirt, Lost Creek, Ala. 

DAVISON, William Anthony, Moxtpelier, Vt.— Born, Ireland; S'ud. B. U., 
R. I. ; Ham. T. S., N. Y., 1896; Lie. June 5, '93, Lonsdale Ch., R. I. ; Ord. June 29, 
'94, Emmanuel Ch., Utica, N. Y. ; P. Calvarv Ch., Utica, N. Y., '94-96; 1st Ch., 
Montpelier, Vt., '96—. 

DAVISSON, Charles Sumner, Camden, Ind.— Born, Reynolds, Ind.; Stud. 
Valparaiso Normal Sch., and Purdue U., Ind.; Lie. Apr., and Ord. Oct. 28, 1890, 
Galveston Ch., Ind.; P. Galveston, '90-94; Camden, Ind., '94—. 

DAWES, Bourbon A., 1374 New Broadway, Louisville, Ky. — Born, Mill 
Grove, Ky.; G. C, Ky. ; B. A., 1886; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. Jan., '82, Ord. 
May, 'S7, Kirksville Ch., Ky. ; S. Lancaster, Ky,, '86-87; P. Salvisa, '87-91; 
Junction City, '88-89; Carlisle, '91-95; Millersburg, '91-93; Highland Ch., Louis- 
ville, Ky., '95—; Au. S. Sch. Literature of Highland Ch., '97—. 

DAWLEY, William Wallace, 722 East Seventeenth St., Minneapolis, 
Minn.— Born, Wilna, N. Y.; Ham. C, N. Y., B. A., 1875; LL. B., '76; Cg. U., 
N. Y., B. D., '80; Lie. '77, Amsterdam Ch., N. Y. ; Ord. '80, Whitesboro Ch., N. 
Y.; S. Norwich, N. Y., '78-79; P. Whitesboro, N. Y., '80-82; Guelph, Ontario; 
Can., "82-85; Woodlawn Park Ch., St. Paul, '87-93; 1st Ch., Duluth, '93-96; Cen- 
tral Ch., Minneapolis. Minn., '96 — . 

DAWSON, Edward Forrest, Carrollton, Mo. — Born, Lawrenceburg, Ky. ; 
Stud. Wm. Jewell C, Mo., 4 yrs.; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. Sept. 1, 1886, and Ord. 
Aug. 31, '89, 1st. Ch., Hardin, Mo.; P. Chs. Mo. Valley Asso., 8 yrs. ; Ed. "The 
Christian Gleaner." 

DAWSON, James P., Brinson, Ga.— Born, Jasper Co. Ga. ; Lie. Oct., 1884; 
Ord. Apr. '85, Rockymount Ch., Ga. ; P. Rockymount, 3 yrs.; Shiloh, 3 yrs.; Oak 
Grove, 3 yrs. ; Union, Ga., 1 yr. ; Mt. Zion, Fla., 3 yrs. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory, 203 

DAWSON, Lemuel Orah, Tuscaloosa, Ala. — Born, Chambers Co., Ala.; 
How. C, Ala.. B. A., 1886; D. D. '97; S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. G., '89; P. G., '90; 
Lie. -84, Ord. '88, Mt. Pleasant Ch., Ala.; S. Hopewell, Palmetto St. Ch., Mobile, 
Ala.; Port Roval, Ky. ; P. Hopewell, Ala.; Mt. Vernon, Faywood, Ky.; Tusca- 
loosa, Ala. ; Temporarily rilled Pres. chair Central Fern. C. Ala. 

DAWSON, William Harrison, Thurston, Ky.— Born, Thurston Ky.; Stud. 
Chalybeate C.,Ky.; Lie. June, 1866, and Ord. Apr., '67, Macedonia Ch., Ky. ; P. 
Hawesville, '69-74; South Hampton, '74-78; Yelvington, '75-99; Macedonia, inter- 
vals, 15 yrs.; Sorgho, '66-99; Yellowcreek, '89-99; Stephensport, Ky., '69-78. 

DAY, Charles Hoben, Upper Alton, III. — Born, St. John, N. B,, Can.; 
Acadia C, N. S. ; B. A. ,1886; B. U., R. I., B. A., '88; McMaster U., Toronto, 
M. A.;. Stud. yew. T. S., Mas*.; Lie. Wolfeville Ch., N. S.; Ord. Feb., '92, Quebec 
Ch., Can.; P. Quebec, Can., '91-96; S. Mission Ch., Providence, R. I., '96-97; 
Shurt. C, 111., '97-99; Ed. "Olive Branch." 

DAY, Frank, Colchester, Conn.— Born, Dysigner, N. Y.; New T. S., Mass., 
1895; Lie. Nov. 14, '96, Royalton Ch., Dysinger, NY.; Ord. June 29, '97, Col- 
chester Borough Ch., Conn.; East Auburn, Me., '96; Colchester Borough, Col- 
chester, Conn., '96-97; P. Colchester, Conn., '97—. 

DAY, George Edwin, Upper Alton, III.— Born, Sheffield, N. B., Can.; 
Stud. Acadia C, N. S., D. D., 1885; Lie. '53, Maugerville Ch., N. B. ; Ord. Tune 
25, '68, 1st Ch., Yarmouth, N. S. ; P. 1st Ch., Yarmouth, N. S., '68-81 ; Git ard, 
111., '97-98; S. Dorchester Temple, Boston, Mass<, 16)^ wks. ; Agt. Acadia 

C, N. S., '81-82. 

DAY, Hiram Fuller, Franklin, Me.—Bo™, Wesley, Me. ; Lie. Jan. 1891, East 
Machias Ch., Me.; Ord. Mar. 1, '95, Surry Ch., Me. ; S. Larrabee, and Machias, 
'94; Cutler, '93; Jonesboro, Me., '93; P. Surry, '94-98; East Bluehill, '94-98; 
Franklin, Me., '98-99; Ed. C. E. Dept.; "Machias Union," '92-94; C. E. 
Dept., "Ellsworth Enterprise," '95-97. 

DAY, John Franklin, Newberg, Ore. — Born, Eugene, Ore.; Stud. U. Ore.; 
Lie. 1891, Ord. Mav 1, '92, Creswell Ch., Ore.; P. Prineville, '92; Springfield, 
Ore., '93-95; Home My. '97; P. Springfield and Oakland, '99; Newberg, Ore., '99—. 

DAY, Mortimer Lafitt, Malesus, Tenn. — Born. Savannah, Tenn. ; Stud. Mad- 
ison C, Tenn.; Lie. 1883, Ord. '84, Cane Creek Ch., Tenn.; P. Cane Creek, 
'85; Liberty Grove, '85-89; Woodville, '87; Bethel, '88; Cave Spring, '89; Liberty 
Grove, '94-98; Independence,, '88-99; Meridian Creek, Tenn., 2 yrs. 

DAY, R.B.,Penn,Tex.— Birn, Morgan Co., Ala. ; Lie. Oct. 1893, Ord. Oct '94, 
Greenwood Ch., Tex.; P. Cypress, '93; Cypress and Greenwood, '94; Cypress, 
Greenwood and Clearwater, '95; Greenwood, Clearwater, Penley and Glade Springs, 
Tex., '96; S. S. My., N. E. Tex., 3 yrs. 

DAY, Thomas Harvey, Tecumseh, Okla., Ter. — Born, Harden Co., Tenn.; 
Lie. Mar., 1878, Pleasant Valley Ch. ; Ord. June 29, '79, Wedington Ch.; P. Mt. Pis- 
gah, '78-84; Sulphur Springs, '79-85; Pleasant Valley, '78-81 ; Wedington, 78-82 ; 
Little Elm, '81-87; Illinois, '82-84; Vineyard, '84-86 ; Dutch Mills, '85-86; Pauls 
Vallev, '89-91; Red Branch, '91-93; Rock Creek, '91-93; Sandy Bear, '91-93; 
Bethel Grove, '94-99; Tecumseh, Okla. Ter., '95-96. 

DAY, William A., Himrod, N. Y.— Born, Lancaster, N. Y. ; Stud. East Aurora 
Acad., N. Y.; Lie. Sept. 6, 1890, Yorkshire Center, (Now Delevan) Ch., N.Y.; 
Ord. July 27, '92, Ischua Ch., N. Y. ; S. Eden, '90-91 ; Holland, '91-92 ; P. Ischua, 
'92-93; Farmersville Station, '93-94; Holland, '94-95 ; Himrod, N. Y., '95— . 

DARBY, Otis H., Jay, N. Y.— Born, Homer, N. Y.; Stud. Homer Acad.; Cg. 
Acad., N. Y., and Cg. U., N. Y. ; Lie. Tan. 2, 1890, Homer Ch., N. Y. ; Ord. Dec. 
10, '94, Lake Ridge Ch., N. Y. ; S. Summer Hill, '90-91 ; Truxton, "91 ; Dryden, '92; 
Jay, N. Y., '93; P. Lake Ridge, '94-95; Port Dickinson, N. Y., '95; Dorranceton, 
Pa., '97-98; Jav, N. Y., '98—. 

204 The Baptjst Ministerial Directory. 

DAYFOOT, Peter Carpenter, Paxtox, Vt.— Born, Bristol, Vt. : Ham. T. S., 
N. Y.. B. A., 1843; M. A., "46: Lie. '36, Bristol Ch.. Vt. ; Ord. '45, Medina Ch., N. 
Y.; P. Norwalk, Kingsville, O. ; Lansing, Howel, Parshalburs:. Mich. : Shaftsbury, 
Panton, Vt. ; Moriah, N. Y.; West Haven, Vt. 

DAYTON, James F., Farmers ville Station, N. Y.: Born, Floyds N. Y., 
Oct. 16, 1841; Lie. '92, McLean Ch. : Ord. Sept. 13, '93, Virgil Ch. ; P". Virgil, '92- 
96; Conklin, '97-9S: Babcock Hollow, '94-97. 

DEADRICK, David P., Carlixville, III.— Born, Macoupin Co., 111.; Lie. 
1872 and Ord. '73. Liberty Ch., 111.; P. Liberty. Harmony, Summerville, Little Flock, 
Shiloh, 12 yrs.; Blue Mound, 8 yrs. ; Hickory Point, 9 yrs. ; Alsey, Hickory Grove, 
New Hope," Shaw's Pt., 111. J • 

DEAL, Ransom, Ozark, Ala. — Born. Henrv Co., Ala.; Stud. Macedonia Acad. 
Ala.: Lie. May 29, 1850, Ord. Nov. 4, '55, Mt. Pisgah Ch., Ala.; P. Mt. Pisgah, 
Concord, Zion, Penial, Fellowship, Beulah, Smyrna. Headland, Enon, Antioch, 
Summer Hill, Bethlehem, Bethel, Spring Hill, Salem Ch., Pinckard, Union of Ozark, 
Clarlton, Ebenezer, Haw Ridge, Ala. 

DEAN, Calamay P., Buttry, Ark, — Born, Buttrv, Ark.; Lie. 1891, Union 
Grove Ch. ; Ord. '92, Pleasant Vallev Ch., West Point, Tex. ; P. Hincklev Ch., 
Paris Tex., '92; Rock Spring Ch., Washburn, Mo., "95-98: Walnut Hill Ch., Gar- 
field, '96—: New Prospect, '95-98; Twelve Corner, Ark., '98-99. 

DEAN, Delavan D., Lowville, N. Y. — Born, Morrisville, N. Y.; Cs. U., X. 
Y., B. A., 1873: M. A., '77; Ham. T. S., N. Y.. '80; Lie. Mar. 31. ? 78, Morris- 
ville Ch., N. Y.; Ord. Oct. 13, 'SO, Philadelphia Ch., N. Y. : P. Philadelphia, '80- 
84; Lowville, N, Y., '84—; S. 2nd Ch., Harrisburg, N. Y., '84—. 

DEAN t F. M., Blaxds. Ark.— Born, Bradley Co., Tenn.; Lie. Apr. 24, 1897, 
and Ord; July 29, '98, New Prospect Ch., Ark. ; P* New Prospect, and Nogo, Ark. 

DEAN, Henry M, t Readville, Mass. — Born, Morrisville, X. Y., Aug. 14, 
1841; Stud. Shurt. C, 111.; New. T. S., Mass., 1876; Ord. Jan. 23, '69, Odin Ch., 
111.; P. Odin, 111.; Manchester. la.: New Lisbon- Centre, N. Y. ; 2nd Ch., Dayton, 
O.; Hingham, Mass.: A. P. 1st Ch., Cambridge. Mass.; S. Osterville and lst'Ch., 
Dorchester, Mass.; P. Cary Ave. Ch., Chelsea, Mass. 

DEAN, Jacob E., Rothmel, Pa. — Born, Harlansburg, Pa. : Stud. Reid Inst., 
Pa.; Lie. 1858, and Ord. Mar. '62, Millcreek Ch , Pa.; P. Millcreek, '62; Clarion- 
ville, Strattonville and Corsica, Pa., Z% J 1 "*- : Leatherwood and New Bethlehem, '66- 
€7; Redbank, 1 yr. ; Freeport and Union, '68-76; Reynoldsville, Pa., '76-79; Organ- 
izer and P. West Liberty, 11 yrs ; P. Sykesville, '81-90: Caledonia, Johnsonburgh, 
Brockwayville, Coolporl and Mountaindale, Pa., 1 yr. ; My. and P. 23 yrs; Financial 
Sec. Reid Inst. 

DEAN, Tohn M., 609 Academy St., Kalamazoo, Mich. — Born, Coble<kill, N. 
Y., Oct. 14, 1875; Chicago Bible Inst. ; Lie. July 8, '94, Portage St. Ch., Kalamazoo, 
Mich.: Ord. Mar. 25, '97, Revnoldsville Ch., Pa.: Ev. 111., Mich., Pa. and N. Y., 
'94-97; P. Reynoldsville, Pa., '97-98; Ev. '98—. 

DEAN, John W., Paxkey, Tex —Born, Floyd Co., Ga. ; Lie. Oct. 4, 1885, and 
Ord. Sept. 5, '86, Shiloh Ch., Tex.: P. Martin Prairie, '86-89, '92—; Cotton, '86-89; 
Kickapoo, '87-90, '96-98; Evergreen, '88; Bundie Prairie and Willow Hole, '97. 

DEAN, Leonard John, 2012 Fifth Ave., Troy, N. Y.— Born, Morrisville, N. 
Y.; Cg. U.,N. Y., B. A. 1871: M. A. '74; New. T. S., Mass. '74: Lie. Apr. 30, 
'70, Morrisville Ch., N. Y. : Ord. Dec. 15, '75, Jaffrev Ch., N. H. ; P. Jaffrev, 
'75-79: Milford,N. H., '80-82; Randolph, Mass., '82-84; Watertown, '84-89; Little 
Falls, '89-92; Hudson, '93-98; Troy, N. Y., '98—. 

DEAN, Luke, Sylvan, Wis.— Born, Flovd, N. Y., Jan. 18, 1808; Ord. '46, 
Brockville Ch., Ind. : P. Lake Gage, Ind. 

DEAN, Oscar "William, Kopperl, Tex.— Born, Anderson Co., S. C: Lie. 
June 15, Ord. Nov. 17, 1889, Meridian Ch.. Tex : P. Kopperl Ch., '91-99: Walnut 
Springs, '91-93: Iredell, "91-92: Yalley Mills, Tex.. 94-99. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 205 

DEAN, Samuel Clayton, Americus, Ga. — Born, Atlanta, Ga.; Stud. Mer. U., 
Ga.; U. Ga., B.L.,1893; Stud. S. B. T. S., Kv. ; Lie. June 30, and Ord. Oet. 30, 
'97, 1st. Ch., Atlanta, Ga.; P. 1st Ch. % Atlanta, Ga.,'97; S. Same, '98—. 

DEAN, Stephen T., Hinsdale, N. Y.— Born, West Almond, N. Y.; Stud. 
Alfred U., and T. S. ; Lie. Aug. 26, 1862, Almond Ch., N. Y. ; Ord. Jan. 26, '64, 
Friendship Ch., N. Y.; P. Friendship, Hume, Avoca, Naples, Alta, Stockton, May- 
ville, Hinsdale, Millport, N. Y. ; Athens, Cambridge Springs, and Allegheny, Pa. 

DEAN, W. H., Woodstock, Ga.— Born, Covington, Ga., 1824; Medical Dept. 
State U., Ga., '52; Lie. '60, Ord. '62, Enon Ch., Ga. ; P. Enon, Noonday, Sandy 
Plains, Carmel, Canton, Olive Springs, Roswell, Shoal Creek, Mill Creek, and 
Woodstock, Ga. 

DEANE, Abner H., Harrisonville. Mo; — Born, Bracken Co., Kv.; Stud. 
Hardensburg Sem.; Lie. 1859, Ord. '60, Austin Ch., Mo.; P. Paola, Kan., '60; 
Harrisonville, '65-66; Index, '67; Pleasant Ridge, '68-89; Warrensburg, 2 yrs. ; 
Butler, Mo., 2 yrs.; Louisburg, 8 yrs.; Wellsville,"Kan., 3 yrs. 

DEANS, Joseph Franklin, Windsor Station, Va. — Born, Norfolk Co., Va., 
Mav 20, 1839; Coin. U., D. C, B. A., 1859; M. A., '66; R. C, Va; D. D., '97; 
S. B. T. S., Kv.; Th. G., '68; Lie. Dec. '58, Churchland Ch., Va. ; Ord. '63, 2nd 
Ch., Petersburg, Va. ; Chap. Confederate Army, '62-65 ; P. Weldon, N. C, '65-66; 
North West, '66; Manchester, '69-72; Berkley Ave., '73-74; Smithfleld, '75-79; 
South Quay, '78-83; Great Fork, '84-90; Black Creek, '81-93; Whitehead Grove, 
'76—; Windsor, '79-91 and '94—; Tuckers Swamp, '90— ; Ivor, Va., '98-99—; Prin. 
Windsor Acad., Va., '78—. 

DEARING, Emery Sherman, Cerrogordo, Ark. — Born. Barren Co., Ky, ; Lie. 
Aug. 16, and Ord. Sept. 20, 1S96, Damascus Ch., Ark.; P. Peytonville, Pleasant. 
Valley, Larue, New Bethel, and Horatio, '95-97; Pleasant Valley, County Line and 
Ozan, '95-98; Cerrogordo and Caney, Ark., '99 — . 

DEARING, John Lincoln, 67 A Bluff, Yokahama, Japan. — Born, Webster, 
Me.; Colbv U., Me.; B. A., 1884; M. A., '94; New. T. S., Mass., '89; Lie. Aug. 
24, '84, Ord. June 25, '89, Lisbon Falls Ch., Me.; S. Haddam, '85; Hodgdon, Cary, 
Amity, Me., Summer of '87; A. P, 1st Ch., Cambridge, Mass., Fall of '87- and '89; 
My. to Japan May 6, '89 — ; Au. "Outline of Theology," (In Japanese) '96. 

DEATHERAGE, Allen, Allen, Tenn.— Born, Roane Co., Tenn., July 21, 1823; 
Lie. '44, Shiloh Ch., Tenn. ; Ord. May, '47, Short Creek Ch., Tenn. ; P. Little Emory, 
'45-47; Pisgah, '46-50; Shoal Creek, '58-59; Spring Creek, '66-70; Mill Creek, 
'67-82; Union, Park Grove, Macedonia and Smyrna, Tenn. 

DeBAPTISTE, Richard, 6662 Hartwell Ave., Chicago, III.— Born, Freder- 
icksburg, Va.; Stud. Select Sen., Detroit, Mich. ; U., Ky., D. D., 1887; Stud. B. 
Un. T.S., Chicago; Lie. '58, 2nd Ch., Detroit, Mich. ; Ord. April, '60, Union Ch., 
Cincinnati, O.; P. Olivet Ch., Chicago, '63-82 ; Evanston, '83 ; Elgin, '83-87; Gales- 
burg, '87-91; Shiloh Ch., Chicago, '91-94 ; Elgin, 111., '98—; Ed. "The Conserva- 
tor," '99; "The Baptist Herald," Keokuk, la., 3 yrs.; "The Bap'ist Observer," 
Chicago, 111., 1 yr.; Au. 

DeBLOIS Austen Kennedy, Upper Alton, III. — Born, Wolfville, N. S. ; Acadia 
C, N. S. B. A., 18^6; M. A., '89; B. U., R. I., M. A., '88; Ph. D., '89; Frank. C, 
Ind., LL. D., '97; Stud. U. Berlin, Episcopal Divinity Sch. and New. T. S., Mass.; 
Lie. June, '86, Wolfville Ch.. N. S. ; Ord. June, '92, St. Martin's Ch., N. B., Can.; 
P. Brookfield, '86; New Minas, '87; Annapolis Royal, N. S., '89; S. Dartmouth, 
Halifax, N. S., '89; P. Thomasville, 111., '96-99; Vice-Prin. Union Bap. Sem. St. 
Martins, N. B., '91-92; Prin. Shurt. C, 111., '94—; Au. "The Teacher of the Bible," 
'98; "A Pioneer School," '99. 

DEBORD, George Washington, Eldorado, Tenn.— Born, Smith Co., Va. ; Lie. 
Nov., 1866, and Ord. July 19, '68, Richardson's Creek Ch. ; P. Grassy Creek, 68-79; 
Flat Gap, 6 yrs, ; Richardson's Creek, 7 yrs. ; Blackwater, 5 yrs.; War Creek, 4 yrs. ; 
S. Stony Gap, 5 yrs.; P. Klepper's Chapel, 3 yrs.; Hickory Cove, 2 yrs.; Beech 
Grove, Clinch River. 

206 '. The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

DEGKER, Marion Charles, Wyalusing, Pa.— Born, Bardwell, Pa.; Stud. Key. 
Acad., Pa., Cg. Acad. N. Y., and Ham. T. S., N. Y. ; Ord July 8, 1892, Ridgebury 
Ch., Pa.; P. Ridgeway, '92-93; Alba, Leroy, Armenia, Union, West Franklin, '93- 
94; Browns township. Haneyville, Jersey Mills and Waterville, '95-98; Mt. Carmel 
and Centralia, Pa., '98-99; Au. "Law and Grace." 

DECKER, W. J., Lahore, Va.— Born. Spottss lvania Co.. Va. ; Stud. R. C, 
Va ; S. B. T. S., Ky., 1884; Lie. '72; Ord. Nov.," '75. Zoar Ch., Va. ; P. Wimes, 
'80-81; Orange, '84-86; Zoar, '84-87; Salem, 75— ; North Pamunkey, Va., '86—. 

DECKER, William P., Fabius, N. Y.— Born, Troy, N. Y.; Stud. Cg. U., N. 
Y.; Lie. June 23, 1853, Favetteville Ch., N. Y. ; Ord. Sept. 26, '55. Evans Mills Ch., 
N. Y.; P. Evans Mills, '55-57; Malone, '57-59; Throopsville, N. Y., '59-61; S. 
Dover, N. Y., 61-71; Castile, '71-77; Forestville, '77-80; Nunda, '80-83; Hun- 
ter, 'S3-89; Gaines and Murray, '90-93; Fabius, N. Y., '98—. 

DECLAYBROOK, William Edward, 2108 Calif. St., Denver, Colo.— Born, 
Christ Church, New Zealand, So. Seas; Stud. Roger Williams U., Tenn. ; U. Calif., 
B. A., 1876; Roger Williams T. S., Tenn.; Ord. Oct. 6, '76, 1st. Ch. Manchester, 
Eng. ; P. 1st. Ch., Favetteville and 2nd. Ch., Fort Smith, Ark., '85-87; Carthage, 
Mc; '87-94; S. 4th. Ch., Portland, Me., '94-95; Corinthian Ch., Frankfort. Ky., 
'95-96; Metropolitan Ch.. Kansas Cy., Mo., '97-98; Zion Ch., Denver, Colo., '98—; 
Au. "Siberia As It Is." '82. 

DEENER, Charles, Cane Valley, Ky. — Born, Jamestown, Ky. ; G. C, Ky., B. 
A., 1868; Lie. '70, Ord. '72, Bap. Ch.; P. Jerico, Ky! 

DEENER, Charles M., Montpelier, Ky.— Born, Adair Co., Ky. ; Lie. 1868 
and Ord. Feb. 11, '71, Providence Ch., Ky. ; P. poor Chs., 28 yrs. 

DEER, John E., Roberts, Ala. — Born, Pineville, Ala.; Stud. How. C, Ala.; 
Lie. 1873, Indian Springs Ch., Ala.; Ord. '84, Brewton Ch., Ala.; P. Brownville, 
Fairfield, Catawba Springs, Bethel, Mt. Willing and Elirn, Ala. 

DEES, Zachariah, Mayo, Fla. — Born, Lowndes Co., Ga. ; Lie. Midway Ch., S. 
C; Ord. 1866, Macedonia Ch., Fla.; P. Macedonia, Wayfare, Midway; My. 1 yr. 

DEFOOR, James M., Morrow, Ga.— Born, Atlanta, Ga., 1845; Lie. Oct. 10, 
'68, and Ord. Aug. 1, '75, Tilton Ch., Ga. ; P. Tanners, Mt. Zion, Forest Grove, 
Antioch, Rockdale, Ga. ; P. 25 yrs. 

DEITZ, Charles Martin, Frenchtown, N. J. — Born, Philadelphia, Pa.; Stud. 
Central H. Sch., Philadelphia, Pa.; Buck. U., Pa.; B. A., 1854; M. A.. '56; 
Roch. T. S., N. Y., '56; Lie. '54, 4th Ch., Philadelphia, Pa.; Ord. Mar. 25, '58, 
Upper Freehold Ch , Monbo, N.J.; P. Upper Freehold, '58-66; 2nd Ch., Cam- 
den, N. J., '67-69; Agf. So. T. Inst., N. J., '66-67; P. Coatesville, '69-76: Holme- 
shire Ch., Philadelphia. '76-80; Ridley Park, '80-85; Reading, Pa., '85-89; Florence, 
89-93; Frenchtown, N. J., '95—. 

DeLANCEY, Preston Furman, Mt. Washington, Pittsburg, Pa — Born, 
Elderton, Pa.; Reid Ins*., 1884; Stud. Buck. U., Pa.; Lie. Nov. '83, Mahoning Ch., 
Pa.; Ord. Dec. 13, '87, Goshen Ch., Pa.; P. Goshen, '87-91; Corrv, '91-92; Town- 
ville, '92-93; Waynesburg, '93-97; Philipsburg, '97-98: Mt. Washington Pittsburg, 
Pa., '98 — . 

DELANO, Joseph H, Blandinsvile, III. — Born, St. Albans. Vt. ; Abingdon 
C„ B. A ; M. A.,1S65; Ewing C, 111.; D. D., '95; Stud. Div. Sch. Shurt C, 111. ; 
Lie. Mar. 11, '69, Ord. Feb. '70 Mt. Vernon Ch., Ills.; P. Blandinsville, 111., '70; 
Boone, 76; Jefferson, la., '77; Lanark, '81; Roche'le, '83; Kewanee, '87; Monmouth, 
'93; Blandinsville, 111., '98-. 

DELARME, Alonzo A., Norristown, Pa.— Born, Jefferson Co., Pa.; Stud. 
Mt. Pleasant Classical and Scientific Inst.. p a . ; State U., Ind., B. A., 1887; M. A., 
'90; Stud. Ya'e U., N. Y. ; Cro. T. S., Pa., '90; Lie. '83, West Liberty Ch., Pa.; 
Ord. July 17, '90, Hope Ch., New Haven, Conn.; P. Hope Ch., New Haven, Conn., 
'90-93; 1st Ch., Norristown, Pa., '93— ; Au. "History 1st. Baptist Church of Norris- 
town," '97. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 207 

DELAUGHTER, Benjamin, Sparkman, Ark.— Born, S. C; Lie. 1890, Oua 
chiU Ch., Ark.; Ord. '92, New Hope Ch., Ark.; P. Liberty, '92-93; Ouachita, Ark., 

DELK, Joshua J. t Waxahachie, Tex. — Born, Bedford Co.,Tenn.; Stud, pri- 
vately ; Lie. July 20, 1880, Ord. Sept. 25, '83, Liberty Ch., Tenn.; P. Long Branch, 

DeLOACH, Charles Augustus, Yarnaby, Ind. Ter. — Born, New Hamilton, Ga. ; 
Lie. Aus. 1876, Shiloh Ch., Miss.; Ord. Nov. 28, '80, Oak Grove Ch., Tenn.; P. 
Edwin, '81-97; My. Tex. and Ind. Ter., 9 yrs. 

DELZELL, Samuel "W., Moosup, Conn. — Born, Henderson, Mo.; Drury C, 
Mo.; B. A., 1881; Yale T. S., Conn.; B. D., '84; Lie. Mar. '78, Ord. '79, Spring- 
field Presbyterian Ch., Mo.; P, Cong. Ch., Lamar, Mo. ; Cong. Ch., San Jacinto, 
Calif., '84-87; Cong. Ch., Newton, '90-93; Bap. Ch., Moosup, Conn., '93-97; Au. 
"Tract on Baptism." 

DEMARCUS, Bradford, Mynatt, Tenn.— Born. Anderson Co., Tenn., May 5, 
1820; Stud. Knoxville U., Tenn.; Lie. Mav, '44, Bethel Ch.,Tenn.; Ord. Aug. ,"47, 
Beaverdam Ch.. Tenn.; P. Mt. Harmony, '*51 yrs.; Zion Hill, 26 yrs.; Third Creek, 
26 vrs. ; Beaver Dam, 28 yrs. ; Fairview, 15 yrs. ; Union, 6 yrs. ; Pleasant Hill, 5 yrs. ; 
Sharon, 7 yrs. ; Valley Grove, Tenn., 2 yrs. 

DEMENT, Byron Hoover, 953 Fifth St., Louisville, Ky. — Born. Hermitage, 
Tenn.; Stud. U., Va., and W. and L. U. ; U., Nashville, Tenn., L. I., 1885; S. B. T. 
S.. Ky., Th. M., '99; Lie. June, '85, Ord. Aug., '86, New Hope Ch., Tenn.; P. Bell 
Buckle, Tenn., '86-88; Hebron, Mt. Ed. and Shiloh, '88-91; Buena, '91-92; Lexing- 
ton, Va., '92-96; Nehemiah, '92-94; New Castle and Burk's Branch, '96-99; Midway, 
Ky., '99; Chap. Washington and Lee C, '92-96; Tutor Sys. Theologv, S. B. T. S., 
Ky., '98—. 

DeMERRITT, James W., Battle Creek, Neb.— Born, LaSalte. 111.; Stud. H. 
Sch., Bmken Bow, Neb.; Lie. Aug. 29, 1895, 2nd Ch., Fort Scott, Kan.; Ord. Jan. 
8, '97, Prescott Ch.. Kan.; P. Hume Mo., '97; Prescott, Kan., '97-98; Merwin, 
'97-98; Rockville, Mo., '97; Burdett, '98; Battle Creek, Neb., '98—. 

DEMOREST, WilliamH., New Albany, Pa.— Born, Towanda, Pa.; Stud. Sus- 
qnehanna Collegiate Inst. ; Lie. Spring 1896, Towanda Ch., Pa.; Ord. May 26,- 
'97, New Albany, Pa.; P. New Albany and Camptown, Pa. 

DENCHFIELD, L. J., 5635 Boyer St., Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa — 
Bo'-n, Bedfordshire, Ene. ; Stud. Hamilton Acad., Ontario, Can.; Cro. T. S., Pa., 
1881; B. D., '92; Lie. '77, Park St. Ch.. Hamilton, Ontario. Can.; Ord. '81, IstCh., 
North Adams, Mass ; A. P. North Adams; Mass., '81-82; P. English Speaking Ch., 
Ranyoon Burmi. India, '82-87; Mv. Squa Karem, Ranyoon Dist", India, '87-91; P. 
ll'h Ch., Philadelphia, Pa., '92-97; A P. East Side Ch., Germantown, Philadelphia, 
Pa., '97 — ; Stud. Med., with view to return to India as Med. My, 

DENCHFIELD, Thomas George, 22 W. 37th St., Bayonne, N. J.— Born, Eng. ; 
Stud. Cro. T. S., Pa.; Lie. 1873, St. James Ch., Hamilton, Can.; Ord. June. '74, 
South Arthur Ch.. Can.; P. South Arthur, '74-75; Elora, '75-77; Brampton, Can., 
'77-80; Hebron Ch., Philadelphia, '82; Ambler, Pa., '88-95; l<t Ch., Bayonne, N. J., 

DENHAM, Allen, Bessie, III.— Born, Allen Co., Ky. ; Lie. 1873. Ord. '75, 
Libertv Ch., 111.; P. New Salem, '83-90 ; Liberty, '85; Pleasant Hill, '91-95 ; Siloam, 
111., '88. 

DENHAM, Josiah Edward, Sabetha, Kan.— Born, Blue Lick, Ky. ; Stud. Den. 
U., O.; Lie. Nov. 18S0, Columbia Ch., Cincinnati, O.; Ord. Aug., '82, Homer Ch., 
O.; P. Homer, O., '81-82; St. Paris and Honev Creek, '83-85; Savannah Ave. Ch., 
St. To^eph, Mo., '86-88; S. S. My., 2 yrs.; P. Cameron, Mo., '91: Wellington, Kan., 
'92; 1st Ch., Pueblo '93-94; Canon City, Colo., '95-96. 

208 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

DENISON, Frederick, 28 So. Court St., Providence, R. I.— Born, Stoning- 
ton, Conn., Sept. 28, 1819; B. U., R. I., B. A., '47; M. A., '50; Lie. '44, Union Ch., 
Mystic Conn. ; Ord. '47, 1st Ch., Westerly, R. I ; P. 1st Ch., Westerly, R. I. ; Cen- 
tral Ch., Norwich and Pilgrim Ch., New Haven, Conn.; Central Falls, Woonsocket, 
Providence. R. I.; Chap. Union Army; Au. "The Sabbath Institution;" "The Sup- 
per Institution ;" "Notes of the Baptists in Norwich, Conn.," '"History of the 3rd R. I. 
Heavy Artillery Regt. ;" "History of the 1st Cavalry Regt. of B. I. ;'' "Westerly and 
its Witnesses." 

DENISON, D. H., Trumansburg, N. Y.— Born, Sinclairville, N. Y. ; Stud. 
Un. H. Sch., Sinclairville, N. Y. .; Ord. Feb. 9, 1881, 1st Ch., Corry City, Pa.; P. 
Spartansburg, 1 yr. ; Townville, Pa., 1% yrs. ; S. Centreville, Pa.; P. Jamestown, 
4 yrs. ; Emporium, Pa., 3>£ yrs. ; Cuba, 4 yrs. 7 mo. ; Trumansburg, N. Y., 3 yrs. 

DENMAN, Lewis Henry, Morgan Centre, O. — Born, Delaware Co., O. ; Stud. 
G. C, Ky. ; Lie. 1862, Ord. '63, Willow Creek Ch., Ky. ; P. Blanket Creek, New Provi- 
dence and New Zion, '64-69; Salem, Ky., '71-73; Rockville, '71-81 ; West Union, 
'72-84 and '88-89; Winchester, '78-88; Brush Creek, Cedar Grove, Evergreen and 
Lick Fork, '85-86; Bethel, '86-87; Lindale and Nichollsville, '90-91; Brush Creek, 
Evergreen and Lick Fork, '90-93; West Jefferson and Lisbon, '93-96; Owl Creek 
and Martinsburg, O., '96 — . 

DENNEY, Reuben Randolph, Bidwell, O.— Born, Bidwell, O. ; Stud. Latin, 
Elocution, Homiletics, Voice Culture, under a tutor; Lie. Oct. 11, 1884, Springfield 
Ch., O.; Ord. Oct. 31, '86, Gallia Ch., O.; P. Vernon, '88-92; Zion, W. Va., '86-96; 
Salem, '91-92 and '98—; Springfield, '86—; Mercerville, '92; Centervilie, '94-99; 
Gallia, O., '92—. 

DENNIS, William Knight, Colebrook, O.— Born, Eng. ; Stud. Cgf. U., N. Y., 
Ham.T.S.,N.Y.; Lie. Mar. 22, 1875, Pierrepont St.Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Ord. May, 
'78, Bradford Ch., 111. ; P. Bradford, 111., '77-78; St. Charles, Minn., '79-80; Sauk 
Center, '80-82 ; Lake City, Minn., '82-85; Muncie, Ind., '85-86; Hamilton, '86-90; 
Avon, '91-95; West Cleveland, '95-96; Colebrook, O., '97—. 

DENNIS, William S., Norwood, Mo.— Born, Roane Co., E. Tenn. ; Stud. Pub- 
lic Schs. ; Lie. Oct. 9, J867, and Ord. Oct. 9. '68, Zion Ch., Mo. ; P. 2 to 3 Chs. 

DENNISON, Richard M., East Stone Gap, Va.— Born, Estelleville, Va. ; Lie. 
1867, and Ord. Nov. 27, '69', Sulphur Springs Ch., Va. ; P. Hunter's Valley, Carter 
Town, Zion, North Fork, Sloan Town, Cowan's Branch, Ivy Point, Merchant's 
School House, Olive Branch, Mt. Pleasant, Obe's Creek, Laurel Point, Va. 

DENNY, James, Archev, Ark.— Lie. Oct. 1878, Ord. '79, Colony Mountain Ch., 
Ark. ; P. Colony Mt., 4 yrs. ; Tracy Ridge, '86-87; Hartsuly Ch., 4 yrs. ; Flat Rock, 
Ark., '98. 

DENSON, Nicholas C, Warren, Ark.— Born, Rankin Co., Miss.; Stud. Foun- 
tain Hill Acad., Ark; Lie. 1875, Flat Creek Ch.; Ord. '78, Warren Ch., Ark.; S. 
Smyrna, Ark., '78-84; P. Enon, '80-S2 ; Concord, '80-86; New Prospect, '81-84 ; 
Union Hill, '80-84; Ebenezer, '83-95; Collins and Center Point, '86-92 ; Portland, 
'91-98; Warren, Ark., '90—; My. Woodlawn, Ark., 2 yrs.; S. Enon, 3 yrs , and 
Hamburg, Ark., 1 yrs. 

DENT, Alanson H., Sheridan, Wyo- Born, Wheatland, Mo.; Stud. So. Wn. 
Bap. C, Mo.; Lie. 1882, Ord. '83, Macedonia Ch. ; P. Hennessey, Okla. Ter. ; So. 
McAlester, Ind. Ter. ; Sheridan, Wyo. 

DENT, Joseph Croft, Sandwich, III. — Born, Harleston, Northampton, Eng. ; 
Stud. The Bible Inst., Chicago and U., Chicago; Ord. Nov. 10, 1892, Maplewood Ch., 
Chicago, 111. ; P. Maplewood Ch., Chicago, '92-94; Earlville, 94-95; Sandwich, 111., 

DENT, "William Henry, Mars, Ga.— Born, Appling Co , Ga. ; Lie. 1876, Sand 
HillCh.,Ga.; Ord. '76, Mt. Pleasant Ch., Ga. ; P. Fellowship, '76-80; New Hope, 
'76-82; Mt. Pleasant, '80-84; Antioch, '81-84; Sand Hill, '81; Mt. Zion, 78-80; 
Reedy Branch, '78-81; Forest Grove, '80-85; Ocklawilla, '87-94; Corinth, ' '87-92 ; 
Philadelphia, '88-91; Poplar Spring, '86-90; Beaver Dam, '90-98; Fellowship, '92-96 ; 
Redland, '90-92; New Bethel, '94-96; Cherry Creek, '94-97; Good Hope, '96-99; 
Stockton, '97-99; Hahira, Ga., '97—. 

The Baptisi Ministerial Directory. 209 

DENTON, William Newton, South Haven, Kan.— Born, Henderson Co., Ky. ; 
Stud. Beth. C, Ky., 5 yrs., and S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. Oct. 25, 1886, Cherry Hill Ch., 
Ky.-; Ord. Aug. 24, '91, Ziori Hill Ch., Ky. ;. P. Old Pleasant Hill, '91-94; 1st Ch., 
Earlington, Ky., '93-94; 1st Ch., Brookfield, '95-97; 1st Ch., Rolla, Mo., Mar-April, 
5 98; S. 1st Ch., South Haven, Kan., July-Oct., '98; P. 1st Ch., Perth, Kan., '99—. 

DEPPE, H. So Percy, III.— Bor'n, Lippe, Detmold; Lie. 1847, Ord. '49, Steel- 
ville Ch., 111..; P. Steelville, 1 yr. ; Ellis Grove, 8 yrs.; Organizer and P. Sparta Ch., 

2 yrs. ; P. Lyburn; Organizer and P., Freesburg, 15 yrs.; Belleville, 4 yrs.; Bethel, 

3 yrs. ; Troy, 3 yrs. ; Pleasant Run, 8 yrs. ; Oakhill, 3 yrs. ; Lebanon, 1 yr. ; Organ- 
izer and P., New Silver Creek Ch., 2 yrs. ; P. Richland and Red Bud, 111., 1 yr. 

DePUY, Irving N., 7 Essex St., Rochester, N. Y. — Born, Wayne, N. Y. ; 
U. Roch., N. Y., B. A., 1894; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '97; Lie. June, '93, Alexander 
St. Ch., Rochester, N. Y.; Ord. Sept. 21, '97, Wilder St. Ch., Rochester, N. Y.; P. 
Wilder St. Ch., Rochester, N. Y., '97—. 

DERR, Ellsworth Thomas, 1047 Cherry St., Norristown, Pa. — Born, More- 
land, Pa. ; Cent. S. Nor. Sch., Pa., B. A., 1882 ; Buck. U ., Pa. ; U. of Mich., B. A., 
'88; New. T. S., Mass.; Berlin U. ; Lie. Apr., '83, Moreland Ch. ; Ord. Rehoboth 
Ch.; S. Mahoning, Pa.. '87; P. Rehoboth, '89-90 ; Reynoldsville, Pa., '91-93 ; Seville, 
O., '95-97; Royersford, Pa., '97-99. 

DERR, Herbert Lawson, Jerseyville, III. — Born, Summerville, 111.; Stud, 
Shurt C, 111. ; Lie. and Ord. 1885. Summerville Ch., 111.; P. Carlinville, Sterling, 
Kan.; Piasa, Bethel, Greenfield, Whitehall Litchfield, Auburn, Manchester, Delhi; 
Organized and built three Chs.; Ed. "The Revival;" Litchfield, '93; Lecturer Shurt. 
C. 111., '97; My. Carrolton Bap. Asso.— . 

DERRICK, Samuel R,,Bakersfield, Mo.— Born, McMinn Co., Tenn. ; Stud. 
Wm. Jewell C, Mo. and Mtn. Home Bap. C, Ark.; Lie. 1890, New Bethel Ch.; 
Ord. Sept. 5, '91, Mountain Home Ch., Ark.; S. Mountain Home, Ark., '95. 

DERRICK, William J. t Canton, Miss.— Born, Brandon, Miss. ; Stud. Miss. C, 
and S. B.T. S., Ky. ; Lie. Oct. 22, 1888, and Ord. May, '91, Fannin Ch., Miss.; P. 
Okloona and Canton, Miss. 

DERRICKSON, Seth W., Peggy, Mo.— Born, Liberty, Tenn.; Lie. July and 
Ord. Nov., 1859, Liberty Ch., Ilk; P. Liberty, Salem, Belle City, Woodlawn, Arm- 
ington Prairie, Jefferson City, Moores Prairie, Diamond Springs, Marshall's Creek, 
111.; Oak Hill, New Hope, Big Barren, Low Wossie, Pine, Mo. 

DES AUTELS, William Walter, Pentwater, Mich.— Born, Detroit, Mich.; 
Kal. C, Mich.; Cg. U., N. Y. ; Ham. T. S., N. Y., 1893; Lie. '86, Grand River 
Ave. Ch., Detroit, Mich.; Ord. Sept. 8, '92, 2nd. Ch., Bainbridge, N. Y.; S. W. 
Bainbridge, N. Y., '92-93; P. Cadillac, '93-94; Atlas, nd Goodrich, '95-97; Cass- 
opolis, '97-99; Pentwater, Mich., — . 

DAVAULT, B. S„ Mt. Vernon, Ky.— Born, Hancock Co., Tenn.; Somerset 
C, Ky., 1887; Lie. Sept. 6, '79, and Ord. Mar. 10, '80, Hopewell Ch. ; P. ML 
Pisgah, Hopewell, Pine Hill; S. Freedom. 

DEVENEAU, John Marion, Citra, Fla.— Born, Pickens, S. C. ; Stud. Pub. 
Schs. of Ga. and 111.; Lie. July, 1885, Blue Eye Ch., Ala.; Ord. Apr., '88, Oxanna 
Ch., Ala.; P. Iron City, '85-87 ; Russellville, Ala., '88-90; Citra, '98—; Dunnellon,. 
Fla., '99—. 

DEVENEAU, Joseph W., La Crosse, Fla.— Born, Charleston, S. C; Stud. 
Pub. Schs. Ga. and S. C. ; Lie. 1880, Cartersville Ch., Ga. ; Ord. Aug., '81, Spring 
Hill Ch., Fla.; P. Ocklawaha Bridge, Lake Bryant, Lady Lake; Organizer and P. 
Hickorv Head, '82; P. Isbell, Ala., '92; New River, Dedan and Bradford, Fla., 
'99—; S. La Crosse, Fla., "99—. 

DEVIEUX, Wm. Thos., Spartansburg, S. C— Born, Essex Co., Va. ; Stud. 
Aberdeen Acad, and R. C, Va. ; S. B. T. S. Ky., 1880; Fur. U. S. C, D. D. '98; 
Lie. '72. Hebron Ch., Va. ; Ord. Oct. '80, Grace St. Ch. Richmond, Va. ; P. Bain- 
bridge Ch., Manchester, Va., '80-84; 1st Ch., Spartanburg, S. C, '84—. 

210 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

DEVINE, Robert Bradford, Buena Vista. Ark.— Born, Etowah Co., Ala.; 
How. C, Ala., B. S., 1892; Lie. Apr. 4, '85, Fairview Co., Ark.; Ord. Aug;. '88, 
Cool Springs, Ch., Ark. ; P.Green Spring, '90-91; Cook Springs, '91-92; Salem, 
Antiochand College Hill, '94-95; Salem, stamps and Stephens, Ark., '98 — . 

DeVOL, Charles W., Port Leydon, N. Y.— Born, Sandy Hill, N. Y. ; Stud. 
Friends Acad., Union's prings, N. Y.; Ord. Dec. 6, 1894, Bethel Ch., Port Leydon, 
2SP. Y. 

DEW, Josian Hartweli, Louisville, Ky. — Born, Marion, S. C; Fur. U., S. C, 
B. A., 1890; S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. B., '94; Lie. Aug. '85, Ord. Aug. 14, '90 Catfish 
Ch.; P. Statesboro, Ga., '90-91; Glenview. Ky., '92; 1st Ch.; JefTersonviUe, Ind.,'93- 
94; Keene/94-97; Logan SV, Ch., Louisville; Ky., '98; Ev.— ; Aut., Leaflet on "How 
to be Saved." 

DEWEESE, Reuben D. t Camilla, Ga.— Born, Cherokee, Co., N. C; Stud. Hi- 
awassee H. Sen., Ga., Hightower Bap. C, Ga., Mer. U. Ga., and S. B. T. S., Ky. 
L : c. Apr. 10, 1888; Ord. Apr. 15. ,'94; Notla Ch., Ga. ; S. Ivy Log. '94; Pelham and 
Camilla, Ga., '98; P. Camilla, '98—; P. Flint and Baconton, Ga.,^98— . 

DEWEY, William W*, 3614 Hamilton Ave., Chicago, III.— Born, Wayland, 
Pa.; Stud. Allegheny, C, Pa.; Lie. Sept. 13, Ord. Nov. 11, 1885, Wayland Ch., Pa.; 
P. Wayland, Pa., '85-86; St. John, Kan., '86-87; Pueblo, Col., '87-88; Linesville, 
Pa.; Springboro, '88-90; Cadillac, Mich., '9o-93; General My. Mich., '93-96. 

DeWITT, Henry G., 1824 K St., Fresno, Calif.— Born. Cato, N. Y., Aug. 14, 
1835: Cent. U., la., D. D., '78; Ord. '57, Burritt Ch., 111.; P. Burritt, 111., 1 yr. ; 
Ev.— . 

DeWITT, Matthew Hale t Kirkville, N. Y.— Born, Sc-ipio, N. Y ; Stud. Au- 
burn A~ad., Garrett Biblical Inst., and Evanston T. S. ; Lie. Mar. 1860, Burrette Ch., 
111.; Ord. Sept. 19, '61, Hannibal Ch., Mo.: P. Memphis, '62-65 ; Jordonville, '65-67; 
Naples, N. Y., '67-70; Litchfield, '72-74; Reading, '64-76; Richmond, and Byron, 
Mich., '76-80; Rose, N. Y., Stroudsburgh, Pa., '88-91; Canaseraga and Reading 
Centre, N. Y., '91-94. 

DeWHURST, Eli t Voluntown, Conn.— Born, Rochdale, Eng.; Stud. Eng. ; 
Lie. June 1S52, O'd. Jan '53, Bradford, Ch., Me.; P. Bradford, '52-53; Hampden, 
'55-57; Belfast, '57-59; Pembroke, Me., '59-62; Baldwinsville, Mas*., '62-65; Groton 

Heights, Conn., '66-685 Hinsda'e, Ma>"/s.', '68-76; 1st Ch., Croton Conn.. '76-81 ;Dex- 
ier, Me., '81-83; Voluntown, Conn.. '83—. 

DeWITT, Clark Junius, Pioneer, O.— Born, Hammondsport, N. Y., Sept. 23, 
1836; Stud. Hillsdale C, Mich.; Lie. '63, Cunboy Ch , Mich.; Ord. '67, 1st Ch., 
Chatham, 111.; P. Chatham, 111., 3 yrs. ; Ev. Kan., 2 yrs. ; Ev. Mich., Ind., and O., 
several yr*. ; Canada. 3 yrs. ; N. C, Va., Pa., Ky. Ala., Miss., Mo. ; Ed. "Tri-State 
Alliance," — ; Served in the Army of Rebellion. 

DeWITT, Henry G», Fresno, Calif.— Born, Cavuga Co.. N. Y. ; Stud. Hop- 
Lin* Acad.. N. Y.;Cent. U.. la.. D.D. 187S; Ord. '57, Burritt Ch., 111.; P. Burrett, 
III., '57-58; Canandaigua, N. Y., '62; Ev. 30 yrs.; P. 1st Ch., Salt Lake City, Utah, 
1 S4-86; 1st Ch., Fresno, Calif., '89-96. 

DEWITT, R.J, W., Tackson, Ala.— Born, Pine Hill, Ala.; Lie. Sept., 1875, 
Ord. Sep;., '76, Stone Creek Ch., Ala.; P. Stone Creek, '77-96; River Hill, '79-89; 
M . Gilead, '82-86; Pleasant Grove, '78-92 ; Pencil, '78-91 ; Salem, '89-92 ; Canton, 
'84-99; Antioch, '97-99; Bassets Creek, '93—; Good Hope, Ala., '91-92. 

DeWITT, William Henry, Gastonburg, Ala.— Born, Thomasville, Ala.; Stud. 
How. C, Ala.; Lie. Mar., 1871, Ord. '73, Basseti's Creek Ch.; P. of Many Chs. ; 
Deep Creek Ch. ; My. Several yrs. 

DeWOLF, De'avan, 12 Vanderpool St., Newark, N. J. — Born, Frankfort, N. 
Y., Sept. 17, 1845; U. Chicago, B. A., '70; M. A. .'73; Lie. Aug., '66, Delavan Ch., 
Wis.; Ord. June 3, '74, Bristol Ch.. Conn.; P. Bristol, Conn., '74-86; Salem, N. L, 
'86-90; Cor. Pec. and Supt. N. J. Bap. Conv., '90—; Ed. ' New Jersey Baptist Bul- 
letin," (Monthly). 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 211 

DeWOLFE, Henry Todd, Foxboro, Mass.— Born, St. Stephen. N. B., Can.; 
Acadia U., N. S., B. A., 1889; New. T. S., Mass., '93; Lie. Aug. 20, '90, St. Stephen 
Ch.,N. B.; Ord. Tune 28, '95, 1st Ch., Newton Center, Mass.; Stud. My. Baillie, 
N. B., Summers, '87, '88, '89; P. So. Robbinston and Perry, Me., '89-90; Prof. New 
Testament, New. T. S., Mass., '93-95. 

DeWOLF, Charles Harding, National City, Calif.— Born, Sunbury, O.; Den. 
V., O., B. A., 1861; M. A., '6ti ; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, B, D., '76; Lie. Nov. '65, 
Akron Ch., O. ; Ord. Oct. '66, North Amherst Ch., O.; P. Avon, Sandusky, Ports- 
mouth, O. ; Belden Ave. Ch., Chicago; Millard Ave. Ch., Chicago; Morris, 111,; 
Owattonna, Minn., '78-82; Cedar-Rapids, la., '83-86; Greeley, Colo., '86-90; Par- 
sons, Kan., '92-94; Otay and National City, Calif., '94—. Ed. "The Chronicle," 
Kansas City, Mo. 

DEXTER, Henry Franklin, 419 Cumberland St., Portland, Me.— Bona, 
Village Creek, la.; Colby U., Me., B. A., 1884; New. T. S., Mass., '87; Ord. Sept. 
24, '87, Hartland Ch.,-Me.; P. Hartland, Me., '87-94; A. P. Gospel Temperance 
Mission, Portland, Me. — . 

DEXTER, Samuel King, Savannah, Calif.— Born, Providence, R. I.; Cg. U., 
N. Y., 1862; New. T. S., Mass.; Lie. Central Falls Ch., R. I.; Ord. '66, Sheldon- 
ville, Ch., Mass. ; P. Sheldonville, Mass., 1 yr. ; Windsor, 2 yrs. ; Bennington. Vt., 2 
yrs.; Warren, R. I., 13 yrs.; Keysport, N. J., 6 yrs.; Vallejo, 3 yrs.; Ceres, 19 
mos. ; Alhambra, Calif., 3 yrs, 

DEXTER, Stephen Byron, 1614 North Kedzie Ave., Boston, Mass. — Born, 
Boston, Mass. ; Stud. H. ^ch., Boston, Mass. ; Suffield Literary Inst. ; U. Chicago, 
4>^ yrs., and Bible Inst., Chicago; Ord. '93, Polo Ch., 111. ; P. Polo, 111.; Lowell, 
Mich.; Humboldt Park Ch., Boston', Mass. — . 

DEXTER, Stephen D., 1014 N. Kedzie Ave., Chicago, III.— Born, Boston, 
Mass.; Stud. Conn. Lit. Inst., U. Chicago, and B. Un. T. S., Chicago, HI.; Lie. 
and Ord., 1892, Polo Ch., 111.; P. Polo and Plainfield, 111.; Lowell, Mich. 

DEYO, Elton C, Ft. Sill, Okla. Ter— Born, Wvoming Co., N. Y. ; Stud. 
U. Roch., N. Y.; Roch. T. S., N. Y., 1893; Lie. and Ord. Aug. 21, '93, Meigs St., 
Bap. Ch., Rochester, N. Y.; P. Comanche Mission, '93-95; Organized 1st Comanche 
Ch., and P. same, '95 — . 

DIAL, "Wiley Haston, Senath, Mo— Born, Swallow Bluff, Tenn,; Lie. Oct. 26, 
1887, and Ord. Sent. 28, '89. Senath Ch., Mo.; P. Big Lake, '90; Holly Grove, '91- 
93; Cain Island, '94; Bible Grove, '95—; Caruth, '97—; Octa, '94—. 

DIAZ, Alberto J., Zutueta Cor Dragones, Havana, Cuba. — Born, Guana- 
bacoa Havana i province; Stud. Havana U., Cuba; National Inst., Cuba; Ord. Key 
Wesf, Fla. ; P. Gethsemane, Havana, Cuba. 

DIBELL, Edwin, Kingsville, O.— Born, Kingsville, O.; B. U., R. I., B. A., 
1847; Lie. Aug., '45, Kingsville Ch., O. { Ord. Mav, '51, Gardiner Ch.. Me.; P. 
Gardiner, '49-51 ; Cherryfield, Me., '52-53 ; P. New Ipswich, N. H., '54-60; Served 
Sheffield, O., '63—. 1 . 

DIBBLE, Theodore L., New Canaan, Conn.— Born, Poundridge, N. Y.; Stud. 
Sch. N. Y. Cy.; Mv. of North Ch., 1864; Ord. '89, Bap. Ch., Renselairville, N. 
Y.; P. Rensselairvifle N. Y., '89-91; New Canaan Ch., Conn., '92-96; Previous to 
entering Bap. Ch., was P. for 25 yrs. in North Protestant Ch. 

DICKEN, Charles "William, Kahoka, Mo.— Born, Campbell Co., Kv. ; G. C, Kyi, 
B. A., 1868; M. A. '71; Stud. S. B. T. S., Kv.; Lie. July, '66, and Ord. '68, 2nd. 
Ch., Twelve Mile. Ky. ; P. Belton, Williamston and Nintysix, S. C, '69-70; P. 
Forks of Elkhorn and Glen's Creek, Ky., '71; Allensville and Elkton, '79; Auburn, 
Franklin and Pleasant Grove, Ky., '82; Spring Creek, Tenn., and Mt. Pleasant, Ky., 
'85; Ghent, Ky., '89; Fulton, '90; Kahoka, Mo., '91-96—. 

DICKEN, Edward Nicholas, Franklin, Ky.— Born, Campbell Co., Ky ; G. C, 
Ky., B. A., 1861; M. A., '65; Beth. C, Ky., D. D., '90: Lie. June, '66, and Ord. 
Feb., '68, Russelville Ch., Ky. ; P. Bethel, Christian Co., .'70-81; Bellevue and 
Burlington, '81-84; Madison Ave. Ch., Covington, 2 yrs.; Bethel (Todd Co.) 4 yrs. 
Franklin, Sulphur Spring and Woodburn, Ky., 8 yrs. 

212 The Baptjst Ministerial Directory. 

DICKENS- Emmette Charles Tohn, Westport, Ind. — Born. Baligi, Central Amer- 
ica; Stud. Mer. U.. Ga.; S. B. T. S., Kv., P898; Ord. Aug. 2, '95, Beulah Ch., Ga. ; 
P. Kite, '93-96 ; Ashburn, '96: Zebulon "and Central Point, Ga. r '97-99; Westport, 
Ind., '99—. 

DICKERSON, Lawrence, Buffalo, W. Va.— Born, Wayne Co., W. Va. ; S. B. 
T. S.. Kv., Th. G., 1896; Lie. Apr., '84, Ord. Mar., '85, Bethesda Ch., W. Va. ; P. 
Cassville, Tabors Creek, '85-88: Buffalo, '87: Concord, '89; Winfield, '95-97; Siloam. 
W. Va., '97—. 

DICKEY, Frank O., Otsego, Mich.— Born. Three Mile Bar, N. Y. ; Stud. Hill. 
C, Mich., B. A., 1879; Roch. T. S., N. Y., B. D., '90; Ord. Sept, 5, '90, Charlotte 
Ch., Mich.; P. Charlotte, '90-93; Ionia, '93-96; Otsego. Mich., '98—. 

DICKEY, Thomas W„ Castor. III.— Born, Rabun Co., Ga. ; Stud. Lookout 
H. Sch., Ga. ; Lie. 1S72, Ord. '73, Arrington Prairie Ch., Ga. ; P. Mt. Zion, Arring- 
ton Prairie, '73-79; Olive Branch, Ga., 2 yrs. ; Pleasant Grove, 9 yrs.; Union 
Grove, 5 yrs.; Keenville, 7 yrs.; Bethany, 2 yrs; Bloom, 1 yr. ; Ziff, 1 yr. ; Pleasant 
Grove, 4Vrs. : Barnhill, 4 vrs. ; Pleasant Hill, 1 yr. ; Salem, 2 vrs. ; Antioch, 111., 
1 yr. 

DICKINSON, Alfred Elijah, Richmond. Va.— Born, Spottsvlvania Co., Va., 
1830; R C. Va., M.A. : U. of Va. 3 M. S.; Fur., U.S.C., D.D., '86; Lie. Berea Ch., 
Va.; Ord. at IS yrs. of age, Forest'Hill Ch., Va. : P. Charlottesville, Lehigh St. Ch., 
Richmond, Va. ; Ed. ''Religious Herald," Richmond, Va., 33 yrs. ; Au. "What 
Baptist Principles are Worth to the World." 

DICKINSON, Alfred T-ames, Selma, Ala.— Born, Louisa Co., Va. ; R. C, Va., 
Ma., 1886: U., Ala, D. D., '93; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. '84, Berea Ch., Va.; Ord. 
'88, Walnut St. Ch. , Louisville, Ky. ; S. Lee St. Ch., Baltimore, Md., 4 mos., '86; 
Central Ch., Memphis, Tenn., 4 mos., '87; P. same, '88-89 ; 1st Ch., Selma, Ala., 

DICKINSON, David Whitley, Winfield, Ala.— Born, Winfield, Ala. ; Stud. 
Male and Female C, Ala.; Lie. Nov. 1, 1889, Harmony Grove Ch., Ala.; Ord. Nov. 
2, '92, Winfield Ch., Ala.; S. Hopewell, '92; Glenallen, '95; Bexar and Crews, Ala., 
'98; P. Guin, Ala.; S. Crews, Ala., '99—. 

DICKINSON, Frederick Eugene, Kendallville, Ind.— Born, Wolcottville, 
Ind.; Stud. H. Sch., Bloomington, Ind.; Ind. State U., B. A., 1879; M. A., '86; B. 
Un. T. S., Chicago, B. Th., '86; Lie. Wolcottville Ch., Ind.; Ord. Oct. 18. '86, La- 
Grange Ch., Ind. : P. LaGrange, '86-92; Kendallville, Ind., '86—; S. Wolcottville, 
Ind., 92-97. 

DICKINSON, James Taylor, 70 East Park St., East Orange, N. J.— Born, 
Richmond, Va., Au<j. 4. 1861; Stud. R. C Va., U., of Va. ; S. B. T. S., Ky., '85; 
Lie. '82, Ord. June 2S, '85, Richmond Ch., Va. ; S. East Ch., Louisville, Ky., '84- 
85; P. Lyles and Fluvanna, Va., '85-;86; North Orange Ch., Orange, N. J., '86 — . 

DICKINSON, John Valentine, Pratt City, Ala.— Born, Louisa Co., Va. ; R. 
C, Va., 1886; Ord. Tune, '86, Berea Ch., Va. : S. London Bridge, '82-83; P. 
Beulah, '84-85; Oakland and New Bridge, '85-86; Rocky Mount, '86-90; Pocahon- 
tas Va., '91-94; 1st Ch.. Gadsden, Ala., '94-97: Asst. Sec. of Missions Birmingham 
Dist., Ala.. Feb. to Sept.', '97: P. 1st Ch., Pratt City, Ala., '97—; Ed. "Valley Bap- 
tist," Pocahontas, Va., '91-94. 

DICKINSON, Orville C, Wilton Center, III.— Born, Pitcairn, N. Y. ; Lie. 
Feb. and Ord. Aug., 1860, Wilton Center Ch., 111.; P. Wilton Center, 111., 31>£ yrs.; 
Bloomingdale, Mich., 2 yrs.; Woodlawn and Fairview, Kan., 1 yr. ; Rockville, 111. 

DICKINSON, Peter George, Dunopolis, Ala.— Born, Louisa Co., Va. ; R. C. 
Va., B. A., 1888; S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. M., '91; Lie. '88, Berea Ch.. Va. ; Ord. '89, 
Walnut St. Ch., Lou ; sville, Ky. ; P. Porkland Ch., Louisville, Ky. ; LTniontown, 
Gallion and Dunopolis, Ala. — 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 213 

DICKSON, Alfred, 617 Lakeview Ave., Jamestown, N. Y — Born, War- 
rensburg, N. Y.; Stud. C. Cy. of N. Y.; Lie. Feb. 1, 1862, North Harmony Ch. ; 
Ord. June 7, '65, Brockton Ch., N. Y.; P. Brockton, 2 yrs.; Chemung, '65-66; 
Wellsburg, '65-71; Caton, '73;Clymer, '74; Frewsburg, '76; Salamanca, 78; North 
Harmony, '83; Kennedy, N. Y., '87; S, Randolph, '87; Farmington and iSinclair- 
ville, '89; Stockton, N. Y., '90. 

DICKSON, John Sitton, Tiger, Ga.— Born, Pickens Co., S. C. ; Lie. Oct. 1864; 
Ord. July, '68, Chechero Ch., Ga. ; S. Chechero, '68-80; Tiger, '68-72; P. Head of 
Tennessee, 9 yrs.; S. Persimmon, Clayton, Liberty, 11 yrs. ; Coweta, N. C, 2 yrs.; 
Lowe Hightower, 2 yrs. ; Mt. Zion, 10 yrs. ; Macedonia and Bethlehem, Ga., lj^ yrs. 

DIGKSON, Louis Quitmon, Recknor, La. — Born. Landial, Miss., 1867; Lie. 
Aug. 12, '92, New Salem Ch., La.; Ord.' Aug. 15, '95, Harmony, Ch., La.; S. New 
Salem, '93; P. Harmony, '95; S. Elmer, Natchitoches, La., '95; P. Beulah and Silome, 

DIETZ, H.L., 221)^ Arctic St., Bridgeport, Conn. — Born, Rockenberg, Hes- 
sen, Darmstadt, Germany; U., Roch. N. Y. ; B. A., 1866; Stud. Roch. T. S., and 
Yale Div. Sch., Lie. *'62, German Bap. Ch., Rochester, N. Y. ; Ord. Jan. 3, 
J 67, German Ch., New Haven, Conn.; P. New Haven, Conn., '66-74; Newark, N J., 
74-76; Louisville, Ky., '76-79; Peoria, 111,, 79-81; Milwaukee, Wis., '81-90; Gen. 
My. of the Northwest, '90-91; P. San Francisco, Calif., '91-98; Bridgeport, Conn., 
^98 — ; Au., Tract, "Taufe und Saeuglings Cesprengung" (Circumcision and Baptism) 
73; "Besenhneidung und Taufe;" "Der Tag des Herrn, der Christliche Sabbath." 
(Pamphlet) '87. 

DIKE, Otis Arunah, Lake Placid, N. Y. — Born, Diana, N. Y. ; Stud. Carthage 
Union Free Sch.; Cg. U., N. Y.; B. A. 1886; M. A. '89; Ham. T. S., N. Y., '91; 
Lie. '78, Pitcairn Ch., N. Y.; Ord. '87, Sherburne Ch., N.»Y.;P. Sherburne, '87-89; 
Port Dickinson, '89-91; Warsaw, '91-94; Treadwell, '94-98; Lake Placid, N. Y., 

5 98— . 

DILDAY, John Henry, Belleville, Ark. — Born Dade Co., Mo. ; Lie. 1874, and 
Ord. 76, Union Ch. ; P. Mt. Union, 77,; Libertv Spring, '80-87; Mountain Spring, 
'81-88; Philadelphia, '81-85; Montevallo, '85-87 ; Pleasant Valley, Mo., '87-88, '91-92; 
Rehoboth, '88; Mt*Pisgah, '87-88; Mountain Spring, '91-94; Land Mark and Liber- 
ty Spring, '93-95; Mt. Zion, '91-95; Unity, '95; Harker Valley, '96. 

DILL, JacobS, Fredericksburg, Va. — Born, Dallas Co., Ala.; How. C, Ala. 
B. A., 1875; D. D., '94; S. B. T. S, Ky., 79; Lie. Aug., '74, Ord. Dec. 5, 75, 
Marion Ch., Ala.; P. Montevallo, 75-76; Auburn, 79-81 ; Union Springs, '81-84; 
Tuskaloosa, Ala., '84-88; Goldsboro, N. C, '88-90; Los Angeles, Calif., '90-92; 
Venable St., Richmond, '93-99; Fredericksburg, Va., '99—. 

DILLARD, Edward Banks. Centralia, Mo. — Born, Pittsylvania Co., Va.; 
Stud. W. F. C, N. C; LaG. C, Mo., D. D., 1892; Lie. Sept., 75, Kerr's "Chapel, 
N. C; Ord. Oct., '76, Kentuck Ch., Va. ; P. Riceville, 77-84; Republican Grove, 
Va., 'S5-86; Revival Work, '86-95; S. Bushnell, Macomb, 111., and Broadhead, Wis.; 
P. Centralia, 3 yrs. ; Nowborne, Mo. — ; Au. Song, "Ring it Out Among the Nations." 

DILLARD, Luke, Dorchester, III. — Born, Robertson Co., Tenn,; Lie. 1843; 
Ord. '46, Spanishville Ch., 111.; Teacher. 

DILLON, Joshua C, Coal Grove, O.— Born, Lawrence Co., O.; Lie. Mar. 1879; 
Ord. Mar. 19, '82, Guyanvalley, O.; P. Guyanvalley, 3 yrs.; Pinegrove, 4 yrs.; 
Ridge, 13 yrs.; Myrtle, 6 yrs. ; Harmony, 5 yrs.; Lutherwood, 10 yrs.; Zoar, l6 
yrs. ; Mt. Pleasant, 1 yr. ; Texas Hollow, 5 yrs. ; Ellsonville, 3 yrs. ; Sugar Creek, O. 

DILLON, S. R., Union, Neb.— Born, Daviess Co., Mo.; Stud. Edinburg C, 
Mo.; Ord. Apr. 24, 1869. Newhope Ch., Mo. ; P. Mt. Vernon, 16 yrs ; Newhope, 
Mt. Zion, 12 yrs.; Alba, 4 yrs.; Weeping Water, Mo., 1 yr. ; Union, Neb—; 
Ed. "Baptist Home Visitor," 3 yrs. 

DILWORTH, Charles Ganeden, Athens, Pa.— Born, Monticello, Fla. ; Mer. U., 
Ga./B. A., 1887; Roch. T. S., N. Y., Th. G., '90; Lie. '83, Monticello Ch., Fla.; 
Ord. '86, Eastman Ch., Ga. ; P. McRae, Ballist, Daniels, Ga. ; West Henrietta, 
Rochester, Wilder St. Mission, Rhinebeck, Painted Post, N. Y.; Artens, Pa. 

214 The Baptist Ministerial Directory, 

DIPON, B. F., Anson, Tex.— Born, Bossier Co., La. ; Stud. Corronel Inst., San 
Marcos, Tex.; Lie. Dec., 1879, Ord. Aug.,, '80, Francisco Ch., Tex.; P. Belmont, 
Tex., '84-87; S. Leesville, Tex., '84-87; P. Wrightsboro, '85-90; Lockhart, '92; 
Cisco, '93-98; Anson, Tex., '97—. 

DIPPEL, Christian, 106 Orchard St., Chicago, III. — Born, Spangenberg, 
Hesse, Germany; Stud. U. Roch.,N. Y. ; Roch. T. S. N. Y., 1894: Lie. '86, Ger. 
Bap. Ch., Muscatine, la.; Ord, Aug., '94, 2nd Ger. Ch., Chicago, 111.; P. 2nd Ger. 
Ch., Chicago, 111., '94—. 

DISHER, George W., Covelo, Calif.— Born, Ind.; Stud. Calif. C, and Pacific 
T. S., Calif. ; Lie. 1886, and Ord. '87, Willit's Ch., Calif.; P. Usal, '95; Covelo, 
Laytonville, Calif., '98. * 

DITMARS, James Gideon, 119 Ainsley St., Brooklyn, N. Y.— Born, Wash- 
ington, la. ; Stud. Cent. U., la. ; Den. U., O., B. A., 1882; M. A.. '98; P. G. Philo- 
sophical Sch., Col. U., N. Y.; Long Island C. Hospital, N.Y., M. D., '98; B. Un. 
T. S., Chicago; Roch. T. S., N. Y., B. D., '86; Lie. '83, Granville Ch., N. Y.; 
Ord. '86, Shelton Ch , Conn.; Summer S. 1st Ch. Norwalk, O.; P. Shelton, '86-90; 
Immanuel Ch., Bridgeport, Conn., '90; Hope, N. Y., '90—. 

DILTS, Asa Reed, 23 So. Loring St., Lowell, Mass. — Born, Raritan, N. J.; 
Stud. Peddie Inst., N. J. ; B. U., R. I., B. A., 18S2 ; Stud. Roch. T. S., N. Y. ; Un. 
T. S., N. Y., '85; Lie. '83 and Ord. '85, Somerville Ch., N. J.; P. Park Ave. Ch., 
Plainfield, N. J., '85-92: Northampton, '92-98; Branch St. Tabernacle, LowelL 
Mass., '98—. 

DIVINE, Frank Henry, Watervliet, N. Y.— Born, Binghampton, N. Y.; Cg. 
U., N. Y., B. A., 1891; M. A., '94; Ham. T. S., N. Y., '94; Lie. May, '87, Ord. 
July 18, '94, 1st Ch., Binghampton, N. Y.; S. Afton, '90; Deposit, '90'-91 ; Olivet 
Ch., Syracuse, '91-92; Cazenovia, N. Y.,'92; P. Eaton and West Eaton, '92-94; 
Watervliet, N. Y., '94-9?; A. My. Hudson River Asso., '97—. 

DIX, Alexander Franklin, 514 Jefferson St., Montgomery, Ala.— Born, Wil- 
son, N. Y.. 1831; Stud. U. Roch., N. Y.; N. Y. State Normal C, '53; Mary Sharpe 
C, Tenn., M. A., '72; Accepted in same, Chair of Ancient Languages; Lie. '56 
New Fane Ch., N. Y. ; Ord. Apr. 18. '69, Midway Ch., Ala.; P. Enon, '69; Fair- 
view, Ala., '70; Winchester, Tenn., 71-78; Pres. fin. and Emorja Austin C, '80-89; 
Pres. Classical Inst., Union Springs, Ala., '85-86; P. country Cns., '86. 

DIXON, Amzi Clarence, 94 Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y.— Born, Shelby, 
N. C; W. F. C,,N.C, B.A.; Washington and Lee U., Va., D. D. ; Stud. S. B. T. 
S., Ky. ; Lie. and Ord. Beaver Marsh Ch., N. 0. ; P. Beaver Marsh, Mt. Olivet, 
Chapel Hill, Ashville, N. C. ; Immanuel Ch., Baltimore, Md.; Haven Place Ch., 
Brooklyn, N. Y ; Au. "God-Man;" "Rome and the Bible;" "Milk and Meat;" 
"Heaven on Earth;" "Lights Out, Shadows of American Life." 

DIXON, Frank, Hartford, Conn.— Born, Cleveland Co., N. C; U. N. C, 
B. A.. 1886; Lie. '87, Emmanuel Ch., Baltimore, Md. ; Ord. '88, Charlestown, Ch., 
W. Va.; P, Charlestown, W. Va., '88-89; Tenth Ave. Ch., Oakland, '89-93; 
South Bap. Ch. Ch., Hartford, Conn., '93—. 

DIXON, Joseph Kossuth,261 West Newton St., Bcston, Mass.— Born, Hem- 
lock Lake, N. Y.; Wm. Jewell Co., Mo., B. A., 1879; Buck. U., Pa., D. D., '94; 
Roch. T. S., N. Y., B. D.,'83; Lie, '70, Hemlock Lake Ch., N. Y. ; Ord June 24, 
'77, 1st Ch.. Leavenworth, Kan.; S. 1st Ch., Independence, Mo.; Euclid Ave. Ch., 
Cleveland, O., '82; 2nd Ch., St. Louis Mo., '80-81; P. 1st Ch., Auburn, N. Y., 83- 
89; Epiphanv Ch., Philadelphia, '89-95; Penn. Ave. Ch., Scranton, Pa., '96-98; 
Warren Ave. Ch., Bcston, Mass., '98—; Au. <*The Gettysburg of Life," '91 ; "The 
Victorious Era and Christian Progress," '98 ; "The Great Momiments of the World ;" 
" The Passing of the Indian or the Sunset of a Dying Race;" " People We Pass;" 1 
"The Discovery of the New World — The Recovery of a Lost World." 

DLXON, Lemuel Richard, Goldston, N. C— Born, Mt. Vernon Springs, N. C; 
Stud. Mt. Vernon and P easant Lodge H. Schs. ; Lie. 1886, Ord. '87, Bethany Ch.; 
P. Juniper Springs, '87-92 ; Gum Springs, '90-98; New Salem, '90— ; Bethany, 92- 
98; Mays Chapel, N. C, '93—; S. Rock Spring, '94—; P. Mt. Olive, N. C, '98—. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 215- 

DIXON, T,, Shelby, N. C— Born, S. C; Lie. 1842, Ord. '44, Antioch Ch.; 
P. Antioch, Friendship. Gows, Gocher Creek, Sand Run, Shelbv, High Sholes, Con- 
cord, Waco, Pleasant Hill, New Prospect, Carpenter's Grove, Buffalo, Elizabeth, New 
Bethel, Mt. Sandy Plains, Sinai, Providence, Mt. Peron, Ross Grove, Mt. Zion, Pis- 
gah, Bethel, Walls, N. C. 

DIXON, William Henry, Jonesboro, Iil.— Born, Pope Co., 111.; Ord. Elm 
Grove Ch., July 21, 1899; P. Union Springs, 111., '98. 

DIXON, William Osborn, Garden City, Mo.— Born, Jefferson City, Mo. ; Wm* 
Jewell C, Mo., B. A., 1897; Stud. S. B. T. S. Ky. ; Lie. Nov. 4, '92, and Ord. Sept. 
15, '95, IstCh., Nevada, Mo.; P. Liberty, '95-96; Edor, '96; Moundville, 97; Osage 
Valley, '97-98; 1st Ch., Garden City, Mo., '98—. 

DIXON, William Wert, New Matamor as, O.— Born, Washington Co., Pa.; 
Stud. Claysville Normal and Waynesburg C, Pa. ; Lie. Feb., and Ord. June 13, 1889, 
Mt. Hermon Ch. ; P. Mt. Hermon, '89-90; Duscan Falls, '90-95; Adamsvitle & Blue 
Rock, '95-98; Unity nnd New Matamoras, O., '98 — ;. S. Graysville, '98—; Sonora, 
'96-98; P. Salt Creek, '90-94; Washington Township, '91-99. 

DOAN, James Randolph, Blackstone, Va. — Born, Sable, Ont., Can.; Stnd. 
Parkhill H. Sen., Can.; S. B. T. S., Ky., 1896; Lie. '64, Parkhill Ch., Can., Ord. 
'97, Blackstone Ch., Va. ; P. Plackstone'and Jonesboro, '97—; Burkeville, Va., '98—. 

DOANE, Edward H., Leeds Center, Me. — Born, Barrington, N. S., Schs., 
and Private Theol. Instruction in N. S. ; Lie. Oct. 1881, Franklin, Me. ; Ord. Nov. 3, 
'85, Mt. Desert and Tremont, Me. ; S. Mariaville and West Harrington, Me. ; P. Mt. 
Desert and Tremont, 3 yrs. ; Deer Island, 2 yrs. ; Shapleigh, 2 yrs. ; Brooklin, 2 yrs. ; 
Harpswell, 1 yr. ; Milo, 3 yrs.; Sebee, 3 yrs. ; Leeds Center, Me., '99 — . 

DOANE, Thomas Elwood, Browning, Mo.— Born, Orange Co., Ind.; Stud, 
Pub. Schs.; Lie. Jan- 1880, ?nd Ord. Apr. 16, '82, North Salem Ch.,Mo.; S. North 
Salem, Browning and Knifong. 

DOBB, Oran Nathaniel, Speed, Ala.— Born, Russell Co., Ala.; Lie. Mar. 1879? 
Ord. Mar. '80, Mt. Zion Ch., Ala.; P. Mt. Zion, Waxahachie, Bethlehem, Bay 
Spring, Ala., '80; Bethlehem, Hopewell, Floyd, Oran; S. Merit, Tex.; P. Bethlehem, 
Arbor Spring, Windom Spring, Union Grove, Ala., '91; Wayside, Shady Grove* 
Sa:dis, Shallow Creek, '95-96; S. Hatchet Cre,ek, Clippers Hill, '96-97. 

DOBBINS, Frank Stockton, 1420 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. — Born r 
Philadelphia, Pa.; Girard C, Pa.; Roch. T. S., N. Y., 1876; Lie. and Ord. Aug. 
'76, Roxborou^h Ch., Philadelphia, Pa.; Mv. Japan, '76-77, '81-82; P. Calvary Ch., 
Philadelphia, '77-81 ; Allentown, '83-90; 1st" Frankford Ch., Philadelphia, Pa., '90- 
93; Dist. Sec. Am. B. Un. U., '93—; Au. "False Gods;" A Foreign Missionary Man- 
ual; "Anson's Asiatic Temple," &c. 

DOBBINS, W. C, Jumping Branch, W. Va.— Born, Montgomery Co., Va.; 
Lie. 1890, Ord. May 1, 5 91, Blue Stone Vallev Ch., W. Va. ; P. Blue Stone Valley 
and Mountain Creek, '93; Mountain Valley, W. Va., '93-94. 

DOBBS, Charles Edwin Willoughby, Washington, Ind. — Born, Portsmouth, 
Va.; Stud. S'. B. T. S., Ky.; Va. Collegiate Inst., 1858; Bay. U., Tex., D. D ,'78; 
Ord. Court St. Ch., Portsmouth, Va., '64; P. Court St. Ch., Portsmouth, Va., '61- 
65; East Hickman and South Elkhorn, '66-73; Bowling Green, Ky., '74-80; Madison, 
Ind., '80-84; Columbus, Miss., '85-91 ; Cartersville, Ga., '92-93; South St. Ch., In- 
dianapolis, '94-97; Washington, Ind., '98— ; Au. "Hero of Truth;" Pub. S. Bap. 
Con. S. S. Board, '74; "Ed. The Indiana Baptist," '94-95. 

DOBBS, Charlie H,, Bywy, Miss.— Born, Choctaw Co., Miss.; Stud. Buena 
Vista Normal C; Lie. May, 1892, and Ord. July, '94, Mt. Pisgah Ch.; P. Greens- 
boro, '97-98; Clear Springs and McCurtain's Creek, '99 — . 

DOBBS, David Henderson, Edna, Tex.— Born, Ala.; G. C. Ky., and Wn. B^n. 
T. S.; Lie. 1846, Ord. '49, Mt. Pisgah Ch. ; P. Newport, Ky.. '54-56; Berea, '57-73; 
Bear Creek, Miss., '60-80; Pilgrims Rest, La., '89-96; Chs. in Tex., '93. 

246 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

DOBBS, Gilbert, Franklin, Va.— Born, Richmond, Ky. ; Stud. H. Sch. and 
Frank. C, Ind. ; Beth. C, Ky., B. A., 1887; M. " A., '91; S. B. T. 
S., Ky.,Th. M., '90; Lie. '86, Franklin Ch., Ind.; Ord. '87, Mayfield Ch.,Ky.; S. 
Mayfield, Ky. ; P. Bloomington, Ind.; Paducah, Ky. ; 1st Ch., Columbus, Ind.; 
Franklin, Va. ; Au. "Cosmogenesis," '98; "Cuba Libri," '97. 

DOBBS, W. S», ELLijAy, Ga.— Born, Fannin Co., Ga. ; Lie. 1894, Concord Ch.; 
Ord. '95, East Ellijay Ch., Ga. ; P. Ellijay and Liberty, Ga. 

DOBSON, James Henry, Atkinson, N. C— Born, Dublin Co., N. C; Stud. 
Warsaw H. Sch. and W. F. C, N. C; Lie. Mary's Chapel and Ord. Salem Ch., N. 
C.;P. Rose Hill, Salem, Providence, Barlows, Catherine Lake, Mary's Chapel, Wil- 
lard, Berea, Bear Branch, Colvin's Creek — ; Kerr — ; White Lake — . 

DOGKERY, Granville, Bowling Green, Ky.— Born, Butler Co., Ky. ; Stud. 
Cromwell Acad, and Beth. C, Ky., Lie. Jan. 1874, Barnetts Lick Ch., Ky. ; Ord. Dec. 
'77, Edgar Creek Ch., Ky. ; P. Edgar Creek, '77-79 ; Columbia, '79-86; Ceciloa, 
'86-90; Columbia, '90-93; Horse Cave, '93-98; Scottsville, Ky., '98— ; Pres. Colum- 
bia Presbyterian C. for a short .time. 

DODD, Daniel S., Clear Springs, Mo.— Born, Crawford Co., Pa.; Ord. Sept. 
21, 1886, Bethlehem Ch., la.; P. Bethlehem, '86-89; Pleasant Valley, la., '90-92; 
Fairview, Mars Home, Freedom, and Mt. View, '94 — . 

DODD, Francis Jefferson, Fairburn, Ga.— Born, Greenville, Ala.; Mer. U., Ga., 
B. A., 1886; Stud. Div. Sch. Mer. U., Ga. ; Lie. '83, and Ord. '84, Bethsaida Ch.; 
P. Chapel Hill, Friendship, Providence, Villa Rica, Sunny Side, East Point, Enon, 
Antioch, Flat Creek, Pray's Mill, Bethsaida, Ebenezer; Co. Supt. Pub. Schs., Fair- 
burn, Ga., 8 yrs. — . 

DODD, Jacob, Coffeyville, Kan.— Born, San Augustine Co., Tex.; Lie. 1876, 
Mt. Zion Ch., Tex. ; Ord. Aug. 12 '85, Mt. Zion Ch., Kan.; P. Mt. Zion, '86-89; 
Sardis, Kan., '88-89; Wayland Ch., Eufaula, Ind. Ter., '90-91; Mt. Canaan, Kan., 
4 yrs.; Eufaula, Ind. Ter., '97; Mt. Canaan, Kan., '98—. 

DODD, James Taylor, Shaw, Ala.— Born, Banks Co., Ga. ; Lie. 1877, Ord. '78, 
Cross Roads Ch., Ala.; P. Cross Roads, Ala., '79-86; Grove Creek, Ga., '87-88; 
New Bethel, '91-99; Bethlehem, Ala., '90-99. 

DODD, Jesse Mercer, New York Place, Louisville, Ky. — Born, East Point, 
Ga.; Stud. H. Seh., Fairburn, Ga. ; Mer. U., Ga., B. A., 1894; Stud. S. B. T. S., 
Ky.; Lie. Aug., '92, Bethsaida Ch., Ga. ; Ord. June, '94, Tattnall Square Ch,, Macon, 
Ga.; P. Flat Creek, 7mos., '95; Antioch, '96-98; East Point, Ga., '97-98. 

DODD, R, V., Lula, Ga.— Born, Banks Co., Ga. ; Lie. Cross Roads Ch., Ga. ; 
Ord. Grove Creek Ch., Ga. 

DODD, William N., Dardanell, Ark. — Born, McMinn Co., Tenn.; Lie. Aug. 
and Ord. Oct., 1870, Salem Ch., Ark.; P. Walnut Grove, '71, Union Arbor; Chaly- 
beate Springs, Macedonia and Riley Creek, '85; Concord, '86; Pilgrim's Rest, and 
Land Mark, '92; Bethel, '93; New Hope, and Zion Hill, '96. 

DODGE, C R* B., Bellows Falls, Vt. — Born, Middleton, Nova Scotia; Hor- 
ton Acad., N. S.; Acadia U., N. S., B. A., 1880; M. A., '85.; B. U., T. S.. Acadia, 
N. S., B. D., '83; B Un., T. S., Chicago; Lie. Middleton Ch., N. S., '78; Ord. 
Milton Ch., N. S.,'83; S. Union, 111.; P. Milton, '83-84; Bridgewater, N. S., '86- 
90; Bellows Falls, Tt., '90—. 

DODGE, Henry William, Temple, Tex.— Born, Albany, N. Y. ; Stud. Old Bap. 
Sem., Richmond, Va. ; Coin. U., D. C, B. A., 1840; M. A", and D. D , later; Lie. F. 
T. Ch., Va.; Ord. Oct. 25, '40, 1st Ch., Washington, D. C. ; P. Springfield, 111., 
'46-43; Upperville and Berryville, Va., '44-59; Pleasant Vale, Ebenezer, Ketocton, 
'70-71; Lynchburg, Va., '59-67. 

DODGEN, J. C, Round Mountain, Tex.— Born, Clark Co., Ark.; Stud. 
Boggy Acad.; Lie. Aug., 1889, Ord. Sept. '91, Round Mountain Ch.,Tex.; P. 
Round Mountain — ; Macedonia — ; Grape Creek, 7)£ yrs. ; Love Creek, 2 yrs ; John- 
son City, Tex. — . 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 217 

DODSLEY, Joseph E., Sc rib a, N. Y.— Born, Nottingham, Eng. ; Stud. Bible 
Workers' Inst., N. Y.; Lie. 1883, Woodside Ch., L. I.; N. Y. ; Ord. '84, Chappaqua 
Ch., N. Y.; P. Chappaqua, N. Y., '84-85; Barnes Corners and South Rutland, N. 
Y., '86-88; Denmark, Norway, '89-90; McLean, '93-94; Onondaga Ch., Navarino, 
'95-97; Scriba, N. Y., '98—. 

DODSON, Aaron, Otterville, III. — Born, St. Louis Co., Mo.; Lie. 
1852, Lebanon Ch., 111.; Ord. '54, Beuna Vista Ch., 111.; P. Mt. Zion, '53-62 ; Cal- 
vary, '53-62; Mt. Pisgah, '54; Otterville, '56-62; Bethany, 111., 3 yrs. ; Served 3 yrs. 
during Civil war. 

DODSON, Franklin Pierce, Green Brier, Tenn.— Born, Allen Co.; S. B.T. S., 
Ky., 1892; Lie. and Ord. 78, Middle Fork Ch., Ky. ; P. Pleasant Hills, Tenn.; Rocky 
Spring, Big Spring, '83; Bethel, Hanging Fork, Big Spring, Rocky Spring, '84-89 ; 
New Salem, Black Jack, Ky.; Lake Spring, Pleasant Hill, '90-98; New Bethel, Ky. 

DODSON, Willie N. t Pryor Creek, I. T.— Born, Lafayette, Ga. ; Stud. Lafay- 
ette, Ga. ; Lie. and Ord. 1890, Union Grove Ch., Ark.; P. Hickory Grove, '90-91; 
Echo and Glendale, '92; Long Ridge and Echo, Ark., '93-94; New Prospect and 
Perry Switch, I. T., '95—. 

DOGAN, Robert Jackson, Springwood, Va. — Born, Botetourt Co., Va. ; Stud. 
Roanoke C, Va. ; Lie. Mar. 10, 1894, Ord. July 15, '96, Springwood Ch., Va.; P. 
Springwood, Jennings Creek, Mt. Beulah, Back Creek and Arnolds Valley, Va. — . 

DOLAN, Edwin Bailey, Waterboro, Me. — Born, Hudson, Mass.; Worcester 
Acad., Mass., 1889; B.U.,R. I., B. A., '93; New. T. S., Mass., '96 ; Lie. Sept. 1, '93, 
1st Ch., Bolton, Mass.; Ord. Sept. 21, '96, South Waterborb Ch., Me.; S. Hartford, 
Conn., '94; P. and S. Waterboro, Me., '96—. 

DONALDSON, John, 656 Halsey St., Brooklyn, N. Y.— Born, Glasgow, 
Scotland; Stud. Pub. Schs., New York and Brooklyn ; Ord. May 21, 1896, Union 
Course Ch., N. Y. 

DONEGAN, Duncan Stewart, Eagle, Neb. — Born, Edinburgh, Scotland; Lie. 
Oct. 1871, Ord. May 5, '72, Little Spring Ch., Neb.; P. Dover and Berean, '75-81; 
Erie, '81-S5; Bethel and Port Byron, 111., '85-86 ; Dodge City, Kan., '87-88; Lincoln, 
'90-93; Weeping Water, Neb., '93-98. 

DONHAM, John Henry, Slate, Ark. — Born, Coffeeville, Miss; Stud. Hendrix 
H. Sch., Miss.; Lie. Sept. 8, 1877„Ord. Aug. 10, '78, Hopewell Ch., Ark.; P. Mars 
Hill, '80-88; Beulah, '79; Mt. Olive, '82-91; Orion, '88-90; China Grove, '91-95; Pal- 
estine, '90-98; Corinth, '95; Ironton, '95-98; East Union, '88-94; Walnut Ridge, Ark., 
; .95-98. 

DONHAN, C E., Gothenburg, Neb.— Born, Wisland, Uppsalalan, Sweden; 
The Preachers Inst., 1887, and Hessjo Sundsvale, Sweden, '88; Ord. Oct. 15, 81, 
Hessjo, Ch., Sweden; P. Gothenburg, Neb.; Swedish Bap. Ch., Antrim, Pa., '93. 

DONNEL, George W-, Selma, Calif.— Born, Shelbv Co.. 111.; Shelbyville H. 
Sch., 111. ; Lie. June 1880, Ord. Sept, 24, '81., Little Flock Ch., 111. ; P. 1st Ch., Neo- 
desha, '85-87; 1st Ch.,Elk City, Kan., '87-89; Home My. Oakland, Calif., '89-91; 
Home Ev. and My., '91-92; P. 1st Ch., Redding, Calif., '92-93; Hanfore, Armona 
and Lemoore, '94-99; 1st Ch., Selma, Calif., '99—. 

DONNELLY, John, Lupton St., Pittsburgh, Pa.— Born, Ireland; Stud. St. 
McCartan's Roman Catholic Sem., Ireland; Cro. T. S., Pa., 1887; Ord. Nov. '88, 5th 
Ave. Ch., Pittsburgh, Pa.; Au. "Fifteen Years Behind the Curtains," '96; "Faith 
once Delivered to the Saints," '94; "The Sentinel," '95; "Letters to the Pope," '95. 

DONNER, L. H., 253 Mt. Pleasant Ave., Newport, Ky.— Born, Konigs- 
nronn, Germanv ; Stud. Latin and Real Sch., Heidenheim, Germany; Lie. July, 1863, 
and Ord. Apr. '69, 2nd Ger. Ch., Buffalo, N. Y.; P. Ger. Ch., Peoria, 111., '69-78; 
Ger. Ch., Cincinnati, O., '78-87; Ger.Ch., Pittsburg, Pa., '87-98; Au. "Gruss Gott," 
.a German Song Book for Prayer Meeting, 12 yrs. ago. 

213 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

DONOVAN, Dennis, South Lyndeboro, N. H.— Born, Ireland; U. Vt., Bv 
A., 1864, M. A., '67; New. T. S., Mass., '67; Ord. Dec. '67, Belchertown Ch., 
Mass.; P. Celchertown, Mass., '67-69; Allendale and Fruit Hill, R. I., '69-74; 
Shelby, '74-81; North Manlius, N. Y., '81-83; Cornish Flat, N. H., '83-86; South 
Lyndeboro, N. H., '86—. 

DONOVAN, "Winked Nichols, 27 Ripley Terrace, Newton Centre, Mass. — 
Born, Belchertown, Mass., Jan. 24,1869; Colby U., Me., B. A., '92 ; M. A., '95; 
New. T. S., Mass., '98; Lie. Aug. 6, '93, Ord. Nov. 3, '98, South Lyndeboro Ch., N. 
H. ; S. No. Abington, July to Aug., '97; Hudson, Mass., June to Aug., '99; Instruct- 
or in Old Testament, New. T. S., Mass., '9S — . 

DOOLEY, Aluah Hamilton, Bellmore, Ind.— Bern. Shelby Co., Kv. ; Stud. 
Waveland Acad., Ind.; Lie. June, 1855, Northfield Ch. ; Ord. Aug. 1, '67, Elizaville 
Ch. ; P. 2 Chs. in Indianapolis; 2 in Judson; 1 in Whitelick; 6 in Monti- 
cello; 3 in Freedom; First pastorate '58, last '96; Au. "Elizaville Ch., History," 
'83; "Burnettsville Ch. History," '93; "New Discovery," '94. 

DOOLEY, Peter F.Jr., Maple, Ind. Ter.— Born, Panola Co., Miss.; Ord. Oct. 
13, 1889, Sweettown Ch., Ind. Ter.; P. New Prospect, '90-91; Pleasant Grove and 
Maple Springs, '92-99; Prarie Grove, '98-99;- Macedonia, Ind. Ter., '96-98. 

DOOLITTLE, Lafayette, Grahamsville, N. J.— Born, Ovid, N. Y.; Lie. Dec. 
1890, Ord. June, 9, '91, DeBruce Ch., N. Y. ; S. DeBruce, N. Y., '90-91 ; P. same, '91. 

DORGAN, William Lewis, Rochester, N. Y.— Born, Campbell Co., Ky. ; Wm. 
Jewell C, Mo., B. A. 1897; Stud, at present, Roch. T. S., N. Y.; Lie. Sept., '91, 
Ord. Aug., '97, Hopewell Ch., Mo.; P. Zion, 1 yr. ; Plattsburg, Mo., '97. 

DORMAN, Allen, McLarty, P. O., Ala.— Born, Chambers Co., Ala.; S'ud. 
H. Sch., Chapel Hill, and H. Sch., Lafayette, Ala.; Lie. May, 1875, Rock Springs 
Ch., Ala.; Ord. May 4, '79, Harmony* Ch., Ala.; P. Harmony, 6 yrs. ; Pleasant 
Valley, 3 yrs. ; Bristo Creek, 1 yr. ; Mt. Carmel, 1 yr. ; Liberty Hill, 4 yrs. ; Bethel, 
1 yr. ; Friendship, 4 yrs. ; Mt. Hebron. 2 yrs. ; Bethany, 2 yrs.; Shiloh, 2 yrs. ; Blue 
Springs, 3 yrs. ; Brooksville, 2 yrs. ; Macedonia, Ala., 4 yrs. 

DORRI, Albert Clifton, Lafayette, Ky. — Born, Sunmer Co., Tenn.; Stud. 
Beth. C, Kv.; Lie 1877, Ord. 78", Antioch Ch., Ky. ; P. Salem, 78-81; New Eb- 
enezer, '81-85; Bellevue, 2 yrs. : Mt. Tabor, '83; Sinkingfork, '83-85; New Barren 
Spring, '83-86; Mt. Zoar, '84-88; West Mt. Zoar, Ky., '85-86; Blooming Grove, 
Tenn., '86-87-90; Whitaker's Grove, '89-90: Lafajette, 5 yrs.; Big Rock, '89-96; 
Oak Grove, '93; Locust Grove, '94; Shady Grove, Ky.. '94—; Au. "The Effect of 
Mission Work on our Home Churches," '92. 

DORRILL, William Perry, Palona, Miss.— Born, Spartanburg, S. C. ; Lie. Dec.,. 
1858., Ord. Dec. '65, Marshill Ch., Miss.; Served as P. or S., Three and Four Chs. 
a month, '66 — . 

DORRIS, Sylvanus, Greenbrier, Tenn. — Born, Robertson Co., Tenn.; Ord. 
July, 1892, Ebenezer Ch., Tenn.; P. Ebenezer, '92-95; New Hope and Station 
Camp, Tenn., '97—. 

DORRIS, William Franklin, Camden, Ark.— Born, Bolivar, Tenn.; So. Wn 
U., Tenn., B. A., 1893; Stud. S. B. T. S., Kv. ; Ord. June, '86. Pinson Ch., Tenn.,, 
P. 2nd Ch., Jackson, t '93-94; Trinity Ch., Memphis Tenn., '94-95; Camden, Ark. 

DORSET, "Watson Samuel, Summerville, S. C. — Born. Powhatan Co., Va. ; 
Stud. R. C, Va., S. B. T. £., Ky.; Lie. 1881, Mt. Hermon Ch., Va. ; Ord. Jan. 11, 
'87, Williamsburg Ch., Va. ; S. 1st. Ch., Petersburg, Va.; P. Williamsburg, '87-89; 
Millwood, Rockland, Bethel, Va., '89-97; P. Summerville, S. C, Feb.21, '97—; S. 
Citadel Square; Chap. William and Mary College, Va., '88-89. 

DORSEY, William Henry Harrison, 498 Woodward Ave., Atlanta, Ga.— 
Born, White Co., Ga. ; Lie. 1877, 5th Ch., Atlanta, Ga. ; Ord. 79, 6th Ch., Atlanta, 
Ga.; P. 6th Ch., Atlanta, Ga., '80-84; Vaucluse, S. C, '84; Roswell, Corinth, Mt. 
Perron, '85-88 ; East Atlanta, 6 mos. ; Antioch, '95-97; 1st Bap. Mission, Atlanta, 
Ga., '98. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 219 

DORWARD, William Hammond, Eldon, Ia.— Born, Little Hampton, Eng. ; 
Stud. Fox Lake, Wis., 1860; Shurt. C, 111., '65-68; Ham. T. S., N. Y., 71; Lie. 
'66, Fox Lake Ch., Wis. ; Ord. '71, Bath on the Hudson Ch., N. Y. ; P. Bath on the 
Hudson, 71; Wilson, N. Y., 72; Freeport, 74; Pontiac, 78; Danville, 111., '80; 
Mapleton, '81 ; Oskaloosa, la., '83 ; Dist. My. Sheldon, la., '84; P. and Financial 
Agt. Pella, la., '85; P Faribault, Minn., '86; S. Spencer, '87; Spirit Lake, la., '88; 
P.Perry, la., '89; S. Carroll, la., '90; P. Algona, la., '91; Cornwallis, Ore., '94; S. 
Santa Rosa, Calif., '97; P. Eldon, la., '98—. 

DORWARD, William Thompson, Stelton, N. J.— Born, Montrose, Scotland; 
Stud. Harley C, London, Eng.; Lie. North Hector Ch., N. Y.; Ord. Moriah Ch., 
N. Y.; P. Moriah, '88-90; B*lMon, Spa., '90-94 ;Ch. of the Redeemer, New York, 
N. Y., '94-96; 1st Ch.,. Piscataway ; Stelton, N. J., '96—; Ed. "The Assistant Pas- 

DOTSON, Isaac Benton, Nelson, Mo.— Lie. 1870, County Line, Mo.; Ord. 71, 
Wake Forest, N. C. ; P. Salem and Mt. Zion, 71-73; Heath's Creek and Antioch, 
73-75; Marshall and Fairville, Mo., 75-77; Fish Creek and Mt. Gilead, 77-79; Con- 
cord and Mt. Nebo, 79-81 ; Pilot Grove and Peninsula, '81-85; P. Olive Branch, '85- 
93; Memorial, '93-94; Harmony and Honey Creek, Mo., '97-98. 

DOTSON, James Morrow, Bowling Green, Fla. — Born, Franklin, Ala.; Lie. 
1891, Ord. Nov. 15, '92, Spring Hill Ch., Fla. ; P. Spring Hill and New Salem, Fla., 

DOTSON, Thomas W., Relfe, Mo.— Born, Saline Co., 111.; Lie. 1894, Ord. 
'96, Pleasant Grove Ch., 111. 

DOUGLAS, Andrew Jackson, Pellonia, III. — Born, Macon Co., 111.; Lie. Apr., 
1896, Ord. Nov., '97, Waldo Ch., 111.; P. New Home, 111. 

DOUGLAS, Eiisha, Sontag, Miss.— Born, Far River, Miss., 1814; Lie. '52, 
Ord. '53, New Providence Ch., Miss.; P. Little Bahala, Shiloh, Galilee, S. Bethel; P. 
Far River; S. Oak Grove, Union; P. Friendship, Crooked Creek and Pleasant Hill 


DOUGLAS, S- A,, Roseberg, Ore. — Born, Louisiana, Mo.; Stud. Shurt. C, 
111.; Lie. Jan. 5, 1887, Louisiana Ch., Mo.; Ord. May 10, '89, Astoria Ch., 111.; P. 
Astoria, '89; Scioto, '90; Farmington, 111., '91-93; My. Peoria Asso., 111., '94; P. 
Littleton, 111., '95-98; Roseberg, Ore., Oct. 1, '98—. 

DOUGLASS, Arthur Elijah, 218 East Ave., Vineland, N. J.— Born, Poolville, 
N. Y.; Stud. Cg. U., N.Y.; Lie. Apr. 21, 1888,2nd Ch., Hamilton, N. Y. ; Ord. 
July 10, '89, DimockCh., Pa.; P. Dimock, '89-93; Auburn, '89-92; Rush, Pa., '92-93; 
Clarks Green, Pa., '93-96; Pleasantville, '96-99; Sea View, '96-97; 1st Ch., Vine- 
land, N. J., '99—. 

DOUGLASS, Charles T., 735 North Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena, Calif.— 
Born, Waterford, Conn.; Stud. Privately; Lie. May 18, 1872, Lakes Pond Ch., 
Waterford, Conn.; Ord. Oct. 25,76, 2nd Ch., North Stonington, Conn.; P. 2nd 
Ch., North S:onington, Conn. ,75-77; Centerville, R.I. ,77-79; Atlantic Highlands, N. 
J., 79-85; 1st Ch., Reading, '85-87; Turners Falls, '89-91; North Ch., Brockton, 
'91-94; Leonardville, Mass., '94-95; IstCh., Pasadena, Calif., '95-98; Gen. My. for 
Southern Calif, and Ariz., '98 — . 

DOUGLASS, Francis Arthur, No. 845 Green Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.— Born, 
Ticonderoga, N. Y. ; Amherst E., Mass., M. A., 1851 ; New T. S. Mass., '54; Lie. 78, 
South Boston Bap. Ch. ; Ord. '88, South Boston My. Bap. Ch. ; P. Piqua, Walnut 
Hills, O.; My. Nellore, So. India, '51-66; Sec. of American and Foreign Bible Soc, 
N. Y.„ 79-83; P. Middletown, N. J., 3 yrs. 

DOUGLASS, He/iry Marshall, West Haven, Vt.— Born, S. Richland, N. Y.; 
Stud. Rensselaer Acad. ; Grad. Oswego Nor. Sch. ; Ham. T. S., N. Y., 1886; Lie. '82, 
Union Ch., N. J.; Ord. Feb. 9, '83, Harpinsville Ch., N. Y.; P. Harpinsville, W. 
Greenwich, N. Y. ; Putney, St. Johnsburg, W. Haven, Vt. ; S. Oxford, N.Y., Green- 
wich, N..Y., Whitehall, N. Y.; Brattleboro, Montpelier, Vergennes, Vt. 

220 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

DOUGLASS, John Jordan, Clinton, N. C— Born. Cumnock, N. C.j Stud. W. 
F. C, N. C, S. B. T. S., Kv.: Lie. 1893, Carthage Ch. : Ord. '95, Sandv Creek Asso.: 
P. Beaufort, N. C, '96-97; Clinton, "97-99; Warsaw and Mt. Gilead, '98-99. 

DOUGLASS, Kimberly S», Mlddletox, Idaho. — Born, Promise C v., la.: Stud. 
Cent. U.. la.: Div. Sch. Cent. U.. la.: Lie. Tan. 13. and Ord. May 15", 1894,' Chase 
Ch., Neb.; P. Chase, Xeb., '94-96, '97-98, Oelrichs, S. D., '96-97: Middleton, Idaho, 

DOUGLASS, Samuel Joseph, Marcy, N. Y.— Born, Lewis Co., X. Y. ; C<r. U., 
X. Y., Ph. B., 1S58; M. A., '94: Ham. T. S., X. Y., "60; Lie. '57, Martinsbursrfi Ch., 
X. Y.; Ord. '61, Liberty Ch., X.. Y.; P. Naples, Bristol, Springfield, Schenevus, 
Coventry, X. Y. ; S. Sloansville, Berlin, Wappingers Falls, Borough Park Ch., Xew 
York; Marcy, N. Y. ; Sec. X. Y. Bap. State My. Conv., 75-76; Ed. '-Schenevus 
Monitor," X. Y. 

DOW, Ernest Wentworth, Cottage City, Mass. — Born, Campton. X. H.: Stud. 
Colby Acad., Me.: Acad. Dept. Cg. U.. X. Y.. 1880: McCune C, Mo., Ph. D., "93: 
Lie. Campton Village Ch., Mo. : Ord. Feb.. '94, Louisiana Ch., Mo. : P. 1st Ch., Troy, 
X. H., '94-98; Cottage Cv., '98—; Pres. Pike C, Mo., and State B. Y. P. U., X. H., 2 
yrs.; Chaplain S. V., X. H., 2 yrs. 

DOWDEN, Conley, Call. Tex.— Born. Vernon Parish, La., Apr. 6. 1855: Ord. 
'92, Mt. Carmel Ch.: P. Trout Creek, 1 vr. ; Preached as local Ev. for 5 vrs. : Fellow- 
ship; S. Caney, Tex. 

DOWDY, Alfred, N., Maysville, Ga.— Born, Hall Co., Ga. : 8tud. Hall and 
Banks Co.. Ga. : Lie. 1877, Dewberry Ch., Xo. 2. Ga. : Ord. '83, Harmonv Ch., Ga. ; 
S. and Ev. Work. 

DOWELL, Clarence Leslie, Society Hill, S. C— Born, Raleigh, X. C: State 
Xormal C, Nashville, Tenn., L. I., 1882; Lie. '94. Durham Ch. ; Ord. "97, Williams- 
ton Ch.,X. C: A. P., Scotland" Xeck, '84-86: P. Williamston, X. C, '86-89: Black 
Creek, S. C. '89-95; Welsh Xeck, Society. Hill, X. C, '95—. 

DOWELL, George J., Lumbertox, X. C— Born. Snow Hill, X. C; Stud. H. 
Sch., Holly Spring.*, Ark., and "Asburv Inst.; Received Academic, Mathematical, 
Classical Education; Lie. Apr. 1874, and Ord. Sept. '84, Jonesboro Ch., X. C. ; P. 
Jonesboro, '75-76: Ephesus, '76-78; Salem and Shiloh, '76-84: Morrisville, Clayton, 
Mt. Moriah, Pleasant Grove, Hephzibah, Hamilton and Williamston, '85-93; 2nd Ch., 
Durham, '93-98; Lumberton, '98—: Chairman Ex. Com. Durham Co., 4 yrs.; Ex- 
aminer Pub. Schs. and Superior of Schs., Durham Co., 3 yrs. 

DOWLEY, Edward Melville, Bowling Greex. Va.— Born, Manchester, Eng. ; 
Stud. Woodstock C, Ontario, Can.; S. B. T. S., Kv., Th. G„ 1895; Lie. '89, Tyrrell 
Ch., Ontario, Can.: Ord. '90, Culbertson Ave. Ch., Xew Albany. Iml. : P. Greelev, 
'91-92; South Boardman, "92-93; Allen, Mich., '93-94 ; Rice, Va., '95-98: Bowling 
Green, Va., '99 — . 

DOWLING, Henry Taylor, Tiftox, Ga.— Born, Lowndes Co., Ga. : Lie. July, 
1888, Ord. Aug. '92, .New River Ch., Ga.: P. Stanton, '92-93; Cherry Creek, '93-94; 
Xew River, '95; Brushy Creek, Ga., '97-99. 

DOWLING, William Hamilton, Hamtox, S. C— Born, Old Beaufort Dist. ; 
Ptud.Pineville Acad.: Lie. July,1860, Ord. Oct. '65, Bethel Ch.,S.C; P. of 35 different 
Chrs. in S. C. : My. S. C. Bap*. Conv., and Pres. Savannah River Bap. S. S. Conv.—. 

DOWNEY, Benjamin Reno, Grand Junction, Colo. — Born, Fairview, Ky. ; 
Vanderbilt U., B. A., 1891; Roch. T. S., X. Y., '95; Lie. '87, Bethel Ch., Fairview, 
Ky. ; Ord. '95, 1st Ch., Rochester, X. Y. : P. Durango, '95-96 ; Grand Junction, 
Colo., '96—; Fellowship in Greek, Vanderbilt U., "91-92. 

DOWNER, John Rathbone, Urbaxa, O.— Born, Zanesville, O.; Cg. U., X. Y., 
B. A., 1845: U. Roch., X. Y., M. A., '52: W. Bap. T. S., '48: Lie. '46. Market St. 
Bap. Ch., Zanesville, O. ; Ord. '48, Xenia Ch.. O.; P. Xenia, O., '48-50; Sandusky 
Ch., Allegheny City, Pa., '50-53; Prof. Rhetoric and English Literature, Den. U., 
O., '53-66: My. Mo. and Kan., '67-74; P. Ridlev Park, Pa., "75-79; Urbana, '80-84; 
Sidney, '85-87"; Marion, O., '90-91 ; Retired. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 221 

DOWNEY, Alva A., Paragon, Ind.— Born, Rochester, O. ; Stud. Ind. Cent. 
Nor., Frank. C, Ind., and S. B.T.S.,Ky.; Lie. Nov. 1878, Ord. May 3, '83, Pleasant 
Hill Ch., Ind.; P. Salem, '83-86; New Salem, '88-91; Gosport, '92; Quincy, '92- 
95; Ewardsport, '95-96; Friendship, '97-98; New Salem, Ind., '95—. 

DOWNEY, George D., Puyallup, Wash. --Born, Marcellus, N. Y.; Cg. U., 
N. Y., B. A., 1859; M. A , '67; Stud. Ham. T. S., N. Y. ; Lie. '53, Euclid Ave. 
Ch., Cleveland, O.; Ord. Oct. 1, '61, Fredonia Ch., N. Y. ; P. Fredonia and Ham- 
burg, '65; Scipio. 77; Clifton Park, N. Y., '79; Mile City, Mont., '82; Pendleton, 
Ore., '87; Fern Hill, Tacoma, Wash., '90. 

DOWNEY, John William, 44 Main St., Scottsburg, Va.— Born, Granville 
Co., N. C; Stud. Bethel Hill Inst., N. C; Scottsburg,, Nor. C, Va. ; Lie. Oct. 6, 
1894, Ord. Dec. 16, '96, Amis Chapel, Va.; P. Oak Grove and Mulberry, Va., 

DOWNEY, Thomas C, Claflin, Kan.— Born, Noble Co., O.; Lie. Aug. 2, 
1862, Brookfield Ch., O. ; Ord. Dec. 4, '67, Antrim Ch., O.; P. Antrim, Brushy 
Fork, Elizabethtown. '67; Vernal, 111., '74-75; Elmwood, '83-85; Bethel, '95-97; 
Lorraine, Kan., '95-96; S. Manchester, O., '65-66; P. Claflin, Kan., '93-94. 

DOWNIE, John, 1048>£ Folsom St., San Francisco, Calif.— Born, Glasgow, 
Scotland; Stud. Glasgow U. and Scottish Bap Theol. Inst.; Lie. May, 1865, Theo- 
logical Committee; Ord. Feb., 70. Forres Ch., Scotland; P. Eyemouth, '65-70; For- 
res, '70-76; Dumbarton, '76-81; Forfar. Scotland, '81-86; Petaluma, Calif., 
'88-94; Winters, '94-97; Retired, '97. 

DOWNING, Cullen, Hayti, Mo.— Born, Pemiscot Co., Mo. ; Lie. May 15, 1869, 
Ord. May 15, '70, Landmark Ch. ; P. Landmark, '70; Dry Buyou and Oak Grove, '75; 
Shiloh, '84; Macedonia, '69-74. 

DOWNING, James Thomas, Flippin, Ky.— Born, Indian Creek, Ky. ; Lie. 1878; 
Ord. '82, Indian Creek Ch., Ky. ; P. Pur.cheon Camp, '84-85; Fairview, '95-96, 
Harmony, '97: Monroe, Ky., '98. 

DOWNING, Stephen Pike, Oakland, Ark.— Born, Dade Co., Mo.; Lie. 1878, 
Sharon Ch., Mo.; Ord. '84, Hopewell Ch., Ark.; My.—. 

DOWNS, D, D., Harlan, Ia.— Born, Clarke Co., O. ; Lie. Mar. 26, 1894 ; Ord. 
Apr. 3, '94, Brayton Ch., Ia. ; P. Braytom 1 yr. ; Union, Ia , '96. 

DOWNS, James T , Springhill, Ark. — Born, Hempstead Co., Ark.; Lie. 
1891; Ord. Jul v 24, '92, Bodcaw Ch., Ark.; P. Providence, '92-93; College Hill, and 
Pine Grove, '93; Bethany, '94-99; Pleasant Grove, and Bodeaw, '96-99; Macedonia, 
'99; Nebu, Ark., '96-98. 

DOWNS, John Barrett, Schrenckville, Ga. — Born, Bryan Co., Ga. ; Stud. H. 
Sch., Little Creek; Lie. Nov. 16, 1889, Mt. Zion Ch.; Ord. Oct. 28, '91, Pine Grove 
Ch.; P. Pine Grove '91-92; S. Mt. Zion, 4 mos. ; P. Little Creek, '76—; Live Oak 
Grove — ; Greensboro, 1 yr. 

DOYEL, William Scott, Cave City, Ky.— Born, Glasgow Junction, Ky.; Beth. 
C. Ky., B. A., 1831; Lic.Julv 18, '74, L : fle Hope Ch., Ky. ; Ord. Oct. 13, '83, 
Glasgow Junction Ch., Ky.; P. Silent Grove, '84-98; Three Springs '87-88; Mam- 
moth Cave, '90-92 ; White Oak, '90-91; Bonayr, '93-95; Liberty Hill, '91—; Little 
Hope, Ky., '95—. 

DOYLE, Charles Lewis, 1667 Oakwood Ave., Toledo, O. — Born, Marlette, 
Mich.; Stud. Kal. C. Mich., B. Un. T. S., Chicago; Lie. June 10, Ord. June 29, 
1892, Haughville Ch., Indianapolis, Ind.; P. Esmen, 111., Apr. to Sept., '91; 
Haughville, '91-93; West Indianapols, '92-94; East Union, Jan. to Aug., '95; West 
Union, 6 mos. ; Dupont, Ind., Jan. to Nov., '96; P. Grand Ave. Ch., Toledo, O., 

DOYLE, J, G., Argenta, Ark.— Born. Paducah, Ky.; Stud. Bethel C, Ky. ; Lie. 
McCollough's Ch., Tenn. ; Ord. Qjuincv Ch., W. Tenn. ; P. 1st Ch. Little Rock, Ark. ; 
Chs. Tenn., Tex. and Ark. ; Au. "Origin of Methodism," 3rd ed. ; Cor. Sec. State S. 
S. Bd. Ark. Bap. State Conv.— 

222 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

DOX, Rutger, 3236 N. 16th St., Philadelphia, Pa.— Born, Lafayette, N: Y.; 
U. Roch., N. Y., B. A., 1S74; Roch. T. S., N. Y., 77; Lie. 72, Wilson Ch., N. Y. ; 
Ord. 77, Ransomrille Ch., N. Y. : P. Ransomville, Corning, Olean, N. Y. ; Tioga 
Ch., Philadelphia, Pa. 

DRAKE, Daniel Hill t Petersburg, III.— Born. Plainfield, N. J. ; Shurt, C, 111., 
B. A , 1869 ; B. Un. T S., Chicago, B. D., 73 ; Lie. Sept. '61, Delavan Ch., 111. ; Ord. 
Dec., 70, Pewaukee, Wis.: P. Pewaukee, Wis.. 70-71; S. Batavia, 111., Jan. -June, '72; 
Norwood Park, III., 72-73; My. Kurnool, 74-79; Madras, India, '87-91; S. St. 
Helena, Calif., June-Sept., '95. 

DRAKE, Luther Peay, Island, Ky- Born, Scranton, Ky, ; S'ud. West Ky. C; 
Beth. C, Ky.; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. Mar., 1890, and Ord. Sept., '92, Island Ch., Ky. ; 
P. Island, Ky., '92.—. 

DRESSER, Elmer Ellsworth, Sheboygan Falls, Wis.— Born, Mason, Mich.; 
H. Sch., Mason, Mich., 1878; Kal. C, Mich.; B. A., '84, M. A., '87; Stud. B. Un. 
T. S., Chicago; Lie. June 2, '83, Kalamazoo Ch., Mich.; Ord- Sepr. 17, '85, 1st Ch., 
Sheboygan Falls. Wis. ; P. Sheboygan Falls, '85-91; Sheboygan, '91-95; 2nd Ch., 
Oshkosh, '95-97; Ashland, '97-98;* Sheboygan Falls, Wis., '98—; Au. "Wild Flow 
ers for Calliope," '81 ; "Poems of Purpose." '93. 

DREW, Elbert C, Kahoka, Mo.— Born, Tama Co., la.; Stud. Cent. U., la., 
and H. M. Soper's Sch. Oratory; Lie. 1892, Grinnell Ch., la.; Old. '94, Basco Ch., 
111.; P. Basco, 111. ; Vincennes, la. ; Kahoka, Mo.; Stud. P. Fairview Argyle and 
otners, la. 

DREW, Ephriam K., Sedwich, Me.— Born, Harmony, Me. ; Lie. 1875, Ord. 76, 
Levant Ch., Me.; P. West Hampden, 11 yrs.; Hodgdon, 5 yrs.; Harrington, Me., 5 


DREW, Ephram Sylvester, Sedgwick, Me. — Born, Hermon, Me.; Stud. M. C. 
Inst. ; Bangor T. S., Me. ; Lie. 1891, Hodgdon Ch., Me. ; Ord. Jane, '92, Cherryfield 
Ch., Me.; P. Cherryfield, '93-95; Sedgwick, Me., '95—. 

DREW, Groves W., 821 Wharton St., Philadelphia. Pa.— Born, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. ; Stud. Rugby ^ cad., U. Pa., and Cro. T. S., Pa. ; Lie. May 1, 1890, Soruce 
St. Ch.. Philadelphia, Pa.; Ord. Jan. 17, '95, 1st Ch.. Point Pleasant, N. J.; P. 1st 
Ch.. Point Pleasant, '94; P. and Founder Memorial Ch., Paulsboro, N. J., ' 97; Act- 
ing P. Spruce St. Ch., Philadelphia, Pa. — 

DREW, Simon Peter William, 122 Broadway, Long Island City, N. Y.— 
Born, Marearettsvill-, N. C ; Stud. Shaw U., N. C, and Div. Sch. Shaw U., N. C. ; 
Lie. July, 10, 1894, St. Paul Ch. ; Ord. Oct. 29, '96, St. Stephen's Ch. ; P. St. Steph- 
en's Ch., 140 Broadway, Long Island City, Borough of Queen, New York, N. Y., 
— ; Manager "St. Stephen's Journal." 

DREWRY, James A., Griffin, Ga.— Born, Drewrysville, Ga,; Mer. U., Ga., 
1891; Ord. '94, Griffin Ch., Ga. ; P. Mcintosh, Ga. 

DRINKARD, John W*, Laredo, Mo.— Born, Grundy Co., Mo.; Stud. Wm. 
Jewell C, Mo. ; Lie. Auy-., 1890. Ord. May, '92, Mt. Olive' Ch., Mo. ; P. Grove Hill, 
'92-97; Larendo. '92— ; Rural Dale, '93—; Liberty, '93-94; North Union, '94-95; 
Eversonville, '96-98, Gait, Mo., '99. 

DRISKILL, Willie Brock, Damascus, Ark.— Born, Talladega Co., Ala.; Stud. 
Mt. Pleasant and Oak Grove; Lie. May, 24, Ord. Dec. 24, 1892, Bible Union Ch. ; 
P. Harmony, '96; Union Hill and Harmony, '98-99. 

DRIVER, Rayford Paton, Earpsboro, N. C— Born. Johnston Co., N. C ; 
Lie. 1872. Ord. '74, Lees Chapel, N. C. ; P. Lees Chapel, '76-80; Corinth, '76-79; 
Cypress Chapel, '85-90; Ephesus, '93-94 ; Social Plain, N. C, '76— . 

DROZE, F. M., Summerville, S. C— Born, Berkley Co., S. C. ; Ord. Oct.. 
1879, Ridge. Ch., S. C; P. Ridge, Lineclub, Sheppard, Limestone, S.C., '97; Line- 
club, Timestone, Dandridge, Ridge, N. C. — ; Mod. Dorchester Asso., 8 yrs. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 123 

DRUMMONDS, Richard, Hebron, Miss. — Born, Simrson Co., Miss.; Lie. 
July, 1880, Ord. July 2, '82, Stonewall Ch., Miss.; P. Whitesand, Hephzibah, Pleasant 
Hill, Westville, Hebron, Leaf River, Bethel, Relloboth, Antioch, Mt. Zion, Stonewall 
Victory and Clear Springs, Miss. 

DRUMMOND, Stephen, No. 82 Wade Ave., Washington, Pa.— Born Clarks- 
burg, W. Va.; Stud, -hemaviah Acad. R. C, Va., and do. T. S., Pa.; Lie. Sept., 
1869, Ord. Tune, '75, Hephzibah Ch., W. Va. ; P. Village Green, '76-79; Sharpsburg, 
^79-84; Washington, Pa., '84-88 ; Buckhannon, W. Va./'88-92; Washington, Pa, '92—. 

DRUMWRIGHT, Lewis Albert, Everton, Mo.— Born, Pleasant Hope, Mo.; 
Stud. Pleasant Hope Normal Acad., Mo.; Lie. Sept. 22,1894, Rock Prairie Ch., Mo.; 
Ord. May 30, '97, East Ave. Ch., Springfield, Mo.; P. Boulevard Ch., Springfield, 
'97-98 ; Everton, Mo., '98—. 

DRURY, George N-, Tumwater, Wash.— Born, Brownsville. Ky.; Stud. Fair- 
mount T. S., O.; Lie. 1854, and Ord. Feb. '61, Mt. GileadCh., O. ; P. Mt. Gilead, '61 ; 
Kalida, '62-63; Waynesfield, O., '64-68; Steuben, '69; Whitefield, '70-71; Panola, 
111., '72-82; Derby, Kan., '83-84; S. Olympia, Wash., '95-96. 

DRURY, Henry Thompson, McGee, Ind. Ter. — Born Hammonsville, Ky. ; Lie, 
Aug., 1877, Cowlington Ch., Ind. Ter.; Ord. May 4, '90, Washita Ch., Ind. Ter. ; P. 
Friendship, Heart, Johnson, Little Flock, Oak Grove, Spring Brook, Shady Grove, 
Oak Grove, Center, Ind. Ter. 

DRURY, Lttcian, North Swansea, Mass. — Born, Wendell, Mass.; Stud. Conn. 
Lit. Inst.; B. U., R. L, B. A., 1866; M. A., '69; New T. S., Mass., '69; Lie. '70, 1st 
Ch., Providence, R. I.; Ord. '70, Winchendon Ch., Ma«s. ; P. Winchendon, Mass., 
'70-72; Swampscott, Mass, '72-76; Danversport, Mass ,'76-83; Apopka, Fla., '84-91; 
Bellingham, Mass., '92-98; North Swansea, Mass., '98 — ; Prof. Greek and Theology 
Bishop C, Tex., '91-92. 

DUBOC, Albert Michel, Danville, III.-- Born, Paris, France; Stud. Den. U., 
O ; U. Roch., N. Y., B. A., 1870; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '73; Lie. '67, 1st Ch., Au- 
burn, N. Y.; Ord. '72, Orleans Ch., N. Y.; P. Orleans, N. Y., '72-73 ; Denison, la., 
'73-76; Livonia, N. Y., '77-81; Marion, '81-84; Osage, la., '84-89; Brookings, S. 
Dak., '89-91; El Dorado, Kan., '91-92; East St. Louis, '92-95; Danville, 111., '96-98; 
Fin. Sec. Grand Island C, Neb , 5 mos. 

DUBOIS, W. M. t Wilson, N. Y.— Born, Mt. Alton, Pa. ; Ord. Oct. 2, 1891, 
M. E. Ch., Albion, N. Y., and Council held with Glenwood Bap. Ch., Buffalo, N. 
Y., Nov. 5, '94; P. Bap. Ch., Eden, 2 yrs. ; Wilson Bap. Ch., N. Y., '96—. 

DUDGEON, William S., Cane Valley, Ky.— Born, Taylor Co., Ky. ; Lie. and 
Ord. July 4, 1895. Cane Valley Ch., Ky. ; P. Cane Valley, '95— ; Charity, '95-98; 
Elkhorn, Ky., '96—. 

DUDLEY, Emmette Edgar, Norfolk. Va.— Born, Union Hall, Va. ; R. C, Va., 
1892; S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. M., '95; P. G., '96; Lie. 86, Old Fork Ch., Va. ; Ord. 
'89, Waverly Ch., Va. ; P. Waverly, Wakefield, Millfield, Va., '90-92; Hopewell, 
Ky., '93-95; Central Ave. Ch., Norfolk, Va., '96—; Busiuess Mgr. S. B. T. S., Ky., 

DUDLEY, J. H., 516 Fulton St„ Union Hill, N. J.— Born, Bedfordshire, 
Eng.; Stud. Workwomen's C, London, Eng. ; Roch. T. S., N. Y., Ph. D.. 1876; 
Lie. '62, We leyan M. E. Ch., Eng.; OrJ. 1st Ch., East New York, N. Y.; P. 1st 
Ch., Ea^t New York, '73-74; Stud. P. ls^ Ch., Chili CenM-e, '75; 1st Ch., Portage, 
N. Y., '77-78; 1st Ch.. Kingsville, O., '78-80; 1st Ch., Niles, Mich., "84-86; Union 
Ave. Ch., Paterson, '85-86; 1st Ch., Amboy, N. J., '89-94. 

DUDLEY, Thomas Parker, Waco, Ky.— Born. Waco, Ky. ; G. C, Ky., B. A., 
1889; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '92; Lie. '86, Ord. '89, Waco Ch.," Ky. ; S. Tenth Ave. 
Ch., Columhus, O.. '90; Thorpe, Wis., '91; Hume, N. Y., '91-92; My. India, '92- 
93; P. Madras, India, '93-99. 

224 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

DUERS, Henry Edward, 16 Spring t St., Sing Sing, N. Y.— Born, Windsor, N. 
C. ; Stud. Richmond Inst., Va. ; Lie. 1877, Warburton Ave. Ch., Yonkers, N. Y.- 
Ord. Jan. 26. '96, Centennial Star of Bethlehem; S. Messiah Ch., Yonkers, N. Y., 
'92; Bethlehem Ch., Windsor, N. C, '76; P. Shiloh Ch., Newburgh, '79; Berean 
Ch., Brooklyn, '88; Sing Sing, N. Y., '90—. 

DUGGINS, Joseph, Harned, Ky.— Born, Grayson Co., Kv. : Lie. Feb. 26,1881. 
and Ord. July 21, '86, Hanging Rock Ch., Ky. ; P. New Bethel,' '90-96; Lost Run, 
'90-94; Zion Hill, '90-93; Walnut Grove, '96-98; Little Clifty, '88-92; Brownsville 
and Bee Spring, '87; Hanging Rock and Pilgrim, '92; Friendship, 94-95; Soring 
Station, '98; Millwood, '99; My. about 3 mos. each yr. 

DUKE, Claud W-, 305 E. North Ave., Baltimore, Md.— Born, Va.; R. C. 5 
Va., M. A.; S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. M., 1896; Ord. '95, Western Branch Ch., Va. ; S. 
Antioch, Shiloh, Leigh St. Ch., Richmond. Grace St. Ch., Richmond, Va. ; P.- 
Berkley Ave. Ch., '96-98; Emmanuel Ch., Baltimore, Md., '98—; Agt. for S. W. V. 
Institute, '95; Ed. "College Messenger." 

DUKE, George M., Dukes, N. C— Born, Warren Co., N. C; Stud. Warrenton 
Male C; Lie. July, 1865, Ord. June, '66, Reedy Creek Ch. ; P. Reedy Creek, Bear 
Swamp. Antioch, Hickory, Red Oak, Elm City, Rocky Mount, Philadelphia, Mt. 
Zion, Enon, Sandy Creek, Red Bud, Maple Springs, Peach Tree, Poplar Springs, 
Nashville, Spring Hope, Sharpsburg; S. Louisburg, N. C. 

DUKE, L W., Kirk, Tex.— Born, Monroe Co., Ala. ; Shurt. H. Sch. ; Lie. 1869, 
Ord. '70, Concord Ch., Ala.; P. Claiborne, 10 yrs. ; Concord, 4 yrs. ; Kempville, 4 
yrs. ; Monroeville, 1 yr. ; Burnt Corn, Ala., 4 vrsf; Reagan and Calvert, 2 yrs. ; Mexia, 
Tex., 6)4 yrs. 

DULANEY, Thomas, Ben Lomond, Ark.— Born, Fayette Co., Ala.; Lie. 
1858, Ord. '60, Mt. Pleasant Ch., Miss.; P. Mt. Pleasant, Fairview, Salem, Pilgrim 
Rest, Mt. Pisgah, Providence, .Miss., '60-70; Brownstown, Mt. Carmel, Pleasant 
Hill, Union, Damascus, Mt. Pleasant, Fairview, New Prospect, Bethel, Red Colony, 
County Line, Ark., '70-99. 

DULIN, Samuel L., Pierce City, Mo. — Born, Monroe Co., Mo.; Wm. Jewell 
C, Mo., B. A., 1893; Lie. Apr., '87, Hickory Grove Ch.,Mo.; Ord. June 23, '92,. 
2nd Bap. Ch., Libertv, Mo.; P. Sweet Springs, one-fourth time, '91-93'; Providence, 
Mo., one-fourth time, '91-32 ; S. East Ave. Ch., Springfield, Mo., '91; P. Wvatt 
Park, St. Joseph, Mo., '93-94; Phillipsburg, '96-98; Junction City, Kan., '97-98;: 
Pierce City, Mo., '99.— 

DULIN, Thomas S-, La Grande, Ore.— Born, Shelbyville, Mo.; Wm. Jewell 
C, Mo., B. A., 1889; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. May, '86, 2nd Ch., Liberty, Mo.; 
Ord. Oct. 21, '86, Greenton Ch., Mo.; P. Greenton and Waverly, Mo., 86-89; Sa- 
quache, '90-91 ; Las Animos, Colo., '91-92; S. Pendleton, Ore.; P. La Conner, 
'92-93; Sprague, Wash., '93; Oakland, '94-95; Grants Pass, '95-96 ■;: Portland, '97 r 
La Grande, Ore., '98-99; Ed. S. S. Dep't. "Pacific Baptist." 

DUNACAN, Edmund Waller. Clarksdale, Mo.— Born, Jefferson Co., Ky.;- 
Lic. 1857; Ord. '59, Gentryville Ch., Mo.; P. Gentryville, Friendship, Albany, 
Bethel, Whitesville, Olivet, New Hope, New Prospect, Salem, Crab Orchard, Mt. 
Moriah. Little Rock; Mt. Moriah, Mo.—. 

DUNAWAY, H. H., Gypsum, Kan.— Born, Richmond, Va., 1840; Stud. Den. 
U., O., '69-75; Theol. under private tea. ; Lie. Mar. 23, '67, and Ord. Oct. 30, '70, 
Tharp's Run Ch., O.; P. Tharp's Run, 1 yr. ; Stud. P. Concord and Jersey; P. 
KirKersville, 1 yr. ; Adamsville, 4 yrs. ; Dresden, O., 8 yrs. ; Ashland, Neb., 4 yrs. ; 
Salina, 1 yr. ; Gypsum Cy., and Victory, Kan., 5 yrs.— 

DUNAWAY, Thomas Sanford, Fredericksburg, Va — Born, Lancaster Co., 
Va., Nov. 5, 1829; Stud. Kilmarnock Acad., Va. ; R. C, Va., D. D., '79; Lie. Oct., 
'60; Ord. Nov. 23, '62, Lebanon Ch., Va. ; P. Fredericksburg, Va., '66-98; S. Same, 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 225 

DUNAWAY, Walter Judson, Perryville, Ala.— Born, Lamison, Ala., 1855; 
Stud. How. C, Ala., 3}{ yrs. ; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. '81, and Ord. '82, Gbose Creek 
Ch.; P. Flatwood Chapel, and Goose Creek; Ev. Union Asso. ; P. 4 Chs., near Per- 
ryville, Ala.; Tea. and Prin. H. Sch. Kennedy, Ala., 2 yrs. 

DUNAWAY, Wayland Fuller, Middleburg, Va.— Born, Lancaster Co., Va. ; 
Stud. Coin. U., D.C.; R. C, Va., D. D., 1894; Lie. Feb., Ord. July, 71, Lebanon 
Ch., Va.; P. Marattica, '71-80; Middleburg and Long Branch, Va , '81-98; Au. 
"Scriptural Baptism," '87. 

DUNBAR, Marshall James Lee, Grass Lake, Mich.— Born, Truxton, N. Y., 
1824; Stud. Cg. U.. N. Y., 1854: Lie. 1846, Sennett Ch., N. Y.; Ord. Mar., '58, 
Tiskihva Ch., 111.; P. Hammonton, N. J., '60; Waterloo, '65-71; Okemos and Wil- 
liamston, '71-73; Waterloo, '74; Aurelius, '75-77; Pine Creek, '78-79; Augusta, 
'80-82; 1st Ch., Ganges, '83; Waterloo, 1 yr. ; Lyndon, Mich., '91-92. 

DUNCAN, Andrew J», Calhoun, Tenn. — Born, Obion Co.,Tenn.; Lie. June, 
1861, Ord. May 4, '67, Canaday's Creek Ch., Tenn.; P. Canaday's Creek, Short 
Creek, Tenn. 

DUNCAN, Asa A«, Mineola, Tex. — Born, Madison Co., Ga. ; John Gibson 
Inst., 1895; Lie. July 15, '91, Canon Ch., Ga. ; Ord. Nov. 12, '94, Bowman Ch., Ga. - 
P. Holly Springs, Canon, Ga., '94-96; Noonday, '96-98; Lindale, '98-99; 1st Ch., 
Mineola, Tex. ,^'99—. 

DUNCAN, Benjamin Franklin, Utica, Lasalle, III.— Born, Lee Co., Va.; 
Stud. Vermillion Co., Normal, 111.; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, B. Th., 1889; Lie. '76, 
Gap Creek Ch., Tenn. ; Ord. '77, Macedonia, Ch., Ky. ; P. Indianola and Horace, '80- 
84; -Stud. S. Brighton Park Mission, Chicage, '86-87; Londa, 111., '87-88; P. East 
Lynn, '89-91; Momence, '91-92; Utica, 111., '92—. 

DUNCAN, Gaston Walter, Bryant, Mo.— Born, Allegheny Co., N. C; Stud. 
Nor. and S. W. Bap. C, Mo.; Lie. June, 1897, Ord Jan. '98, Rockhouse Ch., Mo.; 
S. Rockhouse, Mo. 

DUNCAN, Isiah Frankling, Boston, Ga.— Born, Sampson Co., N. C; Lie. 
1890, and Ord. '91, New Hope, Ch., Ga. ; P. New Hope, '91; Elim, '92-97; Pleasant 
Hill, '93-96^ Corinth, '94—; Okapilco, '94—; Summerville, '97—; Salem, '98—; 
Philadelphia, Ga., '97. 

DUCAN, James A., Capps Ford, Tenn. — Born, Johnson Co., Tenn.; Lie, 
1876, Gap Creek Ch., Tenn.; Ord. '77, Shady Grove Ch., Tenn.; P. New Salem, 
'80; Rock Creek, '80-85; New Zion, '84-86; Fairview, Tenn., '89—; E v. work. 

DUNCAN, James Franklin, Houston, Tex. — Born Tallapoosa Co., Ala. ; Bay U., 
Tex., B. A., 1877; Kentucky Sch. of Medicine, M. D., '81; Lie. Sept. 1, '71, Shamrock 
Ch., Tex.; Ord. Dec. 26, '75, Clarksville Ch., Tex; P. Olive Branch, Galindo, 
'76-77; Baird, '84-85; Savoy, '86; Dodd City, '92; Wolfe City, '82; Bonham, '91-92; 
Navasota, '93-97; 2nd Ch., Houston, Tex., '97; Franklin St. Ch., Louisville, Ky., '97- 
98; 1st Ch., Baton Rouge, La., '89-90; 2nd Ch., Houston, Tex.—. 

DUNCAN, Rhodes, Ranger, Tex.— Born, Coosa Co., Ala.; Lie. Jan. 1880, Ord, 
Jan. 9, '81, Liberty Ch., Miss. ; P. Liherty, '81-87; West Kemper, '82-85; Bluff Spring, 
'81-86 ; Salem, '83-88 ; Mont Nelson, '85 ; Pine Grove, Miss., '86-87 ; Macedonia, '90-92 ; 
Ranger, '96-98; Providence, Tex., '95-99. 

DUNGAN, Robort Samuel, Montgomery City, Mo. — Born, Lincoln Co., Mo., 
Lie. 1853, Ord. '55, Bethlehem Ch., Mo.; P. Bethlehem, Sulphurlick, Union, Lou're, 
Middletown, Wellsville, Montgomery, Zion, Mt. Pleasant, New Florence, Mo.; Au, 
"History of Sunday Schools," Pub. '76; "History of Missouri Baptists," Pub. '81; 20 
yrs. State Sec. F. Mn. Bd. S. B. C. for Mo. 

DUNCAN, Thomas Mimro, Beaver Creek, N. C— Born, Jefferson, N. C; 
Stud. Ac*d. ; Lie. July 20, 1869, Old Landmark Ch., N. C. ; Ord. June 1. '78, Buffalo 
Ch.,N C; P. Buffalo, '80-86; Friendship, '80-95; Bethel, '82-84; Tefferson, '93- 
96; Forest Home, '90-95; Beaver Creek, N. C, '95-98; Serving as My.—. 

226 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

DUNCAN, "W. M., Minkton, Tenn.- Born, Tenn. ; Ord. July 21,1894, Meyers 
Grove Ch., Tenn.; P. Meyer- Grove, Tenn., '95; In the old Bap. Ch., 20 yrs;* P. 
se\eral Ch ., in same; Joined Regular Baptists, '94. 

DUNGAN, Harvey, Flag Springs, Mo.— Born, Noble Co., lnd. ; Stud. Good 
Hope, 111.; Lie. 1876 and OrJ. '92, Flag Springs Ch., Mo. ; P. Bethel Ch., Mo. 

DUNHAM, Edwin, Silas, Lawton, Mich.— Born, Henrietta, N. Y.; Stud.Kal. 
Lit. Inst., Mich.; Mich. U., B. A. and M. A., 1860: Lie. Aug. 1, '46, Ann Arbor 
Ch., Mich.; Ord. Oct. 6, '48, Galeshurg Ch., Mich.'; S. Ann Arbor, Mich., '47-48; 
P. Galesburg, '48-50; Lawrence, '51-59; Ceresco, '59-61; Lawton, Mich.. '66-69, 

? 74-78. 

DUNHAM, John, Cass City, Mich.— Born, Cheste-field. N. H., Aug. 7, 1827; 
S'ud. G-and River list., Austinburg, O. ; Lie. June, 1847. Orwell Ch., O.; Ord. 
May, 19, '52, Washington Ch.., Ind.; P. Wabash, 6 mos. ; Wessavv Creek, '53-55; 
Camden, ''58-59; Spring Creek, '57: Fulton, 6 mos.; Lockpoit, '60-61; Weasaw 
Creek, Ind., '65-66; Rives Junction, '67-68; Lowell, '68-69; Georgetown, '69-70; 
Nashville, '70-71 ; Climax, '71-73 ; Quincy, Mich., '73-74; Loda and Onarga, 111., 
'74-75; Chardon, O., '76-77; Shelby, '80-84; Spencer's Mill, '84-85; Shepherdsville, 
? S5-86; Douglas, Mich., 9 mos., '87. 

DUNHAM, Robert Foster, Belingtox, W. Va.— Born, Taylor Co., W. Va.; 
Lie. 1859, Ord. '61, Beulah Ch., W. Va. ; P. Belington, '71-83; West Fork, Olive 
Branch, Silent Grove, Little Bethel, Bethany, Hephzibah, Glady Creek and Laurel 
Run, W. Va. 

DUNKIN, Daniel G., Newark, N. L— Born, Carroll, Ind.; Frank. C, Ind., B. 
A., 1894; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '97; Lie. Feb., '91, Sharon Ch., Carroll, Ind.; Ord. 
June 16, '97, Newark Ch., N. Y. ; P. Newark, N. Y., '96—. 

DUNKLIN, Edward Manlove Clayton, Stanton, Fla — Born, Collirene, Ala.; 
Stud. H. Sch., Selma, Ala.; Barnes H. Sch., Strata, Ala. and G. C, Ky., 2 yrs ; S. 
B. T. S., Kv., Th. G., 1895; Eclectic Degree, '98; Lie. Oct. 1, '92, Ocala Ch., Fla.; 
Stud. S. 50 Chs. ; Colp. and S. S. My. 6 yrs. under Ky., St. Bap. My. Bd. ; S. Ocala, 
Oxford, Fla. 

DUNN, Albert Teele, Waterville, Me.— Born, Fairfax, Vt. ; Stud. New 
Hampon Inst., Vt.; Cg. U., N. Y.,B. A., 1873; M. A., '75; Cent. U., la., D. D., 
'87; NewT, S., Mass.; Lie. '71, Fairfax Ch., Vt. ; Ord. July 30, '73, E. Poultney 
Ch., Vr.; P. East Poultney and West Haven, Vt. ; West Harwich and Stoughton St. 
Ch., Boston, Mass.; Free St. Ch., Portland, Me. 

DUNN, Andrew, Royalstox, Mass. — Born, Gardner, Mass. ; New. T. S., 
IMass., 1842; Lie. Weston Ch., Mass.; Ord. '42, Winchendon Ch., Mass.; P. Win- 
chendor, '42-52; Halderman, '53; North Bridgewater, '55-58; Chatham, '58-60; 
Still River Ch., Harvard, Mass., '60-63; East Gloucester, '73-67; East Haverhill, 
? 67-71; Rowley, '71-74; West Newbury, '74-78; East Brookfield, Mass., '78-81; 
Fitzwilliam, N. H., '81-87; West Royalston, Mass., '87-91. 

DUNN, Henry, 519 7th St., Lasalle, III. — Born, Darby Hand, Worces'er- 
shire, England ; Stud. Pastors' C, London, Eng.; Ord. Dec. "31, 1866, Bap. Ch., 
I lunstet Leeds, Yorkshire. Eng; P. Leeds, Mihisbridge, Yorkshire, Preston, Lan- 
cashire, Ampthill, Bedfordshire, Coseley, Staffordshire, Eng. ; Lasalle, 111. 

DUNN, William Isaac, Cornhill, Tex. — Born, Daviston, Ala.; Lie. Aug., 
1890, Ord. June, '92, Springhill Ch.,- Ala. ; P. Mt. Calvary, County Line, Chalk 
Ridge, Nelson Crossing, Tex., '92-98. 

DUNNAHOO, L N., Benton, Ark.— Born, Coweta Co., Ga.; Lie. 1878. Ord. 
May 27, '79, New Hope Ch., Ark.; P. New Hope, Ky. ; Mt. Hermon, East Union, 
Shady Grove, Salem, Sharon, Ark., '79-95, 

DUNTON, Herbert Jay, Tek am ah, Neb.— Born, Jesup, la.: Wheaton C, 111., 
B. A., 1895; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '98; Lie. Aug. 4, '95, Wheaton Ch., 111. ; Ord. Dec. 
20, '98, Tekamah Ch., Neb.; P. South Butler, Apr. to Sept., '96; South Livonia, N. 
Y., '97-98; Tekamah, Neb., '98-. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 227 

DU PONT, Frank Lascelles, Hico, Tex.— Born, Keene, O.; Roscoe H. Sch., 
O., and Clinton C, Ky.; Lie. Sept. 2, 1873 and Ord. Aug. 2, '74. Spring Hill Ch., 
Ky.; P. Mavfield, Ky., '75-77; Metropolis, 111., and Mt. Zion, Ky., ^'78; Olivet, 
Bethany and Mt. Zion, Kv., '79-80; Walnut Grove, Tenn. and Poplar Grove, Ky., 
'81-S4; Sharon, Walnut Grove, Medina and Spring Creek, '85-88; Paris and Mc- 
Kenz'ie, '89; McKenzie, Trezavant and Henderson, Tenn., '90; Denton, '91-94; Hico 
and Five Mile, '95-99; Hico, Tex., '99—; Ed. "Baptist Gleaner," Fulton, Ky., '80—; 
"Baptist Vedette," Hico, Tex., '98; Au. "Origin and Perpetuity of the Church of 
Jesus Christ." 

DURDEN, Chauncey W., Montezuma, Ga — Born, Washington Co., Ga. ; 
Mer. U , Ga., B. A., 1896; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. '91, Ord. '95, Darien Ch„ Ga. ; P. 
Bethel, '95-96; Union, '95-96; Bethlehem and 1st Ch., Jackson, Ga., '96; S. 1st Ch., 
Griffin, Ga, '97. 

DUREN, W. M., Zion, Ark.— Born, Izard Co., Ark.; Stud. La Crosse Acad., 
Ark.; Lie. 1882, Ord. '84, Fairview Ch., Ark.; P. Fairview, '84-88; Zion Hill, '84- 
90; Philadelphia, '84-90; Concord, '84-97; Union, Philadelphia and Mt. Pleasant, 

Ark., '98—. 

DURHAM, Alan Pinkney, Winnfield, La. — Born, Randolph, Co., Ga.; Lie. 
Aug., 1885, Ord. June, '86, Atlanta Ch.; P. Atlanta, Friendship, Pine Grove, '86: 
New Hope, '87; Sardis and Harmony, '88-91 ; Sardis and Union, '92-93; Winnfield, 
Corinth, Sardis, Marshall, '94-95; Winnfield, Friendship, Sardis, Marshall, '96-98; 
Winnfield, Zion Hill, Friendship, Pleasant Hill, Big Creek, '99. 

DURHAM, Frank, Ottawa, Kan.— Born, Clark Co., 111.; Stud. Ottawa U., 
Kan. ; Lie. July 10, 1892, Ord. Sept. 29, '95, 1st Ch., Girard, Kan. ; P. 1st Ch., Wal- 
nut, '95; 1st Ch., Girard, '95-98; 1st Ch., Lyndon, Kan., '98—. 

DURHAM, William Jefferson, Richmond, Tex.— Born, Greenville, S. C; Stud. 
Hearn Inst., Ga. ; Mer. U., Ga., B. A., 1891; Ord. Mar. 20, '82, Cedar Creak Ch., 
Ga.; P. Bush Arbor, '82-83; New Prospect. '84-86; Cedar Creek, '85-86; Esom Hill, 
'83-86: Friendship, '85-86; Indian Spring, '87; Reynolds, '88-91; New Providence, 
'89-90; Island Creek, '90-93; Meansville, '88-89; Warthen, '91; Sylvania, '92-93; 
Statesboro, Ga., '92-96; S. Eastdome, Tex., '97; P. Anderson and Lufkin, '98; Rich- 
mond, '98—; Prairie Home, Tex.,- '97 — ; Sec. So. Ga. Bap. Conv. and edited Minutes 
same, '94-95; Mod. Miller Asso., '93-94; Mod. Un. Asso. Tex.—. 

DUSSMAN, John, Gurzalla, Kistna Dist., India.— Born, Steinbach, Ger- 
many; Stud. Gymnasium, Germany; Cro. T. S., Pa., 1892; Lie. Sept. 22, '88, and 
Ord. June 22, '92, Salem Memorial Ch. ; S Berkley, '89-92 ; My. Am. B. My. Un.'92— . 

DUTTON, Newell Tracy, Waterville, Me.— Born, Claremont, N. H., Oct. 5, 
1840; Colby Acad., N. H , '66; B. U., R. L, B. A., '70; New T. S., Mass., 73; Lie. 
'68, Claremont Ch., N. H.; Ord. Aug. 19, '73; Warren Ch., Me.; P. Warren, '73-83; 
Hamilton, '83-93; Fairfield, Me., '93-96; Financial Sec. Colby U., Me., '96—. 

DUVALL, Thomas J,, Brandenburg, Ky. — Born, Nolin, Ky. ; G. C, Ky., 1893: 
S. B. T. S., Ky., '95; Lie. Oct. 25, '90, Ord. Aug. 30, '92, Gilead Ch., Ky. ; P. White 
Mills, '96; Munfordsville, '94-95; Forks Otter Creek, '94-99; New Highland, '95— ; 
Valley Creek, '95-97; Sandy Hill, '96—; Vine Grove, '97-99; Brandenburg, Ky.,'99— . 

DWYER, Edward Benison, Springfield, Pa.— Born, East Smithfield, Pa.; 
Stud. Ottawa U., Kan.; Lie. Aug. 2, and Ord. Oct. 1896, Springfield, Ch., Pa.: S. 
and P. Springfield, Pa., — . 

DYALL, Thomas, Mt. Pleasant, Ia.— Born, Eng. ; Pontypool C, S. Wales, 
1863; Ord. '64, Willwopd, Eng.; P. Port Austin, Mich.; Radan and Attica, O.; 
Mt. Pleasant, Ia.;»Au. "Lectures to Young Men on the Prodigal Son," '93; "Chris- 
tian Library," '95. 

DYE, Beecher Kenyon, Leeds Centre, Wis. — Born, Lima, Wis.; Stud. Way. 
Acad., Wis.; Lie. Jan. 3,1884, 1st Ch., Goodthunder, Minn.; Ord. Dec. 23, '84, 
Clinton Falls Ch.; P. Clinton Falls and Berlin, "84-87: Richland, '86-87: Fair Ha- 
ven, '87-88; Hamilton, Minn., '88-89. 

228 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

DYE, Friend Taylor, Grand Rapids, Mich. — Born, Lockhart's Run, W. Va. ; 
Stud. Hockmgport Normal, 0. ; Marietta C, O., B. A., 1891; B. Un. T. S., Chicago; 
Lie. '89, Marietta Ch., O.; Ord. '92, Ocoya Ch., 111.; P. Ocova, '91-92 ; Towanda 
and McLean, 111., '92-94; Grand Rapids, Mich., '96—; S. Centre Valley, '89-91; St. 
Paris, O., '90. 

DYE, George E., Willows, Calif.— Born, Clinton, 111.; Stud. Shurt. C, 111.; 
Lie. 1878, Elkhart Ch., 111.; Ord. '80, Clayton Ch., Benson, 111. ; P. Clayton Ch. 
Benson, 111.; 1st Ch., Wilber, Neb., 7 yrs. : 1st Ch., ISanta Ann, 4 yrs. ; "East Los 
Angeles, 3 % yrs. ; 1st Ch., Willows, Calif.,—. 

DYER, Edwin Miller, Acworth, Ga. — Born, Fairmount, Ga. ; Stud. Sallacoa 
Acad., Crawford H. Sch., Dalton and Calhoun Collegiate Inst., Ga. ; Lie. Jan. 1894, 
Iowa Park Ch., Tex.,; Ord. Nov., '94, 1st Ch., Dalton, Ga. ; P. 1st Ch., Dalton, '94- 
96; Ackworth, Ga , '96—; Prin. Shumach Sem., Ga. 

DYER, John G., 439 Carlton Ave., Plainfield, N. J.— Born, New York, N. 
Y.; S'ud. Pub. Sch. and Business C, New York, N. Y., andTheol., privately; Lie. 
Nov. 11, 1874, 5th Ave. Ch., New York, N. Y; Ord. May 13, '75, Lyons Farms Ch., 
N.J.; P. Lyons Farms, '75-77; Deckertown, N. J, '77-82; Broadalbin, '82-83; 
Pawley, N. Y., '83-88; Newark Valley, N. J., 88-89; Norristown, Pa., '91-92; 
Westfield, '92-95; South Amboy, N. J., ''96—. 

DYER, Wylie Mercer, Chillicothe, Tex.— Born, Newton Co., Ga. ; Stud. Mer. 
U., Ga.; Cherokee Bap. C, M A., 1857; Ord. '76, Fairmount Ch., Ga. ; P. Fair- 
mount, Cassville, Calhoun X Roads, Kingston, Adairsville, Acworth, Ga.; Chilli- 
cothe, Iowa Park, Vernon, Clara, Talmadge, Tex. 

DYKE, LodireJ., Oklahoma City, Okla. Ter.— Born, N. J. ; Cg. U., N. Y.,B. P« 
and B. A., 1871; Ham. T. S., N. Y., '73; Lie. '65, Harbor Creek Ch., Pa.; Ord- 
Jan., 74, Springfield Ch., Pa.; P. Springfield, Pa., '73-76; Chester, O., '76-83; 
Parsons, '83-85 ; Coffey ville, Kan., '85-90; Gen. Mv. A. B. H. M. S., Okla. Ter., 

E ACHES, Owen Philips, Hightstow t n, N. J.— Born, Phoenixville, Pa. ; Buck. U., 
Pa.,M. A., 1866: D. D, '91; Buck. T. S. Dept., Pa., '65; Lie. '61, Phoenixville 
Ch., Pa.; Ord. '66, Nicetown Ch., Philade'phia, Pa.; P. Nicetown Ch., Phila- 
delphia, Pa., '66-70; Hightstown, N. J., '70—; Prof. Buck. U., Pa., '63-64; Au. ''Doc- 
trines and Ordinances of the New Testament;" "Commentary on Hebrew r s." 

EAGER, George Boardman, 23 Wilkinson St., Montgomery, Ala. — Born, Jef- 
ferson ("o. Miss.; Stud. Oakland C, Washington and Lee U., Va. ; Miss. C, B. A., 
1871; U. Tenn., D. D., '81; How, C, Ala., D. D., '82; S. B. T. S., Ky., '76; Lie. 
Fellowship Ch., Miss. ; Ord. '72, Clinton Ch., Miss.; P. 1st Ch., Lexington, Va., 
'76-79; IstCh,, Knoxville, Tenn., 79-80; St. Frances St. Ch., Mobile, Ala., '80-87; 
1st Ch., Danville, Va., '87-89; Parker Memorial Ch., Anniston, '89-91; 1st Ch., 
Montgomery, Ala., '92-99. 

EAGLE, James P., Little Rock, Ark.— Born, Maury Co., Tenn.; Lie. 1869, 
Ord. '72, Lonoke Ch., Ark.; P. Prairie Grove, Tenn., '72-73; Lonoke, '76-77; Pleas- 
ant Hill, '80-83 ; Richwood, '74-76; Caney Creek, Tenn., '96-98; Pres. Bap. State 
Conv., '79—; Governor Ark., '89-92. 

EAGY, Oliver E., 324 Grove Ave., Galion, O. — Born, Fort Wayne, Ind. ; Tay- 
lor U., Fort Wavne, Ind.: Ord. Jan. 20, 1888, 1st Ch., Columbia Citv, Ind.; P. Co- 
lumbia Cy., '78-83 ;Ev. Work, '88-91; P. Orland, '91-82; Auburn, Ind., '82-93; Read- 
ing, Mich., '93-97; Galion, O., '97—. 

EAKIN, E. B., Edgewood, Tex.— Born, Monticello, Miss. ; Stud. Richardson H. 
Sch., Miss.; Oxford C, Miss.; Lie. Aug., 1846, Ord. Aug., '48, Union Ch., Miss.; 
Organized many churches. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 229 

EARL, John A., Waterloo, Ia.— Born, Scotland; Des M. C, la., B. A., 1892; 
A. M.,'95; Roch. T. S., N. Y.; Lie. and Ord. '87, Guthrie Center Ch., Ia. ; P. Guth- 
rie Center, '87-89; Pilot Mound and Mineral Ridge, '89-90; Pilot Mound and Peoples, 
'90-91; Peoples, la., '90-92; Greece, N. Y., '92-95; Waterloo, la., '95—. 

EARLE, Charles Clifton, 47 Harvard St., Boston, Mass. — Born, Wilmington, 
Del.; Stud. Prof. Harkness Private Acad., Del.; Cro. T. S. Pa., 1882; Lie. Delaware 
Ave. Ch.; Ord. Oct. 19. '82, Milestown Ch., Philadelphia, Pa.; P. Milestown, Phila- 
delphia, '82-84; Bridgeport, '84-88; Nicetown Ch., Philadelphia, Pa., '58-92; Harvard 
St. Ch., Boston, Mass., '92—. 

EARLE, Ernest Byron, Suncook, N. H.— Born, Kingston, N. B. ; Stud. St. John 
H. Sch., N. B.; Lie. Oct. 19, 1899, 1st Ch., Wallingsford, Conn.; Ord,' May 13, '91, 
1st Ch., West Wardsboro, Vt.; P. West Wardsboro, Jamaica, '90-95; Montpelier, 
■Vt., '95-96; Suncook, N. H., '96—. 

EARLE, Isaac Newton, Lewistown, Pa. — Born, Johnsville, Pa. ; Stud. Moore's 
Hill C, Ind. ; Den. U., O., and U. Roch., N. Y. ; Lie. 1869, 9th St. Ch., Cincinnati, 
O.; Ord. '74, Hawley Ch., Pa.; P. Hawley, '73-76; Damascus, Pa., '76-78; Wyom- 
ing, N. Y., '78-80; Detroit City, Minn., '80-81; Bethesda Ch., Philadelphia, '84; 
Berean Ch., Reading, '84-88; Brandywine, Pa., '88-91; Upper Freehold, N. J., '91-92; 
Nicetown Ch., Philadelphia, Pa., '92-93 ; Served Temple C, Pa.; Tea. Eng. Bible, 
Pa. Bible Inst. ; Ed. "Home Bible Student;" Au. "Series Biblical Charts ;" "Bird's- 
eye View of Bible;" "Life of Christ;" "Apostolic History;" "Bible History." 

EARLE, Legran, Balloon, Ark.— Born, N. C. ; Lie. 1872, Ord. '76, New Bethel 
Ch., Ark. 

EARLE, "Wilton Robinson, So. Bap. T. S., Louisville, Ky.— Born, Holland's 
Store, S. C; Stud. Anderson Military Sch.; Fur. U., S. C„ S. B. T. S., Ky.; Lie. 
June, 1893, Damascus Bap. Ch., S. C; Ord. May 6, '94, Cross Roads Bap. Ch., S. C; 
P. Poplar Springs, '94; Cross Roads, '95-96; Chestnut Hill, '96; Neal's Creek, '96; 
Abbeville, Troy, Buffalo, S. C, '97; Bushland, Ky., and Borden, Ind., '98. _ 

EARLES, Benjamin Franklin, Marley, Mo. — Born, Lawrence Co., O. ; Ord. Oct, 
1, 1896, Marley Ch., Mo.; P. Little Run, '96; Diehlstadt, Mo. 

EARLEY, Samuel, Elyria, O.— Born, Belvale, N. Y. ; Stud. Coin. U., D. C? 
Lie, Mar. 1866, Wellsburg Ch., N. Y. ; Ord. '68, Falls Church Ch., Va. ; P. Kendell 
Chapel, Washington, D. C. ; Falls Church, Va. ; Columbia, Bedford, O.: Bailey 
Creek, Sullivan State Road, Mansfield, Roseville, Pa.; Columbia, Camden and 
Lorain, O. ; S. Henrietta. Lagrange, Penfield, O. 

EARLS, J. M., Bluff Dale, Tex.— Born, Swain Co., N. C. ; Stud. H. Sch. Bry- 
son Cv., N. C; Lie. Oct. 14, 1882, Ord. Nov. 15, '84, Cold Spring Ch., N. C; P. 
Cold Spring, N. C. ; Indian Creek, Holy Spring, Antioch, Alaska, "Morganton, Min- 
eral Biuff, Hot House, Ga. ; Folds, Paluxy. Mt. Moriah, Tex. 

EARLY, Harry Stanislaw, Worden, III. — Born, Nashville, Tenn.; Lie. Feb., 
1894, Ord. Dec. 28, '95, New Hope Ch., 111.; P. Walshville, '95—; Shaws Point, 
Honey Creek, Hornsby, New Douglass, 111. — . 

EARNEST, W. B., East Lake, Ala.— Born, Toledo, Ala.; Stud. How. C, 
Ala.; Lie. June 7, 1887, and Ord. June 3, '89, Lebanon Ch., Ala.; P. Piney Grove, 
Pleasant Hill, '90-94; Sulphur Springs, Pleasant Grove, '95-98; Green Springs, Mt. 
Hebron, Ala., '98-99. 

EARP, John, St. James, Mo.— Born, Pulaski Co., Ky. ; Lie. 1868, and O d. '70, 
Zion Hill Ch., Mo.; P. Zion Hill, lOyrs.; Enon, Spring Valley, Beaver Creek, Mac- 
edonia, Mt. Calvary, Flat Grove, Philadelphia, Mt. Pleasant and Zion Hill, Mo., — . 

EASON, Frederick W., Charleston, S. C— Born, Charleston, S. C. ; Stud. H. 
Sch., Charleston, S. C, and Charleston C, S. C. ; S. B. T. S., Ky., 1874 ; Lie. Jan. '67, 
and Ord. Jan. 1, '68, Darlington Ch., S. C; P. Darlington and Newberry, 
S. C; Fayetteville and Newqerne, N. C; 2nd Ch., Portland, Ore.; 1st Ch., Creston, 
la.; 1st Ch., Lexington, Mo.; 1st Ch., Baton Rouge, La. ; 1st Ch., Pana, 111., — ; 
Chaplain Senate, La., 6 yrs. 

230 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

EASTERBROOK, Gorham, West Acton, Mass.— Born, Boston, Mass.; Wor. 
Acad., Mass.; Cg. Acad., N. Y., 1875; B. U. R. I., B. A., 79; Lie. 79, Warren 
Ave. Ch., Boston, Mass.; Ord. 79, 1st Ch., Amherst, N. H.; S. Amherst, N. H., 
79-81; Hyde Park, '81-84; Southbridge, '84-92; East Somerville. Mass. ,'92; Served 
Ann Arbor, Mich., '94; Rochdale and Leicester, Mass., '94-96; West Acton, '96 — ; 
"History of West Acton Baptist Church," etc. 

EASTES, Thomas Jefferson, Grant, Tenn.— Born, Carthage, Tenn. ; Stud. Un. 
U., Tenn.; New Middletown Inst., B. A., 1870; Lie. '67, Ord. Sept., '69, Hogan's 
Creek Ch., Tenn.; P. New Hope, '69-75; Hickman's Creek, 70-81; Bethel, '72-74; 
Mt. Zion, 74-76; Round Lick, 76-84; Salem, 17 yrs.; Shop Spring, 3 yrs.; Mace- 
donia, 10 yrs. ; Hogan's Creek, 4 yrs; Buena Vista, 17 yrs. ; Smithville, 4 yrs. ; Rome, 
3 yrs. ; Plunkett Creek, Tenn., 3 yrs. 

EASTON, Daniel G. f Lakeport, N. H— Born, Nantucket, Mass., 1844; Cg. U.: 
N. Y., B. A., 73; M. A., 76; Lie. 16th St. Ch., New York, N. Y.; Ord. 73', 
Brewster Ch., Mass. ; P. Brewster and Orange, Mass.; Valley Falls, R. I. ; North 
Stonington and Litchville, Conn.; Lakeport and Penacook, N. H.; Chaplain N. H* 
State Prison; Fin. Sec. Colby Acad., N. H., '99—. 

EASTWOOD, Thomas Midgely, Burlington, N. J.— Born, Manayunk, Phila- 
delphia, Pa.; Buck. U , Pa., B. A., 1872, M. A., 75; Cro. T. S., Pa., 74; Ord, 
June 74, 1st Ch., Wilmington, Del. ; P. 1st Ch., Wilmington, Del.; Organized Beth- 
any Ch., and P. same 2 yrs. ; P. Greenwich, 2 yrs. ; Burlington, N. J.^ 10 yrs. ; Tab- 
ernacle, Albany, N. Y., 6 yrs. ; Burlington, N. J., '99 — ; Trustee South Jersey Inst.,. 
N. J., '99-. 

EATON, Eli Marion, Levias, Ky.— Lie. 1887, Ord. '90, Union Ch., Ky. ; P. 
Cave Springs, '90-95; Pinev Creek and Emmaus, '97; Sulphur Springs, '96-99; Lola.,. 
Ky., '98. 

EATON, George "Washington, Shelbyville, Mo. — Born, Shelby Co., Mo. ; 
Stud. LaG.C. & Wm. Jewell C, Mo.; Lie. May 25, 1867, Ord. Sept. 10, 71, Black 
Creek Ch., Mo. ; S. Black, Mo. ; My. North River, Sharpsburg, Mo. 

EATON, Thomas Treadwell, Louisville, Ky. — Born, Murfreesboro, Tenn.; 
Stud. Cg. U., N. Y.; Washington and Lee U., Va., B. A., 1867, D. D., '80; So. Wn. 
U., Tenn., LL. D., '85; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. and Ord. Sept. '69, Murfreesboro 
Ch., Tenn.; P. Lebanon, 70-72; Chattanooga, Tenn., 72-75; Walnut St. Ch., Lou- 
isville, Ky., '81—; Au. "The Angels;" "Talks to Children;" "Talks on Getting 
Married;" "Wives and Husbands;" "Conscience in Missions;" "Faith of Baptists ;" 

EATON, William Henry, Norfolk, Neb.— Born, Olathe, Kan.; Stud. U. Chi- 
cago; Ot. U., Kan., B. A., 1893; M. A., '96; Lie. Sept., '87, Ord. June 17, '94, Lou- 
isburg Ch.,Kan.; Stud. P. Somerset, Kan., '92; P. Wauconda, 111., '93-95; Kau- 
kauna, Wis., '96-97; Norfork, Neb., '98—. 

EATON, Zachary Taylor, South. Greenfield, Mo. — Born, Athens, E. Tenn.; 
Stud. Pub. Schs. ; Lie. Oct. 1867, Liberty Ch., E. Tenn. ; Ord. Aug 13, 71, 2nd Ch., 
Brush Creek, Ark.; P. 2nd Ch., Brush" Creek and Smyrna, Ark.; Round Grove, 
Miller, Greenfield, So. Greenfield, Everton, Lockwood, Mo.; Detroit an5. Palopinto, 
Tex.; My. Tex., 4 yrs. ; Mod. Red River and Palopinto Asso., Tex.; Dade Co. 
Asso., Mo., 6 yrs.; Ed. "The Rustic," South Greenfield, Mo. 

EAVES, Elisha, Lenox, Mo.— Born, Henry Co., Tenn., Mar. 22, 1834; Lie. Dec. 
25, '69, O'rd. Mar.,74, New Harmony Ch., Mo.; P. Buckeye, 72-74; Monett, 72-75;. 
Dry Creek, Cedar Hill, 76-89; Valley Mine, 74-75; Little Harrow, 78-79; New 
Harmony, Round Point, New Emmaus, '87-89; Emmaus, '84-95; Midway, Mo.,. 
, 92-95; Dry Fork, New Harmonv, Pleasant Hope, New Salem, Rock Spring, '92; 
Nadine, Mo., '91-92. 

EAVES, Joseph Albert, Hollytree, Ala. — Born, Limestone, Ala.; Stud. 
Hampton Acad., Bluff Cy., Ala.; Lie. 1888, and Ord. '90.; P. Madison Station, '90; 
Concord, Tenn., '92; Mt. Nebo and Freedom, '94 — . 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 231 

EBERHARDT, Frederick William, Paris, Ky.— Born, Booneville, Mo.; Stud. 
Wm. Jewell C, Mo.; S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. B. ; Lie. 1888, 3rd Ch., St. Louis, Mo ; 
Ord. '91, Buck Run Ch., Ky; ; P. Buck Run, '91-92; Evergreen, '92; Midwav, 
'93-96; Paris, Ky., '96—. 

EBY, Moses Starr, Healdsburg, Calif. — Born, Hocking Co., O. ; Stud. Indian 
Point Sem.; Lie. 1863, Ord , '65, Bakers Prairie Ch., 111.; P. New Lebanon, '68-69; 
Mt. Zion, '70-76; Mt. Olive, 111., '70-76; West Newport, '88-91; Healdsbure;, -92-95; 
Usal, Calif , '96. 

ECCLES, Robert Kerr, Bowling Green, O. — Born, Coleraine, Londonderry, 
Ireland; Queen's U., Belfast, M. D., 1873; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '85; Lie , '74, Gran- 
bourn, Co. Antrim; Ord. '77, Dublin Ch., Ireland; A. P. Ballymena, Ire., '75-77; 
P. Dublin, Ire., '77-84; Salem, '86-96; Bowling Green, O., '98—; Ed. "Irish Baptist 

EGHOLS, Richard G., Milton, Ia.— Born, Hamilton Co., 111.; Stud. EwingC, 
111.; Lie. and Ord. 1874, Blooming Grove Ch. ; P. Middle Creek, Wayne City, 
Xenia, Salem, '88-91; Sciota, 111., '91-93; Providence, Milton, North Union, '93-97; 
Revere, Mo. — . 

ECHOLS, W. G., Dallas, Ark.— Born, Jefferson Co., Ala.; Lie. May 20, 
1878, Ord. July 20, '79, Concord Ch. ; P. Concord, Red Spring, '81 ; College Hill, 
'82; Bethel, Union Hill, Oak Grove, Pleasant Grove, '83; Bethel, Reliance, Pleasant 
Grove, Rock Hill, '84; Reliance, Martin Prairie, Fuquay Prairie, Sand Prairie, '85; 
Sand Prairie, Union Hill, '86; Sand Prairie, Bethel, Rogers Prairie, '87; My. '88; P, 
Trinity, Pleasant Grove and North Creek; My. '90 and '93; P. Bethel, '95; S. Pleas- 
ant Grove and P. '96 ; My. '96. 

ECTON, Thomas Christopher, Georgetown, Ky. — Born, Bloomingdale, Ky. ; 
Stud. G. C, Ky.— ; Lie. Sept., 1895, Ord. May, 31, '97; P. Allensville, Mason, '97—; 
Junction City, Union Citv, Stewartsville, Ky., '98 — ; S. Stewartsville Cross 
Roads, Grassy Run, Plea=ant Green, Ky.; New Richmond, O., '99. 

EDMINSTER, John, Chancellor, S. D.— Born, Cuyuga Co., N. Y., 1820; 
Stud. Ham. Lit. and Theol. Sem., '38; Lie. '40, Meridian Ch., N. Y. ; Ord. '42, Bir- 
mingham Ch., Pa.; P. White Deer, Clinton and Madison, Pa., '43-50; Peoria, Co- 
manche, la.; Stijlman, 111.; Oshkosh and Geneva Lake, Wis.; Cherokee and DeWitt, 
la., '50-80. 

EDDLEMAN, William Henry, West Lake, La.— Born, Miss.; Stud. H. Sch.; 
Lie. June, 1881, Johnson Ch., La.; Ord. Oct. '81, New Prospect Ch., La.; P. New 
Prospect, Evergreen, Sabine Pass. Prairie View, Orange, Mt. Zion, Vinton, Antioch, 
Vincent and West Lake, La. 

EDDY, Clarence James, Br ad gate, Ia.— Born, A ft on, Wis.; Stul. Lawrence 
U., Wis., and Div. Sch. U., Chicago; Ord. Nov. 19, 1893, Denmark Ch. ; P. Den- 
mark, '93-9S; Bradgate, la., '98-. 

EDDY, Homer, 1815 Fifth Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa.— Born, Big Prairie, O. ; 
Stud. Vermillion Inst., and Den. U., O.; Lie. Apr. 6, 1859, Millbrook Ch., O.; Ord. 
'61, Canaan Ch., O. ; P. Canaan, East Union, Londonville, Wauseon, Hamilton, O.; 
Fort Scott, Kan.; Alliance, O. ;. Beaver Falls, Pa. 

EDDY, William J,, 117 Fairmount Ave., Fairmount, W. Va.— Born, Cross 
Roads, W. Va. ; Edinboro State Normal Sch., Pa., B. E. D., 1888; U., W. Va., B. 
A., '93; New. T. S., Mass , '97; Lie. July 29, '90, Ord. Aug. 30, '91, Union Ch. ; P. 
Greensboro, Oak Hill, New Geneva, Pa., '91-93; S. Fairmount, W. Va., '93-96; P. 
Same, '97—. 

EDENS, James Featherstone, 380 Woodward Ave., Atlanta. Ga. — Born, Noxu- 
bee Co., Miss., July 6, 1845; Mer. U., Ga., D. D., '98; Lie. '68, Pontocola Ch., 
Miss.; Ord. Jan. 30, '70, 3rd Ch., Atlanta, Ga. ; P. South River, 5th Ch., Atlanta, 
Coving'on, County Line, Social Circle, Monroe, Cravvfordville, Union Point, Wood- 
ville and Rutledge, Ga. ; 1st Ch., Gadsen, Ala.; Field Ed. "The Christian Index," 
Atlanta, Ga., 7 yrs.; Organized 5th Ch., Atlanta and Ch. at Woodville, Ga. 

232 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

EDENFIELD, Dempsy S., Savannah, Ga.— Born, Barnwell Co., S. C; Stud. 
Mer. U., Ga., and S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. Apr. 21, 1888, Ord. Sept. 29, '89, Svlvania 
Ch., Ga.; P. Bethel, '89-91; Little Horse Creek and North Newington, '92-94; 
Pooler and Monteith, Ga., '94-96. 

EEDE, Charles William, Ballston Spa, N. Y.— Born, Kingsville, Ontario; 
Stud. Canadian Lit. Inst., Toronto U. and Roch. T. S., N. Y.; B. Un. T. S. Chi- 
cago, B. D., 1886; Lie. Apr. 6, '82, 2nd Ch., Rochester, N. Y.; Ord. July 17, '83, 
Red Wing Ch.; P. Red Wing. '83-84; S. Trinity Mission, Chicago, 111.; P. Lake 
Geneva, Wis., '86-87. 

EDGE, John Arthur, Ralph, Ga. — Born, Douglasville, Ga. ; Stud. Douglasville 
H. Sch., Ga.; Lie. Sept. 1895, Poplar Springs Ch.^Ga.; Ord. Mar. '96, County Line 
Ch., Ga.; P. Pleasant Hill, '96-99; County Line, '97-99; Beulah, Ga., '96. 

EDEN, John Frederick, Westpoint, Ga.— Born, Americus, Ga. ; Mer. U., Ga., 
JB. A., 1881; M. A.; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky.; Lie. Sept. '77, and Ord. Oct. '80, Leba- 
non, Ch., Ga.; P. Eatonton, Ga.. '82; Cairo, '83-84; Bunker Hill, 111., '81-86; Gaines- 
ville, Fla., '86-88; Hawkinsville, '88-92; Quitman, '92-96; Westpoint, Ga., '96—. 

ELGAR, Thomas, Williams Bridge, New York, N. Y. — Born, London, 
Eng. ; Stud. British and Foreign Schs. ; Lie. Sept. 1, 1887, and Ord. Dec. 17, '95, 
Fredonia Ch., N. Y. ; Ev. work especially among prisoners, since '86. 

EDGREN, John Alexis, Oakland, Calif.— Born, Sweden: Navigation Sch., 
Sweden, '59; U. Chicago, D. D., '80; Stud. Princeton T. S. and Ham. T. S., B. Un. 
T. S., Chicago, B. D., '72.; Lie. '65, Ord. 66, 1st Bap. Mariners Ch., New York, N. 
Y.; P. 2nd Ch., Stockholm, '67-68; Upsala, '68-69; Gathenburg. Sweden, '69-70; 
1st Ch., Chicago, 111., '70-72; Instructor Bethel Sem., Stockholm, '66-69;- Organized 
the Scandinavian Dept. of the B. Un. T. S., Chicago; Taught two terms in Oakland 
B. T. S. ; Au. "In Swedish Recollections," '72-78; "Burning Questions," '84; "Chris- 
tian Theology for Children," '85; "The Bible the Book of God," '90; "Laws of Bibli- 
cal Interpretation," '90; "Biblical Theologv," '90; "The Gospel According to Mat-. 
thew, Transition and Exposition," '97 ; "On the Sea of Life," '98; "A Study in 
Prophecy," '81. 

EDINGTON, John Lattermeer, Evansville, Tenn.— Bom, Knoxville, Tenn.; 
Stud. Hampton Sidney Sch., Tenn. ; Lonesis Inst., Tenn.; C-N C, Tenn., B. S., 
3897; Lie. Mar. 2, '94, 1st Ch., Mossy Creek, Tenn. ; Ord. Dec. 26, '96, Central Ch., 
Bearden, Tenn.; P. Clear Springs, Decatur, Bethsaida, Evansville, Tenn. 

EDMENSEN, Alvah Harrison, Braxton, Miss.— Born, Cain Creek, Ala., June 
14, 1836; Lie. '66, Ord. Mar. 7, '69, New Zion Ch., Miss. ; P. New Zion, Riles Creek, 
Rocky Creek, Strong River, Oak Grove, Cana, Pleasant Hi'l, Rehoboth, Gallilee, 
Gum Springs, Poplar Springs, Enon, Clear Creek, Zion Hill, Pine Grove, Miss. 

EDMONDS, Joseph S., Benton, III.— Born, Franklin Co., Va.; Stud. Acad. 
Salem, Va. ; Lie. 1887, Ord. Jan. '88, Milburn Ch., Ky. ; P. Murray, Ky. ; Dyersburg, 
Tenn.; Harrisburg, Benton, 111.; Au. "Kingdom and'Church" (Tract); "Atonement 
of Jesus Christ" (Booklet). 

EDMONSON, James Bartlett, De Witt, Ia.— Born, Winchester, 111.; Stud. 
Shurt. C, 111.; Lie. June 19, 1874, Bloomfield, Ch.. Ia. ; Ord. Sept. 19, '75, Harris- 
burg, Ch., Ia. ; P. B oomfield, Riverton, Parkersburg, Storm Lake, Vinton, Hamp- 
ton, Fremont, De Witt, la.; Au. "What Baptists Stand For;" ' Reasons Why I am 
Not a Sabbitarian ;" "Reasons Why Baptists Cannot Endorse the so-called Holmes's 

EDMONDSON, James Newton, Murphysboro, III.— Born, Eureka Springs, 
Ark. ; Stud. Clarke's Acad., Ark.; Lie. Aug. 14, 1885, and Ord. Aug, 14, '87, White 
Elm Ch., III.; P. IstCh., Berryville, '90-93; 1st Ch., Rogers, '93-94; 1st Ch., Siloam 
Springs, Ark., '94-97; 1st Ch., Murphysboro, 111., '97—. 

EDMONDSON, Matthew Buchanan, Lucile W. Va.— Born, Washington Co., 
Va., 1821; Lie. '49; Ord. '50, Bap. Ch.; P. Mt. Olive, Elizabeth, Bethesda, Mt. 
Moriah, Mt. Zion, Newark, Antioch. Two Run, Burning Spring amd Good Hope, 
W. Va. ; P. 4 Chs., at a time. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 23 3 

EDMONDSQN, Thomas F. t Green Cove, Va.— Born, Washington Co., Va.; 
Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky.; Lie. 1892, and Ord. '93, White Top Ch., Va.; P. White 
Top, '95—; Pleasant View, '96—; State Line, Va., '98-99. 

EDMUNDS, Edward Bennet, Beaver Dam, Wis.— Born, Hamilton, Wis.; Cg. 
U., N. Y., B. A., 1860; M. A., '64; Ham. T. S., N. Y., '64; Lie. '60; Ord. Aug., 
'64, HartlandCh., N. Y.; P. Avon, 111., '64-65; Baraboo, '65-66; New Lisbon, '67- 
68; Oconomowoc, '68-69; Lamartine, Wis., '76-77; My. American S. S., Union, 
'66-67; S. S., My. A. B. Pub. Society, Mich, and Wis., '69—. 

EDNEY, M. E., Toledo, Wash.— Born, Dyersburg. Tenn.; Stud. Roellen 
Acad.; Lie. and Ord. 1895; My. Bap. Ch. ; P. 1st Ch. Toledo, Wash., '95-99. 

EDRINGTON, "William L. t Pocahontas, Ark. Retired on account of age. 

EDSON, Isaac W«, Red Cloud, Neb.— Born, Butler Co., Pa.; Stud. Old U. 
Chicago; Lie. Mar., 1870, Ambov Ch., 111.; Ord. Oct., '98, Brimfield, Fishkilwa, 
Charles City, 111.; Boone and Red'Oak, la. ; Red Cloud, Neb.—. 

EDWARD, Bombay, VaBeach, Va. — Born, Cwincynghordy, Brecknockshire, 
1836; Stud. Sem. Pomypool, '54-58; Began Preaching at 17 yrs. of age; Stud. Pen- 
rhos, Cwinmera, Ponty-pridd, Tredegar, Newport, Cardiff, Merthyr, Aberdar, '58-62; 
Crucomey Llanfihangel, '62-72 ; Monuhyr, Benaras, Allahabad, Bombay, Maulmin, 
Ranyoon, Ak. yab, '72-84; In England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Canada and U. S., 
'84-99; Ev. Toko, Yokohama, China,; Singapore, Penang, Mergin, Maulmein, 
Ranyoon, Akyab, Burma to Port Laird and Palestine, Palestine, Austria, Italy, 
Switzerland, France, Old Eng. and America, Organized Herefordshire Bap. Asso., 
Swiss Harro'd Bombay and Akyab Chs. 

EDWARDS, Alexander C, Moore's Hill, Ind,— Born, Brown Co., O., 1828; 
Lie. June, '54, Middle ForkCh., Ind.; Ord. '58, Paxton Ch., Ind.; P. Amo, Fairland, 
Mt. Pleasant, Ind., Mt. Ayre, Bloomfield, Sigourney, la.; Clayton, 111.; Moore's 
Hill, Ind. 

ED WARDS, Peter H., 610 Van Buren St., Fostoria, O— Born, Hamburgh, 
S. C, Sept. 11, 1852; S'ud. Cincinnati, Gallipolis, O., and Wayland T. S., Washing- 
ton^ C; Lie. '69; Ord. Aug. 15, '75, Paint Creek Ch., Gallipolis, O. ; P. Paint 
Creek, Laodicra, Pt. Pleasant, W. Va., '84; Pleasant, Fairview, Pleasant Ridge; S. 
Salem, N. J., '89; Catskill, N. Y., '88; Middleport, O., '92; Providence, '84; Buffalo, 
W. Va.; Fostoria, O., '95—. 

EDWARDS, Charles Henry, Athens, Ga.— Born, Oglethorpe Co., Ga. ; U. Ga.i 

B. A., 18S0; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. '80; Ord. '90, Crawford Ch., Ga.; P. 
Center Hill, Macedonia, New Pleasant Grove, Ga. 

EDWARDS, Charles Vernon, N. Y. Hall, Louisville, Ky.— Born, Franklin, 
Ky. ; Beth. C, Ky., B. A., 1896; Lie. Aug. '92, Sulphur Springs Ch.; Ord. Apr., 
'94, Middletown, Ky. ; P. Middletown, Ky , '94-96; Lebanon and Springfield, Tenn., 
'95-97; Central City, Ky., '97; Livermore, Ky., '97-98. 

EDWARDS. DanielS., Hanson, Ky.— Born, Vanderburg, Ky. ; Stud. Vanhorn 
Inst., Ky.; Lie. Feb., Ord. July, 1880. Harmony Ch., Ky, ; P. Several different Chs. 

EDWARDS, David D., Durham, N. C— Born, Morrisville, N. C; Stud. Mor- 
risvihe Acad., N. C; Lie. 1877; Ord. '81, Morrisville Ch., N. C; S. Mt. Carmel, 
N.C.,'79; P. Reedy Creek '82-89; Mt. Gilead, '91-92; Pleasant Hill, '91-93; Mt. 
Hermon, N. C, '91-93; S. Many Oaks, N. C, '95; P. Midway, '82; Mt. Zion, '96- 
98; Good Hope, N.C., '90-94. 

EDWARDS, Ebenezer, 636 Tilghman St., Allentown, Pa.— Born, Derbvshire, 
N. Wales. ; Stud. Bap. C, S. Wales, Cg. U., N. Y., and Ham. T. S., N. Y. ; Ord. 1848, 
Penbroke Ch., S. Wales; P. Minersville, Pa. 

EDWARDS, Eugene Jonathan, Louisiana, Mo.— Born, Pike Co., Mo. ; Stud. Pike 

C, Mo.; Wm. Jewell C, Mo., B. A., 1898; Lie. Aug. 17, '94, and Ord. Aug. 9, '98, 
Noix Creek Ch., Mo.; S. Stewartsville, Mo. 

234 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

EDWARDS, Ezra S., Lorimor, Ia.— Born, Worthington, Mass.: Stud. Norwalk 
and Ob. C, O. ; Lie. Apr. 1855, Clarksneld Ch., O.; Ord, Oct. '58, Green Mountain 
Ch., Ia.; P. Toledo, Green Mountain, '58; Cedar Creek, la., '59-61; S. Toledo, la., 
'62-68; P. Rogers Grove, Mount Vernon, Mecbanicsville, '69; Rogers Grove, la., 
'70-76; Blue Valley, Neb., '78-83; Lorimor, la., '96-98. 

EDWARDS, Franklin Galhoun, Citroxelle, Fla.— Born Crystal River, Fla. ; 
Tohn B. Stetson U., Fla. ; B. A., 1899; Chicago U., B. A. ; Lie. Jan. 7, ! 90, Red Level 
Ch., Fla.; Ord. Aug. 24, "93, Ocala Ch., Fla.; S. Red Level, Fla., May-Oct., '93-95; 
P. Red Level, Atsena, Otie, Parkersburg, Fla., '95-96; S. Citra, Fla., June-Sept. '96 ; 
My. Hamasassa and Crystal River, Fla., Mav-Oct., '93; Pres. Y. M. C. A., John B. 
Stetson U., Fla., '97-98; Ed. College Journal, "Ste'son Collegiate," '97-98. 

EDWARDS, Howard Mell, Athens, Ga.— Born, Oglethorpe Co., Ga. ; Philadel- 
phia C. of Pharmacy, Pa., 1882; Memphis Hospital Med. C.,'85; O d. Jan., '97, Mars 
Hill Ch., Ga. ; P. Mars Hill, New Hope, Pleasant Grove, Corinth, Ga. 

EDWARDS, James Newton, Richmond, Ky.— Born, Monroe Co., 111.; Stud. 
Atoka Bap. Acad., Mo., and S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. May, 1890, and Ord. Sept., '91, 
Atoka Ch., Mo.; P. Coalgate, I. T. ; Oakdale Ch., So. Louisville, Franklin St. Ch., 
Louisville, Republican Ch., Ky. 

EDWARDS, James Romulus, 88 E.Maix St., Norwich, N. Y.— Born Siler City, 
N.C.; Stud. Mt. Vernon Springs, Acad., N. C, and W. F. C, N. C; Cg. U., N. 
Y., B. A., 1894; Ham. T. S., N. Y., B. D., '97; Lie. Aug. 10, '90, Moon's Chapel, 
Siler Citv, N. C; Ord. Sept. 9, '97, Calvary Ch., Norwich, N. Y.; S. Georgetown, 
'93-94; Smyrna, '94-96; Whitesboro, Apr., "'96; Waterville. N. Y., '96-97; P. Calvary 
Ch., Norwich, N. Y., '97—. 

EDWARDS, James Wallace, Parks ville, Kv.— Born, Danville, Ky.; Stud. Pe- 
tersburg, Milledgeville and Parksville Schs , Kv. ; Lie. 1886, Clem's Chapel, Ky. ; 
Ord. Oct. 23. '87. Bethel Ch., Ky. ; P. Friendship, '89—; Salem, '94-99; North Roll- 
ing Fork, '93-94; Piedmont, '92—; Clem's Chapel, Ky., '96-97. 

EDWARDS, Jesse Hartwell, Blacksburg, Va.— Born, Society Hill, S. C; 
Coin. U., D. C, M. A., 1873; S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. G., '78; Lie. '71, Ord. '76, 
Welsh Neck Ch., S. C. ; P. Rock Hill, Harmony, Catawba, S. C, '78-83; Oxford, 
Miss., '83-89; Cheraw, Chesterfield, S. C, '89-91; Goldsboro, '91-93; Fayettville, N. 
C, '93-95; Blacksburg, Fairview and North Fork, Va., '96 — ; A. Prof. Latin, Greek 
and Ancient History, Coin. U., D. C, '73-75; A. Fin. Sec, Bap. Female U., Ra- 
leigh, N. C, '95-96.' 

EDWARDS, J* J., Faixville, Ky.— Born, Lee Co., Va., Dec. 30, 1824; Lie. 
June 2, '48, Ord. *50, New Hope Ch., Va. ; P. 30 Chs. 

EDWARDS, Joab, Leesville, S. C— Born, Mt. Willing, S. C, 1847; Stud. S. 

B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. '69 and Ord. Aug. 9, '73 Sardis Ch., S. C. ; P. Sardis, Salem and 
West Creek, '74-78; Leesviile and Samaria '83-89; Convert, '85-87; Bethlehem, S. 

C, '87-88; My. and Colp. Ridge Asso., and P. Wards, S. C, '89; Leesville, '91-92; 
Mt. Ebol and Red Bank, '91-94; Oak Grove and Pine Grove, S. C, '97-98; Sec. Lees- 
ville C. , S. C, '91—; Cor. Sec. Suther Rice Memorial Sch. 

EDWARDS, John H., Exeter, R. I.— Born, West Greenwich, R. I.; Stud. 
Greenwich Acad, and Conn. Lit. Inst. ; Lie. Sept. 1869, Ord. Mar., 72, Warwick and 
East Greenwich Ch. f P. Warwick and East Greenwich, '72-79; My. Colp., R. I. 
Bap. State Conv., '79.81; P. Exeter, '81-93; l>t Ch., Exeter, R. I., '94-98. 

EDWARDS, John R., Anthony, Kan.- Born, Mitchell, Ind.; Frank. C, Ind., 
M. A., 1877; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, B. D., '80; Lie. '76, Mitchell Ch., Ind. ; Ord. '80, 
Warsaw Ch., Ind.; P. Warsaw, Ind., '80-84; Anthony, Kan., '84—. 

EDWARDS, John R., Needmore, N. C— Born, Needmore, N. C; Lie. 1860, 
Ord. '68, Brush Creek Ch. ; P. Naulahale, '90-96; Brvar Town, '88-90; Mt. Zion, 

EDWARDS, John Rodden, Rustox, La.— Born, Hinds Co.. Miss.; Stud. Miss. 
C. ; Mt. Lebanon, C, D. D., 1898; Lie. July '75, Antioch Ch. ; Ord. July, '78, Shiloh 
Ch., La.; P. Downsville, La., 10 yrs. ; Antioch, Miss., 1 yr. ; Fellowship, 6 yrs. ; 
Ruston, 9 yrs. ; Simsboro, La., 6 yrs. ; Asso. Ed. "Baptist Chronicle," 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 235 

EDWARDS, Jonn W., Linwood, Ga. — Retired from active work. 

EDWARDS, Leland Vivian, La Grange, Mo.— Born, Elsberry, Mo.; La G. C, 
Mo,, B. S., 1892; S. B. T. S., Kg., Th. G., '95; Lie. and Ord., Oak Ridge Ch., Mo.; 
P. Nelsonville, '96-99; Luray, '96-98; New Prospect and Mt. Olivet, '96—; Oak 
Ridge, '98—; Ten Mile, Mo, '99—. 

EDWARDS, O. T., Mt. Vernon Springs, N. C. — Born, Moon's Chapel, N. 
C; Stud. Sylvan Acad., W. F. C, N. C, and S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. 1875, Ord. '80, 
Moon's Chapel Ch. ; P. Love's Creek, 18 yrs. ; Athens Ch., Moon's Chapel, Rocky 
River, Bear Creek, Brush Creek, Gunn Springs, Cane Creek and Moore's Chapel, 

N. C. 

EDWARDS, Richard, Farnham, Va- Born, Berlin, Va.; Stud. Windsor Acad, 
and R. C, Va.; Cro. T. S., Pa., 1892; Lie. Sept. 14, '89, Ord. June 18, '92, Millfield 
Ch., Va. ; P. Farnham and Jerusalem, Va., '92 — . 

EDWARDS, Sidney R, Unionville, N. Y.— Born, Millburn, N. J.; Lie. 1878, 
and Ord. Nov., "90, 5th Ch., Newark, N. J.; P. Bloomingdale, '92-96; Mt. Salem, N. 
J., 3 yrs.-. 

EDWARDS, Strippie Hill Gamp, College Hill, Ark. — Born, Oglethorpe Co., 
Ga.; Lie. 1854, Bethel Ch., Ga. ; Ord. '62, Antioch Ch., Ark. ; P. Providence, '62; 
Shiloh,'63; Rocky Mound, '68; Pleasant Grove, Mars Hill, Forest Grove, '68 ; New 
Bethel, '74; Beech Creek and Shiloh, Ark., '76. 

EDWARDS, Thomas Alpheus, Lewisburg, Pa.— Born, Westmoreland, N. Y.; 
Allegheny C, Pa., B. A. and M. A.; Stud. U. Chicago; Lie. June, 1870, Attica Ch., 
N. Y.; Ord. Oct. '76, Towanda Ch., Pa.; S. Bethanv Center and Reading Center, 
N. Y.; P. Towanda, Pa., '76-77; Groton, N. Y., '77-31; Union City, Pa., '81-82; 
Prin. Union City, Pa., 8chs., '81-90; Hall Inst., Pa., '90-93 ; Buck. Acad., Pa , '94—. 

EDWARDS, Thomas George, Blanco, Tex.— Born, En s .; Stud. London Train- 
ing C, Eng.; Med. C, Pa., M. D., 1859; Stud. Theol. privately; Lie. '62, Ander- 
son Ch., Tex. ; Ord. '93, Blanco Ch., Tex.; S. Martin's Prairie, Navasota, Blanco, 
Tex.; Girard C, Pa., '57-58. 

EDWARDS, Thomas H., Williston, S. C— Born, Darlington, S. C; Stud. 
Patrick Military Inst., S. C. ; S. C. C. ; Lie. 1884, and Ord. '89, Florence Ch., S. C. ; 
P. Mizpah, Maysville, Wedgefield, Congares, Ea^tover, S. C. ; S. Darlington, S. C; 
P. Williston, S. C.,— . 

EDWARDS, Thomas Jefferson, 401 Johnston Ave., Connellsville, Pa. — 
Born, Scranton, Pa.; Stud. Dennison and Hall Inst. ; Lie. Aug. 11, 1890, Trinity 
Ch., Cleveland, O.; Ord. May 9, '93, Girardville Ch., Pa.; P. Girardville, Oakmont, 
Sharpsburg, Connellsville, Pa. 

EDWARDS, William, 12 Utica Ave., Borough of Brooklyn, N. Y.— Born, 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 14, 1S68 ; Lincoln U., '96; Lie. Dec. 27, '93, Ord. May 4, '97, 
Concord Bap. Ch., of Christ, Brooklyn, N. Y. ; P. St. Phillips Ch., Port Richmond, 
L. I., '96-98; Gen. My. and Field Sec, Brooklyn, N. Y., '98-99. 

EDWARDS, William Henry, Durham, N. C— Born, Morrisville, N. C; Stud. 
Morrisville Acad., W. F. C, N. C ; Lie. 1883, Ord. '84, Morrisville Ch., N. C; P. 
Mt. Hermon, '84-88; Mt. Zion,'84; M id wav, '84-88 ; Rock Springs, '85-96; Bethel, 
'86-88; Morrisville, '88-93; Mt. Gilead, '93-98; Many Oakes, N. C, '94-97; Ed. 
"Rose of Sharon," '98-99. 

EGGLESTON, Vernon Legrand, Andover, N. Y.— Born, Treadwell, N. Y.; 
Stud. Cg. U., N. Y., Chicago, Law Sch., Ham. T. S., N. Y. ; Lie. Dec 26, 1888, 1st 
Ch., Oneonta, N. Y.; Ord. May 24, '93, 1st Ch., New Berlin, N. Y.; S. West 
Oneonta, N. Y., '90-91; P. New Berlin, '91-94; Bath-on-Hudson, '94-96; Andover, 
N. Y., '96—. 

EHLE, Archibald L, Centre White Creek, N. Y. — Born, Johnstown, N. Y.; 
Stud. Johnstown Un. Sch., N. Y.; Ham. T. S., N. Y., 1893; Lie. May, '90, Ord. 
June, '93, Johnstown Ch., N. Y.; S. Barnes Corners, '91; Philadelphia," '92; White 
Creek, N. Y., '93-98. 

236 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

EHRHARDT, Christian Adam, Darien. Wis.— Born. Pekin. 111., 1873; Ord. 
Aug. 23, '98, Manawa Ch. s Wis.: S. Manawa, Wis.. June-Oct. '98: P. Darien, Wis., 


EHRGOTT, Albert, 335 Limestone St.. Springfield, 0. — Born. Cincinnati, 
O.; Stud. U. Roch., N. Y.: Roch.T. S.. X. Y., 1895; Lie. Feb. 21, "90, Ninth St. 
Ch., Cincinnati, O. : Ord. June 13. '95, Conneaut Ch..O.: P. 1st Ch.. 'Conneaut, 
-'95-98; Blessed Hope Ch., Springfield. O., '98—. 

EIDSON, John William, Martin. La.— Born, Green Co.. Ga., Feb. 8. 1832: Lie. 
'66, Ord. '68, New Friendship Ch., La. ; P. Crystal Spring. La., 12 yrs. : Union Ch., 
La.; Providence, Colebit Springs, Ark.; Evergreen, Mt. Prairie, La. 

EILAND, Randolph George Mason, Munday, Tex. — Bom. Crawford. Ala. : Lie. 
1877, Ebenezer Ch., Tex.: Ord. Apr.. '85, Roanoke Ch., Tex. ; S. Argyle, '81-83: P. 
Alton, -"S3-S5; Shiloh, -'87-88: Big Yallev. "87-89 : Union and Drop7'8S-89 : Shadv 
Grove, '90-93: White Flats, "90-94: Red Springs. '91-93: Haskell, '95: White 
Flats, -'96-99. 

E1SENMENGER, John, Warrensville, Pa. — Born. Sindrineen. German v; 
Stud. Roch.T. S., X. Y.; Ord. 1S66, Germ. Ch., Erie, Pa.: P. Germ. Ch.. Erie, 
'65-68; Germ. Ch., Hanover, and Brant, '68-75: Warrenville. Hepburn. Fairfield 
and Rosevalley. Pa.. 75-87 and '92—: Rosevalley, Pa., "87-92. 

EK, Nils, Waterbury. Conn. — Born, Sweden: Bethel T. S., Stockholm, 
Sweden, 1880: Ord. Oct. 17. -'89, Clav Center Ch.. Kan.: P. Karlstadt. '30-83: Mal- 
mo, Sweden, '83-87; Clav Center. Kan., '89-90: Lake View Ch., Chicago, 111.. '90-92: 
Hartford, Conn., -"93-99." 

EKLUND, Alfred, 1306 Washington St., La Porte, Ind.— Born, Sweden, 
Europe; Ord. Mar. 1885. Gunillbo Ch., Sweden: P. Gunillbo. Sweden. '85-93: Bata- 
via, 111., '93-98: La Porte, Ind , "98—. 

EKELUND, Lewis, Ortonville, Minn.— Born. Sweden: Stud. B. Un. T. S., 
Chicago; Ord. Oct. 16, 1888, Clear Lake Ch., Minn.: P. Delano, '88: Clear Lake, 
'"88-90"; Lathrop. "91-93: Big Stone, Minn.. "93-97: My. Work. 

EKMAN, Andrew P., 137-141 E. 55th St., New York, N. Y — Born, Upland, 
Sweden: B. Un. T. S.. Chicago, 1S78 ; Lie. Sept. 75, Tremont Temple, Boston, 
Mass.: Ord. Tan. 31, '79, Swedish Ch., Grove City, Minn.: P. Grove City, Minn., 
79-82: Gen. My. of Sweedish Gen. Conf. and Am. Bap. H. M. Soc. to Swedish Peo- 
ple in U. S. and Can.. -"82-84: P. Stromsburg, Neb., '84-88: 1st Swedish Ch., New 
York City, Nov. 1. "8S— . 

ELAM, Philip R„ Kings Mountain. N. C— Born. Rutherford Co.. X. C: Lie. 
Sept. 16, 1854. and Ord. Oct. 16, "58, New Bethel Ch., N. C. : P. New Bethel, N. C. : 
Unton, Enon, S. C. : Belmont, Salem, Hickory Grove, Corinth, N. C. : Antioch, Prov- 
idence, Mt. Perin, S. C; Sandv Plains, Camp's Creek, Bethlehem, New Hope, 
Pleasant Hill, N. C. 

ELAND, Thomas L., Blanchard, Pa. — Born, Newcastle on Tvne, Eng. ; Stud. 
Wharfedale, Eng.: Ord. July, 1894. Tvrone Ch., Pa.: P. Unionville, ? 93-96: Libertv, 
Pa., "96—. 

ELDER. John Franklin, Quanah, Tex. —Born, Athens, Tenn.; Stud. C, N. C, 
Tenn. and S. B. T. S., Kv.: Lie. May 20, 1877 and Ord. June 13, '79: P. Grand 
Prairie 4 yrs.: Alvord and Bowie, "'85-89: Quanah, Tex., '90—; ''Name Chris- 

ELDER, Joseph Freeman, Albany, N. Y— Born, Portland, Me. ; Colby U., Me., 
B. A., 1860: Cg. U., N. Y.. D.D..'75; Lie. '61, Free St. Bap. Ch., Portland, Me.; 
Ord. Mav 1. '67, North Ch., Orange, N. T..: P. North Orange, N. J., -'67-70; 
Epiphany Ch., New York City, '70-90: Calvary Ch., Albany, N. Y., '90—. 

ELDREDGE, George Edwin, Oceanside, Calif. — Born, Warsaw, O.: U. Roch. 
N. Y.. B. S., 1876: Stud. U. Chicago, and Roch.T. S., N. Y.: Lie. Nov. 16, -'74, 
Knoxville Ch., la.: Ord. Feb. 26, '79, 1st Ch.. Marengo, la.: P. '79-80: Dublin, la., 
'81-83: Raritan. 111., 2U yrs.; Powav, "91-92: Oceanside, Calif., "93-94. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 237 

ELDREDGE, Peter Webster, Dumas, Tex.— Born, Pilopinta, Tex., Nov. 17, 1860; 
Stud. Bay. U., Tex., 3 yrs. ; Lie. '80, Cottonwood Ch., Tex.; Ord. Sept. 28, '89, 
China Springs Ch. ; P. China Springs, '88-91 ; Flat Rock, Tex., '90-91; My. to Ind. 
Ter.,*'91-96 ; During that time P. Enterprise, Briaitown, Blaine, Cowlington, Wister, 
Maxey and Talihina, Ind. Ter. ; My. to the Upper Panhandle, Tex., '96—; My. P. 
Washburn and other Chs. 

ELDRIDGE, William H., West Conshohocken, Pa.— Born, Philadelphia, Pa.; 
Stud. Buck. U., and Cro. T. S., Pa. ; L'c. Oct. 5, 1870, 1st Ch., West Chester, Pa. ; 
Ord. Oct. 11, 77, Broad St., Ch., Philadelphia, Pa.; P. Philipsburg, Pa, '77-79; 
S.Clarion, '80; Fifth Ave. Ch., Pittsburg and Bloomsburg, Pa., '80; P. Milford, 
Pa., '81-82; Manahawkin, N. J., '83-85; Warren Centre, '85-90; Beakleysville Ch., 
East Stroudsburg, '90-92; 1st Ch., Lebanon, '91-95; Balligomingo Ch., W. Consho- 
hocken, Pa., '95 — . 

ELDRIDGE, Burroughs, Hatboro, Pa.— Born, Camden, Co., N. J.; S. J. Inst,, 
N. J., 1886; Cg. U., N. Y., B. S. '90; Cro. T. S., Pa.," '95; L'c. Apr. 23, '84, 1st. 
Ch., Woodbury, N. J. '84 ; Ord. Dec. 22, '91, Hammonton Ch., N. J. ; S. Unadilla, N. 
Y., '88-90; P. Hammonton, N. J., '91-94; Hatboro, Pa., '95—. 

ELDRIDGE, C. Leavens, Preston, Conn.— Born, Hoosick Falls, N. Y. ; Lay 
C.,Mass.; Lie. Sept. 13, 1896, Hoosick Falls Ch., N. Y. ; Ord. Apr. 14, '97, 1st. 
Bap. Ch., Preston Conn.; S. Valley Falls, N. Y.; P. Preston, Conn., '96—. 

ELDRIDGE, Charles D*, Port Huron, Mich.— Born, Eng. ; Stud. Moody's 
Inst., Chicago, 111.; B. Un. T. S., Chicago ; Lie. Dec. 21, 1891, Clinton Ave. Ch., 
Detroit, Mich.; Ord. Mav 24, '92,1st Ch., St. Louis, Mich.; P. 1st Ch., St. Louis, 
'92-95; Cass City, '95-97; Bap. Missions, Port Huron, Mich., '97—. 

ELDRIDGE, Horace P., Coldwater, Mich. — Born, Johnsburg, N. Y.; Gran- 
ville Acad., N. Y. ; Lie. Mav, 1868, Nap >leon Ch., Mich. ; Ord. Aug. 24, '70, Medina 
Ch., Mich.; P. Medina, 70-78; North Adams '78-79; Northville, '79-84; Ovid, 
Mich., '81-89; S. Shepherdville, Mich., '89; P. Bellwin, Mich., '89-91; Retired. 

ELDRIDGE, Jacob N., Morristown, Tenn — Born, Cape May Co., N. J. ; Lie. 
Mar., Ord. Nov. 18,1876, Maynardsville Ch , Tenn.; P. Alder Springs, Tenn., '78- 
81; Cedar Grove, '80-8J ; Union, 83-85; Maynardsville, '84-85; Little Svcamore, '85 ; 
Cedar Ford, '84; Central, Tenn., '86-88, '92-99; Fancy Creek and Parallel, '87, '89- 
90; Green, Kan., '89-90; Adriel, Tenn., '92—. 

ELDRIDGE, James Richard, Rich Hill, Mo.— Born. Benton Co., Mo.; Stud. 
Wm. Jewell C, Mo.; Lie. Apr., 1889, Ord. Jan. 25, '91, Union Ch., No. 3, Mo.; P. 
Pleasant Hill, 2 yrs. ; Union No. 3, 3 yrs. ; Richwood, 2 yrs. ; Spring Grove, 2 yrs. ; 
Mt. Pleasant, 4 yrs.; Camp Branch, 3 yrs.; 1st Ch., Rich Hill, 2 yrs.; New Hope, 
3 jrs. ; Fairview, 1 vr. ; Salem and Archie, Mo. — . 

ELGIN, William, Akron, N. Y.— Born, Claysville, Ind.; Frank. C, Ind., D. 
D., 1884; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '68; Lie. '58, Lost River Ch., Ind.; Ord. '63, South- 
pon Ch., Ind.; P. South S*. Ch., Indianapolis, Ind., '69-71; Kn nvlesville, '71-73 ; 
Emmanuel and Dearborn St. Ch., Buffalo, N. Y., '73-76; E. Toledo, O., 76-77; 
North Parna, '84-88; Akron, N. Y., '89-99; Cor. Sec, N. Y. Bap. Un. Mis. Ed. 
Soc, '78-82; Cor. Sec. Ind. Bap. State Conv., '82-84. 

ELEY, Alfred M., Niles, O.— Born, Mariposa, Can.; Stud. H. Sch., Omemee, 
Ontario, Can.; Ord. Apr. 21, 1878, Howick Ch., O. ; P. Howick, '77-79; Palmerson, 
O., 1 yr.; Stayner, Ontario, '81-82; Streetsboro, '82-87; Bethanv, 3 yrs.; Niles, 
O., '90—. 

ELEY, Micajah Norfleete, Union Springs, Ala. — Born, Franklin Co., N. C; 
Lie. 1847, Ord. Jan. '52, Elam Ch., Ala.; P. Elizabeth, '52-55; Fairview, '53-62; 
Indian Creek, Ala., '53-87, except 3 years during Civil War; Mt. Z ; on, '68-88; Union 
Springs, '43-45; Liberty, '67; Aberfoil, Ala., 5 yrs. 

ELJENHOLM, Peter, Center St., Warren, Pa. — Born, Wingaker, Soderma- 
land, Sweden; Bethel Sem., Sweden, 1884; Lie. '77, Bap. Ch., Sweden; Ord. June, 
'84, Motala Ch., Sweden; P. Motala, Katrinehohn, Sweden ; Swed. Ch., Brooklyn, 
N. Y.; Swed. Ch., New Britain, Conn.; Swed. Ch., Jamestown, N. Y.; Swed. Ch , 
Warren, Pa.—. 

23S The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

ELKIN, Thomas J., Xortox, Kan. — Born, New Yoik, N. Y.: Stud. North 
III. U.: L ; c. Nov. 14, 1895, Emporia Ch., Kan.: Ord. M?y 14, "96, G%p«um Citv Ch , 
Kan.: P. Gypsum Citv, Kan., '96-97: Ev. '97-98: P. Norton. Kan. ,''98—: Associa- 
tional My. of Oberlin Asso. 

ELKINS, Daniel Walker, Lockesburg. Ark.— Bom. Osceola, Mo. : Lie. May 17, 
1895, Union Ch.. Ark.: Ord. Oct. 14, '97. Red Colony Ch., Ark.- P. Mt. Carmel, 

'9S: State Line, '98: Pleasant Hill. Ark., "99: S. Pleasant Hill. Ark., '96. 

ELLER, David, McCool Junction, Neb. — Born. Fairfield, la,: Lie. Tune 2, 
1886, Long Pine Ch., Neb.; Ord. Tune 5. '87. Pleasant Prairie Ch.. Xeb.; P. Pleasant 
Prairie, -'87-89: Basset, '87-88: 1st Ch., Long Pine. "87-88: Glenville, Xeb.. '90-93. 
3^ time;"S. Geneva, 6 mos., '96: Salem, Xeb., '97-98, % time; P. McCool Junction, 
Neb., -'91—. 

ELLER, John Fielden, Sweet Water. X. C— Born, Horse Creek, X. C: Lie. 
1881, Sugar Grove Ch. ; Ord. '89. Union Ch. : P. Cool Springs. Brushy Fork. Mr. 
Gilead, Union, Poplar Grove. Howard's Creek, Forest .Grove, Beaver Dam, Sugar 
Grove. Watauga. 

ELLERTHORPE, William, Amadore. Mich.— Born. Rowcliff, Yorkshire, Eng, ; 
Ord. Nov. 1. 1888, Worth Ch., Mich.: P. Worth, '88-93; Applegate, •' 90-92. 94-96 ; 
Speaker and Speaker Branch, '95-96: Laurel and Watertown, '96 T North Street, '97- 
99: Gardendale, Mich., '98. 

ELLEY, Edward George, Dixie, Mo.— Born, Culpeper Co., Va., 1827: Lie. '81, 
Oak Grove Ch., Mo.: Ord. '82, High Hill Ch.. Mo. : P. High Hill, Mo., '82-83. ' 

ELLINGTON, John Winfrey, Harlem, Ga.— Born, Crawford, Ga. : Mer. U., 
Ga., B. A., 1858: M. A.. '84: Lie. 58. Raytown Ch.. Ga. ; Ord. '62, Powelton Ch., 
Ga. ; P. Powelton, Mt. Zion, Horeb, Elim, Norwood. New Providence. Pine Grove, 
Marshall, Mt. Tabor, Ga. 

ELLIOTT, Benjamin Franklin. 1116 Arch St., Athens, Ga. — Born, Eaton- 
ton, Ga. ; Stud. Eatonton Acad, and Inst., Ga. : Lie. 1876. Crawford Ch., Ga.; Ord. 
'80, Oconee Ch., Ga.; P. Crawford, '81-83; Oconee, '84-86: Athens, Ga., '87-93: 
Ev. '93—. 

ELLIOTT, Charles G., Meridian, Miss.— Born. Green Co., Ala.: How. C, 
Ala., M. A., 1889; S. B. T. S., Kv.,Th.M. ; Lie. Sept., "86, SelmaCh., Ala.; Ord, 
July 19, '91, Calvarv Ch., Meridian, Miss. : S. South Side, Ch., Birminghhm, Tune- 
Oct. 1, '88: Bethel and Beulah. Ala., June-Oct. '89: So. Pittsburg, Tenn., June-Oct. 
'90; Calvarv Ch., Meridian, Miss., June-Oct. '91: P. Covington, Tenn., '92-93: 41st 
Ave., Ch., Meridian, '93-94: Immanuel Ch., Meridian, Miss., '"94 — ; Concord Ch., 
Yantley, Ala., '95—; Estabuchie, N. Y., '97—. 

ELLIOTT, Felix, Kingwood, W. Va.— Born, Kingwood, W. Va., Aug. 16, 
1820; Stud. Branchville Acad , W. Va. : Lie. '59, Ord. '60. Boothsville Ch., W. Va. : 
P. West Fork, '60-61: Cheat River, Independence, Little Sandy, '61: Little Sandv, 
Independence, '68-69: Kingwood, W. Va., '93—. 

ELLIOTT, Joel H., Tandy, I. T.— Born, Iroquoise Co., 111.: Lie. Tan. % 1887, 
1st Ch., Lowerv Citv, Mo. : Ord. May 8, '93, 1st Ch., McAlester, I. T. ; My. 3 yrs. ; 

P. Buffalo Creek, I. T., 4 yrs.—. 

ELLIOTT, Judson A,, 36 Be al Building. Kansas Citv. Mo.— Born, Hamilton 
Co., O. ; S. W. Bap. C, Mo., B. S , 1883, and M. S. : Stud. B. Un. T. S., Chicago, S. 

B. T. S., Kv.; Lie. '79, Ord. May, 'SO, Mt. ZionCh., Kan.: P. Deer Park, Oquawka 
and Rozette, 111. ; S. Monticello. 111.: Stud. P. Jeffersonville, Ind. : P. Lone Jack, 
Pleasant Yallev. William Jewell Ch.. Kansas Citv. Mo.: Financial Agt. So. W.'Bap. 

C, Mo., '84. " ' 

ELLIOTT, William, West Chester, Ia.— Born. Adams Co., O. : Stud, private- 
lv; Lie. Mar. 17, 1839, Cvnthiana Ch.. O.: Ord. Oct. 42, Rochester Ch., Ia. : P. 
Washington, '45: Brighton* '49: Glasgow, la., '52: Ev. P.. Fairfield. Ia.. '52: P. 2nd 
Ch., Pella, '58: Cherry Grave, la.. '61: Ev. and My. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 239 

ELLIOTT, Seborn B., Ravenna, Neb.— Born, Vigo Co., Ind.; Lie. 1866 and 
Ord. '67, Good Hope CV$ P. Neb. 

ELLIOTT, William Andersun, Newton, Kan.— Born, Effingham Co., 111.; S'ud. 
Ot. U , Kan. and U. Chicago; Grad ; S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. Sept., 1891, Ottawa Ch., 
Kan.; Ord. Apr., '93, Argentine Ch., Kan.; S. Hayes City, Kan., '92; P. Argentine, 
'92-96; Newton, Kan., '97—. 

ELLIOTT, William Jackson, 4 Hanner St., Montgomery, Ala.— Born, Vin- 
cent, Ala., Sept. 15, 1860; Stud. Harpersville H. Sen., and How. C, Ala.; S. B. T. 
S., Ky., '86 ; Lie. Nov. ; Ord. June 6, '83, Harpersville Ch., Ala. ; A. Prof. Elocution 
in How. C, Ala., '83-84; P. Brierfield, '86-87; Pine Apple, '87-91; Lowndesboro, 
Ala., '91— ; Wetumpka, Ala.— . 

ELLIS, Benjamin Henry, Gregory, Mich.— Born, Himrod, N. Y.; Stud. Hill. 
C, Mich.; Hill. T. S., Mich., 1898; Lie. '89, Free Bap. Ch.; Ord. Mar. 5, '93, 1st 
Free Bap. Ch., Alexander, O., and Feb. 14, '95, Bap. Ch., North Adams, Mich.; P. 
1st and 3rd Ch., Alexander, Lodi, Albany, _and Burlingham, O., Free Bap., '92-93; 
Bap. Ch., North Adams, '95-97; Gregory, Mich., '97—. 

ELLIS, Charles Haigh, Chelmsford Centre, Mass.— Born, Rochdale, Eng.; 
B. U., R. L, B. A., 1894; New. T. S., Mass., '97; Lie. May 14, '94, Ord. June 23, '97, 
North Billerica Ch., Mass.; S. Warwick, Mass., June to Sept., '96; P. Central Ch., 
Chelmsford, Mass., '97 — . 

ELLIS, David Franklin, Duncan, Mo.— Born, Haywood Co., N. C; Hastville 
Acad.; Lie. Sept. 1875, Ord. May, '77, Mt. Zion Ch.; P. Mt. Pisgah, '79-84, '83-86; 
Prospect, '80-97; Mt. Zion, '81— ; Mt. Dule,'80-83 ; Hastville, '81-84; Shiloh, '86-91, 
'93-95; Seymour, '84-87, '88-89, '91-93, '98—; Conway, '91-94; Good Spring, '94—; 
New Hope, Mo., '95—. 

ELLIS, Dewitt C, Fremont P. O., Seattle, Wash.— Born, Yates Co., N. Y.; 
Stud. Cumberland Pres. Inst., 111.; Lie. 1870, and Ord. '71, Torkio Ch.,Ia.; P. 
Torkio, Nodaway, Memory, Carbon, Sciola, Carlisle, Belle Plaine, Nor walk and 
Spercer, la. ; S. Salem, Ore. ; P. Athena, Ore. ; Palouse, Wenatchee and Port Town- 
send, Wash.; Acting P. and S. 1st Ch., Tacoma and North Seattle, Wash. 

ELLIS, George L,, Martin, Tenn.— Born, Ballard Co., Ky.; Lie. Aug., 1874, 
Ord. Jan., '75, Hopewell Ch., Ky. ; P. Shiloh, Hopewell, Arlington and Mississippi, 
Ky., '75-78; Mt. Pelia, Gardner, Corinth, Blue Bank, '79-82; Palestine, Tiptonville, 
Troy, Antioch, '82-89; Martin and Huntington for shorter periods ; 7th Ch., Nash 
ville, '89-92; Huntingdon, '93-94; Woodland Mills, Tenn., '94— , with Beulah, '95, 
Rutherford, Bethlehem and Nebo, Tenn., '95 — . 

ELLIS, George T., Baker City, Ore.— Born, Walden, Vt. ; Stud. Buck. U.,Pa. ; 
Lie. 1868, 1st Ch., Williamsport, Pa.; Ord. June 3, '74, Kensington Ch., Mich.; P. 
Kensington and Brigton, '74-81 ; Midland City, Mich., '81-84; Lagrande, '84-90; 
Baker City, Ore., '90—. - 

ELLIS, Joel, Linton, Ind.— Born, Green Co., Ind.; Lie. Oct. 2, 1875, and Ord. 
Nov. 5, '76, Olive Branch Ch., Ind.; Freedom, Ind., '75-76; S. Union, Ind., '76; P. 
Mt. Vernon, Ind., '83-88; S. Olive Branch, Ind., 3 yrs.; P. Good Hope, '87-88: 
Hymera, Bloomrield, '87; Little Prairie, (now Switz Cy.) '84-75; New Hope, '90-95; 
Friendship, '98; S. Bethel, Ind. 

ELLIS, James Harvey, Thurber, Tex.— Born, Hartsville, Ala.; Stud. How. P. 
C, Tex.; Lie. Apr., 1892, Fairview Ch , Tex.; Ord. July 21, '95, Mt. Pleasant Ch., 
N. Y.; P. Clear Creek, '95-96; Midway, '97; Providence, Tex., '97-98. 

ELLIS, Joseph, Davenport, Ark.— Born, Zrer Co., Ind., Feb. 6, 1833; Lie. 
Apr. '88, Ord. '90, Olf Creek Ch. ; S. 1893-96. 

ELLIS Phillip J., Purdon, Tex.— Born, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Lie. Sept. 1875, Ord. 
Nov. '68, Shiloh Ch., Miss.; P. Auston Creek, Pinebluff, White Plains, Mt. Abor, 
Dry Creek, Shiloh, Ala.; Dawson, Sardis, Patterson, Rehoboth and Purdon, Tex. 

240 The Baptisi Ministerial Directory. 

ELLIS, Samuel M», Clinton, Miss. — Born, Kemper Co.; Stud. Va. Militarv 
Inst.; Miss. C. B. S., 18S5; D. D., J 95; Lie. June '81, Ord. Aug. '84, Steens Creek 
Bap. Ch.; P. Hermansville, '84-87; Steens Creek, '86-99; Edwards, '88-95; Flora, 
'90-94; Clarksdale, '97; Terry, '98 — ; Au. Con. to Denominational periodicals. 

ELLIS, W. A., Little Creek, Ga.— Born, N. C, Tan. 29, 1822; Lie. '44, Ord. 
'45, Ball Ground Ch., Ga. ; P. Ball Ground, New Prospect, Pisgah, Holly Creek, 
Pleasant Valley, Macedonia, Dogwood Valley, Swamp Creek, Tilton, Sugir Valley, 
Resaca, Mt. Zion, Evergreen, Flat Rock, Hopewell, Pleasant Hill, Ellijay, Mt. 
Moriah, Sugar Creek, Nillscot, Hemptown, Boardtown, Toccoah, New Hope, — . 

ELLIS, W. W., Portageville, Mo-Born, N. C. ; Lie. July, 1866, Quincy Ch., 
Tenn. ; Ord. '71, Shady Grove Ch.,Tenn. ; P. Shady Grove, Tenn., 3 yrs. ; New Mad- 
rid, Ky., o yrs. ; Azotus, 4 yrs. ; Liberty, 4 yrs. ; Mound Chapel, 4 yrs. ; Portageville, 
9 yrs. ; Evergreen, 5 yrs. ; Zlon, 5 yrs. ; Amity, 5 yrs. ; Shiloh, 3 yrs. ; Oak Grove, 9 
yrs.; Beulah, Mo., 5 yrs. 

ELLIS, William, Almy, Tenn. — Born, Indianapolis, Ind. ; Stud. Huntsville 
Acad.; Lie. 1888, Ord. June', '89, Paint Rock Ch. ; P. Paint Rock, Anadell and Mt. 
Zion, Tenn. 

ELLIS, William Henry, Mosiertown, Pa. — Born, New Creek, Pa. ; Stud. Buck. 
U.,andCro, T. S. Pa. ; B. S., 1875; Lie. '71. Connellsville Ch., Pa.; Ord. Aug. 1, '76, 
Curwinsville, Pa.; P Curwinsville, '76-77; S. Guthrieville, Pa., '77; Wavland, '78-80; 
East Nantmeal, '80-84; Parkerford, '84-88; Blakelv, '88-89 ; Rush, Shambkin, Augusta 
and Trevorton, '90-93; Jersey Shofe, '92-97; Carmel, Pa., '98—. 

ELLISON, James Eli, 451 W. 10th St., Anderson, Ind.— Born, Monroe Co., 
W. Va., Aug. 14, 1820; Ord. Forks of Coal Ch., Va. ; P. Slaughter's Creek Ch., 10 
yrs.; Mt. Olivet 8 yrs ; Mt. Pisgah, 2 yrs.; Healing Stream, 2 yrs.; Olive Branch, 
3 Yrs.; P.Forks of Coal, Va., 3 yrs.; Missionary Union, Posey, Providence, Lily 
Creek, New Harmony, Bethany, Alto, Second Salem, L'nion, Mississiniway Valley, 
Circleville, Prairie, Ind. 

ELLISON, Jesse, Putnam, Okla. Ter.— Born, McCracken Co., Ky. ; Ord. JuIy 
26, 1894, Oakland Ch., Ind. Ter. ; P. Putnam, Okla. Ter., '97-98. 

ELLISON, John D., Hintox, W. Va.— Born, Ohio; Lie. Apr.. 1873, Good Hope 
Ch., W. Va.; Ord. Tan. 8, '97, Walnut Hill Ch., W. Va. ; P. Walnut Hill, '96-97;: 
Upland, '96-99; Buffalo and Oak Grove, W. Va., '98—. 

ELLISON, Joseph, Carver, Mass.— Born, Warrington, Eng. ; Stud. Christs' 
Church Inst., Eng.; Lie. Bethel Ch., Latchford, Eng.; Ord. Nov. 13, 1891, Lincoln 
Square Ch., Worcesi-er, Mass.; S.. Greendale, Worcester, June to Oct., '91; '91-94; 
Carver, Mass., '94-99; Ed. "Carver Independent." 

ELLISON, Ole, Prentice, Wis.— Born, Kihl, Socken, Wermland, Sweden; 
Stud. B. Un. T. S., Chicago; Swedish Bible Sem., Neb., 1S87; Ord. May 24, '85, 
Lawrence Ch., Kan.; P. Lawrence, Kan.; Manistee, Mich.; South Bend, Ind.; 
Prentice, Wis. ; My. in Wis., among the Swedes, '98 — . 

ELLSON, John V., Matteawan, N. Y.— Born, Spotswood, N. J. ; Cg. U., Ph.. 
B., 1891; Un. T. S., N. Y., '94; Lie. '88, Green Ave. Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y.; Ord 
'94,5th Ave. Ch., New York, N. Y.; A. P. Fifth Ave. Ch., New York, N. Y.,. 
'91-94; P. Matteawan, N. Y., '94—. 

ELLSWORTH, "Wallace Dale, Vinel and, Calif.— Born, Woodstock, 0.;Den.. 
U., O., B. A., 1897; Stud. Cro. T. S., Pa.; Lie. Aug. 18, '91, Milford Center Ch., O. ;. 
Ord. Aug. 31, '98, 20th St. Ch., Huniington, W. Va. ; S. Bigdarby, '94; North Balti- 
more and Bellevue, '95; Circleville, O., '96; P. 20th °St. Ch., Huntington, W. Va., 

ELLZEY, Samuel Judson, An ding. Miss.— Born. Smithburg, Miss.; Houston,, 
Miss., B. S., 1892; B. A., '96; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky — ; Lie. Jure, '95, Ord.'July, '96, 
Silver Springs Ch. ; S. Silver Springs, '95-96; P. Concord, Hebron, Ogden, Miss. ,'99.. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 241 

ELMER, Eldridge Bevans, West Hartford, Conn. — Born, West Hartford, 
Conn.; Stud. W. Hartford H. Sch., Conn.; Lie. 1884, West Hartford Ch., Conn.; 
Ord. '85, 1st Ch., Bantam, Conn. ; S. 1st Ch., West Hartford, '80-84; 1st Ch., Bantam 
and East Cornwall, '84-95; Cornwall Hollow, '85-95; 1st Ch., Saybrook, Conn., 
'95-98; S. Tariffville, Conn. — ; Ed. and Prop, of the "Connecticut Farmer," before 
entering the Ministry. 

ELMORE, "William Porter, Brownsville, Ore.— Born, New Market, E. Tenn.; 
Stud. Maury Acad., E. Tenn. ; Lie. 1879, Ord. '97, Brownsville Ch., Ore.; S. Halsey 
and Brownsville, Ore., '70-79; P. Providence and Holly, Ore., '97 — . 

ELROD, Fountain E. Pitts, Calf Killer, Tenn. — Born, Putnam Co., Tenn.; 
Lie. 1876, Ord. '78, Sand Spring Ch. ; P. Sand Spring, Tenn., 4 yrs. and S. 3 yrs. ; 
Mill Creek, 1 yr. ; S. Bethlehem, 1 yr. ; Glade Creek, 1 yr. 

ELSEY, Albert B*, Springfield, Mo. — Born, Marionville, Mo.; Lie. and Ord. 
Aurora Ch., Mo.; P. Republic, 1895-96; Stony Point, '96-87; Grand Prairie, '95-97; 
Ozark and Springfield, Mo., '97—; My. Green Co. Asso. 2 yrs. 

ELSEY, "William Harvey, Garrison, Mo. — Born, Marionville, Mo.; Lie. May, 
1895, Sugartree Shade B. Ch. ; Ord. Oct. 6, '96, Summit Ch. ; P. Mt. Zion,'98; 
Bright, '97; S. Sparta, Mo., '98—. 

ELSOM, Percy Garland, Danville, Va.— Born, Howardsville, Va.; Stud. R. C, 
Va. ; S. B. T. S., Kv., Th. G., 1890 ; Lie. Fairmount Ch., Va. ; Ord. Jan. 16, '87, Stan- 
ford Ch., Ky.; P. Fulton Ch., Richmond, Va., '83-86; Stanford, Ky., '83-88; Quit- 
man, Ga., '88-89; Fincastle, '90-96; Moffett Memorial Ch., Danville, Va., '96—. 

ELTON, Edwin N., Salubria, Idaho. — Born, Berlin, Conn.; Stud. Bur. Inst., 
la.; Shurt. C, 111.; Lie. and Ord. Edington Ch., 111.; P. Oquawka, 1869-72; Cor- 
dova, 111., '73-83; Ft. Collins, '83-89; Loveland, Col., '83-85; Salubria and Middle 
Valley, Idaho, '90—. 

EUWELL, William D., Ames, Ia.— Born, Lakeville, Mich. ; Cg. U., N. Y., B. A., 
1877; M. A., '80; Ham. T. S., N. Y. ; Lie. Feb., '72, 1st Ch., Bay City, Mich.; Ord. 
Aug. 22, '77, McDonough Ch., N. Y.; P. Mt. Morris and Romeo, Mich.; Kiota, 
West Chester and Toledo, Ia. ; Sedan and Marysville, Kan.; Albion, Palestine and 
Ashland, Neb.; My. 

ELY, John "W., Conneaut, O.— Born, Washington C. H., O.; Stud. Den. U., O., 
Ham. T. S., N. Y.; Lie. Sept. 1883, Washington C. H. Ch., O.; Ord. Aug. 8, '90, 
Richmondale Ch., O. ; P. Richmondale, '90-92; New Philadelphia, '92-95; Ashtabula, 
'95-98; Conneaut, O., '98—; Ed "Sunshine." 

EMERSON, Andrew J., Eddy, N. Mex — Born, Chatham Co., N. C; W. F. C, 
N. C, B. A., Wm. Jewell C, Mo., M. A. ; W. F. C, N. C, D. D. ; Lie. Mt. Vernon 
Ch., N. C; Ord. Piney Grove Ch., N. C; P. Clinton, Beulah and Piney Grove, N. 
C; Westport, William Jewell Ch., Kansas City, Kearney, Providence, Mo.; Goldth- 
waite, Tex.; Eddy, N. Mex. — ; Prof. History and English Lit., Wm. Jewell C, Mo., 

EMERY, Samuel Harvey, North Berwick, Me. — Born, Albany, Vt.; Stud. H. 
Schs Valley Falls, R. I., and Waterbury, Vt. ; New T. S., Mass., 1877; Lie. '75, 
Athol Ch., Mass.; Ord. Sept. 5, '76, Mt. Desert and Tremont Chs., Me.; P. Mt. 
Desert and Tremont, Me., \% yrs. ; Bellows Falls, Vt., 5 yrs. ; Calvary Ch., Salem, 5 
yrs. ; Sanford, Me., 2^ yrs. ; Main St. Church, Saco, 5)^ yrs. ; North Berwick, Me., 
'98— ; Au. "Thoughts for the Thoughtful," '90. 

ENDY, George L., Efird's Mills, N. C— Born, Bridgeport, N. C; Lie. 1884, 
Ord. '86, Barley Grove Ch. ; P. Pleasant Grove Ch., '85-86; Mission Station—. 

ENGBLOM, Andrew OL, Mora, Minn.— Born, Sweden, 1849; Stud. Bethel 
Sem. Stockholm; Sch. Sundsvall. Sweden, and Beth. T. S., Stockholm, Sweden; 
Lie. May 31, '75, Ornskoldswik Ch., Sweden; Ord. Dec. 19, '86, Hassjo Ch.; P. 
Des Moines, la., '89-90; Moline, 111., '90-92; Fish Lake, Minn., '93; Brunswick and 
Mora, Minn., '94 — . 

242 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

ENGBERG, Olof, Cambridge, Minn.— Born, Bollnas, Gefleborges Len, Sverige, 
Sweden; Stud. Sundsvalls Elementar Sarovok C., Sweden; Ord. Aug. 19, 1855, 
Sundsvalls Ch.; P. Isante, Minn., '88-98. 

ENGLEMANN, George C, North Freedom, Wis. — Born, Remels, Germany; 
Roch. T. S., N. Y., 1879; Lie. '79, Plattville Ch., Neb.; Ord. Sept. 2, '82, Pleasant 
Valley Ch., la.; P. Plattvi'le, Neb., 1 yi\ ; My. and S. Shell Creek, Neb., 1% yrs.; 
P. Ap ington, la., 6 yrs., 7 m >s. ; Eureka, S. D., 2 yrs. ; Kostuh, 3 yrs. ; North Free- 
dom, Wis., 5 yrs. — . 

ENGELEN, Henry Van, 311 North 12th St., Great Falls, Mont.— Born, 
Owrisel, Mich.; Stud. Hope C, Mich., Agrl. C, Mich., U. Chicago, and Div. Sch. 
U. Chicago; Lie. Mar., and Ord. June 29, 1890, Idaho Falls Ch., Idaho; P. 1st Ch., 
Idaho Falls, Idaho, '90-92, '93-96; Great Falls, Mont., '96—. 

ENGLAND, James M., Horse Cave, Ky— Born, Breedings, Ky. ; Lie. Feb. 
10, 1884, Ord. Feb. 21, '86, Big Creek Ch. ; P. Good Hope, Shady Grove, Beachville, 
Edmonton, Pisgah and Mt. Tabor, Ky. 

ENGLAND, Will H., Rich Hill, Mo.— Born, Breckenridge Co., Ky.; Stud. 
Beth. C, and S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. Feb. 11, 1892, and Ord. Mar. 1, '96, Stephens- 
j.ort Ch., Ky.; S. Raymond, Ky., '95, P. same, '96-98; P. New Hope, '98-99; Rich 
Hill, Ky., '98—. 

ENGLAND, Williams M., Redlick, Ky.— Born, Adair Co., Ky.; Lie. 1868, 
Ord. '69, Redlick Ch., Ky. ; P. for 25 yrs. ; average 5 Chs. each yr. ; Retired, '98. 

ENGLE, James Cass, Clay*, Ky*. — Born, Menard Co., 111.; Lie. May, and Ord. 
Nov. 8, 1890, Clay Ch., Ky. ; S. Mt. Olivet, Ky., '96-97; P. Repton, '95-97; Slover, 
Ky., '96-98. 

ENGSTRAND, Olof John, 58 Sixth Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.— Born, Sweden; 
Bethel Sem., Sweden, 1882; Lie. June 24, '77, Frvkerud Bap. Ch., Sweden; Ord. 
Oct. 15, '82, KrMinchamn Ch., Sweden; S. Salem "Ch., Stockholm, Sweden, '82; P. 
Vorlstad, '82-84; Salem Ch., Stockholm, Sweden, '84-88; 2nd Swedish Ch., Chica- 
go, '89-96; 1st Swedish Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y., '96—. 

ENLOE, Abraham, McKinney, Tex.— Born, Texas Co., Mo.; Lie. 1893, and 
Ord. Mar. '96, Eastfork Ch. 

ENOCH, James Talton, Stella, Ky.— Born, Calloway Co., Ky. ; Lie. Apr., 
Ord. Aug. 2, 1894, Westfork Ch., Ky. 

ENSLIN, Francis Raymond, Medford, Mass. — Born, Charleston, Mass.; Stud. 
U. Chicago; New. T. S., Mass., 1892; Lie. '92, and Ord. Sept. 21, '94, East Somer- 
ville Ch., Mass.; P. Cooperstown, '93-95; Minto, N. Dak., '95-98. 

ENSOR, Benjamin R,, Jeffersonville,. Ky\ — Born, Bath Co., Ky.; Lie. Mar. 
20, 1864, Ord. May 25, '65, Richwood Ch., 111. 

ENOS, S. C, McIntire, Ga.— Born, Smyrna, N. Y. ; Stud. Beloit C, Wis.; 
Moody Bible Inst., Chicago; Lie. Oct., 1890, 1st Ch., Beloit, Wis. ; Ord. Mar. 13, 
J 95. 1st Ch., Mauston, Wis.; P. Walworth Ch., '91-93; 1st Ch., Mauston, Wis., 
r 94-98; 1st Ch., McIntire, la., '98—. 

ENTREKINJohnG., Vineland,N. J.— Born, West Cain, Pa., 1834; Stud. Buck. 
U., Pa., 3 yr?. ; Lie. '53, West Cain Ch., Pa. ; Ord. June 13, '61, Pottstown Ch., Pa. ; 
Pastoral work West Cain, Pa., '53-57; P. Pottstown, Pughtown ; Finished and dedica- 
ted Ch., '62-64; Ridley, Pa., 4 yrs. ; Belvidere, N. J., '68-73; Mount Olive, Pa. ,'73; Or- 
ganized Drakeville Ch., N. J., '74: P. Bloomingdale, N. |., '77; Joined Conrad 
Vreeland on Echo Lake Mission Field; P. 2nd Ch., Cape May, N. T., '83-87; Or- 
ganized Tuckahoe Ch.; N. J., '83-87. P. Same, '87-92/ 

EPPERSON, Daniel B,, Elmer, Mo.— Born, Audrain Co., Mo.; Lie. 1883 
Pleasant Hill Ch., Mo.; Ord. '87, Goldsberry Ch., Mo.; S. Willow Branch, Wood- 
view Alexander, Hayes, Mo., 4 yrs. ; P. Puzzle Ridge, 2nd Ch., Bevier, Mo., 97 — . 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 243 

EPPS, Alexander "Washington, Barnesville, Ga. — Born, Warren Co., Ga.; 
Butler Acad., 1862; Lie. Jan. 11, Ord. Sept. 16, '80, Jewels Bap. Ch., Ga. ; P. Black 
Springs, Friendship and Smyrna, Ga. 

EPPS, Newton C, Pomona, Mo.— Born, Retherford Co., Tenn.; Lie. 1877, 
and Ord. Feb. 14, '86, Mt. Pisgah Ch., Mo.; P. Pleasant Hill and Mt. Pisgah, Mo., 
'86-89 and '91-97; Antioch, '88-91; New Hope, Mo., '95-97. 

ERWIN Charles C, 940 Orchard St., Coshocton, O.— Born, Steubenville, 
O.; Stud. H. Sen., Aurora, Ind. ; Lie. Feb. 1, 1878, 1st Ch., Cambridge, O. ; 1st Ch., 
New Concord, O. ; P. New Concord, Old Cambridge, Salem, Brushy Fork, Salt 
Fork, Penfield, Wellington, Coshocton, Dresden, Canal, Lewisville, Washington 
Tow T nship Ch., Sonoro, O. — . 

ERICSON, Charles William Chrysostomus, Wakefield, Kan.— Born, Rickbey > 
Sweden, Jai.27, 1858; Stud. Sioux Falls Acad. ; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, Ord. June 
11, '83, Village Creek Ch., Sweden; Teaching and Preaching, '83-84; Evangelistic 
Work in Western States, '84-86, '87-89; P. Rossville, la., '89-91; S. Sigournev, '91; 
P. Quasteton and Winthrop, '92-93; Delaware, '93-96; Linn Grove, la., '96-98; 
Uniondale, Kan., '98—. 

ERVIN, Clarence Pauley, Wellford, S. C— Born, Darlington, S. C; Fur. 
U., S. C, B. A., 1873; D. D., '96; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky.; Lie. '77, 1st Ch., Green- 
ville, S.C.; Ord. '82, Pendleton Ch., S.C.; P. Pendleton, '82-85 ; Bamberg, '86-96; 
Wallford, S. C, '97—. 

ER WIN, John William, Mt. Moriah, Ark. — Born, Madison Co., Ala.; Lie. 
Mt. Pisgah Ch., Ala.; Ord. Mar., 1887, Bluff Springs Ch., Ala.; P. Bluff Springs, 
Ala.; Union, Mt. Zion, Mt. Olive, Corinth, Providence, New Liberty, Laneburg 
Boancton and Shover Springs, Ark. 

ESKEW, Willis James, Gulf, Mo.— Born, Gulf, Mo.; Lie. Sept. 12, 1891, Ord. 
June 13, '97, Sharon Ch., Mo.; P. Sharon, Mo., '99—. 

ESKEW, William V,, Cloud Chief, Oklahoma.— Born, Kanawha Co., W. Va. ; 
Lie. May 10, 18S2, and Ord. Oct. 18, '86, County Line Ch., Tex.; P. County Line; 
Mountain Grove and Mt. Gilead, Tex., '86; P. 1 to 4 Chs. in a yr. 

ESSEX, Amos Joseph, Ottawa, Kan. — Born, Bartholomew Co., Ind., July 30, 
4837; Stud. Hartsville C. and Frank. C, Ind.; M. A. and D. D.; Lie. Apr. 1860, 
Ord. '62, Flat Rock Ch., Ind.; P. Flat Rock, Hurricane Co. Chs., Vernon, Mitchell, 
Ind. ; Asso. My. Flat Rock Asso., 2 yrs. ; Gen. My. and Fin. C. Ind. Bap. State 
Conv., 7 yrs. ; P. Clifton, Clyde, Parsons, Horton, Galena, Kan.; Gen. My. Am. 
Bap. H. M. Soc, in Ind. Ter., 5 yrs. 

ESSEX, Harry A., 810 Woodward Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich. — Born, London, 
Eng. ; Stud. Cg. Acad., N. Y., Kal. C, Mich.; Lie. 1890, Adilade St. Ch., London, 
Can.; Ord. '93, Worth Ch., Mich.; S. Worth, Marcellus, Newburg, Mich. 

ESSEX, Jesse Paul, Carrsville, Va.— Born, St. Louis, Mo.; Stud. LaG. C, 
Mo., 4 yrs.; R. C, Va., 4 yrs. ; Cro. T. S. Pa., 1 yr. ; Lie. Jan. 27, 1889, 1st Ch., 
LaGrange, Mo.; Ord. Jan. 15, '96, Grace St., Ch., Richmond, Va. ; S. Smyrna 2 
yrs. ; Antioch 1 yr. ; Sharouch, 6 mos. ; West View Ch., Richmond, Va., 3 mos. ; P. 
Big Island, North Bedford, Mt. Herman, Hunting Creek, '95-97; Beaver Dam Ch., 
Carrsville, Va., '97—. 

ESTEN, Richard B., Westfield, Mass.— Born, North Attlesboro, Mass.; B. 
U.,R. L, B. A., 1880; Stud. Ob. T. S., O.; Nov. T. S., Mass., B. D., '86; Lie. Aug. 
'82, Oberlin Ch ; Ord. May 21, '86, Amesbury Ch., Mass.; P. Newport, Me., '82-83; 
Market St., Ch., Amesbury, '86-91 ; Central Ch., Westford, Mass., '91—. 

ESTES, David Foster, Hamilton, N. Y.— Born, Auburn, Me. ; Stud. U. Got- 
tingen, U. Vt., B. A., '81; M. A., '74; D. D., '96; New. T. Inst., Mass., '74; Lie. '71, 
Jericho, Ch., Vt. ; Ord. Aug. 19, '74, Manchester Ch.,Vt. ; P. Manchester, Vt., '74-76, 
Belfast, Me., '76-78; Vergennes, Vt., '80-83; Holden, Mass., '86-91 ; Au. ' 'History 
of Holden, Mass," '94. 

244 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

ESTES, K, McMinnville, Ore.— Born, Hendricks Co., Ind.j Lie. 1875, and 
Ord. Apr. 26, '84, Clayton Ch., Ind.; P. Friendship and Big Walnut, Ind., '84-85; 
Altamont, Kan. ,'85-86; S. Lobett, Kan. ,'86-87; P. Pleasant Valley and Dennis,'87-88 ; 
Howard, '88-89 ; Homer Creek and Climax, '90-91 ; Albany and Fall River, Kan., 
'91; Oakland, '91-93; Lebanon, '94; Yamhill, Ore., '94—. 

ESTES, Hiram Cushman, Newton Junction, N. H. — Born, Bethel, Me.; Col- 
by U., Me., B. A., 1847 ; M. A ., '59 ; D. D., '72 ; Stud. Harvard Div. Sch , Mass. ; 
Lie. '47, Bethel, Ch., Me.; Ord. '50, East Auburn Ch., Me.; P. East Auburn, '50-52; 
Trenton, Me., '55-60; Leicester, Mass., '60-62; Jericho, Vt., '62-72; 1st Ch., Paris,. 
Me., '72-83; Winchendon, '83-86; Leicester, Mass., '86-94; Newton Juncton, N. H., 
'94-97; An. "Christian Doctrine of the South," '73. 

ESTES, Sumner, 82 Main St., Sanford, Me.— Born, Bethel, Me.; Stud. Col- 
by U., Me., 2 yrs. ; Lie. 1846, Bethel, Ch., Me. ; Ord. Aug. 10, '53, Canton Ch., Me. ; 
P. Canton, Sidney, 1st Ch., Thoma&ton, East Machias, Pembroke, Cherryfield, Lis- 
bon Falls, Sanford, Me. — . 

ESTILL, Harrison Glenn, Haughton, La. — Born, Murfreesboro, Tenn. ; Stud. 
Cumberland C, Ky. ; Lie. 1833, Ord. '35, Cumberland Presbyterian Ch. ; Circuit 
rider in Tenn., 1 yr. ; Joined Bap. Ch., '55; P. Mt. Vernon, 6 yrs.; Green Bottom,. 
5 yrs. ; Mud Ridge, W. Va., 2 yrs. ; Ky., 1 yr. ; Celser Spring, 3 yrs.; Sunnydale, 
Kan., 3 yrs. ; Big Valley, 3 yrs. ; Brazos River, Tex., 3 yrs. ; Pilgrim's Rest, 3 yrs. ; 
Beach Spring, 3 yrs. ; Holly Spring, 4 yrs. ; Ringgold, 4 yrs.; Beuna Vista, La., 4 

ESTES, "W. B., Rockholds, Ky.— Born, Jonesboro, Tenn. ; Stud. Martin Acad., 
Jonesboro, Tenn. ; Ord. 1867, Cane Creek Ch., Ky. ; Have been P. 20 Chs. ; P 1 Ch., 

ESTILL, Willy K., Schell City, Mo.— Born, Portland, Mo. ; Stud. Windsor, 
Mo.; Lie. Aug. 1886, Ord. Aug. '87, Pleasant Hill Ch., Mo. ; P. Martinsburg, Mid-. 
dletown, West Cuivre, Pleasant Home, New Hope, Mo.; Ev. and Temperance 

ETHRIDGE, Francis Augustus, Chappel, Ga.— Born, Monroe Co., Ga. ; Ord. 
1888, Rockv Creek Ch., Ga. ; P. Paron, '89; Rocky Creek, '90; Mt. Pleasant, '92; 
Friendships Ga., '93. 

ETHRIDGE, Seaborn Toel, Woodford, Ind. Ter.— Born, Wilkinson Co.. Ga.. 
1847; Lie. Mav, '91, Prarie' Springs, Ch., Tex.; Ord. Nov. '94, Woodford Ch., Ind. 
Ter.; P. Enterprise, '95, Elk Ch., '95-98; Woodford, '96; Mt. Zion, Ind. Ter. — . 

EUBANK, Marion D., 1930 Woodland Ave., Kansas City, Mo.— Born, Kidd- 
ville, Kv.; Wm. Jewell C, Mo., B. A., 1891; Marion Sims Med. C, M. D., '93; 
Chicago Med. C, M. D., '95; Stud. Div. Sch. U., Chicago; Lie. Sept. '86, Roanoke 
Ch., Mo.; Ord. Feb. '89. Rose Hill Ch., Mo.; P. Rose Hill, Bear Creek, Philadel- 
phia, Mo., '89-91 ; Raymond, Mission, Chicago, 111, '93-95; Emmanuel Ch., Kan- 
sas City, Mo., '95 — . 

EUBANK, Peyton Adams, Butler, Mo.— Born, Clark Co., Kv. ; Stud. H. Sch., 
Winchester, Ky., and Mo. State U : S. B. T. S. Kv., Th. M., 1882; Ord. June 23, 
'82, Winchester Ch., Ky. ; My. Yoruba Country, "West Africa, '82-91; P. East 
Sedalis, Mo.. '92-97; My. Harmony Asso., '97-98 ; P. Butler, Mo., '99—; Ed. Har- 
mony Baptist," 1 yr. ; Au. tract, "Evangelization of Africa." 

EVANS, Andrew Jackson, Alba, Tex.— Born, Tenn.; Lie. Nov. 18, 1870, Ord. 
Sept. '75, Mt. Olive Ch., Miss.: P. Rocky Mount, Zion Hill and Damascus, Miss.; 
New Hope, Bethel No. 1, Yantis, Olive Branch, Tex. ; S. Alba, Silver Lake, Mount 
En'erprise, Gerald and Mesquite, Tex. 

EVANS, Daniel Ivan, 221 West Cherry St., Shenandoah, Pa. — Born, Llan- 
fyrnac'i, Pcnwokashire, South Wales; Pontynoal C, S. Wales, 1878; Lie. Jur.e, '68, 
Bettr.nia, Maesteg; Ord. July, '78, Caerphilly and Grangetown, Carditt; P. Grange- 
town, Carditt, Caerphilly, 1 yr. ; Cowbridge, '79-83; Olvphant, '83-87; Lansford, 
'87-89; Tackson end* Shenandoah, Pa., '91. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 245 

EVANS, Eli W., Beehive, Ga.— Born, Colquit Co., Ga. ; Lie. 1874, Pinchill 
Ch., La.; Ord. 75, Orphan Ch., Ga. ; P. Salmon, Shatter, Bethel, Rollins, Snowhill, 
Reedy Springs, Macedonia, Yonkers, Ga. — . 

EVANS, George, Sherman, Pa. — Born, Cheddar, Sumarset, Eng. ; Lie. Ched- 
ner and Cooperstown Ch., N. Y.; Ord. Richmondville and Fulton Ch., N. Y. ; P. 
Riehmondville, Burlington, Milford, Sherman and Sturraca, N. Y. 

EVANS, George W., Eastman, Ga.— Born, Eastman, Ga. ; Stud. Eastman Inst., 
Ga. ; Lie. July 8, 1894, Ord. Jan. 6, '95,*Pine Hill Ch., Ga. ; P. Lynnwood, '96 ; Lime- 
stone, Ga., '97. 

EVANS, Harrison S., Flippin, Ky.- Born, Flippin, Ky. ; Lie. July, 1868, Ord. 
June, '71, Indian Creek Ch., Ky. ; P. Rocky Hill,24yrs.; Harmony, 12 yrs. ; Athens, 
Ky. ; Enon, Tenn.; Sand Lick, New Salem, Fairview, Antioch, New Designs, Ky. 

EVANS, John, Bedford, Ia.— Born, Augusta Co., W. Va., Dec 27, 1815; Lie. 
'60, Ord. Feb. 1, '61, Bedford Ch., la.; P. Platteville, '61-65; Bedford, Union, Mt. 
Zion, Hadengrove, la. 

EVANS, John O,, Arthur, Tenn.— Born, Yancy Co., N. C. ; Lie. July 2, 1869, 
Yellow Branch Ch., Tenn.; Ord. Aug. 23, '73, Providence Ch., Tenn.; P. since 

EVANS, Joseph Sovereign, Moffat, Tex. — Born, Covington, La.; Stud. Bay. 
II., Tex.; Lie. 1879, North Elm Ch., Tex.; Ord. '81, Culvert Ch., Tex.; P.Henry 
Prairie and Wilburne, '81; Waldrip, '82; Brady, '84-94; Paint Rock, '85-87; San 
Saba, '94; Moffat, '95-97; Cedar Creek, '97-98; Pendleton, '98; Willow Grove, 
Tex., '98—. 

EVANS, Milton G., Chester, Pa. — Born, Ebensburg, Pa.; Stud. Buck. Acad., 
Pa.; Buck. U., Pa., B. A., 1882; M. A., '85; D. D., '74; Cro. T. S., Pa., '90; Lie. 
'97 and Ord. June 10, '97, Factoryville Ch., Pa.; S.; Tea. Key. Acad., Pa., '83-87; 
Cro. T. S.,Pa.,'90— . 

EVANS, Philip Saffery, Torrington, Conn.— Born, Bristol, Eng.; U. Roch.,N. 
Y., B. A., 1855; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '57; Lie. '56, Central Ch., Brooklyn, N. Y.; 
Ord. 13th Ch., Boston, Mass.; P. 13th Ch., Boston, Mass., '57-58; Stamford, '58-65; 
Willimantic, Conn., '68-72; Shelburne Falls, '72-7^; Amesbury, Mass., '79-86; Grand 
Ave. Ch., New Haven, '86-89; Torrington, Conn., '96; — ; Supt. Missions Conn. 
Conv., '88-97; Sec. Conn. Conv., '86—; Chaplain 13th N. Y. H. A. V., '64-65. 

EVANS, Rees P., Ottawa, Kan.— Born, Wales; Stud. Baker U., Kan., and 
State U., Kan.; B. Un. T. S., Chicago., B. D., 1872; Lie. Aug. 4, '60, Radnor Ch., 
O.; Ord. Apr. '63, Rock Creek Ch., Kan.; P. Olathe, Junction City, Independence, 
Wyandotte, 1st Ch., Kansas City, Kan. ; Tekamah, Neb, ; Greenwood, Kan. 

EVANS, Stephen, Arnold, Ky.— Born, Ohio Co., Ky. ; Lie. 1889, Ord. '91, Unit- 
ed Bap. Ch. 

EVANS, Thomas, West Liberty, O. — Born, Llangvnog, Montgomeryshire, 
North Wales; Grad. North Wales Bap. Ch., Bangor; Ord. 1866, Sunnyside Ch., Eng. ; 
P. Sunnyside, '66-73; Towcester, Eng., '73-78; My. work in Buckley, N. Wales, '79; 
P. Mackochee, '82-84, '90-92 ; Sugar Grove, % time, '88-92; Walnnt Hill, '92-95; 
Walnut Grove, O., '98—. 

EVANS, Thomas D., Olyphant, Pa. — Born, Glenmorganshire, S. Wales.; 
Pontypool, M. A., 1875 ; Lie. '71, Wimmers Ch., Pa. ; Ord. June 26, '78, Andrews Ch., 
Pa. ; P. Duffton Grove, Providence and Mayfield, Pa. 

EVANS, Thomas Roger, 1000 E. 9th St., Riverside, Calif.— Born, Beaufort, 
S. Wales; Stud. Buck. Acad., Pa.; Buck. U., Pa., B. A., 1871; M. S.,'74; Cro. T. S., 
Pa., '73; Lie. '62, Welsh Ch., Rittston, Pa.; Ord. June, '73, Bellingomingo Ch., West 
Conshohocken, Pa.; P. Bellingomingo Ch., West Conshohocken, Pa., '73-84; 1st Ch. 
Farmington, 111., '84-86; 1st Ch., Iowa Cy., Ia., '86-92; Azusa, Calif., '92-97; S. San 
Bernardino, Calif., 10 wks. 

246 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

EVANS, Thomas S., Union, Mich.— Born, N. C. ; Lie. 1873, Van Wert Ch., O. ; 
Ord. Aug. 29, '77, Oxford Ch., O.; P. Van Wert, Kenton, Paulding, Wilshire, Elm- 
grove, Flatrock, Blue Creek, O.; Chain Lake, Mich. 

EVANS, Thomas Silas, Barneveld, Wis.— Born, S. Wales; Stud. Woodstock 
C, Ontario, McMaster U., Toronto, Can.; Div. Sch., U. Chicago, 1894; Lie. '86, 
Plymouth Ch., Pa. ; Ord. '94, Cassville Ch., Wis. ; S. Several Chs. in Can. ; P. Cass- 
ville, Barneveld, Ridgeway, Wis. 

EVANS, W. Ogwenydd, 316 N. Main St., Wilkesbarre, Pa.— Born, Bethesda, 
North Wales, G. B.; Stud. Bangor Inst., N.Wales; Grad. Haverfondwest C, S. 
Wales.; Ord. Dec. 22, 1866, Danfairtalhairn, N. W. Ch. ; P. Danfairtalhairr^ N. W. ; 
Bargoed, Monon and Hohire; Swansea, Kilgerran, S. W.; Bodedern, N. W. ; Free- 
dom, N. Y.; Parrish St. Welsh Ch., Wilkesbarre, Pa. 

EVANS, William G., 2357 Grant Ave., Ogden, UTAH.-^Born Wales; Stud. U. 
Chicago, B. Un. T. S., Chicago; B. D., 1880; Lie. Aug., '71, Rock Creek Ch., (now 
Wellsville) Kan.; Ord. Sept., '75, Pewaukee Ch., Wis.; P. Rockton, 111., '80-83; 
Sterling, '83-87; York, Neb., '87-92; Educational Sec. G. I. C, Neb., '92-94; P. Ed- 
gar, Neb., '94-95; Sheriden, Wyo., '95-98; Ogden, Utah—. 

EVANS, William Skelton, Bunyan, Tex.— Born, Searcv Co., Ark.; Lie. 1888, 
Ord. '89, Colehill Ch.. Tex; P. Live Oak, Oak Grove, Pleasant Grove, Cane Creek, 
Greens Creek, Alarm Creek, Macedonia, Midway and Live Oak Grove, Tex. 

EV ALAND, Lewis Clark, Wayne, N. Y.— Born, Wavne, N. Y. ; Haverling Un. 
Sch., Bath, N. Y. ; Geneva CI. C. ; Ham. T. S., N. Y. ; Lie. June 17, 1893, 2nd Milo 
Ch. ; Ord. Apr. 17, '95, Millport Ch.; P. Millport, '94-96; Wavnevillage, '96—. 

EVELETH, Charles Healey, Albany, N. Y.— Born, Gloucester, Me., 1850; Stud. 
Hebron Acad., Me., Waterville, Me., and Worcester, Mass.; Lie. Ev. Dec. 3, '83, 1st 
Ch. Ballston Spa, N. Y.; Ord. 1st Ch. Acworth, N. H. ; P. Acworth and Marlow, 2 
yrs.; Wilton,-N. H., York, Me.; My. P. So. Trenton, Burke, N. Y.; P. 1st Ch. 
Charleston, N. Y— ; My. P., '91-96. 

EVERTS, Noah Rud, Wakefield, Mass.— Born, McLean, N. Y. ; Stud. Cg. U., 
N. Y . ; Lie. 1856, Preston Ch., N. Y. ; Ord. Mar. 14, '61, Coventry Ch , N. Y. ; P. 
Coventry, '61; Cincinnatus, '62; Sennett, '63-67; Little Falls, '67-72; Utica, '72-78; 
Sing Sing, '78-86; Albany, N. Y., '86-88; Wakefield, Mass., '88—. 

EVERTS, William Wallace, 4#4 Ashland Ave., St. Paul, Minn.— Born, New 
York, N. Y.; Stud. U. Berlin; U. Chicago and Div. Sch., U. Chicago; Lie. and 
Ord. Dec. 23, 1st Ch., Chicago, 111. ;P. Indiana Ave., Chicago, 111., 1875 ; A .P. 1st Ch. 
Boston, Mass., '77; P. 4th Ch. Providence, R. I., '77-81; South Hartford, '81-84; 2nd 
Philadelphia, Pa., '84-87; 1st Ch. Haverhill, Mass., '87-95; Omaha, Neb., '95-97r 
Woodlawn Park, St. Paul, Minn., '97—; Au. ''Life of W. W. Everts;" "History of 
1st Ch., Haverhill, Mass.;" 'Concise Comments on Baptism." 

EVERETT, Charles T., Dodgeville, Wis.— Born, Mason, Ky. ; Stud. U. Chi- 
cago; Lie. Aug., 1874, Mahomet Ch., Ill; Ord. June 9, '81, Tuscola Ch., 111.; P. 
Tuscola and Sadorus, '81-82; Tuscola and Bourbon, '82-83; Tuscola, '84; Chrisman, 
'85-86; Barrington, 111., '87-89; Omro, '90-93; Sheboygan Falls, '95-98: Dodgeville, 
Wis., '99—. 

EVERETT, Edward G, 1304 Colorado Ave. (West End) San Antonia, 
Tex.— Born, Houston Co., Ga ; Stud. Mibtary Inst.; Mer. U., Ga., B. A., 1862; 
M. A., '66; Lie. Nov. '91, Ord. Feb., '92, Alama Ch.; P. Sunset '92-96; Supt. Tex. 
Bay. State S. S. Work, '96—. 

EVERETT, George W., Camden Point, Mo.— Born, Clinton Co., Mo.; Stud. 
Pleasant Ridge C, Mo.; Ord. Mar. 7, 1875, Lebanon Ch., Mo.; P. Mt. Carmel, 
Lebanon, Stewartsville, Easton, Smithville; DeKalb, Mt. Pleasant, Platte City, 
Pleasant Ridge, Pleasant Grove, New Harmony, Rising Sun. 

EVERETT, Samuel P., 69 High St., Greenfield, Mass.— Born, Milford, N. 
H.; Stud. Westminster Acad., Mass.; Lie. 1869, Rowe Ch., Mass.; Ord. June 1, '70, 
Whitingham Ch., Vt. ; 8. Whitingham, Vt., '69-72; P. Colerain, '72-81; South 
Hampton, '81-85; Meredith, N. H., '85-69; Ajer, Mass., '89-97; Bernardston, '97. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 247 

EWART, George Charles, Granville, O.— Born, Marietta, O.; Stud. Mari- 
etta Acad., O., and Den. U., O. ; Cro. T. S., Pa., 1889; P. G. B. Un. T. S., Chi- 
cago, '91-92; Lie. Sept. 8, '86, Hildreth Ch., Columbus, O. ; Ord. Oct. 17, '89, Beth- 
esdaCh., Philadelphia, Pa.; P. Bethesda Ch., Philadelphia, Pa., '89-91; Stud. S. 
Earlville, 111., 6 mos., '92; Served Chapel Car, "Evangel ;" S. Little Falls, Minn. ; 
Preaching on 'Evangel," and New Richmond, Wis., 8 mos., '93; P. Manahawkin, N. 
J., '94-95; S. Johnston, O., '98 — . 

EWELL, Isaiah, Enon, O.— Born, Bedford Co., Va., 1840: Lie. Aug. 12, 1884, 
and Ord. July 30, '89, 3rd Ch., Springfield, O. ; P. Snyder St. Ch., Springfield, O.,— . 

EWER, James Kendall, 180 Power St., Providence, R. I.— Born, Hyanni , 
Mass., Apr. 18, 1864; Colby Acad., N. H., '71; New. T. S., Mass., '74; Ord. June 
11, '74, Bethel Ch., Boston, Mass.; P.Reading, Mass., '74-85; Pleasant St. Ch., 
Concord, N. H., '85-94; Union Ch., Providence, R. I., '94— ; Lecturer; Trustee 
Colby Acad., 11 yrs. 

EWING, Samuel Edgar, Holden, Mo.— Born, Sandoval, 111.; Wm. Jewell C, 
Mo.,B. A., '93; S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. M., '96; Lie. '90, and Ord. '93, 3rd Ch., St. 
Louis, Mo.; S. 1st Ch., Kansas City, Kan., '92-93; P. Logan St. Ch., Louisville, 
Ky., '94-98; 1st Ch., Holden, Mo., '98—. 

EYERS, John, South Royalston, Mass. — Born, Longton, Eng. ; Acad. Staf- 
ford, Eng. ; Lie. 1872, Northampton Ch., Eng.; Ord. Nov. 13, '85, Marlboro Ch., 
Mass.; A. P. Three Rivers, '87-91; Brewster, '92-95; So. Royalston, Mass., '95-98. 

EYLES, William Joseph, Niles, Mich.— Born, Newark, N. J.; Cg. U., N. Y., 
B. A., 1890; Stud. Div. Sch. U., Chicago; Lie. Sept. 4, '89, Woodland Park Ch., 
St. Paul, Minn.; Ord. Nov. 13, '94, 1st Ch., Red Bluff, Calif.; P. Lake Benton and 
Balaton, Minn., July to Sept., '90; Lake Benton, Minn., and Elkton, S. Dak., '90-91 ; 
Stud. P. Niles, Mich., '91-92; S. Marion, la., '92-93; P. Red Bluff, Calif., '93-96; 
Stud. P. Loda, 111., '96-97; Niles, Mich., '97—. 

EZELL, George W», Garth, Ala. — Born, Calhoun Co., Ala.; Lie. Aug. 26, 
1893, Ord. July 27, '95, Union Ch., Ala. 

EZELL, James Madison, Mortons Gap, Ky. — Born, Trigg Co., Ky. ; Lie. 1849» 
Ord. '52, Salem Ch., Ky. ; P. 16 Chs. in 4 counties. 

EZELL, Landrum Cicero, Woodruff, S. C— Born, Gaffney, S. C; Stud. New 
Prospect H. Sch., and S. B. T. S., S. C; Lie. 1865, Macedonia Ch., 8. C; Ord. '66, 
Shelby Ch., N. C. ; S. Mt. Pleasant, Zion, Double Spring, Boiling Spring, Zoar, 
Poplar Springs, N. C. ; P. Bethel Ch., Woodruff, S. C, 16 yrs. ; S. Padgett's Creek, 
Cross Keys, 25 yrs. ; Cedar Grove, Racurn Creek, Green Pond, Unity, Cedar Spring, 
Boiling Springs, Holly Spring, Antioch, Abner's Creek, Milford, Pleasant Grove s 
New Hope, S. C. 

EZELL, Samuel, Rock Springs, Ga. — Born, Spartansburg, S. C; Stud. Hia- 
wassee and Blairsville, Ga. ; Lie. 1873 and Ord. '75, Ebenezer Ch., Ga. ; P. Ebenezer,. 
Antioch, Ga.; S. Blairsville, Ga. ; P. Brasstown, Ga. ; S. Eleazer, Macedonia, Ga. ^ 
Pleasant Hill, N. C; P. Pine Log, N. C; Ivy Log, Liberty, Ga. ; S. Tusquittee, N. 
C. ; P. Martin's Creek, N. C. ; S. Mt. Pleasant, N. C. ; P. Zeulon, Ga. 

248 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

FAILE, John, Flat Creek, S. C— Lie. 1866, Flat Creek Ch.: Ord. 71, Buffalo 
Ch.; P. Buffalo, '67-82 ; Pilgrims Rest, '72-83 ; Kershaw, 78-82; Bethlehem, 
'80-S4 ; Forest Hill, '82-86 ; Pleasant Hill, '68-73 ; Flat Creek, 85 ; Taxahaw, '98. 

FAIRCHILD, Alfred, Amboy, Wash.— Born, Springfield, X. Y.; Lie. Oct. 18, 
1884, Ord. July 30, '90, Arlington Ch., S. Dak.; P. Glenville, Alma City, Cardova, 
Iron Bridge, Minn.; Arlington, S. Dak., '90; S. Brush Prairie, S. Dak., '97; P. 
Mainville, '98; Canaan, Ore., '98—. 

FAIRCHILD, John Haviland, Mertox, Wis.— Born, Ontario, Can.; Stud. 
Canadiau Lit. Inst, 1865-68; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '69-70; Lie. Oct. 4, '69, Boston 
Ch., Ontario, Can. ; Ord. May 28, '74, Perry Ch., Mich. ; P. Corunna, Perry, 73-76 ; 
North Branch, 77-80; Richmond, '80-83 ; Okemos, '83-86; Clinton, '86-89; Oak- 
field, Mich., '89-92; Antigo, '92-96; Merton, Wis., '96-99. 

FAIRCHILD, Lewis, Parnleysville, Ky. — Born, Wayne Co., Ky. : Lie. and 
Ord. Tan. 12, 1889, Big Spring Ch. ; P. New Hope, '89-91; Big Spring, '91; Pis- 
gah, '97-98; Bethel, '94— . 

FALKNER, William Wallace, Charlton, Ala.— Born, Elba, Ala., June 22, 
1845, Stud. How. C, Ala.; Lie. June, and Ord. Sept. '87, Mt. Zion Ch., Ala.; P. 
New Hope, Pleasant Grove, Mt. Zion, Elba, Springfield, Rockyhead, Enterprise, 
Charlton, Ebenezer, Ala. 

FALLIS, Isaac C*, 739 Germania Ave., Indianapolis, Ind. — Born, Clinton 
Co., O.; Mt. Pleasant, O., B. S. ; West Town, Pa., B. S. ; Lie. 1874, oth Ave. Ch., 
Minneapolis, Minn.; Ord. 76, Mich. Ave., Ch., Chicago, 111.: P. Utica, Earlville, 
Streator, Plainfield, Roseville, 111., 76-86; Fredonia, Kan., '87-88; Manchester, Car- 
roll, Storm Lake, la., '88-98; Indianapolis, Ind. — . 

FALLS, James Washington, Kalispell, Mont. — Born, Pottsville, Pa.; Stud. 
Mt. Pleasant CI. Inst., Pa., Newell Inst., Pittsburg, Pa., and Yale Div. Sch. ; Div. 
Sch. U., Chicago, B. D., 1S93 ; Lie. June 1, '83, Nixon St. Ch., Allegheny City, Pa. ; 
Ord. Julv 29, '92, Emmanuel Ch., West Superior Wis.; P. Emmanuel Ch., West 
Superior, Wis., '91-92; IstCh., Kalispell, Mont., '93—. 

FANCHER, W. H. H.. French Camp, Miss.— Born, Noxubee Co., Miss.; 
3Lic. July, 1871, Antioch Ch., Ark.; Ord. Sept. 72, Shiloh Ch., Ark.; P. Antioch 
•and Shiloh, Ark., 2 yrs ; New Zion, 25 yrs; Beulah, 20yrs.; French Camp, 12 yrs.; 
Bear Creek, Miss., 21 yrs. 

FANT, Handy Bruce, Anderson, S. C. — Born, Ga. ; Anderson Military Sch., 
S. C.; 1861-62; Lie. June 78, and Ord. Feb. '84, Anderson Ch., S. C; P. Hephzibah, 
'84-92, '95-96; Salem, '91-92; Fants Grove, '97-99; Walhalla, S. C, '96-98. 

FANT, James King, Campobello, S. C— Born, Belton, S. C; Fur. U., S. C, 
B. A., 1874; S. B. T. S., Ky., 77; Ord. Belton Ch., S. C; P. Beaver Dam, New 
Harmony, Greenwood, S. C; Sardis and Batesville, Miss.; Mountain Creek. Beth- 
any, Gilgal, Sister Springs, Rehoboth, Flint Hill, S. C; Wadesboro, High Point, 
Littleton, Ahoskie, Harrelsville, N. C. 

FARGUSON, Thomas B,, Motley, Ala.— Born, Henry Co., Ga. ; McDonough 
H. Sch., Ga.; Lie. 1859, Spring Hill Ch. ; Ord. '65, Millton Ch. ; P. Shiloh, Mt. 
Zion, Mt. Calvary, Sardis, Ala.; A. P. Dudeville, Alexander City, Ala.; Colp. East 
Liberty and Central Asso. 

FARIER, H. W., Warsaw, Mo.— Born, Washington Co., Ark.; Lie. 1882, Ord. 
'89, Sharon Ch., Mo.; P. Pleasant Grove, '92-96 ; Mt. Sinai, '97; Pleasant Grove, 
Mo., '98. 

FARIS, Charles Thomas, Oakwood, Ky.— Born, Peach Grove, Ky.; Stud. 
Humphrey's C. and Business Inst., Mo.; Boyce's Systematic Theol., 1895; Lie. Aug. 
5, '91, Bethanv Ch., Highland Sta., Denver, Clo. ; Ord. Oct. 10, '92, Guvandotte Ch., 
W. Va.; P. Guyandottee, W. Va., '92-93; Long Run Ch., Moorefield^ Ind., '95-96; 
Flag Spring Ch., Mentor, '98-99; Mt. Pisgah, Ky., '97-98. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory 249 

FARLEY, Edson J., 10 Grove St., Oneonta, N, Y — Born, Kingsbury, N. Y.; 
Stud. Cg. U., N. Y.; Ham. T. S., N. Y., 1885; Lie. Kingsbury Ch., N. Y.; Ord. 
Sept. 16; '95, So. New Berlin Ch., N. Y.; S. East Green, '82-84; South New Berlin, 
'84-86; 2nd Ch., Stillwater, N. Y., '36-93; P. Malone, '93-96; Oneonta, N. Y., '96—. 

FARLEY, John T., Kansas City, Kan.— Born, Cooper Co., Mo.; Stud. Wm. 
Jewell C, Mo.; Grad. Wm. Jewell T. S., Mo.; Lie. Aug. 1876, Elk Falls Ch., Kan.; 
Ord. Oct. '77, Cove Valley Ch., Kan. ; P. Cove Valley, Kan., 77 ; Heath Creek, Mo., 
7 80-81; My. Saline A^so., '80-82; P. Avondale, '83-84; Burr Oak, '84-85; Hill City, 
'85-87; Scottsville, '87-89; Lincoln Center, '89-90; Westmoreland, '90-91 ; Clifton, 
'91-93; Republic, '93-94; Pomeroy, Kan., '94-97; Grain Valley, '97-98 ; Randolph, 
'98-99; Weston, Mo., '98; Ev.— . 

FARMER, Jesse, West Plains, Md,- Born, Iredell Co., N. C, 1811; Lie. 
Summer, 1846, and '49, Three Forks of the North Fork Ch., N. C; P. Three Forks 
of the North Forks, 14 yrs. ; Horse Creek, 8 yrs. ; P. South Fork, 4 yrs. ; New 
Covenant, N. C, 4 yrs. ; ^Cedar Creek, 2 yrs.; Bethel, 2 yrs.; Pleasant Grove, Mo., 
2 yrs.; A. Ch. in 111., 2 yrs. 

FARMER, John James, Reynolds, Ga.— Born, Coweta Co., Ga. ; Mer. U., Ga., 
B. A., 1885, M. A., '88; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. Aug. '81, Mt. Lebanon Ch., 
Ga. ; Ord. June, '85, 1st Ch., Macon, Ga. P. Eatonton, Elberton, Butler, Reynolds, 
Ga., 4 yrs. — 

FARMER, John Washington, Warne, N. C— Born, Greenville, S. C; Lie. 
1876, Mt. Zion Ch. ; Ord. Dec. 2, '83, Liberty Ch ; P. Natilnala, Mt. Pisgah, Bethel, 
Fire Creek, New Hope, Old Liberty, Friendship, Ga. 

FARMER, William Henry, Farmer, Tex.— Roane Co., Tenn., Apr. 10, 1819; 
Lie. and Ord. Feb. 21, 1841, Peace Ch., Mo.; P. Shoal Creek, Neosha, Mo., '47-60; 
San Marcos, Martindale and Clearfork, Tex., '60-66; Mod. San Marcos, Asso., 3 
yrs.; P. Farmer, Tex., several yrs. ; Retired. 

FARMER, William Madison, Como, Miss.— Born, DeSoto Co., Miss.; Miss. C, 
B. A., 1880 ; Stud. S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. '75, Salem Ch., Miss. ; Ord. '83, Longtown 
Ch., Miss.; P. Longtown, '83-84; Springhill, '85-87; Oak Grove, '88-93; Mt. 
Moriah, '94-96; Summitt, Miss., '97. 

FARNELL, John T., Day, Fla — Born, Hamilton Co., Fla. ; Lie. 1882, Nankin 
Ch., Fla.; Ord. '86, Oak Grove Ch., Fla ; P. Midway, '8Q, 10 yrs.; Pine Grove, '87, 
2 yrs.; Pineland, '86, 2 yrs.; Rock Sink, '92, 2 yrs.; Friendship, '94, 1 yr. ; Pleasant 
Grove and Blue Spring, '94, 3 yrs.; Brewer Lake, '95, 4 yrs.; Hopewell. '91, 4 yrs.; 
New Prospect, '91, 1 yr. ; Macedonia, '99; Rosemary, '89; Mt. Gilead, Fla., '92, 1 yr. 

FARNHAM, Edwin Pickett, Salem, Mass.— Born, Morris, Conn.; Stud. Conn. 
Lit. Inst. ; B. U., R. I., B. A., 1873 ; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '77 ; P. Friendship St. Ch., 
Providence, R. I., '77-83; Warburton Ave. Ch., and Yonkers, N. Y., '83-86; Olivet 
Ch., Minneapolis, '86-87; Richfield, Minn., '87-88. 

FARNHAM, Philip Pearl, Brighton, Mich.— Born, Leonardsville, N. Y.; U. 
Roch., N. Y., B. A., 1863;Roch. T. S., N. Y., '68; Lie. Aug. '65, Watertown Ch , 
N. Y.; Ord. Sept. '69, 1st Ch., Toledo, O.; S. 1st Ch., Toledo, O., '67-69; P. 
Mason, '69-75; St. Louis, '75-80; Kensington and Brighton, '80-87; Saginaw, W. 
S., '87-88; Stockbridge and Gregory, Mich., '89-91 ; Langdon, N. Dak., '91-92; H. 
My. P. Kensington and Brighton, Mich., '92-97. 

FARNOR, J. S., Kittyton, Tenn.— Born, Philadelphia, Pa. ; Stud. Emory and 
Henry C, Tenn.; Grad. Moshein, Tenn., 1872; Lie. '88, Clear Fork Ch., Tenn.; 
Ord. '92, Coffee Ridge Ch., Tenn.; P. Coffee Ridge, '93-94; Clear Branch, Tenn., 

FARNUM, Welcome L., Tecumseh, Mich.— Born, North Providence, R. I.; 
Stud. U., Chicago; B. Un. T. S., Chicago, B. D., 1873; Lie. '73, 1st Ch., Delavan, 
Wis.; Ord. Mar. 24, '74, Owosso Ch., Mich.; P. Owosso, '74-82; Flint, Mich., '82- 
86; Wyoming, O., '86-88; Flint, '88-98; Tecumseh, Mich., '98—. 

250 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

FARR, Frederick William, 1516 Lehigh Ave., Philadelhhia, Pa. — Born, Litch- 
field, Me.; Hallowell Classical Acad., 1878, Colbv U., Me., B. A., '82, M. A., '85; 
New T. S., Mass., '85; Lie. Dec. 78, 1st Ch., Hallowell, Me.; Ord. Mar. '86, Adams 
St. Ch., Biddeford, Me. ; P. Adams St. Ch., Beddeford, Me. ,'86-88 ; Pine St. Ch., Mil- 
ford, Mass., '88-90; Bethlehem Ch., Philadelphia, Pa., '95—; Au. a Manuel of 
"Christian Doctrine," '93; "The Representative Christ," 96. 

FARR, Gilbert Elijah, Streator, III. — Born, Newton, Mass. ; Stud. Cg. AcaL, 
N. Y. ; Cg. U., N. Y., B. Ph., 1876 ; M. A., '97 ; Stud. Ham. T. S., N. Y., 2 yrs. ; 
Lie. Aug., '70, Jamaica Ch., Vt. ; Ord. Dec. '98, Bartlett Ch., West Moreland, N. Y.; 
S. New Hartford, N. Y., 9 mos., '76-77; Stud. S. Bartlett, N. Y., '77; P. same, '78; 
Oneida, '79-82; Adams Village, '82-85; Perrv N. Y„ '85-86; South Bend, Ind.,'86 89;- 
Dubuque, '89-91; Grinnell, '91-94; Pella, la. ,''94-97; Streator, 111, '97—; Served Cent.. 
U., la., '94-97. 

FARRAN, John M., Stoxy Poixt, Va — Born, Winston Co., Miss,; Stud. Clint. 
C, Miss.; Lie. 1876, New Salem Ch., Ya. ; Ord. '78, New Salem Ch., Va. ; P. Dun- 
dee, '78—; Swift Run and Liberty, '80-85; Preddius Creek, '85—; Chestnut Grove, 
'86-94; Tree Union, '88—; Laurel* Hill, '87—; Zion Ch., Orange Co., '82-85; Pleas- 
ant Grove, Va., '98—. 

FARRAR, Alexander Travis, Roger's Prairie, Tex.— Born, Kemper Co., Ky. ; 
Stud. Miss. C ; Lie. 1865, Concord Ch., Miss.; Ord. '71, Lauderdale Ch., Miss.; P. 
Kinterbish,' 73; New Salem, Ala., '71-74; Cuba, Miss., '72; Leona and Sand Prairie, 
'76-81 ; Roger's Brairie, '76-77; Jewett, '80-81 ; Madisonville,'79-81 ; Shiloh, Tex.,'80-8L 

FARRAR, Cortes Monroe, Coxfidexce, W. Va. — Born, Nelson Cc, Va. ; Lie 
Jan., 1878, Antioch Ch., W. Va. ; Ord. Apr. 15, '83, Melinda Ch., W. Va ; Served 
Theodosia, Bright, Prospect, Melinda, Antioch, W. Va. ; S. and P. Persinger and 
Riverside, W. Va - 

FARRAR, Ezekiel Buford, Daltox, G a, — Born, Appomatox Co., Va.; Stud. 
Moody's Bible Inst., Chicago and S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. 1893, Dalton Ch., Ga. ; Ord. 
Nov. 7, '96, Mt. Rachel Ch., Dalton , Ga. ; P. Mt. Rachel, Dalton, '96-97; Ev. My., 
Louisville, Ky. 

FARRAR, Jesse Carter, Gallmax, Miss. — Born, Winston Co, Miss,, Jan. 16 
1851 ; Stud. Miss. Bap. C. ; Lie. July 9, '87; Ord. Mar. 9, '90, New Zion Ch., Miss. ; 
P. Pilgrim's Rest, '88-99; Bethel, '91-99; White Oak, '93; Pine Bluff, '93-96; Call- 
man, '97-99; Harmony, '96-98; Hopewell, Miss., '97. 

FARRAR, John Perkins, 297 Broadway, Lyxx, Mass. — Born, Greenville, N. 
H. ; Stud. New Ipswich Acad., N. H. ; H. Sch. Fair Haven, Vt. ; New. T. S., Mass., 
1858-61: Lie. Sept., '58, 1st. Ch., Lynn, Mass.; Ord. Aug., '58, 3rd Ch., Lynn, 
Mass.; P. East Wallingford, '61-63; '70-72; Ludlow, Vt., '72-78; S. Chelmsfotd, 
'63-65; 3rd. Ch., Lynn, '66-67; Sturbridge, '67-69; Vineyard Haven, '83-86; W. 
Medwav, Mass., Winter, '69-70; Berean Ch., Vineland, N. J., 6 mos., '78- 
81; Ev"; Ed. "Messiah's Herald," Boston, '88-91 ; Pres. Bd. Trustees Black River 
Acad., Vt., 9 yrs.; Supt. Schs., Vt., 3 times; Member Sch. Bd., Lynn, Mass. 

FARREN, "William A., North Attleboro, Mass. — Born, Somerville, Mass. ; 

B. U., R. I., B. A., 1875; Grad. New. T. S., Mass.; Lie. '76, 1st. Ch., Weymouth, 
Mass.; Ord. '79, North Billerica Ch., Mass.; p. North Billerica, Mass., '79-88; New- 
London, N. H., '89-99; 1st. Ch., North Attleboro, Mass., '99—. 

FARRIER, Robert Edwards, 266 Mill St., Poughkeepsie, N. Y.— Born, Red 
Bank,N. J.; Cg. U., N. Y., B. A., 1885; Un. T. S., N. Y., '85; Lie. '80, Red Bank 
Ch., N. J.; Ord. '89, Salem Ch., New Rochelle, N. Y.; P. Salem Ch., ;New 
Rochelle, '89-92; Ch. of Christ, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., '92—. 

FARRINGTON, George Washington, Lewisville, Tex.— Born, Jonesville, N. 

C, 1862; Stud. H. Sch., Hamptonville, N. C. ; Yadkinville Inst., N. C; Lie. Nov. 
24, 1883, and Ord. May 23, '85, Fall Creek Ch., Tex. ; P. Stewart's Creek and Garza, 
'90; Friendship, and others, Tex. — . 

FARRIS, Francis Marion, Olatox, Ky.— Born, Jackson Co., Tenn. ; Lie. Oct., 
1882; Ord., '85, Missionary Ch. ; My. Work altogether. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 251 

F ARRIS, Isaac L., Faucett, Mo.— Born, Buchanan Co., Mo.; Lie. 1870; Ord., 
'71, Agency Ch., Mo.; P. Mt. Pleasant, 71-74; Sparta, '74-76 ; Agency, 75-77; 
Halls Station, Mo., 9yrs. 

FARRISS, Charles Sherwood, Stetson Univ., De Land, Fla.— Born, Warren- 
ton, N. C; Stud. U. of Va. ; W. F. C, N. C, B. A., 1880; D. D., '99; S. B. T. S., 
Ky.; Lie. '80; Ord. '82, 1st. Ch., Raleigh, N. C; P. High Point, N. C, "87-89; 
Orlando, Fla., '90-92; Prof, of Greek, Stetson U., Fla., Oct., '92—; Asso. Ed. 
"Bibical Recorder," '80-S7; Ed. "Florida Baptist Witness," 9 yrs.— . 

FARTHING, Joseph Harrison, Hattie, N. C— Born, Hattie, N. C; Lie. and 
Ord. Jan. 24, 1896, Bethel, Ch.; P. Pine Grove, Tenn.; Antioch Ch., Watauga Falls, 
Bethel, Beaver Dam, N. C. 

FARTHING, R. T., Wild Cherry, Ark.— Born, Saline Co., 111.; Lie. 1884, 
Ord. '85, Pleasant Valley Ch., Ark. ; P. Eight Chs. from 1 to 5 yrs. each. 

FARTHING, Robert Milton, New York Hall, Louisville, Ky.— Born, Hat- 
tie, N. C. ; Holly Springs C, Tenn., 1895; S. B. T. S., Ky., Th. M., '99; Lie. Sept. 
'95, Bethel Ch., Hattie, N. C. ; P. during vacations. 

FAUBION, Richard M., Laurenceburg. Tenn. — Born, Parrottsville, Tenn.; 
Stud. U. Tenn. and S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. Sept. 16, 1894, Big Creek Ch., Tenn.; 
Ord. Dec. 3, '97, Shelbyville Ch., Tenn.; P. Laurenceburg, Tenn., '97—; Ed. "Bap- 
tist Worker." 

FAULKNER, Edward Curtis, Monticello, Ark.— Born, Cerulean Springs, 
Kv.; Stud. Wallonia Inst., Beth. C, Ky., B. A , 1875; Lie. '69, and Ord. Jan. 76, 
Cerulean Springs Ch., Ky.; P. Ripley, 76-90; New Rrovidence, Tenn., '91-93; 
Searcy, '93-97; EI Dorado, '98-99; Monticello, Ark., '99—. 

FAULKNER, J, D. J., Paragould, Ark.— Born, Sardis, Miss.; Mt. Pleasant 
Acad., Ark.; Lie. May 1878, Ord. July 25, '80, Union Grove Ch., Ark.; P. Friend- 
ship, Center Hill, Union Grove, Fair View, Gainesville, Providence, Macedonia, 
Unity, Brown's Chapel, Rock Hill, Rector, Walcott, Ark. 

FAULKNER, J. K., Urbana, Vt.— Born, Halifax Co., Va. ; U. of Va. ; Grad. 
Philosophy and Politic? 1 Economy, 1860 ; Lie. Aug., '59, Ord. '61, Black Walnut Ch. ; 
Va. ; P. Aaron Creek, Fork, Musterfield, Clover, Dan River, Millstone, Laurel 
Grove, Sandy Creek, Saluda, Zoar, Ebenezer, Spring Hill, Urbana, Va. ; Kinston, 
Newton, Ephesus, Lincolnton, Kid's Chapel, Fellowship, N. C; Fort Mill, S. C. 

FAUNCE, Daniel Worcester, Pawtucket, R. I.— Born, Plymouth, Mass. ; Stud. 
Coin. U.. D. C; Am. H. C, Mass., 1850; D. D., 70; Stud. New. T. S., Mass.; 
Lie. '46, Plymouth Ch., Mass.; Ord. '53, Somerville Ch., Mass.; P. Pleasant St. Ch., 
'54-60; Maiden, Mass., '60-66; Concord, N. H., '66-75; Lvnn, Mass., '75-81; E. St. 
Ch., Washington, D. C, '81-89; West Newton, Mass., '89-93; Pawtucket, R. I., 
'93—; Au. "Words and Works of Jesus," '67; "Christian in the World," '75; 
''Young Man's Difficulties With the Bible," '77; Christian Experience," '80; "Res- 
urrection," '84 ; "Prayer as a Theory and a Fact," '90; "Inspiration a Fraud," '97; 
"Hours With a Sceptic," '98. 

FAUNCE, William H.P., 2nd W.46th St., New York, N.Y.— Born, Worcester, 
Mass.; B. U., R. I., B. A., 1890; M. A., '84; C. D., '95; New. T. S., Mas?., '84; 
Lie. '80, Washington St. Ch., Lynn, Mass.; Ord. '84, S^te St., Springfield, Mass.; 
P. State St. Ch., Springfield, Mass. ; 5th Ave. Ch., New York, N. Y. 

FAWCETT, Adam, Wausau, Wis.— Born, Ireland; Stud. Collegiate Inst. 
Hackettstown, N. J.; Coburg U., Can.; Lie. and Ord., Huntington Ch., L. I. ; P. 
M. E. Ch., Huntington, 4 yrs. ; Cold Spring, '82-85; South Ballston, N. Y., '85-89; 
Alexandria, '89-91; Hildreth Ch., Columbus, O., '91-96; Portage, '96-99 ; Wausau, 
Wis. — . 

FEAGINS, Humphrey P., Lawrenceville. Ga. — Born, Rutherford Co., N. C. ; 
Lie. 1866, Nimbleville Ch.; Ord. '71, Yahoola Ch.; P. Yahoola; S. Bethlehem, Zion, 
Liberty; P. Friendship, New Bethany, Shoal Creek, Flowers Branch, Hog Mountain, 
Mt. Carmel, Mulberry, Mt. Salem, Ga. 

252 The Baptist^Mixisterial Directory 

FAWCETT, Atlas Jones, Hot Sprixgs, Ark. — Born, Madison Co., Tenn. : So. 
Wn .U.,Tenn.;B. A., 1885; Bay U., Tex., DD. ; Lie. '67, Hickory Grove Ch., 
Tenn.; Ord. July, '71, Humboldt Ch., Tenn. ; P. Humboldt, Walnut Grove. China 
■Grove, Eldad and Alam, Tenn.; Lake Village, Hamburgh, Monticello, Pine Bluff, 
Ark.; Tyler, Tex.; Hot Springs, Ark. — ; Ed. Question Department "The Arkansas 

FEAGIN, Thomas H., Liberty, Tex.— Born, Ellistown, Miss. ; Lie. Apr., 1888, 
Cross Roads Ch., Tex.; Ord. Sept. 5, '89. Friendship Ch., Tex.; P. Mt. Pleasant, Mt. 
Zion and Spring Branch, Tex., '90-92; My. Colp., '92; P. 3rd Ch., Houston, '92-94; 
-My. S.E. Tex., '84-. 

FEATHERSTON. George Washington, Waite Hill, Texx.— Born, Robertson 
Co., Tenn. ; Lie. and Ord. 1855, Bethany, Tenn. ; P. Hopewell, Pleasant Hill, Tenn. ; 
Lake Spring, Ky. ; Oak Grove^Tenn, 9 yrs. ; Lebanon, 15 yrs ; Springfield, Tenn., 6 
yrs.; Franklin, Ky., 1 yr. ; Rock Springs, New Hope, S'tation Lamp, Bethel and 
Concord, Tenn. — 

FEAZELL, "William Isaac, Dallat, Tex.— Born, Lineville, Ala. ; Stud. Bay. U., 
Tex., and S. B. T. S., Ky. ; Lie. Dec , '97, Sulphur Springs Ch., Tex. ; Ord. Apr., '81, 
Como Ch., Tex. ; P. Mexia, 2 yrs.; Corsicana, 2 yrs.; Franklin St. Ch., Louisville, 
-Ky., 2 yrs. ; Lake City, Fla., 2 yrs. ; Lexington, Tenn., 2 vrs. ; Elkhorn, Ark., 1 yr. ; 
Wolfe City, Tex., 1 yr. ; Centennial Ch., Nashville, Temi., 2 yrs. ; My., 6 yrs. ; P. 
Central Ch-., Dallas,*Tex. — ; Au. "Pure Religion;" "The Evidences of the Death and 
Resurrection of Jesus Christ." 

FEITNER, J. F., Bradford Statiox, N. Y.— Born, New York, N. Y.; Lie. 
Oct. 1871, Ruthford Ch., N. J.; Ord. May '79, Hermon Ch., N. Y.; P. Hermon, N. 
Y., '79-82; Bradford Station,' N. Y., '82-97. 

FELIX, Josiah Samuel, Shreveport, La. — Born, Woodford Co., Ky.; Grad. G. 
C, Ky., Beth. C, Ky., D. D. ; Stud. Cro. T. S., Pa. ; Lie. 1871, Hillsboro Ch., Ky. ; 
Ord. '72, Augusta, Ch., Kv. ; P. Augusta, Ky., '72-84; Vice-Pres. G. C, Ky., 15 
m©s.; P. 1st Ch., Owensbbro, Ky., '86-90; 1st Ch., Lvnchburg, Ya., '90-94; 1st Ch., 
Ashville, N. C, '95-98; 1st Ch., Shreveport, La., Oct. '98. 

FELIX, William H., Chilesburg, Ky.— Born, Mortonsville, Ky. ; Grad. G. C, 
Ky., re'ed from same D. D., 1887; Lie. '59., Hillsboro Ch., Ky. ; Ord. '60, New Cas- 
tle, Ch., Ky. ; P. New Castle, Ky., 1 yr. ; Lexington, Ky., 6 yrs. ; Pilgrim Ch., New 
York, N. Y., 1 yr. ; 1st Ch., Covington, 15 yrs. ; Hillshoro and Glens Creek, 1 yr. ; 
Cynthiana, Union and Berry, 1 yr. ; Lexington, Ky., 11 yrs. 

FELLMAN, Benjamin Franklin, York, Neb. — Born, Syracuse, N. Y.; Stud. 
111. Wesl. U.; Hastings C, Neb.; Lie. June 14, 1894, Hastings, Neb.; Ord. July 5, 
■''do, York, Neb.; P. York, Neb.— . 

FELLMANN, Jacob, Oak Park, III.— Born, Germany ; Roch. T. S., N. Y., 
1865; Lie. Dec. '63, Berlin, Ont. Can.; Ord. Sept. '65, Carrick, Ont. Can.; P. Car- 
rick, 4 yrs. ; Wilmington, Del., 5 yrs. ; Baltimore, Md., 2 yrs. ; Berlin, Ont., Can., 13 
jrs. ; Oak Park, 111., 5 yrs.— ; Au. "Way of Life," not pub. 

FELLOWS, Wirt, Town Hall, Rochester, N. Y.— Born, Pleasanton, Kan.; 
Stud. H. Sch., Bedford, la.; McM. C, Oro. ; B. L. 1894; B. U., R. I., B. A„ '99; 
Roch. T. S., N. Y.; Lie. McMinnville, Ore. ; Ord. Feb. 12, '95, Adams, Ore.; P. 
Adams, Ore., '94; S. South Acworth, N. H., SU mos. '96; Matunuck, R. L, 3 mos. 

FELTS, John James, Liberty, Mo. — Born, Logan Co., Ky. ; Stud. Beth. C, 
Ky.; Lie. 1858, Ord. '63, Center Ch., Ky.; P. Union, Ky., '64; Platte City, '69; 
Kearney, Mo., '71; Columbia, '74; Greensburg, Ky., '74; Chillicothe, Mo., '77; In- 
dian Creek, Ga., '80; Richmond and Lawson, Mo., "'83 ; Nashville, Ark., '87; High 
Creek, Mo., '88; Agt.Beth. C. Ky., '68. 

FELTWELL, John, 923 17th St., Altooxa, Pa.— Born, Clearfield Co., Pa.; 
Stud. Dayton Acad. Pa. ; Jefferson Med. C, Pa., M. D., 1879; Lie. May, '76, 1st Ch., 
Altoona, Pa.: Ord. Tune 10, '97, Calvarv Ch., Altoona, Pa.; P. Calvarv, Altoona, 
Pa., '96—. 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory- 252. 

FENDLEY, Joseph Harvey, Fulton, Ala.— Born, Wilcox Co., Ala., 1836; Lie. 
Sept. 4, '70, and Ord. Apr. 23, '71, Bassett's Creek, Ala.; P. Bassett's Creek, 71-75; 
Salem, 71-84; Stave Creek, '71-74; Salitpa, 71-81 ; Elam, 74-94; Midway, '85-99; 
New Prospect, 77-87; River Hill, '91-94; Forest Springs, '94-97; Pisgah, '75-78 ; 
Pleasant Grove, '94-95; Enon, '97-99; Amity, '97; Fulton, '98; Mt. Vernon, '96-99; 
Cane Creek, '99; Mt. Hilliard, '80; Good Hope, '87-90; Rocky Mount, Ala., '80-82. 

FENDLEY, William Edward, Harrisburg, Ala.— Born, Alameda, Ala.; Lie. 
Oct. 15, 1893, Ord. Dec. 30, '94, Bassett Creek, Ala.; P. Cane Creek, '95-98; Scotts-. 
ville and Jericho, Ala., '98—. 

FENNELL, William G., 437 Broad St., Meriden, Conn.— Born, Goshen, 
Conn.; Stud. Conn. Lit. Inst. ; Cg. U., N. Y., B. A., 1885, M. A., '88 ; Ham. T. S., 
N. Y.; Lie. East Cornwall, Conn., Aug. 18, '78; Ord. 1st Bap. Ch., Middletown, 
Conn., Apr. 26, '87. S. Sidney, N. Y., 4}^ yrs., while Stud.; P. Middletown, 4 yrs., 
9 mos.; 1st Ch., Meriden, Conn., 7 yrs.; Au. "Inductive Lessons," Baptist Publica- 
tion Society, '92-95. 

FENNER, R* C, Gaylord, Mich.— Born, Romeo, Mich.; Kal. C, Mich.; Ph.. 
B., 1887; Ord. May, '97, Gaylord, Mich.; S. Petoskey, Harbor Springs, Mich., '96- 
97; P. Gaylord, Mich., '97—. 

FENSKE, Robert, Casselman, N. Dak. — Born, Elrmvood, Ontario, Can.; 
Stud. U., Roch., N. Y. ; Roch. T. S., N. Y., 1882; Ord. Aug. 16, '82, Rising City, 
Neb.; P. Rising Cv., Neb., '82-84; Woodbine, Kan., '84-94; Edenwald Asso., N. 
W. T., Can., '94-98; Casselman, N. Dak., '98—. 

FERGUSON, Arthur Clark, 124 S. Elliott Place, Brooklyn, N. Y— Born, 
Norway, N. Y.; Stud. U. Roch.,N. Y., Cro. T. S., Pa.; Lie. 1867, Broad St., Ch., 
Philadelphia, Pa.; Ord. Apr. 4, '70, Port Chester, N. Y.; P. Port Chester, Union 
Springs, Manlius, Lansingburg, Troy, N. Y. ; Fair Haven, Vt.; S. 1st. Ch., Albany; 
1st. Christian Ch., Troy, N. Y. ; Madison Ave. Ch., Jersey City, N. J.; Au., "How 
They Enter the Harbor,' '98; "Wayside Songs and Flowers," '99; "Loves Agonies 
and Delights ;" (Romance) '99. 

FERGUSON, George B., Bogata, Tex.— Born, Va., 1849; Lie. '81, and Ord. '82, 
Macedonia Ch.; P. Macedonia, Claimont, Liberty, Pilgrims Rest, Blanton Creek,, 
£alem, Bogata, Enon, Lane Chapel, White Oak, Providence, Va. ; Co., My. — . 

FERGUSON, Henry Grady, Waynesboro, Va.— Born, Greenville, S. C; Fur. 
U., S. C.,M. A., 1886: S. B. T. S., Ky., '90; Lie. '87, Ord '89; Greenville Ch., S. 
C; S. Pendleton St. Ch., Greenville, S. C, 2 mos., in '90; P. Waynesboro, Va., 

FERGUSON, J. F., Purley, Tex.— Born, Lancaster Co., S. C. ; Lie. Aug. 1882 ; 
Ord. Aug. 18, '86, Cypress Ch., Tex.; P. Purley, '90; Rockhill, '92-96; Good Hope, 
'93-95; Center Ridge, Tex., '95-97. 

FERGUSON, James D., Bonneterre, Mo.— Born, Jefferson Co., Mo. ; Lie. May 
14,1881; Ord. Nov., '85, Lebanon Ch., Mo.; P. Lebanon, 1 yr. ; Charter, 3 yrs.; 
Little Vine, 7 yrs. ; Temperance Mission, 10 yrs. ; Valley Mine, Mo., 3 yrs. 

FERGUSON, James F., Burlington, Vt.— Born, Fairfax Vt.; Stud. Johnson 
Acad., New Hampton Inst., Vt., and Ham. T. S., N. Y. ; Lie. Fairfax Ch., Vt. ; Ord. 
1857, Westford Ch., Vt. ; P. Westford, Barnston, Albans, Montgomery, Essex and 
Colchester, Vt. 

FERGUSON, John Thomas, Percilla, Tex.— Born, Alabama; Lie. 1883, and 
Ord. '86, Providence, Tex. ; P. Friendship, '87; Evergreen, '90; Mt. Harmony, '90; 
Graceland, Pine Grove, '96-98; Lonestar, '95-96; Malston Springs, '97-98; Antrum 
and Mirtle Springs, Tex., '93. 

FERGUSON, Joseph Benjamin, Falls, Ala.— Born, Jasper, Ala.; Lie. 1867 
Liberty Grove Ch., Ala. ; Ord. '69, Salem Ch., Ala. ; P. Mt. Joy, '91-92 ; Philadel- 
phia, '72-82; Shady Grove, '81-87; Arbor Spring, '84-87-88-85-96-98; Windham 
Springs, '97-99; Sardis, 3 yrs.; Union, 2 yrs. ; Mt. Pleasant, 3 yrs. ; Mt. Lebanon, 
1 yr. ; Salem, 1 yr. ; New Hope, 3 yrs. ; Pleasant Hill, 1 yr. ; Moore's Bridge, 2 yrs. ; 
Bethabara, 2 yrs. ; Bethlehem, 2 yrs.; S. Oregonia, Ala., 2 yis. 

254 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

FERGUSON John T., Hermitage, Mo.— Born, Ga. : Ord. Aujj. 2, 1892, Bethel 
Bap. Ch., Ga.; P. Union Hill, '92-97; Bethel, '95-96 ; Pittsburgh, '95-96; Lundlev 
Creek, Ga., '95-97. 

FERGUSON, William Law, Ramapatam, India.— Born, Shushan, N. Y.; Des. 
M. C, la., B. A, 1892; M.A.,'95; Roch. T. S., N. Y., '95; Lie. Oct. 1, '87, 1st Ch., 
Boone, la.; Ord. June 27, '89., 1st Ch., Stuart, la.; P. Stuart, la., '87-92; S. Wol- 
cott, N. Y., '92; IstCh., Parma, Hilton, N. Y., '93-95; Prof. Theology in Brownson 
T. 8., Ramapatan, India, ; 95 — ; Au. "Outlines of Ancient History, "'96 ; On Edito- 
rial Staff "Baptist Missionary Review," Madras, India, '97 — ; Au. "The Fourth 
Gospel After a Century of Criticism," '96. 

FERNALD, James Champlin, West New Brighton, N. Y. — Born, Portland, 
Me.; Harv. U., Mass., B. A., 1860; New. T. S., Mass., J 63, Ord. Rutland Ch., Vt.; 
P. Rutland, Vt.; Waterville, Me.; Granville, O. ; Springfield and Others in Ohio, 
'69-89; Au. "Economics of Prohibition," '89 ; "The New Womanhood," '91 ; "Eng- 
lish Synonyms Antonvms and Prepositions," '95; "The Home Training of Child- 
ren," "The Spaniard in History," "The Imperial Republic," '99; Ed. "Students' 
Standard Dictionary;"' Asso. Ed. "The Standard." 

FERRELL, Benjamin S., Maxhaw, N. C— Born, Cabarns Co., N. C; Stud. 
Rutherford C, N. C; Lie. 1881, Ord. '89, M. E. Ch., South; Ord. May 15, '92, 
Maxhaw Bap. Ch.; P. Osceola, N. C, '97; Teacher. 

FERRELL, Clement Harrison, Harrisburg, III. — Born, Cave-in-Rock, 111.; 
Stud. Ewing C, 111., and Frank C, Ind.; Lie. 1891, Ord. '92, Harrisburg Ch., 111.; 
P. Ridgwav, 111., 3 yrs. ; S. Walnut Grove, 111.; Sacramento, Williams Prairie, 111., 


FERRELL, John Benton, Otter. Ky.— Born, LaRue Co., Ky. ; Stud. S. B. T. S., 
Ky.; Lie. 1889, Ord. '90. Union Band Bap. Ch.. Ky. ; P. Stuarts Creek, '95—; Hard- 
ins Creek, '96—; Good Hope, '97—; Pleasant Grove, Ky., '96—. 

FERRELL, Marshall Scott, Casey Creek, Ky.— Born, LaRue Co., Ky. ; Stud. 
Otter Creek, Ky. ; Lie. Nov. 23,1894, Ord. Nov. 14, '95, Bethlehem Ch., Ky. ; P. Mt. 
Zion, '94; Liberty, '94; Boiling Spring, '95; New Hope, Ky., '94. 

FERRELL, Oscar, Hallville, Tex.— Born, Hallville, Tex.; Stud. Lit. Schs. 
Hallville, Tex.; Teacher, 13 yrs.; Lie. Aug., 1893; Ord. Oct. 29, '93, Hallville Bap. 
Ch., Tex.; P. Liberty, '94-98, except ; 97; P. Bethlehem, '95-97; Big Sandy, '96-98; 
Mulberry Springs, '97-98; Hallville, Tex., '98—. 

FERR1LL, Alfred A., Harrisonburg, La. — Born, Mobile, Ala.; Lie. July 2, 
1894, Ml. Nebo Ch. ; Ord. Oct. 20, '96, Fellowship Ch. : P. Mt. Nebo, Amity, Anes- 
ville, Pine Hill, Union, Mission Point; Colp. Ouachita Asso., La. — 

FERRIS, William N., New Loxdox, O.— Born, Union Co., O. ; Stud. S. B. T. S., 
Ky. ; Lie. Mar. 9, 1889, Spring Dale Ch., O. ; Ord. July 22, '91, Sunberry Ch., O. : P. 
Sunberry and Berlin, '91-94; S. Delaware and Eden a few mos.; Marion, '94-95; 
Spring Dale, '95-96; Attica and Omar, 95-97; New London, O., Dec. 1, '97—. 

FESTERSON, John S., Arlixgtox, Mixx.— Born, Denmark, Europe; Cg. U., 
B. A., 1885, M. A., '93; Harv. U., Mass., B. A., '94, M. A., '95; Stud. Cornell U., 
N. Y.; Ham. T. S., N. Y. ; Ord. May 19, '87, Browns Valley, Minn.; P. Browns 
Valley, '87-88; Red Wing, Minn., '88-90; Nora Springs, la., '90-92; Tea. Arlington, 
Minn. — . 

FETTER, Newton Cromwell, Doylestowx, Pa.— Born, Churchville, Pa.; 
Stud. Loller Acad., Pa.; Pa. S. Nor., B. E. 1872 ; M. E., '74; S. Jer. Class. Inst., 
N.J.; Lie. Hatboro, Pa., '76; Ord. New Britain, '79; P. New Britain, Pa., '79-90; 
North Side Ch., Spokane, Wash., '90-93; 1st Ch., Doyleston, Pa., '93—. 

FETTERHOFF, Albert R*, Grand Cextre, Mo.— Born, Georgetown, O.; Lie. 
Sept. 12, 1885, Ord. Jan. 17, '86, McAllister Ch., Mo.; P. Fiat Creek, '86; Bethlehem, 
'86; Little Flock, '87-93: Campton Hill, 5 yrs.; Union Hill, '87; Flag Spring, 4 yrs.; 
Calvary, 2 yrs.; Mt. Pleasant, 2 yrs.; Salem, '91; Bethany, '92; Richland. '93; 
Hopewell, 4 yrs. ; St. Annie, 4 yrs.; Rolling Heath, Mo.,' '95; Au. "Songs and 

The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 255 

FETZER, J. George, Wandsbeck, Halstein, Germany. — Born, Oberhausen, 
Wurttenberg, Germany; Stud. U., Roch., N. Y. and Leipsig U., Germany; Roch. 
T. S., N. Y., 1873 ; Lie, '70, 1st Ger. Bap. Ch., Cleveland, O. ; Ord. 77, Volmarstein, 
Westfalia, Germany ; P. Volmarstein, Westfalia, Germany, '77-80; N. St. Ch.. 80- 
81; S. Hamburg, 1st Ch., '80-81; In connection with the Sem. "Hamburg-Horn." 

FETZER, Gottlob, 407 W.43d. St., New York, N. Y.— Born, Cleveland, O.; 
Roch. T. S., N. Y., 1889; Lie. '86, 1st. German Ch., Cleveland, O.; Ord. July, '89, 
Erin Ave. Ch, Cleveland, O.; P. Erin Ave. Ch., Cleveland, O., '89-90; German 
•Ch., Berlin, Ont., '90-97; 2nd. German Ch., New York, N. Y., '97—; Written for 
"Der Sendbote" Exposition of S. S. lessons. 

FETZER, John Henry, Fetzerton, Tenn. — Born, Monroe Co., Tenn. ; Lie. 
1867; Ord. Oct. 8, '71, Smyrna Ch., Tenn.; P. Chestoon, Canauga, Old Friendship, 
Lebanon, Hopewell, Mt. Shumack, Smyrna, '98. 

FIELD, Abner Anthony, Easley, S. C— Born, Pickens Co., S. C; Ord. June 
19, 1897, Reunion, S. C. ; S. Reunion, S. C. 

FIELD, Henry Luther, Kalmazoo, Mich. — Born, North Springfield, Vt. ; Stud. 
Franklin C, Ind.; Shurt. C, 111., B. A., 1857; M. A., '60; Shurt. Div. Sch., B. D., 
'68; Lie. Jan., '66, l^t Bap. Ch., Springfield, 111.; Ord. Aug. 19, '68, 1st Bap. Ch., 
Maquoketa, la.; P. Maquoketa, la., '68-70; Colp. Am. Bap. Pub. Soc, Southern 111., 
2 yrs.; West Point, la., 2 yrs. ; Agt. Shurt. C, 111., '73-74'. Teacher Upper Alton, 
111., 75-78; S. Edwardsville, 111., 74-75; P. Nokomis, 78-79; Rantoul, 111., 79-81; 
S. S. Work and Supply, '82—. 

FIELD, James H., Suwanee, Ga.— Born, Wilks Co., N. C. ; Stud. Mer. U., Ga. ; 
Lie. 1852, Tuspuitee Ch. ; Ord. '55, Head of Tennesee, Ch., Ga. ; P. Head of Tennes- 
see, Clayton, Macedonia, Brastown, Saque, Providence, Sardis, Mt. Jonah, New 
Hope, Juno, Nacoochee, Ga. 

FIELD, Jasper Newton, 128 Fargo Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. — Born, Arbela,0.; 
Den. U., O., 1883; Stud. B. Un. T. S., Chicago; Lie. 77, Ord. June 78, Union, N. 
Y.; Stud. S. Union, Fredonia, Welsh Hills, Johnstown and Homer, N. Y., 77-83; 
P. 1st Ch., Urbana, '86-89; 1st Ch., Canton, '89-95; Prospect Ave., Buffalo, N. Y., 

FIELD, Seth Austin, Westfield, Pa.— Born, Philadelphia, Pa.; Stud. Buck. U., 
Pa.; Lie. North Ch., Philadelphia, Ord. Aug. 11, 1889, Linfield Ch., Pa. ; P. Lin- 
field, '89-92; Tioga, '92-94; Westfield, Pa., '94—. 

FIELD, Thomas Gardner, 14 East Ave., Elyria, O. — Born, Massillion, O., 
May, 19, 1843; B. U., R. I., B. A., 70; M. A., 73; New. T. S., Mass. 73; Lie. '70, 
1st Ch., Providence, R I.; Ord. Oct. 11, 73. 1st Ch., Alton, 111.; P. Alton, 73-79; 
Winona, 111., 79-81; Minneapolis, Minn., '81-87; District Sec. Am. Bap. My. Un., 
'87—; Sec. Bd. Trustees of Shurt. C, 111., 5 yrs. 

FIELDING, James, Scranton, Pa.— Born, Glossup, Eng. ; Buck. U. Pa., B. A., 
M. A.; Cro. T. S., Pa., B. D., 1880; Lie. 73, West Conshohocken Ch. ; Ord. June 
'80, Blackwood Ch., N. J.; P. Blackwood N. J., '80-86; Dalton,Pa., '86-94. 

FIELDON, Joseph Flanders, Winchendon, Mass. — Born, Somersworth, N.H.; 
B. U.,R. I., B. A., 1867; Stud. Roch. T. S., N. Y. ; Lie, '69, Penacook, N. H.; Ord. 
May 72, Franklin Falls, N. H.; P. Franklin Falls, N. H., '72-81; Winchester, Mass., 
'81-82; Newport N. H., '92-96; Winchendon, Mass., '96—. 

FIELDS, Columbus Franklin, Elkins, N. C— Born, Cool Springs, N. C; Stud. 
Cool Springs Acad., N. C; Lie. 1885, and Ord. '86, Cool Spring Ch., N.C.; P. 
Poplar Spring, '86-91; Cool Spring, '86-88, '95-99; Liberty Grove, '88-92; Gum 
Orchard, '88-99; Swan Creek, '94-99; Run Creek, '94-99; Shady Grove, '90-92; 
Island Ford, '92; Cross Roads, '91-92 ; Shoaly Branch, '87-95. 

FIELDS, Jesse Luther, Covington, Ga. — Born, Anderson Co., S. C; Stud. 
Hartwell H. Sch., Ga.; Fur. U., S. C , Ph. B., 1893; Lie. Oct. '85, and Ord. Sept. 
27, '86, Bio, Bap. Ch., Ga. ; P. George's Creek, '91-93;' Reedy Fork, '93; Dorches- 
ter, S. C, '95; 2nd Ch., Athens, Ga., '95-97; Monticello, Freeman's Cree> and Shi- 
loh, G~., '98; Covington, Carmel and Shiloh, Ga. 

256 The Baptist Ministerial Directory. 

FIKES, Maurice Penfield, Trenton, N. J.— Born, Memphis, N. Y.; Stud. Syra- 
cuse C. N. Y.; Lie. 1st Ch., Syracuse, N. Y. ; Ord. Dover, Del.; P. 1st Ch., Dover, 
Del., '90-93; 1st Ch., Trenton, N.J., '94—. 

FILE, William F., 88 Bryant Ave., Chicago, III.— Born, Greenville, 111. ; Stud. 
Shurt.C.,Jll. ; Lie. Aug., 1875, Ord. Jan. 16, '76, Mt. Nebo Bap. Ch. ; P. Wichita, 
Kan., '76-77; Or. Chs. and Revival Meetings, Kan., '77-85; Prin. Choctaw National 
Sch., Ataka, Ind. Ter., '83-84; Topeka, Kan., '87-95; Removed to Chicago, '95. 

FILMER, Henry Saint John, 15 Albany St., Fall River, Mass. — Born, Saint 
John, X. B., Canada; Wor. Acad., Mass., 1889; B. U., R. L, B. A., '93; New. T. 
S., Mass., '96; Lie. '92, Webster, Mass.; Ord. July 18, '96, 1st Ch.,Fall River, Mass.; 
A. P. 1st Ch., Fall River, Mass.; P. Brownell St. Chapel, Fall River, Mass. 

FILMER, Thomas Tiesdell, Webster, Mass.— Born, Chatham, Eng. ; U. Roch., 
N. Y., B. A., 1860; M. A., '64; Roch. T. S., N. Y.,'63; Lie. '58, Broad St. Bap. 
Ch., Philadelphia, Pa.; Ord. '66, Clinton, Conn. Ch. ; P. Clinton, Conn., '63-64; 
Weedsport, N. Y., '64-67; South Framingham, Mass., '67-73; Webster, Mass., '73 — . 

FILTON t Josiah H*, Reading, Mass.— Born, Deerfield, N. H.; Stud. Rccking- 
ham Acad., N. H. ; Lie. 1839, Hampton Falls Ch., N. H.; Ord. Am., '40, Limerick 
Ch., Me. ; P. Limerick, Me., '40^4; South Gardner, Mass., "45-47*; Holden, '48-52; 
Lynn, '53-57; Holden, 2 yrs. ; East Brookfield, '59-62; Kingston, Mass., 3 yrs. ; Na- 
tick, R. I., 4 yrs.; Organized Ch., Orange, Mass., and P. 2 yrs.; North Uxbridge, 
"71-77; Chelmsford, '80-90; North Reading, Mass, 

FINCH, Alonzo, Bishop, S. C— Born, Spartanburg Co., S. C. ; Fur. U., B. A., 
1894; S. B. T. S., Kv., Th. B., '99: Lie. Oct. '94, Cedar" Spring Ch. ; Ord. May, '97, 
22nd and Walnut St. Ch., Louisville, Ky; P. Waterboro, S. C, '97-98; S. Southside 
and Brookland Chs., Columbia, S. C, June to July, '99. 

FINCH, Gilbert LaFayette, Carthage, N. C— Born, Ringwood, N. C; Stud. W. 
F. C, N. C. ; Lie. May, 1886, Yadkin Valley Ch., N. C. : Ord. Sept., '88, Bear Swamp 
Ch., N. C; P. LaGrange, Snow Hill, '90-92; 2nd Goldsboro, '93; Biltmore, N. C, 
'94; Pulaski City, Va., '95; Williamston and Hamilton, N. C, '96-98; Carthage, 
Sanford, Silver City, N. C— 

FINCH, Henry Judson, Reedsburg, Wis. — Born, Essex, N. Y.; Lie. July, 1871, 
Ord. Mar. 4, '73, Sumption Prairie Ch., Ind.; P. Sumption Prairie, * '73-84; 
Pleasant Vallev, '73-84: Bang, '75-84; Mishawaka, '76-84; Auburn and Pleasant Lake, 
Ind , '84-87; Auburn and Garrett, '87-89: Portage, '89-95; Wiocena, '92-95: Reeds- 
burg, Wis., '96.— 

FINCH, Matthew Minor, New Monmouth, N. J.— Born, New York, N. Y.; 
Stud, privatelv: Lie. Oct. 31, 1870, Antioch Ch., N. Y.; Ord. June 23, '71, Montana 
Ch., N.J.; P. Montana, '71-72; Calvarv Ch., Seaville, 73-76; Allowav's, '76-77; 2nd 
Ch., Camden, '77-78; Dividing Creek, N